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File: 1511990712682.png (1.02 MB, 800x1874, Rascals-page-422.png)

ID: d15c7  No.9976[Last 50 Posts]

ID: 5b81d  No.9978

ah, this comic with the lame male MC

ID: d15c7  No.10022

File: 1512527294995.png (379.52 KB, 666x1250, tumblr_p0if4jUuHs1r0fcaio1….png)

ID: d15c7  No.10057

File: 1512838609963.png (940.87 KB, 800x1814, Rascals-page-423.png)

ID: 659ff  No.10058

what is even going on now

ID: 45411  No.10077

File: 1513019506779.jpeg (53.53 KB, 600x453, image.jpeg)

ID: 86e11  No.10081

File: 1513176336072.jpg (64.79 KB, 500x500, 2102uy.jpg)

ID: f9445  No.10082

File: 1513213180923.jpg (87.58 KB, 500x500, Fyou.jpg)

ID: 5b81d  No.10088

that mindset is probably why rascals is like it is. this comic has some big problems

ID: 9ebad  No.10089

This mindset is a big part of why Rascals and Las Lindas are as bad as they've gotten.

ID: 86e11  No.10090

ID: d15c7  No.10104

File: 1513462129751.png (884.28 KB, 800x1904, Rascals-page-424.png)

ID: d15c7  No.10109

File: 1513549547904.png (888.65 KB, 800x1860, Rascals-page-425.png)

ID: 2ca29  No.10110


ID: 291f2  No.10112

The sameface is pretty strong with this comic.

ID: 5b81d  No.10113

Is…Is he copying Ultra Instinct from Dragonball? Is this where we're going? She got her ass beat so hard she unlocked a new power

ID: 9ebad  No.10115

Where IS anyone in relation to anything?

ID: 63638  No.10128

File: 1513699004458.jpg (139.58 KB, 1280x687, 1512280513.mastergodai_dev….jpg)

ID: d15c7  No.10131

File: 1513721767313.jpg (238.84 KB, 683x1280, come_back_here_you_little_….jpg)

ID: d15c7  No.10147

File: 1514086826033.png (1.18 MB, 800x1700, tumblr_p1fxrg09yw1vksd3fo1….png)

ID: d15c7  No.10148

File: 1514086856549.png (887.42 KB, 800x1422, tumblr_p1fxv2d93p1vksd3fo1….png)

ID: d15c7  No.10171

File: 1514353127357.png (915.27 KB, 800x1862, Rascals-page-426.png)

ID: 63638  No.10173

File: 1514390312766.jpg (128.86 KB, 686x1280, 1513781698.mastergodai_ver….jpg)

ID: 0c923  No.10174

How can you even tell that she's dodging attacks? and he really is ripping off ultra instinct…

ID: d15c7  No.10184

File: 1514586733407.png (658.07 KB, 800x1842, Rascals-page-427.png)

ID: 9ebad  No.10185

Okay, he's just straight-up turned her into Necalli now.

ID: d15c7  No.10195

File: 1514858587077.jpg (132.42 KB, 686x1280, 1514858353523.jpg)

ID: d15c7  No.10196

File: 1514858602420.jpg (101.73 KB, 1280x686, 1514858392513.jpg)

ID: d15c7  No.10197

File: 1514858614769.jpg (108 KB, 1280x686, 1514858431411.jpg)

ID: d15c7  No.10222

File: 1515244126872.png (918.67 KB, 800x1904, Rascals-page-428.png)

ID: 9ebad  No.10223

Gotta love when a serious, emotional moment is broken almost immediately by a huge tiddy gag.

ID: 4fdbb  No.10250


Well other then that, this is a really interesting arc Godai has going on right now. Im kind of excited to see what happens next.

ID: 9ebad  No.10257

What is this comic even ABOUT anymore?

ID: 9f87a  No.10258

Well, when I started reading it when it first debuted back in 2009 or so, it was kind of this romantic comedy thing with college students, and slice of life type of stuff. They stated early on how Reiko was a ninja, and then later her sister Jazmin entered into the story, and things just kind of…went on from there. Godai briefly had a 2nd writer, with whom he did some pages, but then stuff happened, and this co-writer was let go, so then Godai scrapped all those pages (28 in total), and then did a rewrite, and now it's come to this. I think with Talon and Lena coming into the main story, it's to tie in with the bonus comic Goyoku, which is about Reiko, Jazmin, and Skye in their early days at some ninja academy (along with Nick and his sister Yuriko). Paige is also in the main story to tie in with the bonus comic KnuckleUp (she's depicted as the "actress" that plays female Hawke in KnuckleUp). It had been touched upon in the past where Reiko has this 'other side' to her, and how it was sealed away. But now it's come out again. And now it looks like Izzy has a power of her own…
TLDR It started as a slightly more simple type of comic, and then had all this other stuff added to it over time, which made things a little weird.

ID: f3c48  No.10259

He's called master godai because his comic is so bad it makes you want to go die, ha haaa bazinga *finger guns*

ID: 2ca29  No.10263

GTFO, Hater!

ID: d15c7  No.10284

File: 1515855323184.png (896.17 KB, 800x1926, Rascals-page-429.png)

ID: d15c7  No.10336

File: 1516455406843.png (1.06 MB, 800x1973, Rascals-page-430.png)

ID: 85199  No.10346

Why do I get the feeling someone will commission Rei on DevilRei?

ID: d15c7  No.10403

File: 1516981114856.png (925.5 KB, 800x1975, Rascals-page-431.png)

ID: 9ebad  No.10417

Is Godai actively trying to make this silly as fuck now?

ID: ee6a9  No.10425


Sorta reads that way. Is that a bad thing?

ID: 56d82  No.10430

Only in that it makes it seem like he doesn't know what he wants the comic to even be (outside of fanservice galore). This current arc was supposed to be about pink bunny girl getting over a breakup.

ID: d15c7  No.10489

File: 1518756060232.png (1.02 MB, 800x2012, Rascals-page-432 (1).png)

ID: d15c7  No.10491

File: 1518756074801.png (808.39 KB, 800x1952, Rascals-page-433.png)

ID: 4b016  No.10512

File: 1519320351831.png (699.93 KB, 686x1270, 20180222_112523.png)

ID: d15c7  No.10524

File: 1519529175068.png (901.49 KB, 800x1928, Rascals-page-434-1.png)

ID: d15c7  No.10525

File: 1519529191354.png (1.04 MB, 800x1928, Rascals-page-435.png)

ID: d15c7  No.10544

File: 1519931022484.png (1.08 MB, 800x1835, Knuckleup-Page-110.png)

ID: 9ebad  No.10549

This was posted on the same site that won't allow us to see the barest hint of a nip slip in Las Lindas.

ID: adc2d  No.10550


KU is rated higher for such explicit content, hence the age-asking prior to its pages. LL, despite its IMMENSE counts of blue-balling, does not have the same rating.

Convoluted, but what else is new? How many F-bombs and sex scenes, albeit censored, roam through all these PG-13 rated comics on Katbox (LL, UQ, Rascals, ect)? Way too many by MPAA standards.

ID: 9ebad  No.10551

Considering Las Lindas' rating anything less than R is a complete joke, let's be honest.

ID: d15c7  No.10559

File: 1520340668055.png (1.19 MB, 800x1813, Chittsu-page-16.png)

ID: 63638  No.10562

File: 1520451942077.png (2.47 MB, 2253x2179, decensor.png)


Decensored panel (+edited-in vag) For a second, I tried to attempt a better vag line than Godai normally does, only to realize I was wasting my time with that.

ID: d15c7  No.10584

File: 1520944126430.png (1.05 MB, 800x1964, Rascals-page-436.png)

ID: d15c7  No.10585

File: 1520944201984.png (1.2 MB, 800x2006, Rascals-page-437.png)

ID: 9ebad  No.10594

Just when we thought Godai's bad cliche well had dried up…

ID: d15c7  No.10629

File: 1521895830632.png (1.08 MB, 800x1982, Rascals-page-438.png)

ID: d15c7  No.10630

File: 1521895850228.png (892.73 KB, 800x1994, Rascals-page-439.png)

ID: d15c7  No.10659

File: 1522507635762.png (785.58 KB, 800x1994, Rascals-page-440-1.png)

ID: d15c7  No.10720

File: 1523636487954.png (1003.65 KB, 800x2012, Rascals-page-441-1.png)

ID: 9ebad  No.10734

Y'know, I actually just realized what the perfect way is to describe this comic at this point: Godai is throwing shit at the wall and doesn't care what sticks.

ID: d15c7  No.10750

File: 1524313711611.png (1.03 MB, 800x1988, Rascals-page-442.png)

ID: e1f96  No.10752

If this leads up to Issy and Rei becoming a couple, I will be very upset.

ID: 9ebad  No.10753

…What fucking dragon features does she have that would've tipped anyone off to this obvious asspull?

ID: d15c7  No.10756

File: 1524494467028.png (845.8 KB, 800x1997, Rascals-page-443.png)

ID: d15c7  No.10772

File: 1524868893852.png (790.47 KB, 800x1970, Rascals-page-444.png)

ID: d7c0a  No.10825

File: 1525644195612.png (887.52 KB, 800x1988, Rascals-page-445-1.png)

ID: 45411  No.10835

This already won’t be good

ID: d7c0a  No.10839

File: 1526089456030.png (849.69 KB, 800x1976, Rascals-page-446.png)

ID: d128f  No.10880

File: 1526951047328.png (1.11 MB, 800x2000, Rascals-page-447.png)

ID: d128f  No.10902

File: 1527438186169.png (1.1 MB, 800x2006, Rascals-page-448.png)

ID: d128f  No.10967

File: 1528169997855.png (990.33 KB, 800x2012, Rascals-page-449.png)

ID: d128f  No.10968

File: 1528170010751.png (418.54 KB, 881x604, 1528145541.mastergodai_pre….png)

ID: d128f  No.11001

File: 1529032674032.png (873.03 KB, 800x2030, Rascals-page-450.png)

ID: d128f  No.11003

File: 1529120430815.png (976.93 KB, 800x2014, Rascals-page-451.png)

ID: d128f  No.11062

File: 1529791988035.png (874.05 KB, 800x2018, Rascals-page-452.png)

ID: d128f  No.11085

File: 1530250049487.png (1007.26 KB, 800x2024, Rascals-page-453.png)

ID: 63638  No.11090

File: 1530427998384.png (457.1 KB, 706x1133, 1529299204.mastergodai_4us….png)

ID: 63638  No.11091

File: 1530428053731.png (4.02 MB, 4180x6650, cebfc2be8e0bda3e6ac1d79ff4….png)

ID: d128f  No.11104

File: 1530587844399.jpg (197.54 KB, 788x1280, salute_the_flag_by_masterg….jpg)

ID: d128f  No.11184

File: 1531544970293.png (706.87 KB, 800x1730, Rascals-page-454.png)

ID: d128f  No.11194

File: 1531654797859.webm (2.58 MB, 720x1280, st.coxGJu5kZUE4_1.webm)

ID: d128f  No.11239

File: 1532403799562.png (1.1 MB, 800x1988, Rascals-page-456.png)

ID: d128f  No.11288

File: 1533387163940.png (970.22 KB, 800x1970, Rascals-page-457.png)

ID: d128f  No.11289

File: 1533387200125.png (995.32 KB, 800x1932, Rascals-page-458.png)

ID: d128f  No.11326

File: 1534120705232.png (1.22 MB, 800x1950, Rascals-page-459-3.png)

ID: d128f  No.11360

File: 1534492274836.png (885.23 KB, 800x1938, Rascals-page-460.png)

ID: 01cad  No.11396

File: 1535166913263.png (1.13 MB, 800x1994, Rascals-page-461.png)

ID: 63638  No.11408

File: 1535393708732.jpg (159.38 KB, 788x1280, 1535079838.mastergodai_nyh….jpg)

ID: 01cad  No.11420

File: 1535688192646.png (732.63 KB, 800x2012, Rascals-page-462.png)

ID: 01cad  No.11469

File: 1537534618842.png (994.05 KB, 800x1962, Rascals-page-463-2.png)

ID: 01cad  No.11470

File: 1537534640778.png (844.62 KB, 800x1938, Rascals-page-464-1.png)

ID: 01cad  No.11471

File: 1537534664450.png (1.07 MB, 800x1970, Rascals-page-465.png)

ID: 06cdd  No.11483

I really wish he could pull off more varied body types

ID: 6b130  No.11484


I used to feel Rascals was incredibly shallow and juvenile. and outright dumb at some spots.

But after seeing the trainwreck Las Lindas has become and how they are pushing that pile of crap that is Knighthood, I've grown to appreciate Rascals much more.

ID: 86e11  No.11485

….Nah, this shit is still worse.

At least LL has actual jokes outside of "Look, naughty stuff!"

Not saying they're good jokes, but still.

ID: 6b130  No.11486


LL has Miles dating Rachael. Heck, LL has Miles, period. None of the Rascals characters are as unlikeable as Miles, and if there's any like that they don't have a starring role.

ID: 86e11  No.11487

The reason for it not having Miles is because it's Miles is the creator. :P

ID: 01cad  No.11526

File: 1538155776922.png (898.23 KB, 800x1944, Rascals-page-466.png)

ID: 01cad  No.11548

File: 1538826861680.png (927.67 KB, 800x1958, Rascals-page-467.png)

ID: 97959  No.11549

so going off the implications of this page, at some point Quick got into a 4 way relationship with the 3 main girls after him.

For starters that feels like a horrible idea and I'll be honest I dont like quick at all and the comic has given me no reason to like him.

Two, Godai's bad habit of skipping ahead of things that might be important is showing because last I remembered the girls were ready to fight each other over who got quick despite the fact that a decent person would back off on trying to take their friend's boyfriend in general.

What caused them to agree on this relationship and how did it even get to that point?

ID: 01cad  No.11582

File: 1539374847637.png (998.84 KB, 800x1952, Rascals-page-468.png)

ID: 63638  No.11583

File: 1539381031251.png (338.93 KB, 1317x706, 1538969199.mastergodai_ama….png)

ID: 9ebad  No.11606

Seriously, what even IS this comic's sad excuse for a plot anymore? It really is making Las Lindas look like pure gold by comparison, at least LL kinda-sorta-sometimes knows what kind of story it wants to be and the characters' personalities don't shift around quite as often.

ID: 01cad  No.11656

File: 1540563137083.png (999.63 KB, 800x1982, Rascals-page-469-1.png)

ID: 01cad  No.11657

File: 1540563156304.png (808.82 KB, 800x1976, Rascals-page-470.png)

ID: 278fb  No.11658

it might be weird but I actually like Amanda more than the other two currently

ID: 2ca29  No.11660

I might be with you on this one. Fel has been acting like she's the bitch because Amanda finally gets a job and wants to watch something she's never seen. But Fel jumps in and buzzkills.

ID: 01cad  No.11693

File: 1541205844577.png (839.94 KB, 800x1988, Rascals-page-471.png)

ID: 2ca29  No.11695

After looking at this page, I can say that Fel is gonna suck being a Love Doctor. And since she brought up the love dilemma from a few pages ago, I'm gonna say that Quick and Chrissy are gonna separate again.


Don't bother skipping ahead, you know it's gonna happen again.

ID: 9ebad  No.11722

I would hesitate to trust most of the characters in this cast with love advice.

ID: 01cad  No.11733

File: 1541809419203.png (917.96 KB, 800x1982, Rascals-page-472.png)

ID: fef27  No.11742

1. Quick suddenly "Tiring" of this four way relationship would make him look shitty, at least the way Jazmin puts it, and not shitty in the bland way like he usually is.

2. Jazmin comes off as bitchy here for getting on Chrissy for having second thoughts about the whole thing. While in my opinion it was a mistake to do it in the first place, a relationship with 3 people would be a huge responsibility so adding one more person to that mix would be an even bigger one. It isn't weird that there would be doubts about it at some point. Jazmin expressed her own troubles regarding it just some pages ago and it's kind of funny how here she acts like she would take it well if Quick didn't pick her.

3. Godai's anatomy normally isn't very good but goddamn Chrissy should be in pain in that last panel.

Also I have a feeling that the person Chrissy is going to meet with is a male. That old childhood friend of hers from the visit fel first appeared in. I could be wrong and I'd like to be wrong, but with this comic that feels like it would be the most likely outcome writing wise.

ID: 9ebad  No.11746

Of course it'll be a male. And she'll probably fuck him. Cause I swear these characters are so sex-fixated, they make the Las Lindas cast look celibate.

ID: 01cad  No.11766

File: 1542423723212.png (815.42 KB, 800x2012, Rascals-page-473.png)

ID: 01cad  No.11845

File: 1543018573766.png (760.98 KB, 800x2018, Rascals-page-474-1.png)

ID: 01cad  No.11889

File: 1543933438836.png (861.94 KB, 800x1952, Rascals-page-475.png)

ID: 86e11  No.11892

"There's a pretty cute Trans here for you."
Oh, we're doing this shit now, okay.

ID: 9ebad  No.11895

Are we seriously supposed to not know that Not Ranma here is female?

ID: 01cad  No.11904

File: 1544349066738.png (915.12 KB, 800x1988, Rascals-page-476.png)

ID: 9ebad  No.11915

Wow. Yep, we're supposed to not know this is a girl. Godai's even ripped off her design from FEMALE Ranma, and we've seen her barely hidden chest bindings, and we're not supposed to know. Amazing.

ID: e17af  No.11917

Godai himself has confirmed that Shiro is a male. He just has more of his mom's traits, thus the more feminine appearance. As for the chest bindings, I'm thinking it's from training of some sort. Maybe it will be explained more in later pages?

ID: 9ebad  No.11918

Oh yeah, that makes perfect sense. Totally.

ID: 01cad  No.11931

File: 1545055109299.png (804.04 KB, 800x2012, Rascals-page-477.png)

ID: 01cad  No.11950

File: 1545674679746.png (1.1 MB, 800x1988, Rascals-page-478.png)

ID: 01cad  No.11958

File: 1546014349926.png (1.05 MB, 800x1958, Rascals-page-479.png)

ID: e6b6e  No.11959


So she irresponsibly gets pregnant and her boyfriend is just alright with it? Open or not normally wouldnt that upset him if rules were put in place.

Though in this comic everyone just seems to fuck everyone with no negative consequences despite their relationship status.

Also Quick is a Fuckboy and has been for a long time.

ID: 85199  No.11961

Wonder if godai will ever reveal what she said?

ID: 63638  No.11962

File: 1546189394658.png (874.36 KB, 1280x686, 1544674813.mastergodai_ele….png)


That's about as likely as seeing this uncensored….which is zero to none.

ID: 63638  No.11963

File: 1546197588668.jpg (200.19 KB, 896x1280, 1546183045.mastergodai_xaz….jpg)

Have some non-canon demon lewds.

ID: 63638  No.11964

File: 1546197600253.jpg (124.98 KB, 1280x686, 1546183286.mastergodai_xyo….jpg)

ID: 01cad  No.11973

File: 1546355866642.png (2.62 MB, 2800x4000, happy_2019_by_mastergodai_….png)

ID: 01cad  No.11979

File: 1546697358785.png (1.02 MB, 800x2005, Rascals-page-480.png)

ID: e17af  No.11980

Welp, now we know why they were wearing those bandages..So now the question is, what is her name? Because Shiro is a male name, so..
(also, ha hah, Quick's reaction)

ID: 86e11  No.11981

……..Does anybody else find this comic to be insultingly stupid?

Like, Las Lindas gets all kinds of crap, but nobody ever talks about this piece of shit.

ID: 22245  No.11983

Her name is probably still Shiro.


Rascals doesnt have anyone dedicated to complaining about it like Las Linda's does. It's also not the face of the Katbox like LL is seen as so for many it's just another comic on the site

ID: e8d52  No.11987

Damn, magic wraps or not, dunno how tf she hid THAT all this time, as well that must've been damned uncomfortable… T~T

ID: 9ebad  No.11989

Nooo, really? That was a girl this whole time? Who'd have fucking thunk it?!

Oh and how convenient and very original that they're magic bandages so it can turn out she has monstrously huge tits. Did she steal those from Natani? Cause yeah, Tom Fischbach used this idea first, Godai. But then again, after that big Naruto-ass chapter of yours and the Necalli knockoff you pretended was always there, I don't know how anyone still thinks you have a single original thought left in your head!

ID: 22245  No.11990

I know the comic isnt very good but you sound like it did something personal to you

ID: 86e11  No.11991

Yeah, it insulted his intelligence.

Anybody with a single brain cell could tell you that she's a woman, but not only did Godai make this a big reveal, he also lied to people say "Oh no, she's not a girl, trust me." Even though the character IS LITERALLY JUST FUCKING RANMA GOD DAMN IT IT'S SOOOOOO FUCKING STUPID.

ID: 9ebad  No.11997

Yeah, you beat me to it. This comic is an intelligence-insulting load of garbage that makes Las Lindas look like Eye of Ramalach by comparison.

ID: 01cad  No.12023

File: 1547352240881.png (1.14 MB, 800x1835, Knuckleup-Page-111.png)

ID: 01cad  No.12025

File: 1547441815321.png (956.28 KB, 800x1965, Rascals-page-481.png)

ID: 86e11  No.12026

"It's not Flex Tape is it?"

ID: 9ebad  No.12032




ID: 72574  No.12033

ID: 4dc1d  No.12034

File: 1547577061470.jpg (13.05 KB, 300x200, 300px-Paris_Tuileries_Gard….jpg)

ID: 8b37d  No.12035

You sound pretty butthurt over two words.

You know what could fix that…

ID: 86e11  No.12036

Okay, that's pretty funny.

ID: 9ebad  No.12037

Can it fix this comic's complete lack of any originality or respect for the reader?

ID: 26832  No.12038


I know this comic is by no means good, but if it's making you that mad then maybe it's best to just not read it?

After a point you only have yourself to blame if you keep looking at it

ID: 86e11  No.12039

Oh no, that was just my breaking point. I'm done with it after I read that page.

ID: 5789b  No.12040


Wait you mean do not read what you do not like?


to bad these people not brilliant at all so they will keep bitching because it is the only thing that brings some sort of meaning to their lifes…

ID: 9ebad  No.12049

There are people who unironically like this load of uncreative schlock?

ID: 26832  No.12050

Some like it, and some just aren't that bothered by it.

ID: 01cad  No.12053

File: 1547878893601.png (828.96 KB, 800x1976, Rascals-page-482.png)

ID: 9ebad  No.12054

…Even at that age, we can tell she's female.

ID: 01cad  No.12073

File: 1548478686713.png (1018.59 KB, 800x1985, Rascals-page-483.png)

ID: 01cad  No.12108

File: 1549015857269.png (951.69 KB, 800x2030, Rascals-page-484.png)

ID: 9ebad  No.12109

Newsflash, Godai: Clumsily referencing the fact that people think your comic is poorly written doesn't make up for the fact that your comic is poorly written, and acknowledging that your plot point sucks doesn't make it suddenly brilliant.

ID: ca9f6  No.12111

File: 1549040534199.jpg (71.16 KB, 500x500, Mfky.jpg)

ID: 7a24f  No.12112

>you best believe in badly written webcomics

ID: 9ebad  No.12113

Oh dear, did I strike a nerve?

ID: 0b5bf  No.12114

Good job making legit well meaning criticisms largely ignored within the community by acting a douche. Well done.

ID: 1f25a  No.12124

Look at the image he's responding to, and then think about who's being a douche.

ID: 0b5bf  No.12125

Look at the post above that. Awful begets awful. I'm just tired of peeps flinging inflammatory comments like they think it's going to help. Makes the creators back off/not listen, fans think it's obnoxious and people who actually have constructive criticism get ignored. No one benefits

ID: 1f25a  No.12126

I saw the post, and I don't see how it's awful(unlike the reaction image), though I'd agree it's redundant(and maybe over the top).Peace.

ID: 9ebad  No.12140

How was it redundant? There were two separate but connected points brought up. It wasn't over the top either.

ID: 0b5bf  No.12143

"your comic is poorly written" "your plot point sucks" you could probably get a third almost identical expression from it. Not saying his/her points aren't valid, but can be way more tactful about it especially after someone uses self deprecating humor (which means they know there's an issue, let 'em work on it) Maybe offer ways to help? Spend less time on "blank" characters arc and more on "blank"

Not defending someone else telling peeps to kill themselves tho, also a dick move -_-

ID: 9ebad  No.12145

Oh, he's done this sort of thing before, "addressed" an issue and proceeded to do nothing about it because he doesn't actually believe anything's wrong. He's been given polite tips on what could help make the comic better, put on a show of gratitude, then turned around and basically gone "Pfft, yeah right." As a matter of fact, I myself once brought up to Godai that Quick's parents look absolutely no different than the college students, and he said he'd tweak their designs a bit. His idea of doing so turned out to be basically changing jack shit, unless he actually thinks a single discoloured streak in the mother's hair makes her look any older.

This strikes me as more of the same. "Yeah, I know you think this is a horribly written insult to your intelligence. Think I care though? This joke about your complaints is as far as my acknowledgement of the issue goes."

ID: 5c69c  No.12154

You seem personally affected by this for some reason. I'm not going to pretend to know why, just know I don't honestly think he's cackling manically behind his monitor because he's trying to insult anyone's intelligence. He actually seems like a chill guy to me more than anything.

That said, I honestly think he has a lot of people on the sides whispering into his ears. I used to frequent his streams back in the day and remember even giving a couple tips on aging along with other people in the chat. Lines under the eyes etc. and they worked. He tried them on very briefly, but stopped and I honestly think it's because he has a couple die hard fans who really like attractive "older" women. Maybe they influenced that choice I dunno. Or maybe he made the choice himself because he has to make a living with attractive pinups or lewds of his characters. Not saying this is 100% the case, but food for thought. I do honestly think though he allows a bit too much outside influence into his comics. Not to insult his friends, but I did like the series better back in the day.

One last thing, if you honestly think he doesn't care or wish to change like AT ALL, why even get up in arms about it? It's like yelling at a rock >_> Not going to do ya much good.

ID: d2d89  No.12164

File: 1549760978682.png (986 KB, 800x2025, Rascals-page-485.png)

ID: 9ebad  No.12165

ID: 01cad  No.12200

File: 1550347815475.png (1.07 MB, 800x1997, Rascals-page-486-1.png)

ID: 01cad  No.12262

File: 1550843629747.png (950.21 KB, 800x2054, Rascals-page-487.png)

ID: 9ebad  No.12275

…What made her tits bounce so vigorously?

Without using the cop-out explanation of "anime logic"?

ID: 527ab  No.12276


If Godai had put in the effort to draw her swiping the photos the motion would make them bounce like that. But that'd probably get in the way of showing off the boobs.
Also the way how she's holding her photo to ALSO show off her boobs means she's holding that picture really close to her face and in a way most people wouldn't because it feels unnatural and uncomfortable. Try it out yourself.

I'd say she's probably jumping up and down or "shaking excitedly" but it's just her boobs that have movement lines.

ID: 5ef9d  No.12289

Honestly I'm surprised godai is so limited in what he can draw despite doing it for so long.

I assume the guy never pushed himself to tackle anything out of his comfort zone from his comics to his pin ups. Most of the latter tend to use characters standing at the same angle.

Not saying it's too late for him to improve, but that it would have helped the comic if he had done so earlier.

Some body variety could help too. A lot of his girls have the same body shape

ID: 9ebad  No.12301

>Some body variety could help too. A lot of his girls have the same body shape


Seriously, some of these girls I couldn't even tell you the identities of if they were uncoloured and standing together.

ID: c7497  No.12302

Yeah, put most of them under the Silhouette Test and they'll surely fail that.

ID: 9ebad  No.12303

Most of them would fail the face test too. You know how it's said that a mark of good character design is when you can look at JUST a character's facial features and know who they are? Yeah, I swear most of the characters in this comic have the exact same face and you could never tell who's who from their isolated facial features. Sometimes this is even made worse by the characters making the same expression to the point that it looks copypasted and flipped.

ID: 63638  No.12305


>Sometimes this is even made worse by the characters making the same expression to the point that it looks copypasted and flipped.

Getting "Ctrl+Alt+Del" comic flashbacks…

ID: cd3c4  No.12308

>I assume the guy never pushed himself to tackle anything out of his comfort zone from his comics to his pin ups.

Not entirely true, he did draw a dickgirl for one of his YCHs, a fetish/subject matter that he stated being uncomfortable with drawing. But that was kind of a once-in-a-lifetime offer so…take that with a grain of salt if that happens to be your thing.

And a link to the pic in question for those of you who don't believe me: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/27559429/

ID: 01cad  No.12343

File: 1552226447658.png (917.34 KB, 800x2054, Rascals-page-488.png)

ID: 01cad  No.12372

File: 1552798431016.png (1019.29 KB, 800x2090, Rascals-page-489.png)

ID: 63638  No.12410

File: 1553055307444.jpg (160.21 KB, 1280x686, 1553052038.mastergodai_wil….jpg)

ID: 01cad  No.12443

File: 1553358338791.png (980.32 KB, 800x2048, Rascals-page-490.png)

ID: 01cad  No.12473

File: 1553833688354.png (912.17 KB, 800x2084, Rascals-page-491.png)

ID: 01cad  No.12541

File: 1554553324456.png (994.11 KB, 800x2047, Rascals-page-492.png)

ID: 01cad  No.12559

File: 1555041986191.png (769.37 KB, 800x2031, Rascals-page-493.png)

ID: 01cad  No.12612

File: 1555667933279.png (1.03 MB, 800x2120, Rascals-page-494.png)

ID: 01cad  No.12654

File: 1556315594859.png (1.09 MB, 800x2059, Rascals-page-495.png)

ID: 01cad  No.12679

File: 1556932659177.png (1007.52 KB, 800x2067, Rascals-page-496.png)

ID: 409c1  No.12680

Eh, I'd say both are at fault. Chrissy didn't put her foot down about the clearly uncomfortable three way relationship and all.

But Quick seems to switch between loving Jazmin or Chrissy depending on the day. Can't have your cake and eat it too in this situation.

And Jazmin is an asshole for gunning after her "friend's" boyfriend in the first place well after they got back together. They aren't even low key feelings, they get into arguments over it.

ID: 4fdbb  No.12682


I'm not sure why they even did the poly-relationship (it had a pretty poor set up only to see it brought up pages later to be like 'Whaaat? When did that happen?'). Is it because Godai wanted to please fans? Was it just easier then having Quick be proactive and chose who he wanted (I assume its more about wish fulfillment.)

Raven only ever wanted Quick's dick, Jazmin had a tiny bit of chemistry but it was always clear from the start Chrissy x Quick was end game.

If Jazmin and Chrissy were such rivals, why was just getting super drunk enough to have them agree to a poly relationship? Meanwhile, Raven (I believe also drunk) trying to rape Quick was pretty messed up too.

I know this comic doesn't have much of a plot and flip-flops everywhere. But even the basic relationship stuff seems all over the place now too.

It'd been more interesting if Quick just decided to be single for awhile and less of a basic anime protag and have an actual personality that didn't include him always being right.

ID: 701d3  No.12686


Or just have him pick none of those 3 and like, hook up with the goat.

ID: 01cad  No.12697

File: 1557537216360.png (1.05 MB, 800x2072, Rascals-page-497.png)

ID: 01cad  No.12732

File: 1558057216147.png (987.99 KB, 800x2038, Rascals-page-498.png)

ID: 01cad  No.12750

File: 1558478900585.jpg (271.05 KB, 1280x686, go_rams_by_mastergodai_dd7….jpg)

ID: 12e90  No.12753

File: 1558683410311.png (1.01 MB, 800x2038, Rascals-page-499.png)

I was going to joke about how Page 500 was going to be a censored blue balling fest, but wow… seems like it'll be worse.

ID: 08723  No.12754

Knowing godai this will go one of 2 ways. Either they don't bang or they do and because they raw dog it up. Chrissy gets pregnant.

ID: e8d52  No.12756

C'mon, furries can fuck all day and not get pregnant, unless it's a major plot poi-… oh, wait I guess so. >.>

ID: e8d52  No.12757

Meh, he could always just use a sock instead, go real trash class with it XD

ID: 4fdbb  No.12758


Blueballed or Chrissy gets pregnant, her being preggers is what makes Quick decide to get engaged/married and close off the relationship.

Jazmin gets with Shiro (Probably with something stupid like 'WERE NOT LESBIANS OK?' ) And Raven screws off to be with someone else.

(Whats with the similar names here? Raven, Ravin? )

And again, Chrissy and Quick have been at this for years - Im not really sure why Godai is trying to make us think this is like the first time they've ever done it.Quick was so completely unaware until Chrissy showed him how thirsty and sorry she was and suddenly its like when they first met??

ID: 01cad  No.12780

File: 1559319780353.png (911.05 KB, 800x2038, Rascals-page-500.png)

ID: 01cad  No.12781

File: 1559319804709.png (1.36 MB, 2048x1098, 500 wallpapaer.png)

ID: 01cad  No.12803

File: 1559926379022.png (1.01 MB, 800x2038, Rascals-page-501.png)

ID: 01cad  No.12823

File: 1560515911805.png (1.05 MB, 800x2038, Rascals-page-502.png)

ID: 01cad  No.12832

File: 1561114384451.png (1.23 MB, 800x2038, Rascals-page-503.png)

ID: 01cad  No.12865

File: 1561718050277.jpg (385.13 KB, 1280x686, when_she_is_in_her_late_te….jpg)

ID: 01cad  No.12866

File: 1561718074726.jpg (130.18 KB, 1280x686, beep_beep_paige_s_a_sheep_….jpg)

ID: 01cad  No.12867

File: 1561718241315.png (993.38 KB, 800x2038, Rascals-page-504.png)

ID: 01cad  No.12894

File: 1562937381438.png (1 MB, 800x2038, Rascals-page-505.png)

ID: d13bc  No.12927

File: 1563546676868.png (1.08 MB, 800x2038, Rascals-page-506.png)

One session of fully censored pounding a la Las Lindas later, I'm guessing.

ID: 576cd  No.12966

File: 1564133453994.png (876.16 KB, 800x2060, Rascals-page-507.png)

ID: e8d52  No.12970

You totally called it, not that it really surprises me though. :P

ID: ea38c  No.13005


Well if you're going to imitate your peers, might as well do the same when it comes to their cockteasing methods.

ID: 01cad  No.13007

File: 1564790135528.png (698.16 KB, 800x2030, Rascals-page-508.png)

ID: e8d52  No.13008

Fair enough

ID: 01cad  No.13010

File: 1564878121765.jpg (180.92 KB, 667x1084, catch_me_if_you_can_by_mas….jpg)

ID: 01cad  No.13025

File: 1565326994701.png (912.58 KB, 800x2060, Rascals-page-509.png)

ID: 01cad  No.13051

File: 1565932149919.png (907.34 KB, 800x1670, Rascals-page-510.png)

ID: 4fdbb  No.13052


510 pages, most which have only floated on the same usual fanservice and sex-jokes.

Did Godai ever want to try a different schtick?
I mean, you can write jokes about *other* things that don't have to do with sex.

Am I the only one who also gets tired of the whole– female is clearly in the wrong and must profusely apologize to the male protagonist - who is always write, must assert his authority then pretty much always gets his way?

I don't like to throw this word around, but it seems pretty sexist.

ID: 7a24f  No.13053

The comic is written by someone that has read manga in the 2000s and used that as 100% of their inspiration. It is a shame that that's all there is to the comic while relying on tired anime/manga tropes, overall bad writing, and questionable art overly reliant on fan service but… it's a comic.

ID: 4fdbb  No.13054


It's odd how pretty much everyone in this comic is the horniest,most depraved sex-addicts and everyone is getting laid while ALSO simultaneously being SUPER embarrassed and surprised when someone spouts out something sexual or a lewd joke for the 4,000th time that day - then gets all blushy.

Like, how can you be THAT focused on sex but never laugh at a sex joke? You just get flabbergasted when someone does yet ANOTHER dick joke.

It WORKS in Japanese anime because Japan is an incredibly reserved society and sex is considered a private affair.

I mean, why can't you have something more mundane? Reiko can't drive and has to overcome her fears to get a driver's license - Quick gets cut off from his parents infinite bank-account and has to deal with low-wage crappy job for the first time ever? Like it's not THAT hard..

ID: 7a24f  No.13055

You have two types of people that follow the comic. First are the diehard fans that are invested in it on an emotional level. Usually those that have been with it from the start. And the rest are those that are just looking at it for the sex and "funny" reactions. It's fan service and old school anime/manga for them so they tolerate the bad writing. It's the definition of a guilty pleasure if you get some faps out of it.

ID: 4fdbb  No.13057


Beyond 'what are the end ships are' I'm not sure how people can be invested in it emotionally. There isn't much plot or character beyond that.

ID: 7a24f  No.13059

Webcomics can be habit forming and a person growing up following the same comic will be less likely to simply abandon it. That's why plenty of comics many would think are dead or have lost relevancy still have a sizable fanbase.

ID: ee6a9  No.13060


I would say that some have even hit the "Simpsons threshold" where people have been reading them so long that they're convinced that the comic is still good because if they admit it's not anymore it's like admitting a part of their youth has died.

See: Penny Arcade.

ID: 7a24f  No.13061

The worst part is that even when faced with legitimate criticisms, the writer/artist will ignore it and side with that fanbase that will tell them to not listen. So there's this barrier between the artist and anything that could actually help them grow and become better. I've seen this for a lot of these comics, especially furry comics. I admit I don't follow them on their websites but it seems that the update schedule for these big ones are really bad. Then you have the writing that hasn't left the early 2000s and relies on tropes from anime of that time. The art is appealing on a basic level and I personally prefer huge breasts and large hips but there's really nothing more going for it beyond that.

And that's a shame because webcomics like these could be much better, more popular, and more profitable if they improved in terms of writing and art and update consistently.

ID: 6cec6  No.13062

what is it about the art that you guys seem to not like? IMHO it's not perfect but its not terrible either.

ID: 6cec6  No.13064

what is it about the art that's bad? IMHO its not perfect but its not horrible. I've read other popular web comics with Godawful Art Yosh! being one of them

ID: 81856  No.13065

It's Dollar Store Las Lindas and the boobs make Las Lindas look like it has restraint.

Honestly, I think that's the case for a lot of people still following Las Lindas too.

ID: 7a24f  No.13066

I don't think it's that bad but it's obviously reliant on fan service to distract people. Like you can tell Godai has gotten competent in drawing characters in certain poses and can't really do that well if he tries something else. I think it's overall decent for a slice of life comic and should never try to be anything more than that because when it does that's when the art and writing really go downhill.

But I think the real problem is the writing. The quality reeks of "I have drawn 100% of my inspiration from anime over a decade old." And I'm not complaining for the sake of it, just seeing problems and I will add that there's ways to fix it. This comic has potential to grow but at its current level of quality I doubt it ever will.

Comics tend to get to a point of stagnation and even decline. And the creators either seem unable or unwilling to adapt or step up to improve the comic. I feel the fanbase usually doesn't do them any favors as constructive criticism is sorely needed but never provided.

ID: 4fdbb  No.13069


Art isn't the worst, Godai can do clean linework. Unfortunately he relies too much on the same poses,close-ups and doesn't try dynamic things.

Much like the writing, it's just to the bar he wants it to be. Enough to pass by without trying to improve the craft – which is silly because it could be much more profitable and gain more viewers if he actually tried something.

But at this point, I don't think it's gonna change. If he is still doing this 10 years down the line (which why not?) it's gonna be the same old, same old.

Slice of life comics don't have to be super deep or dark (though he did have his DBZ chapter) but they at least need actual stories.. actual change.

The time in this comic is so all over the place, how many years have passed? Is this even a college comic anymore? I don't remember much in the way of 'chapters' besides… Chrissy's abusive ex-boyfriend, Chrissy and Quick fight for the 100th time, Reiko and Skylar break up, Leona has babies, DBZ battle, Quick gets to fuck all his love interests..

I mean, I guess they did a tiny bit with the goat girl but.. it's not really stories you can follow or seem they are going anywhere. It's like junkfood - something without substance or value, just filler.

And yes I agree, most furry webcomic artists tend to be in their own bubbles and dislike to listen to any criticism or seek any help for their work.

ID: 2a849  No.13078

File: 1566585930617.png (1.06 MB, 800x1956, Rascals-page-511.png)

ID: 81856  No.13092

I swear, most pages of this comic that aren't ripping off shonen anime and Street Fighter can be summed up like

"Random conversation"
"Sexual remark"

ID: cd3c4  No.13113

Not only that the "plot" tends to take the path of least resistance most of the time, never daring to stray too far from what the majority of fans expect. Even when something strange does happen, some convoluted bs usually brings it back to the status quo. It'd be nice if the comic decided to take a left turn and actually stick with those changes for once.

ID: 2a849  No.13118

File: 1567174612604.png (1.23 MB, 800x1938, Rascals-page-512.png)

ID: 81856  No.13121

Holy shit, Godai finally did something to make Quick's dad actually look like an older man!

ID: 2a849  No.13163

File: 1567688900703.png (417.06 KB, 582x706, patreon_reward__ruby_eyed_….png)

ID: 2a849  No.13167

File: 1567768997048.png (919.65 KB, 800x1958, Rascals-page-513.png)

ID: 2a849  No.13196

File: 1568394055249.png (1.03 MB, 800x1958, Rascals-page-514.png)

ID: 2a849  No.13233

File: 1568986100525.png (1.17 MB, 800x1958, Rascals-page-515.png)

ID: 45411  No.13234

Oh goddammit…

ID: d79ad  No.13240

File: 1569348874809.jpg (314 KB, 620x1156, KH0088.jpg)

ID: 2a849  No.13251

File: 1569560244935.png (1.16 MB, 800x1958, Rascals-page-516.png)

ID: 2c554  No.13298

File: 1570198053252.png (1.19 MB, 800x1958, Rascals-page-517.png)

ID: 2c554  No.13332

File: 1570770093581.png (1.36 MB, 800x1958, Rascals-page-518.png)

ID: 63638  No.13333

File: 1571032028492.png (424.25 KB, 800x1300, Reiko.png)

ID: 63638  No.13334

File: 1571032054439.png (348.73 KB, 800x1300, Jen.png)

ID: 63638  No.13335

File: 1571032064984.png (499.8 KB, 1317x706, Amanda.png)

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