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File: 1420757637270.jpg (42.86 KB, 700x500, fnaf3.jpg)

ID: 4de4c  No.221[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

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ID: 6c9d0  No.1013

Its every 9 days…
9 days
Meaning the next one will be foxy in 9 or so days

>watch as Foxy is nothing but fucking teeth as he was the original suspect of the bite of 87

ID: db72a  No.1014

Huh…someone notice its not every 9 days with these updates, the first update and the second was 11 days, the second to third was 9 and the third to current was 8 days. Folks think hes doing 1987 so foxy may show up 7 days from now

ID: 1805b  No.1015


Jesus Christ on a cracker, Chica has even more teeth now?!

ID: 6c9d0  No.1017

also you may notice…
"This Chica looks similar to the old broken Chica from FNAF2"

ID: 6c9d0  No.1018

also you may notice…
"This Chica looks similar to the old broken Chica from FNAF2"
also cupcake has teeth too…gawd damn it scott

File: 1423264800472.gif (973.64 KB, 500x279, tumblr_n5nvx9Nccv1tr5waso1….gif)

ID: 70f82  No.446[Reply]

>Main fan sounds like a lawnmower for a minute or two when I first turn on the computer
>It begs to run newer games on Low

Well, it is time. New computer is necessary, and tax refund just came in.

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ID: e4827  No.542

Usually your best bet for trouble shooting is to start with the easiest problem first, like a bad cord.

If you have another machine you can use that cable with, try it and see if you get a similar error. If you do not, get another cable and see if it works.

As far as your NIC goes, is it integrated with the motherboard or plug and play?

ID: 5c733  No.543


Tried the cord already, no go.

It's inter-grated unfortunately, which is why I'm wondering whether it's possible to replace it without having to get rid of the entire thing. But alas, motherboards are flimsy things.

ID: e4827  No.544

Could always just get another card if you got an extra slot you can stick it in(assuming this isn't a laptop of course).

ID: 5c733  No.560

My current solution is to use a wi-fi adapter. But I see it as a bandage solution. I personally think local connection is better than wireless for gaming. But the local connection is also affecting frame rates slightly, and it's noticeable. Tried updating my BIOS but it doesn't seem to work right….swore I installed it when I made this computer.

*sigh* Time to buy a blank CD to burn the rom file into. Feels like 2005 all over again.

ID: 77eae  No.888

With Heavensward coming and looking back at some games where the quality is starting to drop with newer games in general as things get upgraded, I was wondering if I should take the plunge and buy a GTX Titan X. Or maybe a GTX 980?

File: 1426968631594.jpg (256.15 KB, 1920x1200, 2015-03-11_00004.jpg)

ID: 16611  No.733[Reply]

So, anyone else busy saving the flow of time by yelling and punching stuff?
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ID: 3c2eb  No.831

My friend still found it funny that I Unlocked SSJ2 on my first run before I got SSJ (which took 25 runs)

ID: 7f009  No.839

Pose F is the best pose.

What's that cheap game mechanics? Now I have super armor!?! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO NOW!?! HUH!?!

ID: 3c2eb  No.840

Use both mach kick and mach punch due to those moves have the highest amounts of hits to em (only reason why they have those moves is to knock bosses out of super armor)

ID: 7f009  No.857

Well, I learned something interesting. If you use Drain Charge while super saiyan, it will still refill your gauge and keep you transformed indefinitely.

ID: 3c2eb  No.858

oh gawd, is thats why I now seeing folks using that move so much?

File: 1417709260714.jpg (188 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_ng29hdy01d1r0lrr7o1….jpg)

ID: 034b5  No.42[Reply]

Good news, everyone!

Dead or Alive 5 is getting a PC release in February!

Now it will be far, far easier for people to rip the models out of the games and make pornography with them. Oh my yes.
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ID: 8aefb  No.778

What if she just had a tan in the old image?

ID: bff55  No.779


She probably did, since everyone keeps talking about how much darker she was in DOA Xtreme Volleyball. Which lets the characters tan.

ID: db2d9  No.781

The titties have unlocked on Steam.

Repeat, the titties have unlocked on Steam.

ID: 5080b  No.782

One of the commenters actually linked to a very informative article about the skin colour change from 2012. It also mentions how Vanessa from Virtua Fighter literally went from definitely black and muscular to almost white and having no visible muscle, and explains how Japanese beauty ideals and good ol' ignorance could easily have played a part in both cases.


The same guy also did a great follow-up article in light of recent events, in which he points out that Itagaki is likely trolling, Lisa isn't even that whitewashed in the actual game, and various other good thought-provoking points, along with some bonus jabs at SJWs.


ID: e37f4  No.848

In news that should shock absolutely no one here, Koei Tecmo decided to go DMCA on the asses of DOA 5 modders:


File: 1427523140613.jpg (137.21 KB, 1280x720, 2015-03-28_00003.jpg)

ID: bee43  No.769[Reply]

Everyone's got a few. Wether it's actual achievement trophies it took forever to get, getting all the endings of a multi-ending game, or just something damn impressive that came about as a result of your gaming.

Let's use this thread to share these moments with eachother.

First up, I'm not quite done with this, but it's taken me the better part of two days to get this monstrosity to start running in Space Engineers. The conveyor system inside is a nightmare of allow/disallow for various ores to all the different furnaces, refineries, and assemblers, but I managed to get it going just the way I wanted and even have the inside pressurized. All that's left is to build a control tower and defensive turrets and I'll have me a fairly self-sufficient battleship.
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ID: bee43  No.773

File: 1427602260372.jpg (104.57 KB, 1280x720, 2015-03-28_00004.jpg)

I got the ship finished! I'm feeling really good about this thing. It takes for fucking ever to stop from full speed due to it's insane mass, but it's pretty much a mobile station, so that's to be expected.

I wanted to do at least one ship with no mods used so that I could at least have the possibility that the devs may add it in at a later date as a derelict in exploration mode.

For those interested, I have put it up on the workshop.

ID: 0fa6c  No.774

File: 1427616999161.png (766.98 KB, 776x1280, May.png)

Story time!

So we used to do friday night gaming at a friend's house. Basically DnD, Guilty Gear, etc until 4-5am. Lotsa drinking, lotsa food, and all that.

One of my friends is a master at fighting games and goes on these wild win streaks against us scrubs. I'm not very good at fighting games. I've never had the patience for the proper combos and counters to truly master it.

Game of the night after a session of DnD was Guilty Gear(forgot which one, but on the PS3). I like May because loli with a giant fucking anchor. What's not awesome about that? So as usual this guy has his big win streak going.

I'm really really hammered. It was not long after Christmas and my dad had gotten me a big bottle of jack as one of my gifts. I brought it over to share. Whenever I drank enough coke out of my double gulp, I added more jack.

Then I went into this bizarre zen mode with May. I was tossing whales, dolphins and flying around the screen on the anchor and just beating this guy. I won three games in a row.

It doesn't sound like a whole lot, but I felt like I could climb a mountain naked after doing that and claim king of the world.

ID: a65b3  No.811

File: 1427905345207.png (Spoiler Image, 1.87 MB, 1920x1080, My Left Arm.png)

Final Fantasy 14 ARR's The Fall Patch.

Heavily spoiled text (and image) for those who play and haven't finished the story yet. But god damn, they know how to make a person buy an xpac, don't think I've ever been so impressed by an MMO story in such a long time. I didn't even skip the credits!

All that hard work on unity, just to be hijacked and pissed on as Ul'dah gets new management. Also, they sure cleared up the roster…nothing confirmed but I reckon half the scions will not be present when we eventually get word of who endured the brass blades after the hostile takeover. Oh, and money is the root of all evil who'd of guessed. Only thing I don't get is how we can get around Ul'dah and Revenant's Toll now if the monetarists have branded us traitors. They say the people won't give us out to the authorities of Ul'dah on account of being Warrior of Light and all, but there are still guards abound these areas. We're practically branded witchs in the desert really…I'm glad I am part of the maelstorm (and hailed from Gridania), at least Gridania and Limsa Lominsa have a competent government.

ID: a65b3  No.814


Addendum: And with a clearer mind I realize this probably doesn't belong here. But to my defense, I hardly watch credits. Watching the credits is a sign of respect, for me at least.

ID: 13304  No.825

Beating FFX's chocobo race recently in my quest to perfect the HD remaster version. Never did it before, I thought it'd be a pain in the ass.

It was.

Mind you this was also being streamed, and I broke down to the point of taking one of my viewers's/friend's suggestion and playing benny hill on loop. It got worse (or funnier depending on your point of view) from there with the music choices, finally ending on some version of Pinkie Pie's Smile song before both my chat AND laptop were tired of the music and we went back to the game music.

It was a few days later that I finally beat that race for good. And I did it without hitting one fucking bird either. Chat was like "Take a bird hit and go for the balloon, you're dodging too much." Well I showed them I knew what I was doing.

It's a magical moment to not only achieve something for the first time ever, but to do with with people watching, be it from a stream or at a friends house. To have witnesses to your accomplishments. And even better when your plan works and you realize you're not crazy for trying to do it your way.

File: 1426603299175.jpg (71 KB, 530x250, ori-and-the-blind-forest-x….jpg)

ID: e8b5c  No.705[Reply]

Nothing hear on that game?

I love Metroidvania type games. Especially the 2D ones with hand drawn environments that are animated.
Reminds me of Dust, and Vanillaware games.

This game is a work of art, and full of cute moments as well as feels.
My favourite thing right now, is the way Ori gasps for air after swimming underwater.

ID: 00d01  No.732

I really need to get this, everyone says it's a great game, story, and piece of art.

File: 1425269553735.jpg (149.02 KB, 700x700, zhCDFTb.jpg)

ID: f484a  No.578[Reply]

Darkstalkers thread, or you're banned.
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ID: 0afc5  No.725


>It also helps that her species is already the least hated or feared type of Darkstalker to begin with.

Well, if you go by her Please Help Me!! super move and the Word of God, her species is all-female and (when in human form) all generally share her fur pattern regardless of body shape, so gee I wonder why.

ID: b515b  No.726

> It also helps that her species is already the least hated or feared type of Darkstalker to begin with.

Not even close to being feared. According to the lore, there's protection and rights for her kind in the U.S.

ID: d56c8  No.727

There's likely some who still hate and fear them, I mean I doubt bigots are nonexistant in the Darkstalkers universe.

ID: 3ed0b  No.728

thats if you look at her bandmates/followers background, one of them worked in a circus, while another was a "pet" for a rich family before she escaped. The others seem to live normal lax lives living with understanding humans.

ID: d56c8  No.729

Though to be fair, Lucy was apparently treated well by the circus she worked for.

That's that one's name, for the record, and the one who was kept as a rich douche's pet is Alto, but it's also never been said where Alto's from–she could be from somewhere that doesn't have catgirl protection laws in place.

File: 1425589746066.jpg (9.92 KB, 480x360, tim_schafer.jpg)

ID: d5e6c  No.650[Reply]


>In Tim’s speech he makes a quip about how developing art in games is a much harder job now than it was a long time ago. He accurately states that making art assets now is much harder and takes more people to do than it did in the past. After that though, his sockpuppet jumps in. Now this sock-puppet itself is a pretty sore point from the get-go, considering that #NotYourShield posters have consistently had their ‘minority’ status questioned and it’s even been suggested more than once that #NYS supporters are #GG sock-puppets themselves.

>Anyway, moving past the first offence, the next is a joke about how many GamerGators (used stylised spelling here as this is how the industry refers to them) it would take to screw in a light bulb or design a character or something. >Being as big as #GG is, it would be expected that some jokes would be made at the hashtags expense during a big conference. However, the sock-puppet then went on to say (paraphrasing): that it would take 42 gators to do it and two more to tweet #NotYourShield.

What is it with the gaming's greatest icons turning their backs on their fans and customers lately?

It makes you think whether SJWs are as harmless and ineffective as some would like you to think, or are they truly beginning to influence and gain control over entertainment media, and not in a good way.

ID: e1839  No.651

The actual joke:

>How many GamerGaters does it take to make a single piece of armour? Fifty! One to do the modeling, one to do the materials, and forty [sic] to tweet that it's not your shield.

ID: 723f5  No.653

Are we really surprised? This dude's been up and cheering on the aGGros almost since this began seven months ago.

ID: 2890e  No.654

Paying lip service to markets they have been having trouble tapping into. They won't use their core base no matter what they say. They could personally shit in all their mouths and they'd still sell those games.

But the female and to a large extent minority markets are untapped mines and if you gotta pretend to give a shit about social issues to get them to buy your products, you're going to do it.

ID: 6de6f  No.655


Not really realizing that the demographics they're paying lip service to are the ones that, for the most part, aren't interested in the types of games they're selling.

ID: 2890e  No.656

Yup. It's a vicious cycle of half-assed pandering and wasted development.

File: 1425416035184.jpg (73.09 KB, 1280x720, pic-1424784740.jpg)

ID: e148c  No.627[Reply]


Pretty much, I talk about how astounded I am by the amount of negative reviews this game got and how practically no one takes into consideration the story.

I liked it. What about you guys? Did you guys play it? What did you think?

ID: f8400  No.632

I never played it, but maybe I'll have a lunch hour free sometime soon to run through the whole game.

File: 1422704910822.jpg (28.74 KB, 600x338, tumblr_nj1gvp4ov31r48xg2o1….jpg)

ID: 0c7c3  No.394[Reply]

Hey, Sechs.


It’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack~
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ID: ee243  No.418

ID: 49058  No.551


Something tells me they wouldn’t go through the trouble of making a stylized numeral just for the sake of celebrating a game’s second anniversary.

ID: b94b0  No.552


I wanna say "oh look a remastered up res of MSR, that's cool." But then I remembered it's already on PC… soooooo what's the point then?

I know, money, but still.

ID: f1044  No.553

>Something tells me they wouldn’t go through the trouble of making a stylized numeral just for the sake of celebrating a game’s second anniversary.

… How much work do you think something like that is?

ID: 49058  No.554


I’m not saying it was a lot of work, it just seems odd to celebrate the second anniversary of the release of Revengeance, is all.

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