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File: 1498866653199.jpg (143.85 KB, 495x750, STH47.jpg)

ID: 347db  No.9229

Rumors have been swirling for months that Archie Comics' long-running Sonic the Hedgehog series has finally been cancelled after 25 years of continuous publication and just a few months shy of its 300th issue. Things have been up in the air for a while, but new information (as of May) suggests that the series is all but dead, and no issues are due to be released in the upcoming months. The reasons given are a combination of clash with Archie's company culture (Archie management has apparently been wanting to "get away from" Sonic for a while), Archie's other series not doing well, and hefty licensing fees paid to Sega, which has reportedly been asking for more money.

The attached picture is from the beginning of the "Endgame" story arc, what was probably the comic's single best storyline.

ID: 83637  No.9230

Just great another piece of my childhood dead. Ugh at least it had good run and the story was incredible and well written at least from what I remember.

ID: 51465  No.9231

Eh, sometimes, other times it was pretty meh and other times it just got plain awful.

What especially doesn't help is that the writers all seem to have no idea how to write most of the characters that didn't originate in the comic.

ID: 347db  No.9314

The other shoe just dropped. Archie Sonic is officially toast.


ID: c6418  No.9317

From what it reads yea Archie isnt gonna be doing more comics, seems whatever between Archie and Sega may have been pretty bad. Mainly cause this actually cause SEVERAL arks to now be hanged

ID: 1d4ff  No.9319

Gotta save that newsprint for more recycled jokes from the fifties and virtue signaling. Archie Comics isn't made of newsprint, y'know. (Though the comics are.)

ID: c6418  No.9331

New info came out, new comics are coming next year and it will be done by IDW Publishing

ID: 1d4ff  No.9332

I imagine we'll see another reboot, so IDW can start fresh free of the continuity snarls caused by Archie's handling of the series.

ID: 347db  No.9333

Sega will probably demand a full reboot after the stuff that went on at Archie. In the aftermath of Ken Penders's lawsuit, they issued a long list of requirements for future storylines in an effort to curb all the furry drama that had sprung up over the years.

ID: 73547  No.9335

Penders is probably loving every moment of this, treating it as a massive middle finger to Archie because of his bitterness toward them.

ID: 51465  No.9336

Maybe they can hire people who can actually write the characters correctly 100% of the time instead of 50%, and who don't write characters they personally hate as being hated and shunned by everyone in-universe.

ID: c6418  No.9382

so never Ken penders
cause the team they had after they booted em was pretty good with the stories…until they had to duct-tape a while lot of shit to fix massive holes to a plot caused by an asshole

ID: 51465  No.9386

I was talking about Ian Flynn, actually. The guy who personally pushed Sonally to a ridiculous degree, to the point of changing who Sonic is as a character just to give the illusion of it actually working and claiming that's how Sega sees him too, didn't seem sure of how to write the characters half the time, and actually tried to keep Marine out of the comic as much as possible because he hates her and then wrote everyone else as hating her whenever she did make an appearance. He also made a big stink on DeviantArt about people not liking the big design change Sally got, assumed it's just horny furries mad that she wears pants now (when the actual reason was largely her creepy vacant eyes and the fact that the outfit seemed to be based directly on what she wore as a roboticized monstrosity, an absolutely awful event that everyone wanted to forget and didn't think Sally would want to be reminded of either, with the sudden need for pants coming in after those as a much more minor complaint), and literally said everyone should be happy enough that she's still a brown chipmunk named Sally who wears blue.

ID: d3be1  No.9387

Marine was nothing but annoying in the games as well. Blaze tells her to fuck off in rush. Sally getting a design change was Sega mandated. Same with Bunnie, Anttoine, and Rotor.

The main problem people have with mecha Sally is that it didn't get resolved due to something that was way out of his hands.

"She wouldn't want to remember that horrific accident" is speculation because we have no idea how that would have gone down. as far as the reboot is concerned she picked that outfit herself.

ID: 51465  No.9389

Marine was nowhere NEAR as annoying in the game as people like to pretend she was, and Blaze told her to piss off ONCE while angry, which is nowhere close to "everyone in-universe hates her as much as the writer does". The way Flynn wrote her and other characters' interactions with her sadly doesn't surprise me though–we are talking about the team who also made Bubble Man the pathetic, beaten-in-a-fraction-of-a-second laughing stock of the Robot Masters in their Mega Man comic because their first and only thought upon seeing him was "lol what kind of pussy power is bubbles". It's like if someone at DC decided to write Aquaman as a wimp because people to this day still delude themselves into thinking his only power is talking to fish.

And it doesn't matter who ordered the design change, the fact is Flynn made wild assumptions about people and went to ridiculous lengths to defend it simply because people didn't think it looked good. The redesign was also put into place just before the reboot, so yeah, it kinda does tie into that event too.

ID: c6418  No.9390

NO one really likes Marine, then she also had an arc in the Universe comics

Two Bubble man by FANDOM standards of the Megaman fandom…see Bubble man as that VERY EASY AS FUCK robot master…

The clothing change was more of on Sega, actually a lot of shit is cause of SEGA. Amy being aged up in the comics? Sega wanted to them to do an arc on Sonic Adventure but Game Amy Rose and Comic Amy Rose was different ages so they had to do bull shit to get it to work. The Reason for why the Black Arms took so damn long to be actually mentioned…Sega, instead of having an arc on Shadow The (H)edgehog Video game instead just is a mention of a thing that Shadow Dealt with in the past.

A lot of it is Fixing the past of Ken Penders and compromises with Sega.

ID: 51465  No.9393

>NO one really likes Marine

Oh hi, No One. Mind speaking for yourself?

>Two Bubble man by FANDOM standards

Right away, you just illustrated my point further. While still missing my point about how

A. they took one look at a character's power, misunderstood what it even does, and thought "Let's make him the laughing stock who's beaten in literally no time flat"


B. you don't fucking rewrite a character (ie. Marine in this case) and make it so everyone in-universe hates them because you have a hatred of them personally and can't even explain why without horribly exaggerating their negative qualities that, to most NORMAL people, were a minor annoyance at worst.

And really, the treatment of Marine was just ONE example of how they can't write these characters to save their lives much of the time.

ID: ac610  No.9395

Hi I'm no one, and yeah, I don't like marineAnd bubble man is lame. He's always been lame, and he always will be lame.
Since megaman 2 he's been one of the robot masters everyone has mocked. From his stupid, he's in a snorkling suit, design to his silly weapon. From the bloody 80's and into the 2010's, no ammount of "oh you don't understand" is going to change the fact that that a great lump of the fandom sees him as a great big sodding goober with a really daft power.

ID: 51465  No.9396

I'm not even particularly defending him. I'm pointing out that they just took one look at–fuck it, I'm not repeating myself a third fucking time for you.

Instead, how about the Aquaman example again? From the 60s to fucking NOW, people are under the impression that Aquaman is a powerless goddamn wimp. Should DC write him as one because that's the common perception of him?

This isn't even about Bubble Man, it's about fucking Marine and how Flynn wrote everyone in-universe as hating her and horribly exaggerated her to justify his own hatred of her.

ID: 1d4ff  No.9403

File: 1500946281050.png (216.21 KB, 370x609, tumblr_otme9453Ry1tgkzrio1….png)


ID: 51465  No.9405

That's not even the craziest thing he's said or done. Didn't he reveal not long ago that he always figured the creatures of the Sonicverse casually cannibalize their young too?

Hell, this is the genius who tried to claim Sonic's real name is fucking Ogilvie AND that it's canon and not something he pulled out of his ass.

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