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File: 1417236754549.jpg (729.73 KB, 1176x3272, deviled eggs.jpg)

ID: 9eee7  No.2

I'm gonna dump some of these instructions. Maybe someone will enjoy them.

ID: 9eee7  No.3

File: 1417236830437.jpg (1.23 MB, 1778x1341, tortellini alfredo bonus.jpg)

I've made this one several times. Fucking delicious.

ID: 9eee7  No.4

File: 1417236930305.jpg (915.47 KB, 1000x3400, ramen made delicious.jpg)

All you have is ramen and some random shit?

Well, your ramen doesn't have to suck.

ID: 9eee7  No.5

File: 1417237255794.jpg (1.33 MB, 952x4749, CHILI.jpg)

For those who like having chili made right.

ID: 9eee7  No.6

File: 1417237360624.jpg (141.63 KB, 600x1172, Limoncello.jpg)

Last one for now. I hope someone found these useful.

This one's easy, but takes time.

ID: ddaa5  No.7

File: 1417281039881.png (732.3 KB, 748x807, Crack_Potatoes_Plain_Chick….png)



That is not a thing that goes in chili.

If it don't wind up colored red it don't go in chili.

Anyway here's some decadence for your face-holes. This stuff usually lasts me for at least a couple of meals of being a side dish, that is if I don't wind up ignoring whatever else I'm eating and just eating them.

They're even better if you put french fried onions on top of them. Adds some crunch and extra flavor.

ID: 9eee7  No.8

File: 1417285492488.png (254.56 KB, 736x894, vanilla ice cream.png)

As for this one, I've run into a lot of people who had no idea you could make your own ice cream at home.

I thought the idea of having corn in my chili was a bit weird at first, but it turned out alright the time I made it like that.

ID: ddaa5  No.10

By the way, if you want dozens upon dozens of delicious recipes:


Amateur cooks beware: Gordon doesn't really hold your hand through his recipes. You're expected to have some basic cooking skill for a lot of this stuff, because he doesn't always give exact measurements, times, and explanations. Sorta gotta observe and extrapolate.

But he's actually quite easygoing and enjoyable to watch in these, you sorta get more of a sense of the "real" Gordon Ramsay and how he is when he's not dealing with idiots.

ID: 8cffa  No.11

ID: 9eee7  No.12

File: 1417312963090.jpg (1.21 MB, 740x3328, beef fried rice bitch.jpg)

Well, I'm an idiot who can't keep it in one thread.

ID: b122a  No.13

I've been looking at a couple channels lately.



ID: 9eee7  No.21

This guy screams a bit more than needed, but I can forgive him since he's Swedish. Yeah, it's more of an entertainment channel than it is a cooking channel, but the shit he makes is at least edible.


ID: 9eee7  No.22

Also, he taught me how to make my own mayo, so there's that.

ID: 27953  No.34


I love Regular Ordinary Sweedish Mealtime

Its what Epic Mealtime should have been. Also they use fucking battleaxes to wreck both

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