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File: 1422238443999.jpg (40.23 KB, 687x800, Knifemink.jpg)

ID: 89a86  No.1549

So /dammit/ I'd like to make a request. Help me find pics of minks and ermines/weasels.

Challenge: NO MINERVA, no Ferrets.

Outside of SabretoothedErmine, no one seems to draw ermines. I went looking for mink pics and on e621, there are 700 - and 500 of those are tagged with Minerva. That's not a lot of variety with the species.

ID: 89a86  No.1550

File: 1422238489994.jpg (325.83 KB, 960x1280, 1384150818.rechan_rechan.jpg)

I actually commissioned this piece from Kappy. Two minks kissing, to correspond with a story I wrote here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12041184/

ID: 89a86  No.1551

File: 1422238500797.jpg (36.72 KB, 354x537, Weaselhottie.jpg)

ID: 89a86  No.1552

File: 1422238519657.jpg (152.24 KB, 713x899, ebonyleopard_mink.jpg)

Ebony Leopard's new mink character.

ID: 89a86  No.1553

File: 1422238539106.jpg (99.89 KB, 571x1000, ERmineyawn.jpg)

ID: 89a86  No.1554

File: 1422238571120.jpg (60.69 KB, 770x557, loveseat_sassy.jpg)

ID: 89a86  No.1555

File: 1422238625697.jpg (190.76 KB, 471x704, 689ab5588f970349ba2cc90521….jpg)

ID: 89a86  No.1556

File: 1422239862294.jpg (60.49 KB, 403x648, Erminesexy.jpg)

ID: 89a86  No.1557

File: 1422239889132.jpg (88.46 KB, 719x800, flinters_beata-mink-girl.jpg)

ID: 89a86  No.1558

File: 1422239905189.jpg (180.82 KB, 732x950, SabretoothedErmine-ErmineW….jpg)

ID: 89a86  No.1559

File: 1422239917980.jpg (241.78 KB, 1073x850, halloween_kia.jpg)

ID: 89a86  No.1560

File: 1422239951680.jpg (55.32 KB, 569x780, Erminehot.jpg)

ID: 89a86  No.1561

File: 1422239997928.jpg (130.1 KB, 1280x979, Pine Martin Girl.jpg)

That's all I got.

ID: 05786  No.1693

File: 1422376349026.jpg (151.72 KB, 799x613, tooiebird - lolololrittsto….jpg)

Did somebody say ermine?

ID: 05786  No.1694

File: 1422376615989.jpg (303.09 KB, 707x900, tooiebird - poeytent.jpg)

Trying to find more porny things

ID: 05786  No.1695

File: 1422376742634.jpg (143.59 KB, 752x900, 1365964710.tooiebird_ppuik….jpg)

Sorry most of these are really unfinished.

ID: 05786  No.1696

File: 1422377147347.jpg (4.61 MB, 3600x2700, jonas - icing.jpg)

That's all I got other than silly things.

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