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File: 1477377234471.png (7.75 MB, 2542x3289, 458530_rayleeworld_las-lin….png)

ID: c0946  No.7342[View All]

Found this.

It seems someone's trying to take the piss out of Las Lindas.
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ID: ecf99  No.8218

Usually they work best as smaller shots fired within other works, but I hear a lot of people found Vampires Suck surprisingly decent for the most part.

ID: 376cd  No.8220

Not on the same level. no.

I'm saying that it helps to make fun of something if you understand why people like the original in the first place. It's not impossible or required, it just makes it a hell of a lot easier.

ID: ecf99  No.8250

>I'm saying that it helps to make fun of something if you understand why people like the original in the first place.

I already pointed that out. I think there's a difference between understanding why others like something and actually loving it yourself. It's not an either-or deal, but they aren't the same thing either.

ID: c3b0e  No.8252


Yeah, but the "parody" in question is clearly done from a place of "Gawd I don't understand how anyone could like this (other than BOOBS hahaha tiddies)."

ID: ecf99  No.8254

I never argued otherwise, in fact I think this video was a complete pile of shit. What I'm arguing against is the oft-repeated notion in this thread that in order to parody something, you have to like it yourself.

ID: 7a285  No.8259

It doesn't have to. It helps. It makes it easy. It can help you learn how to do parody better.

ID: 04d80  No.8759

Teaser Trailer for Episode 2, people.


So yeah, get all pissy about it if you wish.

ID: c6832  No.8760

Dude you are trying to hard now, you look even worse than the morons bitching there is a feminist comic add in las lindas

ID: 04d80  No.8764

Wait, what feminist comic ad?

ID: ecf99  No.8765

No one was bitching about it at all, tryhard.

ID: 1ef3b  No.8766

what crawled up your ass? how is he a try hard?

ID: ecf99  No.8767

Cause ironically enough, he's trying too hard to find reasons to bitch about people who don't like the comic. Know what this is about? Someone at u18chan just pointed out the hilarity of a comic like Gyno-Star being advertised above a comic like Las Lindas, not a word against the comic or anything, and this other guy here starts off on him about "reaching for reasons to bitch about the comic" or some shit.

ID: d9b43  No.8772

Some people, am I right?

ID: 1ef3b  No.8773

>Someone at u18chan just pointed out the hilarity of a comic like Gyno-Star being advertised above a comic like Las Lindas.

I…don't really see any hilarity in it. Like, not even a chuckle. I'm not even sure how it's really worth taking notice.

ID: ecf99  No.8775

Good for you. Apparently you don't have the ability to put together how funny it is on a purely ironic level that a feminist comic is being advertised on a comic the feminists who make and enjoy comics like Gyno-Star would probably hate.

Heaven fucking forbid people find the slightest bit of humor in something you can't comprehend the humor of, right? It must just mean they're trying too hard to find things to bitch about Las Lindas for even though it's not a statement about Las Lindas at all.

ID: bb2ef  No.8776

Couldn't agree more with you.

ID: c3b0e  No.8778

Take the cybersex to private messages you two.

ID: 0596e  No.8779

it's amazing how someone doesn't find something funny that you do and you just have a fit about it.

especially when he didn't say anything about las lindas. just that he didn't find that advertisement and where it was placed Funny.

ID: ecf99  No.8782

The guy whined about it over there too though, which is where he claimed the one who posted it was "looking for reasons to point and laugh at the comic".

I wasn't even addressing him. And I think his "parody" is witless trash. He agrees with my statement and suddenly I'm some big fan of his or some shit?

ID: d1164  No.8785

Jesus, this thread is going off topic and no one seems to be talking about my teaser trailer.

But I knew a lot of you people already think it's shit. Which I said to get pissy all over it because I figured you guys are gonna do that. That honestly seems pretty hilarious to me now.

So yeah, humor me if you will

ID: ecf99  No.8790

>no one seems to be talking about my teaser trailer

Cause no one cares and we all already know it's terrible.

ID: 12dad  No.8795

Yeah, I knew you'd think it was terrible Which I said to get pissy all over it since you guys enjoy kissing Chalo's so much.

So yeah, I'm just gonna kick back and laugh at you're bitching at a cartoon based on a comic you people so worship about, when it's clearly obvious it's much more terrible than cartoon I'm doing.

Have fun tearing it apart, it you must. ;)

ID: ecf99  No.8796

Why do you immediately assume anyone who doesn't like your shitty parody is a big ass-kissing fan of the comic?

ID: 12dad  No.8797

Well, I figured some people who like the comic hate cartoon just hate it because they're making fun of it.

But I guess you're just one of those people who think the cartoon is as shitty as the comic itself.

Just do So you know, not everyone hates my cartoon. In fact, some people outside actually like it. Now I dunno whether they're just being nice to me or something else, but they like it.

So yeah, shit on it all you want, I'm still gonna make more episodes of it whether hate it or not, because not everyone is hard-headed ass you like you are. So fuck off, mate.

Also, I don't care if it pisses you off, or anyone else, that just gives me more reasons to enjoy laughing at you people being so butthurt right now. It is really something to me.

ID: 12dad  No.8800

Btw, episode 2 is still gonna happen
So you people here enjoy slaughtering it when it comes out.

ID: c3b0e  No.8805


Don't know why we would, some of us just don't watch/read things we know we're not going to enjoy.

ID: f9a57  No.8807

I know some people will. When it comes to the internet, anything can happen.

ID: 1d1f9  No.8948

Some People just seem to be obsessed with hating on things. That's how the world works. Or at least the world of the internet.

ID: c3b0e  No.8949

>Bumping his own thread at random because no one's replying to it anymore

Look just because your parents never gave you the right attention doesn't mean you need to go seeking abuse online to make yourself feel alive.

ID: ef1ce  No.8953

Wait, what?

Also, I was gonna try and reply in this thread a few days back, but life for in the way, so I didn't have the time to until now.

ID: ecf99  No.8958

Doesn't change that you replied to no one with something you already said for the sake of whining about people not liking or caring about your video.

ID: 7e75c  No.8959

Honestly, that was all I was pretty much say for now, really.

Also, why would I bother shining about you guys not liking or caring about my cartoon. It's actually the complete opposite. It actually makes me laugh seeing you guys complain and hating over something because not everyone hates my cartoon.

It seems you guys are the only ones getting all butthurt over it.

So yeah, would you please kindly fuck off. Thank you.

ID: 7e75c  No.8960

Anyways, I don't wanna waste my time here anymore. I'm deleting this thread now.

ID: c4423  No.8963

Wow, 2017 and you tgfb admins still love to take things from 0 to 11 real quick (imo could care less about this parody, so save your cybersex retorts). Archiving for unwarranted aggressive posterity.

>inb4 justifications of assholish behavior floods in by admins, mods, and katbox-associated lurkers alike

ID: 376cd  No.8964

11? really? That's from a 4 to a 6 at most. Respinding to a passive-aggressive "Oh, I guess SOME people just don't appreciate my craft" like a tool with an average shutdown.

Now you going "Oh I'll archive this so you can see how terrible the admins are, I'll show all my internet friends that already agree with me about how terrible this place is, then we'll all laugh about it" It's kind of…not really sad or pathetic, but fascinating in how masturbatory it is, to go through all that trouble. I'm almost flattered.

I'll leave this thread up, though. Partly out of spite for thinking you'd need to archive it, mostly because the whole concept amuses me.

ID: b3b8b  No.8966


>It actually makes me laugh seeing you guys complain and hating over something because not everyone hates my cartoon.

You're missing the point, though.

They're not bumping this topic because they have get a hard-on for hating on your satirical cartoon. They're responding to the fact that you bump your own threads after people on this board made it clear that they didn't think it was funny and didn't care.

>It seems you guys are the only ones getting all butthurt over it.

Because that's totally how you get people to care about the parody you've made.

ID: 625ea  No.8967

File: 1494636192120.jpg (23.47 KB, 440x240, 2009-05-12_screengrab.jpg)


>Implying screencapping an entire thread takes a ton of work in this day and age.

Whatever helps you sleep with a sense of superiority, I guess.

ID: ecf99  No.8968

>implying anyone gives a dead moose's last shit

ID: 376cd  No.8971

That's…not what I meant. I honestly figured that you'd do something even easier like archive.is or something. The part that I find silly is the idea that you're archiving it in the first place. Who for? to what end? And I'm must picturing you making the decision to do this. It's a little funny is all.

ID: 7a9ea  No.8972

File: 1494672043683.gif (1.02 MB, 480x360, J0bVCp52fRKMdNVzE-J7UspYzz….gif)

>“You can’t hate my shitty parody because my friends like it! It’s not like I care anyway! Just gonna keep bumping the thread to show you who much I don’t care! You’re all so owned!”

Quit while you’re ahead dude, this is embarrassing

ID: c3b0e  No.8974

File: 1494691210710.jpg (78.16 KB, 308x249, Do It Faggot (Lackadaisy).jpg)

>I'm deleting this thread now.

ID: bcc72  No.8976

I don't think he remembers his deletion password. He tried reporting the thread but I ignored it.

ID: bcc72  No.8977

I did autosage it so we can still be entertained until something else grabs our attention.

ID: 2c261  No.8981

File: 1494716354422.png (3.47 KB, 698x1284, n8umjWj.png)

ID: 34539  No.8982

Look. The reason I'm all trying to fuck with you guys is because you guys are doing is just shitting on my cartoon, and giving any form of constructive critisism.

The only person who has remotely given me any form of constructive critisism was Phuufy. That's it.

And I don't mind if you're gonna be harsh when doing constructive critisism, either. But most of you people weren't doing that. You were just being dicks. So why should I not be a dick to you guys, too?

And yes, it's true that some people actually liked my parody, not just my friends. Plus, they weren't just being nice, they legitimately enjoyed it(as a matter of fact, one of them who enjoyed it was Farx. Yes, THAT Farx).

So as you can see, this is clearly a divisive cartoon I created. As a matter of fact, Even I don't think it's nesseciraly good, but not terrible. It's of mixed quality.

But this being an imageboard site like 4chan (among others), of course there's gonna be a lot of fools with a stick up their asses, being all high and mighty about what people create, going as far as saying it's as bad as those awful Freedburg/Seltzer parody films.

Yes, even I know they're some of the worst movies those fuckers ever made, and it killed any chance of spoof movies being good for some time. I laughed more at my cartoon than any of those movies(Which I hardly did).

You know what say what you want about my cartoon. Shit on it, burn it on fire, treat it like it's the worst thing to ever come out of the internet, or even yet, treat it like it's Movie 43!(Yeah, I know it's awful, too. Shit up)

Because that's what most people like you do online. You decide what's good and what's bad, but there never seems to be anything in between because that's non-existent to you people.

And I ain't quiting just yet. I'm still gonna be working on episode 2. But if things do turn out really bad, then yeah, I'll consider quitting after episode 2 and move on to something else.

Anyways, at this point, there's no use spending my time here anymore. This was a mistake even being here with you guys. I didn't even start this fucking thread. Whoever did it can go fuck themselves.

With that said, this whole site can go fuck itself, too. Laughing my ass off at you clowns isn't gonna do much for me anymore.

So yeah. Good riddance and Piss off, you twats.

ID: 34539  No.8983

Also, I tried deleting this thread, but it seems I can't. But why should I care at this point.

I'm gonna let someone else delete it or archive. Hell, ban me from this site if you must, because this'll be the last you'll be hearing from me.

ID: ecf99  No.8984

You think loud noises in and of themselves, juvenile crudeness, references for the sake of references and shitting on bronies in 2017 makes for top-notch comedy. You barely touched on anything that actually happens in Las Lindas, it was just "LOL FURRIES! MORA'S GOT SOME HYOOGE TIDDIES, AMIRITE?! LOUD NOISES!! BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD FOR SOME REASON! OH YEAH, MILES EXISTS! BRONIES ARE AWFUL!" People HAVE given you actual criticism in this thread and you've been a total fucking Uwe Boll about it. "Fuck all of you, I'm the only genius in the whole fucking business! I only made it to piss you off anyway! Fight me!"

But whatever, see you the next time you come back to bump your thread again or share the next video as if we care.

ID: fcd0e  No.8985

I wouln't dream of banning you. It's gotten cute. Like a grumpy panda.

ID: c3b0e  No.8989


Trying to give constructive criticism on this is effectively impossible. It's like posting a crayon-drawn stick figure, and when people say it's pretty lame for a thirty-year-old's artistic attempt saying "Well why don't you give me constructive criticism to help me improve?!" There's so little to work with the only criticism even possible would be "Learn to art."

Seriously, the only thing I can even possibly say is try to watch some better comedy other than the shitty youtube bullshit and Ren & Stimpy knockoffs that this is clearly based on, and try to actually comprehend why it's funny. Things like playing with expectations, timing, and personality interplay.

So there, you want some constructive criticism, that's about as close as is possible with this. But I think we know you don't actually want criticism of any sort other than as some sort of validation for managing to "troll" people.

Or you can continue to flail around and we can continue to play Kick The Autistic, Ray-chan.

ID: 279e2  No.9001

If it was 2001 Newgrounds then this 'parody' might have some relevancy.

>yes, THAT Farx.

Who even?

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