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File: 1418276223353.gif (20.24 KB, 600x450, story1771.gif)

ID: 592a1  No.487[Last 50 Posts]

Anyone still keeping up with this? I check in periodically and the updates seem to be a bit slower than they used to be, but it's still quite enjoyable at least.

Katia's got telekinesis so at least she's making some progress and she's potentially got a new not-friend in a fellow Khajit.

ID: 6cd8c  No.488

I still wish to give Katia all the hugs.

ID: 592a1  No.489

File: 1418277733313.jpg (146.34 KB, 1200x1200, 1465 - Katia_Managan Rajir….jpg)


What about Rajirra?

ID: 8a139  No.1221

File: 1422408299660.gif (59.23 KB, 600x450, story1799.gif)


ID: baaa0  No.1229

File: 1422536122531.png (27.92 KB, 600x450, 74uksj89.png)

ID: 40c07  No.1230



ID: d00bf  No.1231


Heeeeeey, maybe this is worth reading again!

ID: 8a139  No.1234


I guess being a lumberjack is right out for those two.

Condolences on the loss of a respectable profession Katia.

ID: 592a1  No.1236

I think he's getting more and more lost in his blogging.

Why Katia..I never noticed how awesome you are. Guys, doesn't Katia seem more amazing now? Not sure why.

ID: 1dcf9  No.1273

File: 1422814635815.jpg (1.24 MB, 1920x1080, 1422570421016.jpg)

They are the best of Not-Freinds

ID: c217f  No.1274

ID: d4360  No.1312

File: 1423047864733.png (15.75 KB, 600x450, 92gjkr70.png)

ID: d4360  No.1313

File: 1423047923648.png (15.11 KB, 600x450, w0husjgn.png)

ID: e5b59  No.1315


Modding Oblivion is fun, idn'it?

ID: 8a139  No.1319


Yeah, until they overdo it like the 'money' cheat from Vampires the Masquerade: Bloodlines. Hyper doesn't even begin to scratch that surface, though macro might.

…you know what I think I'll spare the nightmare fuel since someone is going to do it just to be the first to do so.

ID: 592a1  No.1320

Modded Oblivion…thus modded Prequel set in Oblivion. I like this.

ID: d4360  No.1323

File: 1423116317514.png (15.55 KB, 600x450, 92gjkr700.png)

I forgot how to pay attention in >>1312 and left out some gaffs

solly i oopsed

ID: d4360  No.1324

File: 1423124177428.jpg (3.37 MB, 3432x2893, 37857387 - きょぬー診断.jpg)


Don't worry, I consult this guide every day

ID: f00b7  No.1347

File: 1423408595495.png (1.12 MB, 1920x1080, 1423107548231.png)

Can Khajiit swim?

ID: bb146  No.1349

As well as everyone else. except for Argonians, since they can breathe underwater.

ID: 4ba4b  No.1353

File: 1423416725945.jpg (18.33 KB, 400x300, zapp2.jpg)

>Katia wearing normal school swimsuit
>Quill-Weave wearing competition swimsuit

ID: 592a1  No.1358

She probably can, but I bet it's awkward-cute. Like she does a doggy paddle.

ID: b1fcc  No.1361

And then they had sex.

ID: 10fab  No.1362

File: 1423494124448.jpg (270.32 KB, 1500x2000, Katia_Managan Katia_Take_C….jpg)

ID: 1dcf9  No.1363

File: 1423522260045.png (1.33 MB, 1800x1562, 1420497754621.png)

ID: 10fab  No.1364

File: 1423534182316.png (273.1 KB, 720x1020, 1371502003.sentientsocks_q….png)

ID: 10fab  No.1365

File: 1423534211781.png (333.01 KB, 1028x1028, 1409609643.sentientsocks_h….png)

ID: 1dcf9  No.1366

File: 1423537098583.png (386.85 KB, 788x890, 1420473080300.png)

ID: 1dcf9  No.1367

File: 1423537152363.jpg (231.65 KB, 1280x914, tumblr_nakvwhSVDI1rcs9gvo4….jpg)

ID: 1dcf9  No.1368

File: 1423537266503.jpg (763.25 KB, 1000x1000, tumblr_naw7fmyNh81rcs9gvo2….jpg)

ID: 3e5bf  No.1369

>there is only a single page of this

Who do I murder for this atrocity?

ID: 592a1  No.1370

"Now give me all of your money!"
"No! Me? What are you doing?"

ID: 1dcf9  No.1372

File: 1423571295895.png (986.01 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_nft11oDHHF1rcs9gvo1….png)

ID: 8a139  No.1375


"We're not in cyrodiil anymore tut-

Damn it, I need to stop naming my food."

ID: 1dcf9  No.1424

File: 1423853475963.png (1.28 MB, 2000x1780, 1423785190024 (1).png)

ID: 8a139  No.1425


When incompetent, there is always guns.

ID: b1fcc  No.1427

File: 1423874556021.png (65.26 KB, 500x367, 7746498e24c99c68c4f223ab9c….png)

ID: 3e5bf  No.1529

File: 1424571372162.jpg (128.54 KB, 1188x752, 1424549612.nitro_katia_sma….jpg)

Kitty cat tats.

ID: 5cdaa  No.1690

File: 1425392202361.gif (213.71 KB, 600x450, story1821.gif)

Huh. Wonder when she got her nails done.

ID: 209a1  No.1897

File: 1426917108979.gif (24.72 KB, 600x450, story1834.gif)

She totally should do that whenever a 'jazz hands' moment arises. Would be super cute.

ID: 592a1  No.1898

Yes! :D For sure.

ID: 6b2ab  No.1902

File: 1426930990883.gif (14.17 KB, 600x450, story1825.gif)

note to self: Learn Summon Xivilai

ID: 592a1  No.1918

I see where those eyes are going.

ID: a4414  No.1971

the family jewel(s)

ID: e5b3f  No.1979

File: 1427465224517.png (16.52 KB, 600x450, 030315-1.png)


ID: e5b3f  No.1999

File: 1427514118722.png (8.98 KB, 600x450, 030315-2.png)

ID: e5b3f  No.2000

File: 1427514144474.png (10.7 KB, 600x450, 030315-3.png)

ID: e5b3f  No.2001

File: 1427514187065.png (6.41 KB, 600x450, 030315-4.png)

It's a known fact that breasts make for great hand-warmers.

ID: 3e5bf  No.2044

File: 1427730279340.jpg (956.7 KB, 1256x1600, tumblr_nlzxgjQ4Wf1qztzlko1….jpg)


ID: 3e5bf  No.2045

File: 1427730303137.jpg (1.04 MB, 1256x1600, tumblr_nlzxgjQ4Wf1qztzlko2….jpg)


ID: 3e5bf  No.2046

File: 1427730328760.jpg (977.53 KB, 1256x1600, tumblr_nlzxgjQ4Wf1qztzlko3….jpg)

Ladies and gentlemen.

ID: 3e5bf  No.2047

File: 1427730351175.jpg (1.06 MB, 1256x1600, tumblr_nlzxgjQ4Wf1qztzlko4….jpg)


ID: 9a5f4  No.2164

File: 1428344670504.png (17.34 KB, 600x450, 030315-5.png)

ID: b1fcc  No.2194

File: 1428676620896.png (341.18 KB, 1212x1460, 1761 - Katia_Managan Quill….png)

ID: afc36  No.2509

Well, now we know why the update took so long

ID: 592a1  No.2512

Indeed. lol Worth it though.

ID: 209a1  No.2514


Took me so long to realize I was not attacking because I was hitting X and not C.

Also telekinesis seemed useless in that fight.

ID: 1d277  No.2519


…I did the same thing and it took me way longer to realize it.
Like. I tried to get right up in his face and mash X because I thought I was too far. I got knocked down and stunlocked a lot…

ID: eba7a  No.2523


You use telekinesis to pick up items, which can block fireballs for a few hits.

ID: eba7a  No.2534

File: 1431086139008.gif (95.29 KB, 600x450, story1841.gif)


ID: 209a1  No.2539


Man if she extorts Katia by threatening to leave her in there I think I'd flip a lid. Blowing up the door would be far more preferable.

ID: 5c9ec  No.2571

File: 1431377293767.png (1.06 MB, 1250x946, katias_catastrophic_combus….png)

ID: b1fcc  No.2607

File: 1431655130056.png (934.83 KB, 1302x1302, 400963920ef22a57de7b7eaeaf….png)

ID: a4414  No.2626

was that made with the spray-paint tool? not bad

ID: afc36  No.2651

File: 1432142004245.gif (336.57 KB, 600x450, story1867.gif)


ID: 209a1  No.2653


…to be fair it didn't belong to her anyways.

ID: afc36  No.2654

I was referring more to pulling down the imaginary inventory bar

ID: 209a1  No.2655


Well in that case:

"This is an inventory bar, there are many like but this one is MINE!"

ID: 5c9ec  No.2696

File: 1432709707654.jpg (223.27 KB, 1280x1434, 1432488207084.jpg)

ID: 5c9ec  No.2697

File: 1432709739648.jpg (1.24 MB, 1600x949, 1432489375616.jpg)

ID: 5c9ec  No.2698

File: 1432709916344.jpg (87.28 KB, 797x1280, b22eb169b7ca899743c7f68436….jpg)

ID: 592a1  No.2720

There have been some quality fanarts lately.

ID: a4414  No.2748

File: 1432859066129.png (172.93 KB, 710x481, tumblr_noy6x6gjER1tdv657o1….png)

ID: a4414  No.2749

File: 1432859478504.jpg (238.36 KB, 787x1000, tumblr_ndit4owX6y1tdv657o1….jpg)

i made the mistake of visiting this guys tumbler with pants on, dont be a victim, be prepared.
only one more stylized katia on the tumbler but worth browsing through to see all the arts.

ID: 592a1  No.2750

Someone that draws furries in armor.

Holy shit!

ID: eef0e  No.2771

rare isnt it :V which oddly enough that is Guoh's thing: designing armor

ID: 592a1  No.2776

I spent a fair amount of time saving stuff. haha Noticed he did Redwall stuff too. Right in the childhood, that.

ID: 5c9ec  No.2783

File: 1433101467735.png (1.92 MB, 1400x1367, 1433072452848.png)

ID: a4414  No.2798

hes got a picartoooooooo
live at the time of this posting

ID: 1a6c9  No.2883

File: 1433836522206.png (12.15 KB, 600x450, story137.png)

"It's time to take me back to the past"

ID: 1a6c9  No.2884

File: 1433836575251.png (10.42 KB, 600x450, story162.png)

To add a fine pair o' tits and ass

ID: f0ef0  No.2895

File: 1433924392323.png (10.36 KB, 600x450, story179-1.png)

Run Katia, run and achieve jiggle physics!

ID: 592a1  No.2896

The crazy antics Katia could get in with big boobs..

ID: 14908  No.2905

File: 1433969329184.png (13.77 KB, 600x450, story249.png)

She secretly enjoys dat cleavage window.

ID: 14908  No.2906

File: 1433969370226.png (9.28 KB, 600x450, story546-1.png)

ID: 85963  No.2908


I love these fantastic edits! You managed to keep her cute while upgrading her assets :)

ID: a4414  No.2910

cute? while carrying boobs that are irritatingly large and cumbersome? no, i dont feel cute is the right word for this. fetishistic might be better. id take the smaller (normal) chested katia anyday.

ID: 4ba4b  No.2911


No one cares, shut up.

ID: ec008  No.2913


Oh, I don't deny that it's fetishistic, but that's no excuse for me to skimp out on injecting a bit of personality into it, now, is it?

ID: ec008  No.2924

File: 1434055733491.png (9.72 KB, 600x450, story299.png)

Biiiig huuuuuug!

ID: 4ba4b  No.2927



ID: 2759c  No.2952

File: 1434353164654.png (12.97 KB, 600x450, story408.png)

Table manners!

ID: 2759c  No.2953

File: 1434353183173.png (13.54 KB, 600x450, story408b.png)

… *BLAT*

ID: 6e62a  No.2955

Fuck yes, we need more like this

ID: 0ccf6  No.2958

These are fantastic edits :)

ID: 592a1  No.2960

omg.. lol

ID: eddee  No.2980

File: 1434486230496.png (8.23 KB, 600x450, story573.png)

ID: eddee  No.2981

File: 1434486256599.png (13.69 KB, 600x450, story577.png)

ID: eddee  No.2982

File: 1434486310575.png (15.88 KB, 600x450, story578b0.png)

No, Katia, fire doesn't come out of your nipples.

Look, even Asotil is like, "Fucking really?"

ID: bc04a  No.2983

File: 1434489314342.jpg (277.85 KB, 745x819, 378886c1ae461e3c4d505e19ab….jpg)

ID: 592a1  No.2984

>No, Katia, fire doesn't come out of your nipples.

Don't tell her that.

ID: debbd  No.2998

File: 1434574387352.png (11.79 KB, 600x450, story594-1.png)

Not a particularly big edit, but…

ID: debbd  No.2999

File: 1434574415630.png (15.52 KB, 600x450, story594-1b.png)

… this was kind of amusing to do.

ID: 93b6b  No.3023

File: 1434807543559.png (10.44 KB, 600x450, story611-1.png)

With a ROAR

ID: 93b6b  No.3024

File: 1434807573107.png (9.62 KB, 600x450, story605-1.png)


ID: 93b6b  No.3025

File: 1434807590127.png (10.21 KB, 600x450, story609-1.png)


ID: fb260  No.3042

File: 1435092513702.png (8.8 KB, 600x450, story614-0.png)

ID: fb260  No.3043

File: 1435092544669.png (7.12 KB, 600x450, story614-0b.png)

There are multiple ways to defeat your foe.

ID: b1fcc  No.3140

File: 1435621480792.gif (15 KB, 600x450, story1873.gif)

>hideously large

ID: 209a1  No.3299

File: 1437271495107.gif (98.99 KB, 600x450, story1925.gif)


Oh, and she's going for the cloak.

ID: afc36  No.3300

Kind of hoping she'd take the money and run. Ah well, it wouldn't be katia if she didn't try something heroically stupid.

ID: b1fcc  No.3304

File: 1437343602000.png (219.91 KB, 629x531, Makkon.png)

Cloaks are pretty swank.

ID: 4ba4b  No.3305

>Oh look something else nice she spent money on that will eventually be destroyed

ID: afc36  No.3308

Technically she did not spend money on it, she accepted it as payment.

ID: 4ba4b  No.3309


Same deal. I mean, accepting goods in lieu of payment is basically just the same as spending money on them, just without the person with the goods handing you the money, then you handing them back the money, and them handing you the goods.

ID: 592a1  No.3312

If she had accepted goods with the intent to sell/trade to another vendor, it'd be like taking a payment, but yeah she actually intends to use this item.

ID: 209a1  No.3447

File: 1438302199134.gif (470.86 KB, 600x450, story1949.gif)

Quit wasting that magicka girl!

ID: afc36  No.3448

The 'z' key doesn't use Magicka, though.

ID: b1fcc  No.3968

File: 1442804224936.png (168.83 KB, 1054x778, 1893 - Katia's_wizard_robe….png)

ID: 0932c  No.4056

File: 1443328554961.png (377.1 KB, 693x1138, 1437794115.freshjams_katia….png)

ID: 0932c  No.4057

File: 1443328580614.png (1.64 MB, 1557x2563, 1440102672.polfwack_noahco….png)

ID: e491d  No.4059

Oh honey… It's not your face I'm saying no to. It's your weird inexplicable cat-pubes.

ID: a6083  No.4362

File: 1446287022565.gif (8.74 KB, 600x450, precede1.gif)

ID: a6083  No.4368

Kazerad is also doing a prequel story for "Porcupine Dodger" as a reward for supporting his shirts on indigogo


ID: a6083  No.4369

File: 1446319177953.gif (174.82 KB, 600x450, quill97-4632663.gif)

ID: a6083  No.4371

File: 1446336194332.gif (14.9 KB, 600x450, story1953.gif)

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand update!

ID: a6083  No.4377

File: 1446436511968.gif (20.08 KB, 600x450, quill112-34768944.gif)

Yeah, we know what you came in here for.

ID: a6083  No.4378

File: 1446460722126.gif (15.5 KB, 600x450, quill113-198928983.gif)

Oh, right, reptile.

ID: b1fcc  No.4619

File: 1448663383459.gif (6.45 KB, 600x450, quill120-23590809.gif)

ID: a6083  No.4674

File: 1449127697744.gif (225.33 KB, 600x450, quill256-4235233.gif)

Disturbing(?) thoughts.

ID: b1fcc  No.4699

File: 1449285164084.png (548.31 KB, 1294x1712, 626dde9dd039a814dd4fb11d56….png)

ID: b1fcc  No.4818

File: 1450746324480.png (Spoiler Image, 265.16 KB, 1319x940, 0f4ca5095c204d34eb5c96e5d4….png)

I desperately need this.

ID: b1fcc  No.4958

File: 1451788710558.gif (132.92 KB, 230x160, MerchProgress1.gif)

ID: b1fcc  No.4969

File: 1451951555486.jpg (Spoiler Image, 208.06 KB, 600x450, tumblr_nyyj24yZcM1tiy00lo1….jpg)

ID: 081a3  No.4971

File: 1452008417880.jpg (31.18 KB, 300x240, Scissors_Lizard.jpg)

ID: 9d747  No.5383

File: 1454900197893.gif (12.92 KB, 800x660, 948 - 4chan Weedum-Ja arti….gif)

ID: 9d747  No.5384

File: 1454900209466.jpg (86.57 KB, 644x671, 369dbe27c922d5fc2633e9c615….jpg)

ID: 9d747  No.5385

File: 1454900222616.png (852.91 KB, 1374x1916, f1e525ed9f044a2ff0d4cd89f8….png)

ID: fd786  No.5638

Went to hang out with Kazerad over in the mall over in anne arundell, was surprised he lived in Maryland. Got some merch along with a few sketches, will post them as soon as I can figure out how to upload them on this computer.

ID: fd786  No.5641

File: 1456978704207.jpg (2.14 MB, 3264x2448, Is this technically cheati….JPG)

It was a pretty nice occasion, Kazerad is actually pretty fun to talk to, the fact he can still hold a pen steady while inebriated is also a nice plus.

ID: fd786  No.5642

File: 1456978923345.jpg (2.1 MB, 3264x2448, Karaoke Night Katia on Fen….JPG)

And forever more were khajiit banned from bars during Karaoke Night (except in Kvatch and I guess leyawiin).

ID: fd786  No.5643

File: 1456978990139.jpg (2.01 MB, 3264x2448, Justice High.JPG)

And the last of the three I got from Kazerad. Anyone have that derp Astil 'DRUGS' picture? The one with the tie-dye background?

ID: a6083  No.5645

Very nice! Did you upload them to the onsite booru?

ID: fd786  No.5646


Not yet, was thinking of re-sizing…though then again people consider it inferior if it's smaller. So fine I guess I will.

ID: fd786  No.5647


Done. I should probably add Kazerad as source, his signature gets worse on the later two (posted in order).

ID: 9d747  No.5681

File: 1457235072362.gif (41.01 KB, 600x450, 1457202278308.gif)

ID: 048cc  No.5702

File: 1457536896915.png (16.59 KB, 600x450, story1285.png)

She needs dating advice, it's her first time flirting while wearing that!

ID: 048cc  No.5703

File: 1457536934581.png (14.27 KB, 417x415, story1733-10.png)

I never knew that this guy had a name. (S'thengir)

ID: 9d747  No.5735

File: 1457800887946.png (31.76 KB, 800x600, fed4101d0c91a872eb724a92e6….png)

ID: 048cc  No.5746

File: 1458060553669.png (16.55 KB, 600x450, story1528.png)

ID: 048cc  No.5861

File: 1459044504595.gif (62.09 KB, 640x640, boobumja.gif)

ID: 9d747  No.5869

File: 1459104168664.jpg (Spoiler Image, 208.93 KB, 450x600, tumblr_o4mnqnTqiv1tiy00lo1….jpg)

ID: 048cc  No.6421

File: 1464463089690.png (13.2 KB, 448x580, 1464126088911.png)

-10 RADS per thrust!

ID: ea844  No.6733

File: 1468156611987.gif (256.63 KB, 600x720, tumblr_o571i9gZXw1us7kwdo1….gif)

ID: ea844  No.6734

File: 1468157616730.png (2.52 MB, 1200x1505, 3012 - Official_Badass act….png)

ID: fb520  No.6735

Fucking lancers man.

ID: b2af1  No.6933

File: 1470601191206.gif (68.9 KB, 230x200, MerchProgress4.gif)

ID: fbcad  No.7674

File: 1481164415518.gif (4.21 KB, 300x100, furry.gif)

Banner on 8chan.

ID: cc626  No.7755

huh, e621 have the same ad banner

ID: fbcad  No.7800

File: 1482790118215.png (11.77 KB, 407x430, 3374 - Katia's_wizard_robe….png)

From Kazerad.

ID: fbcad  No.7802

File: 1482807587025.png (3.25 MB, 999x1500, kitty_arcade_by_mrpepsidud….png)

ID: fbcad  No.7896

File: 1483494448004.gif (12.3 KB, 500x375, tumblr_nem0gi2Soe1rcs9gvo1….gif)

ID: fbcad  No.7897

File: 1483494576036.png (84.11 KB, 898x395, 335e1c24f2fae620e165f1c416….png)

ID: fbcad  No.7898

File: 1483494642499.jpg (85.3 KB, 600x1043, katia_managan_by_steel123-….jpg)

ID: fbcad  No.7910

File: 1483660035648.png (348.98 KB, 985x877, 3592 - actual_underwear bl….png)

ID: b3d95  No.8710

File: 1492479330704.png (24.14 KB, 700x600, c96b969aad72d48008e0530ba0….png)

Another rare piece of Kazerad-drawn porn.

Needs more Weedum-Ja, though.

ID: 98d8b  No.8943

File: 1494475745825.gif (9.94 KB, 600x450, aggy29_96566.gif)

Well the much anticipated update isn't here yet, but he did release a side story involving our favorite dunmer ghost.

ID: b3d95  No.9046

File: 1495329526455.gif (217.82 KB, 480x328, 3936 - accidents_waiting_t….gif)

ID: 689be  No.9069

File: 1495730820561.png (136.12 KB, 560x794, 1454610752.dangerousbacon_….png)

ID: 689be  No.9070

File: 1495730851678.png (100.47 KB, 821x667, 1459015679395.png)

ID: 689be  No.9071

File: 1495732128402.jpg (65.59 KB, 1280x703, cbc34df81879d7961ed2d59849….jpg)

ID: b3d95  No.9151

File: 1497215367034.png (265.32 KB, 988x1600, 4217 - Cosplay Fullmetal_A….png)

ID: b3d95  No.9192

File: 1498090569341.jpg (1.24 MB, 1600x949, 91c42dff94443a7c860fc6da75….jpg)

ID: b3d95  No.9217

File: 1498525702152.png (1.52 MB, 822x1200, 4294 - Blade Official_Bada….png)

ID: f7458  No.9219


There's something very strange happening with the proportions of the legs. Everything else is cute, though.

ID: b3d95  No.9223

File: 1498694560924.png (22.26 KB, 800x600, 4311 - artist Kazerad char….png)

ID: b3d95  No.9252

File: 1499393368546.gif (120.72 KB, 592x592, 4330 - Cosplay animation a….gif)

ID: b3d95  No.9285

File: 1499979056015.png (10.15 KB, 500x500, 4361 - character Rajirra n….png)

ID: b3d95  No.9286

File: 1499979064570.png (11.07 KB, 500x500, 4362 - angry_giant_hands c….png)

ID: b3d95  No.9413

File: 1501156698169.png (19.9 KB, 600x600, 6ec524a77eb63febb2d7be7369….png)

More from Kazerad.

ID: b3d95  No.9585

File: 1503976255574.gif (272.49 KB, 500x500, 4450 - Festive_Holiday_Dis….GIF)

Katia expresses her displeasure with Kazerad's lax update schedule.

ID: b3d95  No.9639

File: 1505518275215.gif (16.67 KB, 600x600, 4492 - 4chan Katia's_wizar….gif)

ID: 98d8b  No.9657

File: 1506119883970.gif (23.01 KB, 600x450, story1958.gif)

Update has arrived!

ID: ab3b2  No.9658

Worth the wait. a lot of neat stuff there.

ID: ab3b2  No.9660

File: 1506196250873.png (52.43 KB, 874x789, 4536 - 4chan casually_unde….png)

also the thumbnail looks like a butt.

ID: b3d95  No.9676

File: 1506470650680.png (108.38 KB, 1160x454, tumblr_okxf2zrBaO1vymad6o2….png)

ID: ad9f2  No.9681

File: 1506730297702.gif (38.03 KB, 600x450, story1962.gif)

Amazing how quickly you can update if you aren't programming a game or shipping merchendise out of your own home.

ID: b3d95  No.9841

File: 1509792306540.gif (28.53 KB, 187x167, f0b007dbfe32a2f0f1aecc0a9a….gif)

ID: b3d95  No.9862

File: 1510511167638.gif (16.3 KB, 600x600, 1aa3cadfdf5354737420162f6b….gif)

ID: b3d95  No.9863

File: 1510511218798.jpg (209.52 KB, 720x1080, 4769 - Dakimakura artist F….jpg)

ID: b3d95  No.9898

File: 1511059486034.png (824.46 KB, 1241x1851, 4784 - artist olddelhi54 c….png)

ID: b3d95  No.9910

File: 1511529744070.gif (233.96 KB, 600x450, story2008.gif)

ID: b3d95  No.10056

File: 1512797505815.gif (1.02 MB, 600x450, story2019.gif)

So yeah, this nonsense has been going on for a while, and apparently it'll keep going until we get to whatever segue Kazerad has in mind.

ID: b3d95  No.10199

File: 1514865079099.gif (41.91 KB, 600x450, story2022.gif)

Damn it, Kaz.

ID: ab3b2  No.10304

File: 1516146108380.gif (78.97 KB, 600x450, story2030.gif)

Hey Sigrid. Lookin' pretty sane there.

ID: b3d95  No.10462

File: 1517802515785.jpg (92.76 KB, 964x1280, e683d96e9fbb4fedb2fb164254….jpg)

ID: b3d95  No.10463

File: 1517802525699.jpg (77.85 KB, 933x1280, a0853cbd11452939afb5ee9ebb….jpg)

ID: ab3b2  No.10466

New update, and things are getting spooky

ID: b3d95  No.10560

File: 1520422935286.png (1.61 MB, 1998x1332, 9640bbbf20b647a5ce6e59635f….png)

I know that it probably won't happen, but I still hope that it will.

ID: ab3b2  No.10607

New update and holy hell is it certainly an update.

ID: df633  No.10610


Did… Did Katia just accidentally opened the Kvatch oblivion gate?

ID: b3d95  No.10632

File: 1521998354953.png (552.84 KB, 1080x1080, 146293042f0b156eb29cdf5afb….png)

There is no purer form of crack.

ID: b3d95  No.10634

File: 1522026066424.png (1.11 MB, 800x1200, 9eebacb663033340124cd4991a….png)

ID: b3d95  No.10635

File: 1522026077546.png (97.72 KB, 778x866, d16783fc65c0cbda3209aa4a6f….png)

ID: b3d95  No.10636

File: 1522032459855.png (1.01 MB, 1952x1345, 1596810 - Argonian Katia_M….png)

ID: b3d95  No.10637

File: 1522032470246.jpg (68.08 KB, 600x588, 1219987 - Katia_Managan Kh….jpg)

ID: b3d95  No.10638

File: 1522032479259.jpg (153.02 KB, 1280x1089, 1219986 - Argonian Katia_M….jpg)

ID: b3d95  No.10662

File: 1522641232201.png (1.48 MB, 1606x1234, 5096 - artist Bluedraggy a….png)

ID: b3d95  No.10663

File: 1522641242280.png (383.39 KB, 894x1850, 5102 - Cosplay Mortal_Komb….png)

ID: b3d95  No.10805

File: 1525311018164.png (15.41 KB, 573x700, tumblr_p6j7pejokA1tiy00lo1….png)

ID: b3d95  No.10816

File: 1525467983077.png (744.75 KB, 1500x1414, 5181 - Quill-Weave's_bed Q….png)

ID: b3d95  No.10864

File: 1526595454056.png (16.04 KB, 600x597, a99f3bafc3561b51edd83b35ee….png)

ID: b3d95  No.10873

File: 1526819749666.png (36.85 KB, 700x686, 5210 - Cosplay artist Rayd….png)

ID: b3d95  No.10874

File: 1526819760354.png (63.3 KB, 933x700, a8fd26376526f2e22324dcbf24….png)

ID: b3d95  No.10881

File: 1526959999616.png (1.05 MB, 1800x2000, friendship_is_forever_by_l….png)

ID: b3d95  No.10889

Sort-of-complex update with nothing that can really be posted here. The plot thickens.

ID: ab3b2  No.10890

I can't figure out the star puzzle at the end. What am I supposed to do?

ID: b3d95  No.10893

Move each star as far as it will go, then click on the planet that appears.

ID: ab3b2  No.10894

OOh! Summoned Skeleton

ID: b3d95  No.10896

File: 1527128244022.png (10.66 KB, 455x477, tumblr_p6fsqp9qVI1tiy00lo1….png)

ID: b3d95  No.10897

File: 1527128273245.png (7.34 KB, 319x580, tumblr_p6krz3h6VK1tiy00lo1….png)

ID: b3d95  No.10958

File: 1528045545854.png (1.23 MB, 1600x1900, 5233 - artist Bluedraggy a….png)

ID: b3d95  No.10959

File: 1528045559020.png (1.98 MB, 1578x1976, 5224 - artist Bluedraggy a….png)

ID: b3d95  No.10960

File: 1528047318841.png (4.09 MB, 1632x2544, cb513c2717c6642d3003113615….png)

ID: b3d95  No.10962

File: 1528159559848.png (56.21 KB, 600x600, 5247 - Cosplay Warhammer a….png)

ID: b3d95  No.11004

File: 1529154541809.gif (30.03 KB, 600x450, story2067.gif)

Talk to me, baby.

ID: b3d95  No.11013

File: 1529205431512.gif (1.8 MB, 600x450, story2061.gif)

Also, the interactive portions of the previous update have been animated.

ID: b3d95  No.11049

File: 1529540559637.gif (110.5 KB, 800x640, d7806990b0ac24bee023bbb6ea….gif)

ID: b3d95  No.11067

File: 1529975609166.png (791.59 KB, 1642x1376, 0277b99378893b6611cfe8518b….png)

ID: b3d95  No.11116

File: 1530806956132.gif (17.26 KB, 600x600, 5297 - Cosplay artist Kaze….gif)

ID: b3d95  No.11142

File: 1531175339218.png (243.35 KB, 1001x1078, katia.png)

ID: b3d95  No.11189

Another generally unproductive update.

ID: b3d95  No.11192

File: 1531621753195.gif (568.13 KB, 600x600, 33a7e43d2995ada3b529affce9….gif)

I suppose it's sad that I find the porn Kazerad draws to be more interesting than his comic, but hey, maybe if it had better pacing…

ID: b3d95  No.11193

File: 1531621762649.gif (12.09 KB, 600x450, 1f0e88c2ce340f86813812d121….gif)

ID: b3d95  No.11231

File: 1532216369851.png (106.55 KB, 588x595, 5329 - Infinity_gauntlet a….png)

ID: b3d95  No.11262

File: 1532839549077.png (13.72 KB, 450x453, 5336 - character Katia_Man….png)

ID: b3d95  No.11278

File: 1533072332973.png (160.44 KB, 800x800, 5340 - artist Bluedraggy a….png)

ID: b3d95  No.11304

File: 1533781603309.gif (20.95 KB, 600x450, story2087a.gif)


ID: b3d95  No.11426

File: 1535898791672.png (54.08 KB, 600x600, 1535510052274.png)

An index of material from Kaz's various streams.


ID: b3d95  No.11429

File: 1535927942701.gif (1.91 MB, 600x600, 5391 - adorable animation ….gif)

ID: b3d95  No.11430

File: 1535927959423.png (484.66 KB, 924x918, 5398 - Cloak_of_Gray_Tomor….png)

ID: 65019  No.11465

File: 1537476862554.gif (83.19 KB, 600x450, story2099b.gif)

This one got me.

ID: b3d95  No.11542

File: 1538529709137.png (616.51 KB, 1526x1197, 016356f51d2939cbcb98aaa3d5….png)


ID: b3d95  No.11572

File: 1539224268194.png (2.43 MB, 2200x2000, 1539203843270.png)

ID: b3d95  No.11573

File: 1539224402495.png (821.75 KB, 1316x1424, 6fSTray.png)

ID: b3d95  No.11574

File: 1539224414742.jpg (320.5 KB, 1280x1385, 5590 - Dakimakura casually….jpg)

ID: b3d95  No.11666

File: 1540857049599.png (881.49 KB, 1800x2200, 1540747764083.png)

ID: b3d95  No.11667

File: 1540857058599.jpg (142.29 KB, 850x850, 1540748303181.jpg)

ID: b3d95  No.11668

File: 1540857069810.png (246.79 KB, 1280x962, 1540748822343.png)

ID: b3d95  No.11669

File: 1540857079904.png (674.19 KB, 1500x1155, 1540791733888.png)

ID: b3d95  No.11670

File: 1540857088551.png (23.4 KB, 600x600, 1540824190923.png)

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