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File: 1497422623233.jpg (978.28 KB, 800x1608, LL0536.jpg)

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ID: 66670  No.9544

File: 1503221494399.png (842.03 KB, 1500x1894, silkiefuck2a.png)

I'd used an older ref when I went to do his hair change, and it was the image series with cocoa and pepper. and I'm not the best at doing canine cocks. A normal version though

ID: d0803  No.9545

Editor, would you mind if I make my own edit to one of your edits? I plan to use the Sage edit for a quick tail and hair change into my opossum OC :3 I'm no good at digital drawing so already semi shaded grey fur on a chalo edit is the closest I'll get to my opossum in there, might as well try to go the whole 9 yards

ID: 66670  No.9546

Not a problem :) If you want, I can put a dropbox link to the sai file if you want to recolor directly on that

ID: 8d170  No.9547


Not the same anon but could I also get the original file? I'd like to make an edit of this too, though I dont know if Clip Studio Paint can open a sai file, CSP uses Clip files.

ID: 66670  No.9548


A psd link, it should open up in photoshop, sai and csp (I don't have the latter but I think it can open psd files)


There's folders for miles and randal which can recolor as needed. Just make sure to make the right layer visible in the outlines folder for whichever character base you want to use

ID: 77429  No.9549

We need more of this.

ID: d0803  No.9550

Ill be posting my opossum edit later, Ive been going at it with the fill bucket and pens, but the link is appreciated!

ID: d0803  No.9551

File: 1503285277858.png (803.19 KB, 1500x1894, becfuck.png)

Its not done yet, but what do yall think?

ID: 66670  No.9552

File: 1503288380539.png (317.16 KB, 1500x1894, silkieopposum.png)

Try these as replacement outlines (just copy paste into whichever program you're using and put it at the top of the layer list and turn off/delete the original outline layers)

ID: d0803  No.9553

>>9552 So I didnt use layers.. I just kinda drew over what was there x3 I'm not exactly sure how I'd get rid of my old outlines

ID: 8d170  No.9555

File: 1503292825285.png (852.57 KB, 1500x1894, silkiefuckRC.png)

Here's my take, my OC plowing Sarah. I would've tried to alter the tail to be a curled fluff husky tail but it would've resulted in having to figure out the connection point for his butt and the hay.

That and I cant really emulate Chalos style.Other than that it's really more of a recolor.

ID: 66670  No.9556

Ah, you're using something like paint then? you'd need a program like gimp or sai in order to use layers (or photoshop of course but that's a bit more to download). I can give it a recolor if you want though, won't take long

ID: d0803  No.9557

File: 1503294472765.png (340.45 KB, 1560x1768, Bequerel2art.png)

I would be forever in your debt if you'd be willing. Heres a reference for colors and such. If you want to edit the hair so its slightly more mohawkish that'd be excellent, but in my head I can justify the long hair, so if you don't want to, dont fret :3c

ID: 66670  No.9558

File: 1503295451767.png (855.45 KB, 1500x1894, silkieopposum.png)

That's a bit too much to really just edit, it's a full head redraw which also means hands, legs and neck. But a recolor is quick and easy enough at least.

ID: d0803  No.9560

I figured but asked in case. That color job is stellar, thank you my friend :3

ID: 8d170  No.9561

File: 1503323095788.png (391.78 KB, 1780x1056, LDRRef.png)


I hate to ask but only because I cant emulate the style, you think you can make >>9555 more close to my OC?

ID: 5222b  No.9562

File: 1503339119980.jpg (884.76 KB, 800x1608, LL0541.jpg)

ID: 66670  No.9563

File: 1503346176732.png (798.96 KB, 1500x1894, silkiefuckH.png)

Last one. I saw what people did to the last guy that was doing chalo edits so I'm not going to get dumped with all of that like he was. I hope this looks ok though

ID: 8d170  No.9564


Dont worry, that's really all I wanted.

ID: 9cced  No.9565

File: 1503424919680.jpg (92.63 KB, 800x1035, DH2J_KJXYAQXjf6.jpg)

ID: 9cced  No.9567

File: 1503544035829.jpg (496.02 KB, 800x890, tumblr_ov64l5BDkK1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: f4a29  No.9569

>Minos actually grinning


ID: 8ce10  No.9570

>>9569 not grinning, has his mouth around her nipple. That's the curve of his bottom lip in an "O" shape.

ID: 1f3d9  No.9571

It works either way.

ID: 5222b  No.9573

File: 1503617171769.jpg (474.46 KB, 700x843, tumblr_ov64h7TNIX1r0ajyoo1….jpg)

ID: 506ed  No.9574

File: 1503629466554.gif (922.18 KB, 600x776, ezgif-1-898b3af4d3.gif)

ID: 77429  No.9576

Thicc legs!

ID: 2a181  No.9577

File: 1503819987484.jpg (825.85 KB, 800x1608, LL0542.jpg)

ID: 77429  No.9578

All that cheesecake. Thank you Chalo.

ID: 11485  No.9581

What a delightful turn of events

ID: d8562  No.9582

File: 1503971081631.jpg (122.78 KB, 700x855, tumblr_ovfbe321Pp1r0ajyoo1….jpg)

ID: d8562  No.9583

File: 1503971095768.jpg (115.41 KB, 700x855, tumblr_ovfbe321Pp1r0ajyoo2….jpg)

ID: d8562  No.9584

File: 1503971108849.jpg (131.4 KB, 700x855, tumblr_ovfbe321Pp1r0ajyoo3….jpg)

ID: 9cced  No.9586

File: 1504008669289.png (1.74 MB, 1335x2717, TaffyNOBG_u18chan.png)

ID: af721  No.9607

File: 1504541737526.jpg (722.77 KB, 800x1524, KH0061.jpg)

New Knighthood page.

ID: 1f3d9  No.9613

File: 1504789135128.jpg (119.72 KB, 800x1115, AtHP_ZZOffer.jpg)

ID: e68f0  No.9614

I suspect there's a follow up in the planning…

ID: 57c15  No.9615

Has anyone else noticed Alej's belly seems to be steadily growing?

ID: 7e7ce  No.9616


Chalo has mentioned on stream he is maiing them more different to each other. Mora is becoming more toned and will have a six pack and Alej will be thicker, borderline fat.

ID: 57c15  No.9617

>Mora is becoming more toned and will have a six pack

…From doing WHAT?

ID: 8ccef  No.9618


ID: e90d5  No.9619

chalo just goes through a style change as usual. that's it. nothing very serious

ID: 57c15  No.9620

If that turns out to be the actual excuse given for how the hell Mora could be ripped, I might just have an aneurysm.

ID: 5de25  No.9622

File: 1504824383891.png (7.63 MB, 3900x2550, CowandMouse.png)

Since nobody posted this yet.

ID: 2e551  No.9623

you'd also be taking it too seriously

ID: 9cced  No.9629

File: 1505110628193.jpg (1.02 MB, 800x1608, LL0543.jpg)

ID: 77429  No.9631

And she's dead. Time for Randal to get a new gf.

ID: 9cced  No.9637

File: 1505438290455.jpg (582.29 KB, 800x1389, tumblr_owapvoIQ6a1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: 0e14b  No.9642

File: 1505714606699.jpg (785.41 KB, 800x1608, LL0544.jpg)

ID: 57c15  No.9644

Okay, yes, they're the most adorable and perfect couple ever and Taffy's literally insane if she says no to getting married. Can they do any other tricks?

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