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File: 1498446056708.jpg (396.11 KB, 825x1075, 20170624.jpg)

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Old thread's not bumping, so here's another.
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ID: 2bfed  No.10282

Tom was trolling people in the stream while he was drawing this, saying that if Zen got an infection, magic would be useless against it because no one in the setting has knowledge of bacteria and the actual mechanisms of disease.

ID: 2bfed  No.10291

File: 1515981074072.png (888.5 KB, 1600x1068, SNJ9dnMcy6drbQQOKqsCLRdYJ6….png)

ID: 87b21  No.10297


Forbidden techniques are the best techniques

ID: 2dc31  No.10298

Dem ankles.

ID: 2bfed  No.10327

File: 1516306711801.jpg (469.17 KB, 825x1075, 20180118.jpg)

ID: 5e776  No.10329


Smoke 'erbs erry day.

Wasn't aware herbs had an analgesic effect. I assume most hurt like a bitch upon application.

ID: 5e776  No.10420

File: 1517224912873.jpg (460.09 KB, 825x1075, 20180128.jpg)

royalty huh? Does that mean there is an equivalent of a peasant dragon? I mean, they are probably lizards and not actually dragons but that distinction is still pretty relevant.

ID: dfeed  No.10429


Do Kobolds exist in this universe?

ID: b2ea2  No.10434


Do lizardmen count? And if they aren't keidran does that mean they aren't anthros, and are just lizards?

ID: 2bfed  No.10470

File: 1518051555697.png (1.14 MB, 1600x1668, SsIdtXPzs2reLB0xaYofsoefCq….png)

The prompt for this was "Keidran Mrs. Nibbly welcomes Sythe to bed." Tom started the picture over from scratch twice, and one version featured Mrs. Nibbly giving Sythe bedroom eyes and biting her lip.

ID: 2dc31  No.10471

File: 1518156229739.jpg (443.48 KB, 825x1075, 20180208.jpg)

Dragon GGILF

ID: 2dc31  No.10472

Sorry, "GGGILF"

ID: 505d5  No.10487

File: 1518718854287.png (6.23 MB, 2400x2552, two kinds futa.png)

Saved before it was deleted on e621

ID: b2ea2  No.10488


What was it deleted for? They have plenty of edits on there.

ID: 2dc31  No.10490

File: 1518756064568.jpg (440.87 KB, 825x1075, 20180215.jpg)

speaking of this comic, page update. Boop da snoot.

ID: 2bfed  No.10501

File: 1519080483209.png (1.04 MB, 1554x1346, KsY4UHrkqWUgJWD5CQ5dzMxXZn….png)

Thirsty Therie.

ID: 2bfed  No.10514

File: 1519337016478.png (1.31 MB, 1600x1480, therie.png)

ID: 2bfed  No.10515

File: 1519337033284.png (1.34 MB, 825x1075, reni.png)

ID: 2dc31  No.10516

Their tails are on the front.

ID: 2bfed  No.10530

File: 1519607883676.jpg (710.7 KB, 1080x1440, 661339e9eaebba1f7f7b2dda0e….jpg)

ID: 2bfed  No.10542

File: 1519859900603.png (1.97 MB, 1554x1346, CNrrt-3-Q5LWTWcAFCAwJgUy6J….png)

ID: 2bfed  No.10547

File: 1519965032158.jpg (412.86 KB, 825x1075, 20180301.jpg)

ID: 2bfed  No.10555

File: 1520200716948.png (1.82 MB, 1600x1480, 735fbbfc9d0bcdbcdb9072d6e6….png)

ID: 2bfed  No.10556

File: 1520208718390.png (717.95 KB, 1253x705, theriedaniels.PNG)

Tom: "Boy is Daniels going to be surprised when the envoy comes back next year +1"

ID: 2bfed  No.10577

File: 1520699795485.png (1.08 MB, 1600x1114, gt1x2TdaRQa0Wvy9kY4AdhFORJ….png)

ID: 2bfed  No.10578

File: 1520699811422.png (180.68 KB, 767x560, 18420079503178719162.png)

ID: 2dc31  No.10579

File: 1520721311225.jpg (393.76 KB, 825x1075, 20180310.jpg)

Cool effect.

ID: 2bfed  No.10588

File: 1520980747802.png (940.92 KB, 1600x1122, txiDhlILKUTvf3BxzAwd8mekGS….png)

ID: 2dc31  No.10595

File: 1521110898139.jpg (476.18 KB, 825x1075, 20180315.jpg)

We know that there's more to nibbly than meets the eye.

ID: dfeed  No.10597

The question is…

Autobot or Decepticon?

ID: 95052  No.10601

Maximal, clearly.

ID: 2dc31  No.10628

File: 1521892516305.jpg (376.09 KB, 825x1075, 20180324.jpg)

Family? Ex?

ID: 2bfed  No.10631

Cousins. Although this is the first time Euchre has appeared in the comic in ages.

ID: 2bfed  No.10633

File: 1522003821835.png (1.09 MB, 1441x1600, yMelR5kZisbt4CJmS7OQiPryiS….png)

ID: 2bfed  No.10642

File: 1522102414261.png (1.9 MB, 1600x1114, iCSeqANLSsvDI93eEhLYTZgB3H….png)

ID: 2bfed  No.10660

File: 1522534650885.jpg (402.7 KB, 825x1075, 20180330.jpg)

ID: 2bfed  No.10674

File: 1522885698150.png (1.09 MB, 1698x1011, 3DlKyQQnz8VcFAGeIfS75s6KAn….png)

ID: 2bfed  No.10693

File: 1523108723623.jpg (505.09 KB, 825x1075, 20180407.jpg)

Carver not floating dead in space. I am disappoint, but there exists the possibility for action with hot Basitin girls.

ID: 87b21  No.10694


So I guess these are the half-naked free-love Basitins on the other island.

ID: 1170c  No.10696


This comic confuses me. How comes those girls wear clothes even if they are on an island and look kinda tribal, yet several just go completely naked in the more civilized areas?

ID: 2bfed  No.10697

Different standards of morality. Keidran (tigers, wolves, etc.) generally go lightly clothed, if at all; Basitin (the rabbit-like creatures here) are typically far more conservative and overdress to the point that they have very little exposed. These may be a less puritanical offshoot.

ID: 87b21  No.10700


I'm pretty sure it was specifically said at one point that there are two Basitan cultures, and that the other is basically the other end of the spectrum to the puritanical "Don't show your ANKLES you filthy slut!" ones we saw.

ID: 2bfed  No.10706

File: 1523315948421.jpg (688.13 KB, 1440x1440, 35e5f5c0a9ae7e7cbdb58e192e….jpg)

I was waiting for Tom to do something like this, but it looks like Heresy beat him to it.

ID: 2bfed  No.10733

File: 1523762125977.jpg (468.99 KB, 695x900, JustDoIt_u18chan.jpg)

ID: 2bfed  No.10738

File: 1523933723019.png (1.22 MB, 1077x917, FloraMeetsTentaclesofInapp….png)

ID: 2bfed  No.10739

File: 1523933737354.png (1.07 MB, 1333x835, NatKeithV1_u18chan.png)

ID: 2bfed  No.10740

File: 1523933750390.png (1.07 MB, 1333x835, NatKeithV2_u18chan.png)

ID: 83248  No.10745

File: 1524170254752.png (695.63 KB, 1464x1600, 70b97b19e2487bbd713b08313f….png)

ID: 2bfed  No.10751

File: 1524320713100.jpg (399.55 KB, 825x1075, 20180420.jpg)

ID: 2dc31  No.10754

File: 1524431085228.jpg (353.68 KB, 825x1075, 20180422.jpg)

Zenkat shipping incoming?

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