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File: 1417233138201.png (180.22 KB, 400x400, tumblr_nfm2779TKI1syhnruo1….png)

ID: abc91  No.3[Reply]

ITT, web-based games that are good for a quick playthrough and whatnot.

For example:


ID: 7ca72  No.5

Of course, there's also

and for Cards Against Humanity fans like myself:

ID: abc91  No.6


I’ve had tons of fun playing BGO with /wooo/ in the past.

ID: 7ca72  No.7

I know I had a blast playing it with you and a couple random people that one time.

ID: 0c2a5  No.17

Not exactly quick, but it's a decent TBS:

ID: bdc03  No.146

File: 1419207540337.gif (755.87 KB, 500x254, the-wolf-among-us-season-2….gif)

ID: 7349c  No.138[Reply]

Bought this on Steam sale. It's pretty much as good as everyone says.

Really hope there's a sequel. In the meantime, there's at least some replay value. Doing an "as nice as possible" playthrough right now… after that I'm gonna try one where I always respond with silence or pick the most violent options available.

ID: 33081  No.141

I hope they do too, though with Tales of Borderlands and Minecraft: Story Mode brewing and a Game of Thrones being a multi-year guaranteed sequel deal, I have no idea when they'd have time.

Related note: went and played TT's Back To The Future recently; my dog it's amazing how far they've come.

ID: 7349c  No.143


I like that Wolf Among Us focuses more on the storytelling aspects than the QTEs that seem to jump out at you every couple of minutes in Walking Dead, and that the puzzles and investigation felt a lot more natural.

Walking Dead, I'd just sort of be getting into really following the narrative and focusing on the story then WHAM, jab Q and stab direction keys because a sudden Walker!

Basically I enjoy the interactive story a lot more than the gameplay elements, a lot of the time.

ID: 33081  No.145


Tales from Borderlands seems better in that regard too. Lots of dialogue and character establishment framing bits of violence or comedic hijinks.

File: 1418608412630.jpg (34.87 KB, 500x281, tumblr_inline_ngloc18WlG1r….jpg)

ID: 2ff12  No.97[Reply]

Found via Tumblr.

General vidya images thread, I s’pose.
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ID: 9b055  No.122


… The fuck?

ID: 2ff12  No.123


Yeah I’mma have to second that.

ID: e14cf  No.124

Space Station 13. Think of it as Sealab 2021 in space.


ID: 82093  No.130

Fun game to watch people just slowly go mad

ID: a77f9  No.136

File: 1419074635559.png (18.32 KB, 644x295, ZYEr7TQ.png)

File: 1417230753348.jpg (923.32 KB, 2012x1379, Caja_mordheim.jpg)

ID: 83d52  No.2[Reply]

A digital version of Mordheim just went into early access on steam. It's okay, but wait for full access.

Honestly, at the rate Game's Workshop boardgames are getting produced, we might have Necromunda by the end of next year.

ID: 9eee7  No.4

If we get Necromunda, I don't think I'll ever stop jizzing my pants.

ID: 1d839  No.96

They just added customizable inventory and the Sisters of Sigmar. Next up is the Posessed and unit progression.

File: 1417376566288.jpg (29.11 KB, 460x215, header.jpg)

ID: ef2ab  No.29[Reply]

GOTY 2014 right here.
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ID: 052e1  No.32


Yup. It's actually making me want to buy the damned thing, I had a ton of fun with the original Steam release of Binding of Isaac.

ID: 1b98d  No.34

File: 1417399419229.jpg (44.06 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

The game has been redone with new code so aside from the much needed performance boost, [b]item synergies out the wazoo[/b].

Brimstone + Tammy's Head + Spoon Bender = see attached image

ID: 7540a  No.48

>playing maggie on hard mode. not really expecting too much, just wanna get her baby by killing It Lives.
>first floor, dr. fetus
>sweet shit, that was pretty awesome in the first game.
>they nerfed it all to hell in this one.
>w/e, try to make the best of a bad situation, keep going.
>second floor, book of revelations. (pretty much the only way to reliably encounter the horsemen in this version)
>aww yeah.
>beat famine, get meat.
>let's get this train a-rollin'
>this continues for a while, getting more meat every other floor.
>lvl 3 meat.
>by this time, it's all meat. I'm providing no DPS.
>womb 1, gettin' geared up to kill death and get meat level 4.
>enter boss room.
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ID: 1b98d  No.59


Listen to the full soundtrack there. Most of the boss themes are really damn great and the level themes have an extra layer that kicks in halfway through the track. They're reserved for rooms in game where there's a shitload of enemies or degraded bosses.

ID: 7540a  No.84

the lost is a fucking bullshit character and I hate that I'm starting to like playing it. >:C

File: 1417235401117.jpg (48.42 KB, 940x529, image_310451_940.jpg)

ID: 73384  No.8[Reply]

So, with the re-release happening on next gen consoles and steam, is anyone around playing GTA V?

I picked it up for the PS4 myself. REALLY happy I didn't have to bust my ass levelling back up to 117 in online. Only 3 more levels till I get the minigun, then the game REALLY starts.
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ID: d977a  No.25


Or just use the friggin' developer's console or something if you're gonna-

>Oh, right, people still play games that aren't on the PC

>Oh, right, we're not talking about Skyrim

Because someone I know pointed out this exact same method for leveling Stealth in Skyrim. "Point a character at the wall, put them in crouch, and set something on the keyboard to keep them walking forward! As long as there's someone else in the room, whenever the NPC doesn't notice them, you level Stealth! I can just do that, leave for about an hour, and come back to find it maxed!" I pointed out that he could just do the same thing in ten seconds with the dev console. "But that's cheating!" And that other method isn't? "No! It's a legitimate use of the game's mechanics!" And did he really think that the game was meant to be played that way? That walking away from the computer for an hour while the character automatically crouch-walked against a wall was "legitimate"? "Look, it's… it's just… maybe it's… I don't like to cheat!"

ID: 73384  No.27

If there were a console in GTA, I'd have been using it.

There's no way in hell they'd let you use one in online, though.

ID: d1345  No.28

Got it on the 360. Waiting on the PC version. I just bought a GTX 970 (mostly) for this game. I swear if it's poorly optimized, I'm going to flip some tables. And then cry.

>There's no way in hell they'd let you use one in online, though.

In regards to the PC version, I very much expect there to be two online modes: GTAO, as seen on consoles, and some other sort of thing that allows for people to host their own servers.

I drool thinking about something cool that could happen, like SA-MP for GTAV.

ID: c7872  No.52


SA-MP…in HD.

Suddenly Skywind and Skyblivion (or Oblivirim as I like to call it) seem like distant dreams now that reverse polarity has shifted the order of fan re-makes.

ID: c7872  No.53


And apparently my mind has shifted polarity as well.

*sigh* Instead of having to make everything from scratch, the devs pretty much did everything for us.

File: 1417297782680.png (430.15 KB, 1680x988, 2014-08-08_13.48.54.png)

ID: 04376  No.18[Reply]

Talk about modded Minecraft, including packs, mods, and servers here.

And if you admit to using the FTB launcher I'll laugh at your ass.
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ID: f98cf  No.36

Iunno. I already joined a Minecraft server I play on like… once a month? Plus I've already upgraded to the latest version so I dunno that I'd be able to get on a downgraded version?

ID: 04376  No.37

Versions launched from the Technic Pack are entirely separate from stand-alone Minecraft.

ID: a7038  No.38

Haven't played in a few years. I dunno, the game is solid but I'm a man who needs direction and not all sandboxes come packed with roads to follow until you are ready to branch away onto the dusty trail of creativity.

ID: 04376  No.39

There are quest mods, but in my opinion they don't work on multiplayer.

ID: 04376  No.41

File: 1417649805292.png (1.26 MB, 1920x1018, SyZiJlN.png)

My god, it's beautiful…

(BigReactors, Chisel and EnderIO, it looks like)

File: 1417228348222.jpg (369.98 KB, 1538x923, 2014-11-28_00001.jpg)

ID: f994b  No.1[Reply]

So I picked up Shadow of Mordor when it came on sale, since some friends had been raving at.

Apparently it's time to upgrade my graphics card/PC because the suggested graphics setting for this was "Low". Actually still looks really good that way, though the lowres character textures are a little painful up close.

Stabbing Uruks Repeatedly In The Back Simulator 2014.

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