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File: 1475197849056.jpg (496.31 KB, 700x988, tumblr_oealokCmbN1r0ajyoo1….jpg)

ID: 98b51  No.7219[Last 50 Posts]

Old thread hit it's limit, so starting this one with the latest from Chalo's Tumblr.

ID: 98b51  No.7220

File: 1475215582262.jpg (264.75 KB, 600x1042, tumblr_oeaod92LkE1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: 21ddd  No.7244

File: 1475531667138.jpg (210.56 KB, 981x1500, Chalo_FarmerDaugther1.jpg)

ID: 858d1  No.7245

File: 1475534566286.jpg (735.44 KB, 800x1524, KH0048.jpg)

ID: a0714  No.7249

Did anyone manage to get screencaps of the last stream? Picarto's prefious recordings are still bugged.

ID: a4e63  No.7250


HNo, but it had Taffy and Randal's first time and a hint of a private commission (I think) of Sarah getting fucked in the ass by some OC.

ID: d05fb  No.7251

File: 1475609803820.png (799.86 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (10).png)


ID: d05fb  No.7252

File: 1475609941838.png (909.4 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (12).png)

ID: 44325  No.7253

File: 1475612259300.jpg (83.54 KB, 700x988, Ct8ULqGUMAAQIYf.jpg)

ID: a4e63  No.7254


I guess he's never going to post those animations, rght?

ID: 25ad5  No.7257


Intrigued up until the double dick.

No offense to any who are into that, I just find it juvenille. Which is to say it'd of been something I would of liked as a teenager but grew out of it as puberty proceeded go bother some other teen.

ID: 0a81e  No.7258

File: 1475702386850.png (786.08 KB, 733x1000, why_would_i_be_daydreaming….png)


Did you just "I need mature fetishes for a mature individual such as myself"?

ID: 98b51  No.7260

File: 1475703235045.jpg (103.02 KB, 700x988, CuBK5geUMAEVyQQ.jpg)

ID: 25ad5  No.7261


No sechs, I'm a sodomite who appreciates the vagina more when a dick isn't in it all the time (allows for some expressive intimacy you can't get otherwise). Or perhaps furry has made me into a raging bisexual, either way I find double dick to be redundant and kind of indecisive.

I suppose the juvenile bit was a bit harsh though, coming from a guy who can tolerate cub when they aren't actually emulating childish behavior. So I take that back, porn has always been about wish fulfillment after all.

ID: 98b51  No.7264

File: 1475859808256.jpg (980.42 KB, 800x1608, LL0517.jpg)

ID: d92a7  No.7268

File: 1476053890014.png (682.63 KB, 800x1129, Pizzamora.png)

here ya go

ID: 98b51  No.7269

File: 1476064201740.jpg (82.06 KB, 700x988, CuWZaQNVYAAlHLq.jpg)

Chalo just posted this on his Twitter. Didn't say if it'd be in the comic or if it was an entry for AtHP.

ID: 6bf9e  No.7270


no nips means comic

ID: d05fb  No.7271

File: 1476068112177.png (713.6 KB, 778x740, lump.png)


Wouldn't be the first time nipples showed, even slightly in the "PG-13" main comic.

Granted they were censored afterwards, but still.

ID: 98b51  No.7272

File: 1476070188576.png (430.7 KB, 1000x748, tumblr_oetat0EAJZ1vi4s8io1….png)

ID: 44325  No.7273

File: 1476070734595.png (600.62 KB, 800x1129, tumblr_oetax5Grn11vi4s8io1….png)


Nope, it's not for the comic. It's just a donation commission that came out that way.

ID: 44325  No.7274

File: 1476070757492.png (561.02 KB, 800x1129, tumblr_oetabeW1FI1vi4s8io1….png)

ID: 44325  No.7276

File: 1476095088791.png (486.41 KB, 917x1125, tumblr_oetrfnpjIr1rg3hqgo4….png)

ID: 570c1  No.7277

Can someone edit her nose a lil? it looks so… off

ID: 6dd34  No.7278

File: 1476163191421.png (2.93 MB, 2550x3600, dec4e23fc1ebfa7578b0533724….png)

Just seen this go up on e621

ID: afd5c  No.7295

File: 1476552021310.png (671.94 KB, 800x1129, chalo-edit01v2_u18chan.png)


Courtesy of u18chan.

ID: 9ee24  No.7297

Nose still looks fucking retarded. It's the underside shading, not the size. Whoever colored this shaded it like they have human noses.

ID: 0982f  No.7298

Mora's basically a babyfaced human with a few cow features tacked on at this point, it's ridiculous.

ID: 74d81  No.7299

File: 1476557467696.jpg (55.84 KB, 625x351, d67af61d0685d773074d742bcf….jpg)

ID: a6a54  No.7300

File: 1476561694448.png (793.62 KB, 800x1129, 1476053890014fix.png)


ID: 27f89  No.7301

Fabulous! I was the requester of the edit on u18chan and even with the secondary request something was still a lil off, and I couldnt put my finger on it til now. Thats much better. I miss when Chalo colored his own art 3:

ID: a6a54  No.7302

No worries :) Chalo's been putting his noses and mouths quite a bit higher nowadays so I just moved them both down and changed (I think it's his :P) Tonyg's shading so it was a little less pronounced

ID: 98b51  No.7336

File: 1477281304840.png (1.05 MB, 800x1608, LLfiller.png)

They had a filler strip for Las Lindas, while Chalo's on vacation.

ID: 98b51  No.7375

File: 1477527665486.jpg (724.5 KB, 550x1261, LasLindas_FillerCom.jpg)

ID: 98b51  No.7402

File: 1477885398869.jpg (759.43 KB, 800x1608, LL0518.jpg)

Back to our originally-scheduled programming.

ID: 4728a  No.7404


Hoo boy.

ID: bb4b3  No.7407

Oh yay, contrived and unrealistic love confession scene incoming.

Who else hopes this all blows up in his face somehow, perhaps via Rachael finding out about what this guy who's supposedly so serious about fucking–er, allegedly being in love with her has been doing for the past year's worth of pages?

ID: 97446  No.7412

This is so jarring to me

ID: 9afed  No.7413

File: 1478054293491.jpg (862.32 KB, 2000x3000, miles maid3done.jpg)

As much as I'm with you, I think we all know this sadly won't happen, Miles has been having it his way all this time and I don't think that's ever going to change, not now or ever. -_-

(And hey, I think at least he'd be great in crossdress, but that's just me. :P)

ID: c718e  No.7414

File: 1478072703129.png (245.27 KB, 998x610, stupidsexybat.png)


I believe Chalo has stated he hates femboys, since "Men should be manly!" but it would make Miles more interesting.

Myself on the otherhand, welcome the queerness.

ID: 9afed  No.7416


Well we're all free to make our own decisions, just as we're all free to agree to disagree, if my wording isn't getting too confusing there. :P

As for me I'm with you on the matter and besides, there's nothing wrong with a cute femmy guy now and again right? You n' Skidd have made some damn good ones imo. X3

ID: 25ad5  No.7417

I had a bit of rant up, but I deleted it because I felt it delved too far from the point made…and that I get the feeling we've argued about it over and over about Las Lindas, but I wouldn't know since I don't pay Las Lindas as much mind as I do other comics here.

ID: 40251  No.7420


IIRC Chalo hates any form of M/M, alongside futas.

ID: 3acce  No.7421

not hates. Isn't into it.

ID: 98b51  No.7422

File: 1478141044383.jpg (392.04 KB, 700x988, tumblr_og1o8wE7Si1r0ajyoo1….jpg)

In b4 wet pussy pun

ID: 4728a  No.7425


Dat size difference.

ID: 19df9  No.7426

Man if he gets with Rach, Im going to stop reading entirely. I read LL from the beginning, and binged like a huge chunk, watching chalos art improve. Part of this was Miles being a redeemable character, at least a little. Old Rach would never fall for his shit. All the old plot lines that were interesting (miles and his plane, Alej and the other company comic, stuff like that) have all fallen to the wayside to bullshit about space and 'Miles gets everything he wants and can do no wrong :DDD" and I fucking hate it

ID: 6ea98  No.7427

File: 1478191254862.jpg (118.77 KB, 400x400, lla.jpg)

ID: 49c63  No.7428

one of those you tagged didn't even say anything about not liking las lindas

ID: a17d4  No.7429

"If you hate this pairing that shouldn't happen, stop reading the comic, cause hating them being together is hating the comic!"

Typical Rachael x Miles shipper.

ID: c718e  No.7430


All I was saying was Chalo doesn't really do much in regards to LGBT-esque characters that the fanbase seems eager for such as gay men or gender-bending (bisexual women tho) because it's simply not his cup of tea (furries in general love/are in the LGBT community, shipping is strong yo.)

That's fine, not every story has to add in "Token Gay person" to be good or relevant, infact that kind of PC-crap is horrendous and needs to stop. Creators should be able to make what they want, not fill a diversity quota.

HOWEVER, I do myself enjoy a variety of characters with diverse backgrounds,body types,sexualities ect. Skidd and myself don't add them to "fill a diversity quota" we do it because it makes stories feel more fleshed out/realistic and spices it up.

But uh yeah, just say I hate LL and should stop reading cuz 'reasons'. 8D

ID: 97446  No.7435

didn't say I didnt like las Lindas or the pairing. Just said it was jarring.

ID: 70945  No.7440

File: 1478292901631.jpg (199.96 KB, 1600x900, 3 girls.jpg)

From a previous stream.

ID: d05fb  No.7441

File: 1478318554316.png (982.2 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (25).png)

From the last one.

ID: a17d4  No.7442

Ooh, is that a She-Hulk Rachael?

ID: 81a64  No.7444


Looks like it! =D

Is Mora supposed to be Mai Shiranui from KOF?

And who is that mouse girl? It doesn't look like Tootsie

ID: 5a3d3  No.7446


Hey we ever get the full color version of this one?

ID: 858d1  No.7454

File: 1478534376230.jpg (579.42 KB, 700x1198, tumblr_oga2ipb6Bn1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: 21ddd  No.7468

File: 1478616808031.jpg (69.31 KB, 283x1199, CwuA1kGUkAA6k-x_u18chan.jpg)

ID: 5b582  No.7469

File: 1478658692030.gif (108.7 KB, 205x260, sweating intensifies.gif)


ID: b7a2b  No.7474

File: 1479092981118.jpg (840.04 KB, 800x1524, KH0049.jpg)

In addition to a new bonus comic page, Chalo made a big announcement relating to the structure of Las Lindas' bonus comics and the future of the comic itself.


ID: 40251  No.7475


Goodbye Breasts are the Best. I will miss your lesbian shenanigans

ID: faf27  No.7478

File: 1479130878986.gif (1.77 MB, 528x292, renaldo-rage.gif)

>only Knighthood will continue

ID: 999b0  No.7479


Literally why? Why continue the one fanfic-tier comic that has absolutely no relevance to the main one?

ID: 98b51  No.7480


According to Chalo's post, it's the one comic that is still going to have an active writer for it (SK's taking a more "peripheral" position, as he puts it) and it's going to be the the comic that provides a foundation for the next project he's going to do, in a year or so.

ID: 4728a  No.7481

File: 1479138528021.gif (3.26 MB, 425x256, 1253784913_jack_nicholson_….gif)

ID: da11a  No.7482

ah well. sucks but there's no reason for chalo to spread himself even thinner when three comics don't have active writers.

the main comic seems like it might be heading towards knighthood stuff anyway. joy would have had to meet minos at some point

ID: 594c9  No.7483

That's pretty much the summary. "I can't keep drawing five comics on any kind of reasonable schedule and the current slow schedule doesn't work. Knighthood has a writer so it stays, BATB/LC/D&D get rolled into Las Lindas."

ID: 40251  No.7484


BatB style content will be limited to the ask the high prime blog. Curran said so on the katbox forums.

ID: 9c5cd  No.7487

Much as I'll miss BATB, I can understand. Their latest method of updating the bonus content just was not working for any of them; took far too long between any one comic's batch of updates to the next for it to be enjoyable at all.
My one sincere hope though is that the votes on the straw poll swing the other way before it ends.
C''mon guys, give BATB your energy. Lets' at least see that it goes out with an actual finale to speak of and doesn't just 'stop' like so many other side comics have before it. It could go out in a big, booby bang.

ID: c718e  No.7488


Chalo has an insane amount of strain on him as an artist. I still feel he needs a colorist/artist/editor kind of person more then another writer. Tho,I dont think he'd want anyone beside him at the helm for that.

So many bonus comics were just little pet-projects that maybe were best saved for a fanfic kind of purposes?

Anyways yeah, BATB is Chalo's kind of bread and butter -but nothing is gonna stop that guy from drawing boobs.

ID: a17d4  No.7490

>incorporate elements of the cut bonus comics into Las Lindas as part of the ongoing story. In short, while pages of LC would stop appearing, we would work to show what happened through LC into LL.

Oh yes, cause that's what this already dragging "story" needs, interruptions to show pseudo-lesbian exploitation porn, even more fucking Miles worship and whatever shit went on between Davin and the girls who supposedly feel nothing for him but he gets to live with and fuck for years anyway.

>the other big news here is that we are starting to plan a new major comic to show up when Las Lindas comes to its natural end.

You and SK don't even know how this comic is going to end! So what, is it about to come to an abrupt end sometime soonish, or are you talking another two decades down the line? And if the former is the case, are you seriously ending this comic on Miles finally manipulating Rachael into letting him fuck her and then some convoluted endboss situation that was thrown together by the seats of your pants?

ID: a17d4  No.7491

Honestly, if any bonus comic deserved to continue above all others, it was Building an Empire. But maybe that was doing too good a job at showing Alejandra as something besides the stereotypical "evil corporate bitch" we were supposed to think of her as. A close runner-up would be the one with Taffy in cooking school, but then again, that whole thing AND her goal of going back seem to have been utterly erased from canon by this point.

ID: c5eb6  No.7492

why am I not surprised that you can't yell about anything without brining up miles and Rachel. somehow everyone else can do it besides you

ID: a17d4  No.7493

Why am I not surprised that you think only one person can't stand their forced pairing? You do know the most current scene is focused on them, right?

ID: 44325  No.7496


>Oh yes, cause that's what this already dragging "story" needs, interruptions to show pseudo-lesbian exploitation porn, even more fucking Miles worship

Where was there any Miles worship in LC? from Hope? The girl he was basically dating? Nobody worshiped Miles. Hell, it didn't even focus on him that long. Where did you even get that idea?

>and whatever shit went on between Davin and the girls who supposedly feel nothing for him but he gets to live with and fuck for years anyway.

How did none of them feel anything for him when ann's whole deal is that she loves Davin to the point where it's the main focus in her life?


>Honestly, if any bonus comic deserved to continue above all others, it was Building an Empire. But maybe that was doing too good a job at showing Alejandra as something besides the stereotypical "evil corporate bitch" we were supposed to think of her as.

It never got far enough to show her making any sort of decisions on that level and It's not going to show something like that from the get go. Her company was just a concept she spent time coming up with in her apartment before it ended.

Alej is less evil and more of a Moron for letting a small farm bother her to the point where she spent tons of money her company didn't have trying to box it in. Mora's far getting up doesn't mean you start destroying your own hard built work.

ID: a17d4  No.7497

>Where was there any Miles worship in LC? from Hope?

Kinda just answered your own question there, but it went beyond that too.

>How did none of them feel anything for him when ann's whole deal is that she loves Davin to the point where it's the main focus in her life?

Oh, sorry, 2 out of 3 girls then. And spoiler alert: Davin ditched Ann after college too, according to SK.

>Her company was just a concept she spent time coming up with in her apartment before it ended.

Yeah, that's another thing that bugs me, this comic has been HUMONGOUSLY inconsistent with how the company started, whether she inherited it from her father or formed it herself from scratch on a whim.

>Alej is less evil and more of a Moron for letting a small farm bother her to the point where she spent tons of money her company didn't have trying to box it in.

Her company was basically, to quote Riiser, the big-dick pro-dog of the farming industry on the Prime Continent. You're trying to say her company didn't have the money for her to buy the farm and save it, something she outright tried to do?

>Mora's far getting up doesn't mean you start destroying your own hard built work.

Exactly, and that's where the shit-tastic, manipulative storytelling and character derailment comes in, where Alejandra spent an entire arc as a flat, cartoonish villain making dumb decisions and losing her shit at everyone and making her out to be a total lunatic all for the sake of ending it with her losing her company and turning into Mora's newest loyal worker.

ID: 0b70a  No.7498

>it went beyond that.

no it didn't. Miles only interacted with Hope, Toby, and a brief moment with Davin and tiare. Tiare told him to talk to Sammy about his grade and Davin said who cares about graduating. there was no sort of worship there at all

>Her company was basically, to quote Riiser, the big-dick pro-dog of the farming industry on the Prime Continent. You're trying to say her company didn't have the money for her to buy the farm and save it, something she outright tried to do?

Mora wouldn't sell her the farm. then she tried to box the farm in by building around it. then she told tootsie that they were stopping development and Tootsie flat out said they did not have the money to just burn like that.

it doesn't matter how big a company is, if you don't have cash to burn like that, then you shouldn't. that stunt was the reason the board came down on her.

buying the land around the farm and investing a ton of money into building around it is going to cost a lot more than just buying the farm itself

ID: a17d4  No.7499

Pretty much every scene with him and Hope was on the worship side of things, dude. And did you seriously not get that I was referring to when Alej initially tried buying the farm, back when it was so in the red that it wasn't even a blip on the radar?

ID: 0b70a  No.7500

I really feel like you can't tell the difference between someone being nice to someone they care about and them actually worshiping a person. Especially when it's been established that Hope is a very caring person.

but hey, if someone isn't being mean to Miles then they just HAVE to be worshiping him, am I right?

buying the farm works if mora actually sells the farm to her. if anything, ambar bailed her out of that.

ID: a17d4  No.7501

Yeah, hyping him up as a sex god, contriving a situation where he gets sexually rewarded for ruining a date (because the author literally believed Miles was owed it somehow and that "sex should never be a reward for good behaviour"), his behaviour and mindset somehow always being justified, that's not character worship at all, especially when considering all the worship the same writer already gives the same character in the main comic.

ID: c718e  No.7502


If you hate the creators and comics so much, why pour so much energy into hate-mongering about them? Miles is just a "fictional" character, its lines on a screen.

Like, there are literally millions of other webcomics out there.

ID: 98b51  No.7503

File: 1479192673082.jpg (480.57 KB, 600x1271, tumblr_ogo4sqOskM1r0ajyoo1….jpg)

We interrupt these big announcements and ensuing whining for some smut.

ID: 98b51  No.7504

File: 1479192682801.jpg (447.25 KB, 600x1271, tumblr_ogo4sqOskM1r0ajyoo2….jpg)

ID: a17d4  No.7507

Who said anything about the creators in general? Why do you people always act like a comment against SK or his writing is one against Chalo as well, and believe that anyone who complains about any aspect of this comic follows NO other webcomics? And really? People can't hate characters now because they aren't real?

"Hate-mongering", Christ. It's fuckin' Miles, most people here can't stand him anyway and recognize what a total creator's pet he is.

ID: 98b51  No.7508


Her point isn't that you can't hate a character because their fictional. The point was that you put a lot of time and effort into posting about how terrible this comic's writing and characters are when they're just insignificant pieces of fiction.

The time spent arguing with people on imageboards and spewing vitriol over this comic could be spent reading a comic that you might actually like, instead.

If you dislike this comic so much because of the way it puts Miles on a pedestal, why do you care enough to rage about it on imageboards?

ID: a17d4  No.7509

>The point was that you put a lot of time and effort into posting about how terrible this comic's writing and characters are

Uh, not really, no, each post took maybe a couple of minutes to make.

ID: c718e  No.7510


Fine, for brevity's sake let's say you hate SK and SK alone. What did he do to inspire such ire and frothing rage? Besides write a comic the in a way you dislike? Is there a personal vendetta like some old ban or something? Just the fact he created Miles? What is the real source of this? Ive seen this for nearly 3 years now - so whatever hate/salt/loathing going on must be intensely strong.

TBH everyone runs into jerks in life and on the internet, there is no shortage of assholes nor will there ever be. But most just shrug it off or avoid them.

ID: a17d4  No.7511

Complaining about Miles and his treatment indicates a "frothing rage" against SK. Sure.

ID: 02d08  No.7512

Except this isn't the first time.

People've been BANNED from this place for being "Miles Apologists".

What gives? What's the story?

ID: a17d4  No.7513

Miles is just a shitty character, mostly thanks to the poor writing and blatant favouritism from being a self-insert, and some people try WAY too fuckin' hard to defend him and justify his behaviour, beliefs, etc. and those of SK that happen to mirror Miles'.

ID: 74d81  No.7514

ID: a17d4  No.7515

Good for you.

ID: 1a149  No.7516

I get not liking miles but God damn I'm beginning to believe that the character did some thing personal to this raging anon.

ID: a17d4  No.7517

There it is again, this notion that I'm both the first and ONLY person to point out what a shitty character he is. Where the hell have you people even been?

ID: 085ce  No.7518

chill your victim complex. Nobody said you were the first or only one. but you take anything that miles does much harder than anyone else.

like on a near personal level.

ID: 44325  No.7519

>Yeah, hyping him up as a sex god,

Hope walked him through his first time, hell she was able to tell it was his first time. All she did was encourage him through it by saying stuff like "Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it".

When they did it under the tree, all she said was that he was getting better and started enjoying it more because of that. There was no sort of "Oh, you're a sex god!" or anything on that level.

>contriving a situation where he gets sexually rewarded for ruining a date (because the author literally believed Miles was owed it somehow and that "sex should never be a reward for good behaviour")

where did SK say this? Why is there always some sort of "SK said this, this, and/or that." but there's never any proof of it? Hope was basically making fun of him for doing that the whole time. The sex can be chalked up to, once again, hope being just that forgiving.

>his behaviour and mindset somehow always being justified, that's not character worship at all, especially when considering all the worship the same writer already gives the same character in the main comic.

Miles barely did anything.

Ran into Sammy and Toby in the middle of Sex: Hope helped him calm down after he jumped to the conclusion that Toby was exchanging sex for grades when he already had issues with his grades and wanted to know how he could make his better. That's actually a thought that's very easy to jump to. He didn't actually do anything wrong there.

The date: Hope basically told him that he was a dumbass for wasting the whole day stalking them. She gave him sex but she didn't go "Man, you sure were right for doing that!"

other than that, he told his crying was kinda embarrassing.

None of that is worship. You seem to think that being nice to miles instantly means they're worshiping him.

ID: a17d4  No.7522

No, I'm really not. Look, the guy was a fucking footnote in my complaints until someone felt the need to zero in on the mention of him and blow it out of proportion because how DARE someone speak ill of Miles.

>There was no sort of "Oh, you're a sex god!" or anything on that level.

Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

>where did SK say this? Why is there always some sort of "SK said this, this, and/or that." but there's never any proof of it?

He said it on the forum. Other users here, like Sechs, can even back this up as true cause THEY WERE THERE.

>You seem to think that being nice to miles instantly means they're worshiping him.

You must not realize that characters don't have to literally get down and kiss the ground he walks on for the writing to find ways to undeservedly gratify him.

ID: c718e  No.7523


How do you know Miles mirrors exactly who SK is as a person and isn't just a caricature of the cliche-womanizer?

There are characters like this..


or this one


or yeah, anime too.


It's not a new concept, are the people who created these characters exact clones of them morals and all? No.

Writers do that, is the guy who wrote Hannibal Lecter really an evil person who wants to kill and eat people? No, of course not - it's just fiction.

I don't care for Miles much as a character, there's missed opportunity for growth- but they are attempting to make him a flawed character. He's far less 'gary-stu' then say Minos or Davin IMO.Even if he makes more mistakes and does more annoying things.

Anyways, I'm done playing devil's advocate here.In the end it's just a comic.

ID: a17d4  No.7525

Because when SK makes statements on the forum that display a terrible mindset regarding sex, relationships and women and would fit perfectly coming out of Miles' creeper mouth, that's a pretty telltale sign that they share or at one point shared mindsets.

Also because Miles used to be his fursona and is thus his old self-insert.

ID: 3acce  No.7526

This shit's getting annoying. Every tome we get into one of these Miles hating rants we get 1 "new" person in here that challenges everyone who disagrees with him about how terrible SoulKat is and making bold and damning claims about things he said without providing any proof of what he said.

So, "new" guy. How about you drop it and the next time SK says or does something sooooo terrible that you have to rant about it, make a screencap and we can discuss it. Otherwise, all you have is hearsay and slander.

ID: 94210  No.7531

I'm pretty sure you guys are arguing with Al/El Cid/TheSwedishElf who was banned from the forums years ago because he couldnt stop fighting with people over this subject. After that I kept finding bits of him still bitching about us wherever he could get an audience, and for awhile he haunted our disqus. Always hostile, always unable to contain his endless rage over Miles.

If this anon isn't him they sure as hell sound like him.


>Davin ditches Ann.

[Citation needed] I honestly think you're just making shit up about him at this point. Last I saw they seemed to be setting up for a poly relationship. I wrote half a fic exploring a serious side to the dynamics of such a relationship that he seemed to like.

If you can find a citation of him saying that after I wrote the fic then I'll give you a nod. It's not unthinkable that he would change his mind, but I highly doubt he'd change it in such a drastic fashion.

<<This is a repost with some edits from the original>>

ID: a17d4  No.7533

He revealed a few years ago via the forum that he decided none of them ended up staying with Davin after college. We know for sure that Tiare and Angel don't (especially with Tiare being mentioned in the main comic as presently being single). LC even made hints at that, not to mention there were other posts by SK mentioning that the two apparently wanted to push Ann and Davin closer so they'd have an excuse to leave him and run off together, cause according to him, they liked each other more than they liked Davin anyway. And yeah, I know, take what's said on the forum with a grain of salt because a lot of it is bullshit, but if the other parts of what he said he was planning turned out true, there's not much reason to believe he was just talking out of his ass about the plan for Ann to also not end up with Davin.

Also worth noting, and another thing he said that was once mentioned by Sechs as well, is that he decided Davin doesn't feel any sense of commitment to any of them, because SK somehow felt a guy being in a poly relationship with three women is less realistic than a guy getting to live with and fuck three women commitment-free.

ID: 9afed  No.7534

File: 1479227274459.jpg (15 KB, 324x324, distressed_red_radiation_s….jpg)

Wow… well if you'll all excuse me, I'll just be watching this shitfest from the safety of my nearest local bomb shelter…
k bai.

ID: 085ce  No.7535

is that the pizza guy who has been appearing with a number of katbox girls recently?

ID: a17d4  No.7536

Now that you mention it…

ID: 2071a  No.7537


yeah but this picture was started way before the pizza guy appeared. I think this was first shown like what year and half ago?

ID: 9c5cd  No.7538

Drama aside, I'd be seriously bummed out if none of the bonus comics got to properly finish, at least with a few pages to sum them up. Won't be a perfect ending by any means, but a rushed one is better than nothing. Hell, if the situation was reversed, I'd be sad about that happening to Knighthood, a comic I don't like at all.

Won't lie, I care little for Dungeons and Dames and Learning Curves, but considering the time and effort put into them, it feels like the only fair thing to do would be to make them 'complete products' with actual endings.

And as for BATB, outside of the obvious appeal of it all, it just deserves it so bad. Look back to page one; you can actually use it to chart the progression of Chalo's art over the years. That's pretty cool in itself if you ask me, even regardless of T&A.

In other words, I'd urge you to vote in the strawpoll to give the other comics one last hurrah.

If nothing else, we can surely hope that whatever happens on the last pages of BATB, it'll be goddamn juicy.

ID: 40251  No.7543

I think this is a load of bullshit, and not because I hate anyone or anything, but because someone (Either Sk or Curran) is forcing themselves into something Patrons pay for.

I have a $10 pledge with Chalo. Part of that pledge was to see BatB updates. But now he just cancelled them without any warning, and without asking his patrons if they were okay with it, to stick solely to a bonus comic that has been historically the least liked one. I don't want to pay so SK or Curran can have their epin animu story drawn.

But I can't really blame Chalo. It is pretty obvious he didn't wrote that long ass post. Chalo's English is kinda broken and really recognizable. SK or Curran wrote that and told Chalo to post it, which makes the whole situation even more fucked up

ID: a17d4  No.7544

Holy shit, you're right. Looking at it again, there's no way in hell Chalo wrote that himself. That IS fucked up.

Also, yeah, Knighthood is Curran's thing.

ID: 1abe0  No.7545

let me get the popcorn for this one. Chalo being forced to end 3 bonus comics and keep knighthood going is a new one

ID: 98b51  No.7547


Chalo asking SK or Curran to write that announcement post is understandable since, as you said, English is not his first language. However, I think it's a little bit of a stretch to argue that he's being blindly taken advantage of by one or both of his writers to influence the content on the site.

It's no secret that Chalo's been strapped down with how much art he has to do between the comic, the bonus comics, AtHP, and Patreon content. Plus, I think we can agree that the progression of the bonus arcs take forever because they have to be switched off on a schedule. Dropping the bonus comics and focusing on Knighthood allows him to (a) concentrate more time and effort on the comic, (b) make a clear separation between the clean stuff on KB and the NSFW on Tumblr and Patreon, and (c) tell more of the Neo-Earth story that he's been working on with SK and Curran.

Yes, I realize this means that BatB is going to go away, but it's stupid to pin this entirely on either SK or Curran since the whole Neo-Earth universe is something he's been developing for years and it'd be in his interest to do more with it. I have no doubt the writers played a role in convincing him to make these changes, but I don't think he's blind to the fact that the fans will be peeved about losing BatB.

ID: 61d7d  No.7548


Sup Sk/Curran.

>the fans will be peeved about losing BatB.

Is not about being peeved. Is about paying a patreon pledge for a reward that is suddenly changed into something completely different. As I stated previously, I have no interest in funding SK and Curran's ill attempt at an action anime story. Previous to patreon you could donate to whatever bonus comic you wanted. Now patrons are being forced to finance Knighthood, without being asked if we want to. I don't give a shit if the writers can concentrate more in Knighthood because I don't like it. If they want people to fund their stories they should make a Patreon of their own, not leech from Chalo's supporters.

ID: 98b51  No.7550


Because having anything other than a jaded or negative view of the comic's writing staff *obviously* makes me one of them.

I can speak with confidence when I say SK and Curran wouldn't come here. At most, they'd glimpse through the answers, but you wouldn't get a response. Curran sees imageboards as a cesspool of self-righteous opinions and SK really only takes input from those on the forum and that work with him in the writing process.

I get that people won't be happy that the selection of bonus comics will be reduced to one – let alone one that doesn't have any kind of fan service or appealing storytelling. However, given that Patreon is his literal bread-and-butter, I imagine he made the executive decision to drop all the other comics for Knighthood – even if it means with advice and input from Curran and SK.

If you're not happy with this, take it up with Chalo. He probably takes messages via Patreon's message system and there's discussion about this very thing on the announcement post. I doubt Curran or SK have the final say when it comes to how he runs his Patreon, so you should take it up with him instead of bitching about it here.

ID: c20d6  No.7551

first off. that "you must be one of the writers if you don't have a negative opinion of them" stuff is dumb. it's always been dumb. even if it's a joke, it isn't a funny one.

second, patreons aren't being forced to do a damn thing. they don't like what chalo is doing with the bonus comics, then they can pull their pledges.

KH stays because, once again, it's the only one of the bonus comics with an active writer. the other three comics don't have writers for them anymore.

Chalo has a full enough plate as it is so why keep them around when there's nobody writing for them. he's not about to worry about being the main writer for more than one comic when LC and DnD can just be rolled into the main one and BatB can appear on the as blog or in random pics since it isn't even canon

ID: a17d4  No.7553

No one wants to see random LC scenes shoved into LL. What purpose would it serve?

ID: 2431a  No.7557

flashbacks, man.

ID: 4728a  No.7558


The narrative flow of LL is already kind of a mess without adding essentially random flashbacks to it.

ID: 40251  No.7559


I don't have any negative opinion of the writers. I have a negative opinion of Knighthood, because is boring and tryhard as fuck. It is white noise when it comes to support.

Why would Chalo focus on the comic almost nobody likes?

>second, patreons aren't being forced to do a damn thing. they don't like what chalo is doing with the bonus comics, then they can pull their pledges.

So, you are saying that changing a milestone that was reached already, to something completely different isn't shitty?

ID: 40251  No.7560


>and BatB can appear on the as blog or in random pics since it isn't even canon

So we lost a comic everyone liked and always had the greatest level of support, for simpler Tumblr pics (usually with 1 character) and "random" pics. Heck, the Katbox has been effectively purged of any NSFW Chalo content.

I was joking before, but now I think you are either SK or Curran. Only they have such a level of disregard for what Chalo fans want, over that "I don't want my story to be cheap" bullshit.

ID: 2431a  No.7561

then either pull your pledge from his patreon or cry at him about it.

ID: 98b51  No.7562


>Why would Chalo focus on the comic almost nobody likes?

I can think of three reasons. First of all, it's the only bonus comic that is going to have an active writer. Second, Chalo's in the planning phases of a new comic project that he'll have once Las Lindas ends, and Knighthood is going to lay the foundations for that. Lastly, while there may not be as many vocal fans, Knigthood still has a small following, or at least enough of one that he's willing to focus on it over the other bonus comics.


As I said above, BatB wasn't dropped purely for being a fanservice comic. SK wants to take a backseat and there isn't going to be an active writer for it. Plus, if Chalo can channel all the NSFW content into AtHP updates and little pieces for Patreon and Tumblr, it makes managing the comic load a lot easier.

If you think this is Chalo disregarding the fans, that's fine, but you're better off taking it up with him on his Patreon or, if unsatisfied, just stop donating to his Patreon. No one's stopping you from staying committed.

ID: 858d1  No.7563

File: 1479328586122.jpg (447.16 KB, 600x909, tumblr_ogpxegnu2S1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: 4728a  No.7564


I agree with this. I also agree with the comment that it was wrong of Chalo to change the donation rewards without warning. It is 100% fair and encouraged that you should remove your donation if you do not agree with the new setup. Don't pay for Knighthood if you don't like it.

Other than that, there's really not much more to say. A handful of comics with content people enjoyed got taken down, and Furry Naruto stayed up. Whether you like it or not it doesn't seem like anyone's interested in changing their minds so it serves no real purpose to gripe about it endlessly. Just say "shit sucks" if you don't like it and move on.

ID: a17d4  No.7565

Ah, yes, I can definitely see how the comic's "plot" can benefit from random flashbacks to the college life of an increasingly unlikeable douchebag jock, the two women who don't even like him but live with and fuck him anyway, and the dumb fox version of Applejack who comes from America and writes in her heavy Southern accent yet they want us to believe none of these characters are speaking English, NONE OF WHOM ARE IN THE MAIN CAST. Or perhaps the scenes of a pair of straight girls pretending to be lesbians who we already know don't stay together and have never appeared in the main comic will help flesh things out when shoved in at inappropriate moments.

Like Sechs said, this comic is slow and barely coherent enough as it is without random "flashbacks" to characters who have no bearing on the main story.

ID: 4728a  No.7566


I dunno that I'd have put it that strongly but yes the comic does already have major issues with narrative flow.

ID: 44325  No.7567

so has anyone unsatisfied actually gone to Chalo about this whole ordeal yet?

ID: faf27  No.7568

Really, this sums it up. Changing things for something like an overall goal on funding is a big deal, but if you don't like it talk to Chalo. If you don't like the response from that, pull the pledge.

As for this whole thing, Chalo might also be feeling a bit of creative burnout. Both because of workload and because of the general tone of what the bulk of his work is. Maybe he wants to move towards drawing more action oriented things with cheesecake on the side? That's fine, and I totally support him doing it, especially given the sheer volume of projects he's had to juggle.

ID: 2071a  No.7569


>Maybe he wants to move towards drawing more action oriented things with cheesecake on the side?


ID: 44325  No.7570

chalo has talked about being burned out multiple times. even with his recent two week vacation

ID: 44325  No.7572

File: 1479427812627.png (274.6 KB, 688x654, Capture23.PNG)

ID: 98b51  No.7573

File: 1479454731608.jpg (91.8 KB, 600x917, 2146073012687906651.jpg)


Better quality WIP.

ID: 9afed  No.7580

Is it just me, or has Naerie been getting progressively thicker with each new pic of her? Like mother, like daughter I suppose, not that I'm complaining, mind you. <3

ID: 858d1  No.7591

File: 1480058839202.jpg (750.13 KB, 800x1608, LL0519.jpg)

ID: a17d4  No.7593

Yeah, it's almost like this is complete pukeworthy bullshit.

ID: fdb22  No.7594

I feel like this is merely buildup before something horrible happens to Miles.

ID: a17d4  No.7595

Maybe if we're lucky he'll let it slip that he fucked Geecku right before doing all this and she'll realize he still IS in full creeper mode, or perhaps he'll show his true "nice guy" nature again after Rachael turns down being his girlfriend or having sex with him.

Nah, who are we kidding, everything's about to go perfectly for him, because why the fuck wouldn't it.

ID: 40861  No.7596

the things that actually go perfect for miles could be counted on one hand. If that.

ID: 2a1a8  No.7597

Other than being a pussy who likes pussy why is there so much hate for miles?

ID: 142d9  No.7598


A big chunk of it has to do with the perception that one of the writers is biased when it comes to writing about Miles. Between the developments with Rach and Miles' sexual track record (e.g., Hope, Geecku), many think SK favors him immensely. It doesn't help that Miles is a character SK designed himself, so people see it as self-insert.

Beyond that, folks just find him to be an unpleasant character. He often comes off as a douche, he's overtly sleazy compared to others, and – for a while – he was seen as nothing but a source for slapstick comedy.

ID: a17d4  No.7599

Miles was actually literally SK's fursona before Las Lindas. In fact, his original name before being put in LL and given an actual name was Soulkat, as evidenced by old pics Chalo did for him way back when they first became acquainted.

ID: 98b51  No.7618

File: 1480474149417.jpg (302.12 KB, 600x847, tumblr_ohfmtyLkw41r0ajyoo1….jpg)

Pictures from the latest request stream.

ID: 98b51  No.7619

File: 1480474169093.jpg (307.44 KB, 600x847, tumblr_ohfmtyLkw41r0ajyoo2….jpg)

ID: 98b51  No.7620

File: 1480474182978.jpg (309.02 KB, 600x847, tumblr_ohfmtyLkw41r0ajyoo3….jpg)

ID: 98b51  No.7621

File: 1480474205511.jpg (343.67 KB, 600x847, tumblr_ohfmtyLkw41r0ajyoo4….jpg)

ID: 63458  No.7626

File: 1480567250356.jpg (249.1 KB, 1400x1896, ebecba0dcd4d9f0d41f9dc9dc7….jpg)

ID: 33817  No.7634

File: 1480667125753.png (8.66 MB, 2550x3900, 13177048825579409244_u18ch….png)

ID: 98b51  No.7639

File: 1480725701174.jpg (253.67 KB, 600x1131, tumblr_ohl0mdTDA61rl7g5vo2….jpg)

ID: a17d4  No.7642

Oh hey, Super Saiyan Demon Dad, except he's all old and shit now for some reason.

Who cares.

ID: 98b51  No.7643


>Who cares.

Apparently, you do, to bother making a comment on it.

You could've just enjoyed the pretty art and tits, like the rest of us.

ID: 44325  No.7644

>I don't care about this thing. So I'll make a comment telling everyone how I don't care about it.

ID: c718e  No.7645


Most interesting Ask the High Prime yet, genuinely want to see more of this. Can we see more of this? Plz?

ID: a17d4  No.7646

I think the interesting part is how Chalo tagged it with "a guy", as if we're supposed to not know who it is.

ID: 9ee24  No.7647

ID: 373c1  No.7649

Oh >>7634
man, Shin's got a nice ass :P

ID: 44325  No.7660

File: 1481021901494.jpg (105.98 KB, 700x988, Cy-GRs3XUAAlXPz.jpg)

ID: cdb89  No.7662


Not familiar with the characters, but is nice seeing Chalo draw huge breasts with a feel of sag and weight.

ID: 98b51  No.7663


The fellow in the picture is actually Chalo's armadillo 'sona. The dog girl he's giving it to is the 'sona of a friend of his, MatyPup.

ID: d05fb  No.7664

File: 1481063832014.jpg (327.55 KB, 900x1258, 678f10ce6fbdba44f5a8ba21c9….jpg)


Guy's Chalo's sona and the girl's a friend of his, I think.

ID: 98b51  No.7669

File: 1481139908320.png (816.89 KB, 800x1129, tumblr_ohsxfznuJA1vi4s8io1….png)

One of Chalo's fans colored that picture he recently put out.

ID: 21ddd  No.7676

File: 1481217736656.jpg (652.01 KB, 1224x800, KitsuneFun_u18chan.jpg)

ID: a17d4  No.7685


Welp, looks like they're actually going ahead with this dumbfuck plan to interrupt the comic at random with unrelated clips of what would've been in the bonus comics.

ID: c0848  No.7686

oh well

ID: 98b51  No.7687

File: 1481326832369.jpg (211.33 KB, 950x817, tumblr_ohxy0yR7O31qbfzpco2….jpg)

Fluff-Kevlar posted some old stream requests of Chalo's characters.

The Sarah one was already posted, but here's the Joy one.

ID: a17d4  No.7688

I'm sure your reaction won't be "oh well" when it's put into action and makes the main comic an even worse mess.

ID: 98b51  No.7689


Except you're one of a handful of people (if not the only one) griping this much about it.

I don't think anyone else here is surprised by this development, nor do they really care, that much.

ID: a17d4  No.7690

Whatever, if total broken messes filled with nonsequitur "flashbacks" to shit that has nothing to do with the story and none of the characters experienced works for you, more power to you, I guess.

ID: 44325  No.7691

What sort of reaction were you looking for here? For us to be mad with you? I think most people here figured it would happen and came to terms with it way before today.

ID: 98b51  No.7692

File: 1481397747864.png (29.42 KB, 964x329, Screenshot_1.png)


I'm pretty sure this is the same person trying to get some kind of reaction in the U-18Chan thread, too.

Citing the same URL with the same overblown sense of anguish.

ID: a17d4  No.7694

That's what qualifies as "overblown anguish" to you?

ID: 98b51  No.7695


Given the obscene amounts of rage you spew over this comic's writers (e.g, they make Miles a sex god, they influence Chalo to do stuff), how much you predict and welcome this comic's closure, and how often you play the victim card when people disagree with you, yes.

Saying you have overblown anguish for this comic is putting it lightly.

ID: 9afed  No.7697


If I could chip in my own two cents here, I'd say this comic has sort of, well… gone past it's expiration date, don't get me wrong I still like a lot of the characters in it, but it's just gone on too long and had way too much changed midstream to keep it going with any kind of logic or reason.

tl-dr; too much time and retconning has made this whole thing an unsalvageable mess.

(This is just a personal opinion, not any kind of attack on anyone or anything about the comic, if I could liken it to a favorite pet, it's sort of long past due to put it down so to speak >.<)

ID: a17d4  No.7699

So now you're not only pretending everyone who dislikes the same shitty aspects of this comic are all one guy, you also can't tell the difference between the American flag and the Canadian one, judging by how you've combined posts from American and Canadian users on U18chan into one imagined being. And my reply to you was in response to your claim that the specific post was displaying "overblown anguish", so you also can't even tell when someone is referring to the exact same specific thing you were talking about. Congratulations, you're a retard.

Constantly writing it as they go yet pretending they don't also doesn't help, nor does the inconsistent characterization, lack of attention to their own lore and not even having the barest hint of an idea for an ending.

ID: 73ea3  No.7700

please,don't give ElCid more of a victim complex than he already has about this.

ID: 858d1  No.7702

File: 1481473406425.jpg (798.34 KB, 800x1608, LL0520.jpg)

ID: 9afed  No.7703

File: 1481483119389.jpg (78.1 KB, 960x540, assault-plunger-for-when-t….jpg)


Fair enough, in my defense I'll say again that I was only stating an opinion, but with that in mind and given the content of the last comic, I shall prep for the potential shitstorm…

ID: a17d4  No.7704

Who cares about the contrived bullshit between these two, I'd like to see the woman they're talking about.

ID: 74d81  No.7712

File: 1481646769847.jpg (311.17 KB, 600x847, tumblr_oi3xpig1Zm1r0ajyoo2….jpg)

Saw these on Chalo's tumblr.

ID: 74d81  No.7713

File: 1481646786860.jpg (364.68 KB, 600x847, tumblr_oi3xpig1Zm1r0ajyoo3….jpg)

ID: 74d81  No.7714

File: 1481646875157.jpg (393.94 KB, 847x600, tumblr_oi3xpig1Zm1r0ajyoo1….jpg)

The adventures of the luckiest goddamn pizza guy on Neo Earth continue…

ID: 74d81  No.7715

File: 1481646948267.jpg (518.79 KB, 700x988, tumblr_oi3uu5XHsx1r0ajyoo2….jpg)

And an October pic Chalo forgot to upload. IMHO, Sarah makes that costume work.

ID: 44325  No.7716

File: 1481669038584.jpg (270.5 KB, 700x694, tumblr_oi5408sIjT1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: 858d1  No.7742

File: 1482157943001.jpg (863.43 KB, 800x1524, KH0050.jpg)

ID: 5d7f5  No.7743

File: 1482201033380.jpg (131.34 KB, 400x400, NBC.jpg)

ID: 70945  No.7744

File: 1482206257000.png (120.85 KB, 591x332, thumb up butt.png)

Managed to screen-cap an earlier recording and this was the result.

ID: 5d7f5  No.7745

File: 1482209077862.png (575.01 KB, 800x1129, Pup.png)


here ya go, in full color.

ID: 9afed  No.7746

File: 1482225433093.png (1.54 MB, 2500x3000, rachael carmesi4.png)


What about this then? >w>

ID: 6dd34  No.7764

Sadly, have to agree…

ID: b3f3b  No.7773

File: 1482537088681.jpg (192.91 KB, 800x1608, 6847015913872866861.jpg)

"I think you're a selfish manipulative asshole"

Good. But then I suspect

>inb4 "…but I still want you. Please fuck me and impregnate me already, Miles!"

ID: 3acce  No.7774

Nah, It sounds like a "So am I." moment.

ID: 98b51  No.7775


He chose to spill his feelings about manipulative people and 'users' to someone who manipulated, lied, and cheated as a means to survive for many years.


ID: a17d4  No.7777

Yeah, I think we all know that's what's next. She's entirely right and there's that glimmer of hope that she's come back to her senses about him, but let's ask ourselves, what's the more ridiculous and anime-esque outcome: Her insisting they remain the friends it's hard enough for them to be, or her gushing about how much she suddenly digs selfish, manipulative assholes and wanting him to bone her?

And oh hey, Miles is at it again with his "we're exactly alike" spiel, what a shock.

ID: d200d  No.7778


The smile already gives it away. She's gonna talk some kind of bullshit how they're alike and how it totally means they should be together etc.
The more Miles gets away with this kind of shit, the more punchable he becomes.

ID: a17d4  No.7779

File: 1482590451123.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, vomit-chan.jpg)

A+ writing, ladies and gents. Truly this is one of the greatest love stories of our–

Yeah, no, I can't finish that sentence.

ID: 4728a  No.7780

>The smile already gives it away.

Yup. That is a "But I love you anyway" sort of smile. Ten bucks says she hugs him in the next comic. Five dollar chaser on them also kissing.

ID: 9afed  No.7782

File: 1482604147332.gif (21.84 KB, 388x204, The Time Has Come.gif)

Just pull the plug already, the angst alone has killed what little appeal this comic once held for me. To say nothing of the so-called 'brilliant' writing that genuinely feels like no effort or care was put into it, it just feels like even the creators, Chalo, Id, etc. have just given up on it, and with remarks like those above who can blame them?

Althouh yes, the writing is terrible, the character development is non-existent, there are too many characters to keep track of, let alone focus on for long with the schedule the way it is, and the whole things has just sorta backed into a corner waiting for death. :(

Tl-dr; I used to genuinely like this comic, but the collective bitching about it and general sloppiness it has now killed the fun of it for me.

I'll hate to see it go, whenever that is, but I can almost guarantee it won't do so graciously, ith much hate and grumblings over 'how it could have been so much better', small wonder Chalo's on BP meds and strung out all to hell anymore, with a reception like this comic gets now.

ID: a17d4  No.7783

I'd bet anything this shitty-ass arc ends with them fucking. And if any of the above happens, I think Rachael may officially be the dumbest character in the comic, cause she just once again laid out why they should NOT be a couple, nevermind Miles illustrating for the umpteenth time that he needs serious help before pursuing another relationship. And then another chaser on them basically being absent from then on, as was predicted years ago would happen if they end up forced together.

ID: 9afed  No.7784

Christ above, enough already, nobody likes Miles, least of all you, we get it.

ID: a17d4  No.7785

I love how you single out only one person when SEVERAL are visibly complaining about where this scene is likely going.

ID: 44325  No.7786

but he didn't just single you out. he mentioned other people not liking miles, just that you hate him the most.

Please don't start that "only one person" stuff again.

ID: 28b49  No.7788

File: 1482622450161.jpg (88.44 KB, 384x313, IMG_1041.JPG)

I have nothing to do with Las Lindas anymore. No writing, no influence, I barely even read it anymore.

I run the Katbox and do not tell creators what to do with their works except when I am required by our policy document to enforce the Katbox's content rules.

ID: 3fb50  No.7789


Who's the current writer then? Because that writing is seriously going down the shitter at this rate.

It's almost Ken Penders-level bad and that says a lot.

ID: 28b49  No.7790

ID: b3f3b  No.7792


>Who's the current writer then? Because that writing is seriously going down the shitter at this rate.

Think about it. SK left. ID is no longer involved.

Then you have Curran. Who's the only reason that "Knighthood" atrocity exists. Which somehow happens to be the only bonus comic that doesn't get the axe, despite being the least liked comic in LL's history.

And don't forget how Chalo's broken english suddenly became perfect for that announcement about Knighthood being the only bonus comic remaining, something that had never happened before when SK was at the lead.

Almost as if Curran wrote that and told Chalo to post it, so folks understood why Knighthood is clearly the thing that must be continued. Almost, yeah. Why would anyone suspect that.

ID: c718e  No.7793


If you're implying Curran has Chalo tied to a chair forced to draw his comic, you're sorely mistaken. Chalo hired Curran to write HIS characters for HIS story idea.

I honestly don't get all the hate with Knighthood, because its not bikini-hijinks?

ID: 44325  No.7794

>Think about it. SK left. ID is no longer involved.

>Then you have Curran. Who's the only reason that "Knighthood" atrocity exists. Which somehow happens to be the only bonus comic that doesn't get the axe, despite being the least liked comic in LL's history.

>And don't forget how Chalo's broken english suddenly became perfect for that announcement about Knighthood being the only bonus comic remaining, something that had never happened before when SK was at the lead.

>Almost as if Curran wrote that and told Chalo to post it, so folks understood why Knighthood is clearly the thing that must be continued. Almost, yeah. Why would anyone suspect that.

SK pulling back is why LC and DnD stopped, people bitched about wanting him to piss off in the first place. He wrote for those too and now he's barely hanging on to LL. BatB was ID at first then BadxAsh and he's barely around. As it was stated many times before, in this thread in fact, despite Knighthood not being that popular, it still has an active writer. That is why it's still around.

Chalo could tell Curran to fuck off and he'd be up shit creek without a paddle because he'd have to find someone else to draw out his stories and characters.

This implication that Curran is manipulating Chalo into keeping knighthood going sounds like so asinine justification for why something you don't like is continuing. I mean, I get not liking it, but come on man.

ID: df1be  No.7795

>the comic with an active writer continues while the ones without an active writer don't despite popularity issues.

Yep. Curran is TOTALLY forcing Chalo to draw knighthood. that's the reason why it's still around

ID: a17d4  No.7799

No, because it's poorly written shit that feels like an even bigger mishmash of bad animu tropes and one-note characters than the main comic. Also, pretty damn sure Knighthood was Curran's idea.

ID: 9afed  No.7801

File: 1482806285594.jpg (Spoiler Image, 53.07 KB, 564x564, 9f1fbc08ccc5299d1b0f716dd7….jpg)

Your existence, let alone your attitude is not necessary. If you have nothing nice to say, keep it to yourself please, you and whoever else keeps griping, nobody cares.

ID: a17d4  No.7803

How about go fuck yourself and stop thinking you can police a public board where you hold no position of authority?

ID: 25892  No.7804

How about everyone just go fuck themselves. Find a scientist that knows how to clone people, ask them to clone yourself then proceed to fuck it after they are done…

anyway let us just calm down for a mins

ID: fdb22  No.7805

That's not how it works, m'kay.

ID: 1abdf  No.7806

man, this recent page brought out the salt

ID: 7f855  No.7809


And who put you in charge of this board?

People have their right to express how they feel about the comic and the direction the writing is heading in. If you don't like it, then you should follow your own advice.

ID: 2d26f  No.7810

Okay. Enough with the personal attacks. If you disagree with somebody, attack their argument not the person making it.

Next person gets a time out.

ID: 2d26f  No.7811

Addendum: I'm getting a little sick of hearing the same arguments against Las Lindas over and over again.

If you want my opinion, the Crest stuff you're complaining about is Chalo's origin story. Mora's lineage, that's him too. So it sounds to me like your biggest problem isn't with Curran or SK. It was the one person you people never mention. If you think it sucks, why aren't you blaming him?

ID: a17d4  No.7814

How the hell do you know it was his idea to make Mora a demon? Especially considering that was not some long-established thing. And genius? No one's bitching about the Crests. People hate this shitty bonus comic. Kind of a huge difference.

ID: 74d81  No.7815

Well, at this point, it feels like people are complaining just so they have something to complain about. And it's getting old.

ID: 3acce  No.7816

Beacuse Mora is his character, the prime stuff and their history and their enemies was him. He is responsible for her story.

I'm not saying any of it is good or bad. I'm kind of neutral about the whole thing, I read it for a lot of the same reason I keep up with other average web-comics (Wilde Life springs to mind). I'm along for the ride and I might as well see where we're going.

What I want to know is why you put him on a pedestal like this and claim that everything you don't like isn't his fault.

ID: a17d4  No.7818

Because the other 98% of what gets complained about isn't remotely his fault and you're conveniently ignoring that fact.

ID: c718e  No.7819


As someone who knows Chalo more on then a passing basis. He has told me himself that the reason he hired writers is his difficulty with dialogue, he has plenty of ideas and loves world-building but doesn't know how to make it into a story.

Writers like SK and Curran came in to fill the gaps,with SK specifically telling Chalo "He'd help him write a story wtih his characters." I think the compromise was, SK/Curran and ID got to have some of their own creations/characters worked into the story.

Scripts are wrote up and sent to Chalo and he does the rest. I'm sure there is some kind of meeting between them to discuss what will happen next and over-arcing plots. My understanding from talking to the people who work on these comics is primarily this is Chalo's story/vision/ideas with the writers there to help him along. Chalo has absolute power since he is the only artist and does the lettering on the comic too.He prefers it this way.

In the end, countless other comics with probably hundreds with 'furries' in them. Many that have heavier faults then LL and it's comics do.


How do YOU know it isn't? As a comic writer myself, as you work on a project you get various ideas. The main-story can shift, entire arcs and chapters are rewritten. It just comes with long-termed projects and it's not necessarily a bad thing. It's hard starting up a comic - so once you get a foothold of what you wanna do - you get more ideas.. it evolves.. it's meant to.

Is Mora being half-narharkan or whatever a good plotpoint? Maybe, we haven't really learned enough about crests and this Evil Emperor thing to say yes or no.

ID: e798f  No.7820

anything SK or Curran writes has to shoot by Chalo for approval. if there was anything he didn't like then he would veto it. hell, some of the crazier things in the comic could have easily been chalo's ideas alone. Considering this, chalo has more fault it in than people think.


to answer this question, it's because SK and sometimes ID did the forum speaking for the longest. Curran as well. It was known that they were the writers and chalo himself rarely posted. So when something looks wrong to someone, people jump to SK messing things up, despite the fact that chalo has the final say for the comic. he always has

ID: a17d4  No.7821

>How do YOU know it isn't?

Because both SK and Id mentioned on multiple past occasions that they really don't plan all that far ahead. It was the forumites who somehow came to the conclusion that Mora's dad being a Raizen knockoff was planned years in advance when some dumbass went "Hey, this kid on page 4 called Mora a monster! ZOMG this means it was all foreshadowed from the beginning and everyone hates and fears Mora cause they know what she is!", despite that not even lining up with how she's generally treated.

ID: c718e  No.7822


Sounds more like you just don't like that plotpoint and thus are delegating it to "terrible writing!" Even if there was ample foreshadowing.

Just because you don't like something in a story doesn't mean it was made up on the spot just to annoy you or other readers.

ID: a17d4  No.7823

And just because you like it doesn't mean it was well-written or had "ample foreshadowing".

ID: 0ceca  No.7824

Just so we're clear, wether you think they were planned or not (which is arguable, and beside the point) do you admit thay Chalo has a hand in the parts of the story that you don't like?

ID: a23cc  No.7825

File: 1482943796948.jpg (193.2 KB, 500x500, Front_Cover-7248.jpg)


This, so much!

ID: e798f  No.7826

thinking about it…this comic gets some people way more wound up than it should

ID: 858d1  No.7827

File: 1482950190421.jpg (293.46 KB, 500x856, tumblr_oiwqwjGnWa1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: 064c4  No.7828

This isn't really an argument in your favor though. It's basically saying "nuh uh". Like, do you have any evidence that her background wasn't planned out. Ypu are making that assertion and citing a lack of proof as your evidence.

Having Mora be half anti-prime makes sense and explains a few things going back regardless of how long ago that the backstory was decoded. The monster comment, ambar and minos keeping an eye on her, her supernatural strength her long ears compared to every other cow, all explained. And Chalo approved, being his character originally and currently. In other words, if you don't like it guess who you should be directing your criticism at.

ID: a17d4  No.7830

First off, you're talking to someone else entirely now. Second…

>The monster comment

Yes, clearly the people see her as a monster. This is why she's literally NEVER BEEN TREATED LIKE ONE. Sometimes a snot-nosed brat is just a snot-nosed brat.

>ambar and minos keeping an eye on her

Yeah, let's face it, do you REALLY believe Minos meeting and getting with her was anything more than typical animu storytelling until they decided to make ol' Super Saiyan Demon Daddy a thing? And now it's just all the stupider, having Minos be there just to make sure her power level doesn't go over 9000 and make her go all Sunset Shimmer or some shit, seriously?

>her supernatural strength

No, that's really just a special snowflake-ification of a trait already given to every large species of Prime.

>her long ears compared to every other cow

Because she's half-rabbit or whatever animal Not-Raizen is, it's not a demon trait. Hell, it was stated years ago that she's a hybrid, but that was it. Back when she also had an older sister who left with their dad.

And dude, again, both SK and Id have stated multiple times on the forums that they really don't plan ahead nearly as far as you'd like to think. And yet so many fans still honestly believe everything is part of an epic decade-long master plan.

ID: e798f  No.7831

you keep mentioning SK and ID you never mentioned chalo. it's like you keep dodging the question of "do you believe that a good portion of LL's wackiest stuff could have been chalo's idea"

its not impossible that the things you broke down and listed could have come from the guy himself. but you keep going "SK and ID said" like it's going out of fashion.

ID: e798f  No.7832

also where are these forum posts you keep mentioning? This shit has come up so much in LL conversations but nobody ever supplies proof

ID: a17d4  No.7833

>you keep mentioning SK and ID you never mentioned chalo.

Because they were the ones who said it, not him…?

ID: febc7  No.7834

Ok, just sticking to what I know and remember. Leaving my personal feelings out.

Las Lindas was never written with much of a master plan when I was a part of it. The most we ever did was plan out an arc, and Chalo had some long term ideas he wanted like Mora & Alejandra reconciling and the whole thing about Mora's dad.

Did Minos show up to keep an eye on Mora? That's not an idea that was ever considered in the back room. Minos showed up because Mora & Minos have been a thing since before Las Lindas.

The Crests and their stories are all Chalo's. Knighthood is Curran's side-story using Chalo's world and characters as a framework. Joy, Drake, Hope, Kayin, and Aya are all his creations.

I don't know if Mora's Narakhan heritage is going to get brought up again. The feedback we got from that comic caused a truckload of internal drama.

Also, I don't think there's many threads that we've deleted on the forums. Or at least on the admin side I'm able to access everything since 2007. If you want to make an argument of something we've said on the forums you have access to them and can provide snippets to back up claims made.

Or you can ask me what I've said. I can't guarantee I'll answer but when I do I'll do it to the best of my knowledge.

ID: 064c4  No.7835

So…you have a concise clear explanation for these things anf you chalk up to "no reason/bad writing/tropes"? You aee clearly miserable by your own choice, so I can't help you.

It's clear that he idolizes Chalo. So anything he doesn't like about the comic can't be his fault. It must be these external factors. Rather than be an adult and admit that maybe people he likes sometimes do things he doesn't like, he prefers to have this black and white worldview so everything comforms to his first impression. Kind of facinating of you think about it.

ID: a17d4  No.7836

Wow, yeah, you got me all figured out there, chief. Regular psychologist, you are.

Good to have some form of evidence from one of the writers himself. But as for the forum posts, yeah, a lot of old ones actually have gone missing over the years, and it's not all that easy to find posts nowadays anyway for some reason, especially for unregistered guests. Though if I ever did manage to locate them, I'd gladly provide the links to them.

ID: 74d81  No.7837

File: 1482959108508.jpg (123.73 KB, 540x720, tumblr_oir6afeBFJ1vjzg0io1….jpg)

*Me browsing LL threads*

ID: c718e  No.7838

File: 1482962097131.jpg (690.8 KB, 1923x1931, farron_shop2.jpg)


He's the site owner, y'know. I wouldn't poke the bull.

Honestly, who really cares what the old forum posts said anyways? It just seems like some contrived way of forcing the blame on the writers for all the faults of the comics.

In the end, this is their art and they can do whatever they please with it. You have absolutely zero control or right to say what should or shouldn't be in the comic. Even if it becomes the most nonsensical thing ever, it doesn't matter.They have no obligation to you or anyone else.

Instead of complaining MAKE something, try doing a webcomic and see just how easy it is. See how hard it can be to deal with an audience, pour years if not a decade plus into building up a fanbase from scratch.

I'm so tired of seeing these inane posts over and over and over.

ID: a17d4  No.7839

Sorry, but declaring "Make it yourself then!" to complainers isn't going to make the comic exempt from criticism, and you can't actually take away anyone's right to dislike anything about this fine mess.

ID: 5b21f  No.7840


I doubt the point being made was that complainers should lose their right to whine. The point here is that whining produces nothing of value and rarely is constructive.

This comic apparently garners a following of people who love to find flaws to point out or reasons to complain about it. It goes far enough that they do this instead of, you know, reading it to enjoy it. In turn, they habitually go to imageboards like this to write remarks ladened with hyperbole about how bad this comic is and how it should've been put down a long time ago.

The gist of what I'm saying is this: people have the right to complain, but there's no merit in it and you're just making yourself look like a whiner who has nothing better to do.

ID: 967d3  No.7841

The whole love/hate thing isn't completely unbalanced. While people who complain go to image boards, make their own blogs or just spread their own opinions those who like the comic go to official sites to show support or contribute to the community.
Couple of things that do stand out when disliking is when critiques become little more than thinly veiled insults that just seem to be repeated every few months.
I mean sure people are allowed to say what they want but those opinions don't seem to helpful or interesting then they just get glanced over and forgotten.

ID: 69258  No.7842


I'll concede that the Katbox site and it's forums have a healthy following of actual fans of the comic. However, what I was hoping to convey was that there's this handful of people who follow the comic purely to have something to be upset about.

That said, I agree that complaining about the comic becomes stale and annoying when it's only thinly-veiled insults and venting rather than legitimate constructive criticism.

ID: 9afed  No.7844

File: 1482970227682.jpg (14.18 KB, 485x300, energizerthread1.jpg)

It's become a bit like this, hasn't it? :(

I was going to mention that given the complaints about the 'story' of the comic, that people only show for the TnA fanservice, but considering just how much attention has been shown toward it in this thread, I can't say as I'm entirely sure about that either.

Case in point with how nobody seemed to notice

ID: 27f40  No.7845

As a complete outsider to this Las Lindas megafranchise, I'd like to stick my head from out the trench and ask one single question:

What does it take for Knighthood to actually be a much better read, short of taking notes from Obsidian's writing team? From what little I've seen, it's just a run-of-the-mill Animerican-esque story with a lot of cues and beats used in much the same way as a lot of other webcomics I've seen in passing, like Hunters of Salamanstra. It's clear that there's a lot of disdain shown towards Knighthood, but it's just as clear that it's not going away, either. At this point, I'd just ask what it is the dissenters want out of Knighthood, barring just simply saying it needs to be axed.

ID: a7a3e  No.7847

File: 1482993269925.jpg (367.45 KB, 727x932, request2016Dec_2rachWEB.jpg)

how about less bitching and more porn?

ID: a17d4  No.7848

>Minos' little response in the corner there

That really just makes me feel sadder about what his overall role has been reduced to.

ID: 967d3  No.7849

From what little I know of anime I could say it is hated because of the way it is written but then you don't need to associate every story of discovery n advancement with some animated genre.
Looking at it Knighthood is more a story involving characters we know less of than the regular fav characters from Las Lindas so when it has survived longer than things like Lost Kittens people tend to wonder why. I am also under the impression is written by a separate writer from the main comic so there is probably more of a story line worked out. Not too sure who or how it is funded either, but seeing how it lacks fanservice and focuses more on Crest related story lines this can also put people off.

ID: 98b51  No.7851

File: 1483049149125.png (24.09 KB, 864x133, Uk8RbPQ.png)

When Chalo posted the WIP version of the next comic, he added this comment to it.

Looks like even he's insisting that Miles isn't as bad as everyone makes him out to be. Color me surprised.

ID: a17d4  No.7854

I don't think anyone's surprised. He's kinda always wanted us to love Miles too.

ID: 36091  No.7855


It's quite hard to like a character who is an opportunistic but lazy, skirt-chasing sociopath. I really don't see why should we take Chalo's word for it, when he and other writers have been singing the same song over the years, repeating "Miles will change for the better this time around, you'll see just give him a chance!", but he still keeps behaving the same way.

ID: 4728a  No.7856


Usually Miles follows up any of these "change for the better" moments with a long self-satisfied rant that reaffirms that he loves himself just as he is and it's the rest of the world that needs to change.

Everybody remembers the plane, right? And the mall before that?

ID: a2fd1  No.7858

>Black and White Cat Fucking Rachael

Nigga do you just want this topic to get worse?

ID: a8715  No.7859

I don't recall saying that. Not to claim I never did, but I don't remember it.

Then again I've gone back and looked at old posts and its like reading someone else's writing.

ID: a17d4  No.7861

Fuckin' exactly, we should trust their word on Miles "changing for the better" about as far as we can throw a stegosaurus. For fuck's sake, we now know the next page features him throwing a big self-entitled "Nice Guy" tantrum over Rachael miraculously coming back to her senses and NOT deciding she wants him, THIS IS NOT HOW GOOD, LOVEABLE PEOPLE BEHAVE.

ID: 967d3  No.7862

>It's quite hard to like a character who is an opportunistic but lazy, skirt-chasing sociopath.

You know when I left school and started work I saw a lot of these characters, usually teenagers who hung out in gangs looking for trouble and pretending to be tough with unlit cigarettes in their mouths. I was even lazy n opportunistic when I was young, so I guess they used this type of template for Miles cause of his character but it failed to impress readers as a single person on their own trying to be a rebel just makes them look more a villain than a hero.

ID: c718e  No.7863

File: 1483138788304.jpg (109.42 KB, 602x556, 1294530827110.jpg)


Are you threatening us with one of your tantrums again?

ID: a2fd1  No.7864


Shit, I knew I should've used my name. *shrugs*

ID: a17d4  No.7866

So not only did you just talk to two different people as though they're the same person, you also once again singled out only one person, or who you thought was only one person, when multiple people were talking about the same damn thing. And of all things, it was the undeniable trend of the creators promising Miles will change for the better and then Miles completely failing to do so.

How did you go from supporting a nine-video review criticizing and/or bashing nearly every aspect of this comic and literally calling it the worst webcomic ever to being so hypersensitive that people can't even criticize Miles "changing for the better" being the Las Lindas equivalent of Fluttershy learning to be assertive without you getting mad at them for it?

ID: 44325  No.7867

Christ almighty, here we go again. It really just feels like we're going in circles now

ID: e149b  No.7868

I feel like you're the last person who should be trying to get on someone for being hypersensitive.

ID: a17d4  No.7869

Also just occurred to me, thread's hit its limit, someone should start a new one up soon.

ID: 27be3  No.7870

In my head its easy enough to picture that as Randal. Good enough

ID: 27f40  No.7871

I still haven't gotten an answer as to what Knighthood needs to actually be a better story, short of axing it.

I guess I'll take what I got as "Just imitate Obsidian as much as possible".

I'll just… sneak my way out of this thread before I get pulled into the impending shitstorm in the new thread.

ID: 262e3  No.7872

Save it for the next page and we have something NEW to talk about.

ID: 4728a  No.7873


One of the reasons no one answers you is that I don't think anyone really reads Knighthood. Because it's not very good, but it's also not bad in an interesting way. It's just there. It's derivative and bland and not even worth reading to see "Oh what is it this time?" if you were the sort so inclined.

The problem with Knighthood is that it gets one of the premises of single protagonist-centric fiction wrong. Such a series is supposed to hook you by making you think that the main character is interesting in some way, and draw you in by showing you why they're interesting, how other people relate to them and are connected to them, and that way get you interested in the challenges they face.

The problem with Knighthood is that it's clear that the writer just takes it for granted that everyone finds his main character as interesting as he does. He thinks she's fascinating and amazing and cool, and so just proceeds under the assumption that it goes without saying and all he needs to do is keep giving her opportunities to show it off. Which is great if all you're looking for is someone to do some super kung-fu and that's all it takes to get you invested in a character, otherwise it's just kind of meh.

In other words, Knighthood's failure started from the beginning with how it tells its story. You can't "fix" it at this point without starting over.

ID: 858d1  No.7874


I think the story is OK the way it is, but maybe add a little fanservice in it like in LL.

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