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File: 1441237981038.webm (4.42 MB, 1280x720, CamPart1.webm)

ID: 03ad1  No.2531

So seeing as how the board now supports webm, here's something I'm working on.
A little self promoting I know, sorry.

vimeo link just incase you have issues with webm

ID: 03ad1  No.2532

File: 1441238062358.webm (3.19 MB, 1280x720, CamPart2_2.webm)

ID: 3dc58  No.2535

Good job! The voice acting's pretty decent. Is this your first animation foray?
By the way though, the Webm's are missing sound. Vimeo's working fine though.

ID: f0b8d  No.2536


Sound works for me, it might be a browser quirk.

Also this is pretty damn good, I'm interested in seeing more.

ID: 03ad1  No.2537


I've noticed people having issues with sound when using mobile devices.
No idea why that may be, I use XMedia Recode (as suggested by this board). Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
Anyway, it's the main reason I also added the link to the vimeo.

Thanks, as soon as I have the next part complete I'll link it here also.

ID: 158e4  No.2538

Your female voice actor sounds pretty hot. I like

ID: 03ad1  No.2621

File: 1444729955092.webm (8.9 MB, 1280x720, CamPart3.webm)

Part 3 is done.

For those of you with sound issues and mobile devices, here's a link to the vimeo version.

Password is furrystuff


ID: 1ec13  No.2622

Delicious. Will there be more?

ID: 03ad1  No.2623


Yes, 3 more parts.

ID: fbd14  No.2625

The guy sounds like Dan McNeiley from those old Godlimations flash cartoons.

ID: 1ec13  No.2762

Any progress on this? I wanna see how things turn out between these two…

ID: 03ad1  No.2782

File: 1453292176064.webm (9.35 MB, 640x360, CamPart4_2.webm)


Yes, my bad.
Forgot to post it here. (And apparently it's also to big to be posted here, so you get a smaller version)
Honestly, I'm not to happy with this bit. To repetitive and what not. Though in my defence there is not a lot I could do with the single camera position.

I've posted it on multiple sites already, you can follow my FA to know of future updates. (even though FA has a very limited upload size that makes me have to post it offsite)

All those Vimeo links no longer work, apparently animated porn is a no no, so oops I got banned.
Luckily this alternative exists now, and you can view all parts in HD here. https://beta.furrynetwork.com/foxxj/multimedia/collections/2445/ I'll posting future updates here.

Part 5 will be finished soon.

ID: 03ad1  No.2798

File: 1454346049739.webm (3.22 MB, 1280x720, CamPart5.webm)

Part 5 is done, one more to go.

ID: 68675  No.2846

Is the last part coming anytime soon?

ID: b2535  No.2996

ID: ef311  No.2997

Great work!

ID: 82543  No.3008


Thanks, it took a long ass time to make. But I'm more or less happy with it.
Looking back, I would have loved to have had an extra scene of them talking and drinking coffee and escalating things better to that ending.

I've already started work on my next project, script is finished and I'm about done looking for the Voice Actors
Which there will be 4 or them.

On the bullshit side, I'm already dealing with some art theft. Someone took the video removed all the intro and outro credit sequences and replaced it with their own, over on pornhub.
I don't mind third parties uploading my art and animations on other websites, but claiming credit for my hard work is definitely not cool.

But hey, it's like a mile stone to have your art be stolen and have someone warn you about it, I feel special.

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