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File: 1417232487221.png (595.22 KB, 914x1194, hefower3rfoq3elasdpgjwpqds….png)

ID: f724f  No.88[Last 50 Posts]

Glad to have a place to discuss this with people who aren't ignorant on how people (especially women) work when it comes to feelings and priorities.

I still haven't forgotten the speculation on Laurin and her favor/feelings about Julio over in the GitP forums.

ID: ab57c  No.91

Durkon's kinda turning into another Villain Sue, where everything just naturally seems to go his way and he easily overcomes practically every obstacle thrown in front of him.

I mean I get that it can't all come crashing down right as things are building up, it's just a bit painful. Zykon's probably one of the worst Villain Sues out there (amusing as he is), this comic really doesn't need another.

ID: f724f  No.96


Well to his credit he still has to do what the Order says, unlike what happened with Redcloak and his prior holding of the reins.

But yeah, for now abuse of vampire power Ahoy!

ID: f724f  No.216

File: 1417462283375.png (540.25 KB, 918x1194, iefsdoqwe3dsqwlcpkqwpsd03l….png)

I can't believe he actually did that. I just can't.

ID: 24ba2  No.217


You mean the not taking further advantage of her, right?

ID: f724f  No.218


Yes, exactly. It's like the giant is actively trying to keep us guessing at this point.

ID: f724f  No.602

File: 1418951473685.png (492.04 KB, 910x1194, Bandana is a flicker appar….png)

ID: f724f  No.755

File: 1419732942037.png (413.16 KB, 888x1196, RETURN OF THE BITCH.png)

I was expecting those diamonds the kids got, but I guess this fits more in the incompetence theme.

That or Bozzok wanted to put her under a tigher leash. Penny pinching to our advantage I think.

ID: f724f  No.986

File: 1421133523112.png (538.59 KB, 922x1194, Totally a self deprecation….png)

ID: 05402  No.988

>"I had much better taste in girls than her!"


ID: f724f  No.1166

File: 1421998327309.png (480.83 KB, 919x1194, mafoew3wfoqwpfdvpgqwpaghw9….png)

ID: 1a429  No.1170


Friggin' under-CRed monsters.

ID: 0a345  No.1174

Ugh, tell me about it.

ID: cc77c  No.1177

You want to talk under-cr'd monsters? Shadow.
CR3? incorporeal, Deals and Kills with strength damage, creates spawn in a matter of rounds! TPK on a 3rd level party.

ID: f724f  No.1282

File: 1422894025262.png (470.75 KB, 915x1194, Flight of the Swagbucklers.png)


ID: f724f  No.1418

File: 1423790976894.png (558.84 KB, 910x1194, osfi4rodfv3dfiefncvotrgjwp….png)

Well played you bitch.

You know, this is why I like this comic so much. Like many web comics there are things to learn out of actions, violent or not. But the better ones show what happens if you rely on outrunning problems like our adventurers here have done for quite a good bit of the comic.

ID: 5ee87  No.1423


"They arrested me for no reason! You know, in the big scheme of things, on the metatextual level, it wasn't a real reason."

ID: f724f  No.1588

File: 1424829496797.png (571.67 KB, 915x1194, Twisting fates arm.png)

I reckon in her head she's holding her hands up to her ears and going LALALALALA to the miser who is screaming at her for not bartering.

ID: ab57c  No.1589


Sometimes things really are more important than money.

Also the last panel is perfect.

ID: f724f  No.1747

File: 1426011327197.png (558.76 KB, 921x1194, bsfdowerkdfpoeriqwe0fwqdsf….png)

Lawful and their fixation on lightning…when their due process methods are anything but lightning quick.

ID: 321f5  No.1748

Remember your immunities, kids.

ID: 63a19  No.1882

File: 1426780755544.png (718.44 KB, 909x1202, caedfifdg3sdpqw2sdpef0fdsa….png)

All this talk of pain and stabbings reminds me how much I dislike Celia again.

ID: 2b4eb  No.1889

This is why you don't split the party.

Even for shopping.

ID: 63a19  No.2003

File: 1427557305649.png (1.17 MB, 958x2897, Haley, new face of the par….png)

That wasn't even a bluff, that was straight up diplomacy.

God, that was spectacular.

ID: ab57c  No.2006


That was a good five or six high-end diplomacy rolls at least, yeah.

ID: 63a19  No.2261

File: 1429286477870.png (1.37 MB, 913x2903, Melody's in your hate.png)

That was enjoyable to watch!

ID: 14cb5  No.2262


Last time I saw a beatdown this enjoyable, it was reversed and the big tough green guy was smacking around the nigh-invulnerable twit.

ID: 63a19  No.2394

File: 1430151050549.png (1.46 MB, 913x3449, Closure comes with every p….png)

There is never a meal that is so satisfying and fulfilling as the one after a day of heated battle.

ID: 63a19  No.2395

File: 1430151090258.png (6.3 KB, 117x117, RichAt40.png)

Oh, and Rich Burlew has a new avatar now.

ID: 1e04f  No.2397


Also the post-killing-your-nemesis meal.

Haley's gotten to have that one twice, come to think of it.

ID: 63a19  No.2416

Man, people are still whining Haley did the wrong thing in killing Crystal (again)? I get she betrayed her and dumped her into a volcano after defusing hostility, but was it evil or lawful? Hell no, she needed to get tagged again after declining Haley's out and being lawful is irrelevant to Haley morally, pragmatically, and responsibly. Heck, the lawful entity (the DGS officer) signaled the execution. She went along with the plan, one that ignored Due Process because the threat wasn't one the authorities were capable of containing. Nor capable of executing properly since the Electric Chair would make the convict in question into a super-powered psychopath that can turn buildings into artistic masterpieces depicting Swiss Cheese.

I guess that's what happens when you rely on the D&D alignment chart on a web comic, and forget you've probably dealt death wholesale in whatever sessions you played without a thought about it. Remember, staying to your code is fine and all but even Paladins have to think outside the box from time to time if they intend to carry out their duty with the least amount of casualties or the least amount of compromise for the forces of evil. They need only minimize these shortcuts and make up for it elsewhere if they wish to avoid a trip to the church for a redemption spell.

Yes yes, there are DMs out there who are more rigid than the paladins. But that DM better be worth his salt elsewhere behind the screen or else you are playing with a terrible one.

ID: 63a19  No.2478

File: 1430868844122.png (458.74 KB, 915x1194, giwerhdfgowj32rikedpqweldb….png)

One could argue using 'Feels' as a noun would be out of place in this setting, but another would argue that so would all the pop culture references. Heck, Xykon did so when he was testing out the reverb of his then-new lich voice in SoD.

Which, to hazard a guess, is probably the same case with Durkon and Malack.

ID: 63a19  No.2479


To add, the sound of their supernatural voices.

I reckon different text colors and bubbles represent different inflections and distortion of sounds.

ID: 9f573  No.2499

Well, the dominating gaze won't work this time. How will he stop them here?

ID: 63a19  No.2508


One thing to note is that Hoder was a god who was tricked by Loki to kill his brother who was invulnerable to anything but mistletoe (eventually he himself was slain by the other gods for killing their crash test dummy). If Rich is using Hoder, I'd be disappointed if the HPoH doesn't use trickery of his own to get what he desires from them.

ID: 63a19  No.2518

File: 1431023332428.png (411.27 KB, 922x1194, hasdqiwek24jdfsoqweadcsa98….png)

I kind of like that the HPoH has something to be smug about that is of his own opinion and not that of his mistress's. Gives him some sense of character outside of fanatically devoted evil vampire spirit.

ID: 63a19  No.2562

File: 1431361775265.png (464.53 KB, 929x1194, iefowerjv3odsfadw2fl_ewrj9….png)

Searching for a high level follower eh? Makes sense, Durkon was a pilgrim before this. I also think he was counting on Hoder's history to apply to his followers as well.

I'll hold off disappointment until after she spills the beans.

ID: 63a19  No.2599

File: 1431571782141.png (773.96 KB, 933x2313, Incompetence didn't die wi….png)

For some improvisitional theater, Durkula sure doesn't know how to keep vocal composure when the mark misses it's beat.

ID: ab57c  No.2601


For doing such long comics on this subplot we sure don't seem to be getting much of anywhere.

ID: 63a19  No.2603


Well Durkon's inner hollow isn't helping since he takes up panels instead of thought bubbles. Rich could just make Durkula's thought bubbles greyed out and Durkon's thought bubbles as normal but it would still take too much panel space to see anything else.

Add in the fact that this is going into a book and Rich just has to throw his hat at innovating art design. Best he can do is just dedicate the space to them instead of fiddling with room.

ID: 63a19  No.2631

File: 1431966324377.png (405.8 KB, 922x1194, kdfso2_4dfgmvc3aifowed986.png)

Apparently those two new characters are guest appearances. One is kickstarter related (the elf), and the other is in honor of a dead guy who started a rather popular thread that lives on to this day.

ID: 63a19  No.2665

File: 1432272920468.png (803.19 KB, 923x2322, l2e0rfu23rods0qejuefivcowe….png)

And even more self-deprecating ensues.

Over kickstarter goals and a promise made to a dead guy's wife no less. Gotta quit being so hard on yourself Rich.

On the other hand, maybe that is why he is focusing on the main comic more.

ID: 63a19  No.2725

File: 1432786659135.png (351.4 KB, 902x1194, mdfso305tjdsop2dkowjszoek9….png)

Only in Las Vegas can a man go around like that without schadenfreude ensuing.

ID: 63a19  No.2727

File: 1432791457950.png (352.37 KB, 911x1194, mdfso305tjdsop2dkowjszoek9….png)

Ho ho! Revised strip. Previous is now a collectable in data standards.

ID: dd163  No.2729


I wonder if the reason for revising it was to make Haley seem like less of a bitch, or to make VampDurkon seem less helpful.

ID: 3a005  No.2731


I would guess the Haley thing, she does come off awfully bitchy in the original, especially if you read the revised version first. (Heck, in the revised version she's almost a little too nice.)

ID: 63a19  No.2736


Well actually it's because they already discussed this prior to Bozzok unleashing the metaphorical hound on Haley. And it was Haley who suggested winter clothes and Elan who thought Durkon would cast endure elements. So it was an inconsistency fix.

ID: 63a19  No.2811

File: 1433259419302.png (386.51 KB, 915x1194, nqwe230retu3ekadspv03wqjka….png)

That totally looks like it hurts, Wrecan. Maybe resurrection didn't fix a spinal discourse?

Oh, and we got some Small Dom/Big Sub action in the works. Just how Belkar likes it with his women.

ID: 87467  No.2813

File: 1433261469810.jpg (341.47 KB, 1280x1024, kitten-and-tiger.jpg)


But tigers is love kittehs.

ID: 63a19  No.2934

File: 1434126785569.png (337.25 KB, 931x1194, aaiefrowqelasd0qwlsad2ods0….png)

Although he doesn't glean the truth, his viewpoint is understandable. Being something you utterly hate can change you, even a little. And my, what changes have been made.

Also shame on you for not sharing, Starshine.

ID: 63a19  No.3035

File: 1435005732048.png (605.71 KB, 1920x1080, StickTrek_1920x1080.png)

Almost want to get some STO in.

ID: 63a19  No.3036

File: 1435005803881.png (857.69 KB, 906x3439, The crayons return.png)

Feels like it takes more skill to do crayon work than it does pencil or watercolor art.

ID: c726b  No.3037

They look more like colored pencils than crayon. The lines are finer and more consistent. With crayons the tips dull more quickly so you get a weird warping of the lines.

ID: c93ef  No.3139

File: 1435621137381.png (338.83 KB, 904x1197, coaeower3jdfs3kesfoapdqw99….png)

ID: ab57c  No.3141

>only built it this morning

Those dudes must be some funky fresh Minecraft players.

ID: a3923  No.3147

But what's it going to be used for after they're done with it?

ID: 63a19  No.3149


If I had to guess, they'd take pictures with all the other clerics to be put in their divine picture books like a high school reunion. After which the building is demolished, and a sign is erected in it's place to mind any persistent spells that remain on that spot…possibly another to tell kids to eat their veggies since clerics are so influential.

At least, I'd see that going down in Rich Burlew's world.

ID: a3923  No.3150

It would be a shame to demolish it. They didn't just construct a building, they carved it from within the mountain. It would also look unsightly to tear it down too, at the risk of that having a flat top.

I'm betting on flea market or dwarven cafeteria.

ID: 04f18  No.3151

Well i'm sure they dont always go to a new location cause eventually those building will be all over the place so I'm sure they occasionally use an old one for meetings or vacation spots

ID: 63a19  No.3214

File: 1436373042780.png (442.27 KB, 922x1198, dower023fweodspe392epdw993.png)

On the upside, Durkula won't be able to use their teleport orb…provided he didn't do anything to get it from V prior.

Downside, this is likely Belkar's last climb down from a cold place.

ID: 63a19  No.3316

File: 1437408690996.png (825.93 KB, 945x2322, eofr032jfr0qweodsogru3epds….png)

ID: 63a19  No.3445

File: 1438287959817.png (341.35 KB, 902x1194, fower04growqepads9dfsda995.png)


ID: 63a19  No.3542

File: 1438881217567.png (677.12 KB, 911x2321, gower034rref0weroqwepewrte….png)

Flung off a fucking mountain.

At least he didn't go down yelling.

ID: 63a19  No.3543


Addendum: Surely he prepared for his last encounter.

Don't think he can save Hinjo indirectly.

ID: 506d0  No.3544


Not sure if scowl is "Well fuck I'm dead because none of those assholes listened to me" or "When I get back up there I'm killing that fucking vampire".

ID: 2937b  No.3547

between 60 and 120 falling damage, plus the dire wolf bite and the window…

He's a high level ranger/barbarian that was raging…there's a slight possibility that he may have survived that fall.

ID: 2937b  No.3548

sorry, that's between 20 and 120, average 70

ID: 63a19  No.3569

File: 1439222575612.png (433.34 KB, 936x1194, hwefro32wfe023dpsqde3dwpoe….png)

Well shit.

ID: 506d0  No.3571


Welp. Time to start killing holy people.

ID: 63a19  No.3572


Knowing Roy, he'd talk them to death or into submission. Pretty sure someone dying from conversation doesn't constitute murder unless it's a word of death or something.

ID: 63a19  No.3589

File: 1439502508526.png (1.22 MB, 921x3466, iwer2fu3eowefp3ejdsoq2epdq….png)

That last bit must be to block out the noise of those insignificant to the gods.

Hell if God exists, this would probably be something he'd initiate just to stop hearing his name every time he pisses on the world from the clouds.

ID: 63a19  No.3655

File: 1440091823245.png (1.3 MB, 919x3449, jwpfjbncxsweotugndowpspfw2….png)

…Shit. Don't tell me the non-theistic get a vote too in the event of a tie.

ID: 63a19  No.3729

File: 1440734028142.png (1.52 MB, 1117x4133, ENGARDE MOTHERFUCKER.png)

STRIP 1000!

Give him hell Roy!

ID: 63a19  No.3730



Probably better battle music to go with what will ensue but…


ID: 9592b  No.3732


Ooo, time for Roy's anti-undead sword to earn its keep!

ID: a7976  No.3739


… You know, I forgot about that.

ID: b39cc  No.3741

Don't forget the spell disrupting sword tech.

ID: 566fa  No.3751

ID: 63a19  No.3752

File: 1441039455963.png (386.3 KB, 924x1194, Devotion to the Pragmatic.png)


Well the name of that song sure has it in the right.

ID: 63a19  No.3792

File: 1441299736174.png (405.29 KB, 931x1194, m32rtvqwepdf302pfasdodvq10….png)

Maybe now the forums will shut the hell up about the priests providing support.

ID: 9592b  No.3794


When did logically explaining something ever shut up someone who wanted to complain?

ID: 63a19  No.3796


The goal is not about shutting them up for good, it's better for them to constantly grasp at straws instead of thinking of cast as strawmen like they would be in a real D&D game.

I guess I'm just fed up with all the nitwits constantly trying to optimize a story instead of a game, comics like this and prequel would be boring as hell if they did the same thing we constantly do to get ahead while minimizing effort and strife in the process.

ID: 63a19  No.3849

File: 1441758191400.png (400.7 KB, 926x1194, nefw023fdwsdogf_risdpdivwe….png)

The ol' Energy Drain Bash attack makes it's triumphant appearance right after the spellsplinter maneuver.

ID: 515f2  No.3850

Two negative levels per slam must suck.

Of course, there is a bit of a problem. Does Durkon have a coffin within a day's travel? Because vampires are notoriously hard to put down for good if they do. 0 hit points, gaseous form, go back to bed.

Another thought. If he's in gaseous form, does he still count as being there for the Godsmoot?

ID: 63a19  No.3852


He likely doesn't have a coffin. Too suspicious to have one built since he lead them to believe he intended to be resurrected.

I also asked that same question, consensus says it does count so long as he can voice his opinion since gas is still physical.

ID: 63a19  No.3885

File: 1441984478974.png (489.46 KB, 902x1194, aasdoqwrsdfpqweisdf2ewfo2e….png)

Climbing tension indeed.

Such a shame he has gaseous form…being impaled like that would of ended this fight.

ID: 63a19  No.3910

File: 1442340489631.png (445.86 KB, 928x1194, bsdfoqwpsdf3pej1458skfowek….png)

Oh ho, divine intervention at play on High Priest of Balder's end.

Either Loki's, heimdall's, or Roy's Archon's handiwork.

ID: 63a19  No.3911


nevermind, by word of giant it's there to support the 'no backsies' rule by preventing a high priest from leaving.

He's calling for the ushers who may not really be there.

ID: 951b6  No.3917

with a good chance all of em dead

ID: 63a19  No.3992

File: 1442857986130.png (505 KB, 912x1194, c30efw2epsdawqei2esadiwqep….png)

Huh. Can a caster actually do that? Finish an invocation after a vocal interruption mid-sentence?

ID: fbbba  No.3995


He's gotta start running low on spells at some point, and every one he uses to hurt Roy is one less to heal himself with.

ID: 450ae  No.3997

Ouch, Harm hits like a truck.

Also yes, he can. I assume Roy had a readied action to attack on a spellcast, he took it, Vamp-Durkon made the concentration check.

ID: 63a19  No.4085

File: 1443607872998.png (864.41 KB, 916x2322, dad0q2idepasdpwqspfhwlf9ed….png)

I swear this vampire has a feat to channel negative emotion. Worst part though is waiting a week just for something this harsh.

ID: 7ff5c  No.4098

I was half-expecting Roy to hit back with a spell of his own.

He's the sort of guy who would multiclass.

ID: 3707e  No.4102


Yeah, but he'd have mentioned it if he did. Plus Roy kind of has issues with the idea of being a spellcaster.

ID: 515f2  No.4103

I remember him taking pride in being a single class fighter…somewhere.

ID: ee175  No.4104

there was the flashbacks and stuff when he was dead - Roy has mad daddy issues, and daddy was a wizard - so he really doesn't want to be like that

ID: 63a19  No.4173

File: 1444358590472.png (396.64 KB, 902x1194, eoir4sdf23rfiqewpdslsfp123….png)

Hummm. Does spell radius increase with size?

ID: 3707e  No.4179


Nope. It really only affects physical attacks and your AC.

ID: 515f2  No.4180

and your reach, if you're a biped.

ID: 63a19  No.4255

File: 1445269223209.png (814.67 KB, 950x2327, fewr32rfdx3qrpdfsq3osdfwqe….png)

Should of been careful what you wished for, vampire.

ID: 515f2  No.4256


ID: ab57c  No.4268



ID: a248f  No.4270

Iron Heart Surge!!

ID: 31eee  No.4342

File: 1445999002143.png (584.96 KB, 907x1194, g2rigmjw0djk2pditk2di4jdo2….png)

Pretty sure at this point it DOES run off his emotion.

Plus I'm sure Rich doesn't want to have to go through the tedious process of making these special effects for the next couple strips.

ID: 31eee  No.4412

File: 1446836897939.png (133.75 KB, 913x1194, h023ksdowqxzcgpej2osp2qkdo….png)

Well that was anti-climatic.

ID: 515f2  No.4413

Throw the sword at him?

ID: 31eee  No.4414


That is the obvious route. I was thinking of dispelling the barrier by putting the bag of critters in the field and opening it inside. Should dispel the barrier, plus would be totally hilarious.

ID: 31eee  No.4518

File: 1447699711067.png (855.85 KB, 923x2912, iwqxpqpcuthso39tjwo2di2osw….png)

Gotta hate it when things slow down like this.

Ah well, figured those fellows would be vamped for naught but evil intentions. Probably after that orb *sigh*.

ID: da4e9  No.4519


God fucking dammit, Burlew, not every story needs more twists than the center slot of a soft serve machine.

ID: 31eee  No.4600

File: 1448388789132.png (476.2 KB, 926x1774, jjjdqeodf2epdfsdkwqeppdf0t….png)

Vaarsuvius, you have chosen poorly in choice of bodyguard for your 'precious little bauble' (and his for that matter).

ID: e3faa  No.4601

Redcloak will probably jump in at the last second speaking for the dark one and vote in favor of saving the world.

ID: 31eee  No.4673

File: 1449117361906.png (384.73 KB, 912x1194, Good Ol Fashioned Nightmre.png)

ID: 31eee  No.4771

File: 1450115355282.png (330.81 KB, 935x1194, lmafsdowredsfow023ewfwqped….png)

He'll be climbing up the mountain when he comes…

ID: 4eb47  No.4782

Goliath Online

ID: 31eee  No.4800

File: 1450460439120.png (452.59 KB, 923x1194, mywoqwe02idpqwedkwpq2qew10….png)

So we aren't going to go through a whole book chasing his vampiric ass throughout the dwarven lands?

ID: 31eee  No.4801


Scratch that, this is still a chase through dwarven lands. Just means they are doing this completely without aid. Such a shame too, I actually would of liked the HPoT to help out on this vampire hunt.

ID: 515f2  No.4804

Huh, I was hoping that Redcloak would show up and help, since he's the proxy for the Dark One and all.

ID: ab57c  No.4805


This plotline isn't going to be resolved before 2020, is it?

ID: 31eee  No.4807


Nay, I think this plot arc is to serve as the consequence of Roy trusting the vampire, as well as Belkar's redemption and likely death.

As well as Durkon finally learning the values of self initiative, which will flow with replacing Belkar and his recklessness.

ID: 0e3cb  No.4964

File: 1451931918861.png (378.09 KB, 910x1194, nauyoipo99786yfoxpi2porpih….png)

You know, one of the sad things about this vampire is that all this diabolical shenanigans would be bad-ass if he had more character to him than being the HPoH (well now ex-HPoH).

ID: ab57c  No.4966


I'm really not sure it counts as a cunning plan if large parts of it revolve around "Ha ha our religion exists in a state of anarchy".

ID: d6182  No.5003

File: 1452540416557.png (594.09 KB, 928x1197, awefosdflqwe2wadl2dwqopwdk….png)


ID: d6182  No.5140

File: 1453147843777.png (475.9 KB, 902x1194, bbsefowerpads3ifqeodfsqwe1….png)

Yeah, at this point I'm not even sure how xykon will achieve the amount of satisfaction involved when it's his turn to go down for the count after this prick.

ID: d6182  No.5258

File: 1453503990118.png (335.6 KB, 923x1194, ccwerir3klefw32rowefpfdow3….png)

Truly, this familiar is among the worthy for that precious 'I have no idea what I am doing' meme.

ID: 515f2  No.5259

scroll mishaps are interesting. My favorite one is "The spell takes effect 1d12 hours later"

ID: d6182  No.5329

File: 1454344959339.png (460.98 KB, 939x1194, ddwei93r209fwopwkdjk2eiw0d….png)

Fashionably late is probably an excellent flaw to put on that list.

ID: d6182  No.5392

File: 1454965890979.png (420.66 KB, 943x1194, eepregfijr40sdfeqwlsdapqwe….png)

Such a nice way of saying "You aren't going to leave here on your own accord either one way or another."

ID: 515f2  No.5393

Can she wait until nighttime to leave?

ID: d6182  No.5394


That would would depend on the time the temple gets broken down, or if the civil agreement applies outside its walls. She will have a job getting out there without a few other high priests deciding it's in everyone's best interest to rid of Hel's pawn.

ID: d6182  No.5459

File: 1455322069589.png (422.27 KB, 919x1194, ffw4rop3qe84sdfl4fsdwqefby….png)

I'm surprised at the lack of interaction between Elan and Veldrina, considering both are dumb as hell and have their own straight man as a counter to their own personalities.

ID: d6182  No.5484

File: 1455667023940.png (391.61 KB, 906x1194, gg03fropqefdj23odfsjq2e0df….png)

A dubious spirit graces this comic strip.

ID: d6182  No.5527

File: 1456185582708.png (360.89 KB, 913x1194, hhef932wed0qe2dp2ewd0fdvuh….png)

Holy shit. The feels when you realize this is Rich's way of giving memorial to a dead forum member, and even gave him the honor of giving the main character a very powerful book (does a weapon of legacy count as a prestige class?). Again we say farewell to Wrecan.

ID: 515f2  No.5528

File: 1456185981026.png (3.75 MB, 1235x1608, BotLC.png)

Weapons of Legacy were featured in The Tome of Battle (Book of Nine Swords). It's basically a weapon that you do quests to form a bond to and it gets more powerful as you level up and do the tasks.

It ususally comes at a trade of attack rolls, a saving throw, and hit points for a wide variety of abilities.

Judging by Roy's temperment and what happend, it might be similar to The Blade of the Last Citadel

ID: 515f2  No.5529

Or I'm an idiot and they first appeared in the book "Weapons of Legacy" which, judging by the cover is the book that Roy was given.

ID: d6182  No.5583

File: 1456760853541.png (802.88 KB, 960x2322, iisrgij2430dqewidso0iwerfs….png)

ID: d6182  No.5695

File: 1457356804426.png (421.37 KB, 935x1194, jjwefioqwejsdfoqw03rfuqw0d….png)

Almost hurt his feelings there. Though I'm surprised Roy even thought of that before-hand.

ID: ab57c  No.5696


His characterization lately seems to be that he pretty much thinks of everything, but that this does not render his decision making infallible.

It's an interesting characteristic, actually. It's very tempting (or an unconscious flaw) for a writer to have the protagonist only make mistakes based on lack of information, lack of foresight, or events beyond their control. Having the hero basically say "I thought of that but made the wrong decision" is kind of refreshing, especially in the face of some of Burlew's other writing quirks.

ID: d6182  No.5760

File: 1458154084649.png (448.99 KB, 922x1194, kksefw3r0sdfq3weidscdfbgir….png)

I suppose we were due for an element joke for a change. And frankly, if they could afford a resurrection paying those pirates is easy fare.

ID: d6182  No.5815

File: 1458591513838.png (361.54 KB, 932x1194, llaeofdspqwmvb49yjhwxot3jd….png)

There is also that chance Durkon would get raised for free in return for the order saving the world from dying by vote rigging.

ID: d6182  No.5851

File: 1458955485948.png (392.21 KB, 921x1194, mmqo3ekidfsq2edaspfvqeifdg….png)

Ha, there'd of been a huge outrage if Rich didn't acknowledge the forum addressed named to the vampire (Durkula), especially after addressing the Banjo Conspiracy 3 strips ago.

ID: ab57c  No.5852


Durkon 1.0 versus Durkon Vista.

ID: 515f2  No.5853

Dr. Durkonsmertz and Durkon the Dwarfapus

ID: d6182  No.5895

File: 1459282165427.png (288.7 KB, 925x1194, nnfdo3qw043r8gfiewrosdfpew….png)

Heh, paladin pissing match. Near Santa's lair no less.

ID: ab57c  No.5896


Heh, this reminds me of how "the mythical underwater campaign" is a running gag in my gaming group. A reference to how 3.5e books seemed obsessed with providing potential spells, mounts, magic items, and everything for a campaign taking place under the ocean, but you never hear of anyone actually playing one of those.

ID: 515f2  No.5897

I actually ran one once. Characters were all aquatic races or other MM races like Sauhagin:

ID: d6182  No.5898


I've also heard of warforged who specialized in ocean floor travel, with bodies meant for enduring the crushing pressure and mobility to traverse with the least impairment from the gravity that be.

Personally, I find the issue with underwater campaign is that even with all the inclusion of materials and background to make it possible, it lacks a common thing that has solidified campaigns that take place with at least two feet on the ground: pop culture inspiration. Sure we have the likes of Aqua man, but in the big picture the doings of underwater aren't relate-able in fierce and glorious means unless it's on a boat, and modern concerns for it are usually environmentally involved.

ID: d6182  No.5968

File: 1459971098743.png (415.99 KB, 926x1194, aaaeroitjdgpow3rsdfiweerfg….png)

I'm gonna take a guess and say that's a snow orc riding on an artic drake.

ID: ab57c  No.5974


Welp, it was nice getting to know those poor doomed NPCs.

ID: d6182  No.6017

File: 1460669174950.png (383.9 KB, 913x1183, bbb3r9wefaopwdkqpe22froq2e….png)

Could also be a flying drake narwhal.

ID: 515f2  No.6018

File: 1460673302938.jpg (76.9 KB, 400x272, MM35_PG262.jpg)

I know what that is. It's one of these assholes. The Yrthak. Known for it's terrifying lack of both eyes and vowels

ID: e932e  No.6019

>Known for it's terrifying lack of both eyes and vowels

I see two. Vowels.

ID: d6182  No.6100

File: 1461357337454.png (538.73 KB, 926x1194, cccweo4krf32qieewf0riwqeds….png)

So our mystery attacker seems to be a chick. And our NPC paladins are stuck in a situation where their lives for once aren't at risk of fulfilling obligations yet have no other option but to risk them anyways for survival.

ID: d6182  No.6182

File: 1462280953662.png (825.92 KB, 997x2330, dddweriofiower329fe0fpvwds….png)

I know they have items on that protect them from the cold for the most part, but being wet in the cold is still hazardous to one's health is it not?

ID: ab57c  No.6183


Don't get into environmental modifiers, dude, it's worse than the grappling rules.

ID: d6182  No.6275

File: 1463412468003.png (318.31 KB, 902x1194, eeefr0dfg0w3riusdaoawsqrgh….png)

Makes sense he would, that hello kitty umbrella got all tattered after the explosion if I remember right.

ID: d6182  No.6316

File: 1463768962308.png (433.77 KB, 878x1194, ffflv0o3jw0dpwjqguyfdrohko….png)

Well he's certainly taking his lessons to heart.

ID: ab57c  No.6317


I like the dog.

ID: 515f2  No.6327

I always forget that Worgs can speak common. It would be good to remember the next time I run a D&D campaign. Just have a couple in pens and have them just randomly start a converstion with the players.

ID: d6182  No.6445

File: 1464707317640.png (419.16 KB, 912x1194, gggergioew0f32rijdflbfewri….png)

Well that'd explain why bugbears were not really a part of the goblinoid agenda in the long run until now.

ID: fa421  No.6449

Oh shit, I forgot about Nilbogs. For good reason, too.

ID: 515f2  No.6528

File: 1465379564674.png (771.17 KB, 937x2322, hhh320ruwpqsdjr3j20tuhhvfz….png)

Pick a door, Any Door.

ID: ab57c  No.6529


Someone's been watching the Addams Family movie lately.

ID: d6182  No.6586

File: 1466211516633.png (435.66 KB, 918x1194, iiiwretw3rjdsfowq2549546ut….png)

Well, Xykon got a new pair of boots out of this at least.

ID: ab57c  No.6589


It's basically level grinding, why complain?

ID: d6182  No.6614

File: 1466556208429.png (412.99 KB, 928x1194, jjjwetohohplmsxoxnwospwqgj….png)

The team's double agent!

But really, MotD has grown some character.

ID: 51843  No.6615

How is he holding the brush, the umbrella, and the bucket all at once?

ID: ab57c  No.6616


Umbrella's probably resting on his head or horns or whatever.

ID: d6182  No.6623


Alternatively, he could be balancing it between his head and shoulder if his anatomy is human based.

Or more than 2 hands, but really that's a discussion for the OOTS forums.

ID: d6182  No.6658

File: 1467248462245.png (365.85 KB, 923x1194, kkkkdf9werpdsfgvwqdposdkfp….png)

I spy with my paladin eye….

A pay what you want belkar short and the next OOTS book on PDF format.

ID: ab57c  No.6675


Seems to me they're kind of exposed up there, what if whatserface does another flyover?

ID: a99c0  No.6676

I think that's why they want to build up the snow bank some more. There's an overhang above them which blocks view from most angles and the extra snow on the bank should make spotting them from other angles difficult.

ID: d6182  No.6710

File: 1467818870783.png (327.83 KB, 922x1213, lllsefowerjudfgoqwepreifgj….png)

ID: d6182  No.6747

File: 1468514088581.png (406.21 KB, 914x1194, mmmsdfkiwero2pw2wdpqwfwqeh….png)

Truly there are some real hedonistic fantasies high up there on that mountain of dwarven platinum.

ID: d6182  No.6788

File: 1468970232750.png (330.12 KB, 902x1194, aewrosdfok3e21wedflpqwep3i….png)

And so returns Ghost Dad.

Outside of the calender anyways.

ID: ab57c  No.6790


I imagine him as voiced by John Mahoney.

ID: 51843  No.6792

That's actually a really good pick. I can hear it.

ID: d6182  No.6903

File: 1470078601874.png (389.97 KB, 926x1194, befoewpfwqdsdfioewrjqewpds….png)

Why it's the wizard who learns, Eugune.

The kind that learns whatever is outside that spellbook at least.

ID: d6182  No.6937

File: 1470698606589.png (370.66 KB, 913x1194, cosefiweqo2eodsodfsj4otkwq….png)

God damn, Roy's dad is such a munchkin. There is a reason I think no characters played by munchkins should be allowed access to good afterlives, especially not lawful good.

I know, he's not really DOING any blasphemous munchkin sorcery, but he's sure attempting to influence decisions of such degree. That still holds weight, especially when you are dead and unable to do much anyways.

ID: ab57c  No.6945


Honestly Roy's dad seems like he might be Lawful Neutral at best. Possibly bordering on Neutral Evil, if he hadn't actually seemed vaguely bothered by the dwarves winding up being tortured for eternity.

ID: d6182  No.6958

File: 1471033707312.png (328.99 KB, 923x1194, dowerkergpowqer3rfo3qp34y6….png)

Y'know it occurred to me: Eugene hasn't a clue the disappointment of bothering Julia would be, and I'm not just talking about the lack of power to fight Xykon.

She's probably being a miniature Sara in that academy over there.

ID: d6182  No.6973

File: 1471555114093.png (290.9 KB, 902x1194, egfpoy3902divp50yiw2hd0vfl….png)

*sniff* Man after my own heart, Elan.

ID: d6182  No.7012

File: 1472585403976.png (782.25 KB, 997x2344, fo30rjdfowkdfw3pyoujdheiwt….png)

Well, if Thor wasn't going to play fair I doubt a certain demi-god would either.

ID: d6182  No.7054

File: 1473287819794.png (670.96 KB, 919x1784, gl02jt94hdowribopsifwo0ftj….png)

Very nice indeed.

ID: ab57c  No.7059


Ah, every Rogue's favorite spell.

ID: d6182  No.7089

File: 1473770935256.jpg (67.12 KB, 480x640, IMG_3313.jpg)

ID: d6182  No.7106

File: 1473977897892.png (450.85 KB, 917x1194, hsfowerp2ed3094irgpwdkewfo….png)

Definitely the second one, considering the competence track record.

ID: ab57c  No.7112



ID: d6182  No.7157

File: 1474473828888.png (388.32 KB, 909x1194, ir923r4regtjqwekqop3riogt9….png)

And of course belkar joins the fray, with style no less.

ID: ab57c  No.7163


That… is actually a really good Belkar moment.

ID: d6182  No.7247

File: 1475548538721.png (359.51 KB, 916x1194, jdfsiwr983hfoqwekfroqweh49….png)

Heh heh, this is just turning out to be all sorts of fun. Also, interesting panel make-up.

ID: d6182  No.7292

File: 1476476689396.png (482.5 KB, 886x1194, kwefiqwerh3ew9r30ewrudsfjq….png)

First Trend Problems.

ID: d6182  No.7340

File: 1477346122980.png (758.51 KB, 928x2322, lsfdiweru3djf9qwe3hwefidfs….png)

And it couldn't last.

ID: d6182  No.7411

File: 1477950166909.png (429.25 KB, 915x1194, msdfewr39rfj2eq0dfsuewrda4….png)

Heh heh…Eternal Pit of Mild Spring Temperatures.

ID: d6182  No.7455

File: 1478537422054.png (422.14 KB, 893x1194, nsdfiweroqwdedsfoewrjt34it….png)

We could sure use a halfing-barbarian rage attack to keep him a wee bit more busy right now…

ID: 51843  No.7457

Does this count as a callback? or just an improvement on an old technique.

And they call it a waste of a feat.

ID: d6182  No.7541

File: 1479244577328.png (493.39 KB, 902x1194, odjergiewrkqewovdjdamscaiw….png)

Jeez, why can't the good gods have this sort of coordination with their followers? I get that it's a comic about a ragtag gang of incompetents but this is becoming way too stacked at this rate.

ID: ab57c  No.7554


It's always been pretty clear that Burlew is the sort of guy who cheers for the villain, and that's reflected in his writing.

ID: d6182  No.7658

File: 1480968214370.png (825.19 KB, 902x2322, pwerifvjwero329fjkqwedmcni….png)

Ship casualties inflicted.

ID: d6182  No.7753

File: 1482285081264.png (445.79 KB, 908x1196, qirfgjwero3ejkdsoq23pe32ef….png)

Not sure if giant is still holding on, but I'm pretty sure he isn't or won't be for long with a fan blade sawing at his arm like butter.

ID: d6182  No.7925

File: 1484004686247.png (467.38 KB, 921x1197, rweriowkrpsdofg0tr654iq3eo….png)

Wow she done fuck up at the worst time.

ID: 51843  No.7928

This sets a terrible precedent for chain of command. "captain is always right" is generally the go to in emergency situations. Fight about it later.

ID: 7160a  No.7945

would this count as "technically fixing the problem?"

ID: d6182  No.7947


Depends if it gets them into town instead of sustaining too much damage to even get repairs should they turn around to get out (while already deep in).

Also went on the forums to see the discussion over it. People as usual forget that being good means bisecting Andi isn't an option. If you ask me, all the crew members will still get paid EXCEPT for Andi, who's pay will instead go towards paying for a healer for Bandana (who will probably have to wear a bandana over her head for the lump that will briefly occur). It seems the most rational for a Lawful Good take for failure due in part to insubordination.

Provided the crew doesn't lie for her.

ID: d6182  No.8045

File: 1484690874698.png (396 KB, 921x1194, sgp507ugbclsbheowt0hjjwbfo….png)

Well Bandana is still alive at least.

ID: d6182  No.8163

File: 1486000009823.png (440.07 KB, 890x1195, twer0325t8wedodfkjthr0junp….png)

Well ain't this a repeat of 'Don't Split the Party'.

ID: ab57c  No.8165


Gee, it's almost like you're not qualified to lead, you dumb bitch.

ID: d6182  No.8200

File: 1486589225382.png (418.07 KB, 902x1194, u4ijhfdgo4w90rsd03ejg9w4ei….png)

The answer is water, actually. Though it'd be 'fluffy' in texture for what it's worth.

ID: d6182  No.8269

File: 1487694877307.png (442.35 KB, 923x1194, vweirjsdfopqwepqwekdfspowe….png)

Coming from a head engineer? That's pretty petty considering her job probably requires her elsewhere than just on the deck with the navigator.

ID: 51843  No.8352

File: 1489083112974.png (827.62 KB, 910x2320, wijkdgroew4fjnpesfkes4wevg….png)


ID: d6182  No.8353


If it weren't for the fact that we still had some feet on the ground, I'd call this one a game over right on the mark.

ID: ab57c  No.8358


I would seriously not be surprised if Roy kills the bitch.

ID: d6182  No.8372


Right? Pretty sure a man of Roy's knowledge stature would have a heart to heart with her about 1) Crew Safety and Consideration 2) Ship Integrity and Physics and 3) Chain of Command. Considering the current situation however, he'd be more productive untying Bandanna so she can do what he can't without self defense: BITCH SLAP HER INTO A COMA.

ID: d6182  No.8478

File: 1489603542946.png (420.8 KB, 915x1194, xorg0w4rjdf0w3hgpoerj096sd….png)

Oh hey, we are back on this ride again. Don't split the party 2.0, now with environmental mechanics (and giants instead of hobgoblins).

ID: ab57c  No.8482

File: 1489612013169.png (245.64 KB, 855x570, TGFB_-_2017-03-15_16.06.31.png)


Aaaaand I'm out.

ID: 51843  No.8483

Eugh, I guess it's in vogue right now. Doesn't make it any less cringey

ID: d6182  No.8485


It was all I could do to ignore the crap that got spouted on the top half. Hell it doesn't even belong, especially towards a dude who acknowledged she was made of stronger stuff than her colleague.

I swear, Elan better pull a Sephiroth on her if Roy inevitably fails at whatever diplomatic opportunity this repressed fit of gender bias brings up.

ID: d6182  No.8592

File: 1490905529156.png (422.13 KB, 926x1194, ysfojergjwepordsdfokpwieru….png)

I'm guessing star-struck is more akin to the swirly eyed variety than it is the swirly star variety.

ID: d6182  No.8657

File: 1491848060029.png (354.85 KB, 919x1200, Bro-tag.png)

Well it wasn't the aeris re-hash I was hoping for, but it was still pretty bad-ass by Elan standards.

ID: 51843  No.9016

File: 1495144996699.png (389.07 KB, 902x1194, aasdfgkisefpawekfglqasdefk….png)

Well this has gone totally tits up. This is just trying to hand paddle down shit creek without capsizing

ID: fc607  No.9017


Kind of like our presidency.

ID: fc607  No.9067

File: 1495681104400.png (311.33 KB, 924x1198, bbrlgitwep3q_5itr_wreoqwp_….png)

Can probably put 'Time towards saving the world' and 'Confidence in usurped leadership' in there as well.

ID: fc607  No.9077

File: 1495833653356.png (361.72 KB, 922x1194, ccewf0ewfrh_53wroewfjq2dsf….png)

ID: fc607  No.9089

File: 1496088313540.png (664.26 KB, 932x1782, ddlgfhothrwassasassstgpthl….png)

Finally, took about…8 strips for things to properly look up.

ID: fc607  No.9131

File: 1496704528674.png (765.76 KB, 902x2376, eeodfgjr439540efgherwowqej….png)

Hmmm, can probably get his sword now.

Pretty sure she'll survive the fall though.

ID: fc607  No.9173

File: 1497631834331.png (977.36 KB, 933x2910, ffeiotety04345y98werofgdjd….png)

Heh, that is actually really clever of Julio to do for his ship.

ID: fc607  No.9201

File: 1498335837488.png (417.89 KB, 904x1194, ggweopdfjkweorjmdclvclghpa….png)

He really does need to get a weapon chain at this point. Even if it's a bitch to draw all the time.

ID: 58a57  No.9202

Maybe a locked gauntlet or some kind of summoning charm

ID: 58a57  No.9203


This is the spell I was thinking of…oh but it's conjuration. The school V is prohibited from

ID: fc607  No.9237

File: 1498937707222.png (632.13 KB, 997x2322, hhefoiwefrkqwepdsa_q_dfgje….png)

Sword Angst rant followed by denial of negative character development.

ID: fc607  No.9250

File: 1499288028698.png (443.33 KB, 916x1204, iisdfiwrjdsf043jgdfadmvcxb….png)

Ha, that made me laugh out loud there for real. Screw the abbreviation, seems more of a courtesy than an expression.

ID: fc607  No.9265

File: 1499543518237.png (454.28 KB, 949x1194, jjsafdiewrmsaccxvlpweqw3r9….png)

Well as far as motives go, that one is pretty reasonable for a demi-god.

ID: fc607  No.9270

File: 1499717394386.png (403.4 KB, 915x1194, kkwerfghewrio2fewjbnfdvpoe….png)

Hmmmm, unless it's fast acting I don't see this strip-filler joke being any threat when a cure disease spell (or heal?) is just a chapel away.

ID: fc607  No.9271


Addendum: re-reading it, it's also irrelevant if Belkar is going to die. Mr. Scruffy will most likely follow him to his grave.

ID: fc607  No.9284

File: 1499972025121.png (442.9 KB, 917x1194, llsdfjsdpw3dsw3opxpvbmnb39….png)

Wait, so did this deal actually exist in the actual norse mythology or is this an oots thing?

ID: fc607  No.9295

File: 1500317169142.png (498.8 KB, 914x1194, mm303985uewjs3932urejdfkco….png)

Hmmmm, this deal actually makes sense as to why honorable dwarves worship Thor, who has more in common with Chaotic Good than he does Lawful Good.

ID: fc607  No.9324

File: 1500590385103.png (459.19 KB, 902x1194, aaawfeoiqweprgei403q2_21ow….png)

Wew, straight into morbid.

ID: f51c9  No.9430

File: 1501381077580.png (435.1 KB, 916x1194, bbbdfioeqr3tguwoqedfkfdlqw….png)

ID: f51c9  No.9431

File: 1501381088716.png (682.99 KB, 934x1784, cccewfodfgp3er0f4iq23eldsp….png)

ID: 51843  No.9432

They are ignoring that, Since it's the safest room in the building, that's where all the dwarves are holed up.

ID: fc607  No.9433


Assuming Thor managed to get word out to the other clerics anyways. I'd assume the high priests are the ones who the gods communicate through to the rest of their clergy and I'm pretty sure the summit they are currently in is stil blocking telepathic communication.

Then again, Lord thyrmm managed to get a bunch of frost giants to throw boulders at the Mechane so it's possible they do in fact know.

ID: 51843  No.9435

No, I mean as a standard safety drill. "If monsters attack, book it to the temple of Thor"

ID: fc607  No.9441

File: 1501530759033.png (427.86 KB, 960x1194, dddwerokewrcvjm54956uydfjs….png)

This seems to be a pattern, the context of their dialogue relies on reference of the lives of their captives while their motives are not. It is like the opposite of a moral event horizon, where the character would change his/her outlook on an ultimate event yet instead of the character themselves taking up this change someone else hijacked their pivoting moment and is now riding them as a back seat driver.

ID: bc411  No.9444

I see it more as they see the events but don't have any empathy so they can only guess at the reason for the events

ID: fc607  No.9451

File: 1501803121320.png (682.51 KB, 919x1194, eeeer4935reoweqwekdfgty594….png)

Or perhaps Vaarsuvius confirming their gender.

ID: fc607  No.9481

File: 1502158570164.png (884.56 KB, 926x2321, fffewfowefpwqcxcvrgekwqp4t….png)

Well he's getting craftier with his memory usage, that's for sure.

…Not sure what the vampire has against smell of refuse though, typically the vassal of plague and death tends to be immersed in the smell of recently purged bowels from the death that caused it (provided there is still a body to provide that refuse).

ID: fc607  No.9504

File: 1502393844056.png (294.52 KB, 916x1194, ggg30efoefkads03lbgbbbsdpe….png)

Now arriving at Firmament.

ID: f51c9  No.9505

Hee, flumphs.

ID: 51843  No.9509

Well, if everything of value is underground then they'd hace to go below ground to invade anyway

ID: fc607  No.9522

File: 1502734892128.png (410.97 KB, 917x1194, hhhef0q3epds43t6y3edspcxvl….png)

And once again, Elan works on attracting all the insults thrown at him.

ID: fc607  No.9740

File: 1508192365656.png (657.28 KB, 926x1593, fweijrw0dfgtyj3wefdsfpoqwr….png)

Can it not be dismissed though?

ID: 51843  No.9744

Well, now we know that V (and presumably the rest of the party) is 17th level.

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