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File: 1503014176696.png (389.4 KB, 883x1194, iiisadlwqepogfhncxmcxzzp28….png)

ID: a9d4e  No.9527

Seems to be a different entrance than the one Durkula and friends used. At least, I don't see how they got through the first one if they are having trouble entering the second one.

ID: a9d4e  No.9566

File: 1503428414002.png (443.16 KB, 926x1194, jjjwfeofd05864dgkvcxifeowe….png)

Looking back, the HPoT already said that was a service exit for Thor Worshippers to check the weather.

Speaking of, I'm guessing they already know of the vampire attack.

ID: a9d4e  No.9587

File: 1504037095558.png (461.27 KB, 934x1194, mmmafodiwqe032eidfjsdofjpw….png)

Heh, it's the guy who the previous High Priest of Thor informed about the real reason Durkon got thrown out. Which was the prophecy The High Priest of Odin ordained to Hurak that fateful day of Durkon's exile.

Looks like he no longer dons the armor though, guess serving ale is his retirement as opposed to a higher place amongst the clergy.

ID: a9d4e  No.9608

File: 1504644780629.png (451.18 KB, 907x1194, nnnwerlwerx342okertsdflxxa….png)

A recap, but funny how livened up it is when the cast finally gets the honest truth of the matter.

ID: a9d4e  No.9626

File: 1504984869477.png (456.81 KB, 911x1194, arwojergojqwep3orfkwefkqwe….png)

Does being a wizard feature qualify him for being handicapped? I mean despite being given perks like enhanced intelligence and an empathetic link, they are practically chaperoned by their wizard, the perks given being tied directly to that wizard as opposed to their own race's capacity.

ID: a9d4e  No.9633

File: 1505287740484.png (395.08 KB, 907x1193, bfiwejpofgkhpaofqwzpsdfkgf….png)

If it's any comfort Belkar, he's probably going to have to pick up your slack once you are gone.

ID: a9d4e  No.9666

File: 1506372092177.png (349.23 KB, 902x1194, dower493ghjfnkbvnewjrqoegj….png)

I guess she is worried they place Musical Chairs in Valhalla.

ID: a9d4e  No.9689

File: 1507147489069.png (595.55 KB, 916x1964, eweirt34985werkwelqdfiw43i….png)

Not enough duns can emphasize how fucked they are, level 1 commoner vampires or not.

ID: d198c  No.9691

Well, if they're under 5 hd they become spawn, which isn't too bad

ID: 72ba1  No.9783

File: 1509052017724.png (516.19 KB, 902x1194, gwrosdfp4wre564675dfcosafd….png)

Somehow I managed to post the last one in the other thread.

ID: a9d4e  No.9838

File: 1509745954517.png (542.46 KB, 905x1194, hfdiwtr93qrjfwdojvweofpqwd….png)

I want to be mad at the vampire, but really Roy did not learn his lesson after Hinjo.

ID: a9d4e  No.9870

File: 1510611260657.png (895.74 KB, 902x2322, iirehdfjefkrweo549ytjfdkew….png)

Now THIS was a reveal worth waiting for.

ID: 4b02a  No.9887

Casual reader here, fill me in on who this person is?

ID: dcc69  No.9888

Way back in the first arc, Nale had a female dwarf cleric worshiper of Loki to act as Durkon's evil opposite. She and Durkon hit it off well and ended up boning. Turns out that she was married and ran away from her husband. Durkon left her after he found out she was still married, but he was still broken up about it.

ID: 4b3c6  No.10013

File: 1512350533142.png (403.16 KB, 927x1194, jvkvn943678dwajdsco539348a….png)

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