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File: 1444262761088.png (444.38 KB, 913x358, 2015-10-07-cats-cradle.png)

ID: 2dbe3  No.4167

Grape, you perv.

Tooootally understand where she's coming from though.

ID: 5c8d5  No.4343

File: 1446042452484.png (419.08 KB, 913x358, 2015-10-28-bulk-catsup[1].png)

Half the purpose of this whole arc seems to be 'Rick wants to practice beefcake'. (He mentioned he wants to get into 'more mature' artwork, so it makes sense.)

I'm not stopping him.

ID: 59efc  No.4344


She got so turned on her clothes literally ripped themselves off.

I mean, her clothing was just the collar, but still.

ID: c36f4  No.9942

File: 1511744635284.jpg (72.14 KB, 744x963, 2ef24df0347489fd8e0bfa40a0….jpg)

Rick drew a few characters in his more "realistic" anthro style.

ID: c36f4  No.9943

File: 1511744646980.jpg (63.71 KB, 744x963, 237f60f52504a8108494809cab….jpg)

ID: c36f4  No.9944

File: 1511749506630.jpg (62 KB, 744x963, 4f070eb9ad34f91a23cde43be7….jpg)

ID: 294e7  No.9951

File: 1511761042962.jpg (379 KB, 744x963, tumblr_p029mcd7nQ1sjj0nto1….jpg)

ID: 294e7  No.9967

File: 1511845132231.jpg (278.08 KB, 744x963, tumblr_p042urLZIq1sjj0nto1….jpg)

ID: 294e7  No.9972

File: 1511881449254.jpg (276.35 KB, 744x963, tumblr_p048zmXJD81sjj0nto1….jpg)

ID: 294e7  No.9975

File: 1511964562684.jpg (92.18 KB, 744x963, DPx-o6rWAAYOxhK.jpg)

ID: 294e7  No.9985

File: 1512102782273.jpg (321.23 KB, 744x963, tumblr_p09i6v7r301sjj0nto1….jpg)

ID: 3ed6c  No.9993

Man I wish all these had nips and bits.

ID: 294e7  No.10020

File: 1512457270499.jpg (315.69 KB, 744x963, tumblr_p0gzdzSzuy1sjj0nto1….jpg)

ID: 294e7  No.10038

File: 1512677639505.jpg (275.25 KB, 744x963, tumblr_p0ipd9PPs01sjj0nto1….jpg)

ID: 294e7  No.10039

File: 1512677667960.jpg (586.43 KB, 1812x674, housepets_in_my_regular_st….jpg)

ID: 294e7  No.10040

File: 1512677688397.jpg (673.13 KB, 1926x741, housepets_in_my_regular_st….jpg)

ID: 294e7  No.10160

File: 1514206789469.png (572.73 KB, 1280x720, 12days.png)

ID: e1063  No.10885

File: 1527052670069.png (571.89 KB, 878x659, 2018-05-21-dont-read-into-….png)

ID: e1063  No.10892

File: 1527085027275.png (589.35 KB, 878x659, 2018-05-23-i-said-dont-rea….png)

ID: 8e6b2  No.11888

File: 1543933387514.png (325.7 KB, 878x659, 2018-12-03-lets-start-at-t….png)

ID: 8e6b2  No.11894

File: 1543990415711.png (594.02 KB, 878x659, 2018-12-05-steam-games.png)

ID: 8e6b2  No.11907

File: 1544356281189.png (530.03 KB, 878x659, 2018-12-07-magically-delic….png)

ID: 8e6b2  No.11924

File: 1544799679257.jpg (89.02 KB, 744x963, tumblr_pjprgfnr5B1sjj0nto1….jpg)

ID: 8e6b2  No.12411

File: 1553064134077.png (417.5 KB, 878x659, 2019-03-13-full-frontal-ho….png)

ID: 8e6b2  No.12412

File: 1553064193213.png (373.02 KB, 878x659, 2019-03-15-a-few-of-my-fav….png)

ID: 8e6b2  No.12413

File: 1553064217415.png (365.17 KB, 878x659, 2019-03-18-if-you-love-som….png)

ID: 8e6b2  No.12414

File: 1553064249081.png (364.58 KB, 878x659, 2019-03-20-make-like-your-….png)

ID: 2dbe3  No.12423

File: 1553175772751.gif (204.84 KB, 342x301, 132892962659.gif)

ID: c36f4  No.12433

File: 1553231244220.png (375.57 KB, 878x659, 2019-03-22-nants-ingonyama….png)

ID: 392d0  No.12435

Wait, if they recreated that scene…

So they are fucking. They just aren't dating.

ID: 2dbe3  No.12440


Maybe they didn't recreate the offscreen part.

ID: 8e6b2  No.12454

File: 1553556616120.png (348.71 KB, 878x659, 2019-03-25-to-make-you-hap….png)

ID: c36f4  No.12483

File: 1554055605687.jpg (552.55 KB, 1000x1000, 1551665242.nogitsunegabrie….jpg)

ID: 8e6b2  No.12813

File: 1560025966100.jpg (1.32 MB, 1650x1275, housepets_spa_movie_night_….jpg)

ID: 8e6b2  No.12895

File: 1562974524374.jpg (670.72 KB, 765x990, the_heavenly_pool_by_rickg….jpg)

ID: 8e6b2  No.12896

File: 1562974541278.png (454.19 KB, 878x659, 2019-07-12-crazy-cat.png)

ID: c36f4  No.12910

File: 1563291481711.gif (1.31 MB, 920x1296, a7d9d702199ce0a389a2020a83….gif)

Knowing that I'll never get to see Peanut fuck her brains out breaks my heart.

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