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File: 1608826814767.png (3.06 MB, 1742x1373, 0e099ecdc4256fae920f7902d6….png)

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File: 1609347991946.gif (2.69 MB, 2500x1800, valcutekick (1).gif)

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File: 1609359589372.png (4.44 MB, 2000x3024, Page300 (1).png)

Page 300

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File: 1609389947294.png (278.9 KB, 900x950, 1609386557084.png)

/trash/ drawthread request.

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File: 1609389963160.png (213.15 KB, 900x950, 1609324117108.png)

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File: 1609495139399.png (413.71 KB, 1182x1244, unknown (1).png)

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File: 1609861508080.png (1.58 MB, 2035x3000, rosalynlingere.png)

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File: 1609861534721.png (2.37 MB, 4223x4017, 2020.297.png)

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File: 1610319760303.jpg (257.04 KB, 1280x1107, 1609881667.skidd_9eb388a7d….jpg)

ID: 64541  No.15598

File: 1610319963849.png (180.81 KB, 863x781, 18a1d87730459ed3565e6c4fc8….png)

ID: c5b6f  No.15606

File: 1610553693537.png (6.41 MB, 1920x2903, Page301.png)

ID: 180b7  No.15611

There's like a dozen plots happening at once.

ID: c184d  No.15612

Yea unfortunately that is the problem with UQ, they kinda went all over the place and for a comic that uploads mostly 1 time every week this is a BIG issue.

A story like UQ should be done in light novel format and not as a comic unless you can pump 30 pages a month to keep the reader invested in the story that is this big.

I know the authors are known for just telling anyone that does not agree this is the greatest thing evaaa! as trolls, but I honestly loved UQ when it started it was a parody to videogame tropes it was not to be taken too serious and the characters where well design and diverse to keep your eye in the story.

Unfortunately at some point the creators decided to make it more "real" and focus more on "woke" issues so much the main cast got thrown into a secondary scene for several months even. Not that it was not a good read and all but how much was this needed at this point to make the main story move foward. its been years of UQ and people still feel like they just started the adventure sure we now know more about the world and their political stand on key factors but could this not be done in just a few words and not spend MONTHS explaining every single detail? This feels like they invested so much into something that can only be shown in 4 pages a month…

Personally I would say that by now UQ is just limping to a slow death… sure they will always have their hardcore fanbase like any comic does but in terms of making it something memorable that ship sailed years ago.

ID: c5b6f  No.15613


Sounds like your brain can't keep up, maybe it's too advanced for you?

ID: f0053  No.15614


Go back to twitter, Phuufy.

ID: 1e8ce  No.15615

If a false sheperd lays a hundred paths to find the ideal one, only the most blind and faithful will follow.

Go blindly into that good night, sheep.

ID: 180b7  No.15616

Since I manage a comic myself, I'm aware of how a story should progress in relation to its release schedule. You are right that it would need to pump out more pages for everything that's going on.

This should be like most other comics about a party of adventurers. You have the group together as fast as possible and stick with them 90% of the time. Other times you have a page here and there for other characters like villains or a side character doing something and then it's back to the party. But this group isn't even fully composed and then they split apart and then there's other characters with their own story and then there's the antagonists and everyone has their own issues and it may be months before you get anymore from them.

And I'm not criticizing just for the sake of it, it is hard to see an interesting comic squander its talent and potential. But I keep hearing negative stuff about the creators and those Discord screenshots are pretty damning as well. But despite all of that I hope they figure things out and find more success. And if they don't then it's obvious why.

ID: c6f77  No.15621

Personally, I also wish this comic would pick a tone and stick with it. Much like Las Lindas, I often wonder if they even know who they want their audience to be.

ID: 2c340  No.15626

File: 1610903360339.jpg (2.36 MB, 1500x1540, SkiddPhuufy.jpg)


Phuufy in particular has been shown to lurk 4chan and any other image board besides this and she does the same thing she always does when it comes to criticism. However from what this was shown in a thread there's a fuckton wrong with them both.

ID: c6f77  No.15630

To be fair, on the depressive episodes part of all that, a big part of depression is that it strikes when it wants to. It's an involuntary neurological disorder, that's kinda what they do.

ID: 07c05  No.15631


It does appear to be a low blow, it's likely having to do with the amount of times either of the two tend to vent on their server about people without necessarily explaining anything when asked. Usually it being "fuck people" and leaving it at that. I'm not suggesting that anon's claiming they're doing it for attention entirely but with how things are on the internet there is that slight possibility.

ID: 07c05  No.15632


Whats funny is they've been piling on more shit since late 2019 and it hasn't gotten any better, and for some reason if questioned on it Phuufy in particular will get angry and respond in a manner like "how dare you ask me!". Mind you this is even if you asked this out of mere concern based on a screenshot I saw in a thread months ago.

ID: 8804c  No.15633

File: 1611081773927.png (1.03 MB, 1522x1600, rauwernerargonian.png)

ID: 8804c  No.15634

File: 1611081798748.png (1.03 MB, 1522x1600, rauwernerargonian2.png)

ID: c6f77  No.15635

And then she wonders why people like Chalo and Tom Fischbach so much more than her.

ID: 07c05  No.15636

File: 1611120498059.png (172.03 KB, 1387x1047, Phuufy3.png)


Speaking of which unless it was an elaborate troll she was caught throwing a shit fit at an anon on another board.

ID: 66ea5  No.15638

That's too dumb not to be a troll. Especially considering how open she is in supporting/liking lgbtq stuff. Not meaning to white knight here, but there has been a cooky angry stalker on her lately here and on u18, is kinda creepy

ID: 355bc  No.15640

This is just…so sad. I've been following their webcomic since it started, and now after seeing how things have been lately, watching the posts on the Discord, and seeing the attitude and talking with others, I'm just not feeling it as much. It's a real shame, but..yeah. Hope things get better for them, but taking out their rage in this way is…not a good look for them. :T

ID: 6f0a8  No.15641

Well the mods deleted the ranting posts and they dont do that unless the creator of the comic contacts them. Or so I recall hearing. Anyway a troll or not this is stupid I agree

ID: 07c05  No.15642

File: 1611169449762.png (65.81 KB, 1314x695, madonfa.PNG)


Looking in the thread there someone linked where the two images of Sesame getting fucked is and they both got pissed over it. I don't want to believe this either but with how close that is to what was shown >>15636 I have to guess that really was her.

ID: 8804c  No.15643

Ironically, those pics were my Patreon reward I chose from another artist (I won't name them to keep from dragging them into this mess) because I like Sesame and the other Ubercast characters.

ID: 8804c  No.15644

"Used without permission"?! Since when was that even up for grabs with all the other edits and such floating around /trash and other various forums? Please, you gotta be kidding me… =w=;

ID: 8804c  No.15645

Also, so much for keeping the artist out of this… great. Attacking their fanbase for fanart of their OC's is kind of counter-intuitive, one would think.

ID: 07c05  No.15647


The other thread already mentioned his name and linked the submission page so it was already screwed from the get go.

ID: c5b6f  No.15648


Obvious troll is obvious. Also, there is no takedown. Just saying it's their OC and it was used without permission, which is the truth.

ID: 07c05  No.15649


>There is no take down

Yet the posts in >>15636 were taken down as all previous bitch posts were made in that thread before.

ID: 4e4b6  No.15651

Ok so first yes they deleted posts and again that only happens if the author of said character complains to the admins.

And second NOW its "illegal" to get fan arts of said characters. Jesus they are on a roll to kill their comic arent they?

Oh well their funeral.

ID: c6f77  No.15653

Oh, but they sure didn't mind all the Kibbles cult stuff, eh? What, was Sesame shown fucking the "wrong" character or something and they couldn't stand seeing someone not getting the same shit drawn over and over?

>Ok so first yes they deleted posts and again that only happens if the author of said character complains to the admins.

No, it's usually just because people don't want that kind of extended drama with little to no pics being posted in the /fur/ threads, especially in that thread.

ID: 07c05  No.15654


Skidd and Phuufy just had your commission image removed completely.


They're very hostile when it comes to any original characters outside of their series being shipped with theirs.

ID: c6f77  No.15655

Aaand one more for the list of reasons why people like Chalo better that seem to elude Phuufy…

Actually, that just raises the question then, where was this outrage of theirs with all the aforementioned Kibbles stuff?

ID: 64aaf  No.15656


Well I remember when UQ started that skidd said that he would not draw porn of UQ characters with OC but you could ask other artist for it. Guess his rules changed. Well its their characters but I think this was a very bad PR move on them we shall see with time.

ID: 1e8ce  No.15657


Seems so. Looks like Skidd and Phuufy managed to get the submission taken down.

And people wonder why I don't just commission them to make stuff like >>15543
Because. It's. Impossible.

ID: 07c05  No.15658


I'm sure you can, you just have to hide yourself upon request. Eventually the two are gonna run into an artist that wont bend the knee to them and eventually their own fan base will pick up on them pulling this kind of shit.

ID: c6f77  No.15661

It's funny, they want people to stop making stuff that's "out of character", but it's hard to fucking determine what's IN character when so much of the porn they themselves constantly make is stuff involving characters who aren't together in the comic spouting off stock interchangeable porn script excerpts or just dialogue trying way too hard to convince us of what a perfect idea the pairing is, and then Phuufy goes in hard on the defense if anyone doesn't like it.

Meanwhile, not only do people like Tom, Godai and Chalo not really care what you or other artists draw their comics' characters doing, Chalo in particular will gladly draw your OC fucking whatever Las Lindas character you please as long as you're lucky enough to commission it.

ID: 64aaf  No.15662

funny thing is I remember Skidd doing Two Kinds porn wonder if he got Authorization for that…


ID: 07c05  No.15663

File: 1611211416549.jpeg (240.67 KB, 2048x1299, EsN0xnXXAAEBWVg.jpeg)

>Bully an artist to remove a submission
>"Oh by the way guys here's some gay stuff! UwU"

ID: 07c05  No.15667

Nearly a year since the last animatic and all we're getting is a Valmont version of Billie Bust Up.

ID: fddac  No.15668

That new animatic they made is just so much cringe it hurts. WTF are they doing? It looks like they just want to burn the comic to the ground.

ID: 07c05  No.15669


As it was mentioned in >>15626 it's almost like the biggest reason they started doing animatics was specifically because they saw how Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss did and it made em jealous as fuck. The two have even expressed distaste toward em ranging from how they hate the characters and designs that there was also a period in the server where they would outright delete any reference to either the two pilots. In other words any sort of quote would get taken down and I think they'd ask people to not talk about it either.

As the image even points out, they've only made two animatics so far, and their newest one took nearly a fucking year. I really don't understand how their fans or even their voice crew can put up with this but I know I've seen artists churn out this kind of stuff much faster than they have.

ID: fddac  No.15672


That's all kinds of hilarious seeing how little traction they get. Their new animatic has a pathetic number of likes and just two comments.

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