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Webcomics are the worst artform in the world, except for all the other ones.
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File: 1585763505054.jpg (682.92 KB, 1008x1207, 1585761153.chalodillo_lind….jpg)

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ID: a0ead  No.14580

I love how chalo makes a mistake, people point it out - no insulting, no flaming, just stating a fact - and it's straight in to defending him and everyone else is wrong XD Don't worry though, I'm sure there will be an update saying it was old mora to justify it so you can all feel vindicated :3

It's just like the first reply said, it looks very much like diana, there's no denying that (save the long ears of course which aren't as prominent as the horns which stand out far more for identifying the character). But no, everyone else MUST be wrong, chalo can't make a simple mistake, especially with all the recent comic pages he's been doing that have focused on diana. a simple design slip, that's all :)

ID: b83dc  No.14583

File: 1591322929831.jpg (102.85 KB, 765x931, EZtJ-FQWsAA66l5.jpg)

ID: b83dc  No.14584

File: 1591322942326.png (365.67 KB, 750x869, EZrn4HwXQAcNBtm.png)

ID: ee770  No.14586


Simps with their dicks out for Chalo.

Funny given he pretty much ignores all his fans.

ID: b83dc  No.14589

File: 1591391720410.jpg (595.01 KB, 1104x905, EZxaUUJXgAAdeic.jpg)

ID: df734  No.14590


Gotta say, they look good in bigdad's style.

ID: b83dc  No.14614

File: 1591648681145.jpg (109.86 KB, 765x1170, EZ7P3ndXsAEhAko.jpg)

ID: b83dc  No.14615

File: 1591648720604.jpg (384.05 KB, 1570x2000, EZ79fepXgAE1xrw.jpg)

ID: b83dc  No.14617

File: 1591720227724.jpg (227.76 KB, 638x825, EaFIvwFWAAAqBWP.jpg)

ID: b83dc  No.14633

File: 1592065142135.jpeg (312.95 KB, 675x804, EaZiVOWXgAItyU4.jpeg)

ID: cbc27  No.14639

Man Chalo must really hate his Patreons. I don't know how he still has so many Patreons.

ID: a947a  No.14646

ID: 27307  No.14647

He's not doing the monthly illustrations or request streams. Instead of doing the stuff on Patreon that he owes, he's doing commissions, trades, and twitter milestone art. If he's willing to do that, why not work on the Patreon art that people are paying monthly to see. Just seems like he doesn't care about his Patreons.

ID: 6fda2  No.14648

And he's also currently living with Nekonny because he can’t go back home from the virus.

ID: 27307  No.14649

Understandable, but it's not like he can't do any art at his place. He's still doing commissions and such. If he can do commissions, why cant he do Patreon art? Can he only access the Pateron illustrations and request stream stuff from home?

It just feels like he's abandoning all his Patreons for a few lucky people that get commissions. It's just frustrating since I keep donating to Patreon for the bonus illustrations and request streams and he's not doing them.

ID: a947a  No.14650

I would probably be willing to cut the guy some slack given everything else going on right now. I think i remember him saying he lived with family back in… Venuezuala, i think it was? He cant go back home to check on them and he's probably got more on his mind than patreon stuff.

That said, by all means if you feel like your not getting content patreons are supposed to get I dont think there's anything wrong with ending that thing for a bit.

ID: 556c3  No.14652

Chalo lived in El Salvador. But yeah, with how his current situation is, he probably can't get to all the stuff he has to do for the Patreon rewards. At least he's able to get time to work on the comic pages.

ID: c3956  No.14657

File: 1592414417349.jpg (349.97 KB, 620x1250, LL_0615.jpg)

ID: dbdf0  No.14658

Something I'd still like to know is how the bartender lady knows all of this. Did she follow Diana out of her bar and watch and listen to everything from nearby the whole time?

ID: a8494  No.14668

File: 1592679713497.png (771.45 KB, 800x1374, 9cc2647b49464f05bfe54624ec….png)

ID: a8494  No.14669

File: 1592682929448.png (365.71 KB, 750x869, ebef32b4322d718901679f47bf….png)

ID: a8494  No.14680

File: 1592906159206.png (1.03 MB, 700x1082, 3db1364f842832aafd93af101a….png)

ID: b6bdc  No.14683

>Again you will ignore this because bitching about the story quality of a furry titty comic is the closest thing you have to meaning in your sad, pointless little life

What?! Is this for real? This is coming from someone cosplaying as Sage's sister, a guy who lives with his mom and no job and only lives on twitter? You drove away the original mods Hiro and Rags and now you have nothing but some defense over ID fox who helped write this shit story so his self insert could fuck Mora. That's the closest he'll ever get to being laid. And people bitching about this shit story for a few minutes have no lives? Never change Sechs.

ID: dbdf0  No.14684

Yeah, that comment's totally relevant to reply to 2 1/2 months later.

ID: 9a2ad  No.14686

It is.

ID: 0fe8f  No.14687

Oh my god, you are such an idiot.

ID: c71ec  No.14688

File: 1593025141936.png (589.31 KB, 1292x1370, 87F0C051-F151-46F1-87FE-7B….png)


I’ve moved on from my first comic project. I don’t even read it anymore. I’ve gotten a new job that I love and am drawing my own stuff. I barely even visit this site anymore.

But after all these years you’re still hung up on this comic. It’s honestly sad and I hope one day you come to realize that this is a toxic way to live your life. Focus on the things that make you happy without perpetuating a stress/release cycle.

Have a good one.

ID: 9a2ad  No.14689

Opinion noted and discarded.

ID: b83dc  No.14691

File: 1593033943705.jpg (756.48 KB, 800x1487, KH_097.jpg)

ID: 0fe8f  No.14692

Less of an opinion and more of a fact, but okay.

ID: fe60c  No.14695


TBF she told people to kill themselves for disagreeing with her on furry webcomics before so.. yeah, not much of a moral high ground.

Like yeah, obviously this place is a cesspool and people are overtly bitchy and whiny, but it's still a real shitty thing to say because someone doesn't hold the same opinion as you.

ID: d6807  No.14696

All of the above is why I prefer to lurk. Back to it, then. Dive, dive, dive!

ID: a9c44  No.14697

Love me some tonfas.

ID: b6bdc  No.14698

>But after all these years you’re still hung up on this comic. It’s honestly sad and I hope one day you come to realize that this is a toxic way to live your life

Are you really going to go this route? People who look at a poorly written comic and comment on it are sad and toxic. Hey, what if I spend 10 minutes on google to see what you're up to? And oh look, I found lehorseartist on Twitter. So what has ID been up to…oh it's the same whiny crap about how sad and miserable you are and crying for e-hugs just like the last decade or more. No dude, you are totally not sad and toxic.

Also great, you've decided to not just suck at writing and become a crappy artist too. Wow, your life is amazing compared to us who comment on the poor writing of webcomics.

ID: b6bdc  No.14699

It's not that she tries to be edgy and telling people to kill themselves, but she tries to insult people for expressing their opinions when she hangs out with people who are objectively sad, pointless and pathetic. You pretend to be Sage's sister and act like you're not leading a sad and pointless life yourself? Uh no, you are the very definition of a miserable life.

ID: dbdf0  No.14700

It's amazing, I don't think I could've ever predicted this forced and shitty a romantic rivalry…

ID: 522c4  No.14704

And yet despite it all you acknowledge me as more important and relevant than yourselves, because you're so desperate for my attention that you start calling me out directly if I ignore you for awhile.

Here you sit whining about moral high grounds on a site you claim to hate about a comic you claim to hate but more and more it seems like the thing you really want is evil ol' Sechs to acknowledge you and pay attention to you and validate your existence.

Thing is, by doing this, you just prove your existence isn't valid. People who are valid can self-validate and move on from fixating on things that they feel nothing but negativity towards, like comics, or websites, or people they don't like. If you were in any way capable of doing something that made you feel whole and worthwhile of your own accord, you wouldn't be here seething constantly over a minor webcomic on a nowhere image board desperately hoping it makes someone you hate talk to you.

Whine all you want over my flippant use of offensive ways to tell you to fuck off and shut up, but everyone knows full well you don't actually give a shit. You're just desperate for an endorphin rush because there is literally nothing else in your life more important to you than Las Lindas, the Goddamn Furry Board, and me. And that's just fucking sad.

ID: bccbf  No.14705

File: 1593196529591.gif (389.12 KB, 500x528, eadb545002941577f89aa4ff29….gif)

ID: b6bdc  No.14711

Yep, you're all important and powerful Sechs. I came here six years after you drove this community to the ground just for nostalgia. It had lots of people, active boards and artists who participated but now it's just a ghost town. Your "brother" Sage is still a loser waste of life living with his mom, welfare and food stamps and the other admin Id fox is a whiny failure who has chosen to suck at art as much as he sucked at writing and running Katbox. But no, you're so much better than the rest of everyone else.

Here's a perfect clip of how you ran this site and always made me think of you:


And that's the way I'll end it with all your blathering bullshit. "Eh, shut up!"

ID: 0af0a  No.14715

I'm still not sure why this comic gets people so bothered like it does in these threads.

ID: 0fe8f  No.14718

File: 1593371802876.jpg (66.53 KB, 1280x720, I don't get it.jpg)

ID: 522c4  No.14720


So you're just going to stay here begging for my attention then?

ID: cbf14  No.14723

Are there any actual mods on this board? Because honestly most of you should be banned. You're not even arguing over the comic anymore.

ID: dbdf0  No.14727

So yeah, how about that terrible new Knighthood page?

ID: 91ef0  No.14729

File: 1593494659532.jpg (347.34 KB, 620x1250, LL_0616.jpg)

ID: 37ae8  No.14733

File: 1593622878122.png (263.37 KB, 800x1412, Eb2YC9NXYAATJr2_u18chan.png)

ID: dbdf0  No.14738

Wait, she had more modern-looking clothes the whole time?

Okay, that and the presence of a completely normal-looking Las Lindas house and more people in very modern outfits makes me want to know even MORE why the fuck she was riding a space antelope-pulled cart and the town looked like a Wild Guns stage.

inb4 it gets posted to FA and people come along to comment about how arrogant and degrading the "Snap My Choker" meme supposedly is/was, just like when Chalo first addressed it

ID: b83dc  No.14740

File: 1593719210795.jpg (199.23 KB, 800x1107, AsktHP_MomMora.jpg)

ID: c7b13  No.14744

Reaction seems positive from what I've seen.

ID: a8494  No.14750

Mora as a Mother, called it.

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