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File: 1418414228529.jpg (112.08 KB, 554x570, Couch to 5k.jpg)

ID: 58f02  No.14

This actually worked out great for me. I can consistently jog for a half an hour, which I try to do every other day. I'm trying to get my speed up so I can actually do 5k in that time. I can do 5.1 Miles Per Hour right now and I have to get to 6.

What are you guys doing to stay fit?

ID: a82ce  No.15

>What are you guys doing to stay fit?

Not enough. Not nearly enough. haha

ID: 42e9c  No.16


Seriously, this.

ID: e0e60  No.17

Last year I made one of those throwaway new years resolutions to get myself into shape.

I joined a gym and signed up for sessions with a personal trainer. Aside from about the past month I've stuck with it. I've gained about 20 pounds of muscle with wight & cardio training. I actually weigh more than I did when I started but thats ok with me since a lot of it has been in my arms, shoulders, and chest.

I finally feel confident enough that I can wear close fitting t-shirts out in public without another loose shirt to go on over it.

ID: 1fde5  No.18


ID: 475ec  No.19


I know Rags got into DDP yoga,

ID: 58f02  No.20

I'm slowly working my way up to 6mph.

I hope to weigh 180lbs by the end of this year.

ID: a82ce  No.31

Thinking of starting simple for some quick exercises I can do while studying, sending apps/resumes, and all that..

Fucking jumping jacks. Can do a couple hundred over the course of the day no prob.

I'm fucking sore. I didn't even know I could get sore doing these. lol I am so out of shape, I wish I was my old out of shape self.

ID: 08478  No.35

I met my goal through diet (and moving stress) not so much as exercise, and got to my lowest at 178. but I've found that I'm hovering around 183.

I should start jogging again, though I'd be starting over from scratch.

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