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File: 1483238450274.jpg (754.15 KB, 800x1608, LL0522.jpg)

ID: 8396a  No.7875[View All]

Last LL Page of 2016
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ID: 83ba9  No.8451

I would love for Chalo to move on to something else. I've been reading this comic since I was in high school and nothing really significant seems to have happened. I'm just in it for the boobs at this point.

ID: e8962  No.8453

I think the next thing he's going to do once LL ends is something knighthood related.

When the other bonus comics got canned, it was mentioned that KH was laying the groundwork for a new story after LL ended

ID: 25086  No.8455

>There are no more potentially good characters anymore.

There's still Sunny, at least.

Oh, of fucking course.

ID: 40ce8  No.8461

File: 1489534474164.jpg (29.72 KB, 640x477, dce.jpg)


Soon the ENTIRE WORLD shall tremble at the horror that is Miles x Rachael. DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN

Cartoon cats man, goddamn - this shit is serious.

ID: 40ce8  No.8462

File: 1489534617434.jpg (10.4 KB, 227x223, images.jpg)


Lmao and he deleted the comment. Of course, coward.

ID: 25086  No.8463

Oh yeah, must be cowardice, as opposed to just having second thoughts and deciding it's not worth starting more shit over and thus making the decision to delete the comment.

ID: 40ce8  No.8464


Rigggght, just like that AI guy on the latest page posting over 50 comments of the 153 or so on there.

"It's completely rational to be this upset over a comic."

ID: 25086  No.8465

>Isn't he pushing 40 now?

That's correct, and he's also pushed himself pretty hard often, to the point that it's badly affected his health many times. Not only should he try something much better after this finishes, I think he should try something with a less demanding schedule, for his own good.

>Is this what's going to be chiseled on his grave?

Goddammit, that shouldn't have been as funny as it was, but I just imagined his gravestone having Mora's boobs on it.

ID: a6cff  No.8466

you know I had to go and see what you were talking about. And I'll admit it's kind of embarrassing that he's trying to damn near fight everyone that doesn't have a problem either them getting together.

Like, there's not liking it and posting a comment or two before leaving it at that, and there's trying to fight everyone that doesn't share your opinion on it. and he responded to damn near everyone that didn't hate it. that takes a special kind of mad

ID: cdc7f  No.8468

Mora, Alejandra, Tootsie, Sunny. Taffy and Randal have some redeeming qualities.

As "fun" as this is, can we keep the gossiping about personal lives to a minimum? I'd prefer not to start any drama.

ID: 25086  No.8470

I think Taffy would honestly be a lot better if she'd remember what her goal was supposed to be and become remotely interesting again.

Seriously, what the hell ever happened to her going back to college? Is that another plot point the writers just forgot? Or is it like the shady dudes looking for Sarah and they decided to drop it on purpose and act like it never happened because they knew they couldn't pull it off well?

ID: 24f48  No.8474


Well consider, would you rather they dropped it or did it shittily?

ID: 3f5a6  No.8475


Mora does not have any redeeming qualities, that is a fact of life.

Alejandra had potential but the writers shafted all of it so they can create lesbian fan service have her and mora ne friends again.

Tootsie has no characterisation other than , shes gay for Alejandra and science or some shit

Sunny had potential, but then its all been shafted for fan service all we actually know about her is she wants to help her parents.

Taffy is just a housewive at this point.

And Randal has had no direction since his introduction. What we lnow of him could only fill a DA bio. What is his goal? Did he ever have life with friends after he left Diana? What about that maybe it did maybe it didnt relationship with Alejandra?

My point is, any redeeming qualities or potential has and will be shafted for shipping and fan service

ID: 8624f  No.8476

Well if the comic has nothimg to offer, why are you torturing yourself like this?

>Mora does not have any redeeming qualities, that is a fact of life.

Independent, Strong Willed, Outgoing, Forgiving, generous. Everything people claimed to like about Rachael without the burden of being an unbarable cunt.

>Taffy is just a housewive at this point.

Okay, you don't like Mora, you don't like her polar opposite. Tell me, what's your character ideal here? For this comic. The fuck do you want?

ID: 25086  No.8480

>without the burden of being an unbearable cunt.

[YMMV intensifies]

Also, hasn't almost every generous thing she's done been at the prompting of someone else, usually Minos or Taffy, and even then she's often been reluctant at best?

ID: 24f48  No.8481

File: 1489611930106.jpg (14.1 KB, 348x265, 284646_c4e581f5f9.jpg)

>Everything people claimed to like about Rachael without the burden of being an unbarable cunt.

Oooo, burn.

ID: 3f5a6  No.8486

"Generous?" are you for real, man? She has never done or given anything without expecting something in return. Every time she has given she has had to be pushed into doing it. Mora is inherently selfish.

My thing about Taffy is that she's given up all her aspirations whats the point of a character who never tries to do anything? I would like Taffy if she actually attempted to do something that didnt have to do with boys and getting dates with said boys.

I want characters to have some dimension.

Mora could be improved just by complimenting and taking an interest in her staff. How are we supposed to believe this cast of characters are close when we hardly see them together apart from sex, talking about sex, or dating? Isn't the harvest festival an annual tradition? What about the wolf at Alejandra's company? There is so much potential but it's just wasted.

At this point im not saying anything that hasn't already been said.

I think all of us want to like, even love las Lindas, but the comic itself just sucks.

ID: cdc7f  No.8487

Fine, since she didn't let Rachael get away with stealing from her three times, generous can be disputed. But we agree on the rest?

ID: 25086  No.8489

Strong-willed definitely applies full-time at least, I can give her that.

ID: 3f5a6  No.8491


Forgiving is also inaccurate. She's only forgiving on situations when SHE should be the one asking for forgiveness. But that's more of a fault of the writers.

Let me also say, being independent, strong-willed, outgoing, and being a good character are not mutually exclusive.

Lex Luthor has those traits. The Joker has those traits. Hell, even Dr. Robotnik has those traits.

This is what i mean when i say i want characters to have some dimension. It's not enough to just name a few traits, i want to see their actions in any given situation. If your first response to needing an employee is to impersonate a prostitute and try to lure him back to your house instead of you know, putting out a job listing. Then you're not a good character.

If your first thought after getting rejected is to go fuck the next guy in an attempt to make your rejector jealous then you're not a good character.

ID: 0c57b  No.8492

why should she have begged for forgiveness when rachael and Sarah tried to steal from her back to back when they first showed up? or when minos didn't want the interviewing job but gave it to Miles of all people instead of just telling her. on top of lying about geecku being his cousin.

or even when Alej started acting like a fucking nut and blowing money trying to take mora out when she would have done better making her a second thought.

I get her not being the best character and all but not all her forgiving moments involved her throwing the first stone

ID: 24f48  No.8493

>She has never done or given anything without expecting something in return.

"Okay, so you have nowhere to go and you've abused me and my trust at every turn, but I'll still let you stay in my home. You'll just have to do some work around here."

"You greedy MONSTER!"

I bet you live with your parents rent-free and then get angry when they ask you to help around the house, don't you?

ID: ce76d  No.8494


That seems a little harsh.

And are we seriously about to tread the, "Mora is a good character" argument again?

ID: f7ddd  No.8495


MDS is a terrible disease.

ID: 24f48  No.8496

>That seems a little harsh.

So "yes", then.

ID: 9a721  No.8497

>>8496 irrelevant, personal attacks only invalidate your argument. What does whatever goes on in my personal life have to do with whether or not Mora is a good character?

ID: 9a721  No.8498

>>8496 personal attacks aside, i never said you couldn't like trash characters.

I like Dan from street fighter even though he canonically, the lamest worst.

Dan is a trash character but i still like him

ID: 25086  No.8499

Dude, have you played Dan in Street Fighter 4? Suddenly he's secretly awesome.

ID: 9a721  No.8500

I meant story wise, Dan is pissy to almost everyone except Blanka and Sakura

ID: 24f48  No.8501


It's indicative of your spoiled, entitled, immature mindset, where you expect to be given things but are incensed at the idea that you should give anything in return.

In other words, you're Miles. Or Rachael, if you prefer.

ID: 25086  No.8502

You do know the person you're talking to now is an entirely different one than the one you first insulted AND the one who said you were being too harsh, right?

ID: 61054  No.8503


There's a difference between unlikable characters and endearing characters with flaws.

As someone not riding on the MilesMustDie train I understand why nobody likes him. A better writer would either break down the character and slowly build them up or outright remove them. The writers think they've done the first option with Miles and then got impatient and just skipped ahead to the rewards. A redemption arc would've been perfect or giving him something incredibly selfless to do regularly.

The main problem is that most of the characters are unlikable. There's too much drama and not enough fun and even though there's less drama these days the stuff from earlier in the comic's life is still there to taint characters.

The comic continues to suffer from really bad writing and it will never be alleviated. This is why the porn and noncanon stuff are the best, they aren't bogged down by the convoluted story and drama and focuses on the strengths of the comics: fun and sexy.

ID: df871  No.8504


Holy christ dude.

It's just a webcomic, not everyone has to like it.

ID: 24f48  No.8505


Wow, calm down buddy, don't have a coronary.

ID: 641d9  No.8508

File: 1489732859277.jpg (707.7 KB, 700x1643, Untitled-1.jpg)

ID: ce76d  No.8510


Did you just imply, " I know you are but what am I?"

Is this where we are now?

This is absurd. Anyone else have an actual opposition or are we just going to stick to insults?

ID: 24f48  No.8511


Seriously, relax, there's no need to go insane over this.

ID: 25086  No.8513

Why is it that 9 out of 10 times, it's only ever these questions that Chalo decides are worth answering?

ID: 83ba9  No.8514

Ahh drama free titties

ID: cdc7f  No.8515

>This is absurd. Anyone else have an actual opposition or are we just going to stick to insults?

You want to play this game? Fine. I've got a theory.

I feel like when the Mora hate brigade shows up to complain about the comic, and how all their favorite characters are being ruined, they are being ruined by men. Men they believe are inferior specimens to them. And the one that ends up with the superior male? The ideal? Bedding with a whore!

Did I mention that Mora used to be a prostitute? That she literally sleept with men for money to make her way? Because they sure like to bring it up.

I believe that their fury at this comic stems primarily from a sense of injustice. Like, how can these pitiful excuses for men wind up with these bastions of purity? And how can this true honest niceguy possibly fall for a succubus like Mora?

I mean, come on. Why else would they keep reading it if they didn't still relate on some level?

ID: 3f5a6  No.8516


I'm far from the high ground here, but here's the honest 2/cents

I used to like Alejandra, and was irate when they did what they did. but here's the reality, they are chalo's characters he can do whatever the fuck he wants with them. My opinion is irrelevant. Trying my hardest to be unbiased, if i had never have seen or heard of Las Lindas until today and read it from start to now, I still wouldn't like Mora as a character. Based solely on the fact that nothing really bad happens to her. or rather,if something does, it's solved almost instantly after the fact. truth be told i wouldn't like any of the characters. Las Lindas would've just been something i'd have read because once you get past chalo's good art, there's honestly not a lot there.

Does Mora deserve all the hate she gets? no, but she's not a good character either, not terrible , but just kind of boring.

Does Miles deserve all his hate? Well sort of. Miles ha done some pretty bad things and i'm in no excusing them there's a point where you get tired of hating and just start to pity him and characters like him. He just doesn't understand how terrible he's been. That doesn't excuse his actions by a long shot but honestly? that energy you express hating Mora, Miles, and LL is better directed at doing something more important.


ID: 40ce8  No.8517


I think the main issue with Miles is they never gave him any endearing or redeeming qualities. He just generally comes off as whiny and selfish. Some people adore Miles because he's played off as a buttmonkey and generally doesn't get his way. They find his bad-luck leads to his selfish-nature and thus is justified.

We know Miles likes engineering and planes but it's rarely expanded on. We know Miles is a horndog and has low confidence, he's the everyman/kind of nerd. But we never really see why other then "Everyone has it better then me, I'll show them."

I was really hoping we'd see the why. Miles' backstory has nothing to do with his childhood,home-life or anything prior to college. We don't know what Miles fears, we never see him vulnerable - we never see what goes on in his head. We just know what Miles wants, but not what he needs.

Jerk-ass characters CAN work, people can love asshole characters. But they need something that draws people in. Kuzco from The Emperor's New Groove is a good example, he has everything - but then looses it. Is forced into a situation very unfamiliar and has to work with a peasant that becomes his friend through trials. He has selfless moments and turns a new leaf in the end. We don't really see that with Miles… at least no in the depth we should.

That can go for other characters too of course, but at least with Mora she has shown a bit more growth.

ID: 25086  No.8518

Dude, holy shit, there was no "hate brigade" going on against Mora here, and you're making some pretty insane assumptions about people who dare complain about the comic or not love Mora.

ID: 5a792  No.8519

that is true, there is no development for him.

"you cant have a character that suppose to be a constant character being seen as a jerkoff and have no real backing of why. You can make a one time jerk off character who wont be seen again or for a long damn time

ID: cdc7f  No.8520

I suppose it isn't really a brigade when it's one or two people pretending to be more, but I'm giving "them" the benefit of the doubt in this case.

I'm not saying that "they" have to love the comic or Mora, I'm trying to make a guess as to why "they" hate it and her so much. What does their grievance say about them?

ID: 90b82  No.8521

I don't speak for anyone but myself but i dont like Mora for the same reason i dont like Asuka from Eva, she just seems loud and obnoxious while simultaneously belittling those around her

ID: 25086  No.8526

What the fuck does liking or not liking the writing or the pairings have to do with liking or not liking Mora? Nothing, that's what. You're making baseless assumptions about them as people and making humongous leaps in logic, essentially because you're mad that they don't like what you like. You even take it a step further by claiming they hate every male character but Minos, when many critics of this comic don't even care about Minos because he's such an uninteresting, one-note character by now. Seriously, what corner of your ass did you even pull that out of?

Hey, guess what? Female readers and Mora fans have been shitting on the writing too, one of the people in this very thread even being a huge enough Mora fangirl to declare anyone who doesn't like Mora mentally ill! Whatcha got to say about them?

ID: 8624f  No.8527

You're right. I shouldn't have gone into personal attacks on your character. I'm sorry.

ID: e8962  No.8531

I think everyone should calm down before this gets nasty

ID: f7e67  No.8541

File: 1490103867040.jpg (172.14 KB, 800x1524, LC0054.jpg)

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