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File: 1497422623233.jpg (978.28 KB, 800x1608, LL0536.jpg)

ID: d4ca5  No.9159[Last 50 Posts]

ID: 5222b  No.9161

I forgot all about Ailana, tbh.

ID: 57c15  No.9164

I think we all kinda did. It seemed like she served her purpose, somehow "proving" Din is right and true love doesn't exist by…hugging Idward, then she was just gone for a couple years.

ID: cfb8c  No.9168


I'll do you one better: I forgot this entire arc existed.

ID: 59025  No.9169

wow, they seem to have a lot of these character types, huh?

ID: d5671  No.9170

File: 1497559431046.jpg (239.47 KB, 800x2520, AtHP_ModelingCow.jpg)

ID: 9cced  No.9182

File: 1497844830038.jpg (659.06 KB, 800x1524, KH0058.jpg)

ID: 57c15  No.9183

Oh no, not…those guys that we totally didn't see the needless slaughter of coming from a mile away.

ID: 0a207  No.9186

File: 1497873911942.jpg (181.84 KB, 907x1280, 1cc7a7221be7f4ed379d093b81….jpg)

ID: 6e493  No.9188

File: 1498077546557.jpg (510.35 KB, 905x700, 1498019335.chalodillo_pete….jpg)

From his FA.

ID: d8562  No.9196

File: 1498252056643.jpg (149.87 KB, 896x1280, MVKzYJ4.jpg)

This just popped up on FA, commissioned by Chalo himself.

ID: 0a207  No.9197

File: 1498260572844.jpg (181.91 KB, 1280x837, f9d425442cb4fa5460e7e074da….jpg)

ID: 6c218  No.9198

File: 1498282137692.jpg (994.48 KB, 800x1608, LL0537.jpg)

ID: ca55f  No.9200


So what scary ass book is that supposed to be? Family album?

ID: af721  No.9204

Well, according to Chalo's comments on the page, it might be a book about "old legends".

ID: 57c15  No.9205

So… Why the ominous framing of that shot?

ID: f4a29  No.9206


I think it's because it's Taffy realizing that Sarah is blowing off her studying.

ID: 42a8b  No.9207


Or Taffy is secretly an ancient demon and sees the book as something that could prove her existence, so thus IT MUST BE DESTROYED.

ID: d4ef8  No.9211

File: 1498459109664.jpg (21.79 KB, 459x460, bb_book.jpg)


Just be lucky that it isn't this book.

ID: 57c15  No.9212

Sadly, I don't think I'd be surprised at this point.

ID: 5ad83  No.9239

Hey, did we ever get the full pic/ color of the Naerie facial?

ID: e68f0  No.9240

What now?

ID: d33df  No.9257

File: 1499438681095.png (396.64 KB, 1000x1000, 1111.png)

This right here. Please!

ID: 5222b  No.9258

File: 1499465868481.jpg (276.78 KB, 600x776, 1499392365.chalodillo_reik….jpg)

ID: af721  No.9272

File: 1499782221787.jpg (297.91 KB, 700x2520, DJ AtHP post.jpg)

ID: 57c15  No.9275

Kinda surprised he did this, considering Id already apparently got pretty peeved when Curran wrote them as incestuous in the comic because he never intended them to be in a sexual relationship.

ID: b4e4c  No.9282


I dont know what specific incident you're talking about here. I don't think I ever got peeved at Curran as such.
However, me getting peeved never stopped porn from being drawn.

But it's a moot point since I'm no longer a member of the Las Lindas team. When I left in 2014 the only character I kept ownership of was Nina. Din and Jin aren't mine anymore.

ID: 57c15  No.9283

I seem to recall you had taken issue with him writing them that way in the bit where they apparently start going at each other off-panel once a single bite of cupcake turns Jin insta-drunk and has a totally different but equally mind-altering effect on Din.

Yeah, in retrospect, that whole page was kind of a hasty, unfocused mess.

ID: 9cced  No.9294

File: 1500301016601.jpg (1.03 MB, 800x1608, LL0538.jpg)

ID: 27ce6  No.9296

File: 1500352154411.jpg (103.27 KB, 480x1200, DE_UGAvVwAAKXEM.jpg)

ID: 57c15  No.9297

So are we actually supposed to feel anything for them or something?

Cause like… This came entirely out of nowhere, after Chalo decided some random porn pic is canon.

ID: f4a29  No.9298


The more important question is, do any of us give a shit what you personally feel?

ID: e68f0  No.9299

cute. The new High Prime meets her boyfriend at a rave, gets cozy with him, makes the tabloid headlines

ID: f744a  No.9300

are we gonna have a repeat of " is the blog shower scene canon" again?

ID: 3feea  No.9301

Here's a better question, why did she turn into a turtle in the second picture?

ID: a8e63  No.9303

Fuck off, tranny.

ID: 57c15  No.9304

Are you telling me you DO feel anything for them?

No, because there's no question about it this time.

ID: 27ce6  No.9305

why does it matter? it's just some porn chalo wanted to put out. it doesn't matter if you feel something for them or not.

ID: f4a29  No.9306


Heya Mike.

Heard you got doxed over at Kiwi Farms, how's that goin' for ya?

ID: f4a29  No.9307


It's just a sexy picture, my man, and you're demanding to know whether it's supposed to spark a deep emotional reaction from you because Reasons.

Rein in your 'tism a tad.

ID: 57c15  No.9308

Actually I didn't "demand to know" anything, I casually asked why we're supposed to care, but whatever you say.

ID: f4a29  No.9309


Rein it in, boy, rein it in.

ID: 27ce6  No.9310

people care less about the couple and more the fact that it's chalo porn. That's it. There's nothing more to it.

ID: ac742  No.9311

Why do you need to care about a random porn pic? Either it was a commission or Chalo decided to draw some smut. It's not the fucking Mona Lisa.

ID: dc485  No.9318

Omg Naerie, she is a favorite of mine, her sexual side is unique unlike all the other girls and she is special. Won't lie there is something sexy about being emotionless in sex

ID: 9cced  No.9320

File: 1500573705405.png (471.34 KB, 700x988, DFMSbZlXgAAzbt3.png)

ID: dc485  No.9327

There is no chance there will be a nude version of this with horsecocks and their cum everywhere is there?

ID: f7c7e  No.9328

You know there's more to a pornographic picture than just adding an arbitrary amount of cocks and semen?

ID: 62f01  No.9329

What the hell? How would that work with the pose? Would she be running through them as they hose her down like a car wash? Or maybe they're all just sprouting out of the ground, haphazardly spraying cum in all directions, and she's prancing through the field of wild horsecocks like it's a hot summer day?

ID: dc485  No.9330

Horsecock cum wash!

ID: 9cced  No.9402

File: 1500943149541.jpg (70.42 KB, 893x600, DFiQ6EkXYAEymcD.jpg)

ID: f2790  No.9414

File: 1501163912683.jpg (659.53 KB, 800x1524, KH0059.jpg)

ID: 5222b  No.9415

I'm curious as to what Hope has been up to.

ID: f4a29  No.9416


Read a random chapter of Naruto and it's probably a decent summary.

ID: ee8b2  No.9417

No. Hope is the twotiming shojo protag

ID: 1c109  No.9419

File: 1501234304684.jpg (871.95 KB, 800x1608, LL0539.jpg)

ID: 57c15  No.9423

Oh, please let her be about to remember her original reason for even working here and PLEASE let her decide she wants to get back to it…

ID: 5de25  No.9424

I have no love for LL or Knighthood, but they've gotten to the point where SK and Curran could sneeze and you'd all act like they bombed an orphanage.

ID: 57c15  No.9426

SK finished writing for the comic with the end of the shitty Miles-gets-everything-he-hasn't-earned arc, and go ahead, point out where ANYONE has acted like that in this whole thread. Actually, point out where anyone's acted like that at all, cause that sounds suspiciously like the same ridiculous hyperbole that always gets spouted by someone whenever LL is criticized.

ID: a675a  No.9427

do you really want people to pull up the past threads of you blowing shit out of proportion

ID: f4a29  No.9428


lol calm down

ID: 10079  No.9434

I just don't understand how a comic that can't update weekly has a side comic.

ID: 27ce6  No.9436

they alternate. Las Lindas gets its updates, then Knighthood gets its updates

ID: d8562  No.9437


I believe it was hinted, at one point, that Chalo might bring LL to a close and start up a new 'project' focusing on his Neo-Earth series. Hence, he's using these bonus arcs to further expand upon and develop the lore and material he could use, in the future.

ID: 9cced  No.9442

File: 1501534182909.jpg (87.08 KB, 600x776, DGFpmnKXkAEixOl.jpg)

ID: 9cced  No.9443

File: 1501534194930.jpg (75.54 KB, 600x776, DGFppPWWAAAtMKk.jpg)

ID: a8214  No.9445

Anyone happen to have saved the old bonus comics not available anymore? Like Lost Kittens and such?

ID: d8562  No.9453

File: 1501815215239.jpg (154.57 KB, 800x1679, trsFermYXu5NvdGmsM_eUZXK-n….jpg)

ID: f2790  No.9454

File: 1501835150714.jpg (399.87 KB, 1600x2448, t2P8FWHxlWHNjScCBNoYwgtTeB….jpg)

ID: f2790  No.9455

File: 1501835173557.jpg (286.09 KB, 600x705, 1501524053.chalodillo_jun0….jpg)

ID: a9241  No.9463

File: 1502017939497.jpg (909.76 KB, 800x1608, LL0540.jpg)

ID: 7a3df  No.9464


Well that was… awkward.

ID: 9fe25  No.9465

Yeah, Sarah's thong kind of undercuts the intended weight of the last panel.

ID: 7a3df  No.9466


The weight feels forced, too, like we just keep getting this story of angst that escalates higher but is delivered kind of almost offhandedly and no one's really reacting to it very well, including the person telling it.

This did not convey the intent well.

ID: 57c15  No.9471

>The opportunity was gone.

Yeah, except for the fact that you started working here to save up to go back.

And then that got dropped like a sack of bricks for no reason.

In fact, here's some good questions someone else raised about all this:

1. How little is she making working at Las Lindas? If she feels after nearly two years that she has to give up trying to go back, then clearly she was indeed better off working at that diner.

2. Alternately, how horribly expensive are the colleges on this continent, and are there no tuition payment plans?

3. Are there no online courses or community colleges in this world?

All things considered, I think I sympathize with her a bit LESS now because of how forced and poorly thought out this all feels.

ID: cf753  No.9473


Spoilers, the 'plot' was nothing but TnA all along.

ID: 57c15  No.9475

I also just realized, when the fuck did Taffy suddenly get so humongous that Sarah placed next to her looks like Rachael with Minos? Seriously, look at how much bigger than Sarah she's been drawn in the most recent pages, especially in that last panel and the first panel of the previous page, she'd be towering over Sarah when they stand up.

ID: f2790  No.9485

File: 1502245757484.jpg (127.4 KB, 600x733, tumblr_otznpdirOU1r0ajyoo1….jpg)

Speaking of Taffy…

ID: f2790  No.9486

File: 1502245903925.jpg (134.2 KB, 600x733, tumblr_otznpdirOU1r0ajyoo2….jpg)

ID: f2790  No.9487

File: 1502245922284.jpg (97.14 KB, 600x733, tumblr_otznpdirOU1r0ajyoo3….jpg)

ID: f2790  No.9489

File: 1502246248655.jpg (271.02 KB, 600x733, tumblr_otznpdirOU1r0ajyoo4….jpg)

ID: 9cced  No.9490

File: 1502248730306.jpg (171.8 KB, 800x1224, DGvdxXdUwAESiHy.jpg)

ID: d8562  No.9491

File: 1502310169629.jpg (233.03 KB, 800x1177, tumblr_oufpw6RTVQ1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: 76e30  No.9492

Countless pictures prove otherwise.

ID: edec5  No.9493

>>9492 ok I need to know…

Do you have any idea what not canon means?

ID: 35ef6  No.9494


I'm surprised Randal's not there.

ID: 57c15  No.9495

Oh wow, so you mean to tell me Miles and Rachael DIDN'T fuck immediately after being forced together? That's surprising.

What isn't is that Miles is acting the same as ever. Nice to see how much he's allegedly changed for the better, fellas!

ID: 10079  No.9498

Even if the pictures aren't canon, it is kind of weird to see them taking dick and grinding pussies but in the actual comic they haven't done any of it. Not to mention that some of the pics are canon? And the Ask Ambar could also be considered not canon therefore the answer could also be not canon?

Ah who cares, porn is good, canon or otherwise.

ID: 3957e  No.9499

I consider that porn art non canon unless openly stated non canon, I see these ask as getting to know a bit more background information of the universe or characters thus "only canon at this time"

ID: 57c15  No.9500

I think the Ask blog stopped being non-canon once it got used to inexplicably upgrade Digit, dump a bunch of worldbuilding exposition onto us, progress Ambar's pregnancy along to childbirth and then to the point of the newborn appearing to be several months old despite this not fitting with the comic's timeflow at all, and have Alej and Tootsie canonically get intimate right after ending up together.

ID: e68f0  No.9502

Okay if you like the idea of chicks that just lie there and take it. She strikes me as being very cold fish in the sack, only wanting the guy to just get it over with, give em a good pat on the back and say "well done. But I got work to do now"

ID: 57c15  No.9503

I think what makes it a bit worse is we know she's only portrayed this way now because Maud Pie. Just like how Ann suddenly became a really dumb Applejack.

ID: d8562  No.9507

File: 1502407417329.png (155.3 KB, 360x274, Rei_Ayanami_OP.png)


Is it confirmed that she was based off of a MLP character IIRC, Chalo has had Naerie around as far back as his VCL days.

Heck, I thought she was based of Rei, from Neon Avangelion, when we first saw her personality (or lack thereof).

ID: 57c15  No.9508

No, I mean specifically how she's portrayed NOW.

ID: 9cced  No.9513

File: 1502467550873.jpg (129.35 KB, 600x1314, DG7Rc6mVoAQMlHi.jpg)

ID: 39022  No.9516

That dude's submissive.

ID: 9cced  No.9519

File: 1502704615024.jpg (722.75 KB, 800x1524, KH0060.jpg)

ID: 5de25  No.9521

File: 1502734758242.png (41.09 KB, 500x124, steak.png)

ID: 57c15  No.9523

Not sure that's so much steak as it is Anime Meat, but

ID: 49a48  No.9524

File: 1502746908868.png (158.88 KB, 498x278, 431.png)

ID: 2136c  No.9529

File: 1503045178556.png (442.29 KB, 1500x1894, sarah.png)

ID: a1e9a  No.9531

File: 1503087004027.png (799.72 KB, 1500x1894, silkiefuck_0_u18chan.png)

ID: 57c15  No.9534

Thought that was Miles at first, but it couldn't be, that dick's nowhere near sad enough.

ID: 76e30  No.9535

"I'm a virgin!"
> one week later
I know, "NON-CANON," whatever. Doesn't make it any less silly.

ID: 66670  No.9536

File: 1503190630366.png (403.77 KB, 833x500, DHUMqUCXUAQtYEQ.png)

ID: 8ce10  No.9537

>>9535 Yeah but that's not chalo's work. Not that he wouldn't draw something like that.

ID: afd20  No.9538

Chalo posted the sketch on twitter. It's his work: https://twitter.com/Chalodillo/status/895163591560769536

ID: 666aa  No.9539

File: 1503197581369.png (717.52 KB, 1500x1894, silkiefuck2_u18chan.png)


Sweet edit, man! Have a non-Randal color edit.

ID: 66670  No.9540

File: 1503197864102.png (810.46 KB, 1500x1894, silkiefuck3.png)

here go sage, since i can work off the edited sai file for colours

ID: 57c15  No.9541

The hell's wrong with his dick?

ID: 7b45e  No.9542

>>9539 It popped and formed a massive hematoma from trying to support the weight of a fully grown woman with his dick.

ID: 66670  No.9544

File: 1503221494399.png (842.03 KB, 1500x1894, silkiefuck2a.png)

I'd used an older ref when I went to do his hair change, and it was the image series with cocoa and pepper. and I'm not the best at doing canine cocks. A normal version though

ID: d0803  No.9545

Editor, would you mind if I make my own edit to one of your edits? I plan to use the Sage edit for a quick tail and hair change into my opossum OC :3 I'm no good at digital drawing so already semi shaded grey fur on a chalo edit is the closest I'll get to my opossum in there, might as well try to go the whole 9 yards

ID: 66670  No.9546

Not a problem :) If you want, I can put a dropbox link to the sai file if you want to recolor directly on that

ID: 8d170  No.9547


Not the same anon but could I also get the original file? I'd like to make an edit of this too, though I dont know if Clip Studio Paint can open a sai file, CSP uses Clip files.

ID: 66670  No.9548


A psd link, it should open up in photoshop, sai and csp (I don't have the latter but I think it can open psd files)


There's folders for miles and randal which can recolor as needed. Just make sure to make the right layer visible in the outlines folder for whichever character base you want to use

ID: 77429  No.9549

We need more of this.

ID: d0803  No.9550

Ill be posting my opossum edit later, Ive been going at it with the fill bucket and pens, but the link is appreciated!

ID: d0803  No.9551

File: 1503285277858.png (803.19 KB, 1500x1894, becfuck.png)

Its not done yet, but what do yall think?

ID: 66670  No.9552

File: 1503288380539.png (317.16 KB, 1500x1894, silkieopposum.png)

Try these as replacement outlines (just copy paste into whichever program you're using and put it at the top of the layer list and turn off/delete the original outline layers)

ID: d0803  No.9553

>>9552 So I didnt use layers.. I just kinda drew over what was there x3 I'm not exactly sure how I'd get rid of my old outlines

ID: 8d170  No.9555

File: 1503292825285.png (852.57 KB, 1500x1894, silkiefuckRC.png)

Here's my take, my OC plowing Sarah. I would've tried to alter the tail to be a curled fluff husky tail but it would've resulted in having to figure out the connection point for his butt and the hay.

That and I cant really emulate Chalos style.Other than that it's really more of a recolor.

ID: 66670  No.9556

Ah, you're using something like paint then? you'd need a program like gimp or sai in order to use layers (or photoshop of course but that's a bit more to download). I can give it a recolor if you want though, won't take long

ID: d0803  No.9557

File: 1503294472765.png (340.45 KB, 1560x1768, Bequerel2art.png)

I would be forever in your debt if you'd be willing. Heres a reference for colors and such. If you want to edit the hair so its slightly more mohawkish that'd be excellent, but in my head I can justify the long hair, so if you don't want to, dont fret :3c

ID: 66670  No.9558

File: 1503295451767.png (855.45 KB, 1500x1894, silkieopposum.png)

That's a bit too much to really just edit, it's a full head redraw which also means hands, legs and neck. But a recolor is quick and easy enough at least.

ID: d0803  No.9560

I figured but asked in case. That color job is stellar, thank you my friend :3

ID: 8d170  No.9561

File: 1503323095788.png (391.78 KB, 1780x1056, LDRRef.png)


I hate to ask but only because I cant emulate the style, you think you can make >>9555 more close to my OC?

ID: 5222b  No.9562

File: 1503339119980.jpg (884.76 KB, 800x1608, LL0541.jpg)

ID: 66670  No.9563

File: 1503346176732.png (798.96 KB, 1500x1894, silkiefuckH.png)

Last one. I saw what people did to the last guy that was doing chalo edits so I'm not going to get dumped with all of that like he was. I hope this looks ok though

ID: 8d170  No.9564


Dont worry, that's really all I wanted.

ID: 9cced  No.9565

File: 1503424919680.jpg (92.63 KB, 800x1035, DH2J_KJXYAQXjf6.jpg)

ID: 9cced  No.9567

File: 1503544035829.jpg (496.02 KB, 800x890, tumblr_ov64l5BDkK1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: f4a29  No.9569

>Minos actually grinning


ID: 8ce10  No.9570

>>9569 not grinning, has his mouth around her nipple. That's the curve of his bottom lip in an "O" shape.

ID: 1f3d9  No.9571

It works either way.

ID: 5222b  No.9573

File: 1503617171769.jpg (474.46 KB, 700x843, tumblr_ov64h7TNIX1r0ajyoo1….jpg)

ID: 506ed  No.9574

File: 1503629466554.gif (922.18 KB, 600x776, ezgif-1-898b3af4d3.gif)

ID: 77429  No.9576

Thicc legs!

ID: 2a181  No.9577

File: 1503819987484.jpg (825.85 KB, 800x1608, LL0542.jpg)

ID: 77429  No.9578

All that cheesecake. Thank you Chalo.

ID: 11485  No.9581

What a delightful turn of events

ID: d8562  No.9582

File: 1503971081631.jpg (122.78 KB, 700x855, tumblr_ovfbe321Pp1r0ajyoo1….jpg)

ID: d8562  No.9583

File: 1503971095768.jpg (115.41 KB, 700x855, tumblr_ovfbe321Pp1r0ajyoo2….jpg)

ID: d8562  No.9584

File: 1503971108849.jpg (131.4 KB, 700x855, tumblr_ovfbe321Pp1r0ajyoo3….jpg)

ID: 9cced  No.9586

File: 1504008669289.png (1.74 MB, 1335x2717, TaffyNOBG_u18chan.png)

ID: af721  No.9607

File: 1504541737526.jpg (722.77 KB, 800x1524, KH0061.jpg)

New Knighthood page.

ID: 1f3d9  No.9613

File: 1504789135128.jpg (119.72 KB, 800x1115, AtHP_ZZOffer.jpg)

ID: e68f0  No.9614

I suspect there's a follow up in the planning…

ID: 57c15  No.9615

Has anyone else noticed Alej's belly seems to be steadily growing?

ID: 7e7ce  No.9616


Chalo has mentioned on stream he is maiing them more different to each other. Mora is becoming more toned and will have a six pack and Alej will be thicker, borderline fat.

ID: 57c15  No.9617

>Mora is becoming more toned and will have a six pack

…From doing WHAT?

ID: 8ccef  No.9618


ID: e90d5  No.9619

chalo just goes through a style change as usual. that's it. nothing very serious

ID: 57c15  No.9620

If that turns out to be the actual excuse given for how the hell Mora could be ripped, I might just have an aneurysm.

ID: 5de25  No.9622

File: 1504824383891.png (7.63 MB, 3900x2550, CowandMouse.png)

Since nobody posted this yet.

ID: 2e551  No.9623

you'd also be taking it too seriously

ID: 9cced  No.9629

File: 1505110628193.jpg (1.02 MB, 800x1608, LL0543.jpg)

ID: 77429  No.9631

And she's dead. Time for Randal to get a new gf.

ID: 9cced  No.9637

File: 1505438290455.jpg (582.29 KB, 800x1389, tumblr_owapvoIQ6a1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: 0e14b  No.9642

File: 1505714606699.jpg (785.41 KB, 800x1608, LL0544.jpg)

ID: 57c15  No.9644

Okay, yes, they're the most adorable and perfect couple ever and Taffy's literally insane if she says no to getting married. Can they do any other tricks?

ID: 02229  No.9652

had to find something to complain about, didn't you?

ID: 9cced  No.9659

File: 1506192511275.jpg (766.33 KB, 800x1524, KH0062.jpg)

ID: 57c15  No.9661

Cause this story wasn't cliche-loaded enough yet.

…Wait, the fuck is a "drongo"?

ID: 5de25  No.9664


It's Australian slang for idiot.

ID: ca55f  No.9667

File: 1506372858084.png (1.62 MB, 3000x2500, 2042264_cainesart_miles_ra….png)

Miles being the chick for this sausage party.

ID: 9cced  No.9668

File: 1506380023504.jpg (659.26 KB, 800x977, tumblr_owuw9hXAlO1r0ajyoo3….jpg)

ID: 9cced  No.9669

File: 1506380042230.jpg (452.51 KB, 800x977, tumblr_owuw9hXAlO1r0ajyoo1….jpg)

ID: 9cced  No.9670

File: 1506380062823.jpg (594.44 KB, 800x977, tumblr_owuw9hXAlO1r0ajyoo2….jpg)

ID: 9cced  No.9671

File: 1506403092455.jpg (596.08 KB, 800x1389, tumblr_owvfv1pmeh1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: 5222b  No.9687

File: 1507046776655.jpg (2.98 MB, 1552x2560, GuestofHonorHD.jpg)

Almost forgot about this.

ID: 51b0f  No.9688


Kinda makes me nostalgic for my old fursona.5

ID: d22ea  No.9694

File: 1507265180330.jpg (855.52 KB, 800x1608, LL0545.jpg)

New page

ID: 57c15  No.9696

Okay, please tell me Sarah doesn't actually think Randal's trying to resuscitate Taffy. Because if she does, good job, Chalo, you've negated your own efforts to convince us that Sarah isn't stupid.

ID: 6b67f  No.9697

well all this complaining you do and Sarah are about the same level of stupid at this point

ID: 57c15  No.9698

Explain how that was a complaint or stupid to bring up.

ID: 77429  No.9699

More "exhibitionism" fetish? Nice.

ID: f4a29  No.9700


It was a complaint, it was a complaint about the way Sarah's written.

This time it just happens to be an entirely valid one. Especially since you can't tell since her writing is terribly inconsistent.

ID: 9cced  No.9703

File: 1507685204912.jpg (507.21 KB, 800x1199, tumblr_oxmtrt6iSI1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: 77429  No.9704

>Bald Minos
We need more of him.

ID: 8ce10  No.9705

No we don't. This monstrosity should never see the light of day again.

ID: 32870  No.9706

Smallest goatee ever, courtesy of Minos' fucked up face.

ID: ca55f  No.9707


Luke Cage? At first glance I thought he was Avery Brooks.

ID: 9cced  No.9717

File: 1507909682719.jpg (719.18 KB, 800x1608, LL0546.jpg)

ID: 57c15  No.9718

They haven't been together for a year though, so is he referring to the time he's been there altogether, half of which wasn't spent as her boyfriend?

ID: 77429  No.9719

He's going to knot her.

ID: 57c15  No.9720

Well first, he doesn't have one. Second, why the hell does this need to end with fucking?

ID: 58577  No.9721

because thats how some people are…

ID: 77429  No.9722

She ain't pure.

ID: 57c15  No.9723

BatB wasn't canon, you realize this, right?

ID: 77429  No.9724

She might have the trope in which a pure girl has a crazy fetish. Maybe she's into BDSM.

ID: 57c15  No.9725

Or maybe you're way too hopeful.

ID: 77429  No.9727

Who knowns. Chalo could just show the sex then.

ID: 57c15  No.9728

Again, why does this scene NEED to turn into that? You that desperate for another full page of porn?

ID: 77429  No.9732

Only said that because it looks like it's leading towards it.

ID: 57c15  No.9733

It really doesn't though. That's what you're choosing to see it as.

ID: 77429  No.9734

Doubt it, especially since it was after that making out session. But, I'm indifferent either way on how it's going.

ID: 57c15  No.9735

So you think them kissing in the last page means they're almost certainly going to fuck within the next couple of pages.

Yeah, okay.

ID: 77429  No.9736

It's kind of a red flag since it happened with Minos and Mora in that BBQ.

ID: 57c15  No.9737

Taffy isn't Mora. Who was halfway undressed DURING that scene, she didn't even want to wait.

ID: 77429  No.9738

Didn't say Taffy is a slut. Just that Chalo could be hinting at them having sex.

ID: f2f03  No.9739

To all the people bitching,do you realize couples do have sex right? Like, a healthy sex life is an important part of a relationship?

Or are we going into the manga territory of "muh waifu must be pure" ?

ID: f4a29  No.9741

File: 1508199756401.png (106.61 KB, 331x260, aasluttery.png)


Girls are either pure pure pure things with no libido because they're virtuous angels (Taffy) or they're slutty demon sluts who corrupt and defile everything with their sluttiness because dirty sex slut bitch (Mora).

Apparently. Or something.

ID: 77429  No.9742

We need Mora to corrupt Taffy again. Soon, she'll no longer be a virgin.

ID: 9fe25  No.9743

This is the vibe I always got from people who hate Mora. Like, they're fans of Alejandra, Rachael, and Taffy because they don't like women who like sex or some shit.

ID: 58577  No.9745

I blame society beating it into people that theres only A and E, and ignore B-D

ID: 57c15  No.9748

Literally no one said that. This is about people who apparently think there's absolutely no other way for this scene to end than with these two hardcore fucking because apparently Taffy's life is completely unfulfilled if she doesn't get plowed onscreen for all to see before the comic ends.

…Who the fuck said anything against Mora? I stated a mere fact, that Taffy isn't like her. You take that as hatred? And my god, the mental gymnastics you're doing to figure out why people like those other three, you could win a gold medal with those flips.

ID: 3b99c  No.9750

>Taffy's life is completely unfulfilled if she doesn't get plowed onscreen for all to see before the comic ends.

nobody said that either

ID: d5d25  No.9755

Full pic or color version??

ID: 10079  No.9757

The problem is that people are taking a poorly written comic so seriously. Unlikable characters, lackluster story, convoluted backstory for what should be a slice of life comic full of fan service. Arguing about characters? Blame the writing. Arguing about continuity and story? Blame the writing.

This comic is only really good for the art and porn. A more competent writer can make it more than that. And the bonus comics are completely unnecessary if the main comic isn't even updating every week.

There are better comics to take seriously. This isn't one of them.

ID: cf753  No.9758

This. Precisely this. I don't think it could have been said any better.

ID: 77429  No.9759

New pasta?

ID: f4a29  No.9760


To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Las Lindas. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical farming most of the jokes will go over a typical reader’s head.

ID: 77429  No.9761

Hate the meme, but damn it made me chuckle.

ID: 95be3  No.9763

It’s true though I’m a secret genius and not at all a terrible writer.

ID: e8aaf  No.9769

File: 1508547564754.png (1.49 MB, 1807x1280, geeckupizzasexEDIT.png)

Whoops forgot the pic.

ID: 57def  No.9770

File: 1508552777852.jpg (453 KB, 1807x1280, 1508547564754 improved.jpg)


I can't help with your request, but I did improve her hat.

ID: 77429  No.9771

Kek! Best waifu.

ID: d8562  No.9773

File: 1508730978091.jpg (131.15 KB, 1169x900, DMyTe_1U8AAAcMV.jpg)

ID: d8562  No.9774

File: 1508739084381.jpg (363.82 KB, 800x1264, tumblr_oy9i7qYcCZ1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: e68f0  No.9775

Pizza boy strikes again!

ID: d5d25  No.9777

This one looks easier to edit, so soon my oposs will strike again x3

ID: 5222b  No.9782

File: 1509035419566.jpg (725.55 KB, 800x1524, KH0063.jpg)

New Knighthood

ID: 77429  No.9784

>Never miss
Just why?

ID: 9cced  No.9785

File: 1509058436196.jpg (809.12 KB, 800x1608, LL0547.jpg)

ID: 57c15  No.9786

Wait, "I told myself I was never going to be like her, but then I met you"? So… You ARE going to be like her?

ID: 77429  No.9787

Here comes the long-term relationship.

ID: 27ce6  No.9788

She means that her mother wasn't in love with the idea of getting married and possibly not really with taffy's father in general. she did so because she thought she had to, not because she wanted to. As a result she was in a shitty marriage where she had kids because she needed to before "time ran out" for her so to speak and took it out on Taffy and possibly the others.

If Taffy gets married because she, in story, decides she truly wants to marry Randal because she's ready, then she's dodged becoming her mother. Same thing if she decides to have kids

ID: d6f1d  No.9790


I felt this could've been stronger if Taffy/her brothers were an accident. Maybe they were triplets (or quadruplets? I forget how many she had) and her mother was super religious. Maybe she got married because she was pregnant. Just my two cents on that is all..

ID: 57c15  No.9796

Something else I realized, why do they keep talking like it was love at first sight or something? Their first actual interaction we saw was Taffy threatening Randal over shampoo. And again, it hasn't even been a year since they met, let alone since they started dating.

ID: f4a29  No.9797


While I do think the writing here is pretty weak I also have to say to all the "It hasn't been that long since they met" crowd that you just need to get over it.

Stuff happens at an accelerated pace in webcomics. Now, things can still wind up rushed and forced through bad writing (see: Miles and Rachel), but complaining that it didn't take these two in-universe years to start and/or progress a relationship is ignoring that to do so would take something like a decade of comics (especially as slow as Las Lindas tends to update) if not more. Having things occur at slightly higher speeds than they typically do in real life is a normal and standard part of any webcomic. I think given the fact that Taffy and Randall aren't the main characters, we've still been given a (mostly) adequate glimpse of their time together to establish them as a loving couple, even if this could have been done with a bit more grace and eloquence all the same.

ID: 57c15  No.9799

I'm not even just talking about Taffy giving in to the notion that she needs to get married ASAP, I'm talking about the fact that Chalo seems to have forgotten that it hasn't been very long. On the previous page, they literally imply they've been together for a year, when they've barely even KNOWN each other for a year, let alone that they've only been dating for a few months.

I know, forgetting the comic's lore is a running theme with Las Lindas' writers, but still.

ID: 8fbd2  No.9801

There was a time skip or two. After Alej's breakdowm. And another after mora and alej entered a business partnership. A few months each time. But a few months twice ammounts to a year

ID: 57c15  No.9805

It hasn't been a year, dude. They haven't even reached fall again yet and Sarah's still 18. And the timeskips at those points weren't that huge either, those ranged from a few days to a few weeks. You can't seriously be telling me you think an entire year went by between Alej regaining her sanity and Sunny joining the cast.

ID: 9fe25  No.9806

It's the end of summer, right? And what does the end of Summer mean?

ID: 57c15  No.9809

That they're reaching the point where it's almost been a year since the festival. That still means it's been under a year since Randal even came to the farm. Your claim was that a year passed between them getting together and the job interview chapter. And if you were trying to have a "gotcha" moment by getting me to say it's fall, "end of summer" means "end of summer", and we know thanks to Alej that it isn't fall yet, so oops.

ID: 666aa  No.9824

File: 1509379617072.png (1.41 MB, 875x1334, 1504849916.rishi-chan_chal….png)


Because given Chalo's track record, the possibility of censored fucking is there and you'd have to be blind or a pure follower to deny the possibility.

Until then, have this artist interpretation.

ID: 77429  No.9827

Knotted. And thank you, devil.

ID: 9cced  No.9828

File: 1509387915633.jpg (107.3 KB, 680x880, DNZq750VAAAu7cd.jpg)

ID: 9cced  No.9831

File: 1509425767638.jpg (77.37 KB, 680x880, DNbzMa5W0AEE_OU.jpg)

ID: 0826b  No.9834

File: 1509619595524.jpg (118.39 KB, 1275x825, 77f1e17a-772c-40f5-9cf5-65….jpg)

dem thighs

ID: 9cced  No.9835

File: 1509644721509.png (716.09 KB, 1250x666, 1509567274.mastergodai_ele….png)

ID: e4c92  No.9842

File: 1509959849250.png (1.47 MB, 1360x1760, tumblr_oyxg5nsSjs1r0ajyoo1….png)

ID: 5222b  No.9845

File: 1510083180194.jpg (164.41 KB, 680x880, tumblr_oyxg5nsSjs1r0ajyoo2….jpg)

ID: 27ce6  No.9853

File: 1510312416818.jpg (211.62 KB, 800x1608, LL0548.jpg)

I guess that robe is coming off or he's going to propose next update. Or both

ID: 9cced  No.9854

File: 1510335919638.jpg (361.88 KB, 800x1264, tumblr_oz7oevkfoH1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: 57c15  No.9855

It's obviously the proposal. Y'know, the thing she was already being pressured into going through with early in the previous arc, and the thing Mora's willing to drive the farm to bankruptcy over. It's kind of an obvious, rushed-in yet somewhat major plot point.

Fucking seriously, people.

ID: 10079  No.9858


He proposes while she's expecting some sex. She says "yes" with this disappointed look on her face. He doesn't realize what she was expecting.

ID: 57c15  No.9867

Why would she be expecting that, and what makes you think that's what she's talking about? What indication has she even given that she's a sex-before-marriage type, aside from being a character in Las Lindas?

ID: 85f25  No.9868

Holy shit the Taffy waifu-ism is strong with the anonymous in this thread.

ID: 10079  No.9869


Why would you care? The writing is shit.

ID: 77429  No.9871

First wedding, then taking the knot.

ID: 57c15  No.9873

How in the fuck do you get that from what's being said? This isn't "Taffy must never have sex", you tool, it's "Stop being so creepily obsessed with the notion that she absolutely MUST be fucked by the end of this scene."

Why do people also keep saying that about a character whose dick isn't canine? Seriously, we've seen Randal's dick, it's every bit as human as every other one Chalo draws.

ID: 77429  No.9874

Not him, but the other Anon did pointed out of Chalo showing censored sex between characters before in the comics, so it wouldn't be a surprise if he'll do it again.

ID: 85f25  No.9875

Why are people so creepily obsessed with the notion that she absolutely must NOT fuck Randal at the end of this scene?

ID: 57c15  No.9876

Cute, you think you actually have a point by turning a valid point back around against me.

ID: 85f25  No.9877

There's been an equal amount of back and forth in this thread from people who think the scene might lead to sex (which is a completely normal way to express intimacy towards someone) and people vehemently against the idea that it might lead to sex ("it's totally against her character," "it's too soon, she's not ready," "of course they're going to have sex in this comic," etc.)

ID: 57c15  No.9879

Okay, so explain what about Taffy's character, the overall theme of her and Randal's relationship arc, or even their current conversation suggests that it would make perfect sense to insist that she's about to strip her bathrobe off and bluntly request a plowing right then and there.

Without citing a non-canon softcore bonus comic, pointing to "I'm ready" and quibbling about every potential meaning it could have, or using the phrase "Because sex is a completely normal way to express intimacy."

ID: 9fe25  No.9881

Because the adrenaline rush of almost drowning, and being rescued like a heroine from a bawdy romance novel by her boyfriend whom she loves made her all hot and bothered.

your turn. Explain why you're so obsessed with Taffy remaining untouched by a man without using the phrase "Because it's out of character" or complaining about the writers.

ID: c8e67  No.9882

wait, why isn't taffy saying she's ready a good enough reason for them to have sex?

ID: 57c15  No.9885

>Explain why you're so obsessed with Taffy remaining untouched by a man

I'm not. Way to once again entirely misread everything I'm saying for the sake of turning a legit point into "lol look at this fuckin pathetic taffy fanboy" when I don't even particularly like her though.

And regardless of whether that's valid reasoning or not, although I don't feel it is, pretty sure an experience like that isn't an aphrodisiac so powerful it makes people change character on a dime, she seems to have had enough time to come back down from the incident, especially since this conversation really doesn't look like it's headed in that direction.

ID: 57def  No.9886


Let the autism flow…

ID: 9cced  No.9891

File: 1510928938686.jpg (81.32 KB, 1200x876, DOvQlMlVQAAVeXT.jpg)

ID: 77429  No.9893

Guess that's why Miles want her.

ID: 57c15  No.9894

Because of her ass? Yeah, pretty much.

ID: 77429  No.9895

Nope. Flipping the bird.

ID: 1ba43  No.9908

File: 1511325995208.jpg (809.13 KB, 800x1524, KH0064.jpg)

Grace does a thing.

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