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File: 1483358205823.png (296.2 KB, 580x810, Vol1721.png)

ID: b4cd6  No.7889[Last 50 Posts]

ID: 38f07  No.7895

Aww, I liked his little keyhole shirt

ID: 5b369  No.7913

File: 1483704296778.png (340.16 KB, 580x810, Vol1722.png)

ID: 5b179  No.7923

File: 1483966497615.png (323.23 KB, 580x810, Vol1723.png)

ID: 3d6cb  No.7991

File: 1484385514851.png (461.69 KB, 580x1125, Vol1724.png)

ID: 7752b  No.8007

File: 1484563272632.png (311.22 KB, 580x810, Vol1725.png)

ID: fef54  No.8014

I really like Lorenda's dress.

ID: f6861  No.8068

File: 1485172282048.png (328.85 KB, 580x810, Vol1726.png)

ID: 3a829  No.8069

Well not everyone knows magic, so the scarcity is in labor not materials.

ID: 44070  No.8085

File: 1485509964583.png (139.58 KB, 580x810, Vol1727.png)

ID: 384ab  No.8099

that is….
sound advice

ID: ed77e  No.8100


It's a pretty common thing to do when you're a young artist (see also Something Positive).

ID: e43ec  No.8135

File: 1485774829812.png (364.92 KB, 580x810, Vol1728.png)

ID: 38f07  No.8137

Well…I want them to if that counts for anything

ID: 288dd  No.8138


I thought this ship was dead because Abel went on a spiel about being asexual and not interested in relationships? Jyrras always had a crush but this romance has been teased for so long Dx

ID: 5432f  No.8168

File: 1486124030904.png (313.65 KB, 580x810, Vol1729.png)

ID: 9c84a  No.8210

File: 1486730616913.png (467.45 KB, 580x850, Vol1730.png)

ID: 33d94  No.8223

File: 1486856812561.jpg (43.39 KB, 736x414, 572db2ceb8297fb10a2ad53b16….jpg)

These guys need to yp their pose game

ID: 69210  No.8239

File: 1486982661441.png (354 KB, 580x810, Vol1731.png)

ID: b0e50  No.8248

File: 1487323330063.png (344.29 KB, 580x810, Vol1732.png)

ID: abf36  No.8274

File: 1487935519365.png (323.64 KB, 580x810, Vol1733.png)

ID: 39b58  No.8292

File: 1488194916554.png (281.89 KB, 580x810, Vol1734.png)

ID: f1516  No.8316

File: 1488537907289.png (253.42 KB, 580x810, Vol1735.png)

ID: 6b027  No.8326

File: 1488800804474.png (199.97 KB, 580x810, Vol1736.png)

ID: daeea  No.8356

File: 1489140753041.png (157.66 KB, 580x810, Vol1737.png)

ID: 9e722  No.8430

File: 1489403150390.png (197.48 KB, 580x810, Vol1738.png)

ID: c5099  No.8509

File: 1489753633386.png (303.79 KB, 580x810, Vol1739.png)

ID: ce6f9  No.8552

File: 1490353241813.png (358.81 KB, 580x810, Vol1740.png)

ID: 38f07  No.8553

Wait, so what happened after the spit take?

ID: 0c4aa  No.8554


She's been setting this bullshit up four years and she's still fucking milking it out.

ID: b3ee8  No.8568

File: 1490616411290.png (295.51 KB, 580x810, Vol1741.png)

ID: c341b  No.8595

File: 1490957506711.png (306.18 KB, 580x810, Vol1742.png)

ID: 38f07  No.8596

I will admit that dating somebody who's been your friend can be awkward like that. Yeah we do the same stuff, but now we kiss afterwards

ID: cb2ab  No.8604




ID: 34b40  No.8615

File: 1491214385866.png (297.53 KB, 580x810, Vol1743.png)

ID: 4b094  No.8631

File: 1491562784960.png (285.6 KB, 580x810, Vol1744.png)

ID: c6a48  No.8656

File: 1491828728292.png (313.72 KB, 580x810, Vol1745.png)

ID: 43585  No.8705

File: 1492419987687.png (522.51 KB, 580x1090, Vol1746.png)

ID: 63291  No.8763

File: 1492962586160.png (426.77 KB, 580x810, Vol1747.png)

ID: aa40f  No.8770

File: 1492988385964.png (290.98 KB, 1365x886, TeamTinyRedheads.png)


Events that lead up to this!

ID: 45553  No.8777

File: 1493030658919.png (286.49 KB, 580x940, Vol1748.png)

ID: 7a18c  No.8837

File: 1493384261197.png (347.99 KB, 580x810, Vol1749.png)

ID: 23dde  No.8854

File: 1493641632259.png (310.23 KB, 580x810, Vol1750.png)

ID: b909b  No.8897

File: 1493992812916.png (192.04 KB, 580x810, Vol1751.png)

ID: 973ac  No.8925

File: 1494338979367.png (277.68 KB, 580x1030, Vol1752.png)

ID: fef54  No.8928

Shoot it! Right now! Between the Eyes!

ID: 2de1f  No.8942


Uh oh, I dont like where this is going D:

ID: 9893e  No.8995

File: 1494852887857.png (461.57 KB, 580x1690, Vol1753.png)

ID: fef54  No.8997

oh god, this can't be how Abel ends. He and Jyrras haven't screwed yet!

ID: 288dd  No.8998


I know right? Cmon already! Also I hope that throw doesn't kill them o_O

ID: fef54  No.8999

If I know my tropes the'll land safely, run back just in time to find Abel mortally wounded, possibly dead.

ID: c71d7  No.9013

File: 1495071830564.png (348.94 KB, 748x727, sjipship.png)

getting this ship in now just in case it sinks!

ID: fef54  No.9015

Good idea. Very nice

ID: 0c30e  No.9034

File: 1495282898326.png (401.23 KB, 580x945, Vol1754.png)

ID: 6b6b8  No.9054

File: 1495450383255.png (278.17 KB, 580x810, Vol1755.png)

ID: ef21e  No.9073

File: 1495797697319.png (337.93 KB, 580x885, Vol1756.png)

ID: 737fc  No.9086

File: 1496047927425.png (225.63 KB, 580x810, Vol1757.png)

ID: fef54  No.9087

Shit, I mean, shit. Well, better than dead I guess. Slightly.

ID: 0530c  No.9104

Looks like Zinvth's reaction was indeed a fast one if they managed to get there before Abel died.

ID: 4d35e  No.9116

File: 1496400882438.png (280.7 KB, 580x810, Vol1758.png)

ID: b6ba8  No.9130

File: 1496659320408.png (222 KB, 580x810, Vol1759.png)

ID: cb74a  No.9152

File: 1497259169692.png (245.44 KB, 580x810, Vol1760.png)

ID: bea58  No.9181

File: 1497759349269.png (268.96 KB, 580x810, Vol1761.png)

ID: e47cd  No.9185

File: 1497868560116.png (326.75 KB, 580x810, Vol1762.png)

ID: d6966  No.9194

File: 1498214155933.png (279.21 KB, 580x810, Vol1763.png)

ID: 77dda  No.9214

File: 1498474139667.png (292.68 KB, 580x810, Vol1764.png)

ID: f681b  No.9228

File: 1498839026126.png (282.94 KB, 580x810, Vol1765.png)

ID: 5b41a  No.9247

File: 1499077213464.png (304.04 KB, 580x810, Vol1766.png)

ID: ad897  No.9255

File: 1499418053107.png (283.21 KB, 580x810, Vol1767.png)

ID: df167  No.9269

File: 1499695694999.png (264.02 KB, 580x810, Vol1768.png)

ID: b861d  No.9292

File: 1500027030406.png (233.57 KB, 580x810, Vol1769.png)

ID: 18152  No.9326

File: 1500632533624.png (307.84 KB, 580x810, Vol1770.png)

ID: 99ac5  No.9397

File: 1500894433590.png (289.95 KB, 580x810, Vol1771.png)

ID: a176a  No.9418

File: 1501233558684.png (197 KB, 580x810, Vol1772.png)

ID: 867e1  No.9439

File: 1501499324085.png (339.74 KB, 580x810, Vol1773.png)

ID: 99ef7  No.9456

File: 1501928490780.png (727.71 KB, 580x1470, Vol1774.png)

ID: b2463  No.9512

File: 1502447589252.png (410.32 KB, 580x1150, Vol1775.png)

ID: d0039  No.9525

File: 1502791187246.png (554.5 KB, 580x1380, Vol1776.png)

ID: 65446  No.9526

Aw here and I was hoping for death by Snu Snu.

ID: 03d20  No.9530

File: 1503049516703.png (275.1 KB, 580x810, Vol1777.png)

ID: f1668  No.9559

File: 1503317516709.png (347.65 KB, 580x810, Vol1778.png)

ID: 4a4c9  No.9575

File: 1503659461908.png (296.23 KB, 580x810, Vol1779.png)

ID: b36ce  No.9580

File: 1503914452109.png (245.38 KB, 580x810, Vol1780.png)

ID: 0628a  No.9598

File: 1504265306808.png (259.55 KB, 580x810, Vol1781.png)

ID: 6f867  No.9603

File: 1504516095893.png (263.68 KB, 580x810, Vol1782.png)

ID: 85730  No.9638

File: 1505464315329.png (271.15 KB, 580x810, Vol1783.png)

ID: 5fdd6  No.9643

File: 1505722786608.png (298.48 KB, 580x810, Vol1784.png)

ID: 50df6  No.9656

File: 1506067791738.png (278.51 KB, 580x810, Vol1785.png)

ID: b7604  No.9672

File: 1506420779544.png (261.82 KB, 580x810, Vol1786.png)

ID: b7604  No.9682

File: 1506745570004.png (299.14 KB, 580x810, Vol1787.png)

ID: b9a8f  No.9685

File: 1506939279442.png (323.89 KB, 580x810, Vol1788.png)

ID: 16c4a  No.9695

File: 1507287762170.png (336.96 KB, 580x810, Vol1789.png)

ID: 25f9b  No.9701

File: 1507539882554.png (259.06 KB, 580x810, Vol1790.png)

ID: 750d8  No.9731

File: 1508147628105.png (474.08 KB, 580x860, Vol1791.png)

ID: 160b8  No.9765

File: 1508503749617.png (317.61 KB, 580x810, Vol1792.png)

ID: 7ec0b  No.9776

File: 1508747537523.png (131.12 KB, 580x810, Vol1793.png)

ID: 1b0c3  No.9795

File: 1509102064380.png (388.8 KB, 580x810, Vol1794.png)

ID: e077f  No.9822

File: 1509361646101.png (317.59 KB, 580x810, Vol1795.png)

ID: b381a  No.9832

The "They" just seems awkward when you say it repeatedly like that

ID: 36560  No.9833

is it boy? is it girl? who knows! its mink! XD

ID: fef54  No.9836

The loincloth from Abel's Backstory had me thinking 80% chance of penis.

ID: 1d0f9  No.9837

File: 1509706458309.png (338.13 KB, 580x810, Vol1796.png)

ID: a3fee  No.9843

File: 1509961433550.png (289.2 KB, 580x810, Vol1797.png)

ID: aa928  No.9865

File: 1510573001427.png (319.78 KB, 580x810, Vol1798.png)

ID: a250d  No.9890

File: 1510919791836.png (345.4 KB, 580x810, Vol1799.png)

ID: 4c90d  No.9901

File: 1511174436721.png (322.55 KB, 580x810, Vol1800.png)

ID: 97a49  No.9958

File: 1511783394249.png (440.06 KB, 580x840, Vol1801.png)

ID: 6de88  No.9992

File: 1512139916329.png (442.12 KB, 580x860, Vol1802.png)

ID: 1759b  No.10021

File: 1512485089270.png (332.03 KB, 580x850, Vol1803.png)

ID: 6eae5  No.10076

File: 1512997345606.png (407.32 KB, 580x810, Vol1804.png)

ID: 5a7eb  No.10106

File: 1513483129708.png (917.43 KB, 580x1790, Vol1805.png)

ID: 366a3  No.10126

File: 1513693680726.png (358.64 KB, 580x850, Vol1806.png)

ID: cb935  No.10141

File: 1513959798445.png (248.01 KB, 580x810, Vol1807.png)

ID: 209d6  No.10188

File: 1514809229567.png (436.26 KB, 800x590, Vol1808.png)

ID: 1d868  No.10221

File: 1515233160017.png (415.17 KB, 580x850, Vol1809.png)

ID: 6cd7d  No.10253

File: 1515420815786.png (387.22 KB, 580x850, Vol1810.png)

ID: 8bfb7  No.10299

File: 1516037016870.png (385.02 KB, 580x810, Vol1811.png)

ID: 2e984  No.10380

File: 1516751405033.png (900.3 KB, 580x1800, Vol1812.png)

ID: fef54  No.10381

Trying to place all the cameos.
Panel 1 I don't know
Panel 2 is one of Mab's OC races
Panel 3 is ID, SK, and Mihari
Panel 4 I don't know
Panel 5 are humans from…something

ID: 80e06  No.10385


The middle one is Riposte, Curran’s ferret OC.

ID: 9e722  No.10475

File: 1518169266799.png (413.24 KB, 580x850, Vol1813.png)

ID: 9e722  No.10476

File: 1518169297999.png (138.09 KB, 580x810, Vol1814.png)

ID: 9e722  No.10477

File: 1518169334106.png (438.9 KB, 580x850, Vol1815.png)

ID: 9e722  No.10478

File: 1518169358115.png (340.44 KB, 580x850, Vol1816.png)

ID: 9e722  No.10479

File: 1518176039479.png (392.11 KB, 580x850, Vol1817.png)

ID: 79246  No.10493

File: 1518785824704.png (464.21 KB, 586x850, Vol1818.png)

ID: fef54  No.10495

Will we finally hear the backstory we were supposed to get before Able cheated us out at the last minute?

ID: 12201  No.10500

File: 1519040325870.png (444 KB, 580x850, Vol1819.png)

ID: bf0aa  No.10518

File: 1519384703351.png (375.26 KB, 580x850, Vol1820.png)

ID: fef54  No.10519

While I appreciate the effect of them saying the same thing, I feel like the execution is a bit awjward with the neutral pronouns

ID: 95343  No.10532

File: 1519643117673.png (366.25 KB, 580x850, Vol1821.png)

ID: cdf0a  No.10552

File: 1519995868209.png (376.34 KB, 580x850, Vol1822.png)

ID: 6a4cd  No.10563

File: 1520494172457.png (460.83 KB, 580x850, Vol1823.png)

ID: f5a6e  No.10568

File: 1520648612961.png (463.39 KB, 580x850, Vol1823.png)

ID: f5a6e  No.10569

Forgot to say, that's the updated version.

ID: f5a6e  No.10570

File: 1520648792636.png (457.34 KB, 580x850, Vol1824.png)

ID: 7de75  No.10572

…Why the line change? The first one was funnier and fit her expression better.

ID: fef54  No.10573

Apparantly some trender got up her butt about the line. Apparently thinking someone looks feminine is evil or something.

ID: 7de75  No.10574

I just looked into it, some trans person with no sense of humor lectured her about how the line is "offensive to trans ppl" and "androgyny jokes are so 2003" and shit.

ID: fef54  No.10575

Fucking bullies.

ID: 7de75  No.10581

Even better, after Amber blocked them for lecturing and guilting her, they tried to villainize her for it on Twitter.

ID: 34459  No.10582

File: 1520845453511.png (345.29 KB, 580x850, Vol1825.png)

ID: 85477  No.10603

File: 1521202850888.png (420.52 KB, 580x850, Vol1826.png)

ID: 98ef8  No.10604

Wasn't able supposed to be at this party?

ID: 838b3  No.10605

Oh wait right. Hes hospitalized

ID: ea083  No.10614

File: 1521460482233.png (373.76 KB, 580x850, Vol1827.png)

ID: 50dc3  No.10626

File: 1521802832093.png (400.95 KB, 580x850, Vol1828.png)

ID: 9390f  No.10639

File: 1522061860822.png (343.11 KB, 580x850, Vol1829.png)

ID: cf59a  No.10718

File: 1523616657643.png (210.85 KB, 580x850, Vol1830.png)

ID: 5e56e  No.10741

File: 1523975816576.png (418.7 KB, 580x850, Vol1831.png)

ID: aab5b  No.10749

File: 1524284587890.png (320.53 KB, 580x850, Vol1832.png)

ID: 917d7  No.10755

File: 1524479960056.png (345.75 KB, 580x850, Vol1833.png)

ID: e4195  No.10778

File: 1525081250092.png (342.6 KB, 580x850, Vol1834.png)

ID: a71ac  No.10815

File: 1525422408928.png (353.09 KB, 580x850, Vol1835.png)

ID: a9e8b  No.10829

File: 1525688648071.png (405.88 KB, 580x850, Vol1836.png)

ID: 9a810  No.10847

File: 1526287888032.png (428.29 KB, 580x850, Vol1837.png)

ID: 51742  No.10867

File: 1526634696471.png (431.98 KB, 580x850, Vol1838.png)

ID: 400b7  No.10879

File: 1526896440963.png (394.54 KB, 580x850, Vol1839.png)

ID: 00a1c  No.10900

File: 1527240447136.png (554.94 KB, 580x1140, Vol1840.png)

ID: a4d9f  No.10925

File: 1527775434233.png (459 KB, 580x1150, Vol1841.png)

ID: 0c30e  No.10933

File: 1527848542052.png (373.51 KB, 580x1020, Vol1842.png)

ID: 9e722  No.10984

File: 1528518368152.png (508.01 KB, 580x1100, Vol1843.png)

ID: d82e9  No.10990

File: 1528707087027.png (309.15 KB, 580x850, Vol1844.png)

ID: 18279  No.11002

File: 1529056108331.png (333.77 KB, 580x850, Vol1845.png)

ID: cd696  No.11035

File: 1529318655735.png (475.32 KB, 580x850, Vol1846.png)

ID: c5681  No.11057

File: 1529744412048.png (168.75 KB, 580x850, Vol1847.png)

ID: 0b9f0  No.11066

File: 1529932889093.png (360.86 KB, 580x850, Vol1848.png)

ID: 98259  No.11087

File: 1530268067073.png (305.99 KB, 580x850, Vol1849.png)

ID: 16b87  No.11124

File: 1530859361585.png (373.35 KB, 580x850, Vol1850.png)

ID: 14d3a  No.11137

File: 1531116770805.png (434.26 KB, 580x850, Vol1851.png)

ID: fb4cd  No.11166

File: 1531468624359.png (222.96 KB, 580x850, Vol1852.png)

ID: d2127  No.11196

File: 1531729459256.png (391.91 KB, 580x860, Vol1853.png)

ID: 8616f  No.11232

File: 1532279279952.png (484.98 KB, 580x890, Vol1854.png)

ID: 954de  No.11234

File: 1532340711794.png (348.92 KB, 580x850, Vol1855.png)

ID: c1a14  No.11250

File: 1532676569830.png (290.32 KB, 580x870, Vol1856.png)

ID: bd735  No.11287

File: 1533282246545.png (261.18 KB, 580x850, Vol1857.png)

ID: c5454  No.11291

File: 1533538995024.png (248.51 KB, 580x890, Vol1858.png)

ID: 64a49  No.11310

File: 1533885484144.png (272.35 KB, 580x870, Vol1859.png)

ID: 3a3f0  No.11343

File: 1534264208300.png (341.87 KB, 580x890, Vol1860.png)

ID: 45e9f  No.11359

File: 1534491529322.png (318.58 KB, 580x870, Vol1861.png)

ID: a9076  No.11393

File: 1535104656176.png (324.68 KB, 580x870, Vol1862.png)

ID: 0508a  No.11414

File: 1535427731619.png (449.09 KB, 580x870, Vol1863.png)

ID: 7604e  No.11421

File: 1535702230146.png (242.03 KB, 580x870, Vol1864.png)

ID: 14d3a  No.11435

File: 1535962936830.png (253.91 KB, 580x870, Vol1865.png)

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