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Webcomics are the worst artform in the world, except for all the other ones.
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File: 1511990712682.png (1.02 MB, 800x1874, Rascals-page-422.png)

ID: d15c7  No.9976

ID: 5b81d  No.9978

ah, this comic with the lame male MC

ID: d15c7  No.10022

File: 1512527294995.png (379.52 KB, 666x1250, tumblr_p0if4jUuHs1r0fcaio1….png)

ID: d15c7  No.10057

File: 1512838609963.png (940.87 KB, 800x1814, Rascals-page-423.png)

ID: 659ff  No.10058

what is even going on now

ID: 45411  No.10077

File: 1513019506779.jpeg (53.53 KB, 600x453, image.jpeg)

ID: 86e11  No.10081

File: 1513176336072.jpg (64.79 KB, 500x500, 2102uy.jpg)

ID: f9445  No.10082

File: 1513213180923.jpg (87.58 KB, 500x500, Fyou.jpg)

ID: 5b81d  No.10088

that mindset is probably why rascals is like it is. this comic has some big problems

ID: 9ebad  No.10089

This mindset is a big part of why Rascals and Las Lindas are as bad as they've gotten.

ID: 86e11  No.10090

ID: d15c7  No.10104

File: 1513462129751.png (884.28 KB, 800x1904, Rascals-page-424.png)

ID: d15c7  No.10109

File: 1513549547904.png (888.65 KB, 800x1860, Rascals-page-425.png)

ID: 2ca29  No.10110


ID: 291f2  No.10112

The sameface is pretty strong with this comic.

ID: 5b81d  No.10113

Is…Is he copying Ultra Instinct from Dragonball? Is this where we're going? She got her ass beat so hard she unlocked a new power

ID: 9ebad  No.10115

Where IS anyone in relation to anything?

ID: 63638  No.10128

File: 1513699004458.jpg (139.58 KB, 1280x687, 1512280513.mastergodai_dev….jpg)

ID: d15c7  No.10131

File: 1513721767313.jpg (238.84 KB, 683x1280, come_back_here_you_little_….jpg)

ID: d15c7  No.10147

File: 1514086826033.png (1.18 MB, 800x1700, tumblr_p1fxrg09yw1vksd3fo1….png)

ID: d15c7  No.10148

File: 1514086856549.png (887.42 KB, 800x1422, tumblr_p1fxv2d93p1vksd3fo1….png)

ID: d15c7  No.10171

File: 1514353127357.png (915.27 KB, 800x1862, Rascals-page-426.png)

ID: 63638  No.10173

File: 1514390312766.jpg (128.86 KB, 686x1280, 1513781698.mastergodai_ver….jpg)

ID: 0c923  No.10174

How can you even tell that she's dodging attacks? and he really is ripping off ultra instinct…

ID: d15c7  No.10184

File: 1514586733407.png (658.07 KB, 800x1842, Rascals-page-427.png)

ID: 9ebad  No.10185

Okay, he's just straight-up turned her into Necalli now.

ID: d15c7  No.10195

File: 1514858587077.jpg (132.42 KB, 686x1280, 1514858353523.jpg)

ID: d15c7  No.10196

File: 1514858602420.jpg (101.73 KB, 1280x686, 1514858392513.jpg)

ID: d15c7  No.10197

File: 1514858614769.jpg (108 KB, 1280x686, 1514858431411.jpg)

ID: d15c7  No.10222

File: 1515244126872.png (918.67 KB, 800x1904, Rascals-page-428.png)

ID: 9ebad  No.10223

Gotta love when a serious, emotional moment is broken almost immediately by a huge tiddy gag.

ID: 4fdbb  No.10250


Well other then that, this is a really interesting arc Godai has going on right now. Im kind of excited to see what happens next.

ID: 9ebad  No.10257

What is this comic even ABOUT anymore?

ID: 9f87a  No.10258

Well, when I started reading it when it first debuted back in 2009 or so, it was kind of this romantic comedy thing with college students, and slice of life type of stuff. They stated early on how Reiko was a ninja, and then later her sister Jazmin entered into the story, and things just kind of…went on from there. Godai briefly had a 2nd writer, with whom he did some pages, but then stuff happened, and this co-writer was let go, so then Godai scrapped all those pages (28 in total), and then did a rewrite, and now it's come to this. I think with Talon and Lena coming into the main story, it's to tie in with the bonus comic Goyoku, which is about Reiko, Jazmin, and Skye in their early days at some ninja academy (along with Nick and his sister Yuriko). Paige is also in the main story to tie in with the bonus comic KnuckleUp (she's depicted as the "actress" that plays female Hawke in KnuckleUp). It had been touched upon in the past where Reiko has this 'other side' to her, and how it was sealed away. But now it's come out again. And now it looks like Izzy has a power of her own…
TLDR It started as a slightly more simple type of comic, and then had all this other stuff added to it over time, which made things a little weird.

ID: f3c48  No.10259

He's called master godai because his comic is so bad it makes you want to go die, ha haaa bazinga *finger guns*

ID: 2ca29  No.10263

GTFO, Hater!

ID: d15c7  No.10284

File: 1515855323184.png (896.17 KB, 800x1926, Rascals-page-429.png)

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