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File: 1433949578489.jpg (590.47 KB, 780x1088, akroom-062.jpg)

ID: eda95  No.2901[Last 50 Posts]

>He got drunk, stormed outside, and then came back in and continued to sit in the corner.

Man, even while drunk he doesn't do anything interesting.

ID: ce9f1  No.2902

He somehow managed to take a naked photo of one or both of the girls.

Because then he got to see tits but also he's suuuuuper sorry about it so you can tell what a nice guy he is.

ID: be3f7  No.2904

When he stormed outside, he became the infamous Peeping Tomcat.

ID: 645a2  No.2914

Know what would make this better?(a lot of things, I know)

He realizes what the picture is, is stunned, and then one of the girls peeks over his shoulder and sees it.

There. At least there can be a conflict of some kind. This is is just painful to look at.

ID: 645a2  No.2915

And forget the internal dialog. This guy doesn't have enough external dialog to make his internal dialog interesting on any level. We're stuck reading his diary when there are potentially interesting characters just standing around waiting to be a part of something.

ID: 773a0  No.2916

If I may hazard a guess…

Andy forgot to take the cap off the camera lens.

ID: b2056  No.2920


That's so boring that you're almost absolutely right.

ID: eda95  No.2921

Oh god, I just realized the moment he meets Miranda again we're going to see him awkwardly flail around like a goober even more than he does now.

ID: f497f  No.2922


Yeah, Dickboy seems to be of the school of thought that random flailing around while pulling faces like a cheap children's birthday is inherently funny.

ID: c1fc3  No.2923


That kind of thing would require more 'bullet ballet' to be funny.

And even then it can never beat irish tap dancing during said bullet ballet.

This would imply however that Dickman is capable to be interesting enough to be shot at, and not shot dead for boring the audience to near-suicide. Be a loser/cat clown if you must, but be INTERESTING damn it! Bitches be clueless for a reason.

ID: eda95  No.2938

File: 1434211492779.png (14.07 KB, 590x107, What..PNG)

With Andy, dickman is probably going with a mix of write what and who you know (Himself in this case)and trying to make the character into that "lovable underdog loser" type that he wants people to root for.

Which would work if Andy was trying his hardest to succeed but couldn't get ahead like if he asked one or both of the girls for a picture and they flat out said no or something like that.

Instead he wasn't even able to ask a simple question and moped around while the girls were having fun. Suddenly having him act confident with a line like "I'll help you girls out one day" doesn't make him look better.

In fact it makes him look worse. He's the one in a jobless situation. Yeah Mary Ann wants to be a model but she has a job as a waitress and apparently gets really good tips so she's fine. Swain does…something apparently but she can pay the rent. We know nothing about her outside of "Gamer Girl!" They don't really need help. He does.

that "She's probably not my type" shit didn't make things better either. Sorry for the rant

in other news, Ryu got leaked for smash 4 and of course Dickman thinks Capcom did it to upstage his precious Megaman.

ID: 645a2  No.2939

Pretty spot on.

And it's not like Mega Man is being removed from Smash, though he's not meta from what I hear.

ID: d64e0  No.2944


That tweet sounds like something a ten-year-old would say.

Maybe Dickboy and Tom Preston should team up and make the most failuretastic comic ever.

ID: be3f7  No.2946

Get some Ken Penders in on that and you got the unholy triumvirate of best worst comic ever.

ID: e085a  No.2948

>getting mad about the detail that went into Ryu when he's from a fighting game that's all about combos.

Megaman is really just jump and shoot while changing weapons. At least that version is

ID: 20169  No.2957

Tbh, I wouldn't put it past Capcom to see how overwhelmingly positive the reception of Mega Man in Smash has been since day 1 and go "Oh crap, we can't have this, those consumers we want emptying their wallets into our laps might start asking us to give a shit about Mega Man again, the entitled little dicks!"

ID: eda95  No.2959

But by Dickman's logic, Lucas was added to upstage Ness and Roy was added to upstage the other FE characters.

Hell technically Street Fighter holds a lot more significance than Megaman does in gaming in the first place.

ID: 20169  No.2961

Which one's more Nintendo-relevant though? That'd be Mega Man. And it's not exactly like Mega Man is unimportant or some super-niche franchise either.

ID: d64e0  No.2962


C'mon, Andy, let it go.

ID: a3afa  No.2963

Nobody said megaman was some niche series but this whole "Ryu is in just to spite Megaman" thing is dumb victim complex thinking like that is one of the reasons megaman fans get called Mega manbabies.

Yeah those games getting canned sucked, we get it. But god, no other ip at capcom got anywhere near the 5 star treatment megaman did even when his games were selling like ass. Monster hunter is a somewhat recent exception to that but a lot of capcom ips either got a few games with years in between them or no new games at all.
Even street fighter went basically a decade before getting SF4. Even longer for marvel vs capcom.

Meanwhile here are your 2-3 megaman games for the year.

ID: 20169  No.2965

>claiming someone must be Dickman just because they said Mega Man isn't exactly unimportant and is technically more relevant to Nintendo than Street Fighter

Really now?

Honestly, I think that just lends evidence to the theory that they've treated the series and its fans like garbage for the past few years just to spite Inafune for leaving when he did and saying what he said about them. But then, it seems like ever since Street Fighter's revival, basically anything that isn't Street Fighter, Monster Hunter and to a lesser extent Resident Evil and Ace Attorney is nothing but crossover filler to them.(Go away, Dickboy, nobody likes you.)

ID: 20c6f  No.2977

protip: if your arguments are so whiny and fanboyish that people think you are Dickman, you should probably stop and think before you keep up the same tone, even if you aren't him.

ID: 3be62  No.2979

>People forgetting that capcom LOVES crossovers where THEY get the profits (or at least the majority of it)
Remember the whole Capcom vs SNK series…you know why SNK when to shit slowly? Cause in those cross overs BUT ONE, capcom got the majority of the funds

ID: 645a2  No.2985

It's scary when Andy makes such a bad argument that Capcom looks benevolent.

ID: eda95  No.2991

File: 1434555731242.jpg (547.01 KB, 780x1088, akroom-063.jpg)

ID: be3f7  No.2992

We still don't know what was freaking him out. Okay. I can't say I'm surprised. Most furry webcomics these days have a pace that could be described as glacial.

ID: 060f1  No.2993

More porn of Swain and Marry Ann when?

Honestly what doesn't freak him out at this point

ID: 3be62  No.2995

No, he said "I HAVE to get this job"
key word being Have…not Get due to Have was made into a keyword via Capitalization of the letters.

ID: 48727  No.2996


This isn't even glacial pacing, it's more like storyline ADD. It's like he suddenly remembered that there was the whole "getting a job" plotline to do and just unceremoniously ditched the what-was-the-picture-of thing until he handled his other thread.

In short: horrible writing.

ID: eda95  No.2997

I think at the very least he could have had Andy drop the picture he was trying to hide and have Swain pick it up, so even when he gets the job he'll have to deal with that when he comes home.

I say when and not "if" because we all know he'll get the job somehow.

ID: 645a2  No.3000

Wait… he passed out in their doorway?

ID: c1fc3  No.3002


Yep, must be synonymous to being as interesting as a doormat.

And as shaggy as one for that matter.

ID: eda95  No.3065

File: 1435161067221.jpg (599.23 KB, 780x1088, akroom-064.jpg)

ID: 407e4  No.3066


Fucking christ that nose is so hideous why does he insist on drawing it like that.

Also ha ha get it you guys his luck is shit look how shitty his life is ha ha ha ha ha HA HA HA HA HA HA

ID: e68a8  No.3067


It seriously does look a lot like a pink cartoon Hitler mustache.

And yeah. "HA HA HA OHHHH THE BAD LUCK! What hilarity! Also, don't you feel sorry for me, I mean, Andy, who is definitely not me?"

ID: 407e4  No.3069


It's the fucking side shot in the very last panel that did me in. All of the other appearances of that shit somehow slid under my annoyance threshold but just look at it. It's so shitty.

ID: 226fb  No.3070


are we ever going to know what the heck was that photo he took?

ID: eda95  No.3071


B-But guys, it's his style! He uses it to make Andy look unique!

That was pretty much his answer when asked about it. Along with "don't like it? Don't read it."

one of two things will happen

1)We never find out what it is. We just see reactions to it from different characters.
2) We do end up seeing it and it turns out to be something that really wasn't a big deal in the first place.

ID: 645a2  No.3076

File: 1435173999776.jpg (27.86 KB, 574x368, whatswrongwithyourface.jpg)

Wait.. The place clearly looks like it burned down. So why didn't his manager call him?

And of course that face. I don't even.

ID: eda95  No.3077

Because technically Andy doesn't work there. The other guy just gave him a shot.

Though I don't know why if it was just closing down the next day.

ID: e875c  No.3079



It does look like the place burned down but here's the thing this appears to be a mall. and there's nothing that can really start a fire in a camera shop other than faulty wiring which leads me to believe that this was an electrical fire.

If that was the case the mall would be shut down until they could get an inspector in to check the other stores in order to make sure there were no other faulty circuits in the building.

ID: e875c  No.3080

it should also be noted the only other option would be arson

ID: 31849  No.3082

Doesn't look burned down. Just poor artistic depiction of a closed up shop.

ID: e875c  No.3084

>>3082 wow that store owner must've been a huge dick.

Andy:"Hey can I try out for this job?"

Store Owner:"Sure, I'll give you a chance."

*closes up shop the very next day*

Store Owner:"HA HA HA! I bet he feels really stupid now*sighs* WELP, TIME TO GO LOOK AT PORN!"

ID: d64e0  No.3089


Well ultimately this is the only way it could have gone down, really.

He couldn't actually get the job, because he has to stay downtrodden and in difficult circumstances for his story to continue being about Poor Him and his pursuit of success.

On the other hand, he couldn't not get the job because of his own failures. Oh no, that would imply some sort of fault on his part. He always tries his best, after all, it's always the fault of the circumstances when he fails, so that when he blames himself we're supposed to feel sorry for him instead of agreeing.

So you see, this was really the only possible outcome. It was the Evil Ol' Store Owner, or the Horrible Bad Economy, or the Fates Were Against Him, but it was never Andy's fault, oh no, never his.

ID: 3be62  No.3090

File: 1435207155734.jpg (22.88 KB, 286x338, Rocko.jpg)

…that character in the background…the blue shirt…the triangles..


ID: dc6e9  No.3092


Almost without a doubt.

ID: 645a2  No.3093

Photograph day is a very dangerous day.

ID: f57a0  No.3094


Cameos like that really look better if they're not, y'know… pretty much the only other person besides the main character in the panel.

I guess, like all his "clever" parody video game names, he didn't want to risk anyone missing it. (Haha, joke's on him, I didn't even pay attention to the background! … I mean, that's a joke on him somehow. Or something. Anyhoo.)

But I doubt we'll ever see him draw an actual crowd. In fact I don't think he's ever drawn more than three characters in a panel so far. Probably too lazy.

ID: 2d329  No.3097

Is it bad that Andy reminds me of the guy that usually gets cheated on in a NTR hentai manga?

ID: e875c  No.3098


That's a really good point.

When I read a story I usually find myself feeling bat for the character that actually makes mistakes and tries to overcome them, not so much the character that tries but fails due to the world around them.

I'll use a comparison.

in Las Lindas I felt bad for Alejandra. Here's a character who worked hard to get where she was. She made several mistakes and paid the price for them.

Coming back to Andy, I want to like him, but he just comes off as boring. I'm not saying that to be mean, but he's so awkward and nervous around his own friends it's like, "How can you even function as an adult?" To be honest, I'm much more interested in Mary-Ann. She tried to become a model, and had heavily criticized. not realizing that the industry really is that harsh. Rejected, but not deterred She still maintains a sunny, upbeat personality.

Swain…just feels kinda there. like she's a supporting cast member, not so much a main character.

ID: 69f1a  No.3155

File: 1435765202525.jpg (713.23 KB, 780x1088, akroom-065[1].jpg)

The pointless coincidences are starting to grate on my nerves.

And is this guy's name supposed to mean something? Violation of Comics 101, always make your last panel draw the reader to the next page. Here I couldn't care less, even more than usual for this trainwreck.

ID: eda95  No.3156

File: 1435765827626.jpg (61.69 KB, 600x698, deon.jpg)

I don't think it's supposed to mean anything specific. He's probably just going to be the fabulous cast member.

though I figured Andy would end up getting the money some how. But with this it's like he would have been fine if he didn't do any work at all. All he did was awkwardly flail around like a muppet for the most part.

ID: 645a2  No.3159

so when he opens the envelope, there's a check inside. He goes to the bank, flailing all the way, only to find that the check wasn't signed and he needs to find the guy to sign the check.

Will the adventures never stop?!

ID: adfe6  No.3160

Look at that face on panel four. What a total mess. I don't mind Dickman's self-insert having a facial quirk, but it looks like that nose is pointed the other way and not even facing who he's talking to. The nose shouldn't even be visible in that angle. What's going on with his ears on that panel and the next? Does Dickman even sketch the head and ears before putting the hair on? The ears look like they're coming out of his chin.

It's such basic stuff. He isn't expected to draw perfectly and he could easily default to saying it's "my style", but there's so many awkward mistakes like that that he should really know better about. It's not like it's a mistake he always makes, Deon looks perfectly fine throughout the page.

ID: 24add  No.3162

But he did default to "it's my style " when asked about it basically. He drew characters better before he stopped the comic last time

ID: 31849  No.3163

Wait. There actually was supposed to be a fire? Magically kept within a single store while the place was closed?

ID: eda95  No.3164

Yes. There was no way it managed to spread outside of the shop somehow. It was just that area.

ID: 3be62  No.3166

Not only was it contained to just that one shop, people are allowed into that area where the fire was and there was no news reports about that fire happening at all…

ID: eda95  No.3167

The worst part is I can't tell if he overlooked those facts or if he thought about them and just decided that nobody would question it at all.

Also it seems like at some point Dickman broke down and bitched at someone on twitter because nobody would buy his Mcdonalds happy meal toys off of ebay

ID: c1fc3  No.3168


Would it be appropriate to call him the Andy Dick of furries?

I mean, there are better candidates out there for sure but his name does not do him any favors.

ID: 645a2  No.3175

I don't think he's high enough to be Andy Dick.

ID: c1fc3  No.3176


One could argue that being a furry is enough to warrant it, but instead of it being escapism/recreational pastime for Dickman here it's an emulation of himself on an every day basis.

So I guess not.

ID: eda95  No.3209

File: 1436368244405.jpg (678.1 KB, 780x1088, akroom-066.jpg)

I think that last panel is the only time i was actually interested in something related to this comic.

ID: ab15b  No.3210


Long chin is loooong.

ID: 31849  No.3212


ID: 7f56c  No.3213


>sleeping with a bra on

>specially that kind of bra


ID: eda95  No.3215

Dickman will never draw bare breasts or any sort of nudity with his precious roomies characters.

Except for, you know, that one picture of Andy getting a blowjob from Miranda

ID: 7f56c  No.3216


He had alternatives, though. Something as simple as hair draped over her breasts would have looked better and more artistic.

ID: 645a2  No.3217

That's it?

ID: e875c  No.3218


So I understand why he'd be be so nervous about the picture, but… How did he get the picture in the first place?

I mean, it's obvious he went out on a drunken venture the previous night and ended up at the landlord's place, but how did he get inside, and take that picture without waking her up? if he was loud enough to wake Swain and Mary, then he was obviously loud enough to wake the landlord. So why isn't she skinning him alive right now?

ID: e875c  No.3219


you guys were not that far off


ID: eda95  No.3220

someone asked him how he did this. Dickman just said "Keep reading to find out"

If it the picture was that serious then he should have gotten rid of it the moment he found out what it was.

ID: ab15b  No.3221

>"How did this character do something that should be completely impossible by all logic, considering he's just a normal person and none of this makes absolutely any sense nor is there any indication that it actually occurred other than the photo's existence?"
>"lol keep reading lol"

ID: 1e6c6  No.3223

File: 1436393196367.gif (4.63 MB, 320x221, Im-Out.gif)



ID: e875c  No.3224


All good points. I brought this upbecause there only a few options and not a single one makes Andy not look like a creep.

Option 1: Andy in a drunken stupor sneaked into her apartment and took the picture.

Option 2: Andy has a drunk alter-ego that is somehow good with the ladies, he went to her apartment, but the moves on her, and after it was all done, he took the picture.

Option 3 She secretly has a crush on Andy and took advantage of him in his drunken state. once it was done he took the picture (This one makes them both look like creeps).

Also, could Andy have just torn the picture up sneaked the pieces out and burned them?

I want to like Andy, and it's clear he's a good guy, but his actions make almost zero sense.

ID: eda95  No.3226

See, it would have been better if the picture was of Mary Ann or Swain because it would have made more sense and would be easier to explain.

But instead he somehow got a picture of the landlord sleeping in her bra and like others have said, how do you even explain that without Andy looking like a drunk creeper or getting past the plot hole of how he managed to get that pic without waking her up and her destroying him and possibly kicking him out of the house.

I didn't even know she lived that close to them.

ID: e875c  No.3227


If I remember correctly it's an apartment complex or building and she lives on the property.

ID: eda95  No.3274

File: 1436972826287.jpg (712.44 KB, 780x1088, akroom-067.jpg)

ID: f8917  No.3278

>Look! Here is a character designed to cater to certain demographics! Shy nerdy chubby girl! WHY AREN'T I FAMOUS AND BELOVED YET?!

ID: 645a2  No.3280

Those eye mustaches..

ID: a487f  No.3282


Isn't this some pretty shitty copy of LL's DnD gaming girls? it even got the token chubby girl.

ID: 97acf  No.3284

Am I the only one who thinks the new girl there looks a whole lot like Sadness?

ID: 645a2  No.3286

Eh, kinda I guess. But honestly, Sadness isn't entirely a unique design herself. Pretty generic really for her emotional representation.

ID: eda95  No.3317

File: 1437425169632.png (29.2 KB, 574x177, gonna get canned again.PNG)

Won't be surprised if he drops the comic again.

This came about because his patreon dropped to $497

ID: b25ed  No.3318


All he would have to do is find a method to revitalize interest in his Patreon.
Now because of the drop in donations, he can't do the Guest Artists Roomies stuff anymore, so he'll probably have to "GASP" do more to make more.
Mocking tone aside, I'm actually very intrigued by this, simply to see if he recovers or crashes really hard.

ID: 1e6c6  No.3319


I expect him to go Full Thunt, honestly.

ID: d64e0  No.3320

File: 1437434095833.gif (36.58 KB, 165x204, 63009044.yz2L3lFQ.wambulan….gif)

ID: 645a2  No.3322

Is he aware how much of a shit he comes off as?

Is he trying to make Patreon is primary income or supplementary? And if Supplementary, nearly $500/mo is nothing to snort at.

ID: d2523  No.3328


No, he has a full-time job and works in the animation industry.

ID: e3842  No.3329

Jesus. Way to make your existing patrons feel appreciated, Dickbutt.
He's basically admitting laziness and lack of discipline for his own creation, too.

ID: eda95  No.3333

I think he's talked about wishing how he could just do Roomies for a living.

But like >>3329 said, he comes off as an asshole because there are people still supporting him, so he sounds ungrateful as hell. Not to mention that there artists out there with way better skills than his but they don't make close to that in patreon.

ID: 142ef  No.3334

I think he expected Roomies to be as popular as Las Lindas or TwoKinds right from the start.

ID: 69f1a  No.3335

The thing you have to consider is this is at least the third time he's started Roomies up again. He gets some momentum, he gets a little support, things go okay.

Then he drops out. He changes focus, he's unhappy with the script direction, there's a financial catastrophe and he has to focus on making money fast to cover issues, he gets a contract gig and there's no time for comics.

Then six months later, back to the comic, but he can't just pick up where he left off, oh no. Back to square one.

Lather, rinse, repeat, a little weaker every time. Funny enough, he was an okay flash animator and he's not a bad cartoonist. But he can't comic to save his life.

ID: eda95  No.3336

the thing about that is, that if he had stuck with it from the first time he started it, or even the previous try, then it would have been a lot more popular than it is now.

whatever fanbase he had a chance of building eventually forgets about the comic every time he pulls a hiatus. And even if he does bring it back, some wont come back at all because they think he'll just can it again. Starting from the beginning instead of picking up where he left off every time doesn't help.

Chalo and Tom have had years to build up their fanbases through comics and other artwork. A little over a decade for both actually considering TK started in 2003 and LL in 2004.

This pretty much falls back to Dickman's fragile ego on some level if he really did assume Roomies would be as popular as those comics from the get go after two reboots. But as usual, the moment something doesn't look to hot, he assumes its the end of the world. When it isn't even really that bad.

ID: 93599  No.3337


>This pretty much falls back to Dickman's fragile ego on some level if he really did assume Roomies would be as popular as those comics from the get go after two reboots. But as usual, the moment something doesn't look to hot, he assumes its the end of the world. When it isn't even really that bad.

This puts a new meaning to his "defamation" claim when he targeted me for the edits I made. :x

ID: 432f5  No.3338


That's what happens with entitled people. They see themselves as being every bit as "deserving" as others, and thus they are "owed" the same success those others have right now, without any of the actual work and time those others put in.

Just started your webcomic? Well, you deserve to have it be as successful and profitable as those that have been running for years, or a decade even!

Just graduated college? You deserve to have someone walk up to you and throw a $100,000/yr. do-nothing job in your lap.

Just graduated animation school? You deserve to have Disney approach you about putting you in charge of their next film, which will star your personal character, Milkytits McFuckvixen.

Dickboy and his ilk always have this sort of outlook on the world, where they deserve whatever they feel entitled to, and any arguments otherwise are answered with some wordier equivalent of "But I waaaant it!"

ID: 72a32  No.3342

Heh, I just discovered you can pledge a single cent on patreon if you want.

ID: 645a2  No.3343

File: 1437521535293.jpg (11.95 KB, 250x288, yoda.jpg)

Patience is a word he needs to have a dirty affair with.

ID: 1e6c6  No.3344


This sort of feeds in to why I predicted him going full Thunt. Much like Thunt, he's both entitled and really shitty at having responsibility. Thunt cracked under the pressure of actually having to be responsible and professional towards all the people who bought his house and Dickman's 'abloo bloo bloo I have to actually provide rewards for people paying me money' is the same shit.

ID: eda95  No.3346

File: 1437533027146.gif (98.32 KB, 524x765, 1437532823.maxblackrabbit_….gif)

ID: eda95  No.3347

File: 1437533401968.gif (84.51 KB, 498x689, 1437533233.maxblackrabbit_….gif)

ID: 31849  No.3348

Wonder if he'll be happy or unhappy about the nudity. I'm certainly happy! Thank you, based rabbit!

ID: b25ed  No.3350

>Browsing as usual. Refreshes his FA control panel, legitimate reaction said aloud "HOLY–"

Can't complain about tits at least.
AWD faved these, so yeah…speculate to that however you want.

ID: eda95  No.3351

Not sure if anyone has ever asked his stance on Roomies porn. Wouldn't be surprised if he has some of his own that he drew.

wouldn't be surprised if it was Mary Ann and/or Swain with Andy either

ID: 645a2  No.3353

To be fair, these are from Max Blackrabbit. So there's some clout there I doubt AWD is going to shun. Now if some scrub did it(high quality or not), it'd be interesting to gauge his reaction.

ID: b25ed  No.3355

I've thought of doing something soon-ish, mainly to get myself more experience in the nude n' lewds.
Sadly, I'm horrible at doing my own projects unless I'm doing it for someone…so yeah…
if anyone wants to request something, feel free. Can't guarantee anything though, but I'd love to hear ideas.

(I mainly focus on pencils. No experience in digital tools yet.)

ID: 8ba61  No.3357


I was quite the gauge, if that's what you're asking.

ID: e3842  No.3358

That's a good point, though your works (don't get me wrong, great in quality and welcome as they were, by me and others of course) were edits of his own material as opposed to entirely original content. Not gonna tread over that unpleasant ground again but suffice to say it's no wonder he took the cheap excuse to get buttmad before, even if your edits did him literally no wrong.

Still, it's a point worth considering, how much he values the attention that mature/adult fanart of his characters might net him, as opposed to his actual tolerance for said art. Of course he'd see no reason to object to MBR's creations; they're tasteful partial nudity done by a hugely popular artist. But as RichardAwesome says, perhaps if we saw even some light cheesecake/nude pinups from some lesser known bro with decent skills nonetheless, Dickbutt might just get upset about not getting the 'right people's attention'.

ID: eda95  No.3365

File: 1437577697480.jpg (611.58 KB, 780x1088, akroom-068.jpg)

More nerd girls.

ID: 264dc  No.3366


Who says "OMG" when speaking?…

It's like AWD is trying to give Swain all the negative GRLLL GAMER stereotypes. How in fucks sake does he think that is likable?

ID: 69f1a  No.3367

Someone borrowed a Tsundere template from the library.

Sechs is rolling her eyes so hard there's sparks.

ID: 26041  No.3368


You called it.

Just rename the comic Love Roomies. Roomies Hina. Mahou Sensei Roomies. Roomiesgima. Knighthood.

ID: c1fc3  No.3369


Roomies 1/2. Roomies Muyo. Oh My Roomies!

The list goes on and on. Makes a man's head hurt.

ID: 35a97  No.3372

>Who says "OMG" when speaking?…

Valley girls.

ID: ce6a3  No.3373

I guarantee that before they leave the mall, dickman will have Andy do something that causes swain to start liking him. It's really no surprise that at the very least Mary Ann and swain will want his dick while he flail over Miranda

ID: 645a2  No.3374

But he'll be too dense/shy/unmotivated/etc to notice multiple attractive females wanting his D.

ID: 1e6c6  No.3376

File: 1437604460576.gif (2.84 MB, 250x255, 322.gif)


ID: eda95  No.3391

the worst part is, you're probably right.

We'll watch him act like the world is against him and be awkward while girls are pretty much shoving their vaginas in his face

ID: 31849  No.3401

If you're taking suggestions, Mary Ann teasingly stripping out of a bikini or lingerie would be cool.

ID: e875c  No.3402


and this type of trope can work…when used properly. It's basically the "you don't know what you have even when it's right in front of you" trope.

the problem is, many writers fall into the trap of using this trope and inadvertently making the character the readers are supposed to cheer for incredibly unlikable.

It's true a lot of people like an underdog story, but not when the underdog is so incompetent that you end up loosing any sympathy you might have had.

I'm really hoping Swain doesn't become a love interest to Andy because that would would really subvert her character (or rather what little character we know she has). from the get go She's shown as the unapologetic take-charge type. While she does care about her friends it's clearly nothing more than that.

Now that I think about it, Swain is essentially the Lucy to Andy's Charlie Brown.

But back to my point. Andy can be saved, she just has to emote something other than "OH MY GOD! WHAT AM I GONNA DO?!" or "Poor ol' me." as of right now have we actually seen him converse like a normal person with Mary-Ann or Swain without worrying about how he's going to achieve "X" goal?

Show Andy as a regular person then we'd be more inclined to like him. but right now he acts like a neurotic cartoon in a reality where cartoon physics don't apply.

ID: 8f3fa  No.3405

File: 1437772294411.jpg (228.15 KB, 960x930, 36774-log-horizon-serara-a….jpg)

>and this type of trope can work

It works a lot better when it's secondary characters. That way it's not shoved in your face constantly. It works even better if the secondary characters actually have characterization outside of this. (Pic related.)

And yes, it can work with primary characters too… but I think it only works there with one couple. When it starts getting into two, three, more girls constantly longing for the protagonist's cock and him being utterly oblivious to it, it just looks stupid for any number of reasons. (It's blatant wish fulfillment, the character looks like a moron for not seeing something so obvious, it makes the girls look like morons for wanting the guy, etc.)

Hell, one of the entire reasons it works in, say, Monster Musume, is that Darling is painfully aware of how badly all the girls want to fuck him. He would have to have had a full frontal lobotomy not to. The thing that's holding him back is not obliviousness or single-target sexuality or complete absence of sex drive (or spine), it's a mingling of not wanting to hurt the other girls and the friggin' law. The fact that Darling isn't a complete retard about how the girls feel about him is one of the best aspects of the series.

ID: e875c  No.3408


Sechs! You and I are right on the same page.

I was originally going to bring up Tenchi who actively resists all the girl hitting on him. He cares for all of them, but he never leads them on. but even still, Tebchi's a likable guy.

As I've said before I want to like Andy, but my patience for him is starting to ware thin.

ID: eda95  No.3434

File: 1438182176257.jpg (603.43 KB, 780x1088, akroom-069.jpg)

>"It feels weird being around him"
>"But I don't find him attractive!"

ID: e875c  No.3435

>>3434 please don't make this a thing

ID: 19600  No.3436

It's gonna be a thing, for a while probably. Mary Ann will be the sweet waifu-ish one, while swain is the tsundere one that becomes even more tsundere the more she starts to like him.

And the line where swain says "we've been through a lot this past year." Doesn't have any weight to it because all we've seen is Andy flail around for a job when he should have had one months ago, Mary Ann get turned down for a modeling position, and swain lose out on a game.

That really isn't much and Mary Ann is the only one with an interesting goal she's trying to achieve, which once again, isn't saying a lot.

ID: e875c  No.3437

File: 1438196745592.jpg (373.7 KB, 823x809, 1239861327.themadcatter_ga….jpg)


I'm still holding out hope that this is the driection he goes with Swain

ID: f8301  No.3438

>AWD having one of his fictional waifus hook up with a big, buff jock-type guy that is as unlike himself as possible


I will write you a pornfic of your choosing if this happens, that's how strongly I bet against it.

ID: e875c  No.3439

File: 1438200926566.jpg (408.42 KB, 780x1184, akroom-035.jpg)


that's the thing, he made the art. i was just wishing that this wouldn't turn into "Every hot woman on earth loves Andy."

Look we know he has feelings for Miranda even to the point of running around looking of things the remotely resemble her.

Unless Miranda's actually moved on and in a relationship there's no point on trying to set up any of the roommates with Andy.

ID: eda95  No.3440

Even if she did gain a crush on that guy, if he's even planned for roomies, one of these things would happen.

1. He stays as a simple crush but it never goes beyond that.

2.If swain tries to date him, he either likes another girl or has a girlfriend already.

3. She dates him for a bit, but slowly begins to see that the qualities she wants in a guy are in Andy….somehow.

The comic's arrangement is just set up for harem anime shenanigans in that way.

ID: be3f7  No.3441

Has there ever been porn of eyebrows there? I like short-stacked nerds.

ID: eda95  No.3442


little to no porn of roomies characters.

ID: be3f7  No.3443

Boo. If I could still draw, there would be so much porn of chubby.. squirrel geek girl thing…

ID: eda95  No.3518

File: 1438787042180.jpg (667.11 KB, 780x1088, akroom-070.jpg)

and here's the second chubby nerd girl.

and I guess Swain is gonna guilt trip Andy or something now

ID: f8301  No.3519


Are the girls supposed to be coming off as nosy and bitchy? AWD is such a terrible writer that I can't tell whether them seeming vaguely despicable is intentional or not.

Because going from "I'm not interested in him at all and we're just friends" to "I deserve a spouse-like level of insight into his life and all of his personal goings-on are my business" is kinda bitchy.

Also, wheee, another new character. Hurray for the forced Southern accent and geekbait bodytype.

Throwing all these side characters in here for fan appeal makes it feel like AWD is desperately trying to copy Las Lindas' formula, and doesn't care at all that most of the characters in Las Lindas were introduced a lot more gradually and organically than this.

Holy shit, AWD is the DC movie franchise to Las Lindas' Marvel movie franchise.

ID: 69f1a  No.3523

File: 1438800150149.jpg (391.89 KB, 1280x1183, 1204236065.themadcatter_my….jpg)


AWD's got a thing about characters. Lots of them. I think there's something like 120 of them, about half of which feature in this Roomies universe.

This here picture is half his female roster from a good seven years ago. It's bigger now. Takahashi Syndrome in effect, I suspect.

ID: f8301  No.3524


Jesus fuck he needs to take a pill and calm down.

ID: eda95  No.3525

I think he has two more charts like that but with all guys

ID: 69f1a  No.3527

File: 1438803211855.jpg (1.74 MB, 1786x1625, 1204236172.themadcatter_my….jpg)


There's two others, one with more girls…

ID: 69f1a  No.3529

File: 1438803334986.jpg (191.73 KB, 1280x797, 1204235947.themadcatter_my….jpg)

…and the one with guys.

This doesn't include a whole lot of folks, like the entire legion of pastel critters named after food, his sea creatures (the ones Ace used to beg to see back in the day), and anyone on the two Ask blogs he's dropped (Pixel Bunny and a tanuki/kitsune pair) because he couldn't get people to pay to ask questions.

I'm sure I'm missing more.

ID: f8301  No.3530

>like the entire legion of pastel critters named after food

Sooo Miu ripoffs then?

ID: 69f1a  No.3531


Pretty much, yeah. (Looks like he was cribbing Fossil pretty hard in that second group of females as well.)

ID: eda95  No.3532

I remember Pixels and the Kitsune/Tanooki pair. But I didn't think he dropped them because people wouldn't pay.

ID: eda95  No.3533

also, why are there two versions of andy katt?

ID: f8301  No.3534


Oh shit, yeah, that bottom row is positively Triastastic for ripping off Fossil's look for dinogirls.

ID: 69f1a  No.3536


I recall the only way he was doing answers for the tanuki & kitsune gig was if people bought sketches, and his streams were kind of feast-or-famine.


Two different universes or something. One's the Roomies "verse", I dunno where the other one is from. It might be AWD's expy.

ID: eda95  No.3537

File: 1438807130913.jpg (135.24 KB, 788x1280, 1434601108.luvon_bittt.png.jpg)

>I recall the only way he was doing answers for the tanuki & kitsune gig was if people bought sketches, and his streams were kind of feast-or-famine.

Well that's kind of a shitty thing to do. Because as far as I knew, and a ton of other people knew, Pixels and the other two were free things he was doing.

He even had his girlfriend create a sidekick for Pixels

ID: 31849  No.3541

Yep, and if I remember right there was a stink raised about him and Miu accidentally creating the same mint themed dear character or something.

ID: e875c  No.3545


was that, Cookie Doe?

ID: 31849  No.3570

Probably, maybe? It's been like 4 or 5 years I think so I can't remember most of the details. but AWD has been no stranger to fandom drama for a while now. And he's not exactly an innocent victim in it.

ID: 98038  No.3601

File: 1439605233690.png (947.21 KB, 1115x710, tumblr_nt3p3t1qAN1rx4viwo1….png)

preview of the next page from tumblr

ID: 98038  No.3602

File: 1439625654003.jpg (810.33 KB, 780x1088, akroom-071.jpg)

ID: d64e0  No.3603


This is seriously just Dungeons and Dames.

ID: eda95  No.3605

Dungeons and Dames with twice the boobs, yet less than half of the interest and charm.

ID: 69f1a  No.3606


More like Tropes & Trivialities, says I.

It's like he's working from a checklist at this point. My eyes are rolling so hard I think they went to a rave without me.

ID: 6436d  No.3607


>The page has blended colors

… Aw shit. He finally decided to ward me off this time.

ID: 65100  No.3609

When did this become dunegons and dames? Why did it become dungeons and dames?

It feels unnecessary

ID: 98038  No.3612

>>3609 I agree to that. but I'll wait and see how long this goes before passing judgement.

ID: f8301  No.3616

>When did this become dunegons and dames? Why did it become dungeons and dames?

No focus and no integrity. He's just throwing nerd appeal stuff at the audience and seeing what sticks.

ID: eda95  No.3620

Well he somehow got Jeso to come and draw Mary Ann for his $10 patreon tier.

and a question for everyone. If you were writing Roomies, how would you fix and improve it?

ID: a31f9  No.3624


I'd scrap it.

Honestly, this concept is so overdone and unoriginal, there's just no way to save it. There's nothing there.

Anything I did to change it would be so thorough and different that it couldn't even be said to be the same series. Because, I mean, you could do the roommates thing, sure… but beyond using that as a starting point, anything else would be a completely different animal.

Because ultimately that's all "Roomies" is. It's just the roommates thing. There's no other hook, no greater purpose. It's shallow and insincere.

ID: b25ed  No.3627

Work on character building. Show events that give character's a reason why they act the way they do. (Like Andy's constant freaking out and timidness)
This is one major fault of Roomies in that it doesn't establish anything naturally or interesting with its characters, and it trudges along doing so with flashbacks like it's Naruto, only the flashbacks are lacking anyway.
Give the audience a reason to care for the characters before arbitrarily throwing challenges at them. Andy's unemployment and Mary Ann's modeling audition could of been interesting if the characters gave the audience a reason to empathize with them to begin with.
The fact that we know nothing about Swirly other than that she's a hot gamer-girl is the most glaring issue of character building. We don't know what she does for a living and any vague information about her is either in pin-ups or material that's not even in the comic itself.
This is stuff you do at the beginning of your story usually, at least for a slice-of-life-comic like this. Instead the comic has thrown problems at its characters that had predictable results and is wasting time with things such as the photo that has had no bearing on anything so far, and now a DnD session that introduced a bunch of characters we know about even less about.

ID: 98038  No.3630

>>3620 He somehow found the rock Jeso was hiding under. gotta give him props.

I honestly thought Jeso was dead.

ID: 98038  No.3631


Here's the thing. Everything has been done. That's the unfortunate thing about today's market. So what writers are forced to do is reinvent the wheel. tell the story again, but make unique that readers/watchers enjoy the ride. that's why we have genre.

But on the supject of Roomies… I want to like it, i really do, but something has to shake things up. because Swain is dropping further and further into the yandere gamer girl stereotype and and Andy just has not spine. honestly the one character who can save this is Mary-ann, he had something going with her actually failing at a goal she held most dear because she was ill prepared. Something like that is relatable and it makes the reader wonder what she will do to overcome the obstacle.

Swain has no current issues.

and Andy just spazzes out until something saves him. I wish Andy would actually just calm down and explain what's going on. But instead I just see him running around like a decapitated chicken. It's clear he's a good guy, but this spazzing out has worn thin and something needs to happen. otherwise the metaphorical ship will sink

ID: 69f1a  No.3632


Figure out what he wants it to really be. It's somewhere between harem comedy, goofy sex comedy (a'la Three's Company, which it's aping hard), and a slice of life drama but it's got no identity of its own. The sexual overtones are too childish and flimsy for a sex comedy, the characters are too boilerplate to be endearing or engaging, and the humour is flimsy at best.

If you gave me the option, I'd reboot it as the sex comedy angle, because frankly it's already there. Play out Andy's personal crises and Swain's tsundere rantings, instead making him the hapless loser we all know he is. Let Swain be bluntly sexy and obviously attracted to Andy, let Mary Ann be oblivious to how attractive she is and what she does to Andy, and keep the landlord in as the foil who doesn't trust Andy. Drop the photography thread. It's tired and it doesn't work.

Personal opinion, I think that'd be making the best of a bad situation. I don't trust AWD to write a harem comedy without filling it full of tropes, and he's demonstrated he can't create dramatic tension.

ID: 31849  No.3634

I was thinking similarly but you phrased it much better than I would have. Basically just bank on the sex appeal because at least then it's honest.

ID: 69f1a  No.3637

File: 1439999246220.jpg (594.15 KB, 780x1088, akroom-072[1].jpg)

And it continues. Sure, switch threads again and introduce another character, this time with a vague "OH IT'S YOU" introduction.

It continues apace, my friends.

ID: eda95  No.3638

Gonna rant for a bit here.

With in the past few pages he's introduced

>Swain's Friends


Seven people. Though Deon and Brutus were technically shown before he started this run of Roomies. Still, not counting those two, that's five characters in the span of a few pages.

The addition of all these characters wouldn't be an issue if he was kinda spreading them out, so to say.

Deon? Yeah that makes sense because he did work at the camera shop and Andy had to meet him the next day.

Brutus? A little less sense than Deon, but still not too bad since he's the bodyguard of the guy that rejected Mary-Ann's try out. Him knowing Andy out of the blue though, still kinda ehh on that. Honestly, for that one, I think a better intro would be him running into Mary-Ann, possibly at the diner, with him apologizing about how much of a dick his boss was and them building a friendship from there.

Swain's friends though? Not necessary at the moment. At least not 5 of them. And the sudden cut to andy kinda makes how the last page looks kinda pointless because normally if you do something like that, then you're going to do that for a few pages. It could have just been them sitting around the table and playing instead of trying to DnD it up hard.

He's introducing all of these characters now, when he could have saved them for later Because clearly they aren't going to show up for a good while afterwards

and once again. Andy's fucking nose…

ID: 03138  No.3640


Jesus Christ, why does seeing Andy's crooked nose make me want to punch him so damn much?

It's just as irritating and rage-inducing as the B^U faces in "The Least I Could Do" webcomic.

ID: a31f9  No.3641


Seriously, what is this obsession with introducing as many characters as possible as quickly as possible?

Does he think this makes the comic look deep or complex? That by tossing broad archetype characters that the characters are acquaintances with, that it makes them look like they have depth or reality?

It more just looks like he has an addiction to online random character generators.

"Your character is a buff pitbull man in a suit."

ID: a31f9  No.3642


Not sure if written by Dickboy himself or just the new bland, inoffensive standards of TV Tropes being enforced.

ID: 8f4f5  No.3643


Eeeh, I'd say it was written by Dickman or one of his fans. Most of the TVT articles covering entertainment media tend to present both good and bad sides. That article, on the other hand, looks like thinly-veiled self-praise or advertisement, with none of the comic's negative elements being brought up.

ID: eda95  No.3644


>Brilliant but Lazy-Swain

That hasn't been shown anywhere at all so far.

>Dogged Nice Guy: Andy

AHAHAHAHAHA! Andy's problems aren't a result of anyone shitting on him. He just does his usual flailing and he ends up where he is. Not to mention, I think he's using the trope wrong. Because according to the site itself, Andy would have to be after Swain, Mary-Ann, or one of the other girls, and they would have had to have turned him down, only for him to keep trying to get them to change their mind and win their heart for this to come into effect.

ID: 98038  No.3649

>>3644 You bring up a very good point, When has Andy's woes not been a result of his own actions?

ID: 4de24  No.3651


That's some strong evidence for Dickboy making the page and listing stuff that hasn't happened yet but he plans to add.

ID: 38e37  No.3673

File: 1440422010192.png (1.05 MB, 780x1088, 66be6596-513a-4608-957a-57….png)

I took the time to examine Andy's nose, and decided to just give him a big ol' boopy nose. Is it a good replacement for a defining characteristic?

ID: 38e37  No.3674

File: 1440422093301.png (1.01 MB, 780x1088, 5e7154fb-d03f-4e25-851d-a7….png)

ID: 38e37  No.3675

File: 1440422138584.png (833.24 KB, 780x1088, 09a216b0-e7a3-4463-b6f7-29….png)

ID: a31f9  No.3676


Wow, it's amazing how much that decreases the desire to punch him in the face.


Pfhah! That actually makes this comic vaguely funny, since the joke becomes "she flung her giant boobs at him and he's all 'WHOA BOOBS'" instead of "look at what a Genki Girl this character is, she's very Moe and a Precious Cinnamon Roll, huh?"

ID: eda95  No.3688

File: 1440474560012.png (12.46 KB, 587x79, Heartbroken Dickman.PNG)

I think Daggy/Luvon MIGHT have broken up with him and left.

Not sure if it'll mess with Roomies writing or not if it turns out to be true.

ID: c1fc3  No.3690


Yeah, looks like he actually has a muzzle instead of a cut-out cat nose glued over an actual nose to hide the nostrils.


With luck, his writing will show initiative instead of depressing crap that further spirals this comic into irrelevancy. Or he'll just abandon it. Again. Though if his comic was fueled by the love of his girlfriend, this is a terrible way to express his love.

ID: 2f3ab  No.3691


Be careful what you wish for (if he doesn't abandon it). The author for Draconia Chronicles also experienced a bad breakup, and it ended up in having a character ruthlessly and needlessly slaughtered as part of a revenge fantasy trip.

Even if it happens to a minor character – of which there's *many* in Roomies, suddenly killing that character off in the most uncharacteristically dark manner would be a great detriment for what's already something with a lot of holes.

ID: c1fc3  No.3692


Pretty sure that kind of thing is in the 'depressing crap' camp. Initiative is in the form of in-character premonition, growth from other characters, finally getting something accomplished (strings attached are acceptable in his case), or just flat out deciding who he wants to be with. In the last case, another love interest after his heart in response would actually fit with this genre he is trying to carve his niche in.

The real factor to affect his writing is how he adapts to change, especially something as personal as a breakup. Though from what I've read and seen he is not good on bringing on the bright in the face of gloom.

ID: 995b1  No.3693

Well that's never fun. Good time to do some self reflection. Maybe he'll be inspired.

ID: a31f9  No.3694

File: 1440509558475.gif (479.45 KB, 250x170, rdjnotlaugh.gif)

ID: f76a3  No.3696

File: 1440528296188.jpg (28.45 KB, 324x370, IMG_20150825_204407.JPG)

>Andrew "Whinyshit" Dickman
>ever self-reflecting or improving

Last time he broke up with someone he wiped the whole goddamn story and started from scratch, while whining about his failed love. As they say, history tends to repeat itself, and I can see it happen again.

Also, I sure hope someone picks up that phone…. because IIII FUCKING CALLED IT!!!
How much you wanna bet Luvon simply grew tired of bobbing her head in agreement with everything he says, and pampering him whenever he had one of his whiny tantrums?>>3693

ID: 995b1  No.3697

Yeah, most people never learn and are doomed to go through the same thing over and over again.

ID: 31849  No.3698

Yyyyyep. A manchild can only be tolerated for so long before a grown ass person drops them to the curb.

ID: eda95  No.3699

If he canns Roomies this time, I think that'll be the end of it for good.

Even if he somehow decided to bring it back for the, what, 4th time, a lot of people probably wouldn't stick with it or care that much and think he'll just stop it again.

ID: 5af3c  No.3704

File: 1440595629358.gif (721.61 KB, 320x240, trying-not-to-laugh-o.gif)

>If he canns Roomies this time, I think that'll be the end of it for good.

… At least until he gets a new girlfriend…

ID: eda95  No.3705

File: 1440601634996.jpg (590.28 KB, 780x1088, akroom-073.jpg)

I think you might mean "if", not when.

ID: 5af3c  No.3706


Nah, he'll manage.

A little e-fame goes a long way. There'll always be another furry female who gets dazzled by the fact that he's a Known Name, and is convinced that she understands his tragic hardships and all that he's been through.

Then she'll put up with it for awhile and realize he's just a whiny bitch.

ID: 567b9  No.3707


That makes me think…for how long was Luvon with him, years? She must've had the patience of a saint.

ID: eda95  No.3708

I think he mentioned 3 or 4 years.

ID: 995b1  No.3709

What if they broke up because he got so upset over someone drawing big tits on his characters?

ID: d64e0  No.3710

File: 1440633714501.jpg (329.82 KB, 1024x768, n512fa705ed68e.jpg)


Don't say that! You know Bigtits-sama is sensitive!

ID: be3f7  No.3713

Is that Papi?

ID: 98038  No.3714


I hope it wasn't something so weak as that.

i really do.

ID: 85bdb  No.3716


I can actually imagine him breaking up over me.

I wonder if he still thinks what I'm doing is "defamation".

ID: 28020  No.3717

naw she's from rosaio+vampire, think she was a snow demon or something

ID: 066d9  No.3793

no comic this week apparently…

ID: 5af3c  No.3795


Not shocking.

Decent odds on no more comics for a year or two.

ID: 94862  No.3797

Followed by a reboot. Again.

And a new art style, even worse than the last.

ID: d64e0  No.3803


Andy now has tumblr nose!

ID: 41daa  No.3804

File: 1441322100194.jpg (326.34 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

You, who writes the comic… You, who draws that fucking nose…
Once the comic is scrapped, another reboot will occur, and all of this drama will play out again.
It is your choice… To accept, or whine and deny this…
Tryhard Dickboy, take up your stylus.
What lies ahead, only your OC can see.

ID: 066d9  No.3806


I hope that that's not the case. if like, you can't give up on something just because it's hard. Almost every comic out there has the potential to be good or great, but it takes time. Roomie won't get there if it keep stopping and restarting.

ID: 2cf10  No.3810


Any updates from Dickboy himself? Or did he stop posting on Twitter as well?

ID: 617ba  No.3811


He says there's no update for this week.

ID: 31849  No.3831

Oh, he's posting. A LOT. Letting his breakup emotions be very public it seems. Meanwhile Daggy has been more tight lipped about the whole thing. Doesn't seem nearly as torn up about this ending…

ID: 995b1  No.3832

As a minor little segue, a study recently was released that indicated men may actually a much harder time getting over break ups than women.

ID: 5af3c  No.3834


I'm pretty sure Dickboy is completely incapable of keeping his private thoughts private.

ID: c6fd8  No.3841


>Right now… I am the worst person… in the worst spot… and I lost the most wonderful thing closest to me because it's all my fault…

>…All I can say is I'm sorry… and even then I never learn because I'm alone to myself and my stupid thoughts all the time.

>I'm constantly considered "negative" even when I try to be positive… I can't win and maybe I AM just a big problem…

>All I've been desperately doing is TRYING… but in reality… I feel like I should just go away…

>just in case this needs to be said, no I don't plan on killing myself… I'm too cowardly to even try it… I'm too scared of death…

>I'm just really sad…. all I wanted to know was how to fix things… but I can't… So all I can do is move on and be supportive to others

Talk about being professional.

Interestingly so, I heard the reason Luvon dumped him was because he would flip out almost every time she made a male friend.

ID: 5af3c  No.3842


Man how many fucking times have I seen this shit.

It's always "But I'm TRYING" and "Maybe I AM the problem". And it's so fucking insincere. I mean maybe in the moment he thinks he's being sincere, but you know why he's not? Because he won't do anything to fucking change.

It's always "These are the things I know are bad about myself and I'm trying to change them" and no you're fucking not, you're just going to sit there whining about them actually costing you something, but it's not a real acknowledgement of responsibility it's just fucking complaining. He's not sad that he's an antisocial sack of shit, he's sad that being an antisocial sack of shit actually hurt him in a way that he noticed and cared about.

And he'll just sit there in his fucking chair plunking away at his fucking computer, moaning and howling about how terrible he is and how it was all his fault, until he gets bored with that and goes back to acting like the self-centered, entitled, arrogant little brat he is without expending even the tiniest goddamn iota of effort to actually change anything.

ID: eda95  No.3846



But seriously, I feel like there's probably more to it since she put up with it for 4 years or so. Though I can see him being insecure enough to freak out over that.

I can easily see Luvon being kind of upset, but dealing with it better than Andy.

ID: 995b1  No.3848

>I heard the reason Luvon dumped him was because he would flip out almost every time she made a male friend.

He's super hardcore insecure about himself to a point that he can't maintain a healthy relationship with someone? No way. That's the worst though. I've dated girls that would flip out because I still maintained contact with other females. It's insulting and the insecure person doesn't even realize it.

When you get really upset at your partner for making a friend with someone of the opposite sex, you're effectively accusing them of being unable to control themselves. Talk about sabotaging your love interest.

Hell, being a humongous prick about it might even drive the girl to do exactly what you fear. It's so stupid.

Most people won't change even if they do sincerely recognize they have a problem. That's why it's never good to go into a relationship treating someone like they're an old house that needs to be fixed up. Doesn't work that way.

ID: eda95  No.3853

well apparently in a stream he mentioned that if he doesn't get a big enough audience for roomies at some point, then he'll end it early and start up another webcomic.

ID: 28020  No.3854

And so the cycle continues

ID: c6fd8  No.3855

File: 1441779083450.png (107.69 KB, 540x223, tumblr_nueao6jUGe1rx4viwo1….png)

So he's looking for a colorist. What are the chances it was Luvon who colored his comic?

ID: 5af3c  No.3858


I'm trying really hard not to blatantly take joy from his misery but I'm not succeeding very well.

ID: eda95  No.3866

File: 1441817674326.jpg (615.32 KB, 780x1088, akroom-074.jpg)

Of course he would get bullied

ID: 995b1  No.3867

Laguna Gems High School? Why even try to hide it if you're gonna use such a terrible name? He lives in Laguna Hills, California.

ID: 5f87f  No.3888


>a big enough audience

He'd have to be more specific, how big are we talking here?

Aaaaaaah who am I kidding, he'll most likely drop it anyway like he did before. That's why I don't see Dicky boy ever succeeding in professional industry, he lacks the commitment and attention necessary to keep the project rolling.

ID: 4a3a6  No.3889


He wants it to be as big as TwoKinds or at least LL. Also he wants his patreon to be in the thousands, or something like Chalo's ($800 per page).

The problem is that he wants that to happen in matter of months. He was surprised it hasn't gone that way already. Dude is so full of himself he thought the comic would become famous right away just because he's drawing it.

ID: 7b375  No.3890

As big as TwoKinds, literally the most popular furry webcomic on the whole fuckin' internet? He thinks he can achieve that, and so quickly? Is he fucking high?

ID: 94862  No.3891

Oh my fuck I just realised something. Look at the last panel. "Not much of your kind 'round here" and the emphasis on "cat".

He's not just being bullied, he's being bullied by racists.

My desk has a face-shaped indent.

ID: 4a3a6  No.3892


His logic is that

>TwoKinds = famous despite being made by a nobody.

>So if done by a Internet renowned, professional animator and artist like me, it will be more famous!

He didn't said those words exactly, but he was pretty salty than comics he felt weren't "as good" had such huge followings.

ID: d64e0  No.3893


So he's jacking Las Lindas' character styles and Naylor's "species as race" thing?

What an unholy mix.

ID: 8647c  No.3894

This comic needs many things.

Racism isn't one of them. And u remember that Andy ' s mom is a dog, so I wouldn't be surprised if he uses that for more racial stuff later on.

If he even gets that far.

ID: c6b23  No.3895



Now I'm wondering if the "professional animator" this person was talking about was Andrew.

ID: 022e7  No.3896


I don't think so. Dickman is a Nintendrone, he probably orgasms over the idea of animation program on a Nintendo console.

ID: eda95  No.3920

File: 1442419206808.jpg (677.45 KB, 780x1088, akroom-075.jpg)

Once again, Racism and this comic don't mix. At all

ID: 69f1a  No.3921


Especially when it lasts half a page. This writing will not calm down for a fucking second to actually build characters or plot. Just rushing around to cover so much unnecessary shit.

ID: 995b1  No.3922

I've never met a teenager that used the word rash in a context that wasn't medical.

ID: d64e0  No.3923


Don't do a comic about racism if you're too chicken to even use the word "racist".

ID: be3f7  No.3932

Damn speciesists.

ID: eda95  No.4015

File: 1443024619980.jpg (668.08 KB, 780x1088, akroom-076.jpg)

ID: 066d9  No.4018

File: 1443037465964.jpg (37.55 KB, 400x366, Ow_the_edge.jpg)


the giraffe guy…

ID: 0fe3a  No.4022


About that Tv tropes page…

>Art Evolution: Look at the older comics, and look at the ones on the main page. You'll notice the great leap in quality.

>you'll notice the great leap in quality
>great leap in quality

Is that a joke ?

ID: eda95  No.4023

File: 1443113348054.jpg (480.64 KB, 780x1184, akroom-009-b5cdb54.jpg)


>The great leap in quality.

Yeah I don't see it. Not sure who would think andy's fuck up nose sure was a great leap in quality.

I still can't get over stuff like this

>All There in the Manual: How the main characters met can be seen in the "Other" section of the website.

When the cast page isn't even up yet.

and lets not forget

>Unlucky Everydude: Andy

Living in what seems to be a nice place with 2 hot girls is totally unlucky.

ID: 7b375  No.4024

Uh… I don't get it, what exactly makes him edgy?

ID: cc98c  No.4025


It's extremely obvious that most if not all of the article was written by Dickman.

I really encourage others to try and make it a bit more… well-rounded.

ID: eda95  No.4026

File: 1443128999865.png (60.51 KB, 585x177, dickman vs shadman.PNG)

i guess…dickman vs shadman is happening now?

ID: d64e0  No.4027


Have you kinda noticed a pattern with Dickman?

>acts pissy

"I am not being pissy!"

>acts butthurt

"Why are you so butthurt?!"

>becomes obsessed with someone

"Why are you so obsessed with me?!"

ID: 066d9  No.4028


Considering his dialogue, his "jealous/rejected mope" in the last panel, or the fact that he immediately excused himself upon meeting Andy. He's intended to be a rival for Miranda

it's quite clear that this guy is/will be an edgelord who exists only to eventually job to Andy.

I'm starting to get annoyed with this. the male characters have two degrees, Andy support squad, or flat out asshole.

and hey I could be wrong, but can we have a male character who's not and ass? like the last page, those dog boys just rolled on Andy without even knowing who he was.

Characters like that only exist to make a character look good.

I'm just tired of seeing Andy do nothing.

He means well. We all know this, but can he just be proactive about something? Prior to the art switch it wasn't so bad, but now it seems to be dialed up to 11.

Sorry for the slight tangent, but I'm willing to bet money that this new guy is a "rival" for Miranda.

ID: 995b1  No.4029

He's dick in plain sight. Just look at his name.

ID: 7acf3  No.4034

Unless I'm missing something, this seems more like shad trying to be funny than something out of spite and "butthurt" like dickman assumes.

Though lately if it's not something like this, then it's him crying about how luvon wants him to leave her alone

ID: d64e0  No.4046


Dickman thinks anything about his beloved Megaman he doesn't like is a direct attack on him personally.

It's like a slice of Dobson sprinkled with a light grating of Chris-chan.

ID: 4eaa4  No.4055

File: 1443301848204.png (694.32 KB, 680x880, tumblr_nuph221yYQ1rx4viwo4….png)


Throw his Roomies characters into the gangbang, and possibly that Pixels bunny too (like theycallhimcake's Cassie all over again, she's begging to get plowed with that busty design!). Love to see AWD's reaction to THAT as well.

One can dream…..

ID: eda95  No.4081

File: 1443589064301.png (15.26 KB, 588x123, Shad response.PNG)

Well Shad responded.

ID: fd56b  No.4087


Rekt 'im? Damn near killed 'im.

ID: 69f1a  No.4089

File: 1443633213439.jpg (714.77 KB, 780x1088, akroom-077[1].jpg)

I'm not sure, but I think this is supposed to be a DUN DUN DUN climactic moment?

I just don't know who that is walking in the door. Is it the model recruiter guy's assistant? That was like…over a year ago.

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