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File: 1443654771611.png (47.19 KB, 636x409, pebble has joined the braw….PNG)

ID: 077bc  No.4092[Last 50 Posts]

I'd say it doesn't feel like a tense moment will happen since the assistant duck girl was much nicer than he was.

Also PsychicPebbles has caught wind of the thing with shadman and dickman

ID: 75d48  No.4094

Can anyone here tell me about who Shad and this PsychicPebbles is?

I'm familiar about Oney through Game Grumps, but that's about it.

ID: 08246  No.4095


Shad is an artist that manages his own website and specializes in porn, for the most part.

PsychicPebbles is an animator in the same vein as Oney and Egoraptor.

ID: 57507  No.4109


Yeah, Shadman does porn. Largely down-and-dirty deliberately offensive porn… like, it'd be 2edgy4u if he took it seriously, which he doesn't seem to at any point.

Getting offended by Shadman is like getting offended by… well, South Park.

ID: 08246  No.4110

File: 1443735536706.png (48.87 KB, 633x337, qDzDo99.png)

The levels of cringe his Twitter feed produces are unreal.

We know he's all broken up about it, but to mention it on Twitter and explicitly bring Daggy into the conversation as opposed to just saying 'I'm depressed' is just awkward.

ID: 077bc  No.4111

I think he just wants sympathy now. For someone to come along, jerk him off, and tell him things will be alright.

Meanwhile you don't see any of this from Daggy's twitter. Either she's gotten over it quicker than he has or she's keeping how she feels about the breakup off of twitter, like a smart person

ID: 4e535  No.4120

I wonder how he feels about her Patreon doing twice as well as his in half the time and a tenth the apparent effort.

ID: be092  No.4121

Just a little salty, I bet.

ID: 57507  No.4122


Thus the "I fell in love with years ago" rather than just saying he misses her.

He's trying to imply she changed (for the worse) and that's why they're no longer together.

ID: be092  No.4126

True that. haha

ID: 077bc  No.4161

File: 1444234244245.jpg (700.04 KB, 780x1088, akroom-078.jpg)

ID: 4e535  No.4163


Why's she scared of the assistant? It's the guy himself who yelled at Mary and told her she was talentless, the assistant tried to help (ineffectually, but that's the order of the day on this comic).

ID: 2aa0a  No.4165

For tension, I guess?

ID: 2cb7a  No.4168


Honestly Mary-Ann should be the lead protagonist. She has a goal, she's interested, and shows character that's not not mopey

ID: 79887  No.4169


She easily could if it weren't for the terrible mistake of Dickman inserting himself into the comic. He'd be unable to take a side role without his ego getting in the way even though his character's inadequacy is better suited for it.

The only thing I'll ever give him credit for is not having a character who's essentially god. But damn he needs some backbone.

ID: 57507  No.4172

>The only thing I'll ever give him credit for is not having a character who's essentially god.

I think even he knows that he wouldn't get any admiration or respect for that. But he does think he can get secondhand pity and sympathy via his sad sack self-insert.

ID: 2cb7a  No.4203


it'd hard to care about someone that does put forth the effort. People who are constantly putting themselves down don't attract any admirers

people are attracted to charisma, not self pity.

ID: 077bc  No.4207

File: 1444779183630.jpg (81.53 KB, 599x781, CROtb92UEAAEVfw.jpg)

ID: 4b270  No.4212

Ride the tiger !
You can see its stripes but you know she's clean
Oh don't see you what I mean ( ° ʖ °)

ID: 077bc  No.4213

File: 1444836272357.jpg (705.39 KB, 780x1088, akroom-079.jpg)

ID: 6e27c  No.4214


In that second panel, is she talking about her boss or her creator?

ID: be092  No.4218


ID: a4b1f  No.4220



I think he wants to appear as the guy who tries his best but life always tosses a wrench in his plans. The underdog that people root for.

only it doesn't work.

ID: 31495  No.4225

Think I might try writing a story with the roomies characters for fun. Any lewd or non lewd ideas?

ID: 9f12b  No.4226

Mary Ann cuck Andy with Brutus.

ID: 1fe0e  No.4230

Lewd it up! Suggestion(s): Mary Ann the porn star or Swirly making money as an escort.

ID: de1df  No.4233


Mary Ann is about to insist on sex with Andy, because he's way too nice and shy to ever pressure her that way but omg he's about to get sex!

When suddenly a pair of massive horsemen burst into the room. One grabs Mary Ann, one grabs Andy. The one holding Mary Ann starts plowing her like a field, and she's soon yowling about being addicted to horsecock.

A couple of minutes later, so is Andy.

… I'm in a weird mood.

ID: 79887  No.4234


I actually approve. It's like the biggest wake-up call to provide, and even the sexiest.

Oh and both sides of the sexual spectrum come out happy.

ID: be092  No.4242

I like where this is going.

ID: 077bc  No.4243


If you're gonna cuck Andy, then it'd probably work better with Miranda

I'd like to see Mary Ann the porn star, and something with her big little sister too.

Is swain also taking the D, or is she just not there at all?

ID: 077bc  No.4272

File: 1445439791143.jpg (786.82 KB, 780x1088, akroom-080.jpg)

ID: a0b91  No.4273


He's trying to do the "delicious drawn food" thing but he's too lazy to put the necessary detail into it so it winds up just being "vaguely appealing collection of general shapes and colors".

ID: f394f  No.4274

I swear everyone on this thread will criticize and shread every single thing he does in his comic omg.

Go puke on some Las lindas, I don't know.

ID: 7d251  No.4275

Why Las Lindas? What does that have to do with anything?

ID: 6e4bf  No.4276

its cause hes full of himself, and this comic really shows hes really full of himself.

Like the food, the focus WAS ON THE FOOD, thus it should of have been given details to show how good it is. Thing is, its just feels half assed which sorta just works for his comic

ID: 79887  No.4277


It's kind of what went on with Naylor, he was the kind of guy just asking to be shat on, from political/philosophical views to his odd taste in licking 'doughnuts'). His Mary Sue was pretty much the opposite of Andy.

Unlike Naylor however, this guy is full of himself yet he lacks confidence in his mary sue, and hence himself. There is arrogant dumbass neanderthal who's opposing views don't even threaten him or his lifestyle, and then there is whiny little bitch who is too blind to realize his options and thinks the world is shitting on him. The latter would be more preferable IF ONLY HE'D GET ON WITH IT, never dangle the carrot on the stick too far from sight or else it loses it's allure. And my how he has already made that mistake by cancelling and restarting the comic multiple times.

As for the art, I don't mind that food much. But he really needs to correct his sue's nose, that lump is the kind of thing you just want to correct by punching it back into his skull where his nose will inevitably correct itself for the better. And the comic would get better if he did just that, it won't make him beautiful or anything but it'd make him easier to look at (and that counts for a lot in art).

ID: a0b91  No.4278


Calm down, Andy.

ID: 73b7c  No.4279

File: 1445462133622.gif (944.03 KB, 500x269, giphy.gif)

Samefag here, I am not Andy, and I aknowledge the various flaws of this comic. Heck, I don't even like it save for Mary Ann (like everyone else).
But this just feels like an public lynching. Even if there's nothing to criticize, someone will find something.
I don't know, yeah the food isn't top notch drawing, but so is his artstyle. Did you excepted some FoodPorn like in Miyazaki's movies ? gif related.

(Pardon my french, also I don't care that much about the author)

ID: 2cb0c  No.4280


Calm down, Andy.

ID: 2cb0c  No.4281

Actually, you know what, this is bugging me a little so let me address it:

It is given a huge, giant focus on the page. It is clearly intended to invoke a sense of deliciousness, like the reader is supposed to think "Oh damn, that makes me hungry, I want to eat that." However:

* The main dish is essentially just a cylinder with a swirl drawn on the top of it. As in, it looks drawn-on even within the confines of the comic. It has no depth and no attachment to the dish, because it's just a layer applied halfheartedly in photoshop. It should be sunk in and have a texture to it.

* Speaking of the main dish, what is it? Toast? A cinnamon roll? It's much closer in look and appearance to a cinnamon roll, but it's apparently french toast. But again, since it's a largely uniform shape, with no folds, no attachment point, no crust, even if it does look like food it looks like some batter that was injected into a mold by a machine. Hardly salivating home cooking.

* The fruit is also a thrown-together collection of broad planes, shaded like he glanced at an actual still life rather than using a real light source. The butter sits awkwardly, because it too is just a layer applied in photoshop. You have berries the size of apples, and a white turd pile that's supposed to be whipped cream but apparently absorbs a separate gradient of light and has no actual folds.

And you know what all of that is? It's a fucking art critique. Because it's a webcomic and it's a visual medium, and if you can't call out someone on trying to follow a trend but then being a lazy-ass fucker about it and just doing a half-assed job on the art without some whiny cunt coming along and howling that you're being mean, well you know what, fuck you, I'm going to do it anyway and you can just fucking go die somewhere.

ID: be092  No.4282

File: 1445495172297.jpg (25.03 KB, 580x326, MoonBeamPizzazz.jpg)

I offer this image to accompany this post.

ID: 55524  No.4284

File: 1445497756027.png (1.14 MB, 780x1088, IsntADinerAboutMoreThanJus….png)


I'm rather busy at this moment, but I feel that this very quick edit and it's filename is relevant to the latest page.

Count on me to visit this page again for the true Bigtits-Sama treatment someday!

ID: 1163c  No.4285

File: 1445499885391.jpg (632.2 KB, 780x1088, try.jpg)

I think the main issue right now is that the colorist is not making sense of what the line art is saying.

A good colorist will work with the line art not fight it

as an example it is clear Andrew wanted that the panel 4 be the main focus of the comic page but the colorist blew it by just coloring like well the rest of the fucking page

there is nothing that makes your eyes focus on that panel.

I did this in less time than I wrote this. I am no colorist but I tried to explain what I mean

ID: 7fe60  No.4286


It seems you've also upped the contrast on the rest of the page in general, which is actually makes the page pop out a lot more.

ID: 73b7c  No.4287

Nothing wrong with art critique, but I don't see you you criticize the lack of value/contrast and the samefaces/angles of "El goonish shive" for exemple ;)

But you will shit on every single page of this webcomic and even insult those who call you out for it.
Oh and I don't care about you being "mean" you can waste your time as you please ;)
It's a remake of the tom preston thread on ED2, unless less funny and more pathetic.(USER WAS SENT BACK TO TUMBLR FOR THIS POST)

ID: 61d6d  No.4288

File: 1445509042694.jpeg (59.88 KB, 560x432, haha_oh_wow.jpeg)

>crying about people being mean to Tom Preston as well

ID: 1a8f7  No.4289


Oh hi Dickman.

ID: 04cb1  No.4291

You people do realize that someone can defend this comic without being him, right?

And before some smartass gives that same reply to me, I don't like this comic either.(USER WAS ANDREW DICKMAN FOR THIS POST)

ID: a0b91  No.4292


The idea that anyone would defend Tom Preston at this point is mind-boggling.

I mean all the other shit he does aside, he's the guy that told Zelda Williams to "calm [her] tits" on the anniversary of her father's death.

ID: 34b71  No.4293

>Eggs Benedict
>American Bacon
Seriously? Do you even breakfast?

ID: 73080  No.4296


U-um… No? Did I do something wrong?

ID: 4e535  No.4297


Methinks by the use of "American Bacon", >>4293 is European–likely from the UK?–a location wherein the idea of such a thing being a quality breakfast is rather alien.


The colouration's been touched on, but part of the problem as I see it is that the cartoonish stylings of the comic don't translate properly to something that we're supposed to interpret as delicious–it has to look like real food or we're just not going to make the connection. The dish here looks like something from a Spumco short. all garish colours and lumps. On top of that, we did this page once before just with a mostly okay piece of cheesecake, and even then the punchline that's wedged in is awful and forced.


I know I risk sanity by saying such, but who's Tom Preston and why should I care?

ID: 73080  No.4298


Ah. I didn't know that, my breakfast meals tend to consist of Asian foods. I just thought that Eggs Benedict would be something I'd see in a Diner.

ID: a0b91  No.4299


An aging manchild who's best known for doing a lot of bad inflation art and a lot of badly-written comics fetishizing lesbians. In recent years he's taken to hardcore pandering to SJWs in an attempt to ingratiate himself with their audience.

Think of him as a lot of the worst aspects of Chris-chan, Ryan Sohmer, Jay Naylor, and your typical internet white knight all rolled into one failcake and baked in a loseroven.

ID: 34b71  No.4300

It's made with Canadian bacon you PLEBEIAN!

ID: 34b71  No.4301

Also, I am from New Jersey, but both my parents are chefs so we know our food.

ID: 4e535  No.4302


Oh, so like RH Junior, only someone still apparently cares enough to bring him up.


Well yes, but usually that's -in- the stack, not next to it. Relax, it's just pixels, yo. :D

ID: 34b71  No.4303



ID: 6e4bf  No.4304

AND this is how it works, and I'm sure andy could of at least talked to the colourist before posting the page but its andy

ID: 9a7ec  No.4305

If there's one thing I've learned from being here, it's that when you post text, don't disagree with the site's party line.

Which is why I almost never talk around here. It's worth more to just sit and watch the porn than attempt to say anything.

ID: 6e4bf  No.4306

You can as long as you don't out right go after em.

ID: be092  No.4307

I suppose we can credit him for not abandoning the comic yet.

ID: e9105  No.4313

Hey, so, eggs Benedict is better with American bacon anyway. Just putting that out there.

ID: 077bc  No.4345

File: 1446045865107.jpg (835.69 KB, 780x1088, akroom-081.jpg)

ID: 010cc  No.4348


This is stiff and awkward but otherwise not really worth commenting on.

ID: 1163c  No.4350

again the problems are not the lines but the color choices, the food looks like it has mold

ID: 077bc  No.4393

File: 1446659216041.jpg (715.35 KB, 780x1088, akroom-082.jpg)

ID: 4e535  No.4394


Fucking hells, learn to dialogue bubble. I can't tell who the hell is talking in some of these panels.

ID: 010cc  No.4395

File: 1446663260468.gif (1009 KB, 500x213, 1-star-wars-quotes.gif)

ID: be092  No.4404

Would you like some comic with your speech bubbles?

ID: ccee8  No.4405

now this page the colors are almost good still werid on a few points like the eyes. but good. Now the word bubbles oh god…

Here is a part of an interview done to Alan Moore (yeah that Alan Moore)

Now, this is basically something that I took from Mort Weisinger, who was the harshest and most brutal –

DW: DC editor?

AM: - of the DC editors during the ‘60s.

DW: Bit of a tyrant from what I hear.

AM: Oh Christ, he was a monster, I remember Julie Schwarz telling me – who was a lovely man – he told me about Mort Weisinger's funeral – and this was probably just an old Jewish joke that he'd adapted – for Mort Weisinger – but he said that apparently during Jewish funerals there's a part where people can stand up and spontaneously will say a few words about the departed – personal tributes, things like that. So it's Mort Weisinger's funeral, and it gets to this bit in the funeral and there's absolute dead silence, and the silence just goes on and on and on and nobody gets up and says anything and eventually this guy at the back of the synagogue gets up and says: “His brother was worse!” (laughter).

But anyway, Mort Weisinger, because he was the toughest of the editors, I thought: “Alright, I'll take his standard as the strictest”. What he said was: if you've got 6 panels on a page, then the maximum number of words that you should have in each panel, is 35. No more. That's the maximum. 35 words per panel. Also, if a balloon has more than 20 or 25 words in it, it's gonna look too big. 25 words is the absolute maximum for balloon size. Right, once you've taken on board those two simple rules, laying out comics pages – it gives you somewhere to start – you sort of know: “OK, so 6 panels, 35 words a panel, that means about 210 words per page maximum”.

DW: And if you've got one panel you'd have 210…

AM:…and if you've got 2 panels you'd have 105 each. If you've got 9 panels it's about 23-24 words – that'll be about the right balance of words and pictures. So that is why I obsessively count all the words, to make sure that I'm not gonna overwhelm the pictures, that I'm not gonna make – oh, I've seen some terrible comic writing where the balloons are huge, cover the entire of the background –

and this is a perfect example of what happens when you put so many words on it

full article here


ID: b63b7  No.4482

File: 1447257864679.jpg (683.28 KB, 780x1088, akroom-083.jpg)

ID: 131cf  No.4483


>what did she see in Mary

the mark of the Mary Sue?

ID: 89329  No.4485


I mean the name's already halfway there.

Nothing in this is original, certainly not his "cute, quirky sweetheart" character.

ID: bd1fe  No.4486

No now credit where credit is due this page is actually pretty good lines and color go well. the unsaturated pics to show whats a flashback is good. Personaly I would have gone with a sepia toning on the flashbacks but that is my personal choice there. but still pretty decent page.

you can proceed to stone me to death now

ID: 89329  No.4488


No, the art is… competent on this page, though the character is off-model to how he typically draws her in the main focus.

This time it's the characterization and storytelling that are the major suck.

ID: b63b7  No.4489

Nah, the art is passable this time. It's just that while this doesn't completely ruin her, it still doesn't help her character because when you have the scene of "Character that never goes out of their way to give a complement ends up giving one of the main characters a complement about how they could be like them one day." then it gives off the feeling that we're supposed to see Mary-Ann as special.
Something that's so common, it's easy to get sick of.

I would have liked it if maybe she had seen Gloria swan on TV or a magazine with other models and that inspired her where the same probably happened to many other girls. It gets the point across of why she wants to be a model without trying to tell is that we're supposed to think that Mary Ann is special in some mysterious way.

ID: 82483  No.4490


Oh hey, the only thing that I can see to discern the younger Mary Ann with the older one is the bust size. It's almost like the character design shift is relying on cute & exaggerated hairline tall eyes to make up for the quicker made drawings that skimp on decent proportions.

Narrative-wise, Roomies continues to commit faulty story-telling. Gloria-who? A character who has never showed up or been mentioned until now, who is famous (but we wouldn't know unless the characters mentioned about it of course), compliments Mary Ann in cutouts of flashbacks that's glanced over and exposited about.
Very clunky, and could of been improved just by devoting a couple, shoot even just one page of a flashback. It's not like Roomies is unfamiliar with doing that.
Really, the dialogue could of been fine if the context wasn't literally in just this single page. Foreshadow, give examples and present something before explaining, otherwise all the info comes off as offhanded.

ID: f0df0  No.4492

> it gives off the feeling that we're supposed to see Mary-Ann as special.
> Something that's so common, it's easy to get sick of.

Agreed completely. I think what gets me the most about it is how it's treated as some big dramatic beat, like 'oh this celebrity is sparse with praise, obviously this girl must be something special' as opposed to 'this celebrity visited a small town during a harvest festival and gave a starstruck kid some encouraging words because she's nice'.

Maybe she's actually not all that nice normally. Maybe she's a huge bitch and any kind words do make someone special. Who knows? We sure don't. Which is exactly what >>4490 was saying.

ID: 12098  No.4523

File: 1447768921864.png (703.42 KB, 900x1500, blue rabbit.png)

ID: b63b7  No.4546

File: 1447863820640.jpg (809.73 KB, 780x1088, akroom-084.jpg)

ID: 6543a  No.4553


Can we be done with the whole "let's all stroke Mary Ann's ego" thing now?

Not that I'm in a hurry to get back to "let's all pity Andy", but.

ID: b63b7  No.4557

>Our Choices are
>"Let's Stroke Mary Ann's Ego"
>"Let's pity Andy and watch him flail all over the place while trying to pass him off as lovable!"
>"Let's watch Swain and her generic group of gamer girls give her advice on how to get into Andy's personal matters ."

Wow…when you think about it, the choices aren't too good all around.

ID: 87c80  No.4597

which one would have us complaining the least then?

ID: 2cb0c  No.4598


All the characters die and Dickman devotes his life to God.

ID: b63b7  No.4609

File: 1448467620850.jpg (724.64 KB, 780x1088, akroom-085.jpg)

ID: 87c80  No.4611

that will just make him reboot the series but with overtly christian tones though :V

ID: be092  No.4612

That's a pretty glossy business card.

ID: be050  No.4615

Someone should re-write all the pages with better dialog like with that Ghost Stories series.

ID: b63b7  No.4661

File: 1449074538771.jpg (591.21 KB, 780x1088, akroom-086.jpg)

We now go back to everyone's lovable protag and his constantly fucked up nose.

I guess its time for Foxy Frozen nips to appear outside of a picture andy somehow managed to take.

god that still bothers me.

ID: ada41  No.4662


That nose really does look like someone punched it concave.

ID: be092  No.4664

Does his hair change color based on stress levels?

ID: 2cb0c  No.4666

>based on his heart level, which is down to almost zero

ID: be092  No.4672

If it was animated, it would be flashing like an Nintendo boss at low HP?

ID: 99988  No.4724

So is there any actual chance that dickman can improve and this comic can actually get better and become interesting?

Chances of that seem slim since dickman doesn't seem to be able to take criticism well.

ID: 7fd66  No.4731


There's always a chance that almost anything could happen.

Considering how long this pattern of behavior has continued, however, it's ridiculously unlikely.

ID: 251df  No.4742


The fuck is wrong with Cherrie's sleeves there? They look like some wings or panels sticking out of her arms.

ID: 0b747  No.4744

File: 1449682139829.jpg (695.13 KB, 780x1088, akroom-087.jpg)

Aw, no more frozen nips.

Anyway I'm going to assume that she's acting nice because she knows he was in her room and might be trying to catch him off guard, since she's supposed to not really like him in the first place.

And I wish he could talk to someone without freaking out on some level

ID: 7fd66  No.4745


Her eyes are higher than that, Andy.

ID: be092  No.4747

I wonder what kind of mental disorder he has.

ID: 0f32c  No.4757


A case of being a whiny, self-deprecating bitch, just like his creator.

ID: fe529  No.4760

I still can't believe people pointed out how weird Andy's nose looks and he pretty much just ignored it.

And I'm still bugged by how Mary Ann seems to be going down this "there's something super special about her!" route.

Andy getting by wouldn't be so bad of he kinda tried and didn't just awkward flail around. It's like the guy can't talk to anyone without being a nervous wreck.

Swain is just there to fill the gamer girl quota.

ID: 0e89b  No.4781

File: 1450285424698.jpg (416.73 KB, 780x1088, holiday.jpg)

won't be finding out what happens next until 2016

ID: b63b7  No.4809

File: 1450622130488.png (53.52 KB, 630x550, mary ann riding.png)

Here it is, Roomies porn

ID: a6cdc  No.4894

File: 1451318949247.png (956.82 KB, 780x1088, 1451318878435.png)

Testing out Medibang Paint on my tablet.

Don't you just want to boop that nose?!

ID: e6463  No.4915

So, I'm not the only one that noticed dickman decided to make up a new fursona that goes around wanting to bang a bunch of ocs after he and Luvon split, am i?

ID: 3ac18  No.4916

File: 1451508543155.png (233.93 KB, 505x699, 1451372426.themadcatter_de….png)


Ayep. And he chose to put out a gender-flipped version, but gave her a stronking immense phallus so she could boink the ladies too.

ID: 2cb0c  No.4917


Still, at least this is a type of self-indulgence that potentially offers something to others.

ID: 54c29  No.4918


This might sound weird, but I find this far, far less annoying than Andy. At his fursona isn't a walking underdog anime stereotype with unnecessary drama built into into it.

ID: 0e89b  No.4920


I really don't want to think that that's the reason but you planted that seed and now i gotta deal with it.

ID: a6cdc  No.4923

File: 1451572367211.png (1.06 MB, 780x1088, 1451572339210.png)

Silly boy, you need to stop being so flustered!

his face in panel 1

ID: 2cb0c  No.4931


While you were at it, should've rewritten the dialog to be about having a threesome.

But lawd, just fixing the nose is such a relief, beyond the beloved casual megaboobs.

ID: a6cdc  No.4933


There's that, but I think my bigger mistake was forgetting to replace "Murder Kombo X" with "JayJay's Weird Shenanigans: Visions of Paradise".

Although to be fair, I also don't know the typeface Andrew is using, and he wouldn't be keen on sharing the name of it with me any time soon. If anyone here knows which one it is, I'd highly appreciate it!

ID: b63b7  No.4977

File: 1452097291768.jpg (639.69 KB, 780x1088, akroom-088.jpg)

we now return to everyone's favorite protagonist.

and I feel like he's trying to imply that when Andy got drunk and went into her room, something more happened than just him taking a picture of her.

ID: 2cb0c  No.4978


That fingertip on his nose looks like she's about to slide it up and down like a button on a control board.

ID: 08246  No.5013

File: 1452671073259.png (102.4 KB, 648x859, Screenshot_1.png)

Not sure if this is the right thread for this, but this just came up in my Tumblr feed.

ID: 0e89b  No.5014

Same thing… And holy shit…im speechless.

Speechless and incredibly uncomfortable…

ID: 08246  No.5015


For those that want the link referenced in the Tumblr post.


It's a copy-paste copy of some pretty intense emails between Andy and Daggy.

ID: a6cdc  No.5016


I've signal-boosted it on Tumblr, but I couldn't explicitly use Andrew's name as a hashtag for fear of direct reprisal from him. I honestly should've expected he was disgusting to this extent.

ID: a6cdc  No.5017


I can't copy this in any form whatsoever, read-only… anyone here who can do the honors?

ID: 0e89b  No.5018


That's the thing. Usually if someone acts out, you just assume that they are just being immature… You never really expect…abuse.

ID: a6cdc  No.5019


Especially when the immature *are* just being immature too many times to notice something worse.

ID: a6cdc  No.5024

ID: 114b0  No.5026


I don't want to be that guy, but:

>he said she said incident like in Zaush's case

>claims of rape on tumblr
>no police contact after supposed rape

And yeah, I'm aware that many rape victims do not report it to the cops.

I always figured AWD is a scumbag, but until more concrete evidence comes out, besides claims from someone who broke up with him, and is quite obviously pissed off at him, I am gonna remain neutral on this one.

ID: 08246  No.5032


If we're being specific about this, this is less a claim of rape and more a claim of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. That said, I'm not here to split hairs on what AWD's being accused of.

The cynic in me is making me look at both sides with at least a little bit of skepticism, but I'm tempted to give Daggy the benefit of a doubt. She's always come off as fairly level-headed and, IIRC, she broke it off with AWD because he was supposedly too unstable and emotionally abusive.

Plus, between the occasional spouts I've seen on his Twitter and some of the stuff that pops up on deviantART and Furaffinity, AWD sometimes comes off as someone who flies off the handle with emotions or who'd look at the world (or, at the very least, a relationship) in such a pathetic way. That said, I never imagined him to be the type to do what Daggy described.

ID: b63b7  No.5035

File: 1452701948501.jpg (720.58 KB, 780x1088, akroom-089.jpg)

and here we go, that classic tsundere action! "Instead of talking to you like a normal adult, I'm going to punch you in the face as soon as I see you without giving you a chance to talk!"


Jesus christ…

I think the thing here is that we all know that him being super obsessed with his internet status isn't out of the question, on top of him flying off the handle over the smallest shit and thinking that the world is out to get him.

As far as the Miu thing goes, if the guy hated his guts like he claimed, then why bother asking for him to give your comic a shout out in the first place? If someone hates you then it's a pretty safe bet that they won't help you out.

ID: f9ccf  No.5037

Really? You think you're being a healthy skeptic by completely dismissing Luvon's allegations? I mean, if these had come out against someone you liked or admired, it would be difficult to believe at first, but AWD is a person who is almost universally loathed on this board and others.

OK, in the absence of hard evidence of verbal abuse, physical abuse, rape, and stalking (someone else post), let's look at circumstantial events instead:

He treats everyone like shit, he refuses to take responsibility for his actions, he gets angry at his own fans constantly, he asks other artists to reblog/retweet his work but then gets really mad when they refuse, he immediately started posting nasty shit about Luvon as soon as they had broken up, and he's inserted his disgusting self into a story where a bunch of bad shit happens to little ol' Andy for no reason and every other male in the universe is a douche.

Also someone dumped an email thread where the person posting it mentioned that her own boyfriend was very sick, and AWD said something along the lines of "If he dies, I could be your boyfriend"

Do I need to go on? I mean, obviously, none of this would be deemed relevant to a trial if Luvon decided to press charges, but this isn't a court. This a discussion among people unrelated to him and about how much can we trust this guy that we already think is a slimeball?

ID: 61d6d  No.5039

On this whole new thing: I'm not all that surprised. I've had personal and observed interactions with AWD before and he's always come off as that one insecure teenager that tries to drum up sympathy in the worst of ways, and whose every interaction with a member of the opposite sex drips with barely hidden manipulativeness. And he never grew out of that phase.

He's apparently seen the two tumblr posts now (from Luvon and Luckypan) so I await the impending meltdown.

ID: 114b0  No.5040


Where did I say I am completely dismissing her claims? I am just stating my opinion on the matter. I never said he didn't sexually abuse her or anything; I repeat, AWD has a history of being a creepy fuck towards girls and it's a fact. For all we know he could've abused her. But who is to say Luvon isn't acting out of some spur-of-the-moment frustration and anger, out for revenge because AWD slighted her in some way?

ID: 114b0  No.5041


To add on this: I dislike AWD as much as everyone else here, but I am not gonna let my personal bias cloud my judgment or opinion about this case.

Why do you think police officers/investigators who happen to have a grudge against the suspect are usually pulled off the case/investigation? Because more often than not, their bias/prejudice overcomes their senses and they go out of their way to condemn the suspect.

ID: 09de6  No.5042


>obviously, none of this would be deemed relevant to a trial if Luvon decided to press charges, but this isn't a court. This a discussion among people unrelated to him and about how much can we trust this guy that we already think is a slimeball?

There is a very good reason that this stuff would not hold up in a court, and its the same reason that being skeptical here isnt a bad thing. By your logic, if someone was to come out and claim that, lets say, Jeremy Bernal or Jay Naylor killed someone we would have to assume its true based solely on the claim.

I dont like Andrew Dickman very much and if what is being claimed here turned out to be true I wouldnt be surprised. But that doesnt mean it must automaticaly be true.

ID: 2cb0c  No.5043

>I dont like Andrew Dickman very much and if what is being claimed here turned out to be true I wouldnt be surprised. But that doesnt mean it must automaticaly be true.

Exactly. It would be unfair of us to just swallow these claims unequivocally just because we hate AWD and would really like that amount of mud to sling at him.

It's really easy to give someone you like the benefit of the doubt in such a situation. The real challenge is giving it to someone you loath.

ID: c4063  No.5044


I hate the guy's guts myself, but even I have to agree not to take all of it as truth. It is all in his MO, but I find it hard to believe she didn't vent this towards her friends first before posting this publicly. Would of leaked eventually, or more antagonism than usual towards AWD would of surfaced beforehand.

ID: c2146  No.5045

Dude's always been a bit off, but I'm not sure I really believe a lot of what she said, you'd think she would have said something a little sooner rather then right after he "stole" a character design from her.
Who knows though.

ID: 0a1f5  No.5047


I'm proud of you guys.

Just recently some family friends got divorced. The wife who was a very sweet and caring person turned into a real monster.

Recently after visiting hew new boyfriend in New York she came back and filed for a protective order against her ex husband. She accused him of assaulting her and including that he is wanted for murder in his native country.

My whole family was shocked. She not only waited weeks before deciding that he was dangerous and assaulted her nothing in their relationship in the years we've known them suggested that she was abused or in any way fearful of him.

And despite my loathing for her, my desire to get into her face and tell her what a horrible person she's become (for a whole host of other reasons) I must remain neutral until some evidence is brought up. I do not want to be one of those people who will deny someone's behavior despite my feelings towards their accuser. Skepticism is beautiful and I've seen quite a few self styled skeptics who turn off their skills when dealing with their pet cause. It's sad.

ID: 08246  No.5048

File: 1452725031899.png (415.43 KB, 643x1204, Screenshot_1.png)

As expected, AWD had a brief meltdown on Twitter when word started spreading around and both Daggy and him have their respective groups of fans that are supporting them while not really acknowledging the other side of the debate.

After giving this some thought, I'm not sure what to make of this. As I was saying before, AWD comes off as someone who has some emotional instability and seems pretty self-centered at times, but we also don't have anything to go on other than Daggy's word, at this point.

Here's a screencap of the latest from Daggy's Tumblr page and it seems that she's either skipped over or avoiding the sexual assault claim entirely. It's coming down to being about her personal beefs with AWD, from when they were together, and something about a character that he got her influence for.

ID: 9b407  No.5049

Well, Neolucky/Luckypan weighted in and supported Luvon's claim, and shared some AWD stories of her own.


ID: 61d6d  No.5050

Yeah, giving this more thought, while I still come down on the side of 'not surprised' in the case everything winds up being as Luvon described, I also think everyone ID mentioned in >>5047 (and ID himself) are right on staying neutral, and I'll adopt that as my stance as well.

It's important to note that staying neutral on something like this doesn't mean we are calling Luvon/Luckypan liars, it means that it lands squarely in the 'nothing to do with us' category and something more than hearsay is necessary to take up a strong position in that case. Feelings on either party notwithstanding.

ID: 08246  No.5052

File: 1452731964083.png (114.3 KB, 868x594, Screenshot_2.png)

ID: b63b7  No.5054

From http://04range.tumblr.com/post/137251420493/im-scared

>Re-blogging for the evening crowd. I’d also like to point out that Andrew Dickman is currently denying any wrongdoing, and accusing everyone of lying about him. He is literally trying to discredit and silence everyone he’s harmed and harassed, all while trying to hide behind a flippant attitude of ‘Whatever, I’m such a great artist that none of these accusations matter and I’m gonna keep doing what I’m doing.’

>I’d also like to add that at this point, I personally believe anyone who still chooses to take Andy’s side can safely be classified as a rape apologist who supports manipulative behavior and emotional abuse.

>If any of you are reading this and you’ve had your own bad run-ins with this guy, I strongly implore you come forward to share it. He thinks he can get away with mistreating people by hiding behind his fans. The more people coddle him and tell him he did nothing wrong, the less likely he will ever take responsibility for what he’s done.

ID: 114b0  No.5055


All I'm getting from that post is the usual "listen and believe!" mantra that is so prevalent with Tumblr's whiteknight squad. I'd take them seriously if they didn't go "if you are even remotely disagreeing with Luvon's accusations then you are a rape apologist and scum!!" right off the bat.

ID: 43fb3  No.5056

File: 1452735184379.png (127.72 KB, 499x1302, Screenshot---1_14_2016-,-1….png)

It looks like this post preceded everything that's out there currently and might have lead up to the events, this was posted a few days before Daggy came out about her abuse.

He was infamous for doing this kind of shit I recall, I found this just now too: http://rayleeman.deviantart.com/journal/Oh-boy-536232799

ID: 08246  No.5057

It looks like another artist, Tabikat, is lending her voice to all of this.

>I am extremely pissed off and disgusted now, I wish I had said something those years ago because maybe it could have been brought to light sooner.

>Like I was younger and more naive and I thought this “awesome” artist guy, who was paying attention to me and wanted to be my friend and would draw with me, I really thought he was my friend. He did keep getting weirder the longer we were friends but I tended to shrug it off, I let people get away with a lot of shit with me when I was younger because I really thought they were my friends and were being real.

>Then I started dating someone and he literally blew up on me, calling me all sorts of stuff and trying to make ME feel guilty for dating someone, like I lead him on when it was never on the table there was even a chance. I did mention moving out to California and things like that when I was younger but that’s because I was thinking about school and jobs and man, ugh.

>Anyway I basically stopped talking to him but I wish I had spoke out about it outside of my friends at the time, I just thought he was being an asshole towards the situation and me. I found out not long after he had treated another female artist the same way and a lot of male artists I knew REALLY didn’t like him and he always seemed to go after female artists.

>But man…I didn’t realise just how bad and disgusting he was, my heart goes out to those girls and I wish I could do something, anything…

Source: http://tabikato.tumblr.com/post/137249555317/i-am-extremely-pissed-off-and-disgusted-now-i

ID: c2146  No.5058

Good old tumblr witch hunt,lot of screaming and insults tossed around but little solid evidence.

ID: d20a7  No.5064

Waay back when I use to talk with JE there was some mention of harassment by ADW but nothing outside that was explained. Being the type of friend I was I just told her to ignore him n avoid drama…and, we all saw how that turned out.

Anyway my point is I've sat down and read through all the posts and support those who have spoken out regardless of what can be said for their stories. Whether or not they involve the police or just use this opportunity to warn others is up to them (after all this isn't some high profile thing like Cosby or Harris).

Whether AWD is some creep is not my call but some of the things that seem consistent about what is said makes it hard to ignore, especially from woman who really don't have much to gain from it.

*shrugs* But then I spent years holding onto a friendship and hoping as it dragged me through a shit-storm of drama I was really, REALLY unprepared for. So what would I know?

ID: be092  No.5068

File: 1452761006850.gif (1.02 MB, 600x352, nope-timon.gif)

From what I've gathered, sounds like he fucked around with her characters and she blew up on him. Then he plays innocent. Battle lines are drawn. Internet shitstorm.

I don't believe either of them. Until I am compelled with some real evidence, just gonna chock this up to "the break up wasn't nearly as peaceful as once claimed."

ID: 9b407  No.5070


The problem is that a lot of people are revealing unsavory things about AWD, and nobody has posted anything showing Luvon could be doing this in purpose.

The character thing well could show how obsessed he is with her.

ID: 2cb0c  No.5071


Yeah, to be honest this sounds like "You made me mad now, so I'm going back through our time together and reinterpreting everything in the worst light imaginable and then post that as absolute fact to get back at you."

Not that being in a relationship with Dickman would be heaven anyway, but fuck, she's gonna claim she had no fucking idea what he was like before she moved in? That level of self-delusion isn't anyone's fault but her own.

Which isn't to say it's entirely unbelievable that Dickman would do these things, but… eh. Every time I think it over, I have some trouble seeing it. Not because I think he's too nice of a guy to do any of that shit, but more because he's so pathetic that I have difficulty picturing him working up the guts to actually assault someone.

>especially from woman who really don't have much to gain from it.

They could gain attention and positive reinforcement. For some people that's enough of a gain that they'd do or say almost anything.

I mean, look at Tabikat's posting. It's basically "Yeah he was a bit of a jerk to me but now that other women are saying he abused them so I now feel abused too". I can totally believe he "blew up" at her (no, not literally you little twit, he did not actually explode into a million pieces), by which I mean I can believe he probably sent her some angry tweets/emails/direct messages. Assholish, entitled, stupid, but ultimately harmless. And yet there she is, jumping on the bandwagon and going "Me too! Me too! I'm a victim too! Asspats plz!"

This looks entirely like a case of "She Said, He Said". The Shes in question either have no evidence to offer up, or aren't interested in doing so. The He in question can't exactly prove that he didn't do any of this stuff. And frankly the fact that all of this came out only when the first of the Shes to Say got annoyed with him over something unrelated, years later, and then everyone started dogpiling, would kind of weigh the argument for He, to my mind.

Is it possible Dickman did this shit? Sure, anything's possible. He's a self-centered, angry, shallow little asshole, all of which are traits that could contribute to doing stuff like that. So yeah, it's possible. I'm just not going to accept such heinous accusations as absolute truth under these sort of circumstances, because it just looks waaaay too much like "angry ex-girlfriend stirring up shit" to be believed outright.

ID: 2cb0c  No.5072

Also, quick additional note:

Back when Naylor found out one of his exes was posting on our old board, he went on a rant about her on his livejournal. The relationship had been over for years, and yet he posted as if he just couldn't keep silent about how ill-used he'd been anymore. He accused her of laziness, not giving him proper affection, keeping the apartment a mess, using him like a servant… actually, it sounded a ridiculous amount like the post that kicked all this off, up until the sexual assault allegation.

None of us believed him when he posted that. None of us turned on said ex and accused her of being a gold digger or whatever. We all knew Naylor was full of bullshit because of the timing, because of the ridiculousness of the claims, and because, well, he was Naylor.

So I think we have to ask ourselves, just how different are these two situations that we should lean so heavily towards believing the accuser in this one?

ID: be092  No.5075


Yeah, just doesn't smell right. So afraid that after declaring an end to their relationship due to this apparent fear she stays in the same bed as him? Same home? Doesn't LEAVE? It's not like she wouldn't have anywhere to go. She has local friends that I'm sure would have been more than supportive if she was fleeing from abuse.

ID: f9b92  No.5076

You and several other people in this thread are acting like you understand abusive relationships. I'm going to level with you: you have no idea what you're talking about. To address your question, why don't you consult a more authoritative resource: http://www.thehotline.org/is-this-abuse/why-do-people-stay-in-abusive-relationships/

ID: 6c8eb  No.5077


Wanna know why this whole damn ordeal stinks? Because these people didn't show up to accuse AWD for supposedly being a creepy sexual predator until his ex girlfriend spoke up. They could've spoken up about it sooner, perhaps even warn Luvon in advance-if their stories are anything to go by that'd be enough to at least make Luvon take precaution. But no, silence for years, and then all of a sudden, once Luvon spoke up, they all pile up and start sharing their own stories.

And don't give me that "they were worried about being harassed because AWD is popular!!" story. He's not that popular or influential.

As for Luvon, nothing about her indicated that she's the type of girl to spend years in an abusive relationship with AWD and just let him harass her. And the way she spoke about their relationship sounds less like someone who is afraid of him, and more like someone who is very angry and spiteful towards him.

ID: 6c8eb  No.5078


And the drama continues.

ID: be092  No.5079

I watched my mom's boyfriend drag her down the street in his car when I was six. I've been a witness to abuse, so kindly go fuck yourself.

It smells fishy because if she was at the point in an alleged abusive relationship where she had made the decision to break it off with him and told him so…why did she stay? It's not the same as living in fear. At this point, she had supposedly finally had enough and ended it.

That's why it makes little to no sense.

ID: 2cb0c  No.5080

File: 1452810884819.gif (1.98 MB, 500x225, tumblr_ndvm22lp2s1qdku5lo5….gif)

I think we've discussed this enough. Until something particularly momentous happens I think we can call this a wrap.

ID: 6c8eb  No.5081



ID: 0638c  No.5082


So she's not just a "gamer gurl!" but a bitchy one at that? Who the fuckex punches someone in the face like that?

ID: be092  No.5083


Something weird about the word "Sokko."

ID: 6c8eb  No.5085


Leave it to AWD to take a cliche/trope and dial it up to 11 in the worst possible way. I've never seen anyone behave like that except for mentally unstable fucks.

ID: 0e89b  No.5090

She posted her final response on the matter… and boy oh boy is she pissed.

and rightfully so.

I've spoken to Andrew since this whole ordeal started and after listening to him talk about this for several hours, I have to agree with Daggy.

I can't say what is totally true as I wasn't there.

But her describing him and his way of dealing with negative stigmas is right on the money.

It's really sad.

He's on a path to self-destruction and there's nothing any of us can say or do to alter the course. It's like watching an avalanche, you just have to let nature take it's course.

ID: 9b407  No.5091

>“As for this telling her she was cute while she was cowering, I told her she was cute every day of my life and I wanted her to feel better when she was sad. The night she told me she didn’t love me anymore was the worst night of my life and I can’t imagine it was good for her either, this was all private discussion that was only brought to light by Diane and her friends who seem to be on this smear campaign against me.”

So he pretty much confesses the whole cowering part was real, but goes on to play the victim?

ID: c4063  No.5092


Doesn't completely apply to AWD and his webcomic, but close enough.

ID: d2a8c  No.5094

I still find it amazing that they correctly outlined everything wrong with TTG and still came out of it saying anyone who doesn't like it and thinks the original series is best is objectively wrong.

And I was about to ask what this has to do with Dickman, but then I remembered he's one of the show's animators or something.

ID: 6c8eb  No.5096


Luvon decided to take the issue to FA, which smells like a bomb ticking away right now.

I am seriously starting to think she is doing all this just for attention.

ID: 9b407  No.5097


I think she is doing it because AWD's status (or rather, his friends) are allowing this to pretty much to be swept under the rug.

ID: 6c8eb  No.5098


Could be a bit of both, honestly.

ID: 3c6d7  No.5100

>I am seriously starting to think she is doing all this just for attention

Eeeeeeeeh. I feel it is about gaining attention but whether it is for getting sympathy or simply warning others still remains to be seen. I know violence in any relationship is something no one wants but when it comes down to warnings about people who are abusive then it becomes a case of conflicting stories and people who back them up.

ID: b63b7  No.5195

File: 1453306952277.jpg (721.68 KB, 780x1088, akroom-090.jpg)

You know, she could have easily given him that speech without punching him in the jaw first. Like, I get being mad about him lying but it didn't really call for a punch in the face.

ID: 63dcc  No.5212

HOLY GOD is his nose especially fucked up in the first panel! It's worse from the side than it is head-on!

ID: c4063  No.5213


Sometimes I suspect that nose bone is like that of Pinocchio: it gets bigger and more pronounced the more he acts like a little bitch (which incidentally includes lying to himself and others).

ID: be092  No.5218

You would think punching him would fix his nose.

ID: 8793d  No.5223


Instead it looks even worse!

ID: 63dcc  No.5226

Actually, know who he reminds me of in this page? The cow characters of Las Lindas. Seriously, his face looks like if Mora got a jellybean stuck to her lip.

ID: b63b7  No.5291

File: 1453913154843.jpg (632.24 KB, 780x1088, akroom-091.jpg)

Unsurprisingly , Dickman has been pretty silent since that whole luvon thing went down.

ID: 5ff40  No.5293

>designing websites and designs

ID: 82483  No.5294


Feels like a word is missing in that text bubble. I assume it was supposed to be "Website and Graphic designs." Also, 91 pages in and we finally learn what Swirly does. *un-enthused woo-hoo*

Everyone complains about Andy's f'ugly nose, but I can't get over how awful the new character designs are on Mary Ann and Swirly.
They were at least well-rounded and fairly attractive before but now they're scrawny in everything except in hips 'n boobs.

(Also, big heads on noodle necks drive me mad.)

ID: b63b7  No.5360

File: 1454515405922.jpg (676.12 KB, 780x1088, akroom-092.jpg)

ID: 3ac18  No.5361


Y'know as something who's been in the "sell your shit to eat" phase (and really still is) I can't help but feel a little belittled here.

ID: b63b7  No.5412

File: 1455121430344.jpg (624.47 KB, 780x1088, akroom-093.jpg)

I was wondering when the dark and troubled past trope would kick in

ID: b63b7  No.5490

File: 1455727816225.jpg (703.51 KB, 780x1088, akroom-094.jpg)

ID: d8181  No.5532

Where's the huge-t&a-edits-guy when you need him?

ID: a6cdc  No.5533


I'm here! Just… really busy with game modding work, and that involves T&A as well!

ID: b63b7  No.5541

File: 1456330776097.jpg (620.9 KB, 780x1088, akroom-095.jpg)

time for more racial issues in roomies. Because everyone loves that.

ID: a6cdc  No.5543


Has anyone noticed how oblong-shaped Andy's head is in this page?

ID: c4063  No.5548


I think I see what you mean, perhaps to accommodate his increased eye height?

ID: b63b7  No.5627

File: 1456935876511.jpg (567.49 KB, 780x1088, akroom-096.jpg)

Well…this happened.

ID: 61d6d  No.5628

File: 1456936755769.gif (553.69 KB, 295x221, thats-me-im-out.gif)

That's me, I'm done. Again.

The ridiculous heavy-handedness of this combined with the fact that it still seems to all be carefully engineered to make Smashed Face The Cat out to be a bigger woobie than before is just… that's just too much, man.

ID: 0e89b  No.5629

Racism is a serious issue and while it is admirable to try a n d bring it up, this comes off as racism by someone who's never experienced it, or spoken to someone who has.

It's too extreme to be relatable.

ID: 2cb0c  No.5630



He just had his self-insert character claim the pathos of suffering racial hatred violence.


ID: 61d6d  No.5631

I particularly liked the bit where he decided the correct way to go about this pathos was to have his self-insert's mother murdered in a racist hate-crime. Subtle like a jackhammer.

ID: a1c69  No.5634

First off, racism doesn't really belong in roomies in the first place. Like the art style and tone of the comic keep it from being taken seriously.

And even if he did decide to keep it in, hell, just being called names as a kid a few times would have been enough.

This whole thing of "my mom got killed in a racist hate crime" seems like a bad attempt at drama and making us feel bad for Andy.

There are other questions like why didn't they think about moving somewhere else after experiencing that kind of racism before the mom died?

Hell, why even move there in the first place if it's that bad?

ID: e0a6b  No.5635

Oh come on. This is dumb..

ID: a6cdc  No.5644


The fact that this feels like Andrew equating his real world issues (and his own character flaws) with this sort of page makes me not want to even touch this particular page for editing. Or even all the pages with the flashback in it.

I don't know if I want to guess how this flashback ends.

ID: be092  No.5648

File: 1456985452903.gif (846.63 KB, 449x500, whatsgoinon.gif)

Oh my.

ID: 48dd8  No.5649

Y'know, this might have a little more impact if the guy this character is the self-insert for wasn't white. And if he wasn't using it solely as a cheap way to try and force us to feel sorry for the character.

ID: c4063  No.5651


Pretty much. Such a situation can still be illustrated and explored by a white person, but not if the character in question IS that person. Completely disrupts character building, one of the things that went out the window long before this strip because of the fact he's a self insert; the anti-thesis of character-viewer relations.

ID: 3e352  No.5652

File: 1456990424432.jpg (8.97 KB, 225x225, Hol-Le-Shit.jpg)

ID: be092  No.5655

Blacksad is a good example.

ID: 3ac18  No.5658

I might not have cringed so hard if this wasn't the eight trillionth thing that's supposed to make us sympathetic to Andy. We get it, he's broken and useless and everything in his life is terrible.

ID: 2f495  No.5663

Just wait. At some point we'll find out that Andy's dad had an abusive streak after his mom died or something tragic like that. I highly doubt this is the last of dickman trying to make people feel bad for his sad sack of a main character

ID: 3ac18  No.5664


Or he's now a broken alcoholic who gave up on his bakery after that and just schlubs around in some dead-end job, and that's why Andy is so scared to chase his own dreams.

ID: 61d6d  No.5665

Why not both? I bet we'll see both.

ID: be092  No.5668

Broken down alcoholic who sexually abused Andy too.

ID: 872d8  No.5684


oh lawl. Dickboy finally got to the wrong side of Tumblr.

ID: be092  No.5685

What color shirts do the tumblr fascists wear anyway?

ID: 18add  No.5686

I'm torn. On one hand dickman is a dick. On the other, baseless accusations of abuse make it harder for people to believe real abuse when it happens

ID: c4063  No.5687


Agreed, I hate the prick too but it's best to have a proper reason to hate him and not just a blind blanket of contempt thrown over his situation. Plus it'd of been much more preferable for him to actually learn something from consequences and not have a fall back on being bullied by SJWs.

ID: b63b7  No.5705

File: 1457546567527.jpg (609.49 KB, 780x1088, akroom-097.jpg)

ID: 3ac18  No.5706


Well I wasn't that far off. Also hey he remembered that giraffe was in the story at one point, woo!

ID: b63b7  No.5707

She's pretty much set to come back and be a potential love interest. Especially since it's implied that at some point Andy goofed up and they fell out

ID: be050  No.5711

I don't know who I dislike more here.

AWD or the privilege checking race hustlers of Tumblr.

ID: 2cb0c  No.5712


Why not consider both equally worthless and undeserving of oxygen?

ID: 28366  No.5713

can we at least let them kill him first before we turn off the oxygen?

ID: 9d121  No.5718

That's going too far.

ID: b63b7  No.5756

File: 1458145504046.jpg (632.75 KB, 780x1088, akroom-098.jpg)

ID: 61d6d  No.5758

That fucking nose, how does it keep getting worse? I almost feel like he's doing it to fuck with us now.

ID: c4063  No.5759


It must be where he keeps his penis bulge now. Maybe if he lets loose he'll become a penis elephant or something.

ID: be092  No.5764

It's not a nose. It's a tumor. He needs to see a doctor asap.

ID: a6cdc  No.5765

File: 1458212543231.png (134.32 KB, 361x427, hvdmjzje.png)

… Did I just go full-Shoujo on Andy?

ID: a0640  No.5841

File: 1458746088701.jpg (599.41 KB, 780x1088, akroom-099.jpg)

Third panel hints at lycanthropy, and so he hides in his room before he becomes a five-fingered human SJW…

ID: 57fc2  No.6276

So I guess his comic went on hiatus again? I feel like hell take a year long break again for this

ID: 2cb0c  No.6277


He needs to meet another heartsweet before he can reboot it again.

ID: d2a64  No.6278


I am pretty sure he'd just piss off whatever supporters he has left if he tried to reboot the comic again. He's trying to play it safe for now.

ID: de083  No.6917

>last update was 4 months ago

So it's safe to say the comic is dead in the water again. Color me fucking surprised (not).

ID: 9b465  No.6918

yep. at least for the rest of the year most likely.

ID: 2cb0c  No.6924

Incoming reboot!

ID: 56806  No.6925

this time, Swain and Mary Ann are Andy's childhood friends, and he mad a promise to marry one of them only he can't remember which one

ID: 7966f  No.6928

And then it turns out it was Mary-Ann, but for some fucked up reason, he chooses NOT to go with the girl who treats him far better.

ID: 5778f  No.6932

File: 1470597031840.png (463.77 KB, 939x964, lolwat.png)

>this is a character I made years ago XD

Sure AWD, sure.

ID: 86762  No.12633

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