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File: 1585763505054.jpg (682.92 KB, 1008x1207, 1585761153.chalodillo_lind….jpg)

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ID: b83dc  No.14927

File: 1596426929824.jpg (844.01 KB, 800x1487, KH0098.jpg)

ID: dbdf0  No.14928

More like she's just increasingly poorly written and this is a shittier excuse for a love triangle plotline than I could've ever imagined.

ID: b83dc  No.14933

File: 1596511967968.png (901.64 KB, 765x1080, Eei5ru8U0AEE7hh.png)

ID: 556c3  No.14934

I think this is also a chance for Joy to learn a few lessons. She's done this before, reacting without thinking (both encounters against Ayah, which both resulted in her getting injured). So maybe she might want to take some time to think of a better strategy. Either way, this is exciting. Also, nearly to page 100, woo~

ID: a8494  No.14936

File: 1596598590615.png (396.57 KB, 1020x1200, 0adad6bc596096861f230c8019….png)

ID: 2e48e  No.14941

Well that didn't take long.

ID: b83dc  No.14950

File: 1596931446549.jpg (818.53 KB, 800x1613, LL_0618.jpg)

ID: 556c3  No.14951

Ooh, looks like Mora heard him. Now I wonder what's going to happen in the next page? Will she talk with him or no? Considering who this individual is…oh man, the suspense…D:

ID: dbdf0  No.14952

I get the feeling, with how tropey this comic is, she'll probably just turn around and he'll have silently maneuvered out before she can see him.

Either way, I hope this is all signalling that the comic will finally end soon.

ID: a8494  No.14955

I wouldn't hold my breath… >_>;

ID: 9cf18  No.14956


Ah yes, more Calico girl. My wish has been granted. Shame she's the one character furthest away in the panels and made harder to see thanks to Chalo's comic page resolution being small by today's standards.

ID: b83dc  No.14967

File: 1597270821665.jpeg (72.71 KB, 800x933, EfQHBieWsAI3Lik.jpeg)

ID: dbdf0  No.14972

Just draw her with her tits out and get it over with, Chalo, we know you want to.

ID: 37ae8  No.14973

File: 1597421110195.png (372.16 KB, 638x852, 3463752 - Las_Lindas Mora_….png)

Until then, some nude edits from /trash/

ID: 37ae8  No.14974

File: 1597421123901.jpg (455.02 KB, 700x940, 3476433 - Las_Lindas Mora_….jpg)

ID: b328e  No.14984

Been meaning to ask where /trash/ is one of these days.

ID: b83dc  No.14985

File: 1597603018719.jpg (833.69 KB, 800x1613, LL_0619.jpg)

ID: 37ae8  No.14986

File: 1597606105926.jpg (223.93 KB, 1448x2048, D1LOQpqWsAAcHyz.jpg)


4chan. Handy for those edit threads, especially with Chalo and Skidd doing shittons of tiny bikini pics, like in OP.

ID: dbdf0  No.14987

Oh wow, who could've ever seen that coming, she turns around and he's already gone and she thinks it was her imagination. Good thing too, we may have had an actual moment of drama they couldn't take an easy way out of.

Still wanna know why his tail looks like that.

ID: b328e  No.14988

What was that about the suspense?

ID: 556c3  No.14989

Ah well, that's just how they decided to go with the story, I suppose. I have to laugh at his reaction. Running away quick so he doesn't get seen. I guess because of what happened in the past? -shrug-

ID: b328e  No.14990

Yeah but I just wish they did something else instead of a cliché trope, but that's probably asking for too much.

ID: bb4a5  No.14991


So like who signed off on this design choice cuz Mora's dad looked blazed 24/7.

Also side note, he has a nano-ghost whatever too?

Remember how those used to be rare and special in the story and now they are like trendy-pets to have?

"You aren't a REAL prime unless you have your very own slave-er I mean, AI-alexa-ripoff ghost! Now only 99.99"

Again, kinda weird these supposed sentient energy-beings are required to be owned to sort of 'birth' into life and 'grow' via Prime influence. They don't exist and function on their own.
I mean, are they parasites or born-to-be-servants?

ID: dbdf0  No.14992

Yeah, we were even shown AND told that they were given to a specific few people by Ambar herself, now it seems just anyone can have one. They were also supposed to be some mirror of the soul of their owner or whatever, but y'know, I've really never seen any evidence of that.

ID: d2b66  No.14993


ID: dbdf0  No.14996

…Is that who he's supposed to be?

Has he gone from being a knockoff of one anime father figure to a knockoff of another?

Actually, I just realized something… Mora was probably in her mid-20s or something when she found him at that facility with the laughably weak security. You're telling me that less than a decade later, he's gone from Raizen to Old Joseph?

ID: b83dc  No.14997

File: 1597806316890.jpg (358.08 KB, 1080x810, Efv1AU9WsAAaqSQ.jpg)

ID: b83dc  No.14998

File: 1597806334231.jpg (81.59 KB, 800x1161, Efvuq12WoAEiK8G.jpg)

ID: 0fe8f  No.14999

So you two are talking about Mora's dad having a nano-ghost or whatever, but like………where is it?

ID: 50763  No.15000


I think its an assumption because of the last panel where it says "That was close old man". The way the word bubble is made, its kinda the same as how chalo does it when digit or phi talk

ID: b83dc  No.15017

File: 1598265123209.jpg (757.31 KB, 800x1487, KH0099.jpg)

ID: b83dc  No.15019

File: 1598391521214.jpg (111.84 KB, 810x990, EgS3QWTXsAc2cOR.jpg)

ID: b83dc  No.15020

File: 1598452923561.jpg (598.05 KB, 810x990, 1598417308.chalodillo_love….jpg)

ID: b83dc  No.15021

File: 1598452941460.jpg (531.78 KB, 800x1224, 1598417026.chalodillo_askt….jpg)

ID: b83dc  No.15036

File: 1598809189964.jpg (690.02 KB, 800x1613, LL_0620.jpg)

ID: c6593  No.15041

After the last stream, she's one step closer!

ID: b83dc  No.15042

File: 1598914935122.jpg (120.01 KB, 638x900, EgyHyU8XgAEwxun.jpg)

ID: b83dc  No.15043

File: 1598914960157.jpg (91.55 KB, 638x900, EgyICLOXYAE65hJ.jpg)

ID: b83dc  No.15044

File: 1598914982393.jpg (105.08 KB, 638x900, EgyIISCX0AUW57s.jpg)

ID: dbdf0  No.15045

Rachael becomes a cop… Okay, that seems kinda random.

Cause you're a Las Lindas character, Digit, you're not allowed to not have a huge ass.

ID: a8494  No.15046

File: 1598941625614.png (415.71 KB, 1020x1200, a8809c64bb2cfca3b8c6062499….png)

ID: dfb4c  No.15048

>Rachael becomes a cop… Okay, that seems kinda random.

Guess it's an attempt at character irony, since she was a thief and a rulebreaker before.

ID: 0fe8f  No.15049

>Rachel becomes a cop

Oof, that is some supreme-o bad timing there, chief.

ID: dbdf0  No.15052

Not that it works all that well. Some of these are kinda reaching Digimon Adventure 02 levels of randomly selected future outcomes and I'm hoping it's not an actual indication of the kind of writing we can expect the ending to have.

Then again, we already know Rachael's so thoroughly character-shifted and practically fused to Miles that she's going off with him in his damn plane someday, so…

In regards to the new comic page as well, might I just say, I'm really getting tired of all the flip-flopping on how we're supposed to view Ambar, and the way they keep dropping these dumb little lines trying to put up some ridiculous act and pretend like everything we've seen throughout the whole comic is part of some grand epic cosmos-shaking master plan brewed up by Ambar since Mora was conceived or something.

ID: b86c3  No.15055


Not a cop. If Knighthood and the latest LL pages "dispatch" is used for knights.

ID: dbdf0  No.15056

That would only make it make even LESS sense.

ID: e13a6  No.15063

I mean at least it's slappable now

ID: e63e1  No.15100

ID: a8494  No.15106

File: 1599682069779.jpg (215.8 KB, 1479x1179, f381065baa501a5918757b5ff8….jpg)

ID: d75a3  No.15110

why stop at slapping it?

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