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File: 1511261060318.jpg (220.76 KB, 800x1524, KH0064.jpg)

ID: 1040b  No.9905[View All]

Let's start the new thread off with Style and Grace
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ID: ace2c  No.10134

>Twin-braided brown hair
Holy shit…

ID: d3df7  No.10135

Oh, I didn't say Miles and Farron are the same, I just said that the comparison being used in the post that was a response to was an insult to Farron. They'd equated the two when they said Rachael has just turned into Sesame now.

ID: 46f9e  No.10136


I know, but we still get that alot. It's kind of frustrating because the webcomic is a sort of "baby" and you get quite attached to your characters.

ID: f0be0  No.10139


Not saying you copied Rachael. I just say is silly for people to say Rach is a clone of Sesame when Rach has been around for much longer as an stablished character with just one design.

As fof Farron/Miles that I just don't understand. Other than both liking sex, they are nothing alike. Farron has actually endured hardships and can be very reliable when is needed. None of that can be said about Miles. If anything, Farron is closer to Drake.

Funnily so, while I despise the Miles/Rach pairing, I really hope Farron and Sesame become a couple.

ID: d3df7  No.10140

That'd be way too predictable and tropey as fuck though.

ID: ace2c  No.10145

File: 1514040858438.png (194.08 KB, 372x447, 1513697232200.png)

Force shipping is best shipping. Look at Adveture Time.

ID: d3df7  No.10150

Except that one actually is canon, they're just not PRESENTLY together, so whoever made that is an actual idiot who apparently also doesn't know bisexuals exist and thus immediately assumes everyone with better perception than them thinks the two are lesbians.

Forced and influenced by what insatiable shippers want is what Las Lindas specializes in.

ID: 46f9e  No.10151


Honestly the idea that every character should hook up in the immediate cast or that a romantic relationship is the ultimate in life-fulfillment is rather pretentious to assume.

Plenty of people get along fine not ending up in some romantic relationship and lead fulfilling happy lives without a significant other.

If you are getting in a relationship to be happy or "fix" your problems, you're doing it all for the wrong reasons. Also not every relationship needs to be sexual or romantic either. There are many types of relationships you can have with someone that doesn't involve attraction.

It's stuff like this that makes it tempting to have everyone in UQ completely asexual and aromantic.

Plus I feel relationships in any sort of narrative need to have a point and drive the story or character development further (for better or worse). Not just shipping for shipping's sake - you always account for how it impacts stories.Same goes for killing off a character (which is meant to be impact those who live on in the story)

ID: 9825b  No.10152

File: 1514112642022.png (1 MB, 825x1275, 1514094888.chalodillo_mora….png)

ID: d3df7  No.10153

>It's stuff like this that makes it tempting to have everyone in UQ completely asexual and aromantic.

You've kinda already nulled that possibility.

ID: ace2c  No.10154

If you ask me, never ship characters to only pander to the fans.

ID: d3df7  No.10155

That's just simple logic. Don't do ANYTHING simply because the fandom demands it. Simple logic that I guess no one ever shared with the makers of Las Lindas.

ID: d8847  No.10157

File: 1514150215522.png (5.7 KB, 50x50, shipit.png)

ID: 4afbf  No.10158

What are you talking about?

Ll did what they wanted they never let fans dictate the story.

ID: ace2c  No.10159

Now that's cute.

ID: d3df7  No.10161

Except they constantly do. Most of the damn pairings in this comic happened because fans wanted them to, and numerous scenarios have been lifted directly from forum posts or influenced by polls and then clumsily passed off as shit they planned years and years in advance.

ID: e7ebc  No.10162

Shipping is not the problem. It's the writing. As in that's the entire problem right there in one neat little package.

You can change shipping and who gets with who all you want, that's not going to solve the dozen of other issues that's all tied to the writing.

Let me know when people complain about Knighthood or how much Mora comes off as a bitch or the flashbacks that might as well be a completely different comic. I'll just say the same thing again.

ID: 9c6ea  No.10163

I don't think there are many people who are going to insist that the writing in this comic is anything resembling good. However, that doesn't explain why people keep coming back around every time there's a new update.

If it were as simple as 'the writing sucks', people would have their say and stop reading. However, we see people returning, time and time again, to bitch about this comic. If they actually liked the characters or art, that would be understandable, but a lot of the people who bitch about this don't even like those things.

ID: e7ebc  No.10166


That's because people like to complain. We all know the LL community are a bunch of drama queens that like to actually take the story seriously.

Me? I'm just here for the cheesecake and porn, I barely even read the comic. The times I do I regret it. It's just all this bickering is killing the mood.

ID: d3df7  No.10167

>the creators want us to take this seriously as a narrative
>people are surprised when readers criticize it based on this

Never ceases to amaze me.

ID: fb20e  No.10172


Interesting how people always suddenly care what the writers want when it validates their bitching, isn't it?

ID: d3df7  No.10175

No, what's "interesting" is that at the same time as wanting this comic to be taken seriously, the comic's fans and creators expect it to never be criticized for any reason.

Also "interesting" is how you're always fine with people bitching about the comic whenever they target the elements of it that you don't like.

ID: 1040b  No.10176

I think with this comic there's stuff that deserves to be picked apart because its juts that bad,stuff that isn't so bad yet its blown out of proportion , and then just nitpicking over the smallest thing because you feel like you need to have a problem with the comic. That's what i've gathered over the course of these LL threads on this site

ID: 9825b  No.10189

File: 1514819123953.jpg (109.91 KB, 700x906, DSb6MfAXcAA5cpM.jpg)

ID: fb20e  No.10191


It's almost as if I think the comic has things that can be legitimately criticized but that you're also a whiny bitch.

ID: 161f0  No.10262

File: 1515608034981.jpg (248.29 KB, 800x1608, LL0552.jpg)

>tfw your whole family, even your sex-crazed distant relatives, blue-balls you to oblivion

Well it's not like they were likeable to begin with…

ID: 133f7  No.10265

Joke's on her! Mora's ears are already longer than hers!

ID: d3df7  No.10268

I'm amazed half of them feel as bad as they apparently do.

ID: be792  No.10269

Honestly, Miles and Geecku are probably only sorry that they got caught.

ID: ace2c  No.10270

He probably didn't get the chance to fill her. Damn, Mora.

ID: 029bd  No.10271

File: 1515717733816.png (98.38 KB, 222x355, wew.png)

ID: f99d1  No.10301

File: 1516084650263.jpg (668.98 KB, 800x1524, KH0066.jpg)

New Knighthood page.

ID: 161f0  No.10308

File: 1516208444365.png (807.33 KB, 1920x1080, showerbumpalt wip.png)

Eh, Randall and Geecku's alt was more enticing.

ID: f8c48  No.10310

File: 1516249544296.jpg (400.71 KB, 800x1608, tumblr_p2qgtsWKwc1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: d3df7  No.10312

So does anyone NOT have super-wild rough sex in this universe?

ID: 91482  No.10313

Sex in the shower counts as super wild and rough sex?

ID: d3df7  No.10314

Did you not read the dialogue around the fucking? And did you not notice that when everyone was being creepy and crowding around the door, Rachael exposited that Taffy was screaming during it?

ID: 4447c  No.10315


To be fair it was explained before that wolf and dog primes are pretty rough during sex. Ambar even commented she was surprised how Grace could handle it

ID: d3df7  No.10316

Yeah, explained where, the forum where they basically tell people what they want to hear or just rattle off whatever pops into their heads first, whether it makes sense/is actually true or not? One thread also claimed once that canine Primes have knotted dicks when they clearly don't.

ID: 1040b  No.10317

I like how you couldn't just let the drawing be and just had to find something to complain about with it.

ID: 0e849  No.10318

In my headcanon rannie has a knot for sure.

In the cheating rannie set of pics, it looks like hes knotted in the third pic

ID: d3df7  No.10319

He really doesn't, and "headcanon"? We've SEEN it, there's nothing TO headcanon.

ID: fb20e  No.10320


I mean, just because you have autism doesn't mean you HAVE to act like this.

ID: 0e849  No.10321

File: 1516292811804.jpg (129.33 KB, 800x522, 40bb032813d16e8c4f7bc4a6d7….jpg)

So you're saying thats not a knot?

ID: d3df7  No.10322

No. It isn't. In fact, given the placement, looks every bit like Chalo mistakenly coloured Randal's balls the same colour as his dick. Now you go ahead and find any other pic where you can mistakenly see a knot that isn't there. And while you're at it, maybe explain why male canine Primes would be literally the only Primes with animal genitals.

ID: 0e849  No.10325

This picture predates all the others that you can see his cock. I believe chalo did a knot but then went back on the idea. This pic doesnt have a gross fur shaft, but the other pic does.

Fuckin hate furred shafts, excuse me for going with chalos old posts about knots. Hell, when LL was fairly fresh I emailed chalo about it cause I was gonna make a dick chart as a gift. He said he doesnt think about it too much, but according to the man himself, randal *has* a knot, and dick sizes go Minos Randall then Miles kek

ID: d3df7  No.10326

Pretty sure we'd seen it previous to this, and also pretty sure it was SK who said stuff to that effect. Also, even by your own excuse, that statement doesn't mean shit now regardless of who said it.

And again, you'd still have to explain why the fuck Chalo would give feral genitals to one gender of one subspecies of Prime and literally no other.

ID: 0e849  No.10328

Because dog genitals are best animal genitals obviously?

ID: 9729b  No.10333

Were you looking in a mirror when you typed that?

ID: fb20e  No.10334


Did you steal that comeback from the fourth grader you've got tied up in your closet?

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