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File: 1575683973920.jpg (1.02 MB, 800x2353, KH0090Promo.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13565[Last 50 Posts]

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ID: e1d6a  No.13566


What the fuck is this. Are they seriously going to make Hope into a knight?

ID: c2cc8  No.13567


I mean… is the comic not called… "Knighthood"?

ID: 2d314  No.13568

Or, if you actually READ it, you'll see that it's still Joy talking and her SISTER has come back home to visit her FAMILY

I know the writing in the comics is never really…. coherent most of the time but still :P

ID: 9d8ee  No.13569

Oh boy, Hope is coming home to visit the family. I wonder how Joy is going to react to this? Also, if I recall from an earlier page, Drake did seem intrigued when Joy mentioned she had a sister.

ID: 6d0fa  No.13570


Hope could just be visiting because she heard Joy was back or something.

ID: fe80c  No.13571

File: 1575826640089.jpg (433.38 KB, 800x1382, AtHP_InterspeciesRelations….jpg)

ID: f2b53  No.13572

Right from square one, forgetting their own damn lore again. Primes came to Earth and had to try and blend in among humans only about a millenium before Earth's destruction and reformation.

And if Primes and humans being together is so common, why are there no humans in this comic anymore and in fact a whole continent designated as apparently just for Primes?

ID: 6d0fa  No.13573

>Right from square one, forgetting their own damn lore again. Primes came to Earth and had to try and blend in among humans only about a millenium before Earth's destruction and reformation.

An extremely small number came to earth. Like if it's how it was in the old bonus comic/forum lore then it was only Kate, Bengala, Ambar, Howl, Xencia, and Geecku and they're crests. Kate and Xencia lived in seclusion, Geecku lived in a forest extremely far from normal civilization, and IIRC Bengala was raised in a temple. Not many showed up for there to be some huge impact until much later.

>And if Primes and humans being together is so common, why are there no humans in this comic anymore and in fact a whole continent designated as apparently just for Primes?

While she doesn't show up often, Aliana does exists on the farm. As did Bruce when he worked for Alejandra.They just aren't central to the plot. Las Lindas takes place on a prime continent and a small part of it at that so having two humans at best from what we've seen doesn't mean that humans and primes aren't couples off in other places. It would be nice to see but it isn't really required.

In fact according to that old ass lore, the primes were given a continent to live on as a reward for taking down the big bad space emperor. It's unsurprisingly going to be 99.9% primes because humans still had their lands.

ID: fe80c  No.13574

File: 1575854475342.png (215.91 KB, 606x694, ELTqr4XXsAAzxnU.png)

ID: f9ed8  No.13576


This lore is really stupid.
Basically segregation and humans are treated like second class citizens to their alien invaders.

ID: 30b47  No.13578

>Humans are treated like second class citizens.

No they aren't and primes aren't required to live on the continent. There's no known law saying they have to or that humans can't live there.

ID: f2b53  No.13582

During Ambar's history lesson, she implied far more than just those few came, and that most of them had to hide themselves and blend in to avoid trouble. Also worth noting is Kate was sent to Earth long after the others, and Ambar was apparently born and raised in China despite having a Spanish name.

Oh yeah, and gotta love how Naerie's still being turned more and more into a lookalike of her mom.

ID: fe80c  No.13587

File: 1576293211333.jpg (186.44 KB, 750x900, ELtq7bQXUAIM84D.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13588

File: 1576293230462.jpg (230.16 KB, 638x975, ELtq7bTXsAAiiE4.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13594

File: 1576438010525.png (301.86 KB, 600x886, EL11WdgXkAYInZ8.png)

ID: fe80c  No.13595

File: 1576438034960.jpg (46.73 KB, 638x975, EL11WebWsAATR1n.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13596

File: 1576438071494.png (310.96 KB, 600x810, EL16j_aWwAEAWvJ.png)

ID: fe80c  No.13597

File: 1576438111887.png (397.11 KB, 638x852, EL16j_EXUAEI6dR.png)

ID: f9ed8  No.13598


Maybe Im the only one, but I much prefer Chalo's old art to the newer stuff.

ID: f2b53  No.13600

Yeah, particularly in Mora's case. She actually looks really good in the older pic, now she's almost like a parody of herself.

ID: fe80c  No.13604

File: 1576529171833.jpg (458.91 KB, 638x900, EL7veRlWkAEV9Ea.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13605

File: 1576529193195.jpg (457.96 KB, 638x900, EL7yJWQX0AYByyb.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13606

File: 1576529213366.jpg (309.58 KB, 638x900, EL7yejtXkAE_BCR.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13607

File: 1576557684517.jpg (1.96 MB, 3605x3333, EL8klSqWoAMSLnB.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13608

File: 1576557743885.jpg (911.7 KB, 800x1611, LL0602.jpg)

ID: 724d8  No.13609

Knowing Mora's past and how she first recruited Miles and Minos, we know she's great at selling her goods ( ° ʖ °)

ID: f2b53  No.13611

>IF we have buyers

Yeah, look, it's not even worth the time to pretend there are any risks or high stakes here.

Also, are we actually supposed to believe that months went by, without any apparent source of income at a point where they were facing bankruptcy, and what Alej is holding is all they've made? It takes like two weeks to make your own beer, and that's without all the high-grade industrial shit that just got installed, what were they doing this whole time? You sure you didn't mean to have her say "a few weeks ago", guys?

ID: bb058  No.13614

File: 1576654769693.png (4.12 MB, 3840x2160, comic1.png)

Ew, sarah and miles :c

Have some of my sona and sarah (and angel) instead

ID: bb058  No.13615

File: 1576654831292.png (4.23 MB, 3840x2160, comic2.png)

And messy version

ID: c2cc8  No.13616

>and what Alej is holding is all they've made?

No? She just brought over a tester from the first batch. Just because she says the first batch is done and she's holding some of the product doesn't mean that's the entirety of what they've made, that's ridiculously obvious to anyone who doesn't have the brain of a small child.

ID: 9d8ee  No.13617

That's not Miles. According to some other posts, that character is named "Lane" (he's the character of the one who commissioned that particular pic). I guess it just looks similar to Miles because of the way Chalo draws.

ID: f2b53  No.13621

That still leaves the problem of the fact that it doesn't take months to make beer, especially not when you've got an actual factory to do it with. Also, if there's more than that, maybe there should be some indication of this, like maybe better phrasing or showing some form of a larger amount all packaged up, because yes, her presenting a set of six bottles to Mora and stating "Here's the starter batch" does directly imply that that's what we're looking at.

And since I doubt they've gone months without making money while well into the point Alej said they'd be sunk by (with still several months to go until their next paycheck apparently), I have to assume either the script got flubbed, no thought went into it and it'll be glanced over by the next page as per usual, or the comic just experienced a huge timeskip without any notice of one and their financial crisis, the whole reason Mora had the brewery stuff set up in the first place, is just another conflict that vanished into nothingness because potatoes.

ID: c2cc8  No.13622


Why do you care?

ID: f2b53  No.13624

Because maybe at this point it'd be kinda cool and different to see some actually competent writing and scene composition in this comic.

ID: 1f7dd  No.13625

I dunno. I feel like if I couldnt stop complaining about every little thing chalo draws I would have just stopped following his stuff.

ID: c2cc8  No.13626


Right? We've been doing this how many years at this point? "Well I'm waiting for it to get good" is a sort of lame excuse by now.

ID: 42ed7  No.13631

File: 1577119490181.jpg (348.38 KB, 800x1382, 274.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13633

File: 1577153938664.jpg (636.79 KB, 800x1611, LL0603.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13634

File: 1577154551934.jpg (198.51 KB, 638x900, 1577153431.chalodillo_japf….jpg)

ID: f2b53  No.13637

Is Shin just way tinier than I remember, or is Naerie's design such an Ambar 2.0 now that she's become enormously tall? And why do they keep talking like Primes are all these towering superpowered giants who could kill a human if they fucked them?

Yeah, great, encourage Miles some more, why not.

Wow, there's your swole sex god, Miles fans. Goddamn.

ID: f9ed8  No.13638


Oof that is a real personal insert there SK. Honestly, is dropping out of college such an outlier in this world that it's what people think of when they think of Miles?

Also weird Mora would fondly make one after Miles considering how turbulent theyve been and never really had much of a 'make up' scene– but whatever.

Lets get to Taffy and Randal's wedding so the comic can wrap up already.

ID: f2b53  No.13639

>implying it's ever really going to end

ID: 724d8  No.13641

>Wow, there's your swole sex god, Miles fans. Goddamn.
Well we've seen Miles's dick a couple times already. He's average to above average for a human but he's real small for a typical male in this series.

ID: f2b53  No.13642

Yeah, no, that's not "above average" by any stretch of the imagination.

ID: c2cc8  No.13643

>Oof that is a real personal insert there SK. Honestly, is dropping out of college such an outlier in this world that it's what people think of when they think of Miles?

Eh, in this case "Wasted Education" really does sound like a craft beer name, so the name itself isn't that odd. And let's face it, dropping out of college is one of the few notes of significance in Miles' life, he has done almost literally nothing else you could even think to name something after. What else are they gonna name the beer, "Attempted Date Rape"?

Mora treating it as some sort of inspiring decision is still pretty lame though, considering her general opinion of Miles.

ID: f2b53  No.13644

I know, right? Like, did they cut a scene where Mora decides as suddenly as Rachael that her opinion of Miles has done a complete 180?

ID: 42ed7  No.13645

File: 1577246567113.png (1.14 MB, 2264x2222, 2957923_RiP_sosuke_sketch_….png)

ID: fe80c  No.13649

File: 1577295988779.jpg (113.27 KB, 822x1000, EMkw0lQUYAAqaiF.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13667

File: 1577751124653.jpg (652.32 KB, 1170x765, ENEt5eNW4AEWYFA.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13668

File: 1577751142574.jpg (623.14 KB, 800x1382, ENEuKLAXsAIebt1.jpg)

ID: 42ed7  No.13671

File: 1577805873446.png (371.34 KB, 638x1125, 1577760330215.png)

/trash/ lineart and color job.

ID: f9ed8  No.13673


yikes.. Chalo what is going on with this anatomy dude?

ID: f2b53  No.13675

You're only now noticing how bad he actually is at drawing these kinds of things?

ID: 724d8  No.13676

Yeah it's been pretty wonky for a while, especially when he draws Mora, but this one is easily the worst.

ID: f2b53  No.13678

Can someone please inform Chalo that if Mora's supposed to be as hardened and ripped as he wants us to buy she'd be, her belly should not be overlapping her waistband? This isn't even the first time he's done this, it's getting ridiculous how little understanding he has of how bodies work.

ID: fe80c  No.13681

File: 1578097035235.jpg (1 MB, 738x2215, ENZQBLbWwAcQaEu.jpg)

ID: d9ce1  No.13683

Can somebody please get it though your head that nobody fucking cares?

ID: f2b53  No.13684

Can you maybe take a moment to notice there are pretty clearly multiple people currently criticizing these pics, so obviously someone does care?

ID: d9ce1  No.13689


ID: 2d314  No.13690


Don't waste your energy, they'll defend chalo to the death on this board as someone who can do no wrong and anyone that complains or even critiques his work is just seen as someone who can't understand how amazing he is as an artist. Probably why after well over 20 years he still lets some big errors slip through, no one is allowed to tell him he's wrong :P

Unless it's really bad of course, then they just stay quiet until the next pic gets posted and they can forget about the last one.

ID: d9ce1  No.13691

You're a fucking idiot.

ID: 19f07  No.13693

Well, can you prove them wrong, instead of hurling insults at them?

ID: 6af21  No.13695


>anyone that complains or even critiques his work is just seen as someone who can't understand how amazing he is as an artist.

I've seen this argument a few times over the years for regarding a bunch of different artists on a bunch of different sites.

You need to understand that there is no point in trying to critique an artist who hasn't asked you for your opinion. There's even less point in doing so here since he doesn't read this board. I know you and everyone else wants to think of themselves as this intelligent person who tells it like it is, but if you tell it like it is to someone who doesn't care you just come across looking like a jackass.

That's why some people tend to be less critical. He's a guy who makes furry porn based off his webcomic. He's not the next Vincent Van Gogh and i don't think he has any aspirations to be. Until that changes you're better off just trying to enjoy it for what it is, warts and all, or following something else.

ID: d9ce1  No.13696

"Please debate me."
I don't have the time or energy to argue with this shit.

ID: c2cc8  No.13697

File: 1578321010512.jpg (74.67 KB, 569x423, tumblr_osjydcwRFp1r2r59eo6….jpg)


Oh look, someone who gets it.

See, it's not that we relentlessly defend Chalo and the comic, as we've explained many times before but seen these stunning intellectuals suddenly become illiterate as to those posts. It's that we're tired of the constant and pointless negativity, the people that come here only to bitch into the void, and then ego stroke themselves about how theirs is clearly not only the correct opinion but the majority opinion and anyone who doesn't praise them for stating it is clearly just a drooling fanboy.

We got rid of the Naylor board and, indeed, any discussion of Naylor's comics at all because we were tired of our own relentless negativity on the subject. That wasn't an invitation for someone or a group of someones or whatever to fill the void of bitchiness by hating on something else with a singleminded intensity fit for politics.

ID: f2b53  No.13698

Of course he can't.

ID: f9ed8  No.13699

File: 1578338178393.jpg (47.71 KB, 420x262, 1513547788918.jpg)


At least the Naylor boards sometimes had some substance, sometimes we got critical looks into the errors of it.

Chalo's comics dont really offer much narrative substance or are even that deep - so everything devovles into 'Well I dont like x ship' or 'Chalo isn't drawing x the right way that makes my pp hard.'

*IF* anything, Chalo's works are over-discussed IMO. There just isn't anything really there to talk about.Why can't ya'll pull apart another comic that is at least mildly has a plot or characters with more depth than a paper towel.

ID: c2cc8  No.13702


But if you do, please do it somewhere else. Lulz, or u18, 4chan maybe.

ID: f9ed8  No.13707


I would figure talking about the narrative structure/character arcs of the comics is better than 'Wah my OTP isnt canon'.

ID: d9ce1  No.13710

Like I said.

Who gives a shit?

ID: fe80c  No.13711

File: 1578457579202.jpg (165.19 KB, 810x1080, ENukTyWWwAAdO-i.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13712

File: 1578457604520.jpg (144.08 KB, 810x1080, ENukTyRWsAEx_wr.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13713

File: 1578463594961.jpg (242.55 KB, 810x1080, ENu3bSnWoAAfhvB.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13714

File: 1578463609383.jpg (205.34 KB, 990x810, ENu3bSoWoAA7m4_.jpg)

ID: a714f  No.13721

Man, I wish he'd stop drawing Sarah's nipples like that already.

ID: f2b53  No.13722

Why? They kinda suit her.

What I wish is that he'd stop drawing those stupid-looking pube tufts on more and more characters. And learn how hair works, cause Sarah's has grown at a ludicrous speed yet still somehow appears short when it's in her little pigtails.

ID: 780ee  No.13723

I actually kinda like'em myself, they just make her look even softer somehow. :P Fluffy kitten, I bet she'd be perfect to snuggle with. >w< ~~~<3

ID: fe80c  No.13729

File: 1578672522851.jpg (188.87 KB, 975x638, 1578671259.chalodillo_penk….jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13730

File: 1578672540752.jpg (104.83 KB, 638x825, 1578671382.chalodillo_toot….jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13731

File: 1578672563845.jpg (107.42 KB, 1280x725, 1578671516.chalodillo_mayo….jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13732

File: 1578672583657.jpg (156 KB, 863x599, 1578671636.chalodillo_ligh….jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13733

File: 1578672602261.jpg (300.45 KB, 526x825, 1578671750.chalodillo_mooc….jpg)

ID: 40132  No.13736

File: 1578700851444.jpg (971.93 KB, 786x1200, riendonut_mora__hose.jpg)

Mora by Riendonut

ID: f2b53  No.13739

…So…Hikari just spontaneously aged 10 years, did she?

Place your bets on when we see porn of her, everyone.

ID: fe80c  No.13742

File: 1578846080316.jpg (229.87 KB, 1400x1750, EOB2j72XkAEOoau.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13745

File: 1578871139071.jpg (820.18 KB, 800x1492, KH0091.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13766

File: 1579408458903.jpg (1.16 MB, 1366x1510, EOlGwIRXUAA9Z53.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13767

File: 1579408475703.jpg (847.46 KB, 800x1609, LL0604.jpg)

ID: f2b53  No.13768

ID: d9ce1  No.13769

Using a well known abuser for a reaction? That's a paddlin'

ID: f2b53  No.13770

Oh look, another person who can't tell the difference between Doug Walker and Mike Michaud. And lo and behold, it's the guy who consistently looks for anything he can to bitch about in people's reactions to the comic.

Piss off.

ID: c2cc8  No.13771

ID: f9ed8  No.13772

File: 1579460195954.jpeg (46.29 KB, 680x499, 1b0.jpeg)

ID: f2b53  No.13773

"I don't know how to actually respond to that, so here's a meme image with an overused word that doesn't even fit the situation."

ID: f9ed8  No.13774

File: 1579461954040.png (2.65 KB, 300x163, 1324676517001.png)


Not so fun when the dunking isn't on Miles but your waifu eh?
No need to get your panties in a knot, you hate Chalo anyways.
Though whining like this probably only encourages them to shit more on characters.

ID: f2b53  No.13775

Why do you assume someone not finding the lame punchline funny must mean Rachael is that person's fuckin' waifu?

It's amazing how many hilariously stupid takes Miles fans spit out.

ID: 780ee  No.13776

Ya'll fuckers need a hobby, seriously.

ID: f9ed8  No.13777


>Miles Fan

lmao, do you ever even go outside?

ID: 780ee  No.13778

Try that question again, this time looking in the mirror.

ID: d9ce1  No.13779

ID: f9ed8  No.13780

File: 1579472255290.png (343.87 KB, 710x706, 1567930637268.png)


Oh yes, thank you - I'm so sorry, please police an image board more with your moral superiority about big-tiddy cow comics.
Shall I self-flagellate for calling out the obsessive stalker Chalo has?

ID: f2b53  No.13781

It's incredible that a sarcastic one-word reaction to a punchline in a webcomic sets you off this hard.

ID: 6075c  No.13782

Rofl, you're so waful

ID: fe80c  No.13788

File: 1579587131939.jpg (240.89 KB, 975x638, EOxyT3EWsAANDFt.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13789

File: 1579587212033.jpg (326.56 KB, 638x900, EOxyT3UXkAYFEqe.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13790

File: 1579587385322.jpg (255.8 KB, 765x1080, EOxxQPAXUAAhpSR.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13791

File: 1579587406276.jpg (360.36 KB, 1440x960, EOxxQPfXsAM76bM.jpg)

ID: 90748  No.13792


Sweet fucking Cthulhu, Chalo drew a guy getting pegged

ID: fe80c  No.13834

File: 1580087867274.jpg (601.51 KB, 800x1609, LL0605.jpg)

ID: f2b53  No.13839

Jeez, Mora, overdue for your milking there?

Then again, apparently so is Taffy.

ID: d9ce1  No.13849

File: 1580170848248.jpg (461.74 KB, 800x1382, Thanks I hate it.jpg)

Thanks, I hate it.

ID: f2b53  No.13852

Yep, there it is, the inevitable gratification bit where Miles really is amazing and it was Rachael's fault she didn't enjoy it before or some shit. Not even surprised.

ID: 724d8  No.13855

Seems more like he stepped up his game after the embarrassment from the first time. If anything the other time is inconsistent since the other times Miles has managed to at least competent. However he didn't do that well when he was with Mora but she seems like she has much higher standards and used to… more.

ID: f2b53  No.13863

>she has much higher standards

Yeah, so did Rachael once upon a time.

ID: 780ee  No.13866

File: 1580240269038.jpg (771.68 KB, 1440x1020, EPYg1IRWsAISebq.jpg)

Quick, someone bitch about the tiniest shit in this one, by all means… -_-

ID: 42745  No.13867


Honestly I hate those innies Chalo draw lately. And the weird goofy expressions

ID: f2b53  No.13868

You're right, Sarah's tits should just look like everyone else's increasingly samey tits with nothing unique about them at all.

And "lately"? The goofy, tone-deaf expressions have been pretty much a staple of his work for years now.

ID: fe80c  No.13869

File: 1580245771663.jpg (122.67 KB, 765x990, EPYqomJWkAEZo52.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13870

File: 1580245806270.jpg (118.25 KB, 765x990, EPYqomLXUAA9feM.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13871

File: 1580245824265.jpg (111.09 KB, 765x990, EPYqomNXUAIoktb.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13872

File: 1580245852854.jpg (124.82 KB, 765x990, EPYqomOXkAArC42.jpg)

ID: 780ee  No.13875

Well, that took no time at all, I'll be fucked. Also, ever hear of a little thing called 'sarcasm' before?
Jesus, ya'll people and this comic I swear…

ID: 780ee  No.13876

Tigress… tum-tum… <3

ID: fa840  No.13879

>"I'll bet someone will complain, wink wink"
>complains to annoy you

Kill yourself.

ID: 780ee  No.13880

You're just proving their point further.

ID: fa840  No.13883

>their point

There are poster IDs here, dumbass.

ID: c2cc8  No.13886


Y'know, if everyone who made that "Hurr hurr it's not the same person there are lots of us" would actually use a consistent name and trip code instead of smugging about post IDs, maybe there would be less annoyance all around. If you're going to make a point of having a separate and unique identity, namefag it up or stop making that argument.

ID: fa840  No.13888

Not surprised that you would have a problem with it, since you've been "smugged" about it yourself on your own fucking website.

ID: f9ed8  No.13889


Is there any valid reason this fucker hasn't been banned after years of whining and bitching? Do the mods/admins here have some rule about not doing it?

I just don't understand why you continue to let him have a platform when literally nobody likes his ass.

ID: c2cc8  No.13891


You're literally babbling nonsense.


Don't look at me, I'd have banned the shit out of him and he'd have probably just whined about it on some other board before hopping on a proxy to come back here and whine about it some more, all the while sneering about how much he hates it here. I dunno how the current owner handles bans or if he even does anymore.

ID: fa840  No.13892

After all these years, you still assume that every dissenter is one guy and you STILL can't into IDs. You even want "them" to use a name and tripcode just so you don't have to think about it. It's pretty sad how much furry porn has fucked up your guys' brains.

ID: fa840  No.13893

And you still haven't commented on the samefagging that I pointed out here (>>13883). Hmm.

ID: c2cc8  No.13895


Out of curiosity, do you think you're such a bad person because no one loves you, or does no one love you because you're such a bad person?

Either way, tripfag or shut up.

ID: 40132  No.13897


Wow. Okay, yeah. Let's go THERE.

I'm not one of those people who's never happy and always finds reasons to complain about everything, because I have the common sense to keep my mouth shut. Especially when it comes to this comic.

But crap like this happens ALL. THE. TIME. And I'm just… I'm tired of it. I'm tired of you all being ugly to each other like this.

I've been reading Las Lindas for over 15 years, since I was in high school. I guess the same could be said of anyone who's reading this right now. I've never hated it. What I do hate is that it does THIS to people. That they would really go as far as to tell someone to kill themself.

Don't you have anything better to do?

I have two amazing friends that I love like the brothers I never had, and I don't know how my life would have turned out if I hadn't met them. And I have Las Lindas to thank for that.

Everyone I know, everyone I've made friends with as a result of reading Las Lindas has grown up. But you're all still the same whiny children who have to argue and fight with each other over a FUCKING COMIC just to feel good about yourselves.

And I feel sorry for you.

ID: fe80c  No.13898

File: 1580710501801.jpg (227.12 KB, 750x975, EP1DBbFXkAEl1i0.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13899

File: 1580710519786.jpg (146.36 KB, 750x1125, EP1DBbHWoAEYaMO.jpg)

ID: fa840  No.13900

Lol now who's babbling nonsense? Go trip in a bog, you he/she.

>making friends over furry porn
>"grown up"
I had a furry friend when I was younger. He ended up raping his girlfriend and bragging on Twitter about sneaking onto some guy's ranch to molest his horses. He's not an isolated example either; you are all sexual degenerates, low-functioning scumbags, and you are right where you belong until the suicidal thoughts become impossible to ignore.

>inb4 why are you here then?

Sage/Sechs had another board my "friend" used to frequent, and you guys are cut from the same cloth. It's interesting to pop in every once in a blue moon to see if anything has changed. Sage has fucked off, and Sechs is the same bitch/bastard only without the banning privileges.

ID: 40132  No.13901


I'm a scumbag?

I just bared my soul where everybody can see it, and you assume that I and my best friends, who I would gladly die for if meant they would live, are godless wastes of oxygen and that nobody would miss us…

And I'M the one who's a scumbag?

This is exactly what I was talking about. This right here is a perfect example. So you go ahead and believe whatever you want.

Because now? After reading THAT? I wish I'd never heard of Las Lindas.

ID: f2b53  No.13903

Wow. Okay, shit like this you're spewing? You are doing ZERO favours for the people who criticize this comic, cause now the defenders are invariably going to paint us all as you and the putrid comments you've made here.

ID: 40132  No.13904


…And of course you think it's me, when I almost never post here.

ID: 40132  No.13905

Nvm. Misread that.

ID: f9ed8  No.13906

File: 1580719783558.gif (2.39 MB, 448x252, 1573663208642.gif)


fucking wow, we got some vigilante troll here.

Im sure you are changing hearts and minds everywhere with such noble work.

ID: f9ed8  No.13907


So are you the fucker who made all those Better Days/Jay Naylor comic reviews way back when or the guy who was obsessed with the french mouse cartoon?

ID: f2b53  No.13909

>implying there was anything wrong with those reviews when pretty much every word of every one of them was right

ID: fa840  No.13910

Neither, just an observer who wanted to understand the mindsets behind such degeneracy. The weakness, the mental gymnastics, and the infantilism of it all disgusts me, and the world would be better off if you were all dead.

ID: f9ed8  No.13912

File: 1580743806727.png (219.69 KB, 373x327, 544.png)


How about you go first my dude?
That way you don't have to see the scwary furry porn and it's fans anymore.

ID: c2cc8  No.13913


lol calm down

ID: fa840  No.13914

Learn the difference between fear and disgust, and everyone's aversion to your types will make more sense. I could imagine being afraid of furries if I was a little kid, since I'd have crime statistics on the overlap between hedonistic sex addicts and pedophilia to back me up, but as an adult? Laughable, pitiable.

Yiff in hell furfags, you're already there.

ID: 780ee  No.13915

File: 1580768112098.gif (468.62 KB, 450x253, 56d.gif)

Sounds like stereotyping to me is all, must feel great to be such a spiteful sumbitch. Enjoy your HBP and shitty health, pal.

ID: f9ed8  No.13916

File: 1580768425840.png (64.32 KB, 200x200, react.png)


You're fucking hilarious.
How is life going being an absolute joke?

ID: 780ee  No.13917

It's going great, good thing I love humor, too bad you're not remotely funny. Seems to me you're just as nasty as the notion about furry fandom you have in your head, one guy you knew acts like a dick and suddenly it's everyone that acts that way?

You're the one with a screw or two loose buddy.

ID: f2b53  No.13918

You just responded to someone who was making fun of the exact same miserable fuck you think you're responding to.

Does NO ONE know how to read post IDs on this site?

ID: 6d0fa  No.13919

How did you all even get to this point from Sarah's nipples?

ID: fa840  No.13920

ITT: everyone is allergic to poster IDs, including (and especially) the former admin. Sometimes the jokes just tell themselves.

>"guy you know acts like a dick"
>rapist and animal abuser
>"a dick"
Yeah, he was a bit of a jerk. And a doodoo brain.

ID: 40132  No.13921

File: 1580803382581.jpg (149.73 KB, 949x497, OKBoomer.jpg)


Are you finished?

ID: fe80c  No.13922

File: 1580809931340.jpg (848.64 KB, 800x1492, KH0092.jpg)

ID: f2b53  No.13923

Fuck's sake, just cut the tired-ass "these two totally aren't gonna fuck" routine already.

ID: 6d0fa  No.13924

Hope needs to get smashed, like right now. Honestly all three do

ID: c2cc8  No.13925

If anyone actually believes the whiny edgelord's story, I have this great concept for a TV show I'm crowdfunding, it's called "Everyone's Really Gay" and there's a tumblr post about it with a ton of notes!

ID: 9d8ee  No.13926

Heheh, Drake doing that "sexy vision" thing. Made me chuckle. Joy just looks super annoyed with everyone for implying that something might happen (and tbh, I kind of want something to, but there has to be at least some 'build up' to it…)

ID: 79738  No.13927

File: 1580852096578.jpg (265.7 KB, 620x1197, AtHP_HopeMemories.jpg)

ID: f2b53  No.13928

Well no, we didn't "know what they say", because this is literally the first we're ever hearing about this "Love Clan members have immense difficulty committing to one person" thing.

ID: c2cc8  No.13929

>it can be hard for some people

That's what she said.

ID: 6d0fa  No.13931

>It's hard for Love Clan members to settle down.

And now that she's relevant, we're gonna see that in practice most likely.

Bring it.

ID: 84778  No.13936

Somebody seems rather upset

ID: d18fa  No.13948

File: 1581304873787.jpeg (150.65 KB, 810x1170, EQYeSg4WsAAg3Jl.jpeg)

ID: d18fa  No.13949

File: 1581304890391.jpeg (202.22 KB, 1350x900, EQYeShIWAAEin_M.jpeg)

ID: d18fa  No.13950

File: 1581304903647.jpeg (211.04 KB, 1350x900, EQYeShCW4AARwjh.jpeg)

ID: 42ed7  No.13951

File: 1581457551045.jpg (644.28 KB, 800x1600, LL0606.jpg)

ID: f2b53  No.13952

I want to feel pleased that Mora's actually showing some improvement as a character, but there's this lingering feeling that someone will end up leaning on the end-of-arc status quo reset button again.

ID: 780ee  No.13953

File: 1581558001629.jpg (172.47 KB, 1444x1800, 0aa157aa40c71aaa7e5e4a8f7d….jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13954

File: 1581628861124.jpg (192 KB, 1380x1600, EQDmr5AW4AAZozm.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13957

File: 1581640240529.jpg (62.51 KB, 765x1080, EQsg__1XsAI6Jbx.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.13964

File: 1581720850199.jpg (371.88 KB, 800x1386, AtHP_RachLingerie.jpg)

ID: f2b53  No.13965

Every single question for Rachael is gonna be about all the ways she aims to please Miles and wanting a look at all the sex they're having, aren't they?

ID: c2cc8  No.13967


I think the Asks are from patrons on one of Chalo's patreon accounts, and probably the people willing to donate to ask are Miles/Rachael shippers from the Katbox forums. So yeah, likelihood is high.

But also what else would you ask about her? "What the fuck were you thinking?" "Why the hell would you ever touch Miles?" "What's wrong with you?" Those don't make for very good illustrations and would just be offering an opportunity for the character/writer to sneer back.

I mean she's not really that interesting of a character, the way they've developed her. I think everything there is to ask about her that's likely to get an actual answer or non-Miles-related fanservice response has probably been asked.

ID: f2b53  No.13970

Come to think of it, after seeing someone ask Rachael a question that could lend to actual character building instead receive a One Punch Man reference as an answer, I can kinda see why people don't bother with those kinds of questions for anyone most of the time.

Also, isn't it really telling that all of this shit with her and Miles is constantly framed as her needing to adjust and work hard to pleasure her "perfect" boyfriend, without any actual thought given to what she might like or what she was previously known to be comfortable with or not, all while she devolves further as a character into Miles' impossibly naive, submissive, confidence-lacking waifu-chan and he yet again undergoes no actual change beyond suddenly being muscular?

ID: d9ce1  No.13971

She's not on your side, dude. Please stop talking.

ID: c2cc8  No.13972


I mean he's not wrong, but you're right in that I don't generally see much point in going on about it. (Which is part of why I made that other reply… pointing out the futility of getting upset about Rachael asks being Miles-oriented.)

The Rachael/Miles plotline is terrible. We've recounted all the ways in which it is terrible many times. We've gone over all the ways in which Miles is SoulKat's self insert and will thus be catered to in various ways many times. There's nothing new about it to say and no point in saying it, unless you just get satisfaction from complaining.

It's why the Naylor board ceased to exist… Jesus, a decade ago almost now? We all realized we'd said everything there was to say about Naylor and his crap comic, and we were all tired of listening to ourselves bitch about it, so we ditched it. Chalo, despite his various… let's be kind and call them "artistic quirks"… still has far more pleasant to look at art so at least there's still value in posting it, but really the endless repetitive nitpicking and snarling over the stories needs to stop. No one's saying anything new, no one's bringing any fresh thought or insight.

If you absolutely must complain, I can recommend a few forums full of similarly negative people who would probably love to tear the Katbox comics apart over and over and over again with you. Although you will run the risk of being doxed for being furries when you post there.

ID: 2ddc9  No.13983

Man if Chalo took time to brush up on some anatomy it would really elevate his art

ID: f2b53  No.13985

It's kinda weird, honestly, he always reblogs and retweets people's anatomy and perspective help guides, but then never seems to use them himself. That and there's the issue he has with keeping characters on-model, but that's not really something anyone else's guides are going to be of much help with.

ID: 42ed7  No.13995

File: 1582247189415.jpg (930.63 KB, 800x1600, LL0607.jpg)

Just waiting for them tits to burst out of that dress…

ID: f9ed8  No.13996


They've done that 'HERE COMES MORA' line like 4 or 5 times now.
It's kind of lost its charm.

ID: f2b53  No.13997

Yeah, it lost its charm when it was used by Miles to emphasize his proud expectation for the world to change for him and then by Digit when chasing down Din and Jin.

Y'know, the sad thing is, this comic is so tone-deaf and desperately packed with panel-to-panel fanservice, and her tits have grown so comically huge, I could see that happening.

ID: 5f1b9  No.14000

I'm just here to say that the calico cat girl waitress is cute and I want to see more of her.

That is all.

ID: 97289  No.14001

And the bartender as well:)

ID: fe80c  No.14002

File: 1582317712662.jpg (93.29 KB, 600x988, ERU7D5rWkAEpz-B.jpg)

ID: dd4e5  No.14003

File: 1582322953730.jpg (298.92 KB, 620x1074, AtHP_SarahsValentine.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.14007

File: 1582553123531.jpg (257.29 KB, 900x900, ERgTTYOXYAAndIS.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.14008

File: 1582553138566.jpg (264.24 KB, 638x825, ERhFchVXYAI5fgX.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.14009

File: 1582553191156.jpg (334.92 KB, 638x825, ERhGPINWsAAqbBU.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.14010

File: 1582553597445.jpg (364.52 KB, 638x825, ERhGbWbW4AApwnU.jpg)

ID: f2b53  No.14011

I miss when Rachael looked more like this.

ID: f9ed8  No.14012


Poorly drawn?

ID: fe80c  No.14014

File: 1582677411527.jpg (128.72 KB, 720x720, ERqSuPEW4AA9fZM.jpg)

ID: f9ed8  No.14016


Isn't counselor and therapist *basically* the same thing?

ID: f2b53  No.14019

I walked right into that one.

Still, I think you know I meant her older design.

ID: bb058  No.14020

I miss it too, same with her old character way back in the day, not to rehash the same dead argument but I dont think anything in the comic beforehand suggests she would ever consider miles for anything, even a friend lol.

And while we're reminiscing, I miss sarahs outie nips, BatB bonus comic, the sense that any page in the comic is safe from being retconned in the next plotline, and the plotline where miles was gonna fix the plane and fuck off forever

ID: f2b53  No.14022

I agree with everything there except Sarah's nipples. They're fine, I really don't see what the problem is with not every character having the exact same nipples, it's bad enough they're already on their way to all having the same comically massive tits.

Oh, and the plane thing is still happening, remember? But now it's Miles and Rachael's special little lovey-dovey couple project and they're gonna fly off in it together someday and shit.

ID: bb058  No.14023

Idk, while I do agree that its better theres more nipple variety now, my problem is mostly well, there are a handful of characters that I feel would be a better fit for them instead of Sarah, like Cocoa or Tiggs.

And I must have forgotten. Idk rather both be gone if them being together is gonna stay xD

ID: f2b53  No.14024

I think they're a great fit for her, tbh.

ID: a7c04  No.14025

File: 1582864244128.jpg (762.94 KB, 800x1492, KH0093.jpg)

ID: 6d9b6  No.14031

Doesn't Chalo still owe the Sarah daki illustration? He was supposed to complete it a month ago. I really wish he would complete the stuff he owes first before taking on new projects.

ID: fe80c  No.14034

File: 1583203401010.jpg (88.14 KB, 638x900, ESJVBqkXUAA7zbo.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.14035

File: 1583203418055.jpg (172.2 KB, 900x600, ESJVFR9XUAIRijB.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.14036

File: 1583203432399.jpg (291.9 KB, 540x1620, ESJVLo5XUAEwzUA.jpg)

ID: fe80c  No.14040

File: 1583366316903.jpg (765.77 KB, 800x1603, LL0608.jpg)

ID: f2b53  No.14041

…Tell you about her? Mora, she raised you for more than half your life.

ID: 6d0fa  No.14042

She clearly means before Mora was born. Back when she first inherited the farm herself.

ID: 42ed7  No.14043

File: 1583424712044.png (1.2 MB, 2793x4839, ChaloBDay.png)


There's also the whole "running away from home" plot-line some years back, but no one will blame you for forgetting.

ID: fe80c  No.14044

File: 1583425297534.jpg (319.92 KB, 1122x1263, ESUVLfKU0AAJP1K.jpg)

ID: f2b53  No.14047

But what does that have to do with this?

ID: 4f9e5  No.14051

File: 1583852313561.png (273.76 KB, 630x1080, 1583808149.chalodillo_kona….png)

ID: c16eb  No.14057

File: 1583901238057.jpg (826.87 KB, 800x1603, LL0609.jpg)

ID: f2b53  No.14058

Okay, so right away, this feels like a completely different character than the Diana we've been shown every other time. Good job.

ID: c2cc8  No.14059


Every other time she's been presented from the memory of someone that knew and adored her when they were a child. You don't think maaaaybe they would have remembered her a little differently than other people did?

ID: f9ed8  No.14060


*yawn* blahblahblah she is 'Mora 1.0' and fifteen-sixteen years too late to desperately try to breathe life into this dead in the water plot.

ID: 6d0fa  No.14061

>Okay, so right away, this feels like a completely different character than the Diana we've been shown every other time. Good job.

So the thought that this could be Diana from a point way before she had her kids, and could even be from when she first started running the farm, never crossed your mind?

ID: d9ce1  No.14062

You mean the one that was dying?

You mean to tell me that people's attitude change when they're DYING?

My dude, it seems like you just want to bitch and moan about this tiddy comic.

ID: f9ed8  No.14063

File: 1583949745269.jpg (94.16 KB, 720x542, 1579406325848.jpg)


Pretty sure it's just when Diana is shown taking care of the kids.
I'm not surprised they just copy-pasted Mora's personality.

It always amusing how much traction and deep discussion a tiddy-comic with barely any plot or world-building or character-arcs or substance gets this much attention.

People talk about this comic like the meaning of life is hidden in Mora's cleavage.

ID: f2b53  No.14067

Well, aside from the times she showed up in side comics that weren't presented as memories with the potential for rose-tinted bias or misremembering or whatever, but sure.

I think a jump from "copypasted Mora personality" to "anime mom" seems a bit like an awfully huge one.

She didn't start dying until sometime after Mora left home looking for her dad. Nice try though.

My dude, it seems like you try way too hard to defend this comic from the slightest bit of scrutiny.

ID: 780ee  No.14070

File: 1583959963149.png (911.65 KB, 1065x1280, 1583437770.undeadnardo_05_….png)

To all who don't like the comic here's Geecku being given the finger, now just shut up and fap to that sweet glorious lizard chonk of an ass, bet it'd jiggle for days after if you slapped it… >;P

ID: 780ee  No.14071

File: 1583960450172.png (1.11 MB, 1177x1280, 1583437925.undeadnardo_09_….png)

Uh-oh, looks like someone's playing bouncy castle, with an added surprise X3

ID: 6d0fa  No.14073

>Well, aside from the times she showed up in side comics that weren't presented as memories with the potential for rose-tinted bias or misremembering or whatever, but sure.

The only time we see her in a bonus comic, alive at that, is when Alej goes to see her in the last 2 pages of Building an Empire before it got canned. She's already been in mother mode by then because it's one of the bonus comics closest to when LL actually starts.

The only other recollection we have of her is from a guy implied to be Mora's dad.

>I think a jump from "copypasted Mora personality" to "anime mom" seems a bit like an awfully huge one.

Experiences change people over time and, again, this could easily be well before she has any kids or has gone through anything that turns her into the woman her children remember her as.

>My dude, it seems like you try way too hard to defend this comic from the slightest bit of scrutiny.

Trying to find an issue with almost any piece of LL related art chalo puts out isn't much better.

ID: f2b53  No.14074

>The only time we see her in a bonus comic, alive at that, is when Alej goes to see her in the last 2 pages of Building an Empire before it got canned.

I see you've forgotten Simpler Times was a thing for a bit. In fact, that wasn't even the only thing Chalo's done showing stuff from back then in a manner that wasn't framed as someone's recollections.

>She's already been in mother mode by then because it's one of the bonus comics closest to when LL actually starts.

…Okay? That doesn't disprove my point that it wasn't just someone's emotionally biased memory misremembering what she was really like or something.

>Experiences change people over time

>this could easily be well before she has any kids or has gone through anything that turns her into the woman her children remember her as.

Cool story, still a huge friggin' jump.

>Trying to find an issue with almost any piece of LL related art chalo puts out isn't much better.

You don't really need to try when an issue is right there.

Really though, is anyone seriously still going to pretend this comic isn't written on the fly?

ID: da677  No.14076

> Still a huge jump.

That doesn't make any sense. Why is it that Diana couldnt have changed over the years from the current page version of herself to the one we've seen before?

Changing over the years based on life circumstances happens to most people by default

ID: 09dbc  No.14077

I'm liking what I'm seeing

ID: 780ee  No.14080


Just saw this earlier, it looks like it might've been used for the pose? Still, I like their art, reminds me of sindoll. :P

ID: c16eb  No.14107

File: 1585215515899.jpg (73.73 KB, 690x1035, EUAfn6hXQAAF1d1.jpg)

ID: f2b53  No.14108

>Happy Birthay

ID: 9cecc  No.14109

Clearly she whipped out her tits so he'd be too distracted to notice the error.

ID: 0e213  No.14113

And it worked

ID: c16eb  No.14118

File: 1585405580290.jpg (200.37 KB, 765x1170, EUKz6veX0AAO0w7.jpg)

ID: c16eb  No.14119

File: 1585405599705.jpg (273.55 KB, 1260x765, EUK0vaqWoAElgpC.jpg)

ID: f2b53  No.14120

Why even bother with the disembodied ambiguous hands bit when we know who it's supposed to be?

And I'm noticing a theme here, almost like she's uncomfortable wearing this kind of stuff but feels she has to.

ID: c16eb  No.14128

File: 1585436271302.jpg (370.34 KB, 1246x1134, EUOkfKmUcAAg1B8.jpg)

ID: c16eb  No.14129

File: 1585440495673.jpg (295.51 KB, 1800x1388, EUO2yZMXkAQNMOC.jpg)

ID: 724d8  No.14130

I feel like the non-canon porn has a better narrative than the comic itself. Basically the farm operates perfectly fine so everyone just has sex all day.

ID: c16eb  No.14131

File: 1585451609881.jpg (783.79 KB, 2440x2502, EUO9N-RWkAESr0S.jpg)

ID: c16eb  No.14132

File: 1585451632547.jpg (764.9 KB, 2440x2502, EUO9N-UXQAA86ai.jpg)

ID: f9ed8  No.14134


The boobs on Sarah here look particularly awful, Mora's torso is insanely long too.

It's almost like Chalo is baiting the Miles-haters.

ID: c16eb  No.14135

File: 1585503774772.jpg (739.84 KB, 2925x2062, EUSBYnAXYAIDLxn.jpg)

ID: c16eb  No.14136

File: 1585503827843.jpg (402.23 KB, 2000x3000, EUP2u64XQAA1Zhl.jpg)

ID: c16eb  No.14137

File: 1585503871572.jpg (161.48 KB, 1020x1320, EUSt2DoWkAYB8dI.jpg)

ID: a98cf  No.14138

30? 30 what

ID: 780ee  No.14139

30k followers, according to his twitter where it was posted.

ID: a98cf  No.14140

I see, thanks.

ID: c16eb  No.14141

File: 1585657947774.jpg (418.16 KB, 4070x4096, EUZZwbaXkAEmTFS.jpg)

ID: c16eb  No.14142

File: 1585657968984.jpg (403.94 KB, 4070x4096, EUZZwbhWAAAaVZN.jpg)

ID: c16eb  No.14145

File: 1585758963316.jpg (201.98 KB, 765x1170, EUh094PXkAETKaP.jpg)

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