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File: 1437062285108.jpg (319.17 KB, 1060x1600, SMYMpg29_u18chan.jpg)

ID: 2a4dd  No.2401

Looks like they re-opened!
Not sure about the protocol but I think its time for a new thread so I wont necro the old one.

Oh and no siterips, no asking for older content.

ID: 942f7  No.2402


ID: 19d96  No.2410

File: 1437315939102.jpg (280.99 KB, 1060x1600, SMYMpg30_u18chan.jpg)

It's kick'n off!

ID: 35d3f  No.2415


ID: 31da7  No.2521

Guessing this died already again :/

ID: 74d70  No.2522

Apparently (despite the fact that Gunmouth is still drawing and streaming pages) there haven't been any updates at all by anyone save for these two, and no sign of the promised website 'renovations'.

BUT they are still accepting new subscribers even though they have nothing new to show them.

So if you were considering signing up… DON'T, their just playing the pirates own game against them, hoping we will sign up assuming that nobody is leaking to get new content our selves. By the time we find out they have nothing to offer, thy already have our money.

ID: b9616  No.2792

Clubstripes dead?

ID: 8aa81  No.2804

word is clubstripes will be updating soon so keep a lookout!

ID: 34377  No.2809


Does it matter really? This place is probably gonna shut down by then.

ID: 64734  No.2833

File: 1459006066124.png (241.3 KB, 461x469, CPFpI4UWUAAVgm- (1).png)

Good news! ClubStripes is coming back… but only after the contributors have set up their Patreon accounts.

ID: 5dbc3  No.2838


Pics or it didn't happen.

ID: 0939e  No.2957


Miu confirmed on his Tumblr that Club Stripes will not return in any significant capacity and he's moving on to other projects.

ID: be43f  No.2958

I..it's really all ogre? We'll never see the thrilling conclusion of snek fug cat?

ID: 942f7  No.2961


Seems that way.

Pretty lame that it had to be someone asking Miu on tumblr to get it confirmed, it's hard to read that any other way than "They wanted to keep those monthly subscriptions coming in as long as possible."

ID: ed426  No.2970

Does anyone know anything about Gnaw?

ID: 0939e  No.2971


He was at AC working in the Alley. I did not think it appropriate to wander up to either him or Miu and go "so why haven't you posted anything?"

Same with asking Gunmouth about his snake'n'cat comic (he was working with Club Stripes and kind of looked awful, bloated and sick).

ID: 90729  No.2972

"Now and then there is new content uploaded"

Has anyone been back there recently? They might have finished this comic after all.

ID: 904da  No.3031

File: 1474266783793.jpg (246.32 KB, 1371x1600, escape_1.jpg)

Nothing new for 'show me your moves' but I'm pretty sure this wasn't there before

ID: 9625f  No.3032

Does anyone want to take the plunge?

ID: bb078  No.3034

File: 1474548208860.jpg (294.86 KB, 1371x1600, escape_2_wrh.jpg)

I already have

ID: bb078  No.3035

File: 1474549997869.jpg (218.42 KB, 1371x1600, escape_3_7jb.jpg)

ID: bb078  No.3036

File: 1474550044954.jpg (252.65 KB, 1371x1600, escape_4_rgh.jpg)

ID: 9625f  No.3037

Anything new from GNAW?

Also, much based.

ID: 9625f  No.3039

Anything else?

ID: a9cc4  No.3042

File: 1476539436172.jpg (198.23 KB, 1371x1600, escape_5.jpg)

Here is the rest.
There is nothing from anyone else.

ID: a9cc4  No.3043

File: 1476539513345.jpg (210.09 KB, 1371x1600, escape_6.jpg)

ID: a9cc4  No.3044

File: 1476539550989.jpg (205.47 KB, 1371x1600, escape_7.jpg)

ID: a9cc4  No.3045

File: 1476539617123.jpg (225.11 KB, 1371x1600, escape_8.jpg)

ID: f3c60  No.3046

And there is a Story that came with it, might upload it later.

ID: 3f0a3  No.3047


gNAW, now there's an artist I haven't seen in a while. Ever since CS went dark, he seems to have just dropped off the face of the earth. A shame too, I would have loved to see the conclusion to that Phoebe comic he was working on at the time.

ID: 0ad02  No.3059

File: 1478006591351.jpg (124.88 KB, 878x900, kamiht06.jpg)

Oldies but goodies

ID: 0ad02  No.3060

File: 1478006687131.jpg (164.67 KB, 950x791, kamiht01.jpg)

By kamicheetah

ID: 0ad02  No.3061

File: 1478006779072.jpg (68.52 KB, 548x900, kamiht02.jpg)

ID: 0ad02  No.3062

File: 1478006832399.jpg (95.12 KB, 975x900, kamiht03.jpg)

ID: 0ad02  No.3063

File: 1478007253659.jpg (117.95 KB, 747x850, gnby029.jpg)

Something old by gnaw

ID: 0ad02  No.3064

File: 1478007379835.jpg (100.42 KB, 761x900, kamiby06.jpg)

Don't remember seeing these in the old siterips.

ID: 0ad02  No.3065

File: 1478007772477.jpg (78.01 KB, 783x1200, CwGyVAkWgAA5pJh.jpg)

Aaaannnd… I have some good news!
Gunmouth has launched his Patreon.

It doesn't have the rest of show me you're moves (yet) but he says he will continue his night-realms comic there:

Pretty cheap too!

ID: 3599e  No.3066

Is this the first straight art of Jam on ClubStripes?

ID: edefa  No.3067

I never realized it but i think you're right. And I didn't think he allowed straight porn of his characters.

Didn't he lambaste someone for drawing fan-art of cream getting dicked by a bunny?

ID: 9625f  No.3077

Any news?

ID: 06c1f  No.3078

No but here is the story for this image set >>3031 to >>3045

Apparently I can't upload it as a document so here it is in chunks:

Mark switched through the channels one at a time, seeing nothing but infomercials, news, and a late-night soft-porn movie showing nothing but breasts and asses. The panther sighed and lay back on the bed, focusing his gaze from the trash TV to the jagged scrapes of linoleum dripping from the ceiling. Then he looked at the faded wallpaper next to his bed. Scribbled nearly illegibly underneath the crude drawing of a vixen with oversized breasts, were the words, 4 a Blo, call Flo – 555-SUCK.
He sighed and closed his eyes. Still, for $20-a-night, the typical HoJo motel was at least somewhat roomy and it did have cable and a swimming pool out back. Wifi would have been an extra ten dollars, but the panther had refused. He’d left his laptop, and in fact most of his sole possessions, back at the house – or what was left of it. She’d taken a lot in the divorce, including the children, and with them, his last remaining anchor to the family. Both his parents were dead, and he had been an only child. The internet firm he’d worked at for 10 of his 35 years of life decided a single panther was no good for the IT team. It was all about family values now. He’d gotten his pink slip a week later.
Confused, alone, nearly broke, and with no one to turn to, he had simply driven off in a panic with the family car – which rightfully should have been his – and now was here, in a ramshackle, dank motel room. He looked at the TV again, now showing an infomercial for a vacuum cleaner and tears welled in his eyes as he watched the contraption crawl across the floor, sucking up pieces of dirt off a small rug.
That’s my life now, he thought. Everything’s been taken from me. Sucked up and gone. I could just die right now.
He rolled over in bed and blinked the tears away, his eyes immediately drawn to a peculiar glow on the wall, a shimmer of whites and blues scattering, reforming, and then bursting as if from a tiny lightshow. Curious, Mark sat up and climbed out of bed, padding nearly naked to the dirt-streaked window and peeking through the closed vinyl shutter.
He saw someone sitting poolside facing his room, another black panther, but definitely female. Her legs and feet swirled in the surprisingly crystal-clear water as her deep yellow eyes watched its surface intently. Alabaster moonlight had managed to envelop her dark fur in a glow, and her long black hair shined. She wore a beautiful white bikini that showed just enough of her heavy, full breasts to keep her modest, and a lone bottom g-string seemed to be the only thing keeping her from nudity from the waist down, tied across curvaceous hips.
Mark swallowed hard and he felt an almost-instant erection in his cotton briefs. She was beautiful, unlike any feline he had ever seen, and completely out of place here in the outskirts of Dodgen, Oklahoma. She belonged in Southern California, or South Beach, Florida easily.
One paw lingered on the window frame, while his other paw gently touched and teased the now-swollen sex filling his briefs. A few dabs of pre welled up and dampened the material. He wondered if she was going to swim, since it was nearly eighty and muggy still for an October evening. Still feeling himself while he watched her, he was elated to see the panthress slowly get up and walk around the pool carefully, studying the surface.

ID: 06c1f  No.3079


He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She walked casually, but with purpose, nearly a strut, beautiful tail twitching, her tight asscheeks flossed by a lovely thong. Suddenly she stopped walking, her back directly towards him, and then bent forward, showing him her full ass as she plunged into the water and disappeared.

Mark bit his lip and looked around the room before going to the door and opening it, poking his head out. The woman was still under the surface. He could see her black form gliding back and forth across the bottom, seemingly quite at home in the water. He stepped out the door entirely, leaving it wide open, and approached the water carefully.
Why was he so frightened to disturb her?
As he got closer, the water erupted and the panthress’ head appeared on the surface, getting a lungful of air and panting. Mark stopped dead in his tracks, part of him wanting to dart back into his motel room and close the door. The other part of him, however, was already walking up to the pool and sitting down comfortably in one of the ragged lounge-chairs. “Evening, miss.”
The woman turned her head towards him and her yellow eyes flashed. “Oh, hello.” She smiled then, a toothy, bright, and friendly smile. “Come to enjoy the pool?” She then kicked up and floated on her back, and Mark found it difficult not to stare again.
“Uh…wish I could, miss. Not really in the mood to swim.” He looked around the area. “You, uh…you with someone?”
She turned her head to glance at him. “No. I’m alone.” She delicately tip-toed into the shallows and stood waist-deep, wringing out her hair. “I…I was with someone, but he left me on the side of the road. Guess he couldn’t take no for an answer.”
Mark nodded. “Are you traveling?”
She grinned and looked at him. “You could say that, yes. What about you?” The sleek panthress walked up the stone steps and approached him. Where the water dripped from her, it seemed to sparkle.
The panther was tongue-tied a moment. “Um…uh…oh, y-you don’t really need to hear about my problems, miss…?”
“Kulema. You can call me that, if you like.”
Mark’s eyes widened. “I will. That’s…a really beautiful name…” He was mesmerized before he added hastily, “Oh, I’m Mark.”
She seemed to blush and her long tail dropped down to bat against the back of shapely calves. “Thank you, Mark.” The panthress reached over for a towel on one of the other loungers and began drying herself off, making quite a show of rubbing the cloth along her arms, legs, and stomach, before dabbing it between her breasts, and then lifting each foot gently behind her to wipe her toes and claws. “So what brings a handsome cat like you out tonight?” she laughed softly as she finished and then sat down next to him, crossing her legs sexily.

ID: 06c1f  No.3080


Mark found his voice eventually, now trying to cover the raging erection with paws in his lap. “Well…I…I guess I couldn’t sleep and…and…I saw you and…”
Kulema smiled and leaned her head closer to him. “You thought you’d come out and see what the pretty panthress was diving for…”
“Oh, was that it? Find something?”
She sighed, and her warm breath tickled his whiskers. He caught the most beautiful scents of lavender, vanilla, wild berries, and under it all, the undeniable pheromones of a feline in great heat. “Trying to. I lost an earring.” She pawed wet hair away from two perfect, pointed ears. One of them was pierced with a sparkling emerald jewel the size of her thumb.
She smiled as Mark whistled. “I know, ex-pen-siiiive. So I’ve been trying to look for it. I think it came off when I first dove in.”
She looked suddenly sad and Mark eagerly placed a paw on her arm. “Well, I’m sure it’s still down there. Um…maybe if we both look.” He got up too quickly from the lounger and his massive erection bobbled inside his briefs, nearly coming out to play. He flushed sheepishly but Kulema didn’t seem to mind.
She stood up to face him, looking pleased. “That’s very sweet of you, Mark. Come on,” she breezed past him, her fur brushing across his own, and the panther swallowed another lump as he watched her prance to the deep end of the pool and dive in. He walked to the steps and stepped in, easing his cotton-laced erection into the cool water. Waist-deep, he watched in a trance as Kulema swam in slow circles in front of him. She was underwater almost a minute before she pushed off and surfaced again.

“Find it?” Mark said as he stroked slowly towards her. He was aware of his arousal almost pulsing now, and as he reached the deep end, he stopped to tread water.
Kulema shook her head, looking frustrated as she caught her breath. “Maybe the…grate got hold of it.”
“I’ll look…” Mark sucked in a deep breath and dove down in front of her, swimming past her legs and down to the tiled bottom towards the rusted grate. As he pawed along the silver cracks, trying to work his digits in, he was aware that Kulema had swam down to join him, and was now floating just above. As he fussed with the grate, she reached over his shoulder, keeping a paw on his waist, her beautiful bikinied breasts resting against his bare back.
As Mark tried to keep breath in his lungs, he sank down a bit more until he was pressed against the bottom, and he nearly moaned as his throbbing arousal was pinned underneath him.

ID: 06c1f  No.3081


After several seconds trying, Mark looked over his shoulder, into her gorgeous eyes and shook his head. Kulema smiled and blew a trail of bubbles from her lips before pointing back to the surface and kicking away. The panther watched dreamily as her breasts shimmied and bounced inside the bikini, and her tight ass wiggled with every kick. He looked down and realized he was almost completely out of his briefs. Hard, full, ebony flesh responded to the pool water like magic itself. He clamped a paw around his member and gave it a gentle tug, unbelievably aroused, before stuffing everything back inside his briefs quickly and surfacing up beside Kulema, nearly gasping.
“I…didn’t see it, did you?” the panthress asked, floating closer to him until their legs were touching.
“Um…n-no…I didn’t…”
Kulema smiled winsomely. “Well, it was a gallant effort, handsome cat. You at least deserve a kiss.” She giggled and came closer, slipping her arms around his shoulders and kissing his cheek softly. Below the water, her stomach ground up against his groin, and he could feel his arousal slipping out of its confines again, raging and aware of her warmth.

Mark could hardly speak but nodded. When Kulema didn’t let go, he gently placed his paws along the small of her back. “You…you…really feel wonderful, Kulema…”
The panthress smiled, her yellow eyes seeming to burn into his. “I feel wonderful, Mark,” she whispered and then gently rubbed noses. “I…I came here because, well, I…” She suddenly shied away and slowly let go, swimming to the shallow waist-deep water and hugging herself. “Do you ever wish sometimes that your life would just end? That…you know…all your troubles just faded, and you just didn’t have to worry about…anything?”
Mark blinked several times and then waded to the shallows to join her side, hip to hip. “I…I was actually…thinking about that, j-just now. I mean, before I came out here and…and saw you…” He reached gently for her paw and then turned to face her. “Kulema, the thought of you dead…I couldn’t accept it. I think I’d die too. You are so…beautiful, and funny, and bubbly and…” His eyes burned into hers again and he looked completely smitten.
She smiled and pressed against him again, and the warmth from her body covered his own, causing his heart to nearly beat from his chest. “I think you’re very handsome, and witty, and…” She blushed and laid her paw over his thudding heart. “Quite sexy…” She glanced down, licking her lips, studying the thick erection in his shorts. Without a word, her paw trailed down his chest and pressed against his swell of hard flesh, feeling it throb. “So…sexy…”
Kulema backed away from him, reaching behind her to undo her top, letting full, bountiful breasts spill forth, luscious, the dark nipples pert and in full arousal.
When she threw the wet bikini top to the side, she then turned and undid the bottom string, wiggling her tail a bit as she let the scanty fabric fall away, leaving her nude and perfect before him. Mark watched mesmerized as he slowly removed his shorts, and his full erection bobbled out, hard and full. The bare panthress grinned and beckoned to him – then without a word, turned and dove into the deep end again

ID: 06c1f  No.3082


For several moments they played, swimming and diving around one another, catching each other in arms and legs, their bodies starting a sensual, erotic dance as they rubbed together above and below the surface. Only when the height of passion had been met, did their display become more intimate and affectionate.
She began by slowly taking him into her mouth, a bit at a time, impressing him with her ability to stay underwater so long.
In no time at all, he had climaxed, forcing a rushing mixture of his cum and bubbles from Kulema’s mouth. After he was over his high, he dove down with the panthress in his arms, pinned her to the bottom, and slowly licked and kissed and finally deeply explored her aching mons with his tongue, until she could no longer hold back, clawing at his head and yowling out soundlessly to the surface as she came wildly.

They made love. He pressed his companion against the side of the pool and urgently had her, sliding thick, hard flesh deeply inside of her, several times over, until they came together in one glorious orgasm after another, clinging to one another lovingly like life-mates, kissing passionately in a soft afterglow
After what seemed like hours, the two gently stirred from beside the pool, still wrapped around one another, nuzzling and purring warmly. “K-Kulema…” Mark practically moaned against her. “I…I don’t know…how…to say what’s in my heart right now. I…I just feel so…so happy…”
The panthress smiled and grasped for his paw, kissing it softly. “As am I, Mark. It’s like…we both lived a lifetime tonight…a life we…we both always wanted…” She looked into his eyes and nuzzled his chin, and her smile was brilliant. “We need to leave…” she whispered softly, and her paw trailed along his hip.
Mark grinned, nodding. “Of course, before anyone wakes up and spots us.” He was laughing, and tried to sit up.
Kulema’s eyes became softer. “No, Mark. I mean…we need to leave here.” She nodded towards Mark’s room and the open door. Mark followed her gaze and his eyes widened, his mouth dropping open.
“Oh…my…God…” he whimpered.
From his vantage point, in the dim light of his motel room, he saw a black-furred arm hanging over his bed, the paw nearly touching the floor. His arm.
“I…I don’t understand…” He started to shiver and Kulema quickly laid her paw on his cheek, looking into his eyes before kissing him again.

ID: 06c1f  No.3083


“It’s alright, Mark, really…you didn’t do it.” She smiled again. “You had a heart attack. It was over so quickly…” She saw him starting to cry and quickly snuggled him, “Oh honey, honey, it’s okay. I’m here…I’m not leaving you, silly. I’m not ever leaving you…” Her paw held his chin until they could lock eyes again. “Don’t you see? I’m your death…”
Mark looked deeply into her eyes, and the last of his fears and sorrows drained away as though a river of warmth had washed over him. For the first time in his life, he felt completely, utterly at peace. “What…what…happens now, Kulema?”
The panthress rubbed noses with him before cat-stretching against his side, their limbs still tangled. “Mmm…how about another swim?” She slowly pulled away and looked at him, filled with vibrancy and love for him. Mark saw in those beautiful green eyes hope, and peace, and happiness he had never before known.
For some moments they chased each other around the pool, laughing and playing like lovesick children, then dove together into the pool and disappeared without a trace.

ID: 5d826  No.3086

File: 1479433151936.gif (897.45 KB, 480x360, Dramatic-Clapping-Crying-M….gif)

That was fucking beautiful, dude.

ID: 6d1fa  No.3095

File: 1480910098601.png (758.25 KB, 668x991, 01_15_u18chan.png)

…And just as all hope seemed lost…

ID: 01692  No.3096

ID: bd0c4  No.3097

File: 1481114787267.png (715.58 KB, 677x1014, 02_39_u18chan.png)

And that's not all…

ID: ccf68  No.3099

Then has Club stripes officially returned?

ID: 19427  No.3100

These aren't from CS.

ID: f713a  No.3101


Club Stripes is not returning in any significant capacity. I've asked Miu and Marcy about it face-to-face and they're not interested.

ID: 19427  No.3102

These are stream images that have been stitched together.

ID: 36bf1  No.3103

File: 1482032142589.png (767.96 KB, 657x964, 03_38_u18chan.png)

…they might be rough and scrappy-looking but they're closure.

Merry Christmas everyone and a happy new year!

ID: ccf68  No.3104

So there's no chance of seeing Gnaw soon?

ID: f713a  No.3105


Club Stripes closing doesn't have a lot to do with Gnaw not posting stuff. He just hasn't wanted to.

He's working, he was at MFF, he'll have new art eventually maybe, maybe not.

ID: f559b  No.3116

I wish they'd release the last images from that gunmouth comic, rather than leave it hanging. At least the rough images got posted here though. Thanks for that, anon!

ID: fd14c  No.3137

Anything new?

ID: 29ab7  No.3305

File: 1501566900721.png (1.47 MB, 1060x1600, SMYMpg31FIN_u18chan.png)


Happy something.

ID: 29ab7  No.3306

File: 1501566920124.png (3.75 MB, 1988x3000, SMYMpg32FINhr_u18chan.png)

ID: 29ab7  No.3374

File: 1503876040635.png (1.26 MB, 1060x1600, SMYMpg33FINnorm_u18chan.png)

Guess it's been so long no one even cares? :P

Well, here's the last page, at any rate.

ID: fd14c  No.3375

No new Gnaw comic?

ID: b2db5  No.3414

>tfw Betty will most likely never appear again because Kamicheetah and Gunmouth split up (they both created her)

I'm gonna miss that jive turkey-talking dominatrix shark babe.

ID: 52246  No.3581

Clubstripes is still dead right?

ID: 0dbb6  No.3598

Last I checked, anymore pages will come from GM's patreon. He's working on the next installment of his Doru arc.

>>3414 Don't be so sure. GM was using Betty after they split just as he still uses other characters designed by her such as Dowel.

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