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I hesitate to post this, given the never-ending shitstorm that seems to surround Goblins, but we haven't had a thread in a while, and something big is (supposedly) coming down the pipe.

Thunt has created a rough animatic as proof-of-concept for a Goblins animated series (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=km9RAIeccBQ), and has created a Kickstarter campaign (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1369986283/goblins-animated/) to fund it.

The good:
Professional voice acting.
Minmax - Billy West
Forgath - Maurice LaMarche
Thaco - Jim Cummings
Kore - Steve Blum
Complains - Phil LaMarr
Kin - Jennifer Hale
The animatic is surprisingly smooth, despite the rough linework.
Thunt claims to have learned his lesson after the clusterfuck that was his last fundraiser, and says he actually has legal representation to keep things running smoothly.

The bad:
Each episode is short, at ten minutes long.
Each episode is fucking expensive. The initial campaign goal is nearly half a million dollars, with stretch goals for subsequent episodes at $150-200K each.
As a result, backer tiers are very costly (ranging from $15 for a digital download key to $10,000 for tons of shit), and almost all of them promise loads of rewards, which begs the question of whether or not they'll actually be fulfilled.
We're all familiar with Thunt's problems, both personal and financial.
The campaign is using a dumb "quest system" to unlock campaign information; i.e., it took 1,000 Facebook likes to reveal that Jennifer Hale would play Kin.
After nearly a week, the campaign has raised less than $70,000, which seems low for Goblins, given how inexplicably popular it's always been.
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ID: 55276  No.11880


Y'know, I think one of the biggest problems with Goblins is that the art style and the way actions are conveyed are too cartoony and goofy to be properly taken seriously in most situations, and yet it's too ugly and stark to look cartoony enough that the contrast seems deliberate and meaningful. It's just sort of… in this muddy middle ground where it doesn't quite fit anything.

It kind of reminds me of Andrew Dobson's work in some ways. While Thunt obviously puts more work into it and has come a long way from where he started as opposed to Dobson's eternal stagnancy and even degeneration, he still seems to be chaining himself to a handful of lazy, kind of stunted characteristics that aren't doing the comic any favors, but are recognizable as his "style". Like the weird flat faces, the wobbly outlines of a lot of stuff, the jerky little double-motion "wham wham!" type actions.

ID: 07271  No.11972

File: 1546325775724.jpg (437.53 KB, 892x1213, 1546315266-Page29.jpg)

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File: 1547094663576.jpg (467.06 KB, 892x1213, 1546975707-Page1.jpg)

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ID: 916a0  No.12152


And this is why this comic is bs

ID: 55276  No.12153


Yeah, the problem with this "shocking twist" is that even if it was actually planned out ahead of time, it was written and delivered so poorly that it seems like an asspull anyway.

ID: 259d1  No.12157


Not to mention even if he is raised from the dead, Dies has effectively bypassed his fate already, at least on the horribly spectrum. Forgath won't be treading new ground, so to speak.

ID: 07271  No.12175

File: 1549981018509.jpg (417.28 KB, 892x1213, 1549949048-Page4.jpg)

ID: 07271  No.12354

File: 1552357129538.jpg (405.51 KB, 892x1213, 1552345981-Page5.jpg)

ID: 259d1  No.12407

File: 1553039770381.jpg (427.2 KB, 892x1213, 1553033777-Page6_2019.jpg)


And now Forgath is an abomination like his other fellow dwarf.

No, not the bunny one.

ID: 345cd  No.12409

The birth of the Warforged race

ID: 50fdb  No.12446


Wow, 1 1/2 pages and his death is completely meaningless.

ID: 55276  No.12448


I'm not actually defending the writing here, but I will say that the obvious change of life Forgath has just undergone is not "meaningless".

Goblins is at least trying to be about the characters and their feelings and emotions. So this sort of thing isn't just scratching out one species on the character sheet, writing in another, and continuing on with no reaction. Or at least I assume so.

Anyway, really what I'm trying to say is, death isn't the only meaningful thing, having other massive life shakeups resulting from what is essentially a near-death experience is a perfectly valid technique.

ID: 07271  No.12517

File: 1554260121663.jpg (561.81 KB, 892x1213, 1554188249-Page7.jpg)

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File: 1556747295055.jpg (389.85 KB, 892x1213, 1556646198-Page9.jpg)

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File: 1558844425868.jpg (485.84 KB, 892x1213, 1558391845-Page10.jpg)


ID: 07271  No.12789

File: 1559442159121.jpg (447.84 KB, 892x1213, 1558985019-Page11.jpg)

I'm starting to think this bunch aren't going to make it.

ID: 07271  No.12820

File: 1560308188869.jpg (446.27 KB, 892x1213, 1559698863-Page12.jpg)

ID: 07271  No.12821

File: 1560308201295.jpg (390.75 KB, 892x1213, 1560199230-Page13.jpg)

ID: 07271  No.12834

So Thunt (or "Ellipsis") is trans now and says that her coping with that was the cause of her mental breakdown(s).

ID: 12615  No.12835

Also the aneurism and brain damage probably didn't help

ID: be7f9  No.12836

What the fuck ever, just update the comic.

ID: 55276  No.12837


Is there some sort of collage of eyerolling gifs I can use in response to this?

ID: 55276  No.12838

File: 1561244169506.jpg (207.83 KB, 691x896, sadthunt.jpg)

Nevermind I made something better.

ID: 259d1  No.12839


…For fucks' sake. She hasn't learned anything. Protip to coming out as a gender identity: keep it to those close to you if you've been at your rodeo for years with all the bumps in the road to show for it. Forcing it down on those who have come to hate you, is going to defeat the point of turning that new leaf to begin with, for now they have fresh ammo that you've just given them to shoot you with in your new dress with all the swanky frills. All she needed to do was keep Thunt as the stage name, and Ellipsis as her personal name. Don't need the world's recognition, just those who matter to you.

ID: 07271  No.12845

File: 1561419103056.jpg (441.65 KB, 892x1213, 1561413634-Page14.jpg)

ID: 07271  No.12884

File: 1562152491475.jpg (465.8 KB, 892x1213, 1562033846-Page15.jpg)

ID: 07271  No.12888

File: 1562636668300.jpg (424.98 KB, 892x1213, 1562628575-Page16.jpg)

ID: 07271  No.12947

File: 1563852391988.jpg (442.19 KB, 892x1213, 1563829627-Page17.jpg)

ID: 07271  No.12995

File: 1564540364916.jpg (518.09 KB, 892x1213, 1564508226-Page18.jpg)


ID: b9aba  No.12996

Put the helmet on him and run away

ID: 5dfd9  No.13077

File: 1566520648801.jpg (546.27 KB, 892x1213, 1566455397-19.jpg)

ID: e1bab  No.13134

File: 1567401373957.jpg (505.42 KB, 892x1213, 1567316874-Page20.jpg)

ID: 902ea  No.13222

File: 1568764028822.jpg (499.1 KB, 892x1213, 1568678652-Page211.jpg)

ID: 74602  No.13226


He did cut off his ears to make the helmet fit.

ID: 1456f  No.13235

I guess we'll find out

ID: cef08  No.13253

File: 1569563254085.jpg (503.25 KB, 892x1213, 1569528669-Page22.jpg)

Kore appears to be in pretty good shape for a guy missing half his head…

ID: a0d17  No.13338

File: 1571114381338.jpg (549.02 KB, 892x1213, 1571093307-Page23.jpg)


ID: 50fdb  No.13339


They really just gonna let him go like that? Guess they gotta save some giant epic battle for the end.

Also, more gore!

ID: 9d087  No.13429

File: 1572669607187.jpg (535.83 KB, 892x1213, 1572468384-Page24.jpg)

ID: a0d17  No.13462

File: 1573705042015.jpg (542.8 KB, 892x1213, 1573694530-Page25.jpg)

ID: b9aba  No.13513


ID: 07271  No.13540

File: 1575305615451.jpg (476.2 KB, 892x1213, 1574922902-Page26.jpg)

ID: 07271  No.13670

File: 1577767528072.jpg (432.06 KB, 892x1213, 1577651557-Page27_2019.jpg)

ID: a5446  No.13762

File: 1579295294875.jpg (494.02 KB, 892x1213, 1579238678-Page1.jpg)

ID: 55276  No.13765


Ha ha it is funny because Minmax is dumb ha ha

ID: b619d  No.13945

File: 1581220471941.jpg (530.57 KB, 892x1213, 1580960364-Page2.jpg)

ID: 0737b  No.14015

File: 1582692686529.jpg (455.7 KB, 892x1213, 1582532981-Page3.jpg)

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