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File: 1511261060318.jpg (220.76 KB, 800x1524, KH0064.jpg)

ID: 1040b  No.9905[Last 50 Posts]

Let's start the new thread off with Style and Grace

ID: ace2c  No.9906

File: 1511293315762.png (89.15 KB, 600x606, 0c4.png)

Go on…

ID: 1040b  No.9909

File: 1511392189946.jpg (323.93 KB, 800x1395, tumblr_ozud24Ejli1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: 9825b  No.9911

File: 1511577054234.jpg (922.35 KB, 800x1608, LL0549.jpg)

ID: 8333e  No.9912


>So you think them kissing in the last page means they're almost certainly going to fuck within the next couple of pages. Yeah, okay

So how many plates of crow shall we be serving in this board tonight?

ID: d4ac5  No.9913

Don't get too excited. If it's like what happened with Randall, it'll just be another censorship klusterfuk

ID: ffec8  No.9916

So Taffy, in spite of how she's been characterized up until now, turns into an entirely different person and pressures Randal to do this. Something she objected to having done to her.

Look, contrary to what the strawman builders of this board think, no one has said there's anything wrong with Taffy wanting to have sex at some point. But this jarring shift in tone, and having her personality change on a dime? Jesus, at least have her be the least bit nervous or something, or have it be kind of awkward, since it's their first time together and one of them is a virgin. Seriously, from the way she's acting, you'd never guess this character is a virgin who until now was nervous about every aspect of relationships out of fear of becoming her abusive mother and was at one point being pressured by her sleazebag ex in the same way she just pressured Randal.

Taffy's always been pretty consistent in her personality. I don't really remember any flip-flops in her personality, unlike 95% of the rest of the characters. So why does this have to happen to one of the most consistent characters? Was her consistency just too inconsistent?

Oh wait, no, I know why, because the fans demanded it from the moment they found out these two use the same brand of shampoo.

ID: e7ebc  No.9917

>she wants to fuck


Gimme my money

ID: ffec8  No.9919

Yeah, and it's also entirely jarring and pointless and feels like it was shoved in out of obligation. Looks like everyone called it equally.

So, let's see how close to correct this guess turns out: Next up is a full page of porn, Mora's probably listening in and the next morning she'll demand to know every last graphic detail cause everyone's sex life has to be her business, and it'll turn out Taffy insisted on tons of kinky stuff on the first go. Calling it now.

ID: be407  No.9920

I agree that the fans that are on the forum are probably rooting for this to happen, but what's to say that Chalo and his writer(s?) did this purely to appease the fans. Do we have any evidence that Chalo didn't like the idea of these two eventually hooking up and getting intimate?

Chalo's not exactly the most prudish artist and he's pretty comfortable with his characters being sexualized – Taffy and Randal included. I'd assume the biggest objection would come from one of his writers, abut the only one that strikes me as being opposed to this might be SK – who isn't the main writer, anymore.

ID: d358b  No.9921

Your tears sustain me.

ID: ace2c  No.9922

>Shower sex
Goddamn, Chalo.

ID: 1040b  No.9923

>I agree that the fans that are on the forum are probably rooting for this to happen, but what's to say that Chalo and his writer(s?) did this purely to appease the fans. Do we have any evidence that Chalo didn't like the idea of these two eventually hooking up and getting intimate?

Nah there's no evidence of that. Chalo has done things that have gotten fans more upset than excited for one reason or another but it's what he wants to do so he goes through with it anyway. He can easily tell one of his writers he wont do something or draw it his own way.

ID: fb20e  No.9924

How is this Taffy's personality changing on a dime? The only time sex has come up before was with Miles, who was being a smarmy creep about it and lowkey sexually assaulted her.

Just because she wasn't receptive with some self-absorbed asshole doesn't mean she doesn't like sex, or is a prude, or any of that. The characterization of "but Taffy's not into sex" or "Taffy is a pure girl who wants to wait" exists purely in a couple of peoples' heads as far as I can tell.

ID: 46d23  No.9925


It's a dumb titty comic.

You're getting mad over a dumb titty comic.

Get a hold of yourselves.

ID: ffec8  No.9927

Oh no, you're right, it's totally normal for her to suddenly go from her regular self to complete seductress who won't take no for an answer in half a second.

Again, no one said she's completely disinterested in ever having sex at any point in her life.

ID: 133f7  No.9928

What about this says sedutrice? "I want you, because I love you" is totally fine for Taffy. Physical romantic expression for someone you care deeply for doesn't seem like something she wouldn't do.

ID: ffec8  No.9929

Uh, let's see, jumping right in all of a sudden, taking the lead, not being even the slightest bit nervous or awkward about it, the faces she's making, the dialogue, the way she essentially gives him no other choice…

ID: d358b  No.9930


>Again, no one said she's completely disinterested in ever having sex at any point in her life.

Well here's an instance of her being interested in having sex at a point in her life.

Fancy that.

ID: ffec8  No.9931

Oh wow, look at how clever you are.

ID: ace2c  No.9932

Blame Taffy.

ID: 46f9e  No.9935


Two consenting adults who didn't rush into things and took their time romantically to build up to a physical relationship? Only being sure after both agreed and thought long about it?

I guess maybe there could be more adorkable/anxiety laden bits to this that could add to it. I don't really see the whole fuss here.

I never assumed Taffy was asexual (I guess technically she still COULD be but even asexual people have sex sometimes too),just weary of getting into things right away and wanting to go at her own pace.

Randal has been nothing but patient and gentleman-like during this process - never pressuring her or acting pervy.

ID: fb20e  No.9936


You haven't offered any proof that her "regular self" wouldn't do this. In fact every time someone points out that your characterization of her has no legs you just deflect with some one-liner.

Either stop your pure-pureness-of-purity waifuing bullshit or at least own up to it.

ID: 91482  No.9937

You know there's a porn tumblr, right?

ID: e8715  No.9938

You know, I would like to hear what this person's point of view is of these characters. Like, if this is out of character for Taffy, then who is their Taffy? Who is their Randal, Rachael, and Mora? It would be interesting to know.

ID: ffec8  No.9940

Again, don't even really like her all that much. But this always seems to be the defense whenever someone points out that a character is suddenly acting wildly different. "Uh, it's all in your head that [character] wasn't already like this." No, this is a character that exhibits plenty of signs and behaviours in not only her past interactions but also her conversations with people like Mora that show she's not a sexually minded person. Now she's ready to jump without the slightest bit of hesitation, fully taking charge and basically giving Randal no other choice. It's a sudden and awkward change in character dynamic that's jarring at best. But really, these responses aren't surprising at all. This is all very much in line with what the fandom has been craving from Taffy recently, and with the tired innocent-girl-not-actually-so-innocent fantasy.

Oh, and before anyone can go "Uh, you still haven't submitted proof, fanboy", here you go, in link form because the page is already somewhere on the board and duplicates aren't allowed.


I mean, there are several good examples, but this is the best and quickest to find. Oh yeah, that totally seems like a girl who jumps right to coercing her boyfriend into shower sex the second she realizes she's not afraid of moving forward in a relationship anymore.

If you couldn't connect the dots over the years enough to realize that she had this sort of characterization, then this is either a complete failure on the writers for never being able to give their character an apparent identity, or you never actually read and just stared at Taffy's tits in every panel she was in. I'm guessing the latter, because as bad as the writing is, it's impossible to miss Taffy's characterization throughout this comic.

ID: 5c05d  No.9941

I'm kinda amazed at how big a deal people are making this out to be. I mean this isn't surprising for LL.

ID: d358b  No.9945

So you linked a comic of her basically saying she wants to wait until she feels ready..

Then she says she feels ready…

And you're trying to use it as proof that she's not ready?

Time passed. The relationship changed. It matured. People change. They mature.

In fiction, this is called "character progression."

Hell, she outright states in your link that one of the reasons she likes Randall is because he doesn't push her to rush into things. She trusts him, and because she knows that he won't push her into intimacy, she decides to take the initiative.

Sorry Anon, but you're not really doing much to help your case.

ID: ffec8  No.9950

There's a difference between becoming ready to move to the next step, and jumping from 0-160. In that comic, Taffy is basically saying "I'm not ready to do that, and I'm glad Randal isn't going to corner me into making that decision." Now she's gone from being completely unsure of it to doing the exact thing she's said she loves HIM for not doing. And is there any point other than this recent sequence of pages (particularly this latest page) that shows she's in any way become more comfortable or more sexually forward? Hell, this is a person who was so uncomfortable with her own body that she didn't even want to be seen in a bikini by other girls. But she's now not just ready to have sex, she's the one taking the initiative without a second's hesitation AND telling him "If you love me, then shut up and plow me." It seems like she's just suddenly decided she's okay with literally everything she was shy, insecure and unsure of before. That's why this ISN'T natural character progression.

Oh, and I didn't present it as "proof that she's not ready", chucklenuts, I presented it as further proof that yes, her acting in this specific way IS out of character for her. Also, I'm not sure how much time you think passed since that page, but EVERYTHING we've seen since that page has taken place over a few days, probably a little over a week at most. The pages since that one have all been directly sequential and taken place in summer, with Alej saying they're bankrupt by fall because of Mora's reckless spending. So yeah, not only have they not been together as long as we're expected to believe, but now a few days after saying she's not ready, BOOM, she's not just ready, she's SUPER ready.

She has never shown this sort of behaviour before, and has always been shy, meek and embarassed by "naughty" things. It's shown many times in multiple scenarios throughout the comic and even in bonus material. Anyone who believes she's been hiding this just has a headcanon for her to be like her fake BatB personality. And it's not character progression when a character suddenly goes from being like that, to confidently and aggressively initiating sexual activity. That's a complete shift in character dynamic, and it's not good writing, nor does it make any sense in a realistic way. Just because it isn't being done to stroke a writer's ego this time doesn't make it any better. Not only that, she's being uncharacteristically manipulative. Everything about this is different from the character she's been built as until this point. That is not character development, and in no way should it ever be accepted as character development.

That's the only argument that should have to be made. And people who disagree with it are just lost in the desire to see canon hardcore Taffy porn.

ID: d358b  No.9952

>That's the only argument that should have to be made. And people who disagree with it are just lost in the desire to see canon hardcore Taffy porn.

This didactic statement, where everyone who disagrees with you is wrong and just wants to see them bone, is exactly the reason why nobody here is taking you seriously.

ID: ffec8  No.9953

Oh, but it's perfectly okay to say anyone who disagrees with this being excellent writing must see Taffy as their waifu and think she should never, ever, ever have sex at all in her entire life or else she's become impure.

Double standards, aren't they wonderful?

ID: d358b  No.9954

Actually most of the people here have said that the writing is mediocre at best, including myself. They're just not throwing a tantrum about it or throwing insults at anyone who tells them otherwise. Personally, I think the change is fine and its nice to see the character actually go somewhere with intimate relationships. Having a character stay static and unchanging forever is boring, and I can personally attest to making large changes in behavior and demeanor in order to overcome an obstacle or move past a self-imposed barrier when it comes to physical relationships. It's something people do.

I'm open to the idea of a character changing. You're not. That's the difference. I'd also like to point out that the waifuism wasn't directed at you specifically, but all of the anons of the previous thread once it was hinted that their might be sex. You've just taken it very personally.

That being said, yeah, your behavior, insults, and overall policing of what this particular character should be to both you and everyone else, and your need to defend that perception, is a pretty good indicator that it's something you're very invested in.

It also makes you incredibly easy to provoke.

ID: ffec8  No.9955

>I'm open to the idea of a character changing. You're not.

It's like you didn't read anything besides that final sentence. Incredible.

ID: 1040b  No.9956

Why is Taffy acting like this? Simple. Chalo, in his own stream when this page was being sketched, was asked about how confident Taffy looks and he responded "She's going to have moments where she takes charge in the relationship. Moments where she becomes bolder."

That's it. That's all there is to it. He might have messed up on the execution of it a bit so far, but it is not that big of a deal where we need to have school papers over this type of thing.

ID: ffec8  No.9957

>He might have messed up on the execution of it a bit

Understatement of the month.

ID: fb20e  No.9960


You have really got to stop being such a Hirtes about this, man.

ID: 9825b  No.9961

File: 1511809832993.jpg (116.64 KB, 850x1100, DPp68pCUQAEiJ_K.jpg)

ID: a9aa5  No.9962

File: 1511822314614.gif (8.75 MB, 500x213, long_time_star_wars.gif)

ID: ace2c  No.9963

Slutty Cat.

ID: 9825b  No.9964

File: 1511826556848.jpg (161.37 KB, 850x1100, DPqsIV3XcAAQdn0.jpg)

ID: 9825b  No.9965

File: 1511826570609.jpg (103.71 KB, 850x1100, DPrQnY1VwAEoVub.jpg)

ID: ace2c  No.9966

He's going to make more of them? If so, best to have a folder collection of them.

ID: 1213c  No.9970

File: 1511868668494.jpg (122.47 KB, 850x1100, IMG_20171128_062542.jpg)

ID: fb2ff  No.9973

To all the pointless bitching above

ID: 133f7  No.9974

Don't be like that. I find it amusing.

ID: 161f0  No.9980

File: 1512089684310.jpg (210.9 KB, 800x1608, LL0550.jpg)


ID: d358b  No.9982

hee hee hee

ID: 15a15  No.9983

File: 1512100278601.png (1.52 MB, 800x1608, LL05001.png)

Just a quick one, I'm not sure how good it is

ID: 9825b  No.9984

File: 1512101507850.jpg (501.75 KB, 700x1551, tumblr_p09katigoU1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: d3df7  No.9987

Oh hey, would you look at that, it just so happens to be playing out exactly as fans begged for it to.

ID: 133f7  No.9988

Well, yeah? What did you expect would happen when they got in the shower together?

ID: d3df7  No.9989

Way to miss the point.

Also way to jump right to it without any foreplay or anything.

ID: 11648  No.9990

it's kind of amazing how even on this page you had to find something to complain about and couldn't just let it be

ID: ace2c  No.9991

One virgin down, two left. Guess Rachel is next.
Kek. The safe word for the BDSM.

ID: 91482  No.9994

She's a screamer. And likes it up against the wall.

ID: 91482  No.9995

File: 1512162895776.jpg (809.66 KB, 800x1608, LL0550_b.jpg)

Annnnnd censored.

ID: d3df7  No.9996

…How in fuck's name was it not already safe to post on the main comic page? Does anyone actually buy that Las Lindas is above showing tits with the nipples just barely hidden from view?

ID: 161f0  No.9997

File: 1512169524234.png (53.89 KB, 1029x665, 1427987861.tigerboy29_gift….png)


We're talking about the same "PG-13" purists who saw it fit to remove a slight nipple glance from a couple of pages ago. At this point, they lost their rationality on censorship the nanosecond they all thought this comic was not rated "R" like it should have been, but "PG-13."

Should have gone with ripping off the ESRB instead of the MPAA…

ID: ace2c  No.9998

Not the tits!

ID: b8216  No.9999

Well that's what happens when the site is ran by an beta male

ID: 9c6ea  No.10002


I'm all for calling bullshit for what it is, but seriously.

>beta male

Are you fifteen or something? Are you going to say he's a cuck, too?

ID: 9729b  No.10003

Checking your quads.

Cry some more, soyboy.

ID: 9c6ea  No.10004


Last time I checked, the people 'crying' were the ones griping about Chalo not drawing some nipples in a comic strip.

But, hey, if running around and calling people 'edgy' labels like beta male and soyboy make you feel good, help yourself.

ID: d3df7  No.10005

No one cried about that at all. People are pointing out how stupid it is that anyone working on this comic still thinks this has ever been a comic that should be rated anything lower than R.

ID: e7ebc  No.10006


From what I've heard it's due to being more ad-friendly as in not being considered mature and losing out on revenue. The comic suffers from an identity crisis. It doesn't know if if wants to be a (badly written) slice of life comic with happy and serious moments or if wants to be a comic about huge tits and rampant sex. It obviously can't be both and definitely can't do the former that well.

That being said I'd definitely pledge to a patreon if they had a NSFW version of the comic or just ditched the hesitation and embrace the porn side it's been dabbling in these past several years. These side comics and Ask Ambar really just takes away from what could be a literal cash cow.

Las Lindas works better as a cheesecake porn comic anyway. Bad writing is easily forgiven when sex and nudity dominate the pages. The problem is that the Las Lindas community is… weird. They follow a comic with a lot of T&A but get overly attached to the characters and stir up drama. Some even seem to dislike the fan service.

ID: fb20e  No.10007


This is fairly accurate. I'd say there are also some issues with the comic's identity due to the multiple writers at the same time over the years tugging it in different directions… add "wanting to be a drama", "wanting to be a sci-fi epic", and "wanting to be one man's self-insert aggrandizement" to its identity crisis.

It probably would work better as a porn comic with story happening in the background, but you're right in that the most rabid parts of the fanbase are a little strange about that. The question is are these the people that are making the comic money? And if they are, why worry about the ad revenue? If they're not, wouldn't chasing a more certain audience (the porn audience) be the better gamble?

ID: d3df7  No.10010

I'd honestly have a bit more respect for it if it were nothing but a porn comic and we weren't expected to simultaneously take it dead seriously and stop taking it so damn seriously.

And yeah, I think right from the start, no one working on this comic has had a single clue who their target audience actually is, outside of trying to peddle Miles as some kind of audience identification character for impressionable teenage boys. And what's amazing is that they've outright acknowledged and poked fun at the comic's identity crisis themselves and still fail to see the issue. Hell, SK even hinted that they were planning to try and mix HORROR into it too, as if trying to be a hard-hitting drama, a juvenile romcom, a brainless porno, several clashing types of anime, a half-baked sci-fi epic and a pukeworthy self-insert wet dream all at once wasn't bad enough.

ID: 5fb61  No.10011

File: 1512346324888.jpg (60.63 KB, 500x500, PepperidgeFarm.jpg)

None of this matters. We're all going to die someday, and NONE OF THIS will matter when we do.

Stop treating this comic like it broke into your girlfriend's house and raped her.

Please just let me like the damn thing while I'm still alive.

ID: 9c6ea  No.10012

I agree with the notion that the comic has an identity problem, and I think it partially stems from the fact that Chalo seems comfortable with the comic including NSFW stuff, but the writers might not want that.

The writing is already questionable, at best, so the confusion surrounding what the comic is about and the type of content it has just makes things even more convoluted.

ID: d3df7  No.10015

You posted this exact shit on u18chan with a different stupid analogy.

People are going to criticize Las Lindas whether you like it or not. Deal with it and quit making such hyperbolic, stupid statements about the mildest of fucking critique.

ID: e7ebc  No.10016


Las Lindas has amazing art and benefits from being a long running webcomic with a dedicated fanbase. And it's furry. If it started this year it would never get as popular. And even then there are newer comics that are bigger and making more money. And some aren't even anthro.

Bad writing aside there's also the erratic updating schedule and the side comics that don't add anything to the main comic. Breasts are the Best was the best side comic and they didn't keep that going. Ask Ambar is a good replacement but that's all over the place in content as well.

I'll play Devil's advocate and say that making Las Lindas into a NSFW comic and put behind a Patreon paywall and putting out one page a week would rake in even more money. They could even have a censored version on the site. There's a comic called Peter's the Wolf that had a safe version of the comic and a version that had alternate pornographic pages. Gain interest, grow a fanbase, and consistently give people what they really want. Oh and of course get a competent writer.

ID: 5fb61  No.10017

"Mildest of critique"? People rake this comic over the fucking coals every day for what feels like the smallest things sometimes.

But! I know one thing. If I were one of the people who writes Las Lindas, I'd wish I were dead so I didn't have to deal with how much people hate it now.

ID: d3df7  No.10018

File: 1512380036435.png (224.53 KB, 373x327, c9a.png)

You came into a discussion about the comic having an identity problem and spouted off your copypasted, overblown response that sounds like you're addressing someone who just called it the cancer of the internet.

>If I were one of the people who writes Las Lindas, I'd wish I were dead so I didn't have to deal with how much people hate it now.

Aww, poor edgy baby.

ID: 5e949  No.10023

File: 1512546172327.png (7.19 MB, 5100x3300, PepperSandwichHD_u18chan.png)

ID: 161f0  No.10024

File: 1512583674024.jpg (230.87 KB, 750x474, las_lindas550Clean.jpg)

ID: ace2c  No.10025

We need more of those two.

ID: 94562  No.10026

okay then. So this is implying there's an uncensored nipple version?

ID: 9c6ea  No.10035

File: 1512611998216.jpg (129.16 KB, 651x900, 1512603466.nai-chan_mora_c….jpg)

ID: d3df7  No.10036

Wow, they really are rushing right along if they've already had the wedding now.

I almost forgot New Cocoa makes the rest of this comic's relationships look like they go at the speed of molasses in January.

ID: ad755  No.10044

File: 1512701373839.png (1.06 MB, 838x2198, Taffy Randal Shower.png)

ID: e7ebc  No.10047


Tsk tsk we've already seen Randal's dick and it's white.

I give this edit a B- minus.

ID: 0e849  No.10048

I think furred shafts are gross and I approve this edit

ID: d3df7  No.10049

My question is why this edit makes it look like his dick stands two feet when hard.

ID: 9825b  No.10051

File: 1512780284932.jpg (57.33 KB, 889x619, DQej73aW0AAbhRJ.jpg)

ID: 9825b  No.10052

File: 1512780306075.jpg (113.11 KB, 1086x1597, DQej_vzW4AAaeHb.jpg)

ID: ad755  No.10059

File: 1512870342911.gif (4.75 MB, 1130x790, geecku chameleon.gif)

ID: ad755  No.10060

File: 1512870399271.jpg (391.37 KB, 1130x790, Geecku Edit.jpg)

ID: ace2c  No.10061

Thicc thighs.

ID: 9825b  No.10062

File: 1512924004228.jpg (714.74 KB, 800x1524, KH0065.jpg)

ID: b1ef0  No.10078


Has Joy always been this much of a little bitch?

ID: 62f20  No.10079

Joy obviously only plays Widowmaker.

ID: d3df7  No.10121

File: 1513662843450.jpg (911.45 KB, 800x1608, LL0551.jpg)

So not only did literally everyone correctly guess that Mora would be a creep and listen in (and of course Taffy's a screamer, because why the hell not), but EVERYONE ELSE joins in too, complete with yet another flip-flopping on whether or not Sarah understands intimacy.

Also Rachael gets her hair cut offscreen because reasons, probably Chalo both appealing to the masses and trying to pull off the "hair-cutting as symbolism for a life-changing decision" trope while very likely tying it to her hooking up with Miles.

ID: 161f0  No.10122


So Racheal is a practical doppelganger of Sesame (feline, muscular, former anger issues, short hair, hangs with a guy who enjoys messing with her) now? Well either "great" minds think alike or imitation's the sincerest form of flattery.

ID: d3df7  No.10123

That comparison unfortunately requires us to equate Farron with Miles though. That's an insult to Farron.

ID: ace2c  No.10124

Orgy when?!

ID: 133f7  No.10125

Now seems like a good time. They're all in there.

ID: 161f0  No.10127

File: 1513698104154.jpg (153.4 KB, 1280x907, 1493429686.mramp_antrofund….jpg)


If Chalo had the stones to actually draw that with no censorship method whatsoever, I'd die a happy man.

But I gave up on fever dreams years ago…

ID: f9e51  No.10129


>So Racheal is a practical doppelganger of Sesame

Rather, Sesame is a doppelganger Rachael. Rachael was like this years before UberQuest even began.

ID: ace2c  No.10130

File: 1513707181639.png (189.8 KB, 651x456, cc7.png)

Besides, female anthro cats with short hair makes a man go full diamond.

ID: 46f9e  No.10132

File: 1513749459227.jpg (702.31 KB, 1000x1000, sesa_volution.jpg)


To be fair, I was only vaguely aware of Las Lindas back in 2007 when I created Sesame. She went through many various hairstyles (and colors) prior to the launch of UberQuest in 2014 she sported a Hatsune Miku style twin-tail. We decided that having a thin long tail,scarf and two long strands of hair was a bit overkill and Skidd was the one who chose the bob.

Unfortunately there was overlap and I don't claim copywrite on a hairstyle or whatever. It's not a competition and I can see them as two separate characters. There isn't any kind of animosity (as far as I know) between us and Chalo either. It happens in other media too - there is a whole blog dedicated to it


I could go down a list of "small but fiesty anime characters" she was inspired by or how her being muscular rather than a petite whispy body she had before fit the warrior-carring-oversized-swords fit better.

In short, there is alot of inspiration when it comes to creating characters (For Sesame alone ; Batman,Finn (AT), Guts(Beserk),Edward (FMA),Laharl (Disgaea)Faye Valentine (CB) and most notably Mulan my favorite Disney protagonist ever.) -we never set out to make our very own clone of Rachael from Las Lindas.

Here are some key differences we see..

Rachael - Looks out for herself and Sarah primarily.
Sesame - Will defend anyone she considers a friend and goes out of her way to help others.

Rachael - Likes to work out (jog,martial arts),orphan who ran away from home, currently working on a farm as a mechanic.
Sesame - Naturally muscular/strong due to genetics, trained as a swordsman, lived at home until it was destroyed and everyone gone/dead. Wandering vigilante at this point.

Rachael - Hides her feelings, generally cold and hard to get close to, lived her life as a criminal until coming to Las Lindas.
Sesame - Open about feelings, polite unless insulted/wronged/frustrated, befriends people quickly,trained as a cook until her father began teaching her to fight.

Rachael - Likes to slack off, has trouble with authority figures, is quick to temper/fight.
Sesame - Clear-shooter with no-nonsense personality, has an honor code and etiquette, is quick to temper/fight.


*sigh* and as much as I hate to address this, I guess I will. This is my observations reading Las Lindas at least..

Differences between Miles and Farron

Miles - Loves to slack off, enjoys mechanics/aviations, went to college, came from a (presumably) normal upbringing.
Farron - Loves to slack off, enjoys outdoors and exploring, did not complete education, orphaned with sister (single mom abandonment).

Miles - Classic skirt chaser that rarely gets laid (or did), has entitlement to get what he wants (narcissistic), unlucky in love/relationships
Farron - Man-slut with borderline addiction, low-self esteem/self loathing merely chases what makes him happy, doesn't want to be tied down in relationship and has trust issues.

Miles - Self-serving only shows affection towards women that haven't scorned him (as with Mora and Taffy prior to them breaking it off), very sarcastic, generally a buttmonkey on the tail end of abuse
Farron - Shows interest in helping others (sometimes begrudingly), shows remorse for his actions, puts on an air of toughness, very sarcastic, is only injured when deserving or slights someone he shouldn't - not for being a "pervert". Is able to control himself sexually and does not cat-call.

ID: ace2c  No.10134

>Twin-braided brown hair
Holy shit…

ID: d3df7  No.10135

Oh, I didn't say Miles and Farron are the same, I just said that the comparison being used in the post that was a response to was an insult to Farron. They'd equated the two when they said Rachael has just turned into Sesame now.

ID: 46f9e  No.10136


I know, but we still get that alot. It's kind of frustrating because the webcomic is a sort of "baby" and you get quite attached to your characters.

ID: f0be0  No.10139


Not saying you copied Rachael. I just say is silly for people to say Rach is a clone of Sesame when Rach has been around for much longer as an stablished character with just one design.

As fof Farron/Miles that I just don't understand. Other than both liking sex, they are nothing alike. Farron has actually endured hardships and can be very reliable when is needed. None of that can be said about Miles. If anything, Farron is closer to Drake.

Funnily so, while I despise the Miles/Rach pairing, I really hope Farron and Sesame become a couple.

ID: d3df7  No.10140

That'd be way too predictable and tropey as fuck though.

ID: ace2c  No.10145

File: 1514040858438.png (194.08 KB, 372x447, 1513697232200.png)

Force shipping is best shipping. Look at Adveture Time.

ID: d3df7  No.10150

Except that one actually is canon, they're just not PRESENTLY together, so whoever made that is an actual idiot who apparently also doesn't know bisexuals exist and thus immediately assumes everyone with better perception than them thinks the two are lesbians.

Forced and influenced by what insatiable shippers want is what Las Lindas specializes in.

ID: 46f9e  No.10151


Honestly the idea that every character should hook up in the immediate cast or that a romantic relationship is the ultimate in life-fulfillment is rather pretentious to assume.

Plenty of people get along fine not ending up in some romantic relationship and lead fulfilling happy lives without a significant other.

If you are getting in a relationship to be happy or "fix" your problems, you're doing it all for the wrong reasons. Also not every relationship needs to be sexual or romantic either. There are many types of relationships you can have with someone that doesn't involve attraction.

It's stuff like this that makes it tempting to have everyone in UQ completely asexual and aromantic.

Plus I feel relationships in any sort of narrative need to have a point and drive the story or character development further (for better or worse). Not just shipping for shipping's sake - you always account for how it impacts stories.Same goes for killing off a character (which is meant to be impact those who live on in the story)

ID: 9825b  No.10152

File: 1514112642022.png (1 MB, 825x1275, 1514094888.chalodillo_mora….png)

ID: d3df7  No.10153

>It's stuff like this that makes it tempting to have everyone in UQ completely asexual and aromantic.

You've kinda already nulled that possibility.

ID: ace2c  No.10154

If you ask me, never ship characters to only pander to the fans.

ID: d3df7  No.10155

That's just simple logic. Don't do ANYTHING simply because the fandom demands it. Simple logic that I guess no one ever shared with the makers of Las Lindas.

ID: d8847  No.10157

File: 1514150215522.png (5.7 KB, 50x50, shipit.png)

ID: 4afbf  No.10158

What are you talking about?

Ll did what they wanted they never let fans dictate the story.

ID: ace2c  No.10159

Now that's cute.

ID: d3df7  No.10161

Except they constantly do. Most of the damn pairings in this comic happened because fans wanted them to, and numerous scenarios have been lifted directly from forum posts or influenced by polls and then clumsily passed off as shit they planned years and years in advance.

ID: e7ebc  No.10162

Shipping is not the problem. It's the writing. As in that's the entire problem right there in one neat little package.

You can change shipping and who gets with who all you want, that's not going to solve the dozen of other issues that's all tied to the writing.

Let me know when people complain about Knighthood or how much Mora comes off as a bitch or the flashbacks that might as well be a completely different comic. I'll just say the same thing again.

ID: 9c6ea  No.10163

I don't think there are many people who are going to insist that the writing in this comic is anything resembling good. However, that doesn't explain why people keep coming back around every time there's a new update.

If it were as simple as 'the writing sucks', people would have their say and stop reading. However, we see people returning, time and time again, to bitch about this comic. If they actually liked the characters or art, that would be understandable, but a lot of the people who bitch about this don't even like those things.

ID: e7ebc  No.10166


That's because people like to complain. We all know the LL community are a bunch of drama queens that like to actually take the story seriously.

Me? I'm just here for the cheesecake and porn, I barely even read the comic. The times I do I regret it. It's just all this bickering is killing the mood.

ID: d3df7  No.10167

>the creators want us to take this seriously as a narrative
>people are surprised when readers criticize it based on this

Never ceases to amaze me.

ID: fb20e  No.10172


Interesting how people always suddenly care what the writers want when it validates their bitching, isn't it?

ID: d3df7  No.10175

No, what's "interesting" is that at the same time as wanting this comic to be taken seriously, the comic's fans and creators expect it to never be criticized for any reason.

Also "interesting" is how you're always fine with people bitching about the comic whenever they target the elements of it that you don't like.

ID: 1040b  No.10176

I think with this comic there's stuff that deserves to be picked apart because its juts that bad,stuff that isn't so bad yet its blown out of proportion , and then just nitpicking over the smallest thing because you feel like you need to have a problem with the comic. That's what i've gathered over the course of these LL threads on this site

ID: 9825b  No.10189

File: 1514819123953.jpg (109.91 KB, 700x906, DSb6MfAXcAA5cpM.jpg)

ID: fb20e  No.10191


It's almost as if I think the comic has things that can be legitimately criticized but that you're also a whiny bitch.

ID: 161f0  No.10262

File: 1515608034981.jpg (248.29 KB, 800x1608, LL0552.jpg)

>tfw your whole family, even your sex-crazed distant relatives, blue-balls you to oblivion

Well it's not like they were likeable to begin with…

ID: 133f7  No.10265

Joke's on her! Mora's ears are already longer than hers!

ID: d3df7  No.10268

I'm amazed half of them feel as bad as they apparently do.

ID: be792  No.10269

Honestly, Miles and Geecku are probably only sorry that they got caught.

ID: ace2c  No.10270

He probably didn't get the chance to fill her. Damn, Mora.

ID: 029bd  No.10271

File: 1515717733816.png (98.38 KB, 222x355, wew.png)

ID: f99d1  No.10301

File: 1516084650263.jpg (668.98 KB, 800x1524, KH0066.jpg)

New Knighthood page.

ID: 161f0  No.10308

File: 1516208444365.png (807.33 KB, 1920x1080, showerbumpalt wip.png)

Eh, Randall and Geecku's alt was more enticing.

ID: f8c48  No.10310

File: 1516249544296.jpg (400.71 KB, 800x1608, tumblr_p2qgtsWKwc1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: d3df7  No.10312

So does anyone NOT have super-wild rough sex in this universe?

ID: 91482  No.10313

Sex in the shower counts as super wild and rough sex?

ID: d3df7  No.10314

Did you not read the dialogue around the fucking? And did you not notice that when everyone was being creepy and crowding around the door, Rachael exposited that Taffy was screaming during it?

ID: 4447c  No.10315


To be fair it was explained before that wolf and dog primes are pretty rough during sex. Ambar even commented she was surprised how Grace could handle it

ID: d3df7  No.10316

Yeah, explained where, the forum where they basically tell people what they want to hear or just rattle off whatever pops into their heads first, whether it makes sense/is actually true or not? One thread also claimed once that canine Primes have knotted dicks when they clearly don't.

ID: 1040b  No.10317

I like how you couldn't just let the drawing be and just had to find something to complain about with it.

ID: 0e849  No.10318

In my headcanon rannie has a knot for sure.

In the cheating rannie set of pics, it looks like hes knotted in the third pic

ID: d3df7  No.10319

He really doesn't, and "headcanon"? We've SEEN it, there's nothing TO headcanon.

ID: fb20e  No.10320


I mean, just because you have autism doesn't mean you HAVE to act like this.

ID: 0e849  No.10321

File: 1516292811804.jpg (129.33 KB, 800x522, 40bb032813d16e8c4f7bc4a6d7….jpg)

So you're saying thats not a knot?

ID: d3df7  No.10322

No. It isn't. In fact, given the placement, looks every bit like Chalo mistakenly coloured Randal's balls the same colour as his dick. Now you go ahead and find any other pic where you can mistakenly see a knot that isn't there. And while you're at it, maybe explain why male canine Primes would be literally the only Primes with animal genitals.

ID: 0e849  No.10325

This picture predates all the others that you can see his cock. I believe chalo did a knot but then went back on the idea. This pic doesnt have a gross fur shaft, but the other pic does.

Fuckin hate furred shafts, excuse me for going with chalos old posts about knots. Hell, when LL was fairly fresh I emailed chalo about it cause I was gonna make a dick chart as a gift. He said he doesnt think about it too much, but according to the man himself, randal *has* a knot, and dick sizes go Minos Randall then Miles kek

ID: d3df7  No.10326

Pretty sure we'd seen it previous to this, and also pretty sure it was SK who said stuff to that effect. Also, even by your own excuse, that statement doesn't mean shit now regardless of who said it.

And again, you'd still have to explain why the fuck Chalo would give feral genitals to one gender of one subspecies of Prime and literally no other.

ID: 0e849  No.10328

Because dog genitals are best animal genitals obviously?

ID: 9729b  No.10333

Were you looking in a mirror when you typed that?

ID: fb20e  No.10334


Did you steal that comeback from the fourth grader you've got tied up in your closet?

ID: 9729b  No.10337

I remember when you used to act tough and toss out bans left and right. Where did your energy go?

ID: 133f7  No.10338

You aren't worth it.

ID: fb20e  No.10339

>Hurr durr you shouldn't ban so many people it makes you look weak
>Hurr durr why don't you ban more people it makes you look weak

ID: 133f7  No.10340

I'm thinking it wants to be banned so it can complain about being banned over something trivial and can complain/brag on some other board about how terrible this place is.

ID: d3df7  No.10341

…Where was the first argument made?

ID: 4447c  No.10342

On the knot thing, people asked Chalo at the stream and he said Randal does have one.

ID: ace2c  No.10343

Knotted the bunnyslut.

ID: d6742  No.10347

Really now? Fucking nice. Unless your blowing smoke, in which case not so nice.

ID: 0e849  No.10348


If so, then I toadaso guy who was arguing against the knot. I already knew I was right from my email years ago, but if theres recent confirmation, even better

ID: d3df7  No.10350

Right, sure, that's why he consistently doesn't ever give him one. Methinks either you're full of it or he's telling you all what he knows you so badly wanted to hear.

Why in fuck's name would a human dick, which we know Randal has, have a canine knot anyway?

ID: 0e849  No.10351

Methinks chalo doesnt understand how sheaths work. That being said, first visible randal cock appears to have a knot. Some people claim its miscolored balls, but I think not. Also because knotted cocks > all other cocks

ID: 0e849  No.10352


Looks like a red rocket plus knot. I know he has a human looking cock in the coacoa shorts-removal vignette, but I think the furred shafts are chalo not drawing sheaths at proper size

ID: d3df7  No.10356

Again, too low to be one, plus you're cherry-picking the one and only picture that you think supports this idea, and on top of that, again, why in fucking hell would he have the only dick out of all Primes that doesn't look and function like a human's?

And seriously, now you're reaching. "It's not possible that Chalo just makes shafts the same colour as the character, likely because he feels it looks better! Even though it's a demonstratable fact that this is the case, I instead argue that he's trying to give them all feral sheaths and failing spectacularly!"

ID: 0e849  No.10360


Hes not the only prime with a canine dick, chalo just doesnt draw lots of dicks. He himself said he has one, so literally, the answer to your stupidass "well why would he?" Wuestion you keep repeating ad naseum is BECAUSE ITS CHALOS DRAWING AND HE SAID SO.

ID: fb20e  No.10361

Guys, seriously, take a step back and realize what you're arguing so vehemently over.

ID: d3df7  No.10364

>He himself said he has one

According to one person who can't verify this. And if he did, it would just be the latest in a long, LONG string of shit they've told you just cause you want to hear it or things they said without an ounce of thought put into it. Consistency, logic and actually thinking shit through have never been things the creators of Las Lindas are known for–Christ, they've claimed no character in the main cast speaks or understands a single human language, Mora has a sister, Rachael smokes and Tootsie has no interest in women at some point or another. I'm sure if you said it enough, he'd eventually "confirm" that, I dunno, Miles has a barbed dick that serves no purpose but inflicting pain on every woman he fucks too even though he's literally never drawn any evidence of this being the case.

Also, way to completely lose your shit, that really strengthens your argument. I think maybe you're just a bit too fascinated/obsessed with dog cocks, dude.

ID: d3df7  No.10366



Here's another Chalo-drawn pic of Randal naked that you apparently didn't know about prior to your bitchfit.


ID: 9825b  No.10367

File: 1516639522781.jpg (884.96 KB, 800x1608, LL0553.jpg)

ID: 55307  No.10368

this entire argument is embarrassing on both ends

ID: ace2c  No.10369

Now that's a real man.

ID: 6ba9a  No.10370

File: 1516648666302.png (638.93 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot9_u18chan.png)

ID: 20894  No.10371

no tip in sight, you could almost say its like a big ol sheath :P Im done, but FU buddy

ID: d3df7  No.10372

Please let this be a troll response, I refuse to believe anyone's actually that fucking dumb.

ID: 6ba9a  No.10378

Drake & Violet NSFW when?

ID: 6ba9a  No.10387

File: 1516890490101.jpg (328.11 KB, 700x1407, tumblr_p33ikkD77h1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: 133f7  No.10388

File: 1516893944427.png (132.17 KB, 600x600, Bamboobies.png)

Thinking about her wearing these now

ID: ace2c  No.10389

File: 1516894624389.gif (1022.48 KB, 500x281, 231124.gif)

ID: 9825b  No.10390

File: 1516899723078.jpg (353.99 KB, 800x800, 1516893405.chalodillo_have….jpg)

ID: d3df7  No.10391

I still don't understand why she needs maternity leave at all. What about her job does she need a break from, especially when she's handling everything so unnaturally easily? And why the hell is her position just something she can hand over to whoever she wants?

And why the fuck does she have a global surveillance system, especially when she only rules one place?

ID: ef1f4  No.10392

you must be fun at parties

ID: 133f7  No.10393

>And why the fuck does she have a global surveillance system, especially when she only rules one place
Why did the US wiretap the the German Chancelor's phones a few years back?

ID: d3df7  No.10396

Because clearly I have absolutely no sense of humor and am incapable of feeling joy because I didn't turn off my brain and ignore the dialogue in this pic.

I kinda get what you're saying here, but even that's on a much smaller scale than "Ambar has cameras set up all around the world for no discernable reason". It was creepy enough when we found out she's got hidden cameras all over the farm, now we find out she's a voyeur on a global scale?

ID: 12858  No.10397

I mean, I can't really blame someone for thinking that when you find something to bitch about in every little comic page and blog answer chalo puts out no matter how small and insignificant it is

ID: ace2c  No.10398

Who's Tony?

ID: 91482  No.10399

>Because clearly I have absolutely no sense of humor

Acceptance is the first step to rehabilitation.

ID: 253b4  No.10400

Tony is this guy who colors some art pieces and comic pages for Mastergodai. (he's the colorist for KnuckleUp, Goyoku, the bonus comics of godai's.)

ID: fb20e  No.10401

>Because clearly I have absolutely no sense of humor

The first step is admitting you have a problem. I think we can all say we're glad for you, and support you in getting the help you need.

ID: fa126  No.10402

Dang. He probably get paid $40 to do them just to use the money for porns.

ID: 9729b  No.10404

Oops, someone else made your joke first.

ID: fb20e  No.10408


It's almost like nobody here likes you and we all think the same things when we see another bitchy post you make.

ID: 9729b  No.10409

Your lack of self-awareness is astounding. If only you could see what you looked like to everyone else.

If you haven't bought a cat yet, you should, because life isn't getting easier from here.

ID: 133f7  No.10412

Whatever, Doctor Projection.

ID: 9825b  No.10413

File: 1517149202828.jpg (783.58 KB, 800x1608, LL0554.jpg)

ID: fb20e  No.10414


While your "no u" comeback is the wit and creativity we've all come to expect from you, I have to ask two things.

One, do you really think that's true? I don't think you do. See, I think you know that despite any issues I might have with being confrontational, more people like me than like you, and that's one of the reasons you're angry. This is because while I can be quite negative, I'm not an endless font of pure negativity who only says bad things.

Which brings us to the second thing. What even is the point of your being here? All you do is find something to complain about with everything that's posted in this thread. Comics, art, whatever, you'll throw a huff and stomp your feet and declare it shit. Then, when people call you out on this, you insult them, declare the entire board shit because it doesn't allow criticism or whatever, and on and on and on.

You don't like the comic, to the point of bitching about it whatever it does. You don't like us, to the point of bitching about us whatever we say. Literally all you do is sit here simmering in negativity and bile and resentment.

For what? Are you enjoying yourself being a dick about everything and to everyone? Do you think that you're providing some sort of service by bestowing all of us common plebes with your wisdom, no matter how we reject it? Do you have nowhere else to go?

Seriously, what is the point of you?

ID: d3df7  No.10416

I love how you guys segued into bitching at a completely different person cause you're so deeply invested in your "all people who criticize this comic are the same person" fantasy that you didn't notice the entirely different poster ID.

ID: ace2c  No.10418

So, they're getting marry soon?

ID: d3df7  No.10419

Of course they are. You didn't think the whole subplot about how Taffy needs to get her relationship moving as fast as possible and Mora seriously planning to bankrupt the farm even faster with a big expensive wedding would end with these two NOT being married, did you?

But come to think of it, he only JUST THAT DAY brought up buying a ring to Mora, something tells me he doesn't even have one to propose with yet, so… Randal, maybe you should hold on?

ID: 72a39  No.10421

they got the wrong person but the point still kinda stands. what's the point of even reading Las Lindas if all you do is have complaints about it.

like it's less "everyone that complains is one person" and more " there's always that one person that just goes out finding to complain about something related to the comic every time."

main comics, bonus comics, ask blog answers, even simple side pictures, you always manage to find some way to have a beef with something there even if it isn't that bad.

like after a point if you're reading the comic just to get mad and complain then that's just dumb. You would most likely be better off dropping it and using the time spent on whining about the comic for something that actually gives you joy. Something that you actually like.

ID: d3df7  No.10423

Dude, all of this isn't even about complaints regarding a comic page, this latest nonsense is over someone not finding it charming and funny that Ambar has creeper cams set up all over the world.

ID: 133f7  No.10424

It's not about this instance, it's about how it's just something, anything, every fucking time. Why don't these guys start a thread about a comic that THEY enjoy instead of upsetting themselves about this over and over again.

ID: 9825b  No.10426

File: 1517248361971.jpg (59.85 KB, 825x486, DUuGrM_W4AIYWri.jpg)

ID: 9825b  No.10427

File: 1517248375285.jpg (67.04 KB, 638x825, DUuGrM9W4AILIgY.jpg)

ID: 5fb61  No.10428

File: 1517256917854.gif (85.15 KB, 250x291, tumblr_oc928cP8yp1r194szo1….gif)

People on this website will never be satisfied and will argue over everything. There. I said it. Now everyone shut the fuck up.

ID: 9825b  No.10435

File: 1517321484393.jpg (500.29 KB, 680x880, 1517293187.chalodillo_jans….jpg)

ID: 9825b  No.10436

File: 1517321497534.jpg (439.39 KB, 680x880, 1517292835.chalodillo_jans….jpg)

ID: 9825b  No.10437

File: 1517321512680.jpg (370.86 KB, 680x880, 1517293599.chalodillo_jans….jpg)

ID: ace2c  No.10438

>Cowgirls' milk
So nasty.

ID: 180dc  No.10442

File: 1517381798735.png (739.28 KB, 1276x1650, c6aaa241-36f4-4731-c7cb-c8….png)

ID: 0e849  No.10444

This is supposed to be Randal right?

ID: d358b  No.10445

It's supposed to be whoever will make you the most upset.

ID: d6f2c  No.10446


Considering the conversations that go on in this thread, that is a VERY astute answer. Well played.

ID: d3df7  No.10447

Well it's too big to be Miles and the fur pattern is more like Randal's than Miles', so that only leaves one option.

ID: 180dc  No.10448


yes, it is randal

ID: ace2c  No.10449

So it's like Eren and Mikasa? Damn, Chalo gaining new fetish by the year.

ID: d1ad5  No.10450

Nope its not randal. I know this because I asked the guy who won that pic about it.

ID: 180dc  No.10451


I should have said I colored it to be randal, not that it was the character that was commissioned

ID: 0e849  No.10452

Is the new Sarah page getting official coloring or nah?

ID: 34c4a  No.10458

File: 1517717670948.jpg (100.65 KB, 638x825, DVKI547WkAE95Qv.jpg)

ID: f99d1  No.10459

File: 1517767943334.png (7.21 MB, 3300x5100, MotorbikeSunnyHD_u18chan.png)

ID: 133f7  No.10460

N-n-n-nice legs,
daisy dukes,
makin' me go
*Wolf Whistle*

ID: 1ba85  No.10461

File: 1517791889991.jpg (27.59 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

ID: 9825b  No.10482

File: 1518244773594.jpg (688.66 KB, 800x1524, KH0067.jpg)

ID: 9825b  No.10496

File: 1518979187864.jpg (109.59 KB, 638x825, DWVJLjKX0AAQUED.jpg)

ID: 9825b  No.10497

File: 1519021186020.jpg (807.87 KB, 800x1608, LL0555.jpg)

ID: ace2c  No.10499

Few weeks time skip to the marriage when?

ID: 9825b  No.10502

File: 1519091272465.jpg (526.4 KB, 700x1293, tumblr_p4fb4q2UnF1rl7g5vo1….jpg)

ID: d3df7  No.10503

Wouldn't most consider it jumping the gun a bit to do this before he's even got a ring to give her?

>few weeks

I'd say that's an unreasonably small amount of time, but what do I know, these two just got engaged after like half a year of dating.

ID: 91482  No.10504

>Wouldn't most consider it jumping the gun a bit to do this before he's even got a ring to give her?

It's the thought/vow that counts, right? I assume the tradition of marriage vows didn't always involve having a ring for the proposal.

ID: 161f0  No.10506

File: 1519171178702.jpg (78.63 KB, 1020x854, DWg6WJqX0AEqCyl.jpg large.jpg)

ID: 9825b  No.10520

File: 1519484168353.jpg (836.06 KB, 800x1608, LL0556.jpg)

ID: ace2c  No.10521

File: 1519486261765.gif (841.05 KB, 300x169, giphy (1).gif)


ID: d3df7  No.10522

I know I'm supposed to be rejoicing like there was any doubt she'd say yes, but I'm too distracted by the fact that Taffy's towel is impossible and could only look like that on her if it was specifically made to be worn like a virgin killer sweater.

ID: d8506  No.10523


Were you unaware of the Las Lindas setting's highly advanced towel technology?

ID: 9825b  No.10526

File: 1519531768504.png (328.83 KB, 825x1275, DW1OG-sW4AEYwej.png)

ID: 9825b  No.10527

File: 1519531800065.png (323.39 KB, 825x1275, DW1OG-wXcAAeXjr.png)

ID: 133f7  No.10528

Dem Baby Making Hips.

ID: 9825b  No.10531

File: 1519641992282.jpg (128 KB, 825x1275, DW60E3yWAAEX3ZG.jpg)

ID: 0e849  No.10536

Is this getting color? I need it

ID: 9825b  No.10543

File: 1519930999588.jpg (54.68 KB, 510x660, DXOE05GXkAUupHq.jpg)

ID: 9825b  No.10545

File: 1519957739033.jpg (54.13 KB, 510x660, DXPUg4QW4AEwpbA.jpg)

ID: 9825b  No.10546

File: 1519957758844.jpg (51.32 KB, 510x660, DXPcuA1WAAAQuof.jpg)

ID: f99d1  No.10565

File: 1520609650786.jpg (873.58 KB, 800x1524, KH0068.jpg)

The fight continues.

ID: 6ba9a  No.10566

File: 1520641156829.jpg (148.87 KB, 638x825, tumblr_p5c70aOu801r0ajyoo1….jpg)

ID: 6ba9a  No.10567

File: 1520641209176.jpg (177.6 KB, 638x825, tumblr_p5c6xkECJd1r0ajyoo1….jpg)

ID: d3df7  No.10571

"Quick, we have to come up with a reason why she barely felt that!"

ID: d329f  No.10576

I like how they couldn't leave it at "training with Kate and carmesi made her more durable" like you would normally think since primes are already super strong and tough by default.

they had to add some mystical Dragon shit to it

ID: d3df7  No.10580

These writers have a real talent for making the stakes nonexistent and ensuring we don't actually worry about what might happen to their main characters, lemme tell ya.

Actually, where was it stated that ALL Primes are super powerful? Cause if that were the case, I don't think Minos inadvertently revealing how powerful he is would be even a fraction of a big deal.

ID: 9825b  No.10583

File: 1520944040634.jpg (106.93 KB, 638x863, DYBlWRfWkAAqVqO.jpg)

ID: 9825b  No.10586

File: 1520969454330.jpg (103.69 KB, 638x825, DYJeV1sX4AEzYQy.jpg)

ID: ace2c  No.10589

Painfully thicc

ID: 161f0  No.10591

File: 1521044942878.png (278.78 KB, 638x825, DYI7A8oWsAAZO41.png)


That;s nothing compared to this.

ID: d24e5  No.10592

File: 1521046037721.jpg (79.81 KB, 1000x1195, 9e8.jpg)

ID: d5e90  No.10593

Get up come on get down with the THICCness

ID: d8847  No.10600

A lifetime of back pain.
And deer blacksmith cock.

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