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ID: f9ed8  No.13907


So are you the fucker who made all those Better Days/Jay Naylor comic reviews way back when or the guy who was obsessed with the french mouse cartoon?

ID: f2b53  No.13909

>implying there was anything wrong with those reviews when pretty much every word of every one of them was right

ID: fa840  No.13910

Neither, just an observer who wanted to understand the mindsets behind such degeneracy. The weakness, the mental gymnastics, and the infantilism of it all disgusts me, and the world would be better off if you were all dead.

ID: f9ed8  No.13912

File: 1580743806727.png (219.69 KB, 373x327, 544.png)


How about you go first my dude?
That way you don't have to see the scwary furry porn and it's fans anymore.

ID: c2cc8  No.13913


lol calm down

ID: fa840  No.13914

Learn the difference between fear and disgust, and everyone's aversion to your types will make more sense. I could imagine being afraid of furries if I was a little kid, since I'd have crime statistics on the overlap between hedonistic sex addicts and pedophilia to back me up, but as an adult? Laughable, pitiable.

Yiff in hell furfags, you're already there.

ID: 780ee  No.13915

File: 1580768112098.gif (468.62 KB, 450x253, 56d.gif)

Sounds like stereotyping to me is all, must feel great to be such a spiteful sumbitch. Enjoy your HBP and shitty health, pal.

ID: f9ed8  No.13916

File: 1580768425840.png (64.32 KB, 200x200, react.png)


You're fucking hilarious.
How is life going being an absolute joke?

ID: 780ee  No.13917

It's going great, good thing I love humor, too bad you're not remotely funny. Seems to me you're just as nasty as the notion about furry fandom you have in your head, one guy you knew acts like a dick and suddenly it's everyone that acts that way?

You're the one with a screw or two loose buddy.

ID: f2b53  No.13918

You just responded to someone who was making fun of the exact same miserable fuck you think you're responding to.

Does NO ONE know how to read post IDs on this site?

ID: 6d0fa  No.13919

How did you all even get to this point from Sarah's nipples?

ID: fa840  No.13920

ITT: everyone is allergic to poster IDs, including (and especially) the former admin. Sometimes the jokes just tell themselves.

>"guy you know acts like a dick"
>rapist and animal abuser
>"a dick"
Yeah, he was a bit of a jerk. And a doodoo brain.

ID: 40132  No.13921

File: 1580803382581.jpg (149.73 KB, 949x497, OKBoomer.jpg)


Are you finished?

ID: fe80c  No.13922

File: 1580809931340.jpg (848.64 KB, 800x1492, KH0092.jpg)

ID: f2b53  No.13923

Fuck's sake, just cut the tired-ass "these two totally aren't gonna fuck" routine already.

ID: 6d0fa  No.13924

Hope needs to get smashed, like right now. Honestly all three do

ID: c2cc8  No.13925

If anyone actually believes the whiny edgelord's story, I have this great concept for a TV show I'm crowdfunding, it's called "Everyone's Really Gay" and there's a tumblr post about it with a ton of notes!

ID: 9d8ee  No.13926

Heheh, Drake doing that "sexy vision" thing. Made me chuckle. Joy just looks super annoyed with everyone for implying that something might happen (and tbh, I kind of want something to, but there has to be at least some 'build up' to it…)

ID: 79738  No.13927

File: 1580852096578.jpg (265.7 KB, 620x1197, AtHP_HopeMemories.jpg)

ID: f2b53  No.13928

Well no, we didn't "know what they say", because this is literally the first we're ever hearing about this "Love Clan members have immense difficulty committing to one person" thing.

ID: c2cc8  No.13929

>it can be hard for some people

That's what she said.

ID: 6d0fa  No.13931

>It's hard for Love Clan members to settle down.

And now that she's relevant, we're gonna see that in practice most likely.

Bring it.

ID: 84778  No.13936

Somebody seems rather upset

ID: d18fa  No.13948

File: 1581304873787.jpeg (150.65 KB, 810x1170, EQYeSg4WsAAg3Jl.jpeg)

ID: d18fa  No.13949

File: 1581304890391.jpeg (202.22 KB, 1350x900, EQYeShIWAAEin_M.jpeg)

ID: d18fa  No.13950

File: 1581304903647.jpeg (211.04 KB, 1350x900, EQYeShCW4AARwjh.jpeg)

ID: 42ed7  No.13951

File: 1581457551045.jpg (644.28 KB, 800x1600, LL0606.jpg)

ID: f2b53  No.13952

I want to feel pleased that Mora's actually showing some improvement as a character, but there's this lingering feeling that someone will end up leaning on the end-of-arc status quo reset button again.

ID: 780ee  No.13953

File: 1581558001629.jpg (172.47 KB, 1444x1800, 0aa157aa40c71aaa7e5e4a8f7d….jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13954

File: 1581628861124.jpg (192 KB, 1380x1600, EQDmr5AW4AAZozm.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13957

File: 1581640240529.jpg (62.51 KB, 765x1080, EQsg__1XsAI6Jbx.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13964

File: 1581720850199.jpg (371.88 KB, 800x1386, AtHP_RachLingerie.jpg)

ID: f2b53  No.13965

Every single question for Rachael is gonna be about all the ways she aims to please Miles and wanting a look at all the sex they're having, aren't they?

ID: c2cc8  No.13967


I think the Asks are from patrons on one of Chalo's patreon accounts, and probably the people willing to donate to ask are Miles/Rachael shippers from the Katbox forums. So yeah, likelihood is high.

But also what else would you ask about her? "What the fuck were you thinking?" "Why the hell would you ever touch Miles?" "What's wrong with you?" Those don't make for very good illustrations and would just be offering an opportunity for the character/writer to sneer back.

I mean she's not really that interesting of a character, the way they've developed her. I think everything there is to ask about her that's likely to get an actual answer or non-Miles-related fanservice response has probably been asked.

ID: f2b53  No.13970

Come to think of it, after seeing someone ask Rachael a question that could lend to actual character building instead receive a One Punch Man reference as an answer, I can kinda see why people don't bother with those kinds of questions for anyone most of the time.

Also, isn't it really telling that all of this shit with her and Miles is constantly framed as her needing to adjust and work hard to pleasure her "perfect" boyfriend, without any actual thought given to what she might like or what she was previously known to be comfortable with or not, all while she devolves further as a character into Miles' impossibly naive, submissive, confidence-lacking waifu-chan and he yet again undergoes no actual change beyond suddenly being muscular?

ID: d9ce1  No.13971

She's not on your side, dude. Please stop talking.

ID: c2cc8  No.13972


I mean he's not wrong, but you're right in that I don't generally see much point in going on about it. (Which is part of why I made that other reply… pointing out the futility of getting upset about Rachael asks being Miles-oriented.)

The Rachael/Miles plotline is terrible. We've recounted all the ways in which it is terrible many times. We've gone over all the ways in which Miles is SoulKat's self insert and will thus be catered to in various ways many times. There's nothing new about it to say and no point in saying it, unless you just get satisfaction from complaining.

It's why the Naylor board ceased to exist… Jesus, a decade ago almost now? We all realized we'd said everything there was to say about Naylor and his crap comic, and we were all tired of listening to ourselves bitch about it, so we ditched it. Chalo, despite his various… let's be kind and call them "artistic quirks"… still has far more pleasant to look at art so at least there's still value in posting it, but really the endless repetitive nitpicking and snarling over the stories needs to stop. No one's saying anything new, no one's bringing any fresh thought or insight.

If you absolutely must complain, I can recommend a few forums full of similarly negative people who would probably love to tear the Katbox comics apart over and over and over again with you. Although you will run the risk of being doxed for being furries when you post there.

ID: 2ddc9  No.13983

Man if Chalo took time to brush up on some anatomy it would really elevate his art

ID: f2b53  No.13985

It's kinda weird, honestly, he always reblogs and retweets people's anatomy and perspective help guides, but then never seems to use them himself. That and there's the issue he has with keeping characters on-model, but that's not really something anyone else's guides are going to be of much help with.

ID: 42ed7  No.13995

File: 1582247189415.jpg (930.63 KB, 800x1600, LL0607.jpg)

Just waiting for them tits to burst out of that dress…

ID: f9ed8  No.13996


They've done that 'HERE COMES MORA' line like 4 or 5 times now.
It's kind of lost its charm.

ID: f2b53  No.13997

Yeah, it lost its charm when it was used by Miles to emphasize his proud expectation for the world to change for him and then by Digit when chasing down Din and Jin.

Y'know, the sad thing is, this comic is so tone-deaf and desperately packed with panel-to-panel fanservice, and her tits have grown so comically huge, I could see that happening.

ID: 5f1b9  No.14000

I'm just here to say that the calico cat girl waitress is cute and I want to see more of her.

That is all.

ID: 97289  No.14001

And the bartender as well:)

ID: fe80c  No.14002

File: 1582317712662.jpg (93.29 KB, 600x988, ERU7D5rWkAEpz-B.jpg)

ID: dd4e5  No.14003

File: 1582322953730.jpg (298.92 KB, 620x1074, AtHP_SarahsValentine.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.14007

File: 1582553123531.jpg (257.29 KB, 900x900, ERgTTYOXYAAndIS.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.14008

File: 1582553138566.jpg (264.24 KB, 638x825, ERhFchVXYAI5fgX.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.14009

File: 1582553191156.jpg (334.92 KB, 638x825, ERhGPINWsAAqbBU.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.14010

File: 1582553597445.jpg (364.52 KB, 638x825, ERhGbWbW4AApwnU.jpg)

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