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ID: ec1ea  No.7722

BIG news for fans of Peter is the Wolf fans. Check it!

ID: c72f9  No.7723

I don't personally expect him to consider me as a candidate, considering how he didn't quite like how… hands-on I can be with stories.

That being said, I can't help but feel that this is going to create an even bigger mood whiplash compared to when the story did that sudden shift from gag-a-day porn-com to super grit drama.

ID: c08c6  No.7724

Any artist that signs on better understand that they are not signing up to become partners in doing a webcomic, or even a paid (or often "paid") artist for a webcomic, but rather Kris Overstreet's art/con slave.

Overstreet more than most others is a man driven almost purely by his fetishes. Everything about his comic imprint, which he's continuously in deep debt (and thus unable to actually pay his artists for) over, has been about getting more of his fetishes drawn. He's even had to make a joke of it, handing out t-shirts to his artists and con volunteers: "Kris Overstreet owes me money".

ID: bb336  No.7725

I like Bar-1's style a lot, though I'm not a huge fan of PITW.

Got to meet Bar-1 at MWFF this year since his table was right next to Boneitis' in the dealer's den and got a Nina sketch commission from him. He was a pretty good guy and I wish him the best going forward.

ID: f2871  No.7726


Sounds like a real shithead, also sounds like he needs to learn to draw his own fetish comics.

I get that not all writers draw and not all artists can write. But it helps it you do both (or try) - also if you're both passionate and invested in said project. Not just fap-fuel for some rando online.

ID: 2c91e  No.7727

I've wondered for a good decade how Kris keeps White Lightning working. He's got virtually no content left and a lot of people won't work for him (like how Sweater Puppy doesn't show up in Milkmaid comics because John Barrett took the rights with him when he walked). You're an illustrator not a partner in his comics, and he's not particularly subtle about it. His shirts are 15 years out of date memes and their printed stock is ancient fetish comix that no one's buying.

And boy if PitW goes to PG-13 only it'll have lost pretty much what anyone reads it for. The plot's as exciting as a bowl of Grape Nuts.

(Random trivia: I got a copy of Genus #1 off Overstreet for $12 because he didn't want to use an actual auction site. I still kinda feel bad about it.)

ID: c08c6  No.7731


I'm not sure I'd go so far as to call him a "shithead", really. I find him annoying and yes, he is a bad businessman and the way he has treated people that do work for him is awful.

But in a way he's more just pathetic and sad than anything else. He's so fucking leashed by his fetishes, and yet so ashamed of them at the same time. He's so driven by what gives him a hardon that he's started a business entirely to facilitate getting that content, and at the same time he's so embarrassed by it that he has to turn it all into some sort of joke, insisting "We at White Lightning find sex to be ridiculous and funny!" Yeah, sure you do Kris, that's not at all a mask for your insecurities about it.

Hell, some of them shame him so much he won't even admit to them. Like he'll admit to getting off to the breast/muscle growth, but he won't admit that he also gets off to intelligence drain… basically that not just amazons, but moron amazons turn him on. It's sad as much as it is eyeroll-worthy, he's so fucking driven to get this content that he's putting himself out as the extremely public purveyor of it, and at the same time he's constantly humiliated by what turns him on.

ID: da5f2  No.7732

Wait is this white lightning the same company that use to print not furry ninja high school or something along those lines?

ID: c72f9  No.7733


Is *that* why he's pushing Sarah Hazen as much as he has?

Because… hey, uh, Kris? Where are the other Thralls? Are they just dead? Sarah's the only on-screen example?

ID: c08c6  No.7735


Not Ninja High School, and yes.


Yup. And his other main focus is an "Akane Hulk" fanfic series where Akane turns into a bulging-muscled two-brain-celled brute.

ID: c7609  No.7738

It's funny. At Bar-1's booth at MWFF I thought the same thing about the shirts.

ID: c72f9  No.7781

I didn't even know intelligence drain was even a fetish.

And here I was, cranking one SHulk after another, but with different skins!

I guess to be fair to PITW, for all the egregious tonal whiplash and the dodgy art BAR-1 makes, it did kind of introduce me to an author whose works I've not only read until I wore out the figurative tape, but also paid me to do something fun.

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