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File: 1433971461804.jpg (65.21 KB, 1280x720, areyaready.jpg)

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>Are ya ready kids?!

Ready for what, cap'n?!

>Ready to spend the entirety of E3 listening to Nintendo fanboys declare Nintendo's presenters to be gods made flesh!


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ID: b0440  No.1667

>We wouldn't be able to fit it on the disk!

Here's a thought: keep it as one game but split it into multiple disks. Like you fucking did originally.

Oh, wait, I forgot, you fucking fired everyone who knew how to do that. Just like you fired everyone who knew how to make a classic RPG instead of this button-mashing shit.

ID: 900c2  No.1668

You know how they were able to fit such huge seemingly open worlds onto a few small CDs? Every single location in the game was a prerendered backdrop on top of a barebones map. The framerate was good bcause the only thing the engine had to render were the characters.

Now they have to have the graphics render everything in real-time creating a massive workload and cause the game to run like crap and make the hardware catch on fire.

Their overinflated budget makes them think they can power through the limitations rather than work around them like they used to. They should be finding new solutions to the problems, or at least improve upon their old solution.

ID: 4f396  No.1669

ID: 1ae18  No.1670

File: 1449803717648.gif (927.39 KB, 410x282, tumblr_inline_mwmxvc2l1q1q….gif)

>Blahblahblah vision blahblahblah epic blahblahblah we knew you would understand and love it

Fuck you, dude.

ID: 91c1b  No.1671

Oh hey, the hallway is back.

File: 1448055438674.png (21.78 KB, 414x220, 1447959420858.png)

ID: 2ec4e  No.1601[Reply]



But of course, Kotaku wouldn't like you to know that. Instead they're spinning it as "corrupt gaming industry bullying and censoring honest journalists". Pic so fucking related. Keep in mind, this is the same guy who complained about female characters in Dragon's Crown having large breasts, calling it "lolicon fantasies".

ID: bf11c  No.1646

>real journalism

That's fucking hillarious.

File: 1442696878159.jpg (315.05 KB, 1024x960, sentinels_of_the_multivers….jpg)

ID: 518d1  No.1386[Reply]

I freaking love this card game, so I thought I'd make a thread about it to see if anyone else likes it. I got the steam version with a season pass and it's an accurate representation, but not quite the same as playing with people. Where everybody takes their favorite hero and rolling with it, synergy be damned.

America's Greatest Legacy is freaking amazing, especially with Super Science Tachyon. With those two I've beaten everyone in every location except for Spite, Akashu'bhuta, and the Variants for Gloomweaver and Omnitron.
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ID: 6d72b  No.1535

So, If I were to stream this game would anyone here watch it?

ID: 5d582  No.1594


And Warlord Voss IS NOT Darkseid/Doomsday mix.

ID: 518d1  No.1595

Yes yes.
Spite is Bane
Omnitron isn't Ultron
Baron Blade isn't a Doom/Luthor hybrid
Ra isn't Thor
Nightmist isn't Dr Strange
Visionary isn't Raven
Bunker isn't War Machine

ID: 518d1  No.1604

Mini-Pack 2 just dropped today. The Scholar (Of whom I've had the pleasure of playing in the physical edition. He's pretty interesting) Miss Information (She's…odd. That's all I can really say about her.) and The Final Wasteland (A pretty fun environment, most of the targets in it are Cryptids like the Yeti and The Jersey Devil, that hit enemies almost as much as heroes)

ID: 518d1  No.1605

File: 1448141093964.jpg (356.45 KB, 1280x720, 337150_screenshots_2015-11….jpg)

Well that was rough. You've got to sit there and take it while she destroys your ongoings and equipment until you get enough clues, and THEN when you finally can damage her she hits you back just as hard and makes you deal damage to yourself. Without a few lucky draws with Super Science Tacheon, I'd have been screwed.

It also doesn't help that when Unity's bots have no villain targets to attack, they HAVE to attack a hero target.

File: 1432860745936.png (158.26 KB, 541x344, Tumblr_-_2015-05-28_19.51.….png)

ID: 3b756  No.1038[Reply]

Haha kiss every ass in the world NCSoft.
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ID: 450a0  No.1588


Shit seriously? Thought they fixed that before the first anniversary update.

ID: db189  No.1590

And we're back. What have we learned from this, Careless?
The Daily Login Bonus carries on from where you left off, and accept that you'll have to run with more conservative graphics settings if you don't have a super-duper-hyper-power graphics card.

ID: db189  No.1593

Remember, kids, always back out of the shop before you right-click something in your inventory to claim it.

Now I have to save up another 10 gold for a mount. T3T

ID: 450a0  No.1598


Is there not a buyback feature in the vendor window?

ID: db189  No.1599

Even if I remembered about that, I already spent 10 of my 12 Gold on the mount that I accidentally sold back for a pittance. Unless it sells it back to me for that pittance, I'm back to scrimping and saving again.

File: 1444245906112.png (42.15 KB, 703x604, IPod_line_as_of_2014.png)

ID: 4c117  No.1472[Reply]


Apple is disallowing people from redownloading apps (including games) if they've been removed from the App Store.

On top of that, new versions of iOS break compatibility with previously released games so it's on the developer to go back and fix their game every time a new major version of iOS is released.


ID: 4c117  No.1473

Alright, nevermind. The first link got an update.

ID: 4c117  No.1474

Okay, really sorry. Wasn't really paying attention.

So the update in the above article has Apple saying there's no policy change. But despite that, games were being removed from purchase histories within the past two weeks and they haven't been reinstated. So we've got conflicting info here.

File: 1431365820275.jpg (174.39 KB, 1024x768, asdfasdf.jpg)

ID: 5b32d  No.947[Reply]


Iga's back.

Also, Michiru Yamane is working on the soundtrack.
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ID: 5b32d  No.1099

I suppose this counts as pre-pre-alpha gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TU-NF6SJxps

ID: 9666b  No.1122

24 hours left and it's at $4.5 Million.

Probably unwise of them to add anymore stretch goals after their last one, the Roguelike Dungeon mode.

Someone's gonna have to explain to me how that one works.

ID: 5b32d  No.1127

Somehow the final stretch goal got met before funding reached that amount but whatever. Shit's packed to the brim, bros.

ID: 5b32d  No.1128

And it just surpassed 5.5mil just now. Hell yeah!

ID: 7dfff  No.1337

So, finally some more news about this game: Customization confirmed at PAX, along with a new character who seems almost like a jab at Lords of Shadows' Gabriel Belmont design-wise.

File: 1425579258163.png (325.65 KB, 599x962, BsaCpz2CIAAhzA2.png)

ID: 59118  No.648[Reply]

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ID: 4af84  No.1210

One second earlier
>System Purrrrrrged

ID: 520da  No.1211

>script kitty
oh my god

ID: 29928  No.1214

File: 1435073058766.jpg (284.67 KB, 1280x720, 921969__safe_rainbow dash_….jpg)

>Robo-Fortune quoting lines from SWAG.MOV

ID: 29928  No.1241

Robo-Fortune is out on PC.

ID: 59118  No.1327

File: 1439746355260.jpg (227.28 KB, 532x1920, 4eafab2add547f379665929fe0….jpg)

File: 1418849841153.jpg (99.2 KB, 500x500, cover_l.jpg)

ID: c09de  No.108[Reply]

Is best music

Not sure if this thread goes here or pop.
Also doesn't TGFB have a youtube tag for embedding or something?
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ID: 23a9c  No.1215


Such a hoot to listen to during drawing or repetitive activity.

ID: 6d2a4  No.1216

This one has been stuck in my head all day

ID: b9dd6  No.1217

File: 1435115084258.jpg (391.87 KB, 1920x1080, qMVEMnQ.jpg)

Do visual novels count?

If so, I'd like to nominate at least half of Fate Stay/Night's OST, especially Archer's battle theme.


ID: 2ae97  No.1224

Can't have a videogame music thread without Yasunori Mitsuda. I won't stand for it.

(Xenogears OST - Small Two of Pieces)

ID: 23a9c  No.1326


Can never go wrong with the Deus Ex soundtrack.

File: 1417786268220.jpg (159.9 KB, 465x700, SDCC10CpcmYshnrOn.jpg)

ID: d12b7  No.49[Reply]


I am unsure how long this will stay up but word will get around from this point.

It is a PS4 and PC exclusive.
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ID: cc40a  No.1162

Was she ever really that waifish at all?

ID: 98b75  No.1191


Not really what I meant, heh. She's always struck me as mostly average build, I guess, and now she looks a bit beefier in the lower half.

ID: 527f4  No.1276

ID: ee254  No.1277

oh good, now maybe OTHER fighting games will follow suit…I mean it took em 10 or so years to do this…

ID: 99862  No.1284

>4 brand-new characters

Hey, now's their chance to catch up and have a Canadian powerhouse character.

They did it in 1994 with Sasquatch in Darkstalkers, I'm amazed they've never thought to add one to Street Fighter. A series where they constantly exploit cultural stereotypes.

File: 1436749435591.jpg (21.16 KB, 599x282, CJwOLdLXAAAk5Xd.jpg)

ID: aae61  No.1253[Reply]

If any gamer says they weren't affected by him in some way, I'll call them a goddamn liar right to their face.
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ID: db03c  No.1259

ID: 14a6c  No.1260

Any word on what did him in? Pretty young.

ID: db03c  No.1261

File: 1436764540482.png (45.75 KB, 583x376, FByxEui.png)

Bile duct growth, a kind of cancer. It's very surprising because he skipped E3 2014 to undergo surgery for it and he came out of it so well. It all seemed business as usual up until these last few days.

Tweets from Sakurai. Bottom to top.

ID: 14a6c  No.1265

That's a shitty way to go.

ID: 02967  No.1271

File: 1436892782672.png (332.88 KB, 599x573, CJzBMmDWcAAHuYJ[1].png)

Shigesato Itoi (Earthbound) was particularly poignant.

''When I'm parting with a friend, regardless of the circumstances, I find it best to just say, 'See you later.' We'll meet again. After all, we're friends. That's right - nothing unusual about it. I'll see you later.

You went on a trip far, far away, even though it was planned for many years from now. You wore your best outfit and said 'Sorry for the short notice,' though you didn't say it out loud. You always put yourself last, after you'd finished helping everyone else. You were so generous as a friend that this trip might be your very first selfish act.

[…] So let's meet again. No - I suppose we're already meeting. Right here, right now.''

(Iwata was the senior programmer at HAL and the primary coder on Earthbound; Itoi holds that without Iwata, the game would have never been finished. Many have said that Iwata could save practically any project, even after he was President.)

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