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other thread reach it limit
and here's a image of Foxy
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After a year in development, the first episode of this series has finally been released. It makes no sense, naturally, but it's still pretty well-done.


Try both choices, events play out a little differently.

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guess, even the sister location had shit going on for them. I mean yea sure its mentioned in FNAF3 that the Sister location had a series of "issues" with the springlock suits that not only the sister location stopped using em, it forced the other one to drop using em too.

SO what was THEIR problem other than staff having issues with their suits..

ID: 40106  No.1774

also after so long this one gets done


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So, people have been raving on about Joy of Creation: Reborn, since you're no longer just sitting in one place helpless but are exploring the house you find yourself in, while avoiding the animatronics in each area and searching for items. So far only 3 animatronics are in the game; Freddy, Bonnie and Foxy, and each one has their own difficulty level. Only thing all 3 have in common is that they will quickly pinpoint your location if they see your flashlight (which is important to use because it's almost impossible to see without it in most of the rooms/corridors).

Freddy is by far the simplest of the animatronics; he doesn't actively look for you, he just roams the corridors and rooms randomly. Very easy to avoid because of his loud steps and light from his eyes illuminating the corridors when he's nearby.

Bonnie is slightly more difficult, since chances of running into him are much higher because he also tends to stop from time to time, which means no sound to use to pinpoint his location.

Foxy is so far most difficult one, as he is absolutely relentless in hunting you down, the area you run into him is much smaller and darker, and his steps can't be heard so well compared to Freddy and Bonnie. 90% of the time you see him means you will die.

ID: 46b3d  No.1812


Actually I stand corrected about Foxy: In Freddy's and Bonnie's case, flashlight gives away your location to them. In Foxy's case it stops him in his tracks and he looks away, giving you an opportunity to evade him while he's distracted.

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File: 1463493857456.jpg (248.86 KB, 1200x600, project.JPG)

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So runs on the old FNAF2 thing of "flash him in the eyes…he'll get confused"

ID: cc9ce  No.1816


Yeah, you also have to time your flashes right. You can only flash him when his eyes are glowing white. But even then you gotta time it right.

-if you flash him before his eyes start glowing, his eyes turn red, you're dead.
-if you wait for too long to flash him when his eyes start to glow, they will turn red again, you're dead.

The entire section is much more difficult since there are no actual rooms where you can hide, and Foxy is constantly following you just a few steps behind. It's important to keep an eye on him as he will randomly turn from tracking to attack mode, which is when you must flash him.

ID: 4fc87  No.1817

also this may show how the other animatronics may look overall, and no, theres nothing in the reflection of the, what we are seeing is the reflection of the animatronic itself.

ID: 40106  No.1818

so a lil bit on rumors of Sister Location
-there may be Voice acting
-Funtime Foxy is in the game (character from FNAF World, who is obviously what Mangle use to be named)
-and currently the character seen in the teaser is named "baby"

ID: 40106  No.1819

The trailer is out, note its Trailer 1


ID: bc9f2  No.1820


Alright so:

-it seems the whole "what is Mangle/Funtime Foxy's gender" debate is concluded with this video, what with Mangle/FF having quite pronounced curves this time around. Although knowing Tumblrinas and their habit of shoving their ideology everywhere, they'll just claim "Mangle/FF is trans!!"

-looks like Scott learned a few tricks from whoever is making Joy of Creation: Reborn, and gave the player freedom to explore the establishment on foot, if that segment of moving through airducts is any indication. No more sitting in one place and waiting for animatronics to get to you.

ID: 1ced0  No.1821

actually while this MAY fix that whole thing we may also still get no real answer.

let me explain:
This is a "sister" location, its not actually uncommon for sister locations to do their own thing. As we already seen, Bonnie is a puppet for the Funtime version of Freddy, and it seems that freddy is not the main star but the smaller animatronic. For all we know, THAT location have Fun Time foxy as a female, while the main location still could have their fun time foxy follow the regular foxy of being male…

ID: bc9f2  No.1822


Well, we will probably never know, due to the state of disrepair Mangle was in at main location.

ID: 40106  No.1823

aye, the only time folks knew mangle was also Funtime Foxy is FNAF world. Though that also caused a new thing to pop up:
"Why was Foxy named Funtime Foxy, and not Toy Foxy like the other animatrnoics (Toy Bonnie, Toy Freddy, Toy Chica).

Also it may have been a theme at the time for circus as in FNAF2 the play area is themed like a circus area

ID: ffbe9  No.1824

Chica is out in the newest Joy of Creation: Reborn update, and as many have speculated, her section takes place in the forest.

First thing to notice is the segment's similarity to Slender game: you are located in a dark forest, armed with flashlight, have to look for drawings scattered all around, and keep Chica at bay by occasionally glancing at her when she moves at you.

The difference is that Chica is a lot more dangerous/annoying; it's much harder to keep her at bay as she randomly charges at you without any way to outrun her.

ID: 55cd9  No.1826

Who says it's the same character?

ID: 7a6a0  No.1840

File: 1466202540899.jpg (309.49 KB, 1200x600, project.JPG)

ID: 40106  No.1841

people are now going "hey, remember how in the first two games there were wires that come and go?"

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File: 1468174960471.jpg (283.21 KB, 1200x600, project.JPG)

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File: 1469157830518.jpg (109.62 KB, 1200x600, project.JPG)

ID: 40106  No.1846

hmmm a possible way to defend yourself?

ID: 469ef  No.1851

If you've never seen it, check out this 5NAF animated series by Tony Crynight. It's been in progress for a year and a half, and it's very well-done. Episodes start out short, but they get longer and eventually include voice acting.


ID: 40106  No.1863

we now have a steam page ups

one neat thing is this:
Now hiring: Late night technician. Must enjoy cramped spaces and be comfortable around active machinery. Not responsible for death or dismemberment.

so no security guard this time, w

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File: 1470654718726.jpg (409.29 KB, 1200x600, Anniversary.jpg)

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File: 1470687026112.jpg (500.52 KB, 1200x600, tumblr_oblwehKDol1v6pdy4o2….jpg)

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File: 1470687049907.jpg (517.39 KB, 1200x600, tumblr_oblwehKDol1v6pdy4o3….jpg)

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File: 1470687103047.jpg (605.62 KB, 1200x600, Anniversary (1).jpg)

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8 days left…guess scott CAN wait for his release date

ID: e1784  No.1889


Don't jinx it, dammit!!

ID: 08f51  No.1890

*is in florida*
whelp guess I will see if I'll have power or not to get it

ID: b4373  No.1891

Probably one of the few bearable playthroughs of the new FNAF, by ProJared: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnECGpr5DfBvuVf3sklou82-gj01yWPTw

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