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File: 1420480595639.gif (38.24 KB, 500x500, isabell.gif)

ID: bd1cf  No.201[Reply]

Brag about your biggest and smallest acts of badassery right here. Any game is fair game.

Got a copy of New Leaf. Haven't played since the GameCube days and oh my goodness everything is great. Five days in and I already upgraded my house once, figured out the rocks hiding ore and bells, already caught a couple rare Stringfish (worth 15,000 bells apiece!), and started my public works.
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ID: e42c9  No.367


Oh right, keep forgetting you can't see the painting itself before you buy it. I think the frequency of those painting offers lowers the more pictures you have in your museum. Can't think the last time I got an offer like that.

Well consider my previous post one of those villager hints you'll get alot with idle chatter…except it's even more helpful.

ID: bd1cf  No.441

OP here. Inadvertently got a Perfect Town by…removing a garbage can. Sheesh.

And now one of my villagers is planning to move, ruining that status. Goddammit.

ID: e42c9  No.444


You can easily ask them to stay, provided they aren't already boxing up for the move.

ID: bd1cf  No.532

Got my Golden Watering Can. With Bell Boom ordinance in place. Fuck yes.

Wish the RNG would stop being a bitch though, trying to out villagers that I've come to like. STILL haven't kicked out Klaus though. Ugh.

ID: be4b6  No.540

Just managed to beat Risk of Rain on co-op with Kento.
And by that I mean he ran around while I stood in a corner in invincible mode killing things.

File: 1423838227088.jpg (73.53 KB, 463x372, 2190416-peter_molyneux.jpg)

ID: 1133b  No.508[Reply]


tl;dr Pete overdelivers (what a surprise), doesn't deliver (again), gets called out on his bullshit, shifts blame, half-assedly apologizes to the guy who won the contest for Curiousity who STILL hasn't received his prize
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ID: 0195e  No.523

Pretty much why I'll never buy fez.

ID: 92e34  No.526

I got my copy with a Humble Bundle. But even still there is something just so dirty about playing a game by Phil Fish. Am I alone in this?

ID: 1133b  No.527

I think it's unfair to shun away the game when we all know Fez was not a one-man project. He may be the "face" of the game but the dev team pretty much dealt with the guy on a very frequent basis. Edmund McMillen also put in a good word about Phil on his personal blog.

ID: 0195e  No.528

That's a shame for those devs. it doesn't change my mind though. They aren't owed my business.

ID: 1133b  No.529

I didn't mean to come off as sympathizing with them but the opposite. If they really felt perturbed about working with Fish as their boss with him saying all that blunt asshole stuff, they would have abandoned ship so they're not associated with the guy. But they stuck around despite that.

File: 1424112373759.png (127.26 KB, 480x262, WAITWAITWAIT.png)

ID: 03a12  No.521[Reply]


I honestly had no idea!

RIP Kitty0706.

ID: 03a12  No.522

Addendum: didn't know whether to put this here on in /pop/. I figured since he was more involved in developing videos off games it'd fit better here.

ID: aa50a  No.525

>he was 20 when he passed away

Fuck, just…fuck, man. Too young to go. And just as it seemed his cancer was going into remission, it came back. And that was it.

I will be downloading some of his best videos for archive purposes, in case Youtube decides to pull the plug on his account in the future.

Rest in peace, you crazy diamond.

File: 1422406207244.png (772.93 KB, 900x506, telltale-hodor.png)

ID: a9d4f  No.352[Reply]

I've decided I'm going to do something probably lame, and stream myself playing the Game of Thrones game by Telltale. I have not one clue what to expect other than favorite characters dying and utter bleakness.

It'll be fun!

I'll be starting in about 12 minutes.

ALSO: maybe we could make this a general game streaming announcement thread?

ID: a9d4f  No.354

That was fun, even with the lag. Thinking about streaming something else from my PS4. I'm gonna keep bullshit in the stream title just as a theme.

Maybe if I can get some folks to join me for Mercenary Kings at some point, I could turn it into a Bullshit Kings stream.

ID: a9d4f  No.373

File: 1422579535559.jpg (152.76 KB, 660x371, GrimFandangoRemastered001-….jpg)

Grim Fandango is next on the to-do list. It'll be finished downloading in two hours, and I'll do another stream soon after. Will probably run for 2 hours like last time.

Regrettably, my computer just does not have the muscle to stream and game at the same time, so pretty much every stream I'll end up doing will be from my PS4.

ID: a9d4f  No.376

Stream's up. Same link as above.

ID: a9d4f  No.477

File: 1423442599696.jpg (135.65 KB, 1920x1080, Apotheon.jpg)

I'll be streaming Apotheon on the hour. This is quite possibly my favorite metroidvania game from an art standpoint. It's just fucking pretty.

ID: a9d4f  No.493

Continuing my stream of Apotheon now if anyone is interested.

File: 1423158363186.jpg (146.47 KB, 1280x960, super_mario__nintendo_1280….jpg)

ID: 65fda  No.436[Reply]

So if you haven't heard the news recently, Nintendo started up an affiliate program on YouTube to share ad revenue:


Now I'm sure lots of folks were skeptical because of how out of touch Nintendo is when it comes to… well, a LOT of stuff. And sadly this is no different.

In short: say you want to monetize a video and you already have an affiliate or two you're already sharing revenue with. When you sign on with Nintendo, Ninty takes their cut AFTER your other affiliates do. So you're getting less cash then you would get for a non-Nintendo game.

As if that weren't bad enough, Nintendo just put this up only yesterday:


A list of approved games that are allowed on your affiliated channel. If it's not on there, it can't be on the channel and must be removed. On top of THAT, a bunch of games published by Nintendo are NOT on that list, such as Fire Emblem, Pokemon, or Smash Bros.
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ID: 15fde  No.487


>inb4 Andrew Dickman/themadcatter defends Nintendo as he usually does over this bullshit decision

That man wouldn't surprise me.

ID: 75bfe  No.488

Wow, so… For your channel to be accepted into the program, you have to be entirely Nintendo-centric.

I'm calling it now, they're going to find out the hard way what a stupid idea this is before too long and can it.

ID: 2542f  No.489


It would not surprise me to see major Letsplayers drop Nintendo games—and games on Nintendo systems—like a rock from here on out. Nintendo needs them more than they need Nintendo.

ID: 75bfe  No.490

From what I've seen, most of them are continuing to play them, actually.

ID: 65fda  No.491

But they're certainly not a part of the program.

File: 1423337145702.gif (1.11 MB, 550x412, dc8f8cae61a42724b7cecace6d….gif)

ID: 5dc46  No.467[Reply]

Posting this cause more people need to know about this fucking game. Say hello to Starr Mazer, the first ever hybrid point&click adventure/shoot'em up.

Assuming it gets funded in the remaining 13 days, that is.

While we're at it, this can be a general crowdfunded game thread, I guess? Anything you guys have seen that you really wanted, but never got funded?

File: 1422748641384.gif (201.08 KB, 440x268, 018ea10fc4c6d4f3f92e464475….gif)

ID: 423e4  No.404[Reply]



So apparently Joystiq is going down the tubes on the 3rd of February. I frequented massively most, and is a shame it's going. Going to be that harder to find news on MMOs, especially stuff overseas like Tree of Savior (they don't exactly translate things on their own).
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ID: 48a57  No.406

WoW Insider down as well as it was a part of all that. Pretty shitty, but AOL's been a sinking ship for a long time now.

ID: 04b8e  No.407

From the way it was phrased by Massively's EIC, AOL is backing out of 'enthusiast' blogs in general. That means the likely end of not only WoW Insider, Joystiq, and Massively, but Engadget and TechCrunch as well. (HuffPo Tech and The Unofficial Apple Weblog are going as well, though I don't know if they're worth mourning.)

ID: 04b8e  No.409


Techcrunch says they're fine, and TUAW and Joystiq will continue as 'channels' within Techcrunch.

Note this doesn't change the dismissal of ~150 staff–none of either Joystiq nor TUAW's standing crew get to continue on. Also fair warn, that article is loaded with Execu-Speak (tm).

ID: bdecc  No.419

ID: 423e4  No.420

It appears massively is going to start itself up as www.massivelyop.com eventually. Don't think WoW Insider is getting it's separate site though. Perhaps it's own section on OP instead?

As for joystiq, well there is that site listed up there, but from what I'm reading it's just 3 people.

File: 1422237385107.png (37.99 KB, 549x350, Pico's_School.png)

ID: bfb38  No.319[Reply]

Everyone has played one at least one time lets talk about them.

ID: fa848  No.320

Jesus, this thing takes me back all the way to elementary school.

Thanks for the nostalgia, Pico games were really "so tryhard it's kinda funny" tier.

ID: 9ffe5  No.321


The bear one was super easy for me. First was annoying as fuck, and the rock paper scissors ones I oouldn't ever get. Everyone claimed it was easy, but then I guess my mind didn't develop further enough to beat chance. *shrug*

ID: 8d834  No.342

I remember when shockwave.com was a thing, I used to play this game called Blix all the time.

ID: 9ffe5  No.355

I remember when entire schools would get viruses out the wazoo because students kept playing flash games on their poorly protected school computers. Some dished out childblocks, and even ended up blocking youtube.

File: 1421245022570.jpg (91.32 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

ID: ec011  No.269[Reply]

These events always give me hype and joy.

Starting off with a bang, with the surprise reveal of the next Fire Emblem for 3DS. We got gameplay footage, it's developed by the same team as Awakening, new story writer.

English trailer for Puzzle & Dragons Mario Edition, then a new Pokemon puzzle game, Pokemon Shuffle.

Wii games are coming to Wii U's eShop. Unlike disc-based BC, these digital versions can use the gamepad's controls to emulate Wii's classic controllers (disc Wii games can stream to the gamepad, but you have to use a separate controller) First games are Mario Galaxy 2, Punch-Out!, and Metroid Prime Trilogy. Each of these will be half-off their normal price for the first week they're available. More Wii games to follow.

New Super Mario line of Amiibos. It's just new Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser Amiibos, plus Toad this time. Mario Party 10 will use them, plus existing Rosalina, Donkey Kong, and Wario Amiibos. MP10 bundle with the new Mario is available.

YES! New Splatoon footage coming in right now
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ID: b6d67  No.308


I hope they don't go down that route. Then again, Nintendo did let me down in the past sooo….

ID: f670c  No.309

It's coming and there's nothing you can do about it. It almost makes too much sense from a "what would people be willing to throw their money at" perspective.

ID: 1b4a8  No.310


The thing is, Pokemon is a game where main mechanic is trading Pokemon and interacting with other people all around the globe. Implementing the Amiibo/Skylanders bullshit to unlock Pokemon simply wouldn't work.

And in these times when financial crisis has hit many countries, many people are barely able to afford for a handheld+game, let alone shitton of other accessories.

ID: 0ec34  No.312

The only Pokemon game I foresee having amiibos compatible with it is Pokken Fighters.

ID: 0ec34  No.314

Pokken Tournament, rather. And speaking of which:


Suicune, Pikachu, and Gardevoir confirmed as playable.

File: 1420784698419.png (468.15 KB, 1200x1160, 1390922 - BadBrains.png)

ID: 78b91  No.230[Reply]

Here's the game description. Surprisingly, there are quite a number of boob/strip/gentlemen clubs/bars either mentioned or presented in media(<fictional shows/cartoons/VGs).

In this game, post the name of a fictional boob/strip/gentlemens club/bar and where it came from.

Bonus points for a snapshot of the actual establishment(if available.) More or just as much points for a performer/performance from inside said establishment and a little extra for the stage name the performer used and the actual name also gets extra points.

One post per establishment, no posting multiple establishment names in the same post.

So, here are the point values.(You must at least have the establishment name in order to get any of the + points).

10 for just the name of the establishment
+5 for where the establishment or name came from
+20 for a pic of the establishment
+20 for a performers stage name
+25 for the performers name
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