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File: 1585763505054.jpg (682.92 KB, 1008x1207, 1585761153.chalodillo_lind….jpg)

ID: b83dc  No.14149

new thread

ID: b83dc  No.14150

File: 1585763564981.jpg (143.89 KB, 989x1280, 1585759530.chalodillo_kiki….jpg)

ID: b83dc  No.14161

File: 1586175780550.jpg (760.31 KB, 800x1506, KH_094.jpg)

ID: 2a693  No.14165

I like the somewhat smug look on that guy's face for some reason.

ID: a5116  No.14179


Joy is becoming so retarded it is just grating. For all their shortcomings the writers are creating a truly unlikeable character.

ID: dbdf0  No.14180

Seriously, it's amazing in the worst way how much she's completely devolved as a character since the beginning of Knighthood.

ID: 37ae8  No.14194

File: 1586706289391.jpg (362.38 KB, 800x1239, AtHP_ButtsAreTheBest.jpg)

ID: 37ae8  No.14195

File: 1586707250077.jpg (447.13 KB, 738x2215, Sarah_Dakimakura_Front.jpg)

ID: b83dc  No.14201

File: 1586720252591.jpg (76.37 KB, 736x1070, EVbPPe7WkAAW1JL.jpg)

ID: 37ae8  No.14202

File: 1586721441421.png (3.48 MB, 1477x4429, Taffy_DakimakuraFrontHD.png)

ID: 09322  No.14204

File: 1586753478956.jpg (328.88 KB, 620x1233, LL_0610.jpg)

ID: b83dc  No.14205

File: 1586755256135.jpg (734.44 KB, 800x1591, LL_0610.jpg)

ID: ee770  No.14211

File: 1586766396868.jpg (27.93 KB, 600x491, tn_1235245586270.jpg)


Man, talk about a horrendously written page. But yawn.. Mora 1.0 or whatever. They literally had the same life minus Diana having farm-hands and raising some kids.

Why write an entirely unique character when you can just copy-paste your main one?

ID: dbdf0  No.14213

Kinda funny how the one time they remember their own comic's lore is when they're copypasting Mora's backstory onto Diana.

And this is even funnier when you remember how upset people got over this rendition of Diana being called out as just a lazy Mora reskin.

ID: dfb4c  No.14214


The only ones here upset are you spergs, but go off I guess.

ID: ee770  No.14215


I guess it's spergy to say how similar the story beats are? lmao.
When is this comic just gonna end? Im not sure what else they can do after Taffy's wedding, it's almost a non-story now.

ID: dbdf0  No.14216

No, don't you see? It's amazing, skilled writing revealing to us in a way that makes total sense 16 years and over 600 pages in that Diana was just like Mora all along and what we saw of her before was unreliable narration or some shit.

ID: ee770  No.14218


>16 years in

>500-600 pages
>Just now getting to Mora's mom's backstory (was it necessary?)
>the farm has almost been destroyed/bankrupt/closed for like the 3rd time
>lots of world-building as a footnote and bares little credence on farm shenanigans
>even the ships are awful
>is there any point besides making Chalo/Sk/Curran/Id's OCs popular?

it's amazing how far drawing giant tiddy (albeit really badly given Chalo's 'style' lately.) can get you.

ID: 0fe8f  No.14219



ID: dfb4c  No.14220


Can't you two just get Discord and start a DM where you can talk about how much you hate Las Lindas while you ERP each other? Or is the public performance part of your fetish?

ID: a5116  No.14221

I do wonder what made Chalo to give Mora a bodybuilder physique (Not that I mind)

ID: dbdf0  No.14223

Same thing that makes him spontaneously change the design of any character, he just felt like it.

ID: ee770  No.14227


Why defend Las Lindas so much in comparison to other comics? lmao.
I dont see you going to bat for anyone else bitching about other comics on here.

ID: b83dc  No.14228

File: 1586940725204.jpg (212.55 KB, 800x1239, AtHP_YogaBunny.jpg)

ID: dfb4c  No.14229


Again, you'll notice very little to none of this is defending Las Lindas and most of it's just saying we're tired of listening to egomaniacal whiners jerking each other off about how much they hate it every single time anything related to the comic is posted.

Again you will ignore this because bitching about the story quality of a furry titty comic is the closest thing you have to meaning in your sad, pointless little life.

ID: ee770  No.14232


Sharing a passing opinion that takes less then 3 minutes to type on a horribly written webcomic is apparently such a taboo.

You, yourself have bitched about the comic repeatedly before - but only when people do so now does it seem to be an issue?

I really don't care what others are posting about it. Las Lindas is universally believed to be a bad webcomic. It's not exactly news.

It's funny since this particular image board literally spent years - years constantly obessively tearing down every single thing Jay Naylor wrote in Better Days/Original Life for YEARS.
But since Jay Naylor wasn't a well liked artist, it was fine.

Same with Las Lindas actually, until recently.There is nothing left to say about Las Lindas except how terribly written and executed it is. So, are you guys gonna ban it's threads like you did with Naylor's? Nothin left to say, things are shitty - move along.

I mean that is basically any 'discussion' here about any other webcomic. This site isn't exactly as popular as it was in it's hayday.
Sure is alot of kettles calling the pots black in here.

ID: dbdf0  No.14236

…Is that a goddamn DBZ Abridged reference? Again with references in place of actual answers?

Criticizing a particularly bad writing choice like what we're seeing here is not "egomaniacal" by any definition, nor does two people both commenting that the writing is bad mean they're "jerking each other off".

ID: dfb4c  No.14239

>It's funny since this particular image board literally spent years - years constantly obessively tearing down every single thing Jay Naylor wrote in Better Days/Original Life for YEARS.
But since Jay Naylor wasn't a well liked artist, it was fine.

Y'know, I just knew eventually one of you pointless losers would bring this up. Have you kind of noticed that the Naylor board has been gone for years? Many, many years now? It's almost like we got tired of the bitching. Like we keep saying that we're tired of your bitching.

I see what the problem is now. It's that you two are just plain stupid. Unintelligent. You cannot comprehend or think. And every time you continue to post these whiny-ass rants and nitpicks despite no one else caring or being interested and just wanting you to give it a rest, you will be proving just how mind-numbingly stupid you are.

ID: dbdf0  No.14241

>Have you kind of noticed that the Naylor board has been gone for years?

Yeah, he kinda brought it up in literally the very next sentence.

ID: a8494  No.14242

This is why I don't post here in /com anymore. I'll just keep upping porn in the dammit thread if you need me.

ID: dfb4c  No.14244


And yet failed to comprehend what that means. Because he's stupid. Like you.

ID: 763f4  No.14246

Sigh, idk what I was hoping for on the sarah daki, but it wasnt this. Saving me money anyway x3

ID: b83dc  No.14252

File: 1587467847015.jpg (882.68 KB, 800x1591, LL_0611.jpg)

ID: dbdf0  No.14256

…Why the hell does it look like they live in the Old West but with paved roads?

ID: 07a97  No.14258


Oh boy. That's Mora's dad isn't he?

ID: ee770  No.14259


Feels a bit late to try to redo a story about Diana and Mora's dad. Like, they already had the kneejerk reaction years ago trying to tell this.

Now it's just like - Hey let's do Mora 2.0 and her love interest, but its kinda old west themed for no reason.

We already know he is basically standing right next to Mora listening to the story. What is SK and Chalo's plan? Mora talks to her dad as they hand-wave the whole "being in a lab experimented on" and him never being around to make some cameo appearance at Taffy's wedding?

I can't see them giving Mora and her dad an actual significant arc.They already said they never want to do any sort of drama or stakes in the story. I guess maybe Mora will get some badass empowerment moment telling her dad off if he ends up being a douchey after the bartender concludes the tale.

ID: dbdf0  No.14262

At this point, I'd be surprised if they even remember the lab thing. Or maybe they're counting on us forgetting it, like so many other things they've hoped wouldn't be remembered.

ID: b83dc  No.14266

File: 1587661721105.jpg (374.17 KB, 810x900, EVsdD7IWsAsing1.jpg)

ID: 37ae8  No.14267

File: 1587661760042.jpg (227.5 KB, 1280x933, 1586185975.bladedge_[blade….jpg)

ID: b83dc  No.14275

File: 1588026760611.jpg (810.07 KB, 800x1487, KH_095.jpg)

ID: dbdf0  No.14277

Can we just skip to the part where Drake inevitably beds all three of them and get this tiresome song and dance over with?

ID: a8494  No.14278

File: 1588108129665.png (641.91 KB, 957x1350, bab24e49f70905f47eb2985ab6….png)

ID: b83dc  No.14284

File: 1588282182344.jpg (206.05 KB, 735x862, EW0gx09WsAAuqN8.jpg)

ID: b83dc  No.14285

File: 1588282208551.jpg (204.78 KB, 735x862, EW0g150XsAELsWD.jpg)

ID: b83dc  No.14286

File: 1588282230474.jpg (201.54 KB, 735x862, EW3QmCbWoAULaO_.jpg)

ID: b83dc  No.14287

File: 1588282258824.jpg (209.78 KB, 735x862, EW3QnMfWkAEdTkU.jpg)

ID: b83dc  No.14296

File: 1588515081256.jpg (297.03 KB, 765x900, EW4po8mWAAAMlG6.jpg)

ID: b83dc  No.14298

File: 1588551337015.webm (188.7 KB, 560x512, Chalo_-_Far_from_Home_-_I….webm)

ID: b83dc  No.14311

File: 1588621462788.gif (814.51 KB, 560x512, ezgif-3-bc90b13fe367_u18ch….gif)

ID: b83dc  No.14312

File: 1588621479947.jpg (122.01 KB, 638x858, 1588620284.chalodillo_dian….jpg)

ID: a8494  No.14325

File: 1588963536622.png (337.6 KB, 936x1080, 98315f56fc0b4476ae6449421f….png)

ID: b83dc  No.14326

File: 1589165347124.jpg (438.29 KB, 1811x1063, EXsrPp1UYAAcdgA.jpg)

ID: b83dc  No.14327

File: 1589198741158.jpg (201.72 KB, 1333x1000, EXtH0fEWkAUZG91.jpg)

ID: a8494  No.14330

File: 1589222246934.png (983.94 KB, 800x1238, 05eae7eb0b2af81c110b714737….png)

ID: ee770  No.14331


>When your boobs are 3x the size of your head.

Everything else is so petite on her it looks cartoonishly silly.

ID: b83dc  No.14333

File: 1589248898597.jpg (147.45 KB, 1000x981, EXx_WgYUMAACJTx.jpg)

ID: 37ae8  No.14336

File: 1589256851005.jpg (218.47 KB, 900x734, 1473057450.crankydove_mile….jpg)


Still sucks Crickeydave quit making porn…

ID: dbdf0  No.14338

Right? Seriously, these characters' tits have officially reached self-parody levels. Hell, think about how low those would hang if unrestrained and drawn by someone who understands how tits work.

ID: b83dc  No.14339

File: 1589284779609.jpg (818.1 KB, 800x1580, LL_0612.jpg)

ID: a8494  No.14340

File: 1589320783099.png (758.4 KB, 700x1119, c4ed116a65361ba4307e257cbc….png)

ID: 51d12  No.14341

Who keeps slapping dicks on Rachel? Not that I'm complaining.

ID: a8494  No.14344

User on E621, apparently, Invaderzero who was apparently bored out of his mind under quarantine, good use of his time you ask me. :D

ID: a8494  No.14347

File: 1589416210522.png (860.24 KB, 611x763, a36303157ee4ede79f07b0488b….png)

ID: b83dc  No.14348

File: 1589465867313.jpg (65.57 KB, 773x1000, EX8rFo7VcAEHFhA.jpg)

ID: b83dc  No.14349

File: 1589465885492.jpg (436.89 KB, 765x990, EX8vZL8WsAMTk2r.jpg)

ID: a8494  No.14350

File: 1589485339724.png (1.3 MB, 800x1224, 1554c016c7c50d76d9d871df67….png)

ID: a8494  No.14354

File: 1589512355383.png (782.65 KB, 1004x1950, 6ed8a2c7866fd534523abaa639….png)

ID: a8494  No.14355

File: 1589512366294.png (772.23 KB, 1004x1950, 99336060ade064baec23acdbe4….png)

ID: 21bda  No.14356

File: 1589518130599.jpg (172.1 KB, 1280x778, 85f15fead0dbab9a55184d6ef6….jpg)

ID: 21bda  No.14357

File: 1589518337017.jpg (695.3 KB, 1204x800, a947ea8d97e457e5ae6c959e24….jpg)

ID: b83dc  No.14364

File: 1589743528097.jpg (831.21 KB, 800x1613, LL_0613.jpg)

ID: dbdf0  No.14369

The boar guy's trucker outfit just makes it all the more clear how hilariously out of place the scenery around them, Diana's ride and her and Mr. Edgy's outfits are.

Also, why does an obvious rabbit character have a tail like that, did his super space demon powers come with a free tail modification?

ID: 8c338  No.14370

I really wish Chalo would do the 4 months worth of daki illustrations he owes instead of working on new stuff.

ID: a8494  No.14371

File: 1589828149005.jpg (113.58 KB, 765x1069, EYT901AXkAMt6uO.jpg)

ID: 556c3  No.14375

Which dakis are you referring to? He's posted some on his FA page, and his Patreon. I know there's the ones of Ambar, Sarah, Taffy, Angel, Alejandra, and Grace. They're all on his Patreon, but some are in his FA gallery. Not sure what other daki illustrations he owes…

ID: 8c338  No.14376

He's supposed to do an illustration every month for the $400 Patreon milestone. He only did one for Sarah this year. So he's behind like 4 daki illustrations.

ID: 0fe8f  No.14379

I mean

He's in quarantine in the US right now, far away from home. Kinda hard to do stuff like that right now.

ID: a8494  No.14411

File: 1590040795181.png (1.36 MB, 2140x1400, 57f4ce38d28d730c0efee3a7c4….png)

ID: a8494  No.14412

File: 1590040804765.png (325.27 KB, 638x920, 663cb09bb4eaf7ed78ab07ee0b….png)

ID: a8494  No.14418

File: 1590121994720.png (758.06 KB, 638x1125, 4d37e17f611a44554dcd0dc9ea….png)

ID: b83dc  No.14421

File: 1590156261940.jpg (113.45 KB, 900x990, EYlmUCRWkAYZz47.jpg)

ID: b83dc  No.14429

File: 1590251400648.gif (365.38 KB, 560x513, 1590242297.chalodillo_sara….gif)

better quality

ID: b83dc  No.14430

File: 1590251426691.jpg (100.74 KB, 1125x770, 1590241827.chalodillo_naer….jpg)

ID: a8494  No.14445

File: 1590292010282.png (302.4 KB, 540x1620, ec5e003ba5aeaf7402408708d0….png)

ID: b83dc  No.14461

File: 1590377236790.jpg (725.48 KB, 800x1487, KH_096.jpg)

ID: dbdf0  No.14462

Okay, what the fuck is Joy getting so enraged about? Like, aside from the stale tsundere "We're totally not going to fuck before this comic is halfway done" shit?

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