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File: 1483238450274.jpg (754.15 KB, 800x1608, LL0522.jpg)

ID: 8396a  No.7875[Last 50 Posts]

Last LL Page of 2016

ID: 5bc01  No.7876

File: 1483253092138.jpg (587.95 KB, 800x888, tumblr_oj3826LnBo1r0ajyoo1….jpg)

ID: f4f85  No.7877

File: 1483263341885.jpg (138.73 KB, 1440x810, oshitheded.jpg)

So…this is probably too late to really mean anthing but I wanted to throw my two cents in about "How Knighthood Could be Improved" and all that crap.

Only extra stuff I could add is basically what I learned from the audio-book Invisible Ink by Brian Mcdonald. [Which I would recommend Phuufy and Skidd give a listen to if they're still up for some writing tips. Gives good basics without being too overwhelming or overbearing.]

Now Knighthood, I believe, starts off strong by giving us both a taste of what's to come and a goal to reach.

It starts with action. Great, we know what we're in for.
Then Joy shares her passion and her reason for leaving. She wants to be a great Knight and make her family proud. Great, we know where we're going.

Problem is, soon after we set out we lose sight of where we're going right around the part where she tells us about the crests and such. The world building isn't bad in itself but right after when Ambar throws her off the plane and we learn Joy's a Crest do we lose our way.

Remember, the goal is for Joy to become a great knight, or at least some great protector, and part of the world building segment was to give a sense of what her standards are.
One line I remember particularly is that a knight has to be the best of the best in order to keep up with a Crest. <- That's really important.
We learn shortly after this that Joy herself is a Crest. So…Mission Accomplished?

The thing about stories like these where the main character needs to build themselves up is they thrive off contrast. Think David and Goliath, the tale of a wimpy shepherd boy killing a warrior giant makes for a far more interesting and exciting story than, say, one muscled guy killing another.

By making Joy a Crest you even the odds too much in her favor. Secondly, by having her encounter nothing but Crests on the way we never get a sense of what a Knight looks like. We're promised an underdog story but the underdog gets to hitch a ride with daddy's old friend The President and meets One of the Strongest People on the Planet right after and kills a Bad Guy without building up their Badness.

To be fair this is still fairly early into the story at large. So there's time to slide in some build up later on but the pacing's gonna feel more sluggish because of it.


Nerf Joy, Throw in More Problems, Go Listen to Invisible Ink.

ID: a8557  No.7878

Calling out the exact problem with Miles. Okay, I'm in.

ID: e5adb  No.7879


>Miles gets called out

Oh thank God.

ID: a8557  No.7880

Not just that. He was called out in a way that appeals to his nature, and not a way that he'd believe that he was in the right.

ID: 24f48  No.7881

I'm really not sure how anyone could like Miles after this comic, but, the world we live in.

ID: 25086  No.7882

>Rachael, in one page, comes back to her senses, exposes Miles' true disturbing nature yet again without even trying, remains remarkably calm throughout his shitfit, calls out most of what's wrong with him, shoots down his hopes of getting with her once more, AND takes a shot at his piss-poor treatment of Taffy


DAMN, that felt good.

ID: 37344  No.7886

Add to that if Rachael's last line is to be taken the way I think, she just 'friend-zoned' Miles' fluffy ass.

You can almost SEE his ego eating itself alive, I've waited literally years for a moment where someone does exactly what Rachael did in one comic page, what a woman. <3

ID: f4f85  No.7888


To add to this, thinking about it some more.

Nerfing Joy isn't necessary. Just need to add more weight to the conflict.

From the book, what you usually do is put your character "through their own personal hell" before they change for the better. In order to do that you need to give them a flaw you can base that off of.

Think Jaws. Dude who's afraid of water has to deal with a man-eating shark.

ID: a362c  No.7890


I seriously hope this actually makes Miles rethink his actions.

But who am I kidding, he's just gonna pull the old "everyone's wrong, I am right" bullshit and look for another girl to get under her skirt.

ID: 25086  No.7891

Basically, yeah. Seriously, I feel like JonTron here with all these "Miles will change for the better, trust us, you'll all love him and feel so bad about hating him!" routines.


ID: a15d8  No.7892


Seems like he is running out of chicks to skirt-chase. Sure there is Sunny but she already has a boyfriend.

ID: 25086  No.7893

Well, there is still Sarah, unless Idward really is ending up with more than one girl because reasons.

ID: 9bf31  No.7894

He does that, and Rachael will skin him alive.

ID: acd6a  No.7899

so the Katbox is down for a while

ID: 641d9  No.7901

File: 1483509642557.jpg (321.97 KB, 600x776, tumblr_oj8jcxNH2c1r0ajyoo1….jpg)

Here are the requests from Chalo's last stream.

ID: 641d9  No.7902

File: 1483509653272.jpg (327.68 KB, 600x776, tumblr_oj8jcxNH2c1r0ajyoo2….jpg)

ID: 641d9  No.7903

File: 1483509664357.jpg (332.29 KB, 600x776, tumblr_oj8jcxNH2c1r0ajyoo3….jpg)

ID: 641d9  No.7904

File: 1483509674588.jpg (327.99 KB, 600x776, tumblr_oj8jcxNH2c1r0ajyoo4….jpg)

ID: 641d9  No.7906

File: 1483509755113.jpg (374.75 KB, 600x1713, Untitled-1.jpg)

ID: 8c906  No.7907

This page is 9 years late.

It's back up but it'll happen again, had seen on ID's twitter there is a malware cleanup going on, but they had to scuttle the attempt because they didn't complete a backup.

ID: 25086  No.7908

The fuck is holding those up?

ID: 6a496  No.7918

File: 1483847717256.jpg (248.18 KB, 1036x777, Maltese Falcon.jpg)

The stuff that dreams are made of.

ID: 8396a  No.7919

File: 1483886350064.jpg (51.31 KB, 600x776, C1f2u9BWgAMvyQJ.jpg)

Chalo ended up drawing Lina, a character from another Katbox Comic called "Our World" for a secret santa thing they did.

ID: f6cb5  No.7924

Fit Sarah. Delicious.

ID: 641d9  No.7929

File: 1484062306651.png (731.5 KB, 1000x1294, tumblr_ojk5lwWtQW1vi4s8io1….png)

Here are a couple of drawings Chalo drew and a fan colored.

ID: 641d9  No.7930

File: 1484062320849.png (787.18 KB, 1000x1294, tumblr_ojk5lwWtQW1vi4s8io2….png)

ID: 05809  No.7931

Is there anyone in the LL cast that is left unfucked (as in, has a pic with shown penetration)?

ID: 8624f  No.7932

Nope, all your pure innocent waifus have been defiled by a trash oc at one point or another.

ID: 7aa8f  No.7933

If there's a Taffy penetration pic (by CHalo, fan art doesn't count) I aint seen it

ID: 641d9  No.7934

File: 1484082967639.jpg (304.37 KB, 600x776, tumblr_ojl11cmRkn1r0ajyoo2….jpg)

Here are the uncolored ones, in case anyone prefers them.

ID: 641d9  No.7935

File: 1484082982303.jpg (281.53 KB, 600x776, tumblr_ojl11cmRkn1r0ajyoo1….jpg)

ID: 6aea6  No.7936

File: 1484086034948.png (1.04 MB, 1200x1552, angtaff.png)

Something quick with less excessive highlight

ID: 641d9  No.7937

File: 1484086814329.jpg (196.87 KB, 600x668, tumblr_ojl4l0N1Es1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: 9bf31  No.7938


So before the inevitable shitstorm hits, I just want to say how hot Rachael looks with glasses.

ID: 25086  No.7948

Guess Chalo finally got bored of this phase then?

ID: 03f06  No.7958


Why inevitable shitstorm? Something about that OC or…?

ID: fb309  No.7961

Can someone do a less insane highlights version of this one? Also, if so, can you give Rach grey lady bits? I can't stand one color nips different color pussy for Angel/Rach

ID: e9ea3  No.7962

File: 1484158995182.jpg (276.09 KB, 600x897, f452ded2-bfd4-41ba-bacc-a2….jpg)

ID: 6aea6  No.7964

File: 1484165233802.png (940.34 KB, 1200x1552, rachride.png)

ID: 9bf31  No.7965

No, but some people might start pitching a fit that this got drawn in the first place.

ID: 53ac1  No.7969

You didnt leave his cock the same color! And I didn't even have to ask :3 I remembered I forgot to ask in my request before my flight home, arrived to perfection. Thank you! <3

ID: 8396a  No.8002

File: 1484538722332.jpg (215.8 KB, 800x1608, 6279857431955452647.jpg)

ID: 5bc01  No.8003

File: 1484549358864.jpg (237.65 KB, 800x1524, 5678933585965523666.jpg)

ID: 25086  No.8011

Cry some more, Miles, your plan to get laid didn't work, suck it up and try another girl like always. Be thankful Rachael's still willing to be nice to you at all after figuring out your game, dick.

Okay, so now we're sticking SO close to bad shonen cliches that Joy is an idiot who just jumped into all this after reading a museum pamphlet. Actually, is that even a bad shonen cliche? Cause I can't really think of any shonen hero, from a good show or a bad one, who actually did something like this. So if nothing else, it's still another great example of Knighthood's writing proving itself over and over to be terrible.

ID: 641d9  No.8016

File: 1484603284673.jpg (253.12 KB, 600x781, tumblr_ojw72cTB421rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: 05809  No.8017

ID: 25086  No.8018

Anyone else think he's getting a bit ahead of himself with these, considering Ambar's not quite as close to having the baby yet in the comic at this point AND he's now mixing what may potentially be a canon event with non-canon ones like random porn pics?

ID: 7cc03  No.8019

File: 1484633428309.gif (4.93 MB, 500x236, PeriodicBlushingDiscus.gif)

>>8016 I…

ID: c9829  No.8021

Because it's his Comic and he can do what he damn wants with it.

ID: 05809  No.8022

Not an excuse.

ID: 37344  No.8023

You're right, it IS his comic and he's free to do with it as he sees fit, but just because we're all free to cuddle our faces to the business side of a running belt sander doesn't make it a good idea. :/

ID: 0aa54  No.8026

Although I'm willing to admit the situation is awkward, it's amusingly awkward in its delivery (pun not intended).

Do you want to justify how seemingly wrong or cringeworthy it is for a family member to help deliver a baby? It's not like it's getting fetishized or anything.

ID: 641d9  No.8027

File: 1484678378965.jpg (386.19 KB, 600x1510, Untitled-1.jpg)

Pieced together the most recent update.

ID: bdf25  No.8028

I'm not really seeing what the big deal is. naerie is delivering her sibling. that's it. it's not like they're trying to look sexy while doing it or anything.

ID: 05809  No.8029

>it's not like … or anything

ID: 0aa54  No.8031

You're dodging the issue. It's not unheard of for family to assist with birth because you're not always going to have access to a doctor or at least a person qualified to do so to handle the process. Again, what is the problem here?

ID: 25086  No.8032

Pretty sure you mean your specific variety of Prime, Ambar.

ID: 25086  No.8033

Are you seriously arguing that Ambar, the god-queen of the continent, somehow couldn't have gotten assistance from anyone but her untrained daughter?

ID: 0aa54  No.8035

Seems more like you don't understand the whole situation is being played for laughs nor have a grasp of Naerie's character.

ID: 25086  No.8036

Seems like you're assuming a whole lot just to dodge what I pointed out about your actual point.

ID: 0aa54  No.8037

Nuh uh. The onus is on YOU.

"It's not like it's fetishized or anything." I meant what I said. The story is deviating from its usual adult material to present something more lighthearted presented in a humorous way.

>Are you seriously arguing that Ambar, the god-queen of the continent, somehow couldn't have gotten assistance from anyone but her untrained daughter?

Yes, but that wouldn't be funny now, would it? Not the first time this has been done in any media.

If you're not going to explain what exactly you're pointlessly bitching about, then please drop this whole non-issue.

ID: 05809  No.8038

Never mind the insane level of technology available.

ID: 05809  No.8039

>It's not like it's fetishized or anything
That's funny seeing as how it's happening on Ask The High Prime, of all places.
>Yes, but that wouldn't be funny now, would it?
It wasn't, though.

ID: 25086  No.8040

Honestly, I think it's only happening cause Chalo got bored of drawing pregnant Ambar, perhaps wore out his experimental phase with it, and now he's trying to conclude it in a misguided attempt at humor. But then additional problems arise because he's integrating an event that won't happen in the comic's timeline for some time still together with non-canon material and direct answers to people writing in on a softcore side blog.

Then again, if characters' entire physical appearances can rapidly fluctuate the way they do and hair grows at a rate of six feet in two months, I'm thinking time isn't a solid concept in the Las Lindas universe anymore and maybe Ambar really will be seen completely finished with her pregnancy the next time she shows up in the comic. Hell, maybe her kid will be significantly older than it should be too.

ID: 0aa54  No.8041

>That's funny seeing as how it's happening on Ask The High Prime, of all places.

Yeah, let's overlook all the other times that ask blog did non-erotic material too.

>It wasn't, though.

Then maybe stop going to that tumblr? That's an option. You know that's an option right? Just making sure you know that's an option.

We're done here, by the way.

ID: 05809  No.8042

>Yeah, let's overlook all the other times that ask blog did non-erotic material too.
So? It is still fan service oriented.
My gripe is how poorly the event was handled.
>That's an option. You know that's an option right? Just making sure you know that's an option.
Do you even realize how juvenile that sounded? And, yes, we're done.

ID: bdf25  No.8043

>worrying about the passage of time with this event.

we never knew how far along ambar was in the first place. it was never stated. not to mention she barely appears in the main comic in the first place.

so unless it was directly after minos talked to her that she shows up with a kid, this isn't some confusing time line running update.

like, it really feels like an attempt to make a mountain out of a molehill as far as reactions here go for a couple of you.

then again, that seems to be the general thing with this comic

ID: 37344  No.8044

File: 1484689550216.gif (82.5 KB, 576x536, 1 1Mt_oXPQgInMn-OCyw39fQ.gif)

At this point I think the constant shitfests that plague this thread can be solved by a simple read of the image accompanying my post.

ID: 9bf31  No.8046

File: 1484690968153.jpg (59.42 KB, 888x500, 1huc9z.jpg)


This. This all the way. It feels like some of the people who hate this comic complain so they have something to complain about, and get bent out of shape over stuff that's really not that huge a deal.

ID: 05809  No.8047

Well, it's not like there isn't a reason to complain.

ID: 25086  No.8051

Yep, classic Las Lindas fan logic, anyone with any sort of complaint is a troll.

I swear, some people here have the worst case of selective reading I've ever seen.

ID: 8396a  No.8052

At this point, I'm not even surprised if someone gets upset over Chalo doing anything with LL at this point.

I mean before it was when actual bad things happened, but now it's anything.

But hey, what can ya do. Don't let it ruin your enjoyment of the comic and all that jazz.

ID: 25086  No.8053

No one's even really as upset as you're making them out to be, it's confusion and not finding a lame attempt at humor as funny as everyone else seems to.

ID: 7cc03  No.8054

You hit the nail on the head here.

I got too much shit going on in my life to worry about what homeboy does with his comic.

just seeing this in particular caught me off guard.

ID: cdc7f  No.8055

I swear to god I cannot go to sleep around here without things getting stupid.

It's okay to let someone else have the last word on a forum when the argument is going nowhere. Just ask your self "Is this basically the same thing I said when I last posted?" and if it is DON'T SAY IT!

Because it will never stop otherwise.

ID: ba023  No.8056


While you make a good point, this is the internet.

What people should do and what they do do gace almost no correlation at all

ID: f7e67  No.8070

File: 1485193484463.jpg (683.01 KB, 800x1608, LL0524.jpg)

ID: 25086  No.8071

How does this connect to the previous pages though? Like, what's her point? Just kinda seems like a bad spot to end the page at.

Also, when the hell did Rachael become a Strider?

ID: 641d9  No.8074

File: 1485238793729.jpg (497.98 KB, 600x1725, Untitled-1.jpg)

ID: 37344  No.8075

File: 1485244541398.jpg (48.35 KB, 779x448, 3e4f94b117f7c853bda723b1b7….jpg)

ID: 40ce8  No.8076


Awww how sweet :)

ID: 24f48  No.8077


It's an airfield.

The fuckin' plane.

ID: 25086  No.8078

Oh for fuck's sake…

Yeah, that connects perfectly. She tears him down exactly one page ago, now she's going to enable his fantasies because she JUST SO HAPPENS to know the location of a secret abandoned airfield. Yeah, I fucking knew there had to be a catch to her sudden burst of intelligence.

ID: c9829  No.8079

what's your major malfunction numbnuts?

ID: 23484  No.8124

Hey hey hey!  It’s time for some good old fashion opinions!

I’ve been keeping silent for a while now on the Katbox, but after the debacle with the servers, I had to come out of the wood work and voice my opinion.  Who exactly is running the site?  I ask that person, whoever he/she is, is quite honestly doing a horrible job.  It has been nearly one week since this supposed sweep and the comics are still not up.  Additionally, the forums are a joke at the moment as everyone’s avatar is an error message.  FYI:  You may want to have a freaking link to the forums to show that it’s still up genius.

I’m just curious to see how many of these artists are going to leave giving the current state.  If what Jayelle Anderson says is true, then the Katbox is kind of a toxic place to be for comic artists unless you’re kissing butt that is.  I’ve provided a screen shot to the left here as evidence.

Now to turn our attention to the newest page of Las Lindas.  Look, if you’re going to force the whole Miles and Rachael ship, then just go ahead and have them lick each other’s pussies already here.  I mean by god!  It’s so abundantly clear those two are going to shack up.  Might as well get it over with already.  Only reason I’m still reading this drool is for the stellar art.  Whoever the writers are suck at their job. My advice is to stay with your day job.  If writing is your day job, then by god the standard has been set so very low.

As for Knighthood, I must say that this one was pretty good.  I mean it’s still bad, but it’s between Project 2nd bad and way WAY less than TwoKinds good.  Granted that the fan service here is kind of week with that forced cleavage shot, at least we get that.  I mean seriously, why would one give up freaking BATB?  The Bumblr blog is no where near the fan service as was promised.  But hey, don’t’ worry.  If Chalo’s declining Patreon is any indication, he won’t be able to support this art for too much longer.

ID: 23484  No.8125

File: 1485731835968.jpg (99.16 KB, 630x731, Jennifer's-Betrayal-1.jpg)

Hey hey hey!  It’s time for some good old fashion opinions!

I’ve been keeping silent for a while now on the Katbox, but after the debacle with the servers, I had to come out of the wood work and voice my opinion.  Who exactly is running the site?  I ask that person, whoever he/she is, is quite honestly doing a horrible job.  It has been nearly one week since this supposed sweep and the comics are still not up.  Additionally, the forums are a joke at the moment as everyone’s avatar is an error message.  FYI:  You may want to have a freaking link to the forums to show that it’s still up genius.

I’m just curious to see how many of these artists are going to leave giving the current state.  If what Jayelle Anderson says is true, then the Katbox is kind of a toxic place to be for comic artists unless you’re kissing butt that is.  I’ve provided a screen shot to the left here as evidence.

Now to turn our attention to the newest page of Las Lindas.  Look, if you’re going to force the whole Miles and Rachael ship, then just go ahead and have them lick each other’s pussies already here.  I mean by god!  It’s so abundantly clear those two are going to shack up.  Might as well get it over with already.  Only reason I’m still reading this drool is for the stellar art.  Whoever the writers are suck at their job. My advice is to stay with your day job.  If writing is your day job, then by god the standard has been set so very low.

As for Knighthood, I must say that this one was pretty good.  I mean it’s still bad, but it’s between Project 2nd bad and way WAY less than TwoKinds good.  Granted that the fan service here is kind of week with that forced cleavage shot, at least we get that.  I mean seriously, why would one give up freaking BATB?  The Bumblr blog is no where near the fan service as was promised.  But hey, don’t’ worry.  If Chalo’s declining Patreon is any indication, he won’t be able to support this art for too much longer.

ID: 8fb7c  No.8127

why do I feel like you posted that picture just to stir some shit up

ID: 25086  No.8128

They posted it to back their claim.

ID: e8962  No.8132

>It has been nearly one week since this supposed sweep and the comics are still not up.

slowly but surely the comics have been coming back. LL and Yosh are up as well as The Eye of Ramalach. Going to Katbox.net takes you to a page that explains what happened, the comics that are back up, and the working forum as well. There's only one person who basically runs tech support on the site and these things can easily take longer than expected depending on just how bad the virus was and how everything has to go back up. Not to mention real life things keeping the person working on the site from doing so.

>Additionally, the forums are a joke at the moment as everyone’s avatar is an error message.

I just went to the forums and everyone's avatars are showing up. they've been doing so for a while now.

>FYI: You may want to have a freaking link to the forums to show that it’s still up genius.

read above

ID: 40ce8  No.8139


Quite the contrary actually. The Katbox has been a very welcoming,open and creative place. The community is tight-knit even if we don't talk to each other on a daily or even weekly basis. I've been quite honored to be able to join the hub and post our work there.

Jayelle was an odd case, she really just didn't enjoy the size/structure of the site. She already ran her own comic-hub so I suspect she liked a place with more executive power/smaller group to deal with. We all have our own lives to deal with, so it's not always easy to reach out/spend time with new members. Skidd did infact stream and chat with her on several occassions.

As far as the website, it's kind of a mess right now. Mihari is the only one working on it and iirc it's having to be built from the ground up. Hopefully things will get sorted soon enough.

ID: 641d9  No.8140

File: 1485833365725.jpg (211.54 KB, 600x847, tumblr_okmio2XFG01r0ajyoo1….jpg)

ID: 641d9  No.8141

File: 1485833375902.jpg (377.28 KB, 600x847, tumblr_okmio2XFG01r0ajyoo2….jpg)

ID: 641d9  No.8142

File: 1485833387602.jpg (439.18 KB, 600x847, tumblr_okmio2XFG01r0ajyoo3….jpg)

ID: 8eba5  No.8144


This makes me ask. How the fuck did someone like them ended being the Katbox unofficial owner? For what I've seen of them during streams they are a controlling bitch with an ego so huge it could eclipse the sun. How the fuck did they ended shoving their fursona in the KB logo and declaring themselves the official katbox mascot? Is like the whole fucking katbox now exists solely as fuel for their ego.

I hope I.D can answer, because it fucking blows my mind. Not even Dragoneer reaches the level of abject fuckness this Mihari person does.

ID: 37344  No.8145

Though they were brief, I admit I had a few interactions with the so-called 'webmistress Mihari' *cringes*, the same one who, along with ID, made a post on the forum a few years back asking for 5k they'd split between them. It is likely, of course gone, and I haven't been a user there for a long time.

What shocks me isn't the fact ID was the one who'd made said post, or the fact the money was to help Mihari get her 'dream job' (what exactly kind of job do you have to pay to get into? >.<), or the fact all of three people bought into it.

What shocks me is the fact anyone went for it at all, regardless of how many.

But hey, they run it, and it looks like they've kept their feet firmly pressed on the flight stick, and who wants to hazard a guess how close to a full-on nosedive they're in? :P

ID: 631ba  No.8146

>This makes me ask. How the fuck did someone like them ended being the Katbox unofficial owner? For what I've seen of them during streams they are a controlling bitch with an ego so huge it could eclipse the sun. How the fuck did they ended shoving their fursona in the KB logo and declaring themselves the official katbox mascot? Is like the whole fucking katbox now exists solely as fuel for their ego.

Mihari has been tech support on the katbox since the early days. She knew the original owner before ID and made sure each comic had its own built page that ran among other things. Other comic artists talk to her and seem to like her as well.

If anything her cameos in other comics were nothing more than nice gestures from the artists because of what she was doing or they just liked her sona.

ID: b1f61  No.8148


>asking for 5k split between them.

On Patreon I have a funding goal where if met we could both work for the katbox full time but that's it. The goal for that I think was originally $3,600. That was money we would split and we weren't why about explaining why. Mihari asked that she stop getting patreon money earlier last year. So I changed the goals, but currently the patreon money goes into the Katbox to buy licenses for software we need as well as anything else extra.

The 10k funding goal was first proposed by me in September because I wanted to pay for upgrades and approached Mihari to negotiate a price. She said she'd pretty much do what we wanted for $10,000. With a list of desired changes and her years of voluntary service I felt that was fair.

I make no money off the Katbox. Instead I have invested several thousand out of my own pocket to pay for materials, taxes, and other expenses. It' a project I believe in, put my passion into and would like to do full time someday. I dont know how many hours I invested into the fundraiser and never made a cent off of it.

>Id asking for money to get Mihari her dream job.

The only thing that says dream job is the wishful thinking patreon tier. If you can provide a screenshot and a source I could either put that into context or correct misinformation but to my knowledge I never said anything like what you describe.

Mihari first started volunteering for the Katbox around 2009-2010. She pretty much built the katbox in its previous form and is building its current iteration now.

She doesn't make demands for art or cameos. All that really is voluntary 'thank yous' from the artists.

ID: dc4ca  No.8154

Hey Ho what do you know!  I smell quite a bit of horse droppings about.  Time to do some good old fashion cleaning.

The whole thing with Jayelle Anderson smelled kind of fishy in my honest opinion.  She was more of one of those whiners who simply don’t have the chops in the comic industry.  That’s why I heard she got drop from Antarctic Press.  I met her in person too a couple of months ago and silently laughed on the inside with the lack of professional curtsey and integrity.  Talk about being a tad bit full of yourself there.  In addition, didn’t she take like a year to update one page and then started a side comic?  I mean…who even does that?

As for Mihari, it’s clear to me and everyone else that she’s the real owner of the Katbox.  Mister Id is nothing more than a pseudo leader that’s taking all the heat.  A mighty stupid way of being a leader.  Then again, he might like getting rode on bare back from a slutty cheetah.  And you don’t have to tell me twice about her inflated ego.  Heck, I’ve seen her disrespect and insult Nekonny, Mastergodai, and anyone that’s willing to stand up to her malice.  She even went so far as to ban someone from a stream simply because they stood up to her and her disrespect of their opinion.  Really, from what I’ve seen, she’s afraid of losing her mascot place too.  I mean, Nina disappeared, then CandyStar, and then Steve.  I guess she’s such a scared cat that she can’t handle a little competition.  I also heard that you Mister ID had to convince most of the artists to give her those gifts over the years so that she would stop whining and complaining like a little wuss.  I guess she can’t afford to pay artists for their hard work.  You know…despite making $10,000.

But that’s nothing compared to Mister ID.  All I’ve seen him do on the Forums and Twitter is post random political mambo jumbo and post lecture series as of late.  Should he be focusing on the Katbox since it’s been three weeks since it’s been down with only 3 comics up?  For that matter, why is it that Yosh! got up so fast considering that it was Las Lindas, The Eye and Caribbean Blue that were the first three?  It sounds to me like there was some favoritism there.  I mean he paid $10,000 to this woman to make the site decent and she’s failed on so many levels.  For that matter, why was it $10,000?  I got a bid form three people just to prove my point that stated that they would do the same amount of work for only $3,000, specifically the bids were $2,500, $3,500, and $3,200.  How…why so much?

ID: 056d8  No.8155

so is it just time for some sort of katbox-related shit storm to pop up due to the site being down? we've got accusations flying out the as here and so far only one guy posted something to try and back his claims up with.

candystar was an April fools joke that nixie had a big hand in. she was never meant to a mascot in the first place.

Same with Steve. he was something that one guy kept running into the ground.

ID: e8962  No.8166

File: 1486120009873.jpg (717.21 KB, 800x1524, LC0052-1.jpg)

ID: 05809  No.8171

"Acolyte"? What's wrong with "squire"? Also , information dump.

ID: 641d9  No.8173

File: 1486143975529.png (546.07 KB, 600x918, tumblr_okt7n8Z04k1r0ajyoo1….png)

ID: 9ea5d  No.8175

File: 1486152477237.png (2.32 MB, 1275x1950, AngelXmas2.png)


Quick edit version

ID: 25086  No.8176

>Joy is just now finding this out about Kayin


Wasn't her father the reason she wanted to become a knight in the first damn place? Oh wait, no, that just got retconned last page and now she's an idiot who decided to become one after reading a museum pamphlet, I almost forgot.

ID: 6d6b6  No.8178

she knew he was a knight. he could have easily just left it at that and not gone into ranks and such.

him being a DRAGON Knight is news to her. not him being one in general

ID: e71aa  No.8179

Nice edit!

ID: 5a792  No.8181


Its possible they choose Acolyte over Squire cause if you are a squire it means a knight have chosen to specifically train you, tending to be 1 on 1

Acolytes tend to be a group being trained to do a job

also Squires tend to still be tied to the idea of "someone of noble birth being trained"

in short:

Squire: one Teacher, one job
Acolytes: Multiple teachers, multiple jobs

ID: 05809  No.8184

Fair enough, though a simpler explanation is they didn't aim for historical accuracy.

ID: 1bd4c  No.8186

This. Joy knew that her father was a knight (as she mentioned on the very first page) but the term "Dragon Knight" was unknown to her until just now.

ID: 94b32  No.8207

File: 1486702557696.jpg (318.39 KB, 2140x1400, colorplz.jpg)

Hey can we get a color version of this that isnt for ants, please?

ID: 9ea5d  No.8209

File: 1486711198511.png (1.25 MB, 2140x1400, 1486702557696col.png)

ID: 641d9  No.8222

File: 1486849729519.jpg (710.64 KB, 800x1608, LL0525.jpg)

ID: 25086  No.8226

That airfield's still in use? Didn't look like it.

At least it's one less thing to gratify Miles with.

I still have to wonder though, what is stopping Miles from leaving, aside from his obsession with trying to trick Rachael into thinking he's amazing? Did he not have any life or home or job whatsoever before Mora first lured him in and blackmailed him into working for her? He MUST know by now that no one on this farm is going to fuck him and no one respects him, so why doesn't he look for work elsewhere? Hell, why is Sunny apparently the ONLY one with a life outside the farm?

ID: 6a496  No.8228

I thought Ambar's private plane was a VTOL. Why does it need a runway?

ID: a15d8  No.8229


Her being royalty and everything it's probably more akin to a red carpet than it is a runway.

ID: 25086  No.8231

Wait, I just realized something.


The city is HOURS away from the farm? That implies one fuck of a long distance, and that's by car. Is this seriously supposed to be the same distance characters have been able to WALK in a fairly short amount of time on various other occasions? How come it didn't take hours to get there or back the first time Miles took Rachael out there to try and win her over? Within a few hours, they were there AND back again.

Seriously, how is it that the readers are consistently able to keep track of this stuff better than the writers?

ID: 641d9  No.8243

File: 1487272901533.jpg (565.33 KB, 700x1461, Untitled-1.jpg)

ID: f7e67  No.8262

File: 1487636064999.jpg (160.3 KB, 800x1608, LL0526.jpg)

ID: 5bc01  No.8263

File: 1487642045500.jpg (277.8 KB, 600x1050, tumblr_olony2Hfpw1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: cdc7f  No.8264

FINALLY she admits it was real shitty to kidnap someone. Now all she needs to do is face some consequences for her actions and she'll be square.

No, regret is not a consequence.

ID: 25086  No.8266

Wow, she's starting to look overdone and gaudy.

Why, of all people, is Miles the one she opens up to about all this?

Better question, are we really supposed to buy that he'll learn anything?

In other news, apparently some forumites are still obsessively convinced that Sarah's the lost queen when that was Jossed YEARS ago.

ID: 83ba9  No.8268

Pots and kettles tend to get along

ID: 3dc5a  No.8278


I would hope something like this wouldve happened in the comic rather than an "ask"

ID: 25086  No.8280

Yeah, this is not a trend I'm liking, this glossing over presumably canon events in the form of answer posts on a non-canon porn side blog.

ID: e8962  No.8285

File: 1488154728148.jpg (790.17 KB, 800x1524, KH0053.jpg)

ID: 83ba9  No.8287

More like the Big ol' Eyebrow clan.

ID: f4f85  No.8288

File: 1488182740938.jpg (33.81 KB, 720x480, What about eyebrows _5643d….jpg)

ID: 83ba9  No.8293

Exactly. I do enjoy ember's design though.

ID: 91468  No.8294

panel 2 ember with the usual expression when knighthood updates.

I do like how she looks though

ID: ce76d  No.8295


It just hit me, Knighthood should take place in a different canon, by someone who can write action and not be burdened by exposition.

The best way to circumvent exposition is to have the reader learn and figure out along with the protagonists.


ID: 2335a  No.8302

File: 1488314207826.png (2.2 MB, 2000x3700, tumblr_om2760Vbtx1r0ajyoo3….png)

ID: 341eb  No.8303

File: 1488315231488.jpg (61.61 KB, 600x847, tumblr_om2760Vbtx1r0ajyoo1….jpg)

ID: 341eb  No.8304

File: 1488315321839.jpg (291.83 KB, 600x988, tumblr_om2760Vbtx1r0ajyoo2….jpg)

ID: 341eb  No.8305

File: 1488315367429.jpg (438.52 KB, 600x1120, tumblr_om2760Vbtx1r0ajyoo3….jpg)

ID: 2335a  No.8306

File: 1488319571040.png (1.08 MB, 1400x1976, 1476064201740B.png)

Less shine version of this older pic

ID: f7e67  No.8327

File: 1488809539382.jpg (151.64 KB, 800x1608, LL0527.jpg)

ID: 8624f  No.8328

Rachael finally admits she's been a piece of shit all her life and needs to make an effort to be a better person. I never thought I'd see the day. Maybe she won't be tied for worst character much longer.

ID: 25086  No.8329

Well shit, so much for Miles finally fucking off right out of the comic.

ID: 641d9  No.8330

File: 1488822290118.jpg (485.32 KB, 700x1071, tumblr_omej2oqxlu1r0ajyoo2….jpg)

ID: a15d8  No.8331


Is it just me, or did Miles get a bit more buff during this period of clarity?

ID: a9f4f  No.8332

File: 1488822946822.png (5.14 MB, 2550x3900, AlejValentines_HD_u18chan.png)

ID: 8396a  No.8334

what even put the idea in your head that he would?

ID: 24f48  No.8337

>staying here with me

Gagging noises.

ID: 25086  No.8339

I'm sure what she meant was pointing out that she's the closest thing to a friend he's had in awhile, so he should be happy enough with that for now, but yeah, it kills me how hard they're trying to frame this like a half-assed romantic moment mere pages after she friendzoned the fuck out of him and made it clear that she's not falling for his shit.

ID: b97ea  No.8341

The implication I got was that she wasn't falling for his shit, but if he cut the shit maybe he'd have a shit.

Which begs the question: If miles cut the shit, would he still be shot?

ID: 8624f  No.8342


ID: 641d9  No.8354

File: 1489103513646.jpg (646.99 KB, 600x1366, tumblr_omknkhKvcX1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: dae51  No.8361

File: 1489187697785.png (160.61 KB, 828x531, why.png)

Talk about doing a 360 turn….

ID: 25086  No.8362

Please tell us that's not a preview of the next page and they're not actually expecting us to suddenly forget Rachael just got finished friendzoning the fuck out of Miles.

ID: cdc7f  No.8363

You mean a 180. a 360 means you're facing the same direction that you started in.

ID: 1bd4c  No.8364

From what I saw of the preview of the page on Chalo's Patreon, and in the stream, (minus the hearts), that is an official preview of the next page. I'm going to wait until the text is placed before I make any judgement…

ID: 25086  No.8365

Okay, so I guess Rachael's either bipolar, suffering from spilt personality disorder, or just plain stupid.

Or they think we're stupid, I guess.

ID: f4f85  No.8366

File: 1489200074839.gif (774.74 KB, 500x250, tumblr_n1j3cjJU2s1qzkdnwo1….gif)

ID: bc905  No.8367

Seriously what the hell is the writer or Chalo smoking to pull such an 180 like this seriously first friendzoning him then to this honestly what the fuck ?

ID: 25086  No.8368

Apparently pandering to shippers matters more than consistency.

ID: bc905  No.8369

This feels a bit too forced honestly I hope that was just a friendly peck on the cheek…seriously that 180 is fucking stupid and unlike Rach

ID: 25086  No.8370

Even a kiss on the cheek is too sudden and too much of a 180.

ID: 24f48  No.8373


Seriously, if this is an actual preview, someone please put Las Lindas out of its misery before it goes on any further.

ID: 25086  No.8374

Oh, no such luck, apparently we still have at least a couple years of stupid left before the comic finally ends.

At this rate, I'm sure this arc will end with these two fucking and Miles never having to ever address or correct his shitty views on women or all his past relationship problems, something he damn well should have to do before ending up with ANYONE. Hell, I bet he'll even be allowed to keep banging Geecku on the side–if Rachael can go from "I barely consider you a friend and I'm not falling for the same shit you pulled on Taffy" to kissing him in the span of less than 10 pages, I guess anything's possible from here on.

Actually, now that I think about it, that seems to be a big part of her character now. Saying she's not falling for Miles' bullshit and then immediately falling for it. That's her "Fluttershy learning to be assertive" now.

ID: 13f73  No.8384

Hypothetically, he's stopping the bullshit and she's giving the "real" Miles a shot.

Honestly I never liked Rachael in the first place, so I'm not as invested. She was always just as "woe is me. Everything bad happens to me and is everyone else's fault" as Miles. But she's hot so I guess people forgave her for that,

ID: 25086  No.8386

>he's stopping the bullshit and she's giving the "real" Miles a shot.

Or maybe it's just bad writing.

Actually, that scenario is still bad writing.

So yeah, either way, it's bad writing.

ID: 40ce8  No.8387

File: 1489316960019.jpg (5.07 KB, 125x125, box of butthurt.jpg)


People are way too invested in their waifus they forget it isn't their story/property. Honestly, they're both cats - what did you expect?

ID: 05809  No.8388

>Las Lindas
Pick one.

ID: 25086  No.8390

Yes, clearly we're mad about some vague waifu reasoning if we don't think this is good, and the fact that we're not the writers means we have no right to complain about shitty writing.

Sechs doesn't even like Rachael, what's your reasoning for her not liking this bullshit?

And yeah, they're both cats, what's your point? That they need to end up fucking because they share a species?

ID: adbcd  No.8391

is las lindas even worth getting mad at anymore? they've been making bad decisions from the jump so, I dunno, it just seems expected at this point

ID: 25086  No.8392

Yeah, but they seem to get worse and more mind-bogglingly stupid by the year, or sometimes even by the month, and yet so many people will still defend every bit of it. That kinda ensures it's still worth pointing out.

ID: adbcd  No.8393

so let em defend it. everything is going to have its fanbase no matter how good or bad it is.

just seems weird to go into something you know is going to make you upset based on its track record and then act surprised and outraged when it does execute something badly

ID: 24f48  No.8394

>Honestly, they're both cats - what did you expect?

… I don't know what that argument is supposed to be but it feels vaguely racist somehow.

ID: 8624f  No.8396

This argument always bugs me. Although I can't quite articulate why.

Is it the belief that people can be inherently rotten to the core and are incapable of change? That people never learn from their mistakes and be aware of their own bad behavior? What about that concept makes people assume bad writing?

I've been willing to accept that Rachal could change for the better. Why should that exempt me from thinking that Miles can, too?

I guess it seems like a dodge to just say that the writing is bad, rather than explaining why you think that it's bad writing.

ID: 25086  No.8400

Because having it simply implied that maybe he'll try to be better immediately followed by her turning around and smooching him is bad fucking writing. Not to mention he's getting a girl who just finished telling him he's not winning her over so pathetically easy, without even having to tie up loose ends with anyone else he's been with or correct his views on women and relationships. Again, things he should have to do before pursuing a relationship with ANY girl, let alone this one.

And after we've been lied to more than once about Miles "changing for the better", can you maybe see why people would start to cast doubt?

I don't think she knows either, unless my hunch is right and she's saying it makes sense to shove them together and have them fuck just because they're both cats. She's just having more ridiculous kneejerk reactions to anyone criticizing any aspect of the comic whatsoever, to the point of even claiming Rachael is YOUR waifu, of all people to claim that about.

ID: 13f73  No.8401

Okay, but for all we know it's a peck on the cheek, not a full makeout. A "congrats. We both took the first step to becomong better people". At least wait until the page is up and you see the context before you go RUINED! RUINED FOREVER! FOR THE FIFTH TIME NOW!

ID: 25086  No.8402

Yeah, judging by how BOTH have turned their heads? Probably not a cheek kiss. And even that's skipping some steps. Does RACHAEL really seem like the type to suddenly show that level of affection to someone just because they made a small bit of progress towards being a decent person?

ID: a6cff  No.8403

I feel like knee jerking is just apart of the Las Lindas experience at this point. from both ends.

ID: 24f48  No.8404

>I've been willing to accept that Rachal could change for the better. Why should that exempt me from thinking that Miles can, too?

The inability of Miles to change is not rooted in a belief that people can't change, it's rooted in the fact that Miles is the self-insert for an arrogant, selfish, condescending jerk and thus his chances of ever ceasing to be an arrogant, selfish, condescending jerk are extremely small.

Basically for Miles to change, SoulKat would have to change, and according to most of what I've heard and seen over the years that is ridiculously unlikely.

That's why this bad writing decision is so much more infuriating than all the bad writing decisions that came before it. All of those could have at least had some justifications, amounted to something, but this is so blatantly, transparently warping one character's personality and established characterization to please the whims of one writer who's injected himself into the beneficiary of this behavior that it's not really defensible in any other way than giving SoulKat emotional masturbation material.

ID: 25086  No.8405

Apparently this is SK's last arc as writer, so I guess it shouldn't surprise us that he's doing all he can to gratify Miles to a ridiculous level before the arc's end.

ID: 13f73  No.8406

Okay I see what you're saying. Well if that's the case, the other way would be for SK to stop writing for him. So if >>8405 is right, things may be salvagable

ID: e8962  No.8407

where'd you hear that? and does that mean it's all on chalo now?

ID: 8986e  No.8408

File: 1489337096919.jpg (106.58 KB, 600x1058, las_lindas528Sketch.jpg)

ID: 25086  No.8409

Yep, exactly as rushed, forced and pukeworthy as we thought.

ID: 24f48  No.8410


Next arc starts: Rachael and Miles are walking home hand in hand. A speeding truck clips up onto the sidewalk and slams into Miles, and keeps going. Rachael stares for a moment in shock at the forearm dangling from her hand, then declares "Meh" and tosses it aside before continuing back to the farm.

Comic salvaged.

ID: 25086  No.8411

As much as I'd fucking LOVE to see that happen by now, I think we all know they'll just go home safely and immediately start trying to spawn more idiots just like them in time for the half-assed ending this comic's sure to have at this rate.

ID: 24f48  No.8412


Mine was comedic, but I don't think it will be quite that bad either.

I don't think it will be good by any stretch of the imagination but probably not quite that bad.

ID: 25086  No.8413

Yours was still better than anything that could possibly be next. And certainly better than whatever vomit-inducing dialogue turns out to be in this new page.

And really, with how rushed everything's getting and how relatively little time the comic has left, I don't doubt it'll end that poorly.

ID: cdc7f  No.8414

Yeah, while I'm pretty sure they will eventually be fucking, I think they'll at least keep the illusion of change going. They'll wait maybe two other character's arcs before they have their first real date (of which neither one is sure if it's really a date) and they'll fuck at the end of that.

ID: 25086  No.8415

Know what'd be hilarious, actually? Seeing her turn down an offer for sex and then he throws yet another self-entitled Nice Guy bitchfit and really shows that he still hasn't learned anything and it was, as you said, the illusion of change.

ID: 40ce8  No.8416


No in the sense most this comic is very basic when it comes to match-making. Mora/Minos together because cows, Rachel/Miles cause cats. You could argue Taffy/Randal sure - but remember Miles and Rachel are originally SK's characters (with Mora/Minos being Chalo's ). Anyone who presumed Mora was gonna get dumped by Minos to sweep Rachel off her feet is just ridiculous. To think they would add any new male characters or have anyone leave the farm and focus them, again not gonna happen. These are basic constants in this comic.

I don't see how people are so "amazed" this is happening when the comic has been building/hinting it for years.
It doesn't feel as genuine as it should because Miles never really had an "arc". People just tell Miles what to do/feel and we assume that's "change". When the change should be solely motivated and desired by Miles himself. We never really seen Miles go through trials or self-improvement - he never struggled.We don't get much of his inner-workings than we already knew, "Being free from rules is the best ever - everyone should be like me!" which is all we've ever heard on Miles' world-view. It's just given to wrap up the sub-plot, much like how Idward was handled.

Its not my preferred method of story-telling or where ideally I think the story "should have" went.

ID: 25086  No.8418

I wouldn't call random pandering "building up" to it. Either way, a smart decision would be to not write shit like what's coming. And maybe, y'know, NOT try to pair everyone on the farm up with each other regardless of compatibility or logic. Especially not if the pairing is only happening because the fans begged for long enough purely out of a juvenile desire to see the characters fuck. Christ, forumites have been wanting Rachael to get fucked by Miles and insisting her hatred of men like him somehow indicated her wanting to be totally dominated by him since she was first introduced, and they decided Taffy and Randal should be together after it was revealed that they use the same shampoo because "ZOMG YAY HOT SHOWER SEX SCENE!"

And yeah, I think we're all in agreement on how lazy and forced this all feels. It's really looking like they're trying to finish everything as quickly as possible, no matter how poorly done it turns out. It doesn't feel any more genuine than any other time we've been told to trust that Miles is changing for the better.

ID: 25086  No.8419

Adding to my thought from earlier, want a perfect example of how you absolutely CAN have characters date people from outside the farm's boundaries? Sunny. Sunny's boyfriend, Grant, lives in the city and we've learned through supplemental material that she goes to stay with him every weekend. And that works fine. No big focus needed on him or Sunny's time spent with him, it's just known and accepted that she's somehow the only character able to have a love interest who ISN'T someone else on the farm.

Now why would that be so impossible to do for any other character?

ID: 641d9  No.8420

File: 1489383426589.jpg (589 KB, 800x1608, LL0528.jpg)

ID: dae51  No.8421

File: 1489383536982.jpg (9.83 KB, 280x180, how.jpg)

ID: 5a792  No.8422

even it was being "built up for years"
Nothing really contributed to it

As Idola would say: "There may have been a plot of land for it but no real house…and that house was hurriedly built thus is shitty…"

though its one of the many ways to do such a thing as the person will go: "You know this is a shitty house…I now have to rebuild this house to make it actually work" like how For Naruto (oh gawd I'm such a weeb) He ended up with Hinata…and folks was fucking confused as why. To fix that, they had to make a damn movie that didnt really help but at least gave a justified reasoning.

So at this point some folks will go: why are they together, we need a better reason than "Both are cats, and both are owned by the same person" so at this point we have to now go thru a development stage to show that they do work with each other cause "They are both cats, and both owned by the same person" isnt a good enough reason for the readers

ID: 25086  No.8423

I guess the forumites and Sarah were right. Rachael is just a desperate whore after all. She must be, if she gets with a guy just for saying "We're dating" not even an hour after friendzoning him. Seriously, if all it takes to get her to go from "I'm willing to consider you a friend if you're willing to be less terrible and you aren't going to win me over with the same bullshit you've pulled on every other girl you've been with" to "Ooh, I love you so much *~smoochy smoochy~* <3" is THAT, then wow.

ID: 25086  No.8425


These are easily the best responses to this page, they both sum up perfectly what's wrong with it.

Also, guess this is in fact the last we'll really see of either of them, according to Chalo's comments on the page.

ID: 40ce8  No.8426


Yeah I agree the development could've been handled much better. Miles just suddenly got everything he ever wanted and merely listened to people "telling him to change" rather then mouthing them off (well much.) Think about it, he got to party, he got to sleep with Geecku in a huge sex-marathon, he got to know a huge history exposition/plot secret involving the crests AND start dating Rachel, in the span of less then 2 days. It doesn't feel like a genuine character arc either. My point being - Las Lindas seems eager to get "relationships set" so they can move onto "other things".

That being said, Chalo himself refers to the "cats" in LL as a collective group that have to "stick together" and prefer each other's company.

ID: 25086  No.8427

It's like what's already been said throughout this whole shitfest of an arc–it's nothing but a big string of giving Miles everything he ever wanted and validating his I'm Super Awesome and Important worldview without him having to earn it or change one bit as a person.

ID: cdc7f  No.8428

Bleh. So much for that. Good job undermining what I've been saying since the sketch.


ID: 25086  No.8431

I think the best/most amusing thing about this is how nearly EVERYONE, even people who wanted these two to end up together, are calling this out as bad and basically having the total opposite of the reaction SK and Chalo were surely hoping for.

ID: 24f48  No.8432

>That being said, Chalo himself refers to the "cats" in LL as a collective group that have to "stick together" and prefer each other's company.


That's actually a little worse than Naylor's approach.

ID: 25086  No.8433

Yeah, come to think of it, isn't that basically suggesting feline Primes are incapable of being with any partner who isn't one of their kind?

Huh, I think we just got some disturbing insight as to why Tiggs and Vixy broke up after college and why Tiare can't commit to anyone. Wonder what this means for Sarah–oh wait, they decided out of the blue that she thinks boys are gross and dating is a waste of time or some shit because she has to be as much of a womanchild as possible while still being exploited for fanservice.

ID: cbf47  No.8434

you do know that not being into dating doesn't make someone a man/womanchild, right?

ID: 25086  No.8435

You do know that Sarah's been characterized as one for basically the entire run of the comic, this sudden lack of interest in dating came right out of nowhere and she outright childishly said "boys are gross", right?

ID: cbf47  No.8436

>this sudden lack of interest in dating came right out of nowhere

she never had an interest in dating. the only time she tried to date someone was the mall arc and that was to try and seem grown up. other than that, nothing at all.

ID: 25086  No.8437

And yet she also never gave any indication of this feeling before or since until that one ask blog entry. And certainly never thought "boys are gross", which is what pushes it into womanchild territory AND ignores her various past interactions with male characters in which she clearly doesn't feel that way.

Anyway, actual point of the post is I think we just discovered something very disturbing about some of the ideas behind this comic.

ID: 24f48  No.8438

>AND ignores her various past interactions with male characters in which she clearly doesn't feel that way.

Indeed, there's even that one bit of canon art Chalo did of Minos working the farm and all the girls are watching appreciatively. If I recall correctly Sarah's ogling just as much as the rest, so yeah not only is "Boys are gross" inherently a childish sentiment, it kind of contradicts the way she's been portrayed before. The waffling on whether Sarah is just an energetic and somewhat innocent adult woman or a ten-year-old in a twenty-year-old's body is kinda bleh overall.

ID: 25086  No.8439

"Consistency? What's that?"

- Las Lindas creative team, every year

I'll tell you what it's not: A polite suggestion!

ID: 25086  No.8441


>Although now I can help but think after this what else would Rachael be up for? Will she and Miles be pushing the beds togheter and giving Mora and Minos some competition tonight? I'm remembering the page where Miles said they could beat them, and I would die laughing if they actually did beat them.

Welp, knew a comment like this was gonna happen before long.

But on the bright side, there's these ones, one even perfectly explaining why these two don't work as a couple at all, let alone this fast.


ID: a15d8  No.8442


I am an outsider of the comic, have been for years and just been watching the discussions from the sidelines with the occasional post on it. So much of one that I never seen the strips where he sprung dates and proceeded to ruin them by being himself.

And now I finally get to see first hand just what you all were talking about. While I doubt any of his dates actually involved this much 'charetah dieveloopmint' I can definitely see he's getting his way again after only showing an inkling of change.

You know what I'm reminded of? That episode of southpark where cartman's mom hires a dog whisperer after he drives his nannies insane. It worked, but cartman's mom went back to spoiling him because the dog whisperer didn't stick around to be her friend, which was what she needed all along. And so, he went back to being a spoiled brat and didn't learn a thing after that experience.

And so Miles will also not learn a thing, because Rachael here just had to let her guard down after this special perspective driven moment of her admitting to her fault to address his own.

Or maybe he will, it's just silly to think he will after THIS.

ID: 4092f  No.8444

Ladies and Gentlemen, The React World of the comic.

ID: 641d9  No.8446

File: 1489466196924.jpg (271.84 KB, 700x696, tumblr_omsfat9xkx1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: 25086  No.8447

Even for a non-canon blog, this doesn't really seem like it's within the realm of things Taffy would comfortably do.

ID: 5a792  No.8448

As someone who really really enjoy reading I will say this: "thats a problem, as its a purple hippo in the kitchen type problem"

As you pointed out "this seems to take in a span of 2 days" which as you said "too quick"

In my own book I wouldnt try to make it too quick so you can go on to the next thing, it means you didnt like this idea so you want to get it done to move on which in turn I have to go "WHY DID YOU DO IT THEN?"
I would of taken a TIME SKIP to show it that time have gone about to patch things up between the two that eventually led up to those two being how they are.

I would of taken this whole thing being a background/secondary arc that is running to the main arc that is similar.

Either they gonna:
A) "this is how things be, no more touching up on these two, just know that they are together now"which gonna make people be hella annoyed about it

or as I stated earlier

B) "Gonna have to do MORE work to show these two are good for each other other than being both owned by the same person…and being cats"

My gut is gambling that "A" will be the outcome of how things be as "B" would cause a slow down and it seems they want to just get to something much more interesting…

Also as a person who enjoy world building: Collectives tend to be bad unless you give a really good reason for why its a thing and even then you better off just making that collectively all species tend to have a higher preference their own kind than to mix but so far Miles seem to have NO TROUBLE chasing after others outside of his species…

Right now I'm going: Would Chalo actually be able to expand on that comment of felines preferring to be with other felines if was asked…would they make it known that for other species its not uncommon to be with other species but this is a unique thing that the felines do…

cause I'm still fucking livid that J.K. Rowling stated that wizards do shit themselves and then magic away the shit…
like "whats the purpose of the fucking non-quarters bathrooms then? are they there for wizards and witches that dont know that spell?

ID: 9a721  No.8449

So…that's it. There are no more potentially good characters anymore. Welp it's been a fun ride y'all. Chalo I know you never read this but for yours and our sakes end this and do something else, something with more focus, something with likeable characters…or just do porn.

Literally any idea you go with will be better than Las Lindas.

ID: 11486  No.8450


Isn't he pushing 40 now? Is this what he wants to be remembered for? Is this what's going to be chiseled on his grave?

ID: 83ba9  No.8451

I would love for Chalo to move on to something else. I've been reading this comic since I was in high school and nothing really significant seems to have happened. I'm just in it for the boobs at this point.

ID: e8962  No.8453

I think the next thing he's going to do once LL ends is something knighthood related.

When the other bonus comics got canned, it was mentioned that KH was laying the groundwork for a new story after LL ended

ID: 25086  No.8455

>There are no more potentially good characters anymore.

There's still Sunny, at least.

Oh, of fucking course.

ID: 40ce8  No.8461

File: 1489534474164.jpg (29.72 KB, 640x477, dce.jpg)


Soon the ENTIRE WORLD shall tremble at the horror that is Miles x Rachael. DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN

Cartoon cats man, goddamn - this shit is serious.

ID: 40ce8  No.8462

File: 1489534617434.jpg (10.4 KB, 227x223, images.jpg)


Lmao and he deleted the comment. Of course, coward.

ID: 25086  No.8463

Oh yeah, must be cowardice, as opposed to just having second thoughts and deciding it's not worth starting more shit over and thus making the decision to delete the comment.

ID: 40ce8  No.8464


Rigggght, just like that AI guy on the latest page posting over 50 comments of the 153 or so on there.

"It's completely rational to be this upset over a comic."

ID: 25086  No.8465

>Isn't he pushing 40 now?

That's correct, and he's also pushed himself pretty hard often, to the point that it's badly affected his health many times. Not only should he try something much better after this finishes, I think he should try something with a less demanding schedule, for his own good.

>Is this what's going to be chiseled on his grave?

Goddammit, that shouldn't have been as funny as it was, but I just imagined his gravestone having Mora's boobs on it.

ID: a6cff  No.8466

you know I had to go and see what you were talking about. And I'll admit it's kind of embarrassing that he's trying to damn near fight everyone that doesn't have a problem either them getting together.

Like, there's not liking it and posting a comment or two before leaving it at that, and there's trying to fight everyone that doesn't share your opinion on it. and he responded to damn near everyone that didn't hate it. that takes a special kind of mad

ID: cdc7f  No.8468

Mora, Alejandra, Tootsie, Sunny. Taffy and Randal have some redeeming qualities.

As "fun" as this is, can we keep the gossiping about personal lives to a minimum? I'd prefer not to start any drama.

ID: 25086  No.8470

I think Taffy would honestly be a lot better if she'd remember what her goal was supposed to be and become remotely interesting again.

Seriously, what the hell ever happened to her going back to college? Is that another plot point the writers just forgot? Or is it like the shady dudes looking for Sarah and they decided to drop it on purpose and act like it never happened because they knew they couldn't pull it off well?

ID: 24f48  No.8474


Well consider, would you rather they dropped it or did it shittily?

ID: 3f5a6  No.8475


Mora does not have any redeeming qualities, that is a fact of life.

Alejandra had potential but the writers shafted all of it so they can create lesbian fan service have her and mora ne friends again.

Tootsie has no characterisation other than , shes gay for Alejandra and science or some shit

Sunny had potential, but then its all been shafted for fan service all we actually know about her is she wants to help her parents.

Taffy is just a housewive at this point.

And Randal has had no direction since his introduction. What we lnow of him could only fill a DA bio. What is his goal? Did he ever have life with friends after he left Diana? What about that maybe it did maybe it didnt relationship with Alejandra?

My point is, any redeeming qualities or potential has and will be shafted for shipping and fan service

ID: 8624f  No.8476

Well if the comic has nothimg to offer, why are you torturing yourself like this?

>Mora does not have any redeeming qualities, that is a fact of life.

Independent, Strong Willed, Outgoing, Forgiving, generous. Everything people claimed to like about Rachael without the burden of being an unbarable cunt.

>Taffy is just a housewive at this point.

Okay, you don't like Mora, you don't like her polar opposite. Tell me, what's your character ideal here? For this comic. The fuck do you want?

ID: 25086  No.8480

>without the burden of being an unbearable cunt.

[YMMV intensifies]

Also, hasn't almost every generous thing she's done been at the prompting of someone else, usually Minos or Taffy, and even then she's often been reluctant at best?

ID: 24f48  No.8481

File: 1489611930106.jpg (14.1 KB, 348x265, 284646_c4e581f5f9.jpg)

>Everything people claimed to like about Rachael without the burden of being an unbarable cunt.

Oooo, burn.

ID: 3f5a6  No.8486

"Generous?" are you for real, man? She has never done or given anything without expecting something in return. Every time she has given she has had to be pushed into doing it. Mora is inherently selfish.

My thing about Taffy is that she's given up all her aspirations whats the point of a character who never tries to do anything? I would like Taffy if she actually attempted to do something that didnt have to do with boys and getting dates with said boys.

I want characters to have some dimension.

Mora could be improved just by complimenting and taking an interest in her staff. How are we supposed to believe this cast of characters are close when we hardly see them together apart from sex, talking about sex, or dating? Isn't the harvest festival an annual tradition? What about the wolf at Alejandra's company? There is so much potential but it's just wasted.

At this point im not saying anything that hasn't already been said.

I think all of us want to like, even love las Lindas, but the comic itself just sucks.

ID: cdc7f  No.8487

Fine, since she didn't let Rachael get away with stealing from her three times, generous can be disputed. But we agree on the rest?

ID: 25086  No.8489

Strong-willed definitely applies full-time at least, I can give her that.

ID: 3f5a6  No.8491


Forgiving is also inaccurate. She's only forgiving on situations when SHE should be the one asking for forgiveness. But that's more of a fault of the writers.

Let me also say, being independent, strong-willed, outgoing, and being a good character are not mutually exclusive.

Lex Luthor has those traits. The Joker has those traits. Hell, even Dr. Robotnik has those traits.

This is what i mean when i say i want characters to have some dimension. It's not enough to just name a few traits, i want to see their actions in any given situation. If your first response to needing an employee is to impersonate a prostitute and try to lure him back to your house instead of you know, putting out a job listing. Then you're not a good character.

If your first thought after getting rejected is to go fuck the next guy in an attempt to make your rejector jealous then you're not a good character.

ID: 0c57b  No.8492

why should she have begged for forgiveness when rachael and Sarah tried to steal from her back to back when they first showed up? or when minos didn't want the interviewing job but gave it to Miles of all people instead of just telling her. on top of lying about geecku being his cousin.

or even when Alej started acting like a fucking nut and blowing money trying to take mora out when she would have done better making her a second thought.

I get her not being the best character and all but not all her forgiving moments involved her throwing the first stone

ID: 24f48  No.8493

>She has never done or given anything without expecting something in return.

"Okay, so you have nowhere to go and you've abused me and my trust at every turn, but I'll still let you stay in my home. You'll just have to do some work around here."

"You greedy MONSTER!"

I bet you live with your parents rent-free and then get angry when they ask you to help around the house, don't you?

ID: ce76d  No.8494


That seems a little harsh.

And are we seriously about to tread the, "Mora is a good character" argument again?

ID: f7ddd  No.8495


MDS is a terrible disease.

ID: 24f48  No.8496

>That seems a little harsh.

So "yes", then.

ID: 9a721  No.8497

>>8496 irrelevant, personal attacks only invalidate your argument. What does whatever goes on in my personal life have to do with whether or not Mora is a good character?

ID: 9a721  No.8498

>>8496 personal attacks aside, i never said you couldn't like trash characters.

I like Dan from street fighter even though he canonically, the lamest worst.

Dan is a trash character but i still like him

ID: 25086  No.8499

Dude, have you played Dan in Street Fighter 4? Suddenly he's secretly awesome.

ID: 9a721  No.8500

I meant story wise, Dan is pissy to almost everyone except Blanka and Sakura

ID: 24f48  No.8501


It's indicative of your spoiled, entitled, immature mindset, where you expect to be given things but are incensed at the idea that you should give anything in return.

In other words, you're Miles. Or Rachael, if you prefer.

ID: 25086  No.8502

You do know the person you're talking to now is an entirely different one than the one you first insulted AND the one who said you were being too harsh, right?

ID: 61054  No.8503


There's a difference between unlikable characters and endearing characters with flaws.

As someone not riding on the MilesMustDie train I understand why nobody likes him. A better writer would either break down the character and slowly build them up or outright remove them. The writers think they've done the first option with Miles and then got impatient and just skipped ahead to the rewards. A redemption arc would've been perfect or giving him something incredibly selfless to do regularly.

The main problem is that most of the characters are unlikable. There's too much drama and not enough fun and even though there's less drama these days the stuff from earlier in the comic's life is still there to taint characters.

The comic continues to suffer from really bad writing and it will never be alleviated. This is why the porn and noncanon stuff are the best, they aren't bogged down by the convoluted story and drama and focuses on the strengths of the comics: fun and sexy.

ID: df871  No.8504


Holy christ dude.

It's just a webcomic, not everyone has to like it.

ID: 24f48  No.8505


Wow, calm down buddy, don't have a coronary.

ID: 641d9  No.8508

File: 1489732859277.jpg (707.7 KB, 700x1643, Untitled-1.jpg)

ID: ce76d  No.8510


Did you just imply, " I know you are but what am I?"

Is this where we are now?

This is absurd. Anyone else have an actual opposition or are we just going to stick to insults?

ID: 24f48  No.8511


Seriously, relax, there's no need to go insane over this.

ID: 25086  No.8513

Why is it that 9 out of 10 times, it's only ever these questions that Chalo decides are worth answering?

ID: 83ba9  No.8514

Ahh drama free titties

ID: cdc7f  No.8515

>This is absurd. Anyone else have an actual opposition or are we just going to stick to insults?

You want to play this game? Fine. I've got a theory.

I feel like when the Mora hate brigade shows up to complain about the comic, and how all their favorite characters are being ruined, they are being ruined by men. Men they believe are inferior specimens to them. And the one that ends up with the superior male? The ideal? Bedding with a whore!

Did I mention that Mora used to be a prostitute? That she literally sleept with men for money to make her way? Because they sure like to bring it up.

I believe that their fury at this comic stems primarily from a sense of injustice. Like, how can these pitiful excuses for men wind up with these bastions of purity? And how can this true honest niceguy possibly fall for a succubus like Mora?

I mean, come on. Why else would they keep reading it if they didn't still relate on some level?

ID: 3f5a6  No.8516


I'm far from the high ground here, but here's the honest 2/cents

I used to like Alejandra, and was irate when they did what they did. but here's the reality, they are chalo's characters he can do whatever the fuck he wants with them. My opinion is irrelevant. Trying my hardest to be unbiased, if i had never have seen or heard of Las Lindas until today and read it from start to now, I still wouldn't like Mora as a character. Based solely on the fact that nothing really bad happens to her. or rather,if something does, it's solved almost instantly after the fact. truth be told i wouldn't like any of the characters. Las Lindas would've just been something i'd have read because once you get past chalo's good art, there's honestly not a lot there.

Does Mora deserve all the hate she gets? no, but she's not a good character either, not terrible , but just kind of boring.

Does Miles deserve all his hate? Well sort of. Miles ha done some pretty bad things and i'm in no excusing them there's a point where you get tired of hating and just start to pity him and characters like him. He just doesn't understand how terrible he's been. That doesn't excuse his actions by a long shot but honestly? that energy you express hating Mora, Miles, and LL is better directed at doing something more important.


ID: 40ce8  No.8517


I think the main issue with Miles is they never gave him any endearing or redeeming qualities. He just generally comes off as whiny and selfish. Some people adore Miles because he's played off as a buttmonkey and generally doesn't get his way. They find his bad-luck leads to his selfish-nature and thus is justified.

We know Miles likes engineering and planes but it's rarely expanded on. We know Miles is a horndog and has low confidence, he's the everyman/kind of nerd. But we never really see why other then "Everyone has it better then me, I'll show them."

I was really hoping we'd see the why. Miles' backstory has nothing to do with his childhood,home-life or anything prior to college. We don't know what Miles fears, we never see him vulnerable - we never see what goes on in his head. We just know what Miles wants, but not what he needs.

Jerk-ass characters CAN work, people can love asshole characters. But they need something that draws people in. Kuzco from The Emperor's New Groove is a good example, he has everything - but then looses it. Is forced into a situation very unfamiliar and has to work with a peasant that becomes his friend through trials. He has selfless moments and turns a new leaf in the end. We don't really see that with Miles… at least no in the depth we should.

That can go for other characters too of course, but at least with Mora she has shown a bit more growth.

ID: 25086  No.8518

Dude, holy shit, there was no "hate brigade" going on against Mora here, and you're making some pretty insane assumptions about people who dare complain about the comic or not love Mora.

ID: 5a792  No.8519

that is true, there is no development for him.

"you cant have a character that suppose to be a constant character being seen as a jerkoff and have no real backing of why. You can make a one time jerk off character who wont be seen again or for a long damn time

ID: cdc7f  No.8520

I suppose it isn't really a brigade when it's one or two people pretending to be more, but I'm giving "them" the benefit of the doubt in this case.

I'm not saying that "they" have to love the comic or Mora, I'm trying to make a guess as to why "they" hate it and her so much. What does their grievance say about them?

ID: 90b82  No.8521

I don't speak for anyone but myself but i dont like Mora for the same reason i dont like Asuka from Eva, she just seems loud and obnoxious while simultaneously belittling those around her

ID: 25086  No.8526

What the fuck does liking or not liking the writing or the pairings have to do with liking or not liking Mora? Nothing, that's what. You're making baseless assumptions about them as people and making humongous leaps in logic, essentially because you're mad that they don't like what you like. You even take it a step further by claiming they hate every male character but Minos, when many critics of this comic don't even care about Minos because he's such an uninteresting, one-note character by now. Seriously, what corner of your ass did you even pull that out of?

Hey, guess what? Female readers and Mora fans have been shitting on the writing too, one of the people in this very thread even being a huge enough Mora fangirl to declare anyone who doesn't like Mora mentally ill! Whatcha got to say about them?

ID: 8624f  No.8527

You're right. I shouldn't have gone into personal attacks on your character. I'm sorry.

ID: e8962  No.8531

I think everyone should calm down before this gets nasty

ID: f7e67  No.8541

File: 1490103867040.jpg (172.14 KB, 800x1524, LC0054.jpg)

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