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File: 1502132724632.png (134.23 KB, 620x918, 1502080022-20170807S3_164.png)

ID: 5048c  No.9477[View All]

Well time for the old thread to go to bed, this one will stay up in it's stead.
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ID: 52ff0  No.10538

File: 1519801194378.png (184.93 KB, 620x918, 1519794747-20180228-S3-247….png)

Called it! I mean it was kind of obvious but still.

ID: cc254  No.10539

Alright, seriously, is everyone in this comic related?

ID: 52ff0  No.10540


Kind of? Keep in mind that this takes place in a town for the most part so it's a small world, so to speak.

But yes, the proverbial family tree gets bigger and bigger with either god-parenting or ties long abandoned/forgotten.

ID: 1dfab  No.10541

Tedd's gonna be pissed when he finds out that his Mom has a son that she abandoned him for.

ID: 52ff0  No.10548

File: 1519968471213.png (108.88 KB, 620x918, 1519962519-20180302-S3-248….png)

This is great and all, but I question the relevance of the magic build-up that is still in Moperville. I mean obviously they'll still need to close it for the sake of the other side but with magic now not being officially cancelled it seems a lot less urgent.

ID: 52ff0  No.10558

File: 1520238309665.png (183.27 KB, 620x932, 1520218647-20180305-S3-249….png)

With that kind of information, it seems our vamp accomplice is there for more than a potential body.

ID: c6531  No.10561

File: 1520425030351.png (212.91 KB, 620x918, 1520409882-20180307-S3-250….png)

Just imagine someone with a calm duplicate of themseleves that can calm those around them, as well as the ability to become calm at any moment.

ID: 52ff0  No.10596

File: 1521141355284.png (216.22 KB, 620x918, 1520592460-20180309-S3-251….png)

This site doesn't like to respond sometimes so if I am not around for a bit it's due to that.

Here are the pages I missed out on posting.

ID: 52ff0  No.10598

File: 1521141902228.png (176.59 KB, 620x918, 1520827085-20180312-S3-252….png)

The plot thickens.

ID: 52ff0  No.10599

File: 1521141945746.png (198.44 KB, 620x918, 1521015324-20180314-S3-253….png)

We are either going to get a wizard cocblock, or it'll happen and he'll get body snatched admist the chaos.

ID: 9d663  No.10602

I'm working with Mobius on that. The quixk patchea we had in place aren't quite working anymore

ID: 11b29  No.10606

File: 1521220301059.png (174.5 KB, 620x918, 1521176231-20180316-S3-254….png)

I think we should break up

ID: 52ff0  No.10613

File: 1521447039629.png (167.99 KB, 620x918, 1521426269-20180319-S3-255….png)

Surprisingly, Ellen has some control. Perhaps a dewitchery quirk?

ID: c6531  No.10618

I think she's just resisting the magic of the control. Like she swerved to avoid the racoon or her heart was racing when he heard Magus was one of the reasons for her existence.

ID: 52ff0  No.10620


Far as I can tell though, this is rather rare since Sirleck is actually surprised she can do this to him.

Which is why I wonder if this is a perk of being born of dewitchery.

ID: c6531  No.10623

File: 1521629503108.png (201.35 KB, 620x918, 1521599836-20180321-S3-256….png)

Sirlek looks like something out of The Naked Lunch.

ID: 52ff0  No.10627

File: 1521828887019.png (206.14 KB, 620x918, 1521788799-20180323-S3-257….png)

So long Sirleck, we hardly knew ye.

I wonder if he is the last aberration… I mean the practice of becoming one is still there but as far as I can tell '99%' of the aberration population isn't quite the same as 99% of the human population.

ID: 52ff0  No.10641

File: 1522085051099.png (208.7 KB, 620x918, 1522045328-20180326-S3-258….png)

ID: c6531  No.10645

File: 1522210112892.png (171.57 KB, 620x918, 1522209529-20180328-S3-259….png)

Is ellen a gender neutral name in his universe like elliot is a gender neutral name in this one?

ID: dd502  No.10651


Oh fuck I think this is the version of Ellen from that stupid universe based off of Dan's RP that he for no good reason gave the Ellen in the comic the memories of. It hasn't actually come up since, so I thought he'd realized what a goofy-ass thing that was to do, but apparently not.

ID: c6531  No.10653

No, his universe's Tedd was in a duel with this "Ellen" that got him transported into this universe.

Backstory Here:

ID: dd502  No.10654

ID: 52ff0  No.10656

File: 1522397334379.png (183.16 KB, 620x918, 1522394846-20180330-S3-260….png)

An oddity, this situation. An Ellen who became a man, now wishes to impart the same treatment upon an Ellen who is still a woman.

Guess Magus disappearing into the other side of the world won't be happening if he pushes his luck. Particularly with that stupid mage who made the damn diamond.

ID: c6531  No.10657

Whatever. Tedd can fix it

ID: 9c9ac  No.10658

Ugh, this comic is getting even more up its own ass than it already was.

ID: 52ff0  No.10664

File: 1522652694184.png (198.67 KB, 620x918, 1522633088-20180402-S3-261….png)

Part of me hopes he does it. Not out of preference, but because we've already averted the worst of this arc's consequences. Godmother Pandora gets to keep more of herself than immortals thought they could, and killed almost all of the aberrations in the process. Tedd successfully opened magic to everyone, and possibly will have a job researching it further. And Sirleck is dead, getting his chompers on neither Magus or Raven.

This seems like a good time to add a curveball going forward, gives Ellen more character development that didn't require Nanase to reinforce it (or that dream for that matter).

ID: 52ff0  No.10675

File: 1522886155681.png (187.05 KB, 620x918, 1522813007-20180404-S3-262….png)

To be expected of Elliot but…

*sigh* Dan likes to grind that gender shift spiel like naked hips on a pole. Why does it have to be Elliot who makes this the most insufferable?

ID: dd502  No.10680


El Goonish Shive's gradual transition from Excuse For Transformation Fetish Comic to Serious Plot Comic With Digressions of Discussing The Ethics of Transformation Fetish, and finally to Didactic On Gender Identity With Occasional Transformation Fetish is like watching Eddie Murphy's aunt fall down the stairs.

ID: c6531  No.10683

Agreed. I blame tumblr.

ID: dd502  No.10684


At least Dan hasn't stabbed his hand for accidentally upsetting them yet.

ID: 52ff0  No.10685

File: 1523039499746.png (185.68 KB, 620x918, 1523006923-20180406-S3-263….png)

Already feels like a strawman. I more often find 'reasons' to be on the other end of the argument if anything, Dan merely has fiction to help augment his argument.

Feels like opening a can of worms, but it's not hard to refute that. For instance, when making something stronger via magic forms, you are also creating a dependency on that form. I'm not speaking of a desire to look like this or that but a dependency on a capability that is only achieved in that form. Magus is (or should be) looking at practicality in permanence as opposed to Elliot who is looking at this as taking on and off a jacket, which is basically asking for a handicap. Women already have their own strengths over men outside of social circles anyways, such as pain tolerance and a body better built for reflexive maneuvers.

ID: 52ff0  No.10688


Addendum: Furthermore, making someone permanently the other sex and with enhanced statistics like stength and speed, you are also lowering their own magical threshold, and increasing the rate of magical energy they consume. There is no guarantee that the magical essence of moperville will be anywhere near the same level if they seal the rift, even with magic coming out of the closet. It's better to just change someone's sex to normal parameters, so they can keep more of their capabilities to perform magic.

ID: ae593  No.10690

If it is an enchantment and not just changing their base sex. The latter would not need to be maintained. As well as not require any support of a strength and speed enhancement. As well as allow a further strength and speed boost on top of that

ID: 52ff0  No.10691


Lost me at the end there. Are you referring to the change in speed or strength from the gender shift or artificially adding that onto them with that shift?

ID: c6531  No.10692

I'm saying you get a natural boost in strength, speed, and stamina from being male as a base. you can further augment that with magic.

ID: dd502  No.10695


This is just plain, flat-out stupid as fuck.

ID: c6531  No.10698

Agreed. I'm not angry though. I'm just disappointed that it's come to this. Like watching a friend self-destruct and thre's nothing I can do about it.

ID: 52ff0  No.10699


Same here. Heck, this has potential to be thought provoking but unfortunately: A) Dan isn't giving Magus a better portrayal on his philosophy and B) Elliot's white knighting does not mesh well with this subject. It makes him look like a tool instead of someone who actually has a stake in this.

Denial only works when someone is already in too deep in a sunken coast fallacy, or if the truth is worse than the lie. This is not one of those situations where it applies, a societal rule where that is relevant is something far worse than a matter of gender changing to suit the needs of one's job.

ID: 52ff0  No.10705

File: 1523303721134.png (211.16 KB, 620x918, 1523249948-20180409-S3-264….png)

…So that was a waste of time.

I understand he wanted to explore the other universe further, but jeez the previous 2 pages just put a bad taste to it.

ID: 52ff0  No.10713

File: 1523576158623.png (187.34 KB, 620x918, 1523433250-20180411-S3-265….png)

What a whiny little bitch.

ID: 52ff0  No.10716

File: 1523608899989.png (188.68 KB, 620x918, 1523592768-20180413-S3-266….png)

Mind's blank on whatever the ruckus is.

ID: 52ff0  No.10726


Looking back, now I think I know what.

With magic making itself known, and the many previous magics previously locked away, many of those useless artifacts now have their power back.

So it's a walking powder keg of magic shenanigans.

ID: c6531  No.10727

More or less. Explosions, curses. Maybe Ashley was born to tragically die…or be mutated into a horrible abomination the likes ics could only dream of.

ID: 52ff0  No.10736

File: 1523863967416.png (159.19 KB, 620x918, 1523849471-20180416-S3-267….png)

Box number 1 says an imprisoned entity.

ID: 52ff0  No.10742

File: 1524033645549.png (201.08 KB, 620x918, 1524024249-20180418-S3-268….png)

It's a golem!

…and a wand that talks.

ID: c6531  No.10744

Where's the good intelligent magic items when you need them?

ID: 52ff0  No.10746

File: 1524209811979.png (181.02 KB, 620x918, 1524204187-20180420-S3-269….png)

ID: 52ff0  No.10757

File: 1524506612681.png (165.55 KB, 620x918, 1524468550-20180423-S3-270….png)

Alot of mechanical constructs in this place. Makes me curious how relevant technology was a few centuries back, if not further.

ID: dd502  No.10762


I kinda like Kevin.

Gonna be a shame when he turns out to just be a vehicle for Dan to expound on how a sentient object can choose its gender identity.

ID: c6531  No.10766

File: 1524712854635.png (177.18 KB, 620x918, 1524619352-20180425-S3-271….png)

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