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File: 1511261060318.jpg (220.76 KB, 800x1524, KH0064.jpg)

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Let's start the new thread off with Style and Grace
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ID: 9825b  No.10436

File: 1517321497534.jpg (439.39 KB, 680x880, 1517292835.chalodillo_jans….jpg)

ID: 9825b  No.10437

File: 1517321512680.jpg (370.86 KB, 680x880, 1517293599.chalodillo_jans….jpg)

ID: ace2c  No.10438

>Cowgirls' milk
So nasty.

ID: 180dc  No.10442

File: 1517381798735.png (739.28 KB, 1276x1650, c6aaa241-36f4-4731-c7cb-c8….png)

ID: 0e849  No.10444

This is supposed to be Randal right?

ID: d358b  No.10445

It's supposed to be whoever will make you the most upset.

ID: d6f2c  No.10446


Considering the conversations that go on in this thread, that is a VERY astute answer. Well played.

ID: d3df7  No.10447

Well it's too big to be Miles and the fur pattern is more like Randal's than Miles', so that only leaves one option.

ID: 180dc  No.10448


yes, it is randal

ID: ace2c  No.10449

So it's like Eren and Mikasa? Damn, Chalo gaining new fetish by the year.

ID: d1ad5  No.10450

Nope its not randal. I know this because I asked the guy who won that pic about it.

ID: 180dc  No.10451


I should have said I colored it to be randal, not that it was the character that was commissioned

ID: 0e849  No.10452

Is the new Sarah page getting official coloring or nah?

ID: 34c4a  No.10458

File: 1517717670948.jpg (100.65 KB, 638x825, DVKI547WkAE95Qv.jpg)

ID: f99d1  No.10459

File: 1517767943334.png (7.21 MB, 3300x5100, MotorbikeSunnyHD_u18chan.png)

ID: 133f7  No.10460

N-n-n-nice legs,
daisy dukes,
makin' me go
*Wolf Whistle*

ID: 1ba85  No.10461

File: 1517791889991.jpg (27.59 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

ID: 9825b  No.10482

File: 1518244773594.jpg (688.66 KB, 800x1524, KH0067.jpg)

ID: 9825b  No.10496

File: 1518979187864.jpg (109.59 KB, 638x825, DWVJLjKX0AAQUED.jpg)

ID: 9825b  No.10497

File: 1519021186020.jpg (807.87 KB, 800x1608, LL0555.jpg)

ID: ace2c  No.10499

Few weeks time skip to the marriage when?

ID: 9825b  No.10502

File: 1519091272465.jpg (526.4 KB, 700x1293, tumblr_p4fb4q2UnF1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: d3df7  No.10503

Wouldn't most consider it jumping the gun a bit to do this before he's even got a ring to give her?

>few weeks

I'd say that's an unreasonably small amount of time, but what do I know, these two just got engaged after like half a year of dating.

ID: 91482  No.10504

>Wouldn't most consider it jumping the gun a bit to do this before he's even got a ring to give her?

It's the thought/vow that counts, right? I assume the tradition of marriage vows didn't always involve having a ring for the proposal.

ID: 161f0  No.10506

File: 1519171178702.jpg (78.63 KB, 1020x854, DWg6WJqX0AEqCyl.jpg large.jpg)

ID: 9825b  No.10520

File: 1519484168353.jpg (836.06 KB, 800x1608, LL0556.jpg)

ID: ace2c  No.10521

File: 1519486261765.gif (841.05 KB, 300x169, giphy (1).gif)


ID: d3df7  No.10522

I know I'm supposed to be rejoicing like there was any doubt she'd say yes, but I'm too distracted by the fact that Taffy's towel is impossible and could only look like that on her if it was specifically made to be worn like a virgin killer sweater.

ID: d8506  No.10523


Were you unaware of the Las Lindas setting's highly advanced towel technology?

ID: 9825b  No.10526

File: 1519531768504.png (328.83 KB, 825x1275, DW1OG-sW4AEYwej.png)

ID: 9825b  No.10527

File: 1519531800065.png (323.39 KB, 825x1275, DW1OG-wXcAAeXjr.png)

ID: 133f7  No.10528

Dem Baby Making Hips.

ID: 9825b  No.10531

File: 1519641992282.jpg (128 KB, 825x1275, DW60E3yWAAEX3ZG.jpg)

ID: 0e849  No.10536

Is this getting color? I need it

ID: 9825b  No.10543

File: 1519930999588.jpg (54.68 KB, 510x660, DXOE05GXkAUupHq.jpg)

ID: 9825b  No.10545

File: 1519957739033.jpg (54.13 KB, 510x660, DXPUg4QW4AEwpbA.jpg)

ID: 9825b  No.10546

File: 1519957758844.jpg (51.32 KB, 510x660, DXPcuA1WAAAQuof.jpg)

ID: f99d1  No.10565

File: 1520609650786.jpg (873.58 KB, 800x1524, KH0068.jpg)

The fight continues.

ID: 6ba9a  No.10566

File: 1520641156829.jpg (148.87 KB, 638x825, tumblr_p5c70aOu801r0ajyoo1….jpg)

ID: 6ba9a  No.10567

File: 1520641209176.jpg (177.6 KB, 638x825, tumblr_p5c6xkECJd1r0ajyoo1….jpg)

ID: d3df7  No.10571

"Quick, we have to come up with a reason why she barely felt that!"

ID: d329f  No.10576

I like how they couldn't leave it at "training with Kate and carmesi made her more durable" like you would normally think since primes are already super strong and tough by default.

they had to add some mystical Dragon shit to it

ID: d3df7  No.10580

These writers have a real talent for making the stakes nonexistent and ensuring we don't actually worry about what might happen to their main characters, lemme tell ya.

Actually, where was it stated that ALL Primes are super powerful? Cause if that were the case, I don't think Minos inadvertently revealing how powerful he is would be even a fraction of a big deal.

ID: 9825b  No.10583

File: 1520944040634.jpg (106.93 KB, 638x863, DYBlWRfWkAAqVqO.jpg)

ID: 9825b  No.10586

File: 1520969454330.jpg (103.69 KB, 638x825, DYJeV1sX4AEzYQy.jpg)

ID: ace2c  No.10589

Painfully thicc

ID: 161f0  No.10591

File: 1521044942878.png (278.78 KB, 638x825, DYI7A8oWsAAZO41.png)


That;s nothing compared to this.

ID: d24e5  No.10592

File: 1521046037721.jpg (79.81 KB, 1000x1195, 9e8.jpg)

ID: d5e90  No.10593

Get up come on get down with the THICCness

ID: d8847  No.10600

A lifetime of back pain.
And deer blacksmith cock.

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