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Or, y'know, something like that. Discuss food, fitness/exercise, and stuff like that here.

The Global Rule (don't be a dick) applies here.

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Real rape of European women 16 - 45 years

Files taken from a sealed source

list links


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ID: 58f02  No.14[Reply]

This actually worked out great for me. I can consistently jog for a half an hour, which I try to do every other day. I'm trying to get my speed up so I can actually do 5k in that time. I can do 5.1 Miles Per Hour right now and I have to get to 6.

What are you guys doing to stay fit?
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I know Rags got into DDP yoga,

ID: 58f02  No.20

I'm slowly working my way up to 6mph.

I hope to weigh 180lbs by the end of this year.

ID: a82ce  No.31

Thinking of starting simple for some quick exercises I can do while studying, sending apps/resumes, and all that..

Fucking jumping jacks. Can do a couple hundred over the course of the day no prob.

I'm fucking sore. I didn't even know I could get sore doing these. lol I am so out of shape, I wish I was my old out of shape self.

ID: 08478  No.35

I met my goal through diet (and moving stress) not so much as exercise, and got to my lowest at 178. but I've found that I'm hovering around 183.

I should start jogging again, though I'd be starting over from scratch.

File: 1417236754549.jpg (729.73 KB, 1176x3272, deviled eggs.jpg)

ID: 9eee7  No.2[Reply]

I'm gonna dump some of these instructions. Maybe someone will enjoy them.
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ID: 9eee7  No.12

File: 1417312963090.jpg (1.21 MB, 740x3328, beef fried rice bitch.jpg)

Well, I'm an idiot who can't keep it in one thread.

ID: b122a  No.13

I've been looking at a couple channels lately.



ID: 9eee7  No.21

This guy screams a bit more than needed, but I can forgive him since he's Swedish. Yeah, it's more of an entertainment channel than it is a cooking channel, but the shit he makes is at least edible.


ID: 9eee7  No.22

Also, he taught me how to make my own mayo, so there's that.

ID: 27953  No.34


I love Regular Ordinary Sweedish Mealtime

Its what Epic Mealtime should have been. Also they use fucking battleaxes to wreck both

File: 1422460571064.jpg (128.52 KB, 1199x688, CanonBig.JPG)

ID: 9a11e  No.23[Reply]

What's everyone like as far as liquors? Mixed drinks? Is the board mostly a whisk(e)y group, or vodka, or tequila? Long Islands vs. Manhattans vs. Swizzles?
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ID: 9a11e  No.28

Yum. I usually use sea salt, preferably the rock type in a grinder. Same with pepper, gotta grind fresh.

I use a mix called Dimitri's, which has great stuff in it (I use it in sauces and marinades, too). I typically use straight tomato juice, a bit of lemon juice, and bacon vodka if I have it.

For heat, I typically have several sauces around, but I usually use sriracha (the Huy Fong variety), and a few drops of Da Bomb hot sauce if someone wants heat. Fresh-ground salt and pepper. If I'm making these at a partty, I'll have all sorts of pickled veggies, usually asparagus, okra, peperoncinis, plus celery sticks and olives (usually bleu cheese stuffed and garlic/jalapeno stuffed). I've also, on occasion, bought tiny, baby-sized bell peppers.

My real area of expertise, though, is esoteric liqueurs.

ID: 5275f  No.29

Lately one of my favorites has been a cherry 7-Up with a double shot of Fireball.

Not exactly complex. I just call it a Redhot.

ID: 75f1d  No.30

Cake Vodka and Orange Soda.

ID: f86f0  No.32

File: 1428464105855.jpg (101.3 KB, 922x692, ConBarSmall.JPG)

My bar at a private party I work at a local convention every year. From about an hour after start (party opened at 8) until 2:30 when I closed the bar, I was 3-4 orders deep all night. Add a week of buying and packing, 4 hours to get everything up to the room and unpacked, and 4 more to pack and load afterward…

ID: f86f0  No.33

Not shown: the shelf full of mixers behind me. And the Johnnie Walker Blue Label some kind person brought.

That sounds awesome! My favorite drink with that stuff is Fireball, ginger beer (I use Blenheim red-cap ginger ale) and a homemade habanero-pepper simple syrup. The flavors work together well, and the different kinds of burn (pepper, ginger, cinnamon) act on different parts of your mouth.

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