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File: 1443654771611.png (47.19 KB, 636x409, pebble has joined the braw….PNG)

ID: 077bc  No.4092[View All]

I'd say it doesn't feel like a tense moment will happen since the assistant duck girl was much nicer than he was.

Also PsychicPebbles has caught wind of the thing with shadman and dickman
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ID: d8181  No.5532

Where's the huge-t&a-edits-guy when you need him?

ID: a6cdc  No.5533


I'm here! Just… really busy with game modding work, and that involves T&A as well!

ID: b63b7  No.5541

File: 1456330776097.jpg (620.9 KB, 780x1088, akroom-095.jpg)

time for more racial issues in roomies. Because everyone loves that.

ID: a6cdc  No.5543


Has anyone noticed how oblong-shaped Andy's head is in this page?

ID: c4063  No.5548


I think I see what you mean, perhaps to accommodate his increased eye height?

ID: b63b7  No.5627

File: 1456935876511.jpg (567.49 KB, 780x1088, akroom-096.jpg)

Well…this happened.

ID: 61d6d  No.5628

File: 1456936755769.gif (553.69 KB, 295x221, thats-me-im-out.gif)

That's me, I'm done. Again.

The ridiculous heavy-handedness of this combined with the fact that it still seems to all be carefully engineered to make Smashed Face The Cat out to be a bigger woobie than before is just… that's just too much, man.

ID: 0e89b  No.5629

Racism is a serious issue and while it is admirable to try a n d bring it up, this comes off as racism by someone who's never experienced it, or spoken to someone who has.

It's too extreme to be relatable.

ID: 2cb0c  No.5630



He just had his self-insert character claim the pathos of suffering racial hatred violence.


ID: 61d6d  No.5631

I particularly liked the bit where he decided the correct way to go about this pathos was to have his self-insert's mother murdered in a racist hate-crime. Subtle like a jackhammer.

ID: a1c69  No.5634

First off, racism doesn't really belong in roomies in the first place. Like the art style and tone of the comic keep it from being taken seriously.

And even if he did decide to keep it in, hell, just being called names as a kid a few times would have been enough.

This whole thing of "my mom got killed in a racist hate crime" seems like a bad attempt at drama and making us feel bad for Andy.

There are other questions like why didn't they think about moving somewhere else after experiencing that kind of racism before the mom died?

Hell, why even move there in the first place if it's that bad?

ID: e0a6b  No.5635

Oh come on. This is dumb..

ID: a6cdc  No.5644


The fact that this feels like Andrew equating his real world issues (and his own character flaws) with this sort of page makes me not want to even touch this particular page for editing. Or even all the pages with the flashback in it.

I don't know if I want to guess how this flashback ends.

ID: be092  No.5648

File: 1456985452903.gif (846.63 KB, 449x500, whatsgoinon.gif)

Oh my.

ID: 48dd8  No.5649

Y'know, this might have a little more impact if the guy this character is the self-insert for wasn't white. And if he wasn't using it solely as a cheap way to try and force us to feel sorry for the character.

ID: c4063  No.5651


Pretty much. Such a situation can still be illustrated and explored by a white person, but not if the character in question IS that person. Completely disrupts character building, one of the things that went out the window long before this strip because of the fact he's a self insert; the anti-thesis of character-viewer relations.

ID: 3e352  No.5652

File: 1456990424432.jpg (8.97 KB, 225x225, Hol-Le-Shit.jpg)

ID: be092  No.5655

Blacksad is a good example.

ID: 3ac18  No.5658

I might not have cringed so hard if this wasn't the eight trillionth thing that's supposed to make us sympathetic to Andy. We get it, he's broken and useless and everything in his life is terrible.

ID: 2f495  No.5663

Just wait. At some point we'll find out that Andy's dad had an abusive streak after his mom died or something tragic like that. I highly doubt this is the last of dickman trying to make people feel bad for his sad sack of a main character

ID: 3ac18  No.5664


Or he's now a broken alcoholic who gave up on his bakery after that and just schlubs around in some dead-end job, and that's why Andy is so scared to chase his own dreams.

ID: 61d6d  No.5665

Why not both? I bet we'll see both.

ID: be092  No.5668

Broken down alcoholic who sexually abused Andy too.

ID: 872d8  No.5684


oh lawl. Dickboy finally got to the wrong side of Tumblr.

ID: be092  No.5685

What color shirts do the tumblr fascists wear anyway?

ID: 18add  No.5686

I'm torn. On one hand dickman is a dick. On the other, baseless accusations of abuse make it harder for people to believe real abuse when it happens

ID: c4063  No.5687


Agreed, I hate the prick too but it's best to have a proper reason to hate him and not just a blind blanket of contempt thrown over his situation. Plus it'd of been much more preferable for him to actually learn something from consequences and not have a fall back on being bullied by SJWs.

ID: b63b7  No.5705

File: 1457546567527.jpg (609.49 KB, 780x1088, akroom-097.jpg)

ID: 3ac18  No.5706


Well I wasn't that far off. Also hey he remembered that giraffe was in the story at one point, woo!

ID: b63b7  No.5707

She's pretty much set to come back and be a potential love interest. Especially since it's implied that at some point Andy goofed up and they fell out

ID: be050  No.5711

I don't know who I dislike more here.

AWD or the privilege checking race hustlers of Tumblr.

ID: 2cb0c  No.5712


Why not consider both equally worthless and undeserving of oxygen?

ID: 28366  No.5713

can we at least let them kill him first before we turn off the oxygen?

ID: 9d121  No.5718

That's going too far.

ID: b63b7  No.5756

File: 1458145504046.jpg (632.75 KB, 780x1088, akroom-098.jpg)

ID: 61d6d  No.5758

That fucking nose, how does it keep getting worse? I almost feel like he's doing it to fuck with us now.

ID: c4063  No.5759


It must be where he keeps his penis bulge now. Maybe if he lets loose he'll become a penis elephant or something.

ID: be092  No.5764

It's not a nose. It's a tumor. He needs to see a doctor asap.

ID: a6cdc  No.5765

File: 1458212543231.png (134.32 KB, 361x427, hvdmjzje.png)

… Did I just go full-Shoujo on Andy?

ID: a0640  No.5841

File: 1458746088701.jpg (599.41 KB, 780x1088, akroom-099.jpg)

Third panel hints at lycanthropy, and so he hides in his room before he becomes a five-fingered human SJW…

ID: 57fc2  No.6276

So I guess his comic went on hiatus again? I feel like hell take a year long break again for this

ID: 2cb0c  No.6277


He needs to meet another heartsweet before he can reboot it again.

ID: d2a64  No.6278


I am pretty sure he'd just piss off whatever supporters he has left if he tried to reboot the comic again. He's trying to play it safe for now.

ID: de083  No.6917

>last update was 4 months ago

So it's safe to say the comic is dead in the water again. Color me fucking surprised (not).

ID: 9b465  No.6918

yep. at least for the rest of the year most likely.

ID: 2cb0c  No.6924

Incoming reboot!

ID: 56806  No.6925

this time, Swain and Mary Ann are Andy's childhood friends, and he mad a promise to marry one of them only he can't remember which one

ID: 7966f  No.6928

And then it turns out it was Mary-Ann, but for some fucked up reason, he chooses NOT to go with the girl who treats him far better.

ID: 5778f  No.6932

File: 1470597031840.png (463.77 KB, 939x964, lolwat.png)

>this is a character I made years ago XD

Sure AWD, sure.

ID: 86762  No.12633

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