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File: 1490053074844.jpg (735.22 KB, 800x1524, KH0054.jpg)

ID: 9f3dc  No.8535[Last 50 Posts]

Let's kick the new thread off with a new Knighthood. Yeah that power of hers…it's pretty generic

ID: 9b6fc  No.8537

Dem thighs ain't tho

ID: 78b3f  No.8538

That cut doesn't make munch sense.

ID: 86903  No.8539

>implying anything makes sense anymore

ID: ba5d4  No.8542

Ah, more fire puns. Almost thought we were done with those. I'm curious to see how Pyrro's ability will manifest itself though. Although, why do I get the sneaking suspicion they're gonna be interrupted by some antagonistic force?

ID: 66102  No.8551

Puns are the Devil

ID: 7b84b  No.8555

File: 1490412204321.jpg (76.33 KB, 800x573, C7oebh8X0AQSKfa.jpg)

ID: 7b84b  No.8556

File: 1490412233702.jpg (66.57 KB, 600x765, C7iIL9fW4AEBfh3.jpg)

ID: 78b3f  No.8559

Mora looks kinda spooky here.

ID: 71432  No.8562

ID: 43776  No.8571

File: 1490700717122.jpg (210.49 KB, 800x1608, LL0529.jpg)

ID: 86903  No.8572

So what exactly are we to assume happened within like a day to suddenly make Digit look like that? What milestone did Mora hit off-screen while we were focusing on the Miles and Rachael crap?

ID: 0c2b1  No.8576


Calling it now.

Poker side arc.


ID: 10a7d  No.8578

maybe strip poker? :3

ID: 3c155  No.8580

File: 1490804847531.jpg (339.66 KB, 600x847, tumblr_onjc2hgaFK1r0ajyoo3….jpg)

ID: 3c155  No.8581

File: 1490804857029.jpg (321.18 KB, 600x847, tumblr_onjc2hgaFK1r0ajyoo2….jpg)

ID: 86903  No.8582

Yes, that's going to happen, strip poker involving two characters who appear underage.

You did notice that, right? That Digit and Phi are supposed to be kids? Early teens at most now? I know Phi's got big tits for some reason, but yeah.

ID: 10a7d  No.8586

i mean for the adults later not the kids jeez

ID: f3c40  No.8587

File: 1490855184939.jpg (76.28 KB, 600x847, tumblr_onjc2hgaFK1r0ajyoo1….jpg)

ID: 86903  No.8588

Maybe make that a bit clearer next time.

ID: 43084  No.8590

I thought it was pretty obvious that the spirits wouldn't be involved

ID: 9b6fc  No.8591

I think that should be a given

ID: 529ee  No.8594

File: 1490941941121.png (888.29 KB, 700x1382, Untitled-1.png)

ID: 4c3b3  No.8597

Needs slightly bigger boobs and bigger hips. Go full shortstack.

ID: 86903  No.8598

See this?


That's an example of why it isn't.

ID: 86903  No.8599

Wait a minute…

Okay, so they just changed/forgot their lore yet again with this. Now these things reproduce sexually, yet they're also each supposed to mirror the soul of the person they're given to and only come into being upon activation by said person?

ID: 9b6fc  No.8600


ID: b928b  No.8601

No, it can work, Male Spirit and Female spirit make a blank gem that doesn't become fully alive until it forms a bond with someone.

ID: b928b  No.8602

Which if I remember is how Uryuom eggs from EGS work sort of. Two make a blank egg that can accept DNA from multiple sources. kind of like that maybe.

ID: 2f234  No.8603

Dude, I think it's a joke. :P

ID: dd7d2  No.8608

But now you have to explain how male and female genetics are needed and yet each one looks entirely unique because their appearance it determined by who they end up tied to.

For their sake, I hope so.

ID: b928b  No.8609

Easy. Male and Female is not dependent on appearance or identity but format.

They're a cloud of nanomachines, but they require a proper connection to interface with each other and create the gem. To use a crude analogy, you need nanomachines with plugs on one end, and sockets on the other.

ID: cd34c  No.8610

>For their sake, I hope so.

What're you gonna do, report them to the Logic In Webcomics Control Bureau?

ID: 4c3b3  No.8611

The Federal Webcomics Comission. I hear that the fines for continuity and concistancy with regards to fictional species can get pretty high

ID: 86fc3  No.8612

sadly even those guys are inconsistant on what the fines are

ID: 9f3dc  No.8616

File: 1491374012873.jpg (467.22 KB, 700x935, tumblr_onx88ogjTL1r0ajyoo3….jpg)

ID: 9f3dc  No.8617

File: 1491374041523.jpg (407.69 KB, 700x851, tumblr_onx88ogjTL1r0ajyoo2….jpg)

ID: 9f3dc  No.8618

File: 1491374065558.jpg (381.5 KB, 700x811, tumblr_onx88ogjTL1r0ajyoo1….jpg)

ID: 78b3f  No.8619

Inb4 "grammar nazi" and "lol, you actually read the text".

ID: 79bac  No.8621

File: 1491422506394.png (9.61 MB, 2550x3900, Patreon_BikiniRachHD_u18ch….png)

ID: e2dd9  No.8626

Oh yeah!

ID: 26d63  No.8628

ID: dd7d2  No.8630

ID: f3c40  No.8647

File: 1491747455982.jpg (215.01 KB, 800x1608, LL0530.jpg)

ID: c21cf  No.8651

Alej's face AND tits look no different than normal, how can Mora possibly determine something like that by those?

…And what the hell did Mora have to do with Tootsie and Alej ending up together?

ID: 39aa3  No.8654

Alej's face AND tits look no different than normal, how can Mora possibly determine something like that by those?

I don't think she was being literal there.

ID: 66102  No.8658


I feel like i need to make a disclaimer that the following is meant to be humorous

looking at how alejandra is acting now, im inclined to suggest not to drink the water in Gossamer that or its been invaded by body-snatchers. I say this because this isn't alejandra. Not by a long shot.

ID: 4756c  No.8659

This is all speculation, but…

Face is probably blushing more than usual.

The "bra fits again" line coupled with "give that mouse a cookie" probably implies that Mora suspects Tootsie is drinking Alej's milk. The fact that her figure hasn't really changed is probably the result of Chalo's art being inconsistent (or in this case, consistent in a way when there should have been a change).

ID: a61f5  No.8660

>>8659 captainobvioustotherescue.jpg

ID: c21cf  No.8661

>Face is probably blushing more than usual.

How can you tell? These characters basically ALWAYS blush now.

ID: 4756c  No.8663

Blush stickers instead of just pinkish shading? That's my impression, anyway.

ID: cd34c  No.8664

I can't wait until the latest Ask The High Prime gets posted so that someone can call Mora a bitch because she longs for privacy.

ID: 529ee  No.8665

File: 1492036892258.jpg (519.12 KB, 600x1196, Untitled-1.jpg)


Speaking of which.

ID: c21cf  No.8666

Well gee, maybe if she didn't need to fuck Minos every ten minutes regardless of where they are…

ID: 4756c  No.8671

Looks like you called it, Sechs.

ID: 86903  No.8672

…Except she didn't, cause no one "called her a bitch for wanting privacy"?

ID: cd34c  No.8677


No, you went with slut-shaming because I already called you on the privacy thing.

ID: 86fc3  No.8678

what did she expect
its a fully staffed farm
NONE of you are having that privacy

ID: 86903  No.8679

Oh, for fuck's sake, seriously? Pointing out that there's a time and place for things is "slut-shaming" now? That's not fucking "slut-shaming" OR calling her a bitch for wanting privacy, it's lack-of-common-sense-shaming! You don't fuck in a place where people can EASILY happen across you and then get pissed off that they aren't giving you privacy! And the shower thing, yeah, god forbid someone in this house full of a dozen people want a turn in the shower to actually SHOWER while there's still hot water to use, right?

ID: 7a59c  No.8680

I think we've hit the point where people are ready to complain about anything the comic does and snap on each other for it

ID: ad5b0  No.8681

Modern water heaters today don't run out of hot water, you don't think that will continue to be a problem hundreds of years in the future?

And come on when you have an itch and a willing partner, wouldn't you go? Plus the chance to get caught is half the fun. You're just being a party pooper.

ID: 86903  No.8684

Okay, now you're reaching for reasons to be mad that someone dared say something not glowingly positive about something involving Mora. Especially considering the page itself has a character mentioning wanting to be able to use hot water. Not to mention you're boldly assuming your feelings = everyone's.

Either way, point is you can't fuck out in the open or somewhere you can be walked in on and then get pissed off about being seen or walked in on. It's like ordering a cheeseburger specifically with onions and then being surprised to find onions on it.

Here's a fun experiment: Look at it again, and in your mind, replace Minos and Mora with a pairing you hate or are indifferent to or just doesn't involve Mora. How willing are you to gripe at anyone who brings common sense into things now?

ID: b928b  No.8685

I'm not mad though, I wouldn't even be mad if it were a paring I hate. If it were Minos and Rachael, While it wouldn't make any sense, it wouldn't make me angry.

Besides that, time number three appears to be in her bedroom and Taffy is coming in to do maid stuff and didn't realize they were at it in there.

2)Shower time is private time. Nobody expects to be waked in on while in the shower.

3)They are clearly alone in the barn, and sufficiently secluded. the door being ajar was an oversight.

4, and most importantly)THE ASKER ASKED SPECIFICALLY ABOUT HAVING SEX IN PLACES OTHER THAN THE BEDROOM, LIKE THE SHOWER OR THE BARN! Showing what these scenarios would be like is the point of answering that fucking question.

ID: 9f3dc  No.8686

>Here's a fun experiment: Look at it again, and in your mind, replace Minos and Mora with a pairing you hate or are indifferent to or just doesn't involve Mora. How willing are you to gripe at anyone who brings common sense into things now?

The results would be the same. What was even the point of this question? to go "Oh you're only arguing because it's not a pairing you hate!"

>Okay, now you're reaching for reasons to be mad that someone dared say something not glowingly positive about something involving Mora.

Nobody got mad or said any of that. The logic of "Oh you're arguing this because they didn't say anything super duper positive about mora" is dumb. I can't even believe you tried that.

>Either way, point is you can't fuck out in the open or somewhere you can be walked in on and then get pissed off about being seen or walked in on. It's like ordering a cheeseburger specifically with onions and then being surprised to find onions on it.

the first panel is the Shower. Anybody walking in on them is in the wrong.

Second one is the barn which has been shown to be big enough to hide them. Leaving the door open was a goof but that's about it. And it's not like anyone else was IN the barn. Sarah just happened to walk past.

the third panel looks like it's in Mora's room. Her Personal room.

being upset by someone barging in on you while in the shower or your room isn't wrong. You expect privacy in those places by default

ID: 02327  No.8694

File: 1492295854572.jpg (55.92 KB, 599x489, carl.jpg)

ID: 00e7b  No.8695

File: 1492299453736.gif (719.77 KB, 471x321, 1490674452674.gif)


I feel LL threads are forever cursed by this kind of petty-ness.

ID: 58f78  No.8698


Yeah, it's been a running theme with LL threads here for years. It's also probably where the most activity is, so naturally it can bring the worst out of people who invest too much in the comic.

I'm actually curious if it's actually any worse over in the LL forums, I was under the impression half the people who were banned there go to outlets like this or /furi/ to bitch about it instead of moving on.

ID: 7b84b  No.8701

File: 1492391374558.jpg (38.88 KB, 706x500, C9T06sgXYAA0Kmq.jpg)

ID: 7b84b  No.8702

File: 1492391390145.jpg (131.17 KB, 1267x600, C9d0eidXYAAc5Fa.jpg)

ID: ba5d4  No.8712

File: 1492529819487.jpg (766.88 KB, 800x1524, KH55.jpg)

New page of Knighthood. So it would appear that Joy may be going back to her home to train under her mother? I wonder what that's gonna be like.

ID: 86903  No.8715

Wow, look at how they rush through, it's like they completely accept that no one really cares.

And is Carmesi supposed to be SAYING "Weeks pass…" as part of her dialogue? Cause it's presented the exact same as her dialogue boxes.

ID: 9f3dc  No.8716

>Wow, look at how they rush through, it's like they completely accept that no one really cares.

I mean, the same thing happened with Kate. All lion boy has is the ability to breathe fire and the clan power stuff was already explained with Ember. So there's really no reason to go over it again.

ID: 9b6fc  No.8717

Well there goes ember and my reason for reading this

ID: 529ee  No.8724

File: 1492835747652.jpg (781.31 KB, 800x1608, LL0531.jpg)

ID: 4756c  No.8725

That seems a little abrupt. And who is the "we" here, Las Lindas or Coldthorne Creamery?

If it's Coldthorne Creamery, what happened to all the hype surrounding that new super-juice product they were advertising/peddling like 5 comics ago? Did the writers forget about that?

If it's Las Lindas, isn't keeping track of the farm's accounts Rachel's job? Did the writers forget about that?

I guess putting a high-school dropout in charge of their finances didn't work out too well. :D

ID: 86903  No.8727

For fuck's sake, Mora, stop caring so creepily much about how much fucking you think other people are doing.

Rachael never went to highschool, and Digit replaced her as the accountant back when Mora decided to give Miles a raise named Rachael. Alej also isn't even part of Coldthorn Dairy anymore, so she's definitely talking about Las Lindas.

ID: 0f702  No.8728


Alej left Coldthorn to partner with Mora and invest all of her assets in Las Lindas.

ID: 5f1c0  No.8729

it sounds more like she wanted to hear about how things between here and tootsie were IN GENERAL and not all about the sex.

ID: 5f1c0  No.8730


ID: cd34c  No.8731


You know you can't tell the MDS guy anything.

ID: 38616  No.8732

>For fuck's sake, Mora, stop caring so creepily much about how much fucking you think other people are doing.

She was hardly creepy about it. Goading someone into talking about their sex life may as well be a trope at this point, anyways.

ID: 86903  No.8733

Right, sure it did. Her expressions, wording and implied tone definitely say that.

So wanting her to stop being so creepily obsessed with her friends' sex lives is the newest "symptom" of this "disease" of yours, eh? Guess what, it'd still be creepy if it wasn't her doing it.

Bein a common trope doesn't make it a good one.

ID: 52991  No.8734


Do you interact with normal humans at all? For serious.

ID: 86903  No.8735

>They don't like this scene I like. They clearly have never interacted with a human.

A+ logic.

ID: 38616  No.8736

>Bein a common trope doesn't make it a good one.

I didn't say it was good. I'm just letting you know it's quite common and not as disturbing as you're making it out to be.

ID: 38616  No.8737

And to clarify, it's common enough to happen in fiction and in real life. So calm your tits.

ID: 86903  No.8739

Being common doesn't make it any less disturbing either. It's not even just this page, and other times she's been more disturbing about it.

PS. It's annoying at best when people in real life do it too.

ID: dc9da  No.8740


>PS. It's annoying at best when people in real life do it too.

according to who? what part of asking someone how them and the person they're dating or married to is disturbing?

with this and the recent ask blog answer I'm beginning to think you're just reaching for shit to complain about as long as mora is involved.

ID: 9f3dc  No.8741

what mora is asking is such a common question in social interaction that the fact you find it disturbing is amazing in itself.

ID: 86903  No.8743

>according to who?

Oh, I'm sorry, can you unanimously state for everyone that no one ever finds anything annoying or creepy about someone constantly trying to pry into others' sex lives?

>with this and the recent ask blog answer

Funny you bring that non-issue back up, cause I want to play the same game here as before: Imagine it's Miles, see if you'd still be white knighting this adamantly over someone finding his obsession with others' sex lives creepy.

ID: 52991  No.8744


Yes because it's a completely normal conversation.

ID: 9f3dc  No.8746

>Oh, I'm sorry, can you unanimously state for everyone that no one ever finds anything annoying or creepy about someone constantly trying to pry into others' sex lives?

Can you unanimously state for EVERYONE that asking someone about how their relationship with someone they just got with is creepy? And what part of this is "Constantly"? the number of times mora actually asked her about it could be counted on hand. and not even the full hand.

>Funny you bring that non-issue back up, cause I want to play the same game here as before: Imagine it's Miles, see if you'd still be white knighting this adamantly over someone finding his obsession with others' sex lives creepy.

It wasn't an issue yet you complained about Mora being upset about it.

and no. it wouldn't be. You could change it to any character and it doesn't make it any different. In fact why did you assume that people wouldn't be pointing this out if it was Miles? what sort of attempt to move the goalpost is that?

ID: 86903  No.8747

Right away you fail here, because I wasn't trying to speak for everyone. I was only ever speaking for myself, and by extension those who happen to feel the same. And please, quit trying to frame it as just asking how they've been.

ID: 52479  No.8748

quit trying to frame it as mora being creepy and disturbing over a simple question

ID: 52479  No.8749

not to mention, you're going on about it like it's a question that bothers everyone. going

>Oh, I'm sorry, can you unanimously state for everyone that no one ever finds anything annoying or creepy about someone constantly trying to pry into others' sex lives?"

sounds like you're speaking for more than just you.

ID: cd34c  No.8751

Look, just don't talk to him, he obviously doesn't actually interact with real people and we should let him carry on not interacting with real people.

ID: 66102  No.8752

Is it really all that shocking when we have had little to no advertising or distribution?

I mean where did Las Lindas actually take their product to sell?

If you're running a business, you need to sell your services or products.

ID: 86903  No.8754

That kind of stuff would've been useful to know ages ago. It seems like many times when something actually important to the story could be conveyed to us, they choose not to show us anything and sweep it aside.

But if they're doing this badly now, I guess everyone really was just screwing around all this time. Figuratively and literally.

ID: 89500  No.8755

Then again this all could be related to the poker game the sprites are playing. Mora talks about stuff to rattle Alejandra to make Phi nervous (due to their bond) and Alejandra retaliates by bluffing and making it look like the farm will be bankrupt in order to shock Mora enough to rattle Digit…and "Yes" I could see the writers do this as a joke between two friends for the amusement of the readers in a world that is not real. =D

ID: 85187  No.8787


No offense to them, but that would be a seriously dickish move

ID: 86903  No.8792

I very much doubt that.

Really though, come to think of it, I think we all know everything's going to be miraculously fine in the end. No lasting misfortune and all that shit.

ID: 1776f  No.8803

File: 1493133061145.jpg (60.23 KB, 600x847, tumblr_ooxa3cCXz51r0ajyoo1….jpg)

ID: 1776f  No.8804

File: 1493133086082.jpg (54.51 KB, 600x847, tumblr_ooxa3cCXz51r0ajyoo2….jpg)

ID: 3c155  No.8806

File: 1493140582504.jpg (57.39 KB, 847x600, C9vk4dQW0AAr2-R.jpg)

ID: 1776f  No.8808

File: 1493144201139.jpg (54.85 KB, 600x847, C9yRvWYXUAIlsXf_u18chan.jpg)

ID: 1776f  No.8809

File: 1493144253331.jpg (46.32 KB, 600x847, C9zxfKBXsAATirt_u18chan.jpg)

ID: 89500  No.8812

And believing Alejandra would let things slip to the point of bankruptcy after being so successful in her last business venture is the way to go? Forgive me if I disagree. =D


To quote Whil Wheaton from Big Bang Theory…"Do you really thing I would intentionally break up a couple just to win a bowling match?"

ID: 7a296  No.8823

File: 1493309626651.jpg (845.12 KB, 800x1608, LL0532.jpg)

Well, it actually makes sense

ID: 86903  No.8824

…Produce is a niche market now?

ID: 89500  No.8825

Still calling shenanigans on this. Winter is a time where people buy more and the healthier you eat the better your immune system builds. Plus Alejandra is using a lot of big words she probably wouldn't use cause well, of Mora.
Wouldn't be surprised if the mention of cutting out redundant staff comes up next.

ID: b928b  No.8826

Fresh local produce is hard to sell in winter. If they didn't have a large enough surplus to get them through the winter, yeah they could be bankrupt by year's end.

ID: 86903  No.8827

Ah, I see, this whole thing is an overly convenient way of getting rid of all the new hires they haven't acknowledged since the job interview scene.

ID: cd34c  No.8828

Or in winter people let their diets slip and eat whatever the fuck they want because 1) holidays and 2) big bulky clothes that put less on display.

ID: 7a296  No.8829


Pretty much. What sells better in winter? healthy juice or hot cocoa?

ID: 78b3f  No.8830

>fresh produce
>hard to sell

ID: 4756c  No.8831

How long do you think most vegetables stay fresh before they start to rot?

ID: 86fc3  No.8832

Depends on how its stored
the answer is: As soon as its picked…
how its stored delays the process.

ID: 78b3f  No.8834

ID: e971b  No.8836

Exactly, one of the benefits of America is that we import produce from other climates in the off season.

Although if Prism is anything like America, mora can sell all her unsold produce to the government to get through the wintwr. YAY FARMING SUBSIDIES!

ID: 86903  No.8838

Know what else I don't get? How the hell is produce specifically "products that focus on health"? Pretty sure unless it's being marketed that way, it's just gonna be seen as food by most. Not everyone's like Sportaflop, calling apples "sports candy" and shit, y'know.

ID: 86903  No.8839

They live in a temperate climate where we've actually SEEN there's next to no difference between seasons. You do know Sarah's birthday was apparently in winter, right? And look at what she was wearing without any problem at all, look at what the scenery looked like. Fuck, we can't even tell what season it's supposed to be in the Crazy Alej arc unless we take the sequence of past events into account because while Alej wears a heavy villain coat, almost everyone else is dressed like it's summer. So yeah, why would they have any trouble at all selling shit, and if they're marketing it as specifically health products, why would anyone who buys that stuff regularly just up and stop in winter?

ID: 02327  No.8840

File: 1493423947086.jpg (72.39 KB, 625x455, 3p6g04.jpg)

None of this matters. We're all going to die someday, and none of this will meant ANYTHING when we do.

ID: cd34c  No.8841

>Why doesn't this comic about animal people with superpowers and boobs the size of their heads adhere to my personal concepts of economics and seasonal supply and demand?
>Worst. Comic. Ever.

ID: 7b84b  No.8842

File: 1493429058621.jpg (642.43 KB, 800x1352, tumblr_op1yiu0DNi1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: f454e  No.8843


Yeah, for a comic that's focus is T&A + shipping people are getting way too anal about the exposition provided.

Seriously though, lesbian talking business should be hot for some of you.

ID: 86fc3  No.8844

yes yes its hot, but for some of us its not much of a attention grabber.

I mean she wouldnt bring up about how the business isnt doing so well if the main idea was to discuss about how their business be…

I mean I work for a restaurant, and we shift what we sell base on the season and Events/holidays. We also pay attention to off and on seasons of the products we use along with knowing if certain events occured that caused to be less of an item or good quality.

ID: 86903  No.8846


Alej is bisexual.

Point out where anyone called it the worst comic ever, as opposed to just calling out poor logic and general lack of actual farming and marketing knowledge on the writer's part.

Funny, you can complain about whatever you want in this comic when it suits you, but if anyone else does it…

…So this super-important position can just be handed over to anyone, regardless of experience, at any time?

ID: cd34c  No.8847


That's because you don't point out issues with it you whine like a bitch and act like you've caught out the writers in some sort of "Ah-HA!" moment whenever you find something to complain about, which is always.

You're like the Aaron Sorkin of complaining about webcomics, you take everything as serious business and are way too full of yourself.

ID: 04ce8  No.8848

The problem is when this comic takes itself too seriously as well as when its fans take this comic too seriously. Because neither works out. I'm surprised anyone puts any thought into the writing when it has been shown time and time again that it's easily the worst parts of the comic.

ID: 89500  No.8849

Hell I am surprised someone took notice of something I said here =D

ID: 86903  No.8852

That's the insane self-contradicting paradox this comic really suffers from: They simultaneously want us to take it seriously and want us to stop taking it seriously. For quite some time now, this comic has never quite known who its target audience really is or what tone it's going for. To paraphrase Riiser, it's like if Breaking Bad had random childish slapstick thrown in every so often. Hell, this is supposedly a PG-13 comic aimed primarily at teenage boys, yet it constantly has moments that only a particularly easy-to-amuse child could find funny and content that would earn a movie or TV show a solid R, including a direct link to an ask blog full of softcore porn. And whenever they try to do scenes like this or the stuff in Knighthood, all they do is show how little they actually know about the subject at hand, which hugely distracts from everything else. And that's before we even get into the inconsistent character writing and constantly forgetting their own lore only to frantically cover it up later.

ID: 04ce8  No.8853


Agreed. This comic really does have a good premise and great art but the writing is what is holding it back. This could be all about fun and sexy times while using farm life as a setting and the driving force for various slice of life situations. Forced drama and convoluted backstories make it worse.

I also don't understand how a comic that can't update regularly has a side comic. I understand Chalo has reasons why he can't produce a page every week but after all these years something should have been figured out.

Not even going to get into the unlikable characters, people here know about all that well enough.

I just follow this comic for the cheesecake and porn.

ID: 7b84b  No.8856

File: 1493768941398.jpg (630.19 KB, 800x1352, tumblr_opcmdnd5Vw1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: e338d  No.8857

File: 1493778440229.jpg (70.89 KB, 600x776, tumblr_opb81fSvfB1r0ajyoo1….jpg)

ID: e338d  No.8858

File: 1493778480987.jpg (68.26 KB, 600x776, tumblr_opb81fSvfB1r0ajyoo2….jpg)

ID: e338d  No.8859

File: 1493778551100.jpg (59.45 KB, 600x776, tumblr_opb81fSvfB1r0ajyoo3….jpg)

ID: e338d  No.8860

File: 1493778564755.jpg (63.18 KB, 600x776, tumblr_opb81fSvfB1r0ajyoo4….jpg)

ID: 86903  No.8865

So is this canon too?

Yes, that does need to be asked, now that they've consistently been using the allegedly non-canon porn blog for canon material.

ID: c766e  No.8868

File: 1493881840822.png (1.49 MB, 1200x1552, 14937785511002.png)

A quick little edit

ID: 9f3dc  No.8869

>Yes, that does need to be asked.

not really. whether he looked in on them in the shower or not isn't really important enough to where someone has to worry about it being canon or not.

ID: 86903  No.8870

Way to skip the rest of the statement.

ID: 2ed4c  No.8871

a shower peeking scene doesn't really have any bearing on the situation regardless of being canon or not. if it is, then so what? if not, then so what?

ID: cd34c  No.8872

File: 1493906143679.png (1.13 MB, 1366x768, D7Ppuhj.png)

ID: 5a8ff  No.8873


This looks really hot! So glad he answered my question.

I wonder if Chalo will be doing more explicit AtHP responses now, since you can see Ember's vagina here. He typically avoided showing genitals in the AtHP responses before.

ID: ba5d4  No.8879

Heh heh, shower ninja. I believe he did show Geecku nude from the front on a few occasions, so this wouldn't be the first time…
Also anatomically speaking, the vagina only refers to the muscular canal INSIDE the body. What you see outside is called the vulva. The front part that is outwards like seen there is the mons pubis, and then it would split to the pudendal cleft (which is where the "camel toe" comes from due to tight clothing), and it's part of the labia majora.
But anyway, I'd like to see some other responses from the blog, maybe shedding a bit more light on Prime history of sorts. Need a balance.

ID: 86903  No.8880

That wasn't being mad. That was raising a legitimate point about what a mistake it is to use a non-canon porn blog for canon material. Now you're just looking for reasons to complain about anyone who doesn't give two big thumbs up to every single little non-Miles detail of the comic and its supplemental material.

ID: d239e  No.8881

because what the fuck does it matter? it's a shower scene. it being canon or not doesn't mess with the plot. and why do you keep bering miles into the equation when he has nothing to do with the topic at all?

ID: 86903  No.8885

I brought him up because I was specifically talking to Sechs, and it seems things regarding Miles, Rachael, Miles x Rachael and sometimes Sarah's increasingly unsettling depiction are the only things anyone can so much as question without pissing her off. And it's not only about this particular bit, reading comprehension is your friend. The point is that so many actually canon things have happened on this supposedly non-canon blog at this point that it begs the question, what else from it is canon now? Should we just assume EVERYTHING on it is potentially canon until Chalo directly says it isn't? Hell, does it mean the characters know they're fictional now? That's kinda the problem with using an ask-the-characters/porn blog you claimed is entirely non-canon to make canon plot, character and setting developments, while ignoring in-comic time vs real time to boot.

ID: cd34c  No.8886

File: 1493940575885.png (703.96 KB, 1366x768, imageedit_2_3166149746.png)

ID: 86903  No.8888

Good tactic, repeating yourself with the same insult pic multiple times saves you the trouble of having to actually come up with a counterargument or actual reason to be so peeved by people raising valid questions.

ID: cd34c  No.8891

File: 1493948296742.png (723.22 KB, 1366x768, imageedit_4_4979683998.png)

ID: 9f3dc  No.8892

>Good tactic, repeating yourself with the same insult pic multiple times saves you the trouble of having to actually come up with a counterargument or actual reason to be so peeved by people raising valid questions.

Because the picture being canon or not doesn't change a thing. It's not a retcon. It's not contradicting anything. It's just there for porn reasons. There are things on the blog that just don't matter if they're canon or not because they're that insignificant and this is one of them.

ID: c766e  No.8893

File: 1493955046648.png (1.29 MB, 1200x1552, 14937784402292.png)

ID: 00e7b  No.8894

File: 1493961020991.jpg (193.69 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

ID: c766e  No.8895

File: 1493969159847.png (1.47 MB, 1200x1552, 14937785647552.png)

ID: fbd78  No.8896

Everyone got an edit but sunny… that is unfair. I am sure there is a way to get creative and shove a horse cock curving up from between her thighs!

ID: c766e  No.8899

File: 1494018128781.png (1.25 MB, 1200x1552, 14937784809872.png)

ID: c766e  No.8900

File: 1494018157720.png (1.21 MB, 1200x1552, 14937784809873.png)

ID: 89500  No.8901

File: 1494040455953.jpg (676.52 KB, 800x1524, LC0056.jpg)

Well, if anything this answers the question on if male spirits exist.

ID: 86903  No.8903

>City of Prism

…Wasn't it the continent itself that they retroactively claimed was named for Prism?

ID: 89500  No.8907

Yeah. I think there is four major cities on it, one of which is Gossamer. Not sure what the others are called.

ID: 92013  No.8908

>Recording hot furry chicks
Drake is /ourguy/.

ID: fbd78  No.8910

Hurray! Thanks

ID: 0ff2c  No.8911


I swear i'm not doing this be a dick, but are they over 18? I dont remember it ever being stated anywhere, and considering how young they looked when this first started I feel it's important to ask.


ID: 328ce  No.8912

yes they're 18

ID: 86903  No.8913

Wasn't Joy 17?

ID: 92013  No.8914

File: 1494176632329.png (178.22 KB, 441x600, Joys_Age.png)

Will this help?

ID: 66102  No.8915


That quote, though…

ID: 3c155  No.8917

File: 1494219758343.jpg (89.49 KB, 918x600, C_Rrxq9V0AAd1BK.jpg large.jpg)

ID: 45b8f  No.8918

oh snap, i guess alej is knocked up now.

ID: 4756c  No.8919

Is this canon? This is canon, right? Chalo hasn't said it's not canon so it must be!

ID: 02327  No.8920

Obviously not.

ID: 92013  No.8921

Guess the cow loves to cheat. This need to be a series.

ID: 4f8ff  No.8922


>Guess the cow loves to cheat.

It's been played that the non cannon is that Tootsie and Alej are a swinger couple of sorts, and Tootsie always records all of that.

ID: 7efaf  No.8924

Anyone want to tackle coloring this?

ID: 3c155  No.8926

File: 1494344996574.jpg (78.05 KB, 600x776, C_WhvC_XcAA_B3t.jpg)

ID: 799cb  No.8927

File: 1494359571710.png (988.99 KB, 1200x1552, mora randal.png)

not sure who the guy was so went with randal

ID: 8d395  No.8929

Someone photoshop the creampie and egg and sperm panels from the previous image in.

ID: b7ff9  No.8930


Seconded! Not sure whose bright idea it was to reuse Mora's face twice. Seems repetitive and unnecessary.

ID: fa663  No.8931

I believe it was supposed to be, wonderful job! Can you color the Alej sex pic too?

ID: 92013  No.8935

So it's technically incest?

ID: 799cb  No.8936

File: 1494399539418.png (1.5 MB, 1200x1694, a0cx1qml.png)

something asked for on u18

There's a lot to fix here first sadly. closeups need redrawing to a similar standard as the inks, her leg patches are round the wrong way (her right leg should be black from the knee down, not her left) her right shoulder and arm need moving down and in because they are quite out of alignment and I have no idea who the character is or even his species. I'd have guessed that black and white horse from a VERY old pic with Alejandra, but the tail says otherwise.

ID: 78b3f  No.8937

I guess that would be me, thanks!

ID: cd34c  No.8938


… He's not… actually her brother, y'know.

ID: 92013  No.8939

I know that he's an adopted brother. But maybe Chalo wants the crowd.

ID: d6051  No.8940

It would have to be mother/daughter though.

ID: 92013  No.8941

Guess Amber and Naerie are next if he's doing it again.

ID: d6051  No.8944

Go the whole nine yards and do Naerie/Alej/Diana/Amber.

ID: 799cb  No.8945

File: 1494491058087.png (1.28 MB, 1132x1800, nuj0666f.png)

ID: 799cb  No.8946

File: 1494491892795.png (1.07 MB, 1469x960, 1494219758343col.png)

no idea who the guy is so just made something up. If by any chance the OC's owner is around and sees this, post a ref and I'll get it recoloured right

ID: 799cb  No.8947

File: 1494498916502.png (1.06 MB, 1200x1836, htev9801.png)

ID: 799cb  No.8950

File: 1494569548465.jpg (877.62 KB, 800x1608, LL0533.jpg)

OK, do have to wonder if they really ARE just throwing a dart at a board and seeing what idea it hits.

ID: f454e  No.8951

File: 1494574944272.png (2.42 MB, 3000x2000, 1904205_cainesart_caidens_….png)

Call me weird but I totally want to see Tootsie get some of that D.

ID: 92013  No.8954

>Dog going to marry a rabbit.
Weird, but cute.

ID: cd34c  No.8955


Little doggits?

ID: 36358  No.8956

Hey, think you could color this one next? My only request is you keep the cock color what you've been doing, no human colors

ID: 86903  No.8957

Yeah, I have no doubt they are.

And I have no doubt this won't end well.

ID: 66102  No.8961

Read that as, "Dog tits."

ID: b928b  No.8965


ID: 92013  No.8969

They could end up giving birth to a hybrid(s). Look at Mora, she's basically a hybrid of both a cow and a rabbit.

ID: 0ff2c  No.8970

that second panel

ID: cd34c  No.8973

>And I have no doubt this won't end well.

Nooooooooooooooooo reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally? You think something in the comic will go badly? You of all people?

ID: 9b6fc  No.8975

Did she just give him peck on the cheek? It doesn't read well.

ID: 92013  No.8978

Chalo having NTR fetish confirmed?

ID: c3f9f  No.8979

1) That would be Reverse NTR
2) There was that series of Randal screwing the d&d girls while Taffy was in the room unaware

ID: 86903  No.8980

A LOT of people are thinking this won't end well, for two MAJOR reasons:

1. Taffy has already shown that she has issues to work past before she can make a step like this, and she might not be comfortable with getting married barely half a year into the relationship. But then again, given how the last arc ended, I'm sure we'll get a few pages of her explaining why she can't marry him and then immediately agreeing to it.


ID: 92013  No.8986

>There was that series of Randal screwing the d&d girls while Taffy was in the room unaware

Guess Chalo is slowly gaining that fetish. Wouldn't be surprised if Taffy did the same, then soon, all the characters will get cucked.

ID: cd34c  No.8990

>A LOT of people

Nooooooo reeeeeeeeeeeally? You of all people are declaring broad support for your statements despite you being the only one to make them? You of all people?

ID: 86903  No.8992

Try checking more places than just this board. And not repeating yourself like it's somehow clever. And not ignoring the actual valid points brought up in a post because you see a particular ID and/or an opinion you don't like and immediately switch to irrational anger mode.

If you even make it this far before having a kneejerk reaction to half of the first sentence again, here, let me repeat what the actual reasons were for predicting this won't go well.

1. Taffy's issues she needs to work out first but, given how the previous arc went, will probably get over after a few pages of telling Randal why they can't be married yet

2. The farm's impending bankruptcy that somehow isn't a big concern to Mora

ID: cd34c  No.8993

>Try checking more places than just this board.


ID: ba0c8  No.8996

what other places? u18? the place where they keep reading and reading despite clearly disliking the comic greatly?

Las Lindas isn't talked about enough to where you can go to multiple places and expect conversation about it

ID: 3c155  No.9004

File: 1494977979102.jpg (1.94 MB, 2550x3900, SunnyintheSunHD.jpg)

ID: 4f8ff  No.9005


"Did she just give him peck on the cheek? It doesn't read well."

Chalo is hispanic. Kissing the cheek is a really common greeting in Latin America.

ID: f8a09  No.9007

File: 1495004813842.jpg (602.45 KB, 800x1352, tumblr_oq2st1VhTn1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: f8a09  No.9008

File: 1495004844763.jpg (157.4 KB, 600x776, tumblr_oq12vdgBT41r0ajyoo1….jpg)

ID: f8a09  No.9009

File: 1495004875672.jpg (134.96 KB, 918x600, tumblr_oq12vdgBT41r0ajyoo3….jpg)

ID: f8a09  No.9010

File: 1495004899276.jpg (130.57 KB, 600x776, tumblr_oq12vdgBT41r0ajyoo2….jpg)

ID: 92013  No.9011

Thicc tits

ID: 86903  No.9019

File: 1495199873046.jpg (934.14 KB, 800x1608, LL0534.jpg)

Mora, fuck off with your stupid anime reaction face like you have any legitimate reason to be pissed, Alej is just trying to bring you back to the harsh reality you apparently can't grasp.

ID: 66102  No.9022


Well my complaint isnt about Mora this time. She's just caught up in the excitement which is, understandable.

My complaint is about Randal. He's pushing Taffy regardless of how he feels. She explained that she wants to take it slow and marriage is arguably doing the opposite. He has this grand idea for Taffy and she has had very little say in the matter. Randal's heart is in the right place. But his mind isn't.

ID: 1994c  No.9023

he seemed to be alright until cocoa started talking about her relationship and the idea went into Randal and tootsie's heads.it might have worked for her but not for everyone

the thing is that Randal has much more to lose here than tootsie does

ID: 86fc3  No.9024

Weddings are expensive due to the up charging those folks do….

Though really she was swept up and in that she picked bad choices…

ID: 00e7b  No.9025


She could always reject his proposal. Noone is holding her at gunpoint to marry him.

ID: 506d0  No.9028

The authors.
There's literally no danger of her saying no. She may waver and say no at first but itll happen.

ID: 00e7b  No.9029


To be fair, in real time Taffy and Randal's relationship has moved painfully slow. Only recently sleeping in the same bed. They haven't had sex yet..so I assume that is really "waiting til marriage" kinda thing. Taffy has shown reservations about being called 'Mom' and with children- along with sex. But this is marriage.

Relationships are all about give and take, Taffy needs to be flexible for Randal too. He's bent over backwards being a patient,kind and polite boyfriend. They get along great, plus being engaged can last years too.

Ergo, characters need to grow and change - rule of thumb for writing. Taffy needs to move past her insecurities if she wants to be with a man she has genuine feelings for. Otherwise it feels as if Randal's emotions are being neglected in the seriousness of the relationship. It can be a deal breaker for some. We know Randal isn't just with Taffy hunting for dat booty ala Miles, so you can't construed that comparison.

At any rate, saying this proposal shouldn't happen just stagnates the progress of any development for the characters/plot.

ID: 86903  No.9033

I'm betting she'll turn down his offer at first, spend a few pages patiently explaining why it can't happen yet, and then immediately change her entire outlook and say yes anyway.

Yeah, it's been painfully slow for US. But from THEIR perspective in-universe? It's been a few months. If there's one thing I hope this comic manages to do right, it's not disregarding Taffy's feelings by allowing Cocoa to be right.

ID: 86fc3  No.9047

hmm, you are right, the proposal needs to happen and even then: "it will take time for him to get that ring to propose so many things CAN happen before then.

He can bring it up as a talk subject to which he ends up knowing that Taffy herself isnt quite ready for that "figurative" situation. This could lead him to holding off on getting the ring or still getting the ring and then saving it for when he thinks the two of them are ready for that part of their lives to move up to a new level.

ID: af850  No.9065

File: 1495664066134.png (7.75 MB, 2550x3900, GeeckuintheSunHD_u18chan.png)

ID: 79f78  No.9072

File: 1495795515513.png (557.7 KB, 604x900, 57f4ca42-81a4-4ca9-824e-02….png)

ID: 3c155  No.9074

File: 1495802045340.png (7.81 MB, 2550x3900, GeeckuintheSun_u18chan.png)


Nude edit, courtesy of u18.

ID: db441  No.9084

File: 1496034319333.jpg (754.71 KB, 800x1524, LC0057.jpg)

ID: 86903  No.9090

Is there any actual reason to not cover her boobs entirely, or…?

Also, why does the one chick look so much like Alsadia?

ID: 02327  No.9093

File: 1496135634155.jpg (109.04 KB, 540x698, tumblr_oqqu35DJwQ1r0ajyoo1….jpg)

ID: 02327  No.9094

File: 1496135648992.jpg (78.58 KB, 540x698, tumblr_oqqu35DJwQ1r0ajyoo2….jpg)

ID: 02327  No.9095

File: 1496135662903.jpg (121.2 KB, 540x698, tumblr_oqqu35DJwQ1r0ajyoo3….jpg)

ID: e2dd9  No.9100

Absolutely Perfect

ID: 78b3f  No.9101

It can't be "absolutely perfect" because >>9093 is better :)

ID: 92013  No.9102

Then Miles walks in and they fuck.

ID: 86903  No.9103

This highlights the problem that now exists with basically every hot Rachael pic, really.

ID: 92013  No.9108

Might as well pray to the high prime for Chalo to show Rachel getting fucked by Miles.

ID: 86903  No.9109

But no one wants to see that except the few remaining who think their unnatural pairing up is the best thing to ever happen in the comic.

ID: 5cbeb  No.9110

File: 1496311389226.jpg (949.33 KB, 800x1897, CowEscapade_u18chan.jpg)

ID: 92013  No.9111

Then he can use that pizza boy. Ladies can't resist the sausage.

ID: 3c155  No.9112

File: 1496323560022.jpg (210.75 KB, 800x1897, AtHP_CowEscapade.jpg)


Stellar nude edit, man!

The original for comparison's sake.

ID: 5cbeb  No.9113

File: 1496358529653.jpg (978.51 KB, 800x1755, CowEscapade2_u18chan.jpg)

ID: 26d63  No.9114

File: 1496365304696.png (1.45 MB, 800x1755, CowEscapade3.png)

ID: 66102  No.9122

File: 1496593900564.jpg (880.15 KB, 800x1608, LL0535.jpg)

Mora, i get where you're coming from, but you are overlooking Taffy's feelings on the matter.

ID: 86903  No.9123

She's also failing to get that what you want and what you need are not often the same thing. Mora's in her 30s and doesn't understand this. And she can't seem to grasp the seriousness of the situation they're now in. If I didn't know better, I'd say she WANTS to lose the farm.

ID: 66102  No.9124


You may be right, here. Also, Is it just me or has Mora started to feel like a side character?

ID: 7b84b  No.9139

File: 1496883222428.jpg (142.03 KB, 800x747, tumblr_or73xf8tfL1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: 285b8  No.9140

To the editor, great work, but I think you missed a slight mistake. Check near Mora's left hand. The contour line of the skin fold of her chest meeting her armpit is missing/accidentally erased in this "all nude" edit. Also, there should probably be a contour line for Mora's left hand breast just underneath her hooked left hand index finger. Aside from that this is fantastic work. =D

ID: 3c155  No.9147

File: 1497104972595.jpg (116.85 KB, 847x600, tumblr_or7ov1TiBU1r0ajyoo1….jpg)

ID: 02327  No.9148

File: 1497133324171.jpg (186.79 KB, 905x700, tumblr_or7ov1TiBU1r0ajyoo3….jpg)

ID: db441  No.9157

File: 1497329783198.jpg (112.05 KB, 600x776, tumblr_or7ov1TiBU1r0ajyoo2….jpg)

ID: db441  No.9158

File: 1497329817651.jpg (176.9 KB, 600x776, tumblr_or7ov1TiBU1r0ajyoo4….jpg)

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