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File: 1626826492187.png (1.59 MB, 4691x3118, KibbsOphelia.png)

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ID: 5da5e  No.16736

File: 1628204179571.jpg (26.71 KB, 654x142, seewhatimean.jpg)

ID: e145a  No.16741

File: 1628317163524.png (182.82 KB, 499x284, E6HaqXrXsAQ4_XY.png)

>The problem here is they are a married couple with two children, and they make like $1500 a month on Patreon, which is not great considering the living expenses of 4 people plus all the bills.

First of all, you don't know how much they make, that's just Patreon. Second, you don't know anything about their living expenses.

>they can give themselves luxuries like trips to Japan and Hawaii, top of the line gaming computers, toys and books and all the things geeks with too much money get.

Chalo and Tom make way more than them and get to have nice things, so what? They earned that and Phsuke and Skidd have not. If those two want more money and have those nice things too, then they need to work on attracting fans and not drive the fans they do have away.

ID: 3baac  No.16743


Kinda makes you wonder how many people the two have burned over the years, I did see something here about how Phuufy rage quit another server because of stupid shit pertaining to how no one was calling Valmont by his proper "pronoun".

ID: 258b4  No.16746

Yeah, that was on the Katbox server. Phuufy apparently ragequit, Skidd following right along, after discovering the hard way just how poorly her attempts at making Valmont some beloved LGBT icon and Kibbles-level sex symbol was going.

ID: 7e459  No.16748


Typical of a white woman

ID: 1a787  No.16749

Thw latter would honestly be easy to accomplish if they actually put most of their chips into it for once.

Valmont's pronouns, however… just no. Not one soul on this Earth give a devoted fuck about that except for her.

ID: 7e459  No.16750


Funny thing you mention it, I suggested such a thing and they just banned me from their server soon after. Apparently even though the both of them are known for being porn artists as you cam clearly see on not just their FA but any image hosting site, they take huge offense to it even if it's completely true.

ID: b58da  No.16752

File: 1628571956540.png (2.15 MB, 1200x1814, Page330-1200x1814.png)

ID: 3baac  No.16763

File: 1628834705951.jpeg (258.16 KB, 1791x1507, E8iw7jDXIAQXOjU.jpeg)

>Gianna, my Gamer Goat OC.

An OC that'll never be utilized because Mousechevious is dead.

ID: 08f69  No.16764

Looks decently utilized to me, I don't mind seeing this. Would like a bit of hardcore, but I think thats off the table for her atm if I am remembering right.

ID: 3baac  No.16765


Considering how he barely draws his own characters I can see why anon made that remark. Think the last time he drew her was about a year or two ago. If she's actually supposed to be a character in the totally not dead comic of his then that isn't helping her case either.

ID: 08f69  No.16769

She was drawn at least two months ago going by his twitter. Far as I'm aware, no one paid for this image, which he shared for free. And looking at both of their patreons, no one is paying them for Mousechevious and it's not mentioned in any tier…

How or why do you feel this is owed to you again person who is also anon?

ID: 2856c  No.16770

Because folks paid for a comic that never happened. It's what normal people call a scam.

ID: 08f69  No.16773

When and where were they charged for this?

ID: 3baac  No.16775


Technically by giving them money via Patreon you are funding it. It doesn't help that Skidd tried saying Mousechevious isn't dead when it's clear it is, what with it not updating in almost four years?

ID: b58da  No.16785

File: 1629088250873.png (2.43 MB, 1200x1814, Page331-1200x1814.png)

ID: 73d1c  No.16806

Phuufy is bitching on Twitter once again, this time over the criticism on the current villain. Even went into a fit two days ago about some artist doing things she hates.

ID: bc79c  No.16809


I kind of see why skidds old art friends don't want anything to do with them anymore.

ID: 258b4  No.16810

>Even went into a fit two days ago about some artist doing things she hates.

Remember, everyone, it's okay when Phuufy bitches about other artists' work, but if you so much as mildly criticize hers, it's time for outrage and stupid smug reaction images and accusations of everyone lacking basic reading comprehension and shit.

ID: 3baac  No.16812


More fucked up if Skidd refuses to do anything about it, from what I'm seeing from this is you have another self hating white woman being like every other dumbass on Twitter and in general. Acting offended over shit no one cares about and also acts like what's being done is progressive or whatever buzzword term retards like her use.

ID: bc79c  No.16814

This is pure speculation but this sounds to me like Emotional Blackmail.

ID: 3baac  No.16816

File: 1629255209820.png (2.05 MB, 1378x2517, TwitrantPhuf.png)


What other possible explanation could there be if someone's attitude goes from being relatively chill to being a wreck within' a short time span?

ID: 58790  No.16817

cripes. Also, that one tweet on the upper right (the one where she was talking about the artist she used to follow), that was actually a sort of dig at Mastergodai (I found that out due to a recent convo with someone who spoke with Godai recently). Godai himself was kinda perplexed why Skidd and Phuufy don't like him…

ID: 258b4  No.16818

She doesn't understand why people come into this comic thinking it's a comedy full of video game gags and tits? HOW ABOUT BECAUSE YOU LITERALLY OPEN THE COMIC BY GIVING THE READER THAT EXACT IMPRESSION, YOU DUMB BITCH?

ID: 258b4  No.16820

File: 1629301362408.jpg (718.88 KB, 700x1489, LL0331.jpg)

So out of curiosity, I went and checked the page number we're at now.


331 PAGES.

And we've only just now gotten the whole party together, for a brief moment, and introduced the apparent main threat.

Here's what Las Lindas was doing on its 331st page.

For as fucking slow and plotless as Las Lindas is, let's give it some credit for not being UberQuest slow.

Additionally, this comic has been running for 7 1/2 years now. In about that same amount of time, the infamously wordy, lore-heavy and convoluted Homestuck, which also featured a multitude of interactive segments and fully animated and scored cinematic animations, finished its entire run. Let that one sink in.

ID: 1e07e  No.16827

File: 1629429014468.png (721.73 KB, 976x865, claire_sly.png)

ID: 73d1c  No.16829


If that's one of those ych images then wow, totally worth $250.

ID: 1e07e  No.16830

File: 1629469967710.jpg (825.86 KB, 1920x3732, E9CaCeQXsAUPlKU.jpg)

ID: 1e07e  No.16831

File: 1629474001179.png (2.56 MB, 4370x4261, Comms2021-134_u18chan.png)

ID: 1e07e  No.16833

File: 1629515957092.png (2.11 MB, 4494x4719, 136_3.png)

ID: 3baac  No.16834


I'm willing to make the assumption that this idiot also paid the $500 to be in the background somewhere too. If true then he just wasted $1000. It's bad enough the quality is bad for $250 each.

ID: 6b73f  No.16837


Not only that but have you noticed that there are 3 NSFW and none of them had kibbles or sesame, the most popular of the bunch?. Yeah I can bet you they did a "Sorry kibbles and sesame are offlimits but you can have these options instead" or the Skidd old faithful "I do not like drawing it so I won't draw it" even if you already paid for it.

ID: 1e07e  No.16847

File: 1629811309068.jpg (799.08 KB, 3900x4096, E9bS0JdXIAcR5WR.jpg)

ID: b58da  No.16849

File: 1629823760130.png (2.35 MB, 1200x1814, Page332-1200x1814.png)

ID: 1e07e  No.16851

File: 1629829421713.png (1.41 MB, 4838x3287, 141_2_u18chan.png)


ID: 1e07e  No.16857

File: 1629904749872.jpg (763.45 KB, 1920x3732, E9hQfq4XoAMTz7G.jpg)

ID: 3baac  No.16860

ID: 258b4  No.16867

…When did she lose her sword? And was that bottom panel supposed to be a joke or something? Because it's actually a good question, why DOES she look so different, and what are she and the asker even on about?

ID: 03b7a  No.16868


Earlier pages she had what was basically a buster sword. Got stolen by Dante which im sure won't ever get touched upon again without Phuufy or their writer doing a major ass pull like Dante was somehow the good guy or something equally retarded.

The ask image now I'm sure is just a "lol so random" due to no proper joke or punchline in general.

ID: 258b4  No.16872

Wow, okay, my bad, I completely forgot that happened. Just goes to show how painfully slow and meandering everything is and how uninvested I've become in this story, I guess.

Doesn't explain Sesame looking hugely different like we're supposed to know why.

ID: b58da  No.16876

File: 1630387772778.png (2.33 MB, 1200x1814, Page333-1200x1814.png)

ID: 626ed  No.16877

File: 1630393415269.png (669.5 KB, 712x376, UYGHIgw.png)

ID: 5a86d  No.16892

File: 1630856721555.png (273.59 KB, 1080x1243, Screenshot_20210905-114248….png)

>Guys we need $3500 to pay our tax debt but I really need to have a better pc.

ID: 258b4  No.16896

File: 1631055149315.png (2.36 MB, 1200x1814, Page334-1-1200x1814.png)

More and more, this villain embodies whatever a 14-year-old weeb thinks makes for a compelling, imposing antagonist and mature storytelling.

"The more swears per minute my characters say, the more I prove what a super-serious story for grown-ups this is, right?"

ID: 1e07e  No.16913

File: 1631549340542.jpg (88.96 KB, 583x872, c87c67d8800fef6a5a7ee516a0….jpg)

ID: b58da  No.16915

File: 1631681550260.png (2.46 MB, 1200x1814, Page335-1200x1814.png)

ID: b7c48  No.16916

So the ambush started over 30 pages ago and this fight with this guy started 10 pages ago. I wonder how much longer this whole thing is going to last?

ID: 1e07e  No.16933

File: 1631982704844.jpg (80.26 KB, 811x1050, E-1Ah3eXoAIS67h.jpg)

ID: 55182  No.16937

>Get good fanart years ago, combined with being horny one night and begged FA users for Uberquest porn only to quickly delete it.
>Now get shitty fanart from Deviantart children and or teens because you burned bridges with everyone.
>Wife shits on her fans for the very thing that got them attention at all, the years of porn made of the ubercast and so fourth.

ID: 332f6  No.16941

File: 1632104150252.jpg (351.88 KB, 1280x1810, aogami.jpg)

It's a shame. Uberquest was at its peak circa 2016. Fanarts and edits happened weekly.

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