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File: 1417460497148.webm (1.52 MB, 1280x720, pound.webm)

ID: 5a817  No.246[Reply]

So I've dived into animation been making a few of these recently.
This one has sound, but I took it out for size reasons.
not sure if you guys have a cap or something.

Thanks Freehaven for telling me about the cool video converter.

ID: 5a817  No.247

File: 1417460765120.gif (1.32 MB, 1280x720, fondle02.gif)

Loops are fun to make.

ID: 1f0d8  No.542

Source for these?

ID: 5a817  No.550


Source: Me very own shit.
http://www.furaffinity.net/full/14157074/ (Sound Warning, Moans and Groans)

ID: 6e8b5  No.552

The cap seems to be 10MB, at leas that's where I ran into problems.

File: 1417557684576.jpg (1020.07 KB, 1222x1948, 141202_01.jpg)

ID: 86118  No.263[Reply]

I am not Rule 63 Sage.

This is rule 63 Sage.

Disclaimer: Probably not actually rule 63 Sage.


ID: 5aca9  No.264

But that’s a cat, tho’. I am a dammitwolf.

Biiiiiiiiiiiig difference.

(Cute pic, though. Rule 63 thread it is!)

ID: 1f947  No.265

Cats are so opposite of dogs, that it just makes sense that your' opposite.

ID: 86118  No.266


Clearly your tail got stolen again and you had to replace it.

ID: 0bd40  No.479

File: 1418217939604.jpg (731.9 KB, 2360x3000, sage63_nightievec.jpg)

Is this more to your liking?

But, probably also not 63 sage, because it lacks the accurate fur pattern; white 'underside' should extend up the neck.

ID: 0bd40  No.480

File: 1418218144398.jpg (709.1 KB, 2360x3000, sage63_nightievec2.jpg)

*Thinking about 63 Sage as Feline. . .*
Mmm. . .
Or just Sage Feline.
Sechs Feline even.
Don't see much of species TF/shifts.

I only know of a couple, if you don't count ponys.

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