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File: 1599693971368.jpg (870.2 KB, 800x1613, LL_0621.jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15108[Last 50 Posts]

ID: 60e34  No.15109


That's literally been one of the primary focuses of like three damn years' worth of pages, are we supposed to be surprised?

And…why are they acting so scared right from the moment she walks in?

ID: 877c6  No.15116

*slow clap*

ID: 12c86  No.15140

File: 1600143865858.jpg (285.57 KB, 800x875, 3278948_FurryDakimakura_fd….jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15146

File: 1600172100524.jpg (813.01 KB, 800x1385, KH0100.jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15148

File: 1600200773285.jpg (672.95 KB, 800x1224, 1600188357.chalodillo_askt….jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15153

File: 1600344086080.jpeg (635.38 KB, 900x900, EiFQkvAXsAAavaI.jpeg)

ID: 60e34  No.15156

Seriously though, is anyone in this comic allowed to have tits that aren't huge anymore? Now even JOY is inexplicably on her way there.

ID: 4f4f4  No.15157


Chalo's grasp on anatomy is all kinds of terrible nowadays

ID: 692eb  No.15183

File: 1601074330448.jpg (629.48 KB, 765x900, EiycCq-WkAEQmZ_.jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15184

File: 1601084526219.jpg (833.87 KB, 800x1613, LL_0622.jpg)

ID: 60e34  No.15185

File: 1601103151361.png (1002.78 KB, 800x1224, 20120623154342-db75b215.png)

Y'know, Hope and Joy together serve as such a perfect example of how much better Chalo's art looked a decade ago than it does now. Remember when his characters didn't look like goofy, super-exaggerated, cartoony-balloony garbage, and when girls drawn by him were allowed to have a cup size smaller than double-D? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

ID: 60e34  No.15186

File: 1601103321401.png (1001.48 KB, 743x1137, 20120623154338-97a53910.png)

And to complete the comparison, here's Hope circa 2011 to compare to what she's been "improved" into. And hell, that's before getting into the personality transplants a good chunk of the characters have received, Hope again being a great example of that.

ID: 38517  No.15187

File: 1601129804649.png (830.85 KB, 1224x800, b259472fa6b8afe929a125ba16….png)

Chalo's art peaked around 2010-2013, this is true

ID: 60e34  No.15196

Goddamn, it's incredible how much better Cocoa looks there, she looks downright beautiful. Pretty much everyone looked actually beautiful then. And this is a nice reminder of the type of character she used to be too.

Fuck, do I ever miss that era of Chalo's artwork. I'd actually even go as far as saying the peak started around 2008. His work still had some issues sometimes and his perspective shots have just never been good, but I'd take the occasional bit of wonkiness over what we get now anyday. At least back then he was capable of keeping the characters on-model in most shots. Honestly, I think the only character who's actually benefitted at all from Chalo's recent artstyle shift and character redesigns has been Alejandra, everyone else is just starting to look like either a parody of themselves, a palette swap of another character, or both (and that's before even getting into the special case of Naerie literally just becoming more and more of an Ambar clone with every pic).

ID: 38517  No.15197

File: 1601149238150.png (1.24 MB, 716x1268, g.png)

>And this is a nice reminder of the type of character she used to be too.
I remember forcing her popularity around that time because she was my favorite character. Pushed people to vote for her in this popularity contest, requested a lot of edits on u18chan (she even got nicknamed "queen of /fur/" ) all so that chalo and Soulkat would notice and give her a better role.

And it worked! Dungeons and dames got added to the current timeline with Cocoa getting asks and all…
But they turned the lovable shy dork who only gets confident in virtual worlds into a gross, loud and brash pervert.
Her fatness used to be cute but now she reminds me too much of real life obnoxious people with her body type.

Nobody gives a shit about Cocoa now and DnD has been cancelled but that's expected when you change most of what people liked about a characted.

ID: 60e34  No.15201

She's not even really that big anymore outside of her curves, which just further makes her look like everyone else. And to make everything even worse, after backlash came in, they expected us to believe that these changes were planned for over two years before the popularity poll even happened, just like we were expected to believe Tila was always Toby's mother, or Mora's dad was always planned to be a demon and her heritage made her feared and hated throughout her life, or any of the other "planned all along" bullshit they've wanted us to eat up.

And goddammit, I'd almost forgotten about the cringetastic "Once you go bunny, you never go back" line they kept trying to push. What, are they trying to say rabbit Primes are the equivalent of black people? But that can't be it, because SK himself once rather rudely shot down the idea that Taffy could be black if she were human, so they more likely just grabbed a well-known quote and modified one word without thinking about how dumb they made it sound.

Come to think of it, how come whenever it's convenient, they like to pretend no Prime can be truly happy with anyone but another Prime of the same species, but then things like this and more than one main-cast couple are free to contradict that? Guess the whole "Primes are only ever good matches for Primes of the same animal type" thing only applies when it's time to justify Rachael being with Miles or something, huh? Hell, we were even told once that different-species Primes having babies together is super rare, to the point of saying it was no less than a miracle that Kayin and Grace reproduced twice, but they seem determined to eventually pack Taffy full of a whole litter of Randal's kids.

ID: 52cbc  No.15202

ID: 60e34  No.15204

"Criticism bad, insert SpongeBob clip."

ID: 52cbc  No.15205

Dude, Doug Walker has a better understanding of criticism then you.

ID: 60e34  No.15206

No, more like there seems to be an ongoing theme of you immediately getting angry when people criticize anything related to this comic. You're like the equivalent of that person in the UQ threads who's probably Phuufy and leaps at the throats of anyone who dares whisper one negative word about UQ, it's fucking ridiculous.

ID: 595c7  No.15208

File: 1601185311370.png (35.03 KB, 719x545, depressingcomic3.png)

It used to be funny, you know?

I'd pop into this forum every time Chalo posted new stuff and watch the shitstorm that unfolded while you guys found reasons to complain and argue with each other over every little fucking thing.

And then one day? It just wasn't funny anymore. It was sad.

I said it before and I'll say it again. I wish I'd never heard of Las Lindas.

Isn't it about time you people grew up and got over yourselves?

Don't you have anything better to do?

ID: 52cbc  No.15210

Angry? I'm not the one who wasted over a decade of his life bitching about a dumb titty comic.

ID: d739f  No.15211

I might be a bit new to this stuff, but I'm gonna assume Chalo and Soulkat aren't the best when it comes to writing characters, correct?

ID: 692eb  No.15212

File: 1601227033098.jpg (265.6 KB, 638x900, EifEsq0X0AEmdWe.jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15213

File: 1601227048703.jpg (133.28 KB, 765x990, EiaW8jCWoAAMWRE.jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15214

File: 1601227071305.jpg (342.49 KB, 800x1042, 1600188016.chalodillo_askt….jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15215

File: 1601227093362.jpg (327.59 KB, 800x1042, 1600188191.chalodillo_askt….jpg)

ID: 60e34  No.15216

Pretty much.

Honestly, especially with that whole thing about Digit supposedly being a reflection of Mora's soul and whatnot, I'm AMAZED that Chalo restrained himself so hard with Digit's tit size there.

ID: 1129c  No.15217

Look, I’m just saying, maybe it’s time to ban the Las Lindas comic from here like you guys did for Naylor comics way back when. These threads are basically just an endless cycle of bitching and bitching about the bitching.

ID: 52cbc  No.15221


ID: 692eb  No.15222

File: 1601254608193.jpg (605.23 KB, 900x1080, Ei87qkGX0AAzBCj.jpg)

ID: b4967  No.15223

The only problem with that is that this board is barely active as is. Banning LL, for all the drama that happens in these threads, is about a third or even half of the activity here.

ID: 60e34  No.15224

Oh dear lord, Chalo, reign it in already…

ID: 692eb  No.15226

File: 1601347044049.jpg (512.1 KB, 800x1201, 1601344693.chalodillo_askt….jpg)

ID: ff2ee  No.15227

File: 1601369653297.jpg (413.29 KB, 638x900, EjDAo_bXcAAnDXt.jpg)

ID: ff2ee  No.15228

File: 1601369663091.jpg (482.78 KB, 638x900, EjDA1Z8XcAAbs3d.jpg)

ID: ff2ee  No.15229

File: 1601369671534.jpg (478.56 KB, 638x900, EjDA-MIWoAM27Zy.jpg)

ID: dee76  No.15230

Feral Geecku is terrifying. But I guess someone asked for her.
That bikini is barely holding on there….
Cocoa looks nice here. Haven't seen much of her lately. She needs more love.

ID: ff2ee  No.15231

Dem abs, doe'…

And yuss, more soft Panda is always nice. <3

ID: 692eb  No.15232

File: 1601435263133.jpg (456.58 KB, 591x1772, EjISfUxXYAAtr70.jpg)

ID: 01d5f  No.15233

ID: ea0ad  No.15235

Man, every single thread on this site is absolutely utterly completely toxic. A cess pool of the most disgusting and vile attitudes, full to the brim with entitlement.

There is nothing of value left in any discussion here what so ever. It's just sheer angst and putrid bile frothing from the mouths of anons.

It's just like, wow.. you guys take some fucking furry comics and side-porn way too goddamn seriously.

ID: ca172  No.15236

Be the change you want to see in the world!

ID: 60e34  No.15237

Huh, this actually feels almost like a return to her old character.

ID: ff2ee  No.15238

That's a good one, but you forgot about the part where we're all furry degenerates who need jesus or we'll burn for eternity… -_-;

ID: 3c96c  No.15250

File: 1601757243842.jpeg (1008.53 KB, 1820x1105, 80D67597-C1E9-4135-A7E3-0….jpeg)

ID: 3c96c  No.15251

File: 1601757361212.jpg (94.44 KB, 1125x770, 1590241827.chalodillo_naer….jpg)

ID: 3c96c  No.15252

File: 1601758830171.jpg (96.39 KB, 638x900, BunniesMax1_u18chan.jpg)

ID: 3c96c  No.15253

File: 1601758848117.jpg (106.66 KB, 638x975, BunniesMax3_u18chan.jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15259

File: 1601850658826.jpg (643.5 KB, 3198x4096, EjcAr7bX0AACytf.jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15260

File: 1601857134906.jpg (908.45 KB, 800x1613, LL_0623.jpg)

ID: 60e34  No.15263

Wow, I'm ever so shocked that Miles is still the same as ever.

ID: b4967  No.15264

File: 1601946145858.jpg (12.54 KB, 410x307, who else but.jpg)


ID: 52cbc  No.15265

You joke, but somehow Quagmire is more likable then Miles.

And Quagmire is a fucking rapist.

ID: 60e34  No.15266

Oh, give Miles time, I'm sure he'll sink that low someday.

ID: 3b492  No.15269

fookin' cet

ID: ff2ee  No.15270

File: 1602096827178.jpg (432.12 KB, 1972x2424, EjuRnVJWAAQveg_.jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15286

File: 1602483138369.jpg (814.8 KB, 800x1506, KH0101.jpg)

ID: ff2ee  No.15290

'bout time Joy showed that smug tart what for.

ID: 91706  No.15291

File: 1602560900051.jpg (148.99 KB, 638x975, 1602468103.chalodillo_mazi….jpg)

ID: 91706  No.15292

File: 1602560915488.jpg (141.99 KB, 975x638, 1602468203.chalodillo_lore….jpg)

ID: 91706  No.15293

File: 1602560951266.jpg (114.6 KB, 638x900, 1602468293.chalodillo_ichi….jpg)

ID: 91706  No.15294

File: 1602560963984.png (406.61 KB, 638x898, 1602469518.chalodillo_athp….png)

ID: 91706  No.15295

I kinda prefer the smug.

ID: 692eb  No.15297

File: 1602784828183.jpg (405.17 KB, 765x1260, EkYgNkaXsAABeuF.jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15317

File: 1603424179234.jpg (597.87 KB, 600x1209, LL_0624.jpg)

ID: 3a39f  No.15320

Is it over yet?

ID: 60e34  No.15321

…Is that it then? Is it over? Please let it be ending, this would at least make for a better finale than any of the crap people have theorized it could end up doing if it continues further.

ID: 7010c  No.15322

I’ve got a better idea! Instead of ending it why not throw in a totally out of place fight with a giant robot mech suit right here.

ID: 60e34  No.15323

Oh fuck, please don't tempt fate

ID: ff2ee  No.15324

Even better; PLOT TWIST!
Mora's been in a coma this whole time, and all that's happened is a dream brought on by her inability to cope with all of her past mistakes and transgressions, and this is her way of reconciling her dark, twisted past, if only in her own mind. Everyone on the 'farm' (her mind) represents each a piece of her guilt or past misdeeds, and by making peace with them all, she can now finally go to the great beyond, hence the tears. Next page is her on the hospital bed, a doctor just about to pull the plug when he sees the smile on her face, knowing she's finally at peace he goes for it, the flat tone of the heart monitor fading as the scene fades to black.

ID: ff2ee  No.15325

Shitposting ftw, btw.

ID: b4967  No.15326

The best ending is a full blown orgy with all the characters that last for several pages. Everyone fucks everyone else. All pairings are canon and they live happily ever after, working hard every day and having orgies every night.

ID: 636c3  No.15327

Inb4 the camera zooms out of the THE END on a random television in an executive board room.

"Well? What do you think?"

The other board members just stare at him.

ID: 692eb  No.15328

File: 1603582532680.jpg (501.33 KB, 800x1070, ElG2cxmWAAAwZ4_.jpg)

ID: 12c86  No.15329

File: 1603595880952.png (1.52 MB, 1181x3543, Alejandra_DakimakuraBackHD.png)

ID: 9b61a  No.15332

"Excellent! You're hired! …is what I would've said had there been an orgy."

ID: 692eb  No.15336

File: 1603765761506.jpg (151.29 KB, 765x1080, ElS1htrXYAEddNC.jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15337

File: 1603765773356.jpg (140.83 KB, 765x1080, ElTNuRQW0AANQeg.jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15338

File: 1603765797456.jpg (162.72 KB, 765x1080, ElTTxB2XUAAcTiG.jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15348

File: 1604280557428.jpg (912.47 KB, 800x1613, LL_0625.jpg)

ID: ff2ee  No.15349

ID: 692eb  No.15350

File: 1604303204146.jpg (390.64 KB, 800x1192, Elws0kCXYAA7EBS.jpg)

ID: ff2ee  No.15351

Her face is horrifying… 0_0;

ID: 692eb  No.15354

File: 1604431617126.jpeg (155.31 KB, 900x1035, El618qeXYAIJ1xB.jpeg)

ID: 692eb  No.15359

File: 1604517399084.jpg (537.86 KB, 656x844, 1604504501.chalodillo_coff….jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15360

File: 1604517430095.jpg (565.36 KB, 656x844, 1604504723.chalodillo_coff….jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15361

File: 1604517451951.jpg (213.69 KB, 656x844, 1604504914.chalodillo_ccsk….jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15362

File: 1604628530956.jpg (228.28 KB, 552x978, EmF9OalWMAIA6xX.jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15363

File: 1604628557979.jpg (129.23 KB, 630x1080, EmAd-gwW0AIjhco.jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15366

File: 1604793140529.jpg (749.58 KB, 800x1487, KH0102.jpg)

ID: dee76  No.15370

whoops, Joy tried to use her Clan Power, but she's still dealing with those injuries. Looks like that plan backfired. =x Also, gosh, she headbutted Hope hard enough to make her bleed! whoa…

ID: 3f38e  No.15373

Well that was predictable.

ID: ad2d3  No.15374

Please quit acting like this is exciting.

ID: 692eb  No.15375

File: 1604964708483.jpg (368.64 KB, 653x1260, EmaiARWXEAIXkaB.jpg)

ID: dee76  No.15376

Oh, but I am excited about the comic. I've been a fan since it first started in 2008. Let people enjoy things, sheesh.

ID: 7010c  No.15377


Thanks for the narration David Attenborough, now I can skip reading the comic.

ID: 0db8e  No.15379

By the way y'all, I've written a few Las Lindas fanfics. Chalo said he liked 'em. I can link you if you want, they're all on FA.

ID: dee76  No.15381

Hmm, seems interesting. I may want to have a look.

ID: 0db8e  No.15382

Cool, here’s my page: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/derpdoop/

Few of them on there, some better than others in my own opinion, but hope you get a kick out of them nonetheless.

ID: 44084  No.15386

File: 1605296515075.jpg (132.44 KB, 765x1080, 20201113_134144.jpg)

ID: ff2ee  No.15387

File: 1605361395331.png (345.4 KB, 656x844, f8aff2cfef8b9d9334b601c0d5….png)

ID: 12c86  No.15388

File: 1605366882790.png (1.27 MB, 1632x2112, 78_sugarandcream_78.png)

ID: ff2ee  No.15392

ID: 692eb  No.15393

File: 1605490576146.jpg (789.33 KB, 800x1613, LL_0626.jpg)

ID: 60e34  No.15394

I feel like I'm supposed to feel something right now, but I seem to have just gone fully numb.

ID: ec0bb  No.15395

I bet Chalo aged them up so he can have an excuse to lewd them.

ID: 60e34  No.15397

Oh, we KNOW that's why. He drew hypotheticals, gathered that people were hot for them, and saw his chance. It'd be kinda funny if it weren't so sad.

ID: b4967  No.15398

1000% the reason for it and I look forward to it.

ID: e1d11  No.15399

File: 1605620798594.jpg (118.04 KB, 765x990, 20201117_074544.jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15405

File: 1605751528945.jpg (516.37 KB, 765x990, EnJnAfEWEAA2SKn.jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15417

File: 1606320544867.jpg (821.4 KB, 800x1613, LL_0627.jpg)

ID: 60e34  No.15418

Okay, one, you could've shown us how they got there, two, what is this place and how was something that gigantic in the middle of the city never even remotely seen before?

ID: cee6c  No.15419


It was shown before in that bonus comic about the Spirits.

ID: 60e34  No.15421

What bonus comic about them? And the question still remains, how have we never seen this thing in the main comic before if it's so huge and prominent?

And more importantly, when did they get there? That was never shown.

ID: cee6c  No.15422


A long ago there was one bonus comic about the Spirits. Only one page was made because back then bonus comics were crowdfunded and nobody donated torwards that one.

The spire thing is where Spirits are born and live until they have an owner.

ID: 2b9e9  No.15426

>What bonus comic about them? And the question still remains, how have we never seen this thing in the main comic before if it's so huge and prominent?

Because this comic completely sucks with writing and only retards who follow every tiny detail can piece this terrible story together. When I first saw the pages I thought that Mora and Alej were transformed into these Digit spirits but that would be way too simple. Now we have to drag out two new characters in this wedding plot that's been dragging on for years.

If anyone wants to know how to avoid writing a shitty plot, this comic is it. Any advice Soulkat, Chalo or Idfox gives as far as writing is a death knell.
If anyone is still reading this for the plot you should probably get your head checked since you most likely have some sort of brain damage.

ID: 60e34  No.15427

Honestly, with how many far more prominent plot and character details have been forgotten and retconned over the years because they can't keep track of their own lore and make the story up as they go, I'm amazed that it's something like THIS that gets remembered and suddenly pulled out like "Hey, yeah, remember this? This thing you've never seen in the main comic and have no reason to remember? No? Well too bad, we're suddenly cutting to this now."

ID: 120ba  No.15428


For the spectacle of it all. The crests and spirit-things are just there because I assume they think they are cool. They don't put much effort in explaining anything.

ID: 692eb  No.15441

File: 1606861573549.jpg (142.81 KB, 765x900, EoHsXiKXYAEDueq.jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15442

File: 1606889587421.jpg (761.18 KB, 800x1487, KH0103.jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15443

File: 1606910124084.jpeg (192.98 KB, 1548x1306, EoNetU-WEAE-3lS.jpeg)

ID: 692eb  No.15453

File: 1607140784605.jpeg (692.76 KB, 900x1271, EocDITgWMAMOiAV.jpeg)

ID: 7986c  No.15463

I'm not gonna lie. I'd love to see more Geecku butt stuff.

ID: 692eb  No.15468

File: 1607375733222.jpeg (723.81 KB, 591x1772, EoqXrzCXEAQnVrz.jpeg)

ID: 692eb  No.15469

File: 1607376138406.jpeg (340.68 KB, 765x990, EoqXbZpW4AEljoz.jpeg)

ID: 692eb  No.15470

File: 1607376579537.jpg (428.47 KB, 800x1224, 1607370602.chalodillo_askt….jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15471

File: 1607376602365.jpg (400.84 KB, 900x1165, 1607370921.chalodillo_askt….jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15472

File: 1607376629455.jpg (233.96 KB, 837x1280, 1607370762.chalodillo_askt….jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15473

File: 1607399040110.jpg (660.71 KB, 765x996, EorDbcDXYAEBQss.jpg)

ID: 60e34  No.15475

What the hell, is his dick on sideways?

ID: ff2ee  No.15476

Reminds me of Bill Clinton, when you put it like that…

ID: ff2ee  No.15479

File: 1607620674970.jpg (202.14 KB, 426x1280, 1607372031.chalodillo_geec….jpg)

ID: ceaba  No.15499

File: 1608356882898.jpg (886.6 KB, 765x900, 1608080420.chalodillo_novs….jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15502

File: 1608443588509.jpg (1011.77 KB, 800x1613, LL_0628.jpg)

ID: 60e34  No.15504

Okay, so ignoring how many retcons are on this one page alone, let's be real, how much do we want to bet this new shortstack spirit here really just exists to give Chalo an excuse to draw yet more porn?

ID: 120ba  No.15505


Kill the small ones with fire, jezus christ.

ID: 60e34  No.15513

Oh, give it a few months, I'm sure Chalo will suddenly make them look 20 years older because it was prompted by a fan wanting to see how fuckable they'll be someday.

ID: 692eb  No.15518

File: 1608637051438.jpeg (572.17 KB, 900x1202, EpyXq2cXYAErKZa.jpeg)

ID: 692eb  No.15522

File: 1608804959327.jpg (659.03 KB, 800x1184, 1608768166.t-kay_christmas….jpg)

ID: 955a4  No.15523

I like the way her nose looks (among other things), I'd say it's better than what Chalo draws on his bovine characters.

ID: 0ea16  No.15524

File: 1608825274799.jpg (650.65 KB, 765x900, Ep4rIYyW4AEirhl.jpg)


At least Chalo is willing to do porn. T-Kay and his duplicate TheFunkyOne can't even bring themselves to draw a single female nipple let alone depict for 11 years and fucking counting.

So put it with the rest of the DeviantArt fodder, in the trash.

ID: 60e34  No.15525

Honestly, yeah, her face there looks a lot better.

Are you seriously calling it trash just because there's no nipples showing and she's not getting fucked?

ID: 120ba  No.15531


Did he seriously forget how boobs or physics work?
You had ONE job.

ID: 1b472  No.15547

File: 1609478413217.jpg (647.72 KB, 765x900, 1608762967.chalodillo_decs….jpg)

ID: 1b472  No.15548

File: 1609478435404.jpg (720.63 KB, 765x900, 1608763117.chalodillo_decs….jpg)

ID: 1b472  No.15549

File: 1609478456285.jpg (658.97 KB, 765x900, 1608763226.chalodillo_decs….jpg)

ID: 1b472  No.15550

File: 1609478470490.jpg (674.84 KB, 765x900, 1608763504.chalodillo_decs….jpg)

ID: 1b472  No.15551

File: 1609478495956.jpg (1.22 MB, 1020x1200, 1608763654.chalodillo_decs….jpg)

ID: 1b472  No.15552

File: 1609478518730.jpg (204.45 KB, 989x1280, 1609259619.chalodillo_leaf.jpg)

ID: 1b472  No.15553

File: 1609478533821.jpg (159.65 KB, 1280x907, 1609259996.chalodillo_evat….jpg)

ID: ff2ee  No.15556

File: 1609521416394.jpg (581.81 KB, 2594x3322, EqSyByOXIAAUGoF.jpg)

ID: 7aef2  No.15559

File: 1609550772422.png (7.59 MB, 5760x3240, LL girls.png)

ID: 692eb  No.15560

File: 1609552237707.jpg (212.5 KB, 837x1280, 1608933594.terrifictwenty_….jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15561

File: 1609588875003.jpeg (461.63 KB, 800x1224, Eqs8VybXcAANmix.jpeg)

ID: 692eb  No.15562

File: 1609588991837.jpeg (1.3 MB, 738x2215, EqsEYRFWMAA7gkE.jpeg)

ID: 9b61a  No.15563

This pic was already posted.

ID: 9b61a  No.15564

Wait this one's a higher res. Disregard my last post.

ID: ff2ee  No.15569

Found my new desktop wallpaper.

ID: 692eb  No.15589

File: 1610247325111.jpg (907 KB, 800x1613, LL_0629.jpg)

ID: 60e34  No.15590

Boy, that entire middle panel sure does seem like a whole lot of making this up as they go.

ID: 120ba  No.15591

File: 1610258639782.png (471.56 KB, 680x384, cd3.png)

ID: 912f7  No.15592

File: 1610265359305.jpg (879.64 KB, 765x900, b701271910893631c20fd05423….jpg)

ID: 912f7  No.15593

File: 1610265411066.jpg (780.86 KB, 765x900, d150d6601066e6fe8fb11491a8….jpg)

ID: 912f7  No.15594

File: 1610265496643.jpg (770.9 KB, 765x900, f95787322041d892edfbbe2aa9….jpg)

ID: 912f7  No.15595

File: 1610265514195.jpg (754.63 KB, 765x900, c69da743727f9f7480e3509e4a….jpg)

ID: 60e34  No.15596

Wait a fucking minute…

He CAN draw cow noses? And he does it well?

Why the HELL doesn't he do that with the Las Lindas cows? It would actually make them look better!

ID: 692eb  No.15604

File: 1610496621326.jpeg (153.89 KB, 1020x1440, ErkUXezXYAcXJ6t.jpeg)

ID: 692eb  No.15605

File: 1610496639661.jpeg (163.88 KB, 1020x1440, ErkUXezW4AAT4v8.jpeg)

ID: 5f4d6  No.15610

File: 1610586153333.jpg (224.86 KB, 989x1280, 1610556519.chalodillo_msam….jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15617

File: 1610676356350.jpg (792.87 KB, 800x1487, KH0104.jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15629

File: 1610918159409.jpeg (668.29 KB, 765x949, Er9Z2fqXUAAgrXH.jpeg)

ID: 8e590  No.15670

File: 1611354775741.jpg (1014.64 KB, 800x1613, LL_0630.jpg)

ID: 60e34  No.15671

Okay, I swear Phi's tits got bigger between pages JUST to draw pointless attention to them in that reaction shot.

ID: 692eb  No.15673

File: 1611456716517.jpeg (512.68 KB, 900x1376, EsdGTI4XMAIhF0N.jpeg)

ID: 60e34  No.15674

I find it difficult to believe that the entire house wouldn't hear and FEEL that, with how obnoxious their sex scenes have gotten.

ID: 692eb  No.15686

File: 1612038343616.jpg (906.51 KB, 800x1613, LL_0631.jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15692

File: 1612072728715.jpeg (953.62 KB, 900x1376, EtBnoGZW4AEvT4d.jpeg)

ID: 4a9a6  No.15696

Uh, who is she?

ID: af0e3  No.15697

KH character, you know the story that no one cares for because the story is slow as UQ and no fanservice.

ID: 90462  No.15700

File: 1612190755655.jpg (721.68 KB, 800x1524, KH0061.jpg)

Violet is the deer, and Xing is the hyena. Both of them are members of the 'cell' (group of Knights), that work under Grace.

ID: ff2ee  No.15701

I mean when was Violet ever shown or mentioned before that patreon ask thing?

ID: 7aef2  No.15702


they…. they LITERALLY posted an image showing her and mentioning a name before that patreon ask blog question….

ID: 8f3a1  No.15703

Nothing prior to that though?

ID: 692eb  No.15704

File: 1612240496758.jpeg (119.24 KB, 765x900, EtMIrp-XAAALwlB.jpeg)

ID: 692eb  No.15705

File: 1612240514858.jpeg (122.1 KB, 765x900, EtMIrp_XYAAALPE.jpeg)

ID: 692eb  No.15706

File: 1612240531771.jpeg (110.77 KB, 765x900, EtMIrp_XIAA1Myr.jpeg)

ID: 90462  No.15708

They only were shown in the one comic page before the AtHP post. Other than that, no other images of them have been seen. I think they were characters created specifically for Knighthood, far as I'm aware.

ID: ff2ee  No.15709

Then why are we supposed to act like she's a pre-established character? The interactions between them all make it seem like she's been here all along, maybe in the context of their world she has, but to the audience it's like someone having an OC in a fanfic that knows the main character right from the get go, why and how?

ID: 60e34  No.15711

…Wasn't it just that Digit considered Sun'Ji her sister because none of them are actual biological beings nor related? Now Mora's so special that she's linked to the literal sister of Ambar's spirit? Seriously, how the fuck do these things work at this point? How old is Digit supposed to be? Does Digit need to eat, breathe, etc.? Do these things reproduce sexually? Did I even need to ask that last question, since this is Las Lindas we're talking about, there's exactly one reason Digit and Phi got this sudden age-up and redesign, and we now have confirmation that these things are indeed made to have nipples and genitals?

ID: ff2ee  No.15720

File: 1612467313575.jpg (141.73 KB, 427x1280, 1612459125.chalodillo_sunn….jpg)


ID: 692eb  No.15756

File: 1612823658162.jpeg (395.6 KB, 900x1412, Etu2bGuXYAUdexD.jpeg)

ID: ff2ee  No.15757

Ngl, I like her figure. <3

ID: 60e34  No.15760

Wow, he almost made a woman with a different body than he usually draws, until we got to her thighs that just look odd attached to the rest of her. Even her hips don't actually match them, which is a problem I'm noticing a lot lately in Chalo's art.

Protip for artists in general, you can't have these big thicc-ass thighs AND a thigh gap wide enough to see asscheeks, it makes the character look like she has a disproportionately small ass and legs that attach to the outsides of her hips.

ID: 692eb  No.15765

File: 1612980222317.jpeg (367.93 KB, 1413x2048, Et0HHm-VEAAcsoY.jpeg)

ID: 92a60  No.15769

So can you show me your web omic and works oh great knows it all of arts? I mean if you should shiw some examples of your work… or are you just talking out of your ass?

ID: 692eb  No.15772

File: 1613346569809.jpg (786.9 KB, 800x1613, LL_0632.jpg)

ID: 60e34  No.15774

"Let's see you do better" is not and never will be a valid counterargument. If that were the case, no one could ever criticize bad movies, games, print comics, etc. without being industry masters themselves. I don't need to be motherfucking Gordon Ramsay to know when the food's not good. All you need in this case is working eyes and a realistic understanding of how bodies actually work.

So is anyone genuinely invested in all this unfittingly dead-serious world-ending catastrophe and fated godly hero nonsense? Like, at all?

ID: 92a60  No.15775


"Protip for artists in general, you can't have these big thicc-ass thighs AND a thigh gap wide enough to see asscheeks, it makes the character look like she has a disproportionately small ass and legs that attach to the outsides of her hips."

if you had said oh I dont like it that is fine but no you are not saying you don't like it you are giving tips, so show us your shit or kindly don't give tips on stuff you have no grounds and experience to say so.

ID: bc231  No.15776

To be fair the thick thighs and thigh gap thing does look kinda off.

ID: 92a60  No.15777

That is fine you have a right to not like how it looks. but to act like this is wrong and you should hear my points on why… you better have some background to support it or else you look like a retard who pulls his head out of his ass faster than a magician pulls a rabbit out of his hat

ID: 60e34  No.15779

Cool story, "Let's see you do better" still isn't a valid counterargument. How about you provide evidence that my statement is wrong? And no, furry porn and anime screencaps don't count as evidence.

And here, you're addressing an entirely different person. You also seem to think NOT having one's head up their ass is the same as having it up there.

ID: 92a60  No.15780


1) again who the fuck is asking you to do better just show me you do arts or are you scared that you cant draw shit and just taking out of our ass?

2) well guess its a pull your head out of your ass convention but I am pretty sure you have all the tickets by now

ID: 60e34  No.15783

And I'm telling you to explain why someone needs to prove themselves some great artist in order to know when something looks objectively fucking wrong on a "this is not how bodies work" level. Again, if someone criticizes elements of a movie, do you demand they show you their own work to validate their statements? Admit it, you're only this mad because it's Chalo being criticized.

ID: 92a60  No.15784

you don't need to be better than chalo but at least I would expect some sort of art experience for you to be giving art advice. but you have proven you are just another retard that just talks out of his ass.

No as for liking chalos art. Ill be honest I am not very fond of his new style, His girls are getting to muscular for my own taste and I dislike the way he does the nips and the lips.

But that is what I like I have no right to say what is good or bad or give an artist tips on how to fix something because I am no artist so I have no right to say it is wrong and should be changed.

If you do not like it just do not watch his art unless you have real credentials and can offer real art advice…

or be you I dunno

ID: 60e34  No.15786

Again, you don't need "credentials" to critique a work and know how something should generally fucking look. You do not need to be a creator of the thing you're criticizing to be allowed to criticize it or offer advice on how it could've been done better. No one needs to prove jack shit to you about themselves for criticism you don't like seeing to still be valid. And yes, her leg and hip structure in that picture is objectively wrong on an anatomical level. The way Chalo drew her legs makes them look like they are connected to her hips wrong, all because he wanted to go for two clashing kinds of thigh fanservice at once.

ID: 9b61a  No.15789

Exactly. I don't see how this is so hard for some folks to understand?

ID: 73ac0  No.15790


If you had to some kind of comic pro to critique comics, then the Bad Webcomics Wiki would be in all kinds of trouble…

ID: 692eb  No.15791

File: 1613601299324.jpg (952.74 KB, 800x1487, KH0105.jpg)

ID: b916d  No.15792

The whole critique argument is pointless. Chalo draws some crazy anatomy, but he has a public that likes and supports that. His patreon is proof of that. There is no reason for him to change that. In fact, suddenly going to "realistic" proportions just because would be incredibly stupid, as his fanbase wouldn't like that.

ID: 9b61a  No.15793

File: 1613620193899.jpg (1.08 MB, 893x1050, 1613416233.chalodillo_febs….jpg)

ID: 9b61a  No.15794

File: 1613620209654.jpg (1.25 MB, 893x1050, 1613416362.chalodillo_febs….jpg)

ID: 9b61a  No.15795

File: 1613620240512.jpg (1.07 MB, 893x1050, 1613416474.chalodillo_febs….jpg)

ID: 9b61a  No.15796

File: 1613620263442.jpg (1009.16 KB, 893x1050, 1613416560.chalodillo_febs….jpg)

ID: 595c7  No.15797

I'm just sick of every single argument about this comic basically boiling down to "No. Wrong. BAD. How DARE YOU enjoy something that I don't enjoy?"

You don't like it. We established that a long time ago. Now can you get over yourself and SHUT THE HELL UP?

ID: ef1b5  No.15799

New to the internet I see

ID: 60e34  No.15802

>Kate depicted in these ancient drawings when she wasn't even born until after Primes had come to Earth

Oh boy, THAT far into forgetting your own lore, Chalo? I mean, I know you already forgot Geecku was also born and raised on Earth, but wow.

Literally not what was even suggested, but sure, let's just ignore how every bit of criticism is met with "How dare you not love this, it's immune to critique, shut the fuck up and jerk off" or some shit.

So he shouldn't ever improve because there are people who have no problem at all with anything he makes and will kiss his ass and tell him even his wonkiest shit looks perfect? Lots of people liked how his art looked about a decade ago, maybe by your own logic, he should've just stuck with that, huh? You do realize too that he can draw a woman with her legs attached to her correctly without shifting to a fully realistic artstyle or whatever you're imagining is being said he should do, right?

Know what the real crazy thing is, actually? For years, Chalo has reblogged and retweeted all kinds of anatomy and perspective guides for artists, and then he never seems to make use of any of them himself.

ID: b4967  No.15803

As someone that's only here for the lewds and don't care about the story or the characters, I feel everyone nitpicking the comic and the ones defending it are equally obnoxious and quick to anger. Everyone needs to chill and stop getting angry over everything. But this fanbase only argues amongst itself and that will never change.

ID: 60e34  No.15807

"Nitpicking" would be complaining about every insignificant detail that would normally be excusable or easily missed in a better work, what's done at this point can no longer be called anything but simply "calling out shamelessly, consistently bad writing and glaring art issues". It's like how people downplay the comic's in-your-face fanservice and outright porn with the much more restrained and tasteful-sounding "cheesecake", that's simply not what it is.

ID: b916d  No.15808


Again, if he makes a good living out of it, why would he change?

I rather have LL stay the same than go the route UberQuest did, with the horrendous fall in quality and that utterly idiotic push torwards "diversity"

ID: 60e34  No.15813

My dude, Las Lindas already took a hard fall in quality. It looks far worse now than it did ten years ago.

And no, being successful is not an excuse to never improve. Excuses like that are exactly why it looks the way it does now.

ID: b916d  No.15815


I hate to say it but that is enterely subjetive. Sure you might not like it, but on the other hand enough people like the art to pay Chalo a thousand bucks per page.

$4000 a month > anon criticism on a message board. If you can't see that, you are a fool.

ID: b916d  No.15817


And no. As bad as LL, rascals, TwoKinds or any other webcomic can be, nothing compares to how dismal UberQuest has become. It is outright depressing.

ID: 60e34  No.15822

File: 1613801059693.png (1.01 MB, 1235x700, 20120623154449-b2f996f0.png)

If you actually, honestly believe that, for example, this genuinely looks worse than the cartoonish, horribly proportioned, wildly inconsistent, exaggerated-as-fuck-but-please-take-my-dramatic-story-seriously-guys balloon animal stuff we get now, then I don't know what to tell you. I don't even want to imagine how this would look if he redrew it now.

And no, Las Lindas is still worse, it just has a better person drawing it. Then again, I guess that depends on what you consider worse, a comic that goes nowhere and took like seven years or so to suddenly turn to shit, or a comic that goes nowhere and has eaten up nearly two decades of the audience's lives as it gradually manages to repeatedly top itself in just how bad it can get.

ID: 52cbc  No.15823

File: 1613838370745.jpg (66.53 KB, 1280x720, I_dont_get_it-1.jpg)

You people have no idea what a truly bad webcomic is.

Try reading Sonichu or Consession before you talk about how a dumb tiddie comic is worse.

ID: 52cbc  No.15826

Defecting criticism? lol

I'm just saying it's dumb to say that this is the worst webcomic when way worse stuff is out there, low-hanging fruit or not.

ID: 60e34  No.15827

1. Guess what, many things can be bad on different levels.

2. No one compared it to Sonichu, but hey, if you want us to compare the two, let's remember that Sonichu was made by one incredibly unskilled person without a creative bone in his body, was terrible from the start and never had any chance whatsoever of being good. Gee, think maybe it stands out more and has more impact when a comic that was once pretty decent, written at various points by anywhere from to to FOUR people, goes on a years-long crazy downward spiral and actively gets worse before our eyes? If you just go around saying "At least it's not (insert low-hanging fruit here)!" about everything to limply deflect criticism, that's just a fucking sad and stupid way to go about things.

ID: 60e34  No.15828

No one here has said it's the worst webcomic that's ever been made.

Also, prime example here of why this site should introduce an edit function.

ID: b916d  No.15829


Again that is absolutely subjetive. To me, UberQuest is infinitely worst than any other webcomic I've read.

Personally I can't stand the proportions Chalo draws nowadays, but that doesn't matter since enough people like them to make Chalo a sucessful artist. Is the whole Steven Universe example. Lot of people think the art style is bad, but it was a successful enough series for it to not matter.

ID: 99f9b  No.15832

Ooc, exactly how bad has UberQuest gotten? Haven't read it in ages.

ID: 692eb  No.15842

File: 1614083786875.jpeg (368.99 KB, 3214x2170, Eu1jFwfWgAwi0L3.jpeg)

ID: 12c86  No.15843

File: 1614197524961.jpg (648.65 KB, 900x1342, AsktHP_NoLove4Mora.jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15844

File: 1614205828436.jpg (865.93 KB, 800x1613, LL_0633.jpg)

ID: 692eb  No.15854

File: 1614704777123.jpeg (1.1 MB, 738x2215, EvfRR6lXMAMphqq.jpeg)

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