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File: 1432920028200.jpg (297.48 KB, 900x600, 4 (1).jpg)

ID: ac273  No.1044[Last 50 Posts]

other thread reach it limit
and here's a image of Foxy

ID: a50eb  No.1045

this one oddly say: Out of Order

ID: ac3d9  No.1047

File: 1432926898199.png (151.32 KB, 671x757, tumblr_no2eb2IDks1r5h2ogo2….png)

Looks a bit like Weaver's "Sister Location" foxy

ID: ac3d9  No.1048

File: 1432927055592.png (212.92 KB, 800x583, tumblr_noda25M2ek1r5h2ogo2….png)

ID: ac273  No.1064

File: 1433033679715.jpg (1021.81 KB, 1600x2508, __the_villainous_springtra….jpg)

ID: 8e6e6  No.1123

File: 1434076806560.jpg (71.29 KB, 900x600, 4 (1).jpg)

new teaser

ID: 861cb  No.1124

…Someone brighten the image, we all KNOW there's something hiding in that darkness.

ID: a50eb  No.1125

two things
We get explanation for the shadow bonnie and shadow freddy
the Purple Freddy we saw in 3

ID: 50399  No.1126


Property of Freddy Fazbear's Pizerria?

ID: 50399  No.1218

File: 1435209248501.png (Spoiler Image, 296.8 KB, 1440x2560, 1170738_ginspace_artflow_2….png)

Fem Bonnie isn't typically my thing…

But I like this.

ID: 50399  No.1219

File: 1435209263775.png (Spoiler Image, 306.36 KB, 1440x2560, 1180489_ginspace_artflow_2….png)

ID: a50eb  No.1220

you know out of the blue something bugs me on this…
back in FNAF1…the news paper clippings that show up state someone was caught and arrested.
FNAF3 showed that "No, the person who did all the murders was trapped in the Springsuit for 30 years".
So right now…what happen to the other guy?

ID: 8e6e6  No.1221

File: 1435288614484.jpg (262.04 KB, 600x700, 4 (1).jpg)

new teaser

ID: a50eb  No.1225

"Property of Me"

ID: bf53d  No.1226

Just think, someday it will be

>Five Nights at Freddy's 100

>Celebrate the centennial of horror!
>Coming to scare you off Steam this December

ID: a50eb  No.1227

damn 96 more done by fans cause they wouldnt let the series die :V

ID: bf53d  No.1228


Do you seriously think he's not going to keep making these?

Every time he publishes one a dumptruck full of money pulls up to his house.

Saying "this is the last one" is like saying "This is the last Transformers movie".

ID: 182ee  No.1229

Hell, it's starting to remind me of Sakurai's "This is the last Smash Bros. that'll ever be made" statement he's been making with every new Smash since Melee.

ID: a50eb  No.1230

he's gonna stop eventually, its a given thing. I understand he could still make more games, for me right now its "can he ACTUALLY wait until October 31st?"
I got a $100 on the line so he better

Heck I'm also a lil amazed that the rate he pushed the first 3 out, his quality on the animatronics have gone up despite still using a rather simple program to make his games…
Then again…he does love his robots

ID: 8e6e6  No.1238

File: 1436017231261.gif (569.6 KB, 199x111, __but__foxy____by_kosperry….gif)

ID: 8e6e6  No.1239

File: 1436180526653.gif (1.84 MB, 300x169, tumblr_nr28blQey91qi3p46o1….gif)

ID: 66bfd  No.1240

Can't see anything.

ID: 8e6e6  No.1247

File: 1436479419489.jpg (88.83 KB, 1024x741, 4 (1).jpg)

ID: 05e4f  No.1248

Springtrap returns as….

ID: b0a48  No.1262

ID: a50eb  No.1263


You couldnt just hold it in , and I dont even believe on that "expansion" being out for Halloween…he'll just get to antsy again and release it early

…at least let this be the last one(s)

We cant go SAW series with this…

ID: a50eb  No.1264

Also…have it nearly been 1 year since the first game?

ID: a50eb  No.1267


>the ending of FNAF3 stated items was being auctioned off

>FNAF4 takes place at the person who bought the item's live

ID: d0843  No.1268


Oh for heavens sake… for much longer will this thing be milked?

ID: a50eb  No.1272

hopefully till the halloween one, worst case…one more to make it 5FNAF

ID: a50eb  No.1278

>hey I'll release the game in August for the first anniversary

>fuck that shit, I'll release it today

fuck, gawd damn it scott

ID: 50399  No.1279

File: 1437701213676.png (164.58 KB, 615x500, 1434690345.pickleboy_gogos….png)


Couldn't even wait a fortnight?

God damn…

ID: 33e44  No.1280

File: 1437744753259.gif (115.58 KB, 266x178, 1426838370180.gif)

Gotta keep October open for the release of FNAF5.

ID: 32bdd  No.1285

I await the weaverfication with baited breath.

ID: 66bfd  No.1286

He would just repost his FNAF1 material except with a crudely drawn child poorly edited in.

ID: a50eb  No.1287

already been happening….

ID: 69239  No.1291

File: 1437870370961.jpg (78.41 KB, 540x304, 1437864504317.jpg)

ID: ac3d9  No.1292

File: 1437900526684.png (194.82 KB, 800x873, tumblr_ns2yadZPlA1r5h2ogo1….png)

ID: 0c5e7  No.1294


Weaver draws the cutest Mangle, period.

ID: 69239  No.1295

File: 1438220505481.png (Spoiler Image, 414.47 KB, 1280x1609, 1438147741197.png)

ID: 69239  No.1296

File: 1438298651426.jpg (69.33 KB, 540x720, 1438282104998.jpg)

ID: f78d8  No.1297


And then, sex.

ID: 8e6e6  No.1298

File: 1438451607225.jpg (1.08 MB, 1280x1884, __tomorrow_is_another_day_….jpg)

ID: 50399  No.1299


Wow, golden freddy. Took a turn for evil this sequel haven't you?

ID: 8e6e6  No.1300

File: 1438573060457.jpg (861.67 KB, 1100x596, thankyou.jpg)

ID: 69239  No.1314

File: 1438976022768.png (2.35 MB, 1000x828, 4c41f9ef1233775f67fe5b2eda….png)

ID: ac3d9  No.1316

File: 1439062526100.png (210.35 KB, 799x419, tumblr_nss2ovhBCu1r5h2ogo1….png)

ID: ac3d9  No.1317

File: 1439062564835.jpg (628.81 KB, 960x1920, tumblr_nss2ovhBCu1r5h2ogo2….jpg)

ID: ac3d9  No.1318

File: 1439066661063.png (149.19 KB, 799x536, tumblr_nss4oaIqXe1r5h2ogo1….png)

Weaver's OCs or Bust

ID: edba6  No.1321

File: 1439601320840.png (235.49 KB, 800x978, tumblr_nt3mm7h9CI1r5h2ogo1….png)

>still a better deal than the BK Kids Club though

ID: 8e6e6  No.1322

ID: 50399  No.1323


Reminds me of spending the night in a Discovery Zone facility on the eve of it's closure with a few friends when I was like 7. Place was closing down because of a lawsuit over a few kids getting injured on one of those roller slides leading into a ball pit. Their clothes got stuck and they ended up clogging the slide and they wound up with a few teeth missing plus a broken arm. Fun night of laser tag and arcade games though.

It was replaced with a Chuck-E Cheese incidentally.

ID: edba6  No.1329

File: 1439778401393.png (137.66 KB, 800x616, tumblr_nt7byxMh6f1r5h2ogo1….png)

ID: 66bfd  No.1330

Bonnie also has problems ordering fajitas.

ID: 8e6e6  No.1331

File: 1439877847700.jpg (1.48 MB, 5595x3556, tysc_by_kosperry-d95z93w.jpg)

ID: a50eb  No.1332

"Mike, why were you looking up 'Buhgina' on the company computer?"

ID: 8e6e6  No.1342

File: 1442039206017.jpg (833.38 KB, 1100x596, thankyou (1).jpg)

a new thank you image

ID: 07256  No.1345

File: 1442136120462.jpg (844.17 KB, 1100x596, 2773719849e0acb7ce21c096ff….jpg)

that one been replaced with this one, decay'd chica was replaced with that cute chica but of the same situation…

What does it mean?

ID: edba6  No.1346

New game. Fun Days at Freddy's. It's a simulator where you play as a kid having an amazing birthday party.

ID: 07256  No.1347

I'll keep my hope out of a game where you run the pizzeria as the manager :V

ID: 69239  No.1348

File: 1442170936475.jpg (851.16 KB, 1100x596, thankyou.jpg)

>Balloon Boy II


ID: 07256  No.1349

its also that weird one you see sometimes under your desk in FNAF2

ID: dd8b2  No.1351

Awww shit…

ID: 13b9b  No.1352

File: 1442263655984.jpg (854.25 KB, 1100x596, thankyou[1].jpg)

And another slight change.

What is this very slight madness?

ID: 07256  No.1353

as folks pointed out, "Cute Golden Freddy isnt as hiding as he use to, and and animatronics are being replaced"

Folks are still in the pool of this isnt hinting to a new FNAF game but may be hinting we arent actually done with the gang just yet

ID: 4d3a8  No.1354

>Folks are still in the pool of this isnt hinting to a new FNAF game but may be hinting we arent actually done with the gang just yet

Soooo a new FNAF game with a different title, then.

ID: 8e6e6  No.1355

File: 1442333724977.jpg (850.15 KB, 1100x596, thankyou (3).jpg)

ID: 66bfd  No.1356

ID: 8e6e6  No.1357

File: 1442364858166.jpg (859.93 KB, 1100x596, fnafworld.jpg)

ID: 07256  No.1358

whelp…at least its not FNAF5, so we are to expect him to go back to Desolate hope type RPG again but instead using the animatronics from FNAF series?

ID: edba6  No.1359

File: 1442397298143.png (140.7 KB, 800x439, tumblr_nur2agpjep1r5h2ogo4….png)

ID: edba6  No.1360

File: 1442397310594.png (134.42 KB, 800x439, tumblr_nur2agpjep1r5h2ogo3….png)

ID: edba6  No.1361

File: 1442397323742.png (147.3 KB, 800x439, tumblr_nur2agpjep1r5h2ogo2….png)

ID: edba6  No.1362

File: 1442397346256.png (123.47 KB, 800x439, tumblr_nur2agpjep1r5h2ogo5….png)

ID: edba6  No.1363

File: 1442397362448.png (135.08 KB, 800x439, tumblr_nur2agpjep1r5h2ogo1….png)

ID: 8e6e6  No.1364

File: 1442430341860.jpg (879.29 KB, 1100x596, fnafworld (1).jpg)

unmangled Mangle

ID: 2eeca  No.1365


So it implies the second head she has is a spare that the kids have attached to her.

ID: 46d0b  No.1366

What, that wasn't obvious right away?

ID: 8e6e6  No.1367

File: 1442507015715.jpg (877.54 KB, 1100x596, fnafworld (2).jpg)

ID: 50399  No.1368


So FNaF 1 golden freddie and shadow bonnie make their chibi appearances.

ID: 07256  No.1370

well that just leads to…
"where the hell did the kids get a second head from?"

ID: 8e6e6  No.1371

File: 1442545391848.jpg (471.49 KB, 1100x596, fnafworld (3).jpg)

ID: 07256  No.1372

FNAF Bonnie, Freddy and Chica huddle in fear as all the other animatronics are converted into these cute monsters, they have already lost their Golden Freddy and Foxy to the conversion…they fear who is next…

ID: 8e6e6  No.1374

File: 1442600503925.jpg (876.78 KB, 1100x596, fnafworld (4).jpg)

ID: 07256  No.1375

huh…so FNAF1 bonnie turn to a darker blue?

ID: 8e6e6  No.1376

File: 1442620095500.jpg (846.15 KB, 1100x596, fnafworld (5).jpg)

ID: 50399  No.1377


Freddy! Grab your chicken wife and get out of there before the chibis get you too!

ID: 8e6e6  No.1378

File: 1442635239692.jpg (861.98 KB, 1100x596, fnafworld (6).jpg)

ID: 07256  No.1379

All I'm learning is the that bonnie series after spring bonnie suppose to be shades of blue.

also I'm just wondering how will Golden "PAIN TRAIN IN THE HALL WAY" Freddy of FNAF2 would be like…

ID: 8e6e6  No.1383

File: 1442682979273.jpg (863.58 KB, 1100x596, fnafworld (7).jpg)

ID: 50399  No.1384


You know what would be nice? Seeing a Foxy (not mangle) that is actually in mint condition. No tears showing the suit, or disfigurements.

ID: 8e6e6  No.1385

File: 1442695391785.jpg (864.68 KB, 1100x596, fnafworld (8).jpg)

only Nightmare Foxy and Nightmare Chica are left

ID: 50399  No.1389


Chibi Assimilation almost complete.

I guess instead of giving us a giant chibi golden freddy head he just moved him up a little.

Also do we know if that animatronic skeleton above ghost Foxy is chibi as well? Still looks quite a bit like the one in FNaF 2.

ID: 66bfd  No.1390

>FNAF 3 crying child

Oh shit.

ID: 07256  No.1391

or it just went "nope…i'm out, not gonna get converted"

ID: 13b9b  No.1393


Just noticed Spring Bonnie in the back (the suit that wound up becoming Springtrap).

ID: 8e6e6  No.1394

File: 1442765560071.jpg (865.27 KB, 1100x596, fnafworld (9).jpg)

ID: 8e6e6  No.1397

File: 1442870876643.jpg (873.13 KB, 1100x596, fnafworld (10).jpg)

ID: 07256  No.1403

…something isnt…quite right about that purple freddy…
also I like the whole "coming in 2016 (seriously)"
oh come on scott…we know you cant help it to release em too early

ID: 50399  No.1404


Well this is supposed to be a different game from the rest of the series, so I reckon it'll take more time.

But if he does trail blaze through it, than yes he likely will release it early.

ID: 07256  No.1407

True, and I mean before he HAS done RPG like games in the past (Desolate Hope, and that one Pilgrimage game)

ID: 1bc7c  No.1408


It's trying to do the "Dreamworks face".

ID: 8e6e6  No.1426

File: 1443273360783.jpg (909.29 KB, 1100x596, fnafworld (11).jpg)

ID: 8e6e6  No.1427

File: 1443273379014.jpg (89.43 KB, 1251x989, __it_must_be_a_defense_mec….jpg)

ID: 50399  No.1432


Mangle, you such a bitch.

ID: 8e6e6  No.1521

File: 1444949535324.jpg (66.09 KB, 1100x596, inthedark.jpg)

ID: dd8b2  No.1522

Oh goddammit….

ID: 50399  No.1524


I swear that better be for that game he's making.

He's already pushing the series past 4.

ID: 07256  No.1526

Don't forget…he promised something for halloween for FNAF4

ID: 50399  No.1527


True, extra content for the 4th. Forgot about that.

ID: 07256  No.1532

yea folks forget that while he is moving onto a new project FNAF4 is done, but theres one more thing as an extra for it. As scott did say this Halloween one doesnt really add more info but is nothing more than a addon….

but this is scott who voiced voiced phone guy which he did say "Don't trust all what Phone Guy say" which lead to us not trust him all the time

ID: 8e6e6  No.1541

File: 1445352772433.jpg (81.61 KB, 1100x596, inthedark (1).jpg)

ID: 07256  No.1542


ID: 66bfd  No.1543

>reprises his FNAF2 role as a doorstop in FNAF4

ID: 07256  No.1544

>still takes your damn batteries though

ID: 8e6e6  No.1548

File: 1445558333886.jpg (84.31 KB, 1024x615, dontwakethebaby.jpg)

ID: 5c8a2  No.1549


That fucking puppet.

ID: 07256  No.1550

so it seems that Scott gonna do TWO updates

One will be canon to the game, while the other one is "for Fun"
both will be for halloween and folks speculate the "for fun" will be base around the TOY animatronics coming after you, while the canon one may involve Spring Bonnie as that one animatronic was left out in a sense as Plush Trap was the representative of Spring Bonnie

ID: 8e6e6  No.1560

File: 1445955886481.jpg (160 KB, 1100x596, gotopieces.jpg)

ID: 8ff34  No.1561

File: 1445987499239.gif (1.64 MB, 240x210, tumblr_inline_ne2hzcQrMX1r….gif)

>hidden image is the Puppet

ID: 8e6e6  No.1562

File: 1446032364298.jpg (148.99 KB, 1100x596, tumblr_inline_nwwpci6nTF1r….jpg)

ID: 8e6e6  No.1566

File: 1446140147328.jpg (405.12 KB, 1100x596, BOO.jpg)

ID: 8e6e6  No.1567

ID: 07256  No.1568

I demand all Bonnies being able to attack twice, and all foxys having higher speed :V

ID: 69239  No.1571

So wait, is the trailer the big Halloween surprise? Isn't there supposed to be DLC coming?

ID: 69239  No.1572

File: 1446386729735.png (1.05 MB, 1280x720, tumblr_nv94jnBuHs1r3psawo1….png)

ID: 69239  No.1573

File: 1446386772261.png (1.8 MB, 1200x1280, tumblr_nv94jnBuHs1r3psawo2….png)

ID: 07256  No.1574

it did, FNAF4 was updated and included the Halloween mode…
Bonny and Chica got updated to be Jack-o's Foxy was replaced with Mangle, and the Puppet replaced all the freddies (mainly the Fredbear and Nightmare) and Balloon boy replaced Plushtrap in the minigame.
Some folks are sad that Bonnie and Chica was not replaced fully by their toy versions while foxy was.

ID: 77c86  No.1575

That's it? All that hyping up was for a palette swap?

ID: 8e6e6  No.1576

File: 1446500519944.jpg (80.28 KB, 1362x989, __do_you_fear_for_his_life….jpg)

ID: 31871  No.1617

File: 1448901392379.png (6.18 KB, 1100x596, tumblr_nylb62eyEj1t6h8lvo1….png)

ID: dd8b2  No.1618

WHELP! Here we go again!

ID: 58fbd  No.1622

well scott did say there will be dark undertones to it, just like the preview before this one had toy mangle apparently hung via the use of the paddle ball string.

After all some folks believe this "cutesy game" may not…be as cutesy as we thought as one of the hypothesis is that "this is what the animatronics sees" since in the game "Security bots" appear as endoskeletons which in game of FNAF1 its was said "they think you are an endoskeleton thus they would put you in a suit"

ID: 31871  No.1674

File: 1450239165528.jpg (343.89 KB, 500x800, FNaF_TheNovel.jpg)

ID: 5c8a2  No.1675


I swear the light on the material of that suit gives that image Stephen King vibes.

ID: 31871  No.1685

File: 1451167766266.jpg (893.98 KB, 1100x596, FNAF_World.jpg)

ID: 69239  No.1697

Anyone want a copy of this? Someone uploaded it to their DA account:


I haven't read it yet, but word is that the lore nerds are raging because it doesn't follow the story set down by the games and effectively establishes its own continuity. It also clears up none of the outstanding FNAF mysteries, which will probably never be solved, as Scott has said the main game series's story has "ended."

ID: 69239  No.1702

ID: 31871  No.1711

File: 1453193873532.jpg (2.23 MB, 3698x3440, _we_aint_so_nice__outta_yo….jpg)

ID: 66bfd  No.1721

>FNAF World gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39Lj2UA1T-g

What the fuck is this?

ID: 5a53e  No.1722

>people forgetting Scott made RPGs before FNAF
Look up desolate hope and see how that game plays. It wad the game before FNAF and watch how mindfuckery that gets

ID: 66bfd  No.1724

Scott has taken down FNAF World from Steam and is going to flesh out the game. You can get a refund regardless of how long you played: http://steamcommunity.com/games/388090/announcements/detail/92689497772897600

ID: 31871  No.1726

File: 1454701491160.jpg (2.66 MB, 6496x2983, nightmares_by_kosperry-d9m….jpg)

ID: 31871  No.1727

File: 1454701668669.gif (849.52 KB, 199x111, __whats_the_plan____by_kos….gif)

ID: 31871  No.1764

File: 1459085150313.jpg (143.53 KB, 625x975, __and_that_be_how_i_lost_m….jpg)

ID: 31871  No.1765

File: 1459085172634.jpg (1.56 MB, 3655x3526, commission__mangle_s_mista….jpg)

ID: 31871  No.1766

File: 1459085194432.jpg (81.36 KB, 800x602, she_he__s_my_best_friend_b….jpg)

ID: ee238  No.1770

After a year in development, the first episode of this series has finally been released. It makes no sense, naturally, but it's still pretty well-done.


Try both choices, events play out a little differently.

ID: 40106  No.1771


ID: 40106  No.1773

File: 1461434205692.jpg (158.96 KB, 1200x600, Damn it Scott.jpg)


guess, even the sister location had shit going on for them. I mean yea sure its mentioned in FNAF3 that the Sister location had a series of "issues" with the springlock suits that not only the sister location stopped using em, it forced the other one to drop using em too.

SO what was THEIR problem other than staff having issues with their suits..

ID: 40106  No.1774

also after so long this one gets done


ID: 46b3d  No.1811

So, people have been raving on about Joy of Creation: Reborn, since you're no longer just sitting in one place helpless but are exploring the house you find yourself in, while avoiding the animatronics in each area and searching for items. So far only 3 animatronics are in the game; Freddy, Bonnie and Foxy, and each one has their own difficulty level. Only thing all 3 have in common is that they will quickly pinpoint your location if they see your flashlight (which is important to use because it's almost impossible to see without it in most of the rooms/corridors).

Freddy is by far the simplest of the animatronics; he doesn't actively look for you, he just roams the corridors and rooms randomly. Very easy to avoid because of his loud steps and light from his eyes illuminating the corridors when he's nearby.

Bonnie is slightly more difficult, since chances of running into him are much higher because he also tends to stop from time to time, which means no sound to use to pinpoint his location.

Foxy is so far most difficult one, as he is absolutely relentless in hunting you down, the area you run into him is much smaller and darker, and his steps can't be heard so well compared to Freddy and Bonnie. 90% of the time you see him means you will die.

ID: 46b3d  No.1812


Actually I stand corrected about Foxy: In Freddy's and Bonnie's case, flashlight gives away your location to them. In Foxy's case it stops him in his tracks and he looks away, giving you an opportunity to evade him while he's distracted.

ID: 31871  No.1813

File: 1463493857456.jpg (248.86 KB, 1200x600, project.JPG)

ID: 40106  No.1815

So runs on the old FNAF2 thing of "flash him in the eyes…he'll get confused"

ID: cc9ce  No.1816


Yeah, you also have to time your flashes right. You can only flash him when his eyes are glowing white. But even then you gotta time it right.

-if you flash him before his eyes start glowing, his eyes turn red, you're dead.
-if you wait for too long to flash him when his eyes start to glow, they will turn red again, you're dead.

The entire section is much more difficult since there are no actual rooms where you can hide, and Foxy is constantly following you just a few steps behind. It's important to keep an eye on him as he will randomly turn from tracking to attack mode, which is when you must flash him.

ID: 4fc87  No.1817

also this may show how the other animatronics may look overall, and no, theres nothing in the reflection of the, what we are seeing is the reflection of the animatronic itself.

ID: 40106  No.1818

so a lil bit on rumors of Sister Location
-there may be Voice acting
-Funtime Foxy is in the game (character from FNAF World, who is obviously what Mangle use to be named)
-and currently the character seen in the teaser is named "baby"

ID: 40106  No.1819

The trailer is out, note its Trailer 1


ID: bc9f2  No.1820


Alright so:

-it seems the whole "what is Mangle/Funtime Foxy's gender" debate is concluded with this video, what with Mangle/FF having quite pronounced curves this time around. Although knowing Tumblrinas and their habit of shoving their ideology everywhere, they'll just claim "Mangle/FF is trans!!"

-looks like Scott learned a few tricks from whoever is making Joy of Creation: Reborn, and gave the player freedom to explore the establishment on foot, if that segment of moving through airducts is any indication. No more sitting in one place and waiting for animatronics to get to you.

ID: 1ced0  No.1821

actually while this MAY fix that whole thing we may also still get no real answer.

let me explain:
This is a "sister" location, its not actually uncommon for sister locations to do their own thing. As we already seen, Bonnie is a puppet for the Funtime version of Freddy, and it seems that freddy is not the main star but the smaller animatronic. For all we know, THAT location have Fun Time foxy as a female, while the main location still could have their fun time foxy follow the regular foxy of being male…

ID: bc9f2  No.1822


Well, we will probably never know, due to the state of disrepair Mangle was in at main location.

ID: 40106  No.1823

aye, the only time folks knew mangle was also Funtime Foxy is FNAF world. Though that also caused a new thing to pop up:
"Why was Foxy named Funtime Foxy, and not Toy Foxy like the other animatrnoics (Toy Bonnie, Toy Freddy, Toy Chica).

Also it may have been a theme at the time for circus as in FNAF2 the play area is themed like a circus area

ID: ffbe9  No.1824

Chica is out in the newest Joy of Creation: Reborn update, and as many have speculated, her section takes place in the forest.

First thing to notice is the segment's similarity to Slender game: you are located in a dark forest, armed with flashlight, have to look for drawings scattered all around, and keep Chica at bay by occasionally glancing at her when she moves at you.

The difference is that Chica is a lot more dangerous/annoying; it's much harder to keep her at bay as she randomly charges at you without any way to outrun her.

ID: 55cd9  No.1826

Who says it's the same character?

ID: 7a6a0  No.1840

File: 1466202540899.jpg (309.49 KB, 1200x600, project.JPG)

ID: 40106  No.1841

people are now going "hey, remember how in the first two games there were wires that come and go?"

ID: a5b80  No.1844

File: 1468174960471.jpg (283.21 KB, 1200x600, project.JPG)

ID: 9e79a  No.1845

File: 1469157830518.jpg (109.62 KB, 1200x600, project.JPG)

ID: 40106  No.1846

hmmm a possible way to defend yourself?

ID: 469ef  No.1851

If you've never seen it, check out this 5NAF animated series by Tony Crynight. It's been in progress for a year and a half, and it's very well-done. Episodes start out short, but they get longer and eventually include voice acting.


ID: 40106  No.1863

we now have a steam page ups

one neat thing is this:
Now hiring: Late night technician. Must enjoy cramped spaces and be comfortable around active machinery. Not responsible for death or dismemberment.

so no security guard this time, w

ID: 9e79a  No.1866

File: 1470654718726.jpg (409.29 KB, 1200x600, Anniversary.jpg)

ID: 9e79a  No.1869

File: 1470687026112.jpg (500.52 KB, 1200x600, tumblr_oblwehKDol1v6pdy4o2….jpg)

ID: 9e79a  No.1870

File: 1470687049907.jpg (517.39 KB, 1200x600, tumblr_oblwehKDol1v6pdy4o3….jpg)

ID: 9e79a  No.1871

File: 1470687081014.jpg (547.3 KB, 1200x600, tumblr_oblwehKDol1v6pdy4o4….jpg)

ID: 9e79a  No.1872

File: 1470687103047.jpg (605.62 KB, 1200x600, Anniversary (1).jpg)

ID: 08f51  No.1888

8 days left…guess scott CAN wait for his release date

ID: e1784  No.1889


Don't jinx it, dammit!!

ID: 08f51  No.1890

*is in florida*
whelp guess I will see if I'll have power or not to get it

ID: b4373  No.1891

Probably one of the few bearable playthroughs of the new FNAF, by ProJared: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnECGpr5DfBvuVf3sklou82-gj01yWPTw

ID: 963f8  No.1892

ID: d886d  No.2014

File: 1518980528031.png (1.55 MB, 1224x792, 99f72ec233e4b955a18cb46c98….png)

ID: 67de3  No.2031

File: 1574983011710.jpg (571.75 KB, 1800x2294, EKd27X_VAAA1pyH.jpg)

ID: 67de3  No.2032

File: 1581881064159.jpg (891.43 KB, 2048x2048, 79885707_171491904245914_8….jpg)

ID: 67de3  No.2033

File: 1581881112954.jpg (257.37 KB, 1080x1080, 86185185_204824207579350_2….jpg)

ID: 67de3  No.2034

File: 1581881134682.jpg (252.24 KB, 1080x1080, 85214422_204824087579362_1….jpg)

ID: 67de3  No.2035

File: 1581881177262.jpg (229.79 KB, 1080x1080, 86278173_204824057579365_3….jpg)

ID: 67de3  No.2036

File: 1581881203399.jpg (266.12 KB, 1080x1080, 85068622_204824094246028_3….jpg)

ID: 67de3  No.2037

File: 1581881226748.jpg (219.05 KB, 1080x1080, 86229475_204824060912698_9….jpg)

ID: 67de3  No.2038

File: 1581881243484.jpg (206.96 KB, 1080x1080, 85139603_204824070912697_2….jpg)

ID: 67de3  No.2039

File: 1581881260335.jpg (214.13 KB, 1080x1080, 85154675_204824187579352_6….jpg)

ID: 67de3  No.2040

File: 1581881276075.jpg (255.5 KB, 1080x1080, 86192657_204824220912682_7….jpg)

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