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File: 1427841900641.jpg (152.42 KB, 700x500, kojima-main.jpg)

ID: 1970a  No.794[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Quick recap: shit is going down between Hideo Kojima and Konami that's causing the latter to remove any branding that mentions the former on anything related to Metal Gear Solid V, going so far as to suspend a weekly podcast produced by Kojima Productions.

Today, the same happened again, only this time with the Silent Hills/P.T. website: http://www.gamespot.com/articles/silent-hills-pt-website-removes-kojima-productions/1100-6426298/
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ID: 0a865  No.1963

It gets better. A major health insurance group that offers plans to IT workers in Japan is continuously rejecting coverage for Kojima's new company. The group states that any new company has to be approved by the group's chairman. Said chairman is a director at Konami and many of Konami's gyms and health clubs are members of this health insurance group.

So feel free to never buy a single product from Konami again.

ID: d9405  No.1964

Holy fuck, that's twisted.

The fuck does Konami have against Kojima in particular? Christ, Capcom's treatment of Mega Man after Inafune's departure is nothing compared to this shit, at least they've never actively tried to ruin the careers and lives of Inafune and everyone who doesn't pretend he and his work never fucking existed!

ID: 660f5  No.1965

Badmouthing one's employer is atypical in Japan, where absolute loyalty to one's company is more or less expected. That alone makes the situation unusual, but it doesn't help that the Metal Gear series was almost certainly Konami's biggest moneymaker (their next-biggest property is what, Castlevania? Gradius?), and losing Kojima has probably done a lot of damage to their bottom line. There's also their aborted foray into the pachinko arena, which got sidelined by Japanese legislators having a sudden attack of conscience, so as a result of all these things, it looks like Konami just threw up their hands and said "fuck Kojima forever."

ID: d9405  No.1967

Weren't they the ones who stupidly decided they were letting him go as soon as MGS5 was complete?

And it makes me wonder, why haven't they also gone after Koji Igarashi and all the other big Castlevania players who left them?

ID: f2cd1  No.1968

Since Iga was working on mobile games before leaving, I'm guessing he was more subservient. He did try to create some solid content but he was rebuffed on everything he tried to make. This was also before all the fallout happened so whomever is raising a stink probably wasn't around then.

File: 1469297409095.png (211.75 KB, 660x330, Logo-1.png)

ID: b87a9  No.1847[Reply]

Two potentially good Sonic games are set to arrive in 2017.

Sonic Mania, a proper throwback to the old Genesis series being handled by Chris "Taxman" Whitehead, stealth, and Tee Lopes, all of whom are prominent within the Sonic ROM hacking community.

Official Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxmtYdEWVzo

Direct feed gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQ8EedQJk7Y

Off-screen playthroughs of Green Hill and Studiopolis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1nQxH3kugg

Full theme of Studiopolis Act 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGR5fTO2oio

And then we have Project Sonic 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCh9--2xcKk

Despite Classic Sonic making a return with Modern Sonic, this is not a direct sequel to Sonic Generations. So it seems to be Generations gameplay but with all-new levels.
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ID: b87a9  No.1861

I'm not the least bit concerned with how Sonic looked. There's bigger problems in Sonic 4 than his appearance.

ID: ca771  No.1862

>is thinking we are arguing about looks
>All our complaints is about the game's controls being bad along with bad gimmicks

no really point in ANY of our posts where we said "we dont like how he looks"..
cause I sure as idola's hell cant find a post about that.

ID: 41e84  No.1864

Point out where anyone said it was being complained about in this thread.

But anyway, let's put it this way: New Super Mario Bros. was basically an updated retread of the original NES game. Now how much sense do you think it would make for people to start crying about it not being an 8-bit game with three powerups, simplistic controls, one boss that's fought over and over, five pieces of music and Mario wearing a brown shirt and red overalls? Same damn thing.

ID: ca771  No.1865

you are missing the point
that example you used is actually showing you are missing the point

New Super Mario brothers included NEW things on top of a working system where the controls are good, and the gimmicks don't really badly affect the game to the point you can beat a level without power ups.

Actually thats the thing about Super Mario…they tend to give us good things upon a good system, though its why for the RPG series specifically the paper mario RPG series…fans dislike anything past 1000 year door cause of the gimmicks are shitty and its not really fun when the RPG part was removed…but why folks can still enjoy the Mario and Luigi RPG series as it still plays as an RPG with new things being added to its enjoyment though each have its problems its still an enjoyable series.

Sonic 4 on the other hand didnt…
it controlled badly
you had to use the gimmicks to get thru the level instead of it being used to open up alternate ways to beat a level…

Its why the 3D game generations are divided between Dreamcast Generation where that generation wants games that was like Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 and the modern generation that showed they enjoy gameplay that was of the Day missions of Sonic Unleashed/Colours/Generations.

Sonic 4 Tried to be that game for the Genesis generation but it didnt play as something of that time. We know it tried but just fell flat of our expectations of controls of that time of being quite responsive and the fact we could beat those games without needing our partner
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ID: 80792  No.1945

File: 1494948429996.jpg (50.77 KB, 1024x713, SonicForces-Logo-1024x713.jpg)

ID: 90d6c  No.1934[Reply]

ID: 7493a  No.1935

On one hand, this may be one of the worst ideas they've ever had.

On the other, good riddance, forced Bubsy meme shit.

ID: 11c5b  No.1936

Well, it's not like the sonic franchise has anywhere to go but up. Or at least stay level to where it's been.

ID: d9abe  No.1937

Huh, they really must be scraping the bottom of the barrel if they are going with OCs. That said, this is likely going to be a swat at the complaints of sonic and him getting new friends. In that 'oh if they are so bad, why don't YOU try it' sort of way. I mean I doubt we'll get to have much say in the dialogue (if at all), but basically they just made an OC simulator out of this.

Well, time to wait and see what sort of shitstorm we should expect this holiday. I might even put aside the cash to buy it.

ID: f97b9  No.1938


Rumors seem to be circulating that the major reason why Archie's Sonic comic has been on hold is because Sega plans to pull the license. Reason? Make the fans pay attention to this game.

If it's true, then what Sega is doing is really, really scummy.

ID: 363ac  No.1939

odd, cause the reasons I been hearing via the rumor mill is that Archie needs to renew the license and Sega wants more money and safety so they dont have another "ken penders" cause they were dragged into that situation

File: 1489591624366.png (165.61 KB, 280x280, kjlh.png)

ID: 5ca60  No.1920[Reply]

ID: 6f908  No.1921

To be honest was a little disappointed when I saw that it wasn't a digital release of all the old Disney Afternoon cartoons, but this is good too.

File: 1481790518151.jpg (129.57 KB, 1024x404, beograd.JPG)

ID: 647ff  No.1897[Reply]

Anyone play chess?

File: 1465572374355.jpg (149.92 KB, 660x330, gencon-indy.jpg)

ID: d1461  No.1839[Reply]

A friend of mine is in the film festival at Gencon, and I got a pass to go along with him.

Anyone want me to check out anything while I'm there, or is anyone else going?

ID: 5527b  No.1867

I have returned from gencon at 1:00 this morning and boy do I fucking ache.

I met the author of Erfworld, super nice. He invited me to a pizza party at his hotel's resturaunt. and he's one of the nicest people I've ever met.

I picked up some x-wing minis before they were officially released.

I played a bunch of demos for games that aren't released yet.

I lost an X-wing tournament HARD.

I tried steak and shake for the first time, and we need them on the east cost.

I slept for 12 hours after I got back. and am still processing the entire trip.

ID: 5527b  No.1868

OH! I also got to try out Mechwarrior pods! I came in third place in the match and it was a lot of fun, totally immersive.

File: 1461783426760.jpg (64.6 KB, 800x600, hex_logo.jpg)

ID: 39d57  No.1784[Reply]

I've been playing a bit of this Magic the Gathering rip-off. And I have to admit, I like it a lot more than magic.

It does a lot of things you can only do in a digital game, but I think it adds one thing we can all agree on…
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ID: 75c51  No.1788


ID: 39d57  No.1789

File: 1461964511146.jpg (124.68 KB, 529x704, eICNk7r.jpg)

Yep, I've got a whole deck based around them.

ID: 42ad1  No.1790



I lol'd.

ID: 7a044  No.1827

Hey these guys are cute
*reads lore*
Holy Shit

ID: 39d57  No.1828

Yeah, no wonder they're the same faction as the undead and spider monsters.

File: 1457269005745.jpg (72.23 KB, 740x421, star-fox-zero.jpg)

ID: dd544  No.1732[Reply]


Oh look, yet another StarFox 64 remake, with a single new mechanic being added. I also love how Nintendo claims it's neither a prequel, sequel or reboot, despite the fact it's a remake being blatantly obvious. And the fact the people are hyped about this game confirms that Nintendo fanboys will really eat up any shit thrown their way, even if it's the same game redone billion times, with prettier graphics each time.
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ID: a3f59  No.1802

Exactly what I meant
The thing is many people's FIRST starfox game happens to be 64, mines was the SNES one. While 64 did MANY new things over the snes…if you removed all that you get the same story as the Snes one, and Zero sorta is like if you strip away some layers you get 64 and strip off some more layers you get SNES.

Its not a bad thing, many folks do the same thing of having a familiar base and then building up off of that.

This may be why some dislike Adventures, Assault and Command as they fall outside the usual baseline. The introduction of an idea of a starfox game where its barely about using the arwing, the introduction of the idea of on foot missions, the introduction of branching storyline where it determines your end story instead of which version of the end game boss you fight.

Also there have been rumors as of late on Starfox 2 being that the game had much more in it that we are missing in our "Patched" versions.

ID: fccb8  No.1804

But again, that's the thing, no one, fucking NO ONE, was shitting on Adventures and Assault a few years ago like they are now. It's like when everyone decided Final Fantasy 10 is a pile of shit because Spoony said it is, it's as though JonTron negatively reviewing Adventures triggered something within the fandom and they decided it's shit and everyone's always hated it, high praise and response by critics and fans alike for nearly a decade be damned.

Even worse is the things they blame the "death" of the franchise on that aren't Command. After Zero was announced, I swear to God, I saw people declaring that IWATA HAS KILLED STAR FOX.

ID: a3f59  No.1805

no, there were people shitting on it around that time just it slowly build up, for adventures is folks pointing at it being RARE's last nintendo console game blaming it on Microsoft (which no…its actually nintendo's fault cause they didnt buy up RARE but Microsoft decided to) finding out it was a WHOLE different game before starfox was added in(note they did redesign the game to add in the starfox part with the end of krystal at the time just being side casted after the first part of the game).

Assault though was mostly getting problems for its on foot controls being rather weird but it did get less shit on than adventures.

The thing about these games is what you stated happen: Big name folks reviewed em and just shat on em and thus folks just bandwagon and shat on them. After a while though folks started pointing out those two games wasnt bad, and folks instead of just listening played em and also agreed: "These games arent bad, they arent good, but not actually bad…they are just different"

I mean right now I'm trying to get a copy of Commands thru the WiiU shop so I can at least FULLY try that game out instead of watching gameplays or my friend play it so I can fully experience the game as so far most folks just say the controls were weird and some endings was just stupid (but then again that game is outside of canon)

ID: e3e62  No.1806

Oh no, I know haters existed then too, but it wasn't some widespread en masse bitchfest about its very existence and claiming Krystal somehow killed the franchise and whatever else until just a few years ago. In fact, Adventures got so much consistent positivity and praise from both the critics and the players, its scores were extremely close to matching 64's and it was even a GameCube best-seller. Then all of a sudden, around 2011, nearly everyone turns into a 64 nostalgiafag, declares that both Adventures and Assault have always been shit, takes a game without Krystal in it as proof that she's been erased from canon, and makes sure Nintendo never makes a Star Fox game that isn't a reskinned 64 ever again.

ID: a3da3  No.1825

File: 1462489474130.jpg (724.68 KB, 1689x1042, screenshot_2015-09-12-14-2….jpg)

ID: daedf  No.1794[Reply]

Apparently due in a couple of months, it will let players make a new captain that will start out life basically when season four of TOS would have happened, if season four of TOS had happened. Presumably at the end of these missions set in the past your captain will hit some temporal anomaly and wind up stuck in the game's current timeline.

Wonder how it will affect the summer event?

(Screenshot not related, just one of my alts and a friend's char.)
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ID: daedf  No.1807

File: 1463101629317.gif (1.25 MB, 250x250, tumblr_o32vvfFRic1syeyvqo2….gif)

>Devs put the new expansion on the test server
>For testing
>Everyone's bitching about it not being in a completely polished, flawlessly playable state

ID: 70bc7  No.1808

also it was on a gaming post and ;listed on gamefaqs as coming to PS4 and XBone

ID: 1e61f  No.1809


Y'know, it wouldn't be so bad if the bitchers of that variety weren't 90% of the 'testers' that attended the test server. Now they'll have to blow through all the crap to find valid criticisms. Again.


While I'm not surprised at the console release given neverwinter's success and all, I'm a bit stymied how they'll make space combat work. Maybe' they'll do the sensible thing and give the weapons auto-fire from the get-go instead of a toggle, and give subsystem failures a bit more impact. Way it stands now, it plays as a button masher, and not the kind that's attached to a single button even a console controller can use effectively.

ID: daedf  No.1810


The game can already be played with a 360 controller, apparently, though I've never tried it. Presumably you press the shoulder triggers and it changes what the four buttons do.

ID: 6dae4  No.1814

Judging from seeing the dev posts about Daniels (that time traveling guy from Enterprise?) I'm starting to wonder if the TOS captain's suddenly gonna end up in 2410 via some sort of "Cause and Effect" spacetime gobbeldygook.

File: 1436383325834.jpg (218.56 KB, 1000x591, final-fantasy-record-keepe….jpg)

ID: 23ce2  No.1242[Reply]

As far as mobile games go, it's mostly freemium of course, but as far as freemium games go, I've been enjoying the shit out of Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Essentially, the story is you're what amounts to a librarian that's on his first day…and boy what a first day! The library of all Final Fantasy world records is raided by some unspeakable darkness and the stories have been scattered, putting the multiverse in disarray.

So it becomes up to you to travel to these different realms and recapture the story "memories" to restore the records.

Gameplay wise it's old school turn based RPG with a party of 5. Everyone is limited to a weapon/armor/accessory slot and two ability slots. Your party is made up of different characters you find while discovering the records. Each character is empowered when fighting in their own realm and items used in their native realms are also empowered.

There's limit breaks and this is really where the freemium comes in. Every character has their own "Soul break" to start, but acquiring unique weapons allows you to unlock new ones. You can do it the slow way by gathering mythril to roll the dice or you can pay to roll the dice more often.

Anyway, what I love about this game is it's sufficiently challenging at higher levels, customizing your team is actually pretty engaging. Every realm uses music from the original games. While choosing a record to engage, you hear the game's "overworld" theme. During combat you hear the world's combat theme. It's glorious.

Not just all, they have frequent events that allow you to pile up items and upgrades as well as catch up if you missed a specific character's event to acquire.

My current team is Cloud, Sephiroth, Fran, Vivi, and Garnet.
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ID: 58767  No.1338

Man this game is weird.

Now that enemies have HP bars, I've noticed what an odd way they handle the bonus damage from RMs like "do extra damage when wielding a _____". Instead of just adding a flat bonus to the damage you deal out if your character is wielding one, apparently you do damage as normal, then the game CHECKS what weapon you're using, and applies a little more damage to the enemy.

ID: 2266b  No.1339

…So that's why the bars seem to "wiggle" when I attack or get attacked. lol I thought it was just a favorable bug.

ID: 2266b  No.1341

That feel when there still hasn't been a Red XIII memory crystal.

ID: 1a11c  No.1679

File: 1450365421003.gif (482.88 KB, 500x275, tumblr_lys9ehFrWs1r0hl9j.gif)

>The latest update

Well holy shit.

ID: 2266b  No.1680

Right?! Especially the Red XIII memory crystal. Finally, he can stop being a lvl50 anchor on my team.

Also the beginner's choice 11 buy they added. I will give Cloud a sword finally if I don't get one from the draw.

Also, snazzy new UI. Liking it.

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