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File: 1442511804601.png (125.82 KB, 350x255, undertale_2029.png)

ID: 283f6  No.1369[Last 50 Posts]

It's been out on Steam for two days now, and still no thread about it? Let's fix that!!


People all around are losing their minds over how good the game is, and I can't help but agree. The inspiration from Mother/Earthbound games is quite present (somewhat goofy atmosphere with much darker elements hidden beneath, power of FRIENDSHIP conquers all, memorable NPCs, etc.), but the game has it's own twist to it.

Many players are still trying to find all the secrets, but if the hidden (and unfinished) Hard mode is any indication, there is more to come with future updates.
As demo version led us to believe, the game branches into 3 different endings depending on how you treat the enemies: bad, neutral and good, true ending. Prepare to shed some tears at last one.

Oh and if you hated Flowey in the demo? Wait till you reveal his backstory. And your own character's, too.

In short; a fantastic, mindblowing game well worth 10$.

ID: 9c9e0  No.1380

Never thought that bullet hell games could mix so well with RPGs.

Speaking of, I love how the,game deconstructs certain RPG elements without being so goddamn pretentious about it, and did it subtly (compared to Braid which deconstructed the saving-the-damsel platformers but was incredibly in-your-face about it).

Undyne and Papyrus are the best characters, period.

ID: ddc85  No.1381

>not thinking Sans is the best of the bone bros

Fine then, more of his biceps with sunglasses for me

ID: 7d85a  No.1382

File: 1442672517765.jpg (77.95 KB, 600x776, tumblr_nusm5hJ6Py1ryt8szo1….jpg)


That is Papyrus. Sans is the short one with a jacket.

>in demo and full game, when you call Toriel your mom and then try to flirt with her, she comments that you are "an interesting child"
>she actually brings it up in front of everyone after you return from Final Walk, and Sans finds it amusing

And it seems playing the game certain way has permanent effects on endings of all future playthroughs. deleting the save file does not get rid of this, so think wisely if you wish to get a perfect True ending.

ID: b6b06  No.1395

First game to make me laugh audibly this many times.
First game to make me cry (I watched one person stream it directly after completing it myself, he cried during the last 15 minutes)
First game to actually make me applaud at the end.

Best 10 bucks I ever spent. I'm shilling hard whenever someone talks about it. I don't care. Can't help it.

ID: 283f6  No.1396

So apparently the game is even more meta than initially believed. It turns out that by tampering with the game's .ini file reveals some backstory about the royal scientist that worked for Asgore before being replaced by Alphys. Why was he replaced? Because an incident involving one of his experiments caused him to become shattered through time and space, and after tampering with said .ini file, you can meet him at several locations.

ID: 7a813  No.1398

Welp, it didn't take long for Tumblrinas to start shoving their shit logic onto the game.

Some of them claim that Alphys is transsexual because, besides showing interest in Undyne and Toriel, she at one point says "I must stop living a lie" (even though it's shown just a few minutes later she was talking about hiding her nerdiness and being an anime fan from Undyne). But nope, according to Tumblr Alphys is a tranny and Toby is just "messing with people by saying she isn't ;-)"

ID: 2653e  No.1400

So I'm on my first playthrough (pacifist), and is there any way to get experience other than killing dudes? Because I've heard if you don't go all the way with pacifist/killing everything, you get basically no ending.

ID: ddc85  No.1401

…you dont want "'E.X.P.'"
….you just…dont…when you running a pacifist run…

I mean the flower did say EXP is an acronym…BUT you dont want to get it if you doing a pacifist run

ID: 2653e  No.1405

Just asking because like, 20 HP isn't very much, and I'm bad at effectively using items in RPGs.

ID: ddc85  No.1406

you cant get exp, cause exp stands for something that isnt very pacifist like…
EXP stands for EXecution Points, tied to LOVE…which is Level Of ViolencE

ID: 74f30  No.1409

>Gutsman guitar riff that plays when Mad Dummy wakes up

I nearly fell off my chair laughing like an idiot. That and

>Undyne setting her house on fire while teaching you how to cook spaghetti. Her response to the situation is just a surprised "wow, no wonder Papyrus sucks at cooking!!"

ID: 2653e  No.1411

Oh god. The room with all the flowers.

Don't make me do this, game. I don't want this choice. ;.;

ID: 2653e  No.1413

It's going to make me fight Asgore isn't it?


ID: ddc85  No.1414

and he WILL make you fight him…you get NO MERCY,

ID: 2653e  No.1415

>you tell Asgore he's killed you X times
>he nods sadly

My heart. ;.;

ID: ddc85  No.1416

Asgore changes over time base on how many times he killed you, eventually thinking you enjoy being killed by him

You know what also sad….
Some items you can equip may have belonged to the previous children that fell down there. Some of them are out in the overworld and its guessed thats where the child died thus why their item is located in that spot

ID: 2ed4d  No.1417


Make sure not to kill him, when his HP is down, he will kneel and Mercy option will return, so spare him.

then prepare your ass for what comes next

ID: 2653e  No.1419

flowey worst flower -100/10. Sparing him was almost as difficult as his battle.

I guess I'll have to do a genocide playthrough at some point. but thinking about what that will involve, I don't want to.

ID: 2ed4d  No.1420


Here's my advice; don't. It will permanently screw with all of your future attempts to get a pacifist ending.

At the end of pacifist run, if you try to start over a new game a reformed Flowey will beg you not to, since everyone got their happy ending.

ID: ddc85  No.1421

sadly the game will remember

also you should(not) mess with the game's .ini file…its not like theres a secret if you do…

ID: 2653e  No.1422

>everything about the true laboratory

>well, this is sure some nightmare fuel I wasn't prepared for

Also, I'm aware I'm probably doing stuff out of order now. I just wasn't aware it was stuff to do.

ID: 2653e  No.1425

My god, the true ending. Never before has a game gotten me that hard. Basically from the moment it was revealed who Flowey really is. And the tears flowed from the final phase on.

I can't even properly describe how much I love this game at this point. 100/10, everyone needs to play this. Game of all time.

ID: ddc85  No.1433

huh…Toriel was right
the king just had to use the ONE human soul they already had, go out and get 6 more instead of being a bitch and waiting for humans to fall down into their realm
you may be Goatmom but damn…

ID: 42a85  No.1434


People theorize she meant 6 souls from the people who were already dying, since human souls tend to linger around for long periods of time before moving onto the afterlife.

ID: b7566  No.1447

File: 1443939892790.gif (138.79 KB, 560x665, nohans3.gif)

ID: b7566  No.1448

File: 1444025888574.gif (4.17 KB, 164x214, boobriel.gif)


ID: 15480  No.1449

I like that the creator suggested a tag for the specifically nsfw stuff. undertail

They know their audience.

ID: ddc85  No.1450

they poke at such thing also in game at the end if you flirted with Toriel on a pacifist run

ID: 2aa0a  No.1452

What's the process after beating the game with a "pacifist" run? How do I go about with neutral and genocide from there? I haven't seen the true pacifist route yet.

ID: 3b30b  No.1453

File: 1444077337340.png (149.64 KB, 800x629, UT01.png)


ID: 3b30b  No.1454

File: 1444077346719.png (133.21 KB, 794x532, UT02.png)


ID: 3b30b  No.1455

File: 1444077360058.png (142.27 KB, 800x467, UT03.png)


ID: 3b30b  No.1456

File: 1444077372327.png (134.15 KB, 730x861, UT04.png)


ID: 3b30b  No.1457

File: 1444077383482.png (87.3 KB, 800x311, UT05.png)


ID: 3b30b  No.1458

File: 1444077397579.png (105.66 KB, 800x351, UT06.png)


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File: 1444077415520.png (34.54 KB, 360x455, UT07.png)


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File: 1444077425920.png (109.91 KB, 764x580, UT08.png)


ID: 3b30b  No.1461

File: 1444077437542.png (211.4 KB, 800x970, UT09.png)


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File: 1444077449087.png (219.39 KB, 800x970, UT10.png)


ID: 3b30b  No.1463

File: 1444077458561.png (243.73 KB, 800x970, UT11.png)


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File: 1444277970361.png (228.04 KB, 800x1200, UT14.png)

ID: 3b30b  No.1477

File: 1444278126135.png (371.46 KB, 800x1500, UT15.png)

ID: 3b30b  No.1478

File: 1444278137386.gif (50.39 KB, 800x521, UT16.gif)

ID: 3b30b  No.1479

File: 1444278144550.png (75.65 KB, 769x444, UT17.png)

ID: 3b30b  No.1480

File: 1444278345183.png (284.68 KB, 800x945, UT18.png)

ID: 3b30b  No.1481

File: 1444278354039.png (248.33 KB, 800x1002, UT19.png)

ID: 3b30b  No.1482

File: 1444278591264.png (186.26 KB, 800x1200, UT20.png)

ID: 3b30b  No.1483

File: 1444278597421.png (86.73 KB, 503x515, UT21.png)

ID: ddc85  No.1485

that feeling when you realize Nabsblook was talking about the king when they was talking about "Some hairy guy showing up for the races"

perhaps the king was thinking Toriel would show up to such a place still…

ID: 42a34  No.1486

I'm so glad Weaver is doing comics of this, it allows me to enjoy it without actually playing it.

ID: 2aa0a  No.1487

File: 1444330220468.png (258.3 KB, 680x562, tumblr_nvw2w9KrW81r9qrnqo1….png)

ID: 2aa0a  No.1488

File: 1444330242020.png (262.82 KB, 684x562, tumblr_nvw2w9KrW81r9qrnqo2….png)

ID: 2aa0a  No.1489

File: 1444330256923.png (270.92 KB, 684x564, tumblr_nvw2w9KrW81r9qrnqo3….png)

ID: 2aa0a  No.1490

File: 1444330273363.png (246.22 KB, 684x576, tumblr_nvw2w9KrW81r9qrnqo4….png)

ID: 2aa0a  No.1491

File: 1444330287646.png (205.01 KB, 682x568, tumblr_nvw2w9KrW81r9qrnqo5….png)

ID: 2aa0a  No.1492

File: 1444330302769.png (239.51 KB, 676x566, tumblr_nvw2w9KrW81r9qrnqo6….png)

ID: 2aa0a  No.1493

File: 1444330316475.png (227.76 KB, 704x580, tumblr_nvw2w9KrW81r9qrnqo7….png)

ID: 3b1f3  No.1494

File: 1444332781947.png (54.93 KB, 341x236, tumblr_nvq627s95L1skjflmo1….png)

ID: 3b1f3  No.1495

File: 1444332808357.png (119.9 KB, 418x489, tumblr_nvq627s95L1skjflmo2….png)

ID: 3b1f3  No.1496

File: 1444332830474.png (118.19 KB, 396x503, tumblr_nvq627s95L1skjflmo3….png)

ID: 3b1f3  No.1497

File: 1444332841636.png (140.33 KB, 396x586, tumblr_nvq627s95L1skjflmo4….png)

ID: 2aa0a  No.1498

File: 1444363551186.png (282.08 KB, 1343x1884, ue4axLi.png)

ID: a4395  No.1499

I've never had a game before that made me so emotional. Both happy and sad.

It's been a hell of an experience and I feel better for having had it.

Papyrus is my BFF.

ID: 2aa0a  No.1500

The best part is towards the end of the game, it gets into this goody-goody 80's cartoon feel and you don't care because you're having such a good time.

ID: 3b30b  No.1501

File: 1444388871669.png (220.19 KB, 800x1200, UT22.png)

ID: 3b30b  No.1502

File: 1444388914888.png (211.97 KB, 800x1100, UT23.png)

After seeing the Sans boss fight on a genocide run, he's pretty awesome

ID: ddc85  No.1503

He also apparently may know the hidden character in the the game since the things that fires the beams are called "GasterBlaster"

ID: 2aa0a  No.1504

So, did anyone try working out some anagrams with some character names?

Because apparently Asriel Dreemurr can be reworked to Serial Murderer.

And Toriel as Loiter.

ID: 2aa0a  No.1505

File: 1444498338515.png (536.52 KB, 1280x870, tumblr_nvznvnG13R1rq1nnao1….png)

ID: 2aa0a  No.1506

File: 1444498354742.png (636.37 KB, 1280x870, tumblr_nvznvnG13R1rq1nnao2….png)

ID: 2aa0a  No.1507

File: 1444498380339.png (372.95 KB, 1280x444, tumblr_nvznvnG13R1rq1nnao3….png)


ID: 3b30b  No.1508

I really could never do a genocide run of this game. I just don't see myself ever letting monster kid die

ID: 2653e  No.1509

>spaghetti breaking through the binoculars
I ded

ID: e8bdf  No.1510

I'm not usually into Bears but DAMN I'd like to cuddle up on that

ID: ddc85  No.1511

well here some info on that you dont get to kill monster kid, he actually escapes you and flees like everyone else

ID: 8bf25  No.1512

File: 1444686050625.png (Spoiler Image, 95.62 KB, 800x426, tumblr_nvvy359A2z1r5h2ogo1….png)

The best-laid plans…

ID: 2aa0a  No.1513

File: 1444710035743.png (21.2 KB, 561x115, BzRRCuJ.png)


ID: 3b30b  No.1514

File: 1444740468786.png (38.67 KB, 640x1000, 1444684243.miupix_pncunder….png)

ID: 298ad  No.1515

File: 1444846952167.jpg (272.44 KB, 792x1224, tumblr_nw4l1ptu1z1rg2it2o1….jpg)

Havesomemoore has some pretty funny shit.

ID: 298ad  No.1516

File: 1444846975185.jpg (470.42 KB, 792x1224, tumblr_nw4l1ptu1z1rg2it2o2….jpg)

ID: 298ad  No.1517

File: 1444847002042.jpg (269.32 KB, 792x1224, tumblr_nw4l1ptu1z1rg2it2o3….jpg)

ID: 3b30b  No.1518

ID: 9aaf6  No.1520

But you still witness Flowey/Asriel being murdered.

ID: 2aa0a  No.1523

Holy shit.
Just as Flowey is about to get killed, you hear Asriel's voice begging to stay alive.


ID: 2aa0a  No.1525

File: 1444973821040.png (554.78 KB, 400x3300, wZpefNb.png)

Time for something less depressing.

ID: 8bf25  No.1528

ID: 8bf25  No.1529

File: 1445046421949.png (639.61 KB, 1280x1303, 4ae216075fa2c4b1454dc5c5c9….png)


ID: 25102  No.1530


I don't think she's blushing from the blow.

This skeleton knows his Fuh Ro Damn-sister.

ID: ddc85  No.1531

well good thing she has all that health…I mean push sans over and hes dead

ID: 3a0ac  No.1534

File: 1445148434940.jpg (53.63 KB, 600x800, CRj3hYlWwAAj_ep[1].jpg)

Took about exactly 1 month.

(From Another Anime Con in New Hampshire. According to the notes, it was one of two Toriels there. And a Flowey.)

ID: 2aa0a  No.1536

Sans is too badass for that. He'd dodge the ground.

ID: 8bf25  No.1537

File: 1445178444679.png (Spoiler Image, 997.7 KB, 852x1698, tumblr_nwa3qbLWUc1tnjmmio1….png)

ID: 3b30b  No.1538

ID: 8bf25  No.1540

File: 1445339368615.png (88.63 KB, 800x295, tumblr_nwghuohaIo1uhov31o7….png)

If you aren't reading "A Dreamer Reborn" yet, then you probably need to start.


ID: 2aa0a  No.1545

File: 1445385787921.png (59.82 KB, 1146x1360, WMl9qWz.png)

ID: 13571  No.1546

I looked through it last night and parts of today.

It's defintitely well done and I am happy the artist felt inspired enough to make this.

ID: 3b30b  No.1547

File: 1445545455228.png (384.04 KB, 800x1200, tumblr_nwn0ndT6EQ1r5h2ogo1….png)

ID: 2aa0a  No.1551

Just discovered this video. Here's what happens if you're on a genocide run and let the Muffet encounter go as it usually does rather than kill her immediately: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P42_Sp08_xs

ID: 3b30b  No.1554

File: 1445636055841.png (Spoiler Image, 261.45 KB, 800x1200, tumblr_nwowxgrPtf1r5h2ogo1….png)


ID: e3f7f  No.1555

So I was browsing the TVTropes pages for Undertale, mostly for shits, and noticed that they were using 'No Mercy' to refer to the Genocide route.

At first I thought this was some hipster-esque attempt at trend-bucking by the general userbase of TVTropes, but apparently not. What's actually happened is some insane tumblrina has swept through all of the articles and force-changed 'Genocide' to 'No Mercy'. What the fuck.

On a different note, I'm midway through a genocide run and HOLY SHIT UNDYNE IS WRECKING MY ASS. MY BODY WAS NOT PREPARED

ID: 2aa0a  No.1556

I can provide some help with that.

If you want to cheese things a bit, get the Notebook and Cloudy Glassses from that old tortoise. The extra invincibility will help you out.

And if that doesn't help:

While you're a green heart, Undyne's attacks are fixed. You can memorize them to an extent. Some will always attack the same way, some at the same speed or "pattern".

ID: 314c4  No.1557


>What's actually happened is some insane tumblrinas swept through all of the articles and force-changed 'Genocide' to 'No Mercy'. What the fuck.

Why are you surprised? SJWs have pretty much taken over that place.

For example, Dragon Ball Z Abridged, which frequently uses black comedy? That show's article has it's Dethroning page, as in, people expressing how triggered and offended they are at Team Four Star using rape jokes, retard jokes, sexist jokes etc. It's utterly ridiculous and terrifying when you step back and see just what SJWs did to that place.
Hell, even the article about SJWs has little to no criticism about the movement, that should tell you something.

ID: 2aa0a  No.1559

ID: 2aa0a  No.1563

File: 1446050079001.jpg (162.93 KB, 1280x512, tumblr_nwffixPmsn1rg2it2o1….jpg)

ID: 2aa0a  No.1564

ID: 3b1f3  No.1565



ID: 8bf25  No.1569

File: 1446340529541.png (245.17 KB, 800x1124, da640a5201b2c9959a95d9a5df….png)

ID: 2aa0a  No.1570

Ab. So. Lutely gorgeous tarot card fan art: http://dogbomber.tumblr.com/post/132310526044/here-it-is-the-full-set-of-undertale-tarot-cards

The characters match the titles of the card perfectly.

ID: 8bf25  No.1577

File: 1446553893891.jpg (342.05 KB, 850x988, 3b0dd68540466b35a6544073ac….jpg)

ID: 3b30b  No.1589

File: 1447302309653.png (Spoiler Image, 332.79 KB, 800x1200, tumblr_nxoid1AUQ01r5h2ogo1….png)


ID: 8bf25  No.1591

File: 1447607444381.png (140.98 KB, 800x935, ad61f9bca8efd07d38a51d2df6….png)

ID: 8bf25  No.1592

File: 1447608014536.png (Spoiler Image, 581.28 KB, 1028x1166, f9ade3f973b80b0111f0d309e6….png)

ID: ddc85  No.1597

ID: 8bf25  No.1600

ID: 1c614  No.1602

Our local gaming magazine contained a review of this game. Suffice to say, to me it comes off as "I just skimmed through the game and didn't bother to understand it fully lol". Here's a translation.
>Undertale is a game made for critics, not gamers. It's totally whacked, it's unlike anything else and it's basic meaning of existence is to make fun of everything popular in gaming community. Unusual RPG about a little girl stuck in the underworld full of hillarious and sometimes creepy monsters, which she can defeat through combat or diplomacy. Every step is full of humorous dialogues and interactions which are sometimes funny, but more often they just try to be funny. Undertale is also a good example of how we sometimes value too much a good idea over a good execution. Within it is present a great dose of innovation executed through mediocre pixel graphics and innovative battle mechanics which aren't well developed.
>Most of the puzzles are very banal, which is hidden behind so-so sarcastic dialogues about how these puzzles are heavy, which is the whole point of the game. It's terrible interface and sometimes way too long battles are poorly explained as subversive critic of modern RPGs. This is a game which could've been a sweet indie title if it weren't trying to be Earthbound at every step, and by doing so keeps reminding how that title from 90s had more to offer than Undertale itself. It's not hard to recommend this game to those who want to experience something different, but there's no point in pretending that this game can excuse it's poor design with innovation."

ID: 3b30b  No.1603

Read "I Played until the Papyrus fight and figured I got the gist of the rest of the game"

ID: 95212  No.1606

Gr8 b8 m8

ID: 042f8  No.1607


>thinks it's bait

Want me to scan the page and post it here, so you can bother to translate it yourself? I can easily do that.

ID: 8bf25  No.1608

I haven't seen anything generate this much high-quality fan work since Friendship is Magic.


ID: c87d3  No.1609


I'm not sure what you're objecting to.

Do you think I'm accusing you of making it up? I'm not. My comment wasn't directed at you personally.

More like it reads like someone who wrote that to get reads/clicks, or as you said didn't actually play it.

ID: 50812  No.1610


Oh, apologies then, my mistake. And I'm more leaning towards that person being the latter, or purposefully contrarian because they saw everyone singing praises to the game so they decided to do the opposite just for the sake of it. Hipsters being hipsters.

ID: 2aa0a  No.1611

ID: 61ebf  No.1612

Off topic but:

Shit, Zarla? There's a name I haven't heard in a long time. Also saw something about Fredryk Phox yesterday, these are some blasts from the past for me.

ID: 50df7  No.1613


Wow it really is her. That brings me back.

ID: 3b30b  No.1614

ID: 8fff2  No.1615


Even the mighty prince of all Saiyans can't bring himself to play the Genocide Route, and ends it after killing Toriel (and feeling guilt-ridden about it).

ID: 9ce5b  No.1616

I still love the funny text edit at 3:10

ID: d89b0  No.1619

File: 1448916131616.png (153.27 KB, 1280x650, tumblr_nydmu4YBvw1uj8w87o1….png)

Surprising absolutely no one, Kayla-Na attempted to milk Undertale fandom for all it's worth and tried to start up a "fundraiser" of sorts for Undertale porn comic which-surprise, surprise-is gonna be Patreon exclusive! However, someone apparently brought this to Toby's attention and attempting to pull a damage control, Kayla decided to ask him about it before he could act. Toby's response is in pic related; along the lines of "if someone approaches you and wants you to commission Undertale porn, that's okay. Artists selling Undertale porn on their own, that I'm not OK with."

Kayla seemed to be okay with Toby's statement, however…(WILL YOU FUCKING SHUT UP ABOUT KAYLA ALREADY)

ID: d89b0  No.1620

File: 1448916229324.png (21.81 KB, 409x579, kaylana-undertaildramas.png)


…it seems she is not quite okay with it. She expressed frustration over not being able to milk her followers over it and blames it all on the person who brought her plans to Toby's attention, calling them "tattletale".


ID: 9ce5b  No.1621

File: 1448931846089.gif (17.37 KB, 410x418, uwotm8.gif)

from what I have seen Toby IS fine with the comic, they were not fine it being constantly announced so it got switched to privately funded and those who wish to donate to the comic STILL can but in private instead…


ID: e3f7f  No.1623

File: 1448935345650.jpg (87.23 KB, 1920x1080, xUjTm1W.jpg)


ID: 301d0  No.1624

I can't wait to see what shitty self-insert Mary Sue she designs to fuck and have kids with her favourite male character this time.(WILL YOU FUCKING SHUT UP ABOUT KAYLA ALREADY)

ID: 9ce5b  No.1625

File: 1449029420177.gif (524.71 KB, 441x300, omg-so-funny.gif)


like…mang get off of her
Like the whole:mary sue oc with popular character is something A WHOLE lotta folks do….

so right now we still gotta go(WILL YOU FUCKING SHUT UP ABOUT KAYLA ALREADY)

ID: 301d0  No.1626

"Oh, a lot of grown-ass adults allegedly do it, that means it's okay and totally not annoying to see her do it constantly!" Great logic there.(WILL YOU FUCKING SHUT UP ABOUT KAYLA ALREADY)

ID: 9ef86  No.1627

And your petty grudge/hate-boner is sooooooooo mature.(WILL YOU FUCKING SHUT UP ABOUT KAYLA ALREADY)

ID: 301d0  No.1628

>points out someone does something annoying and childish
>automatically somehow a grudge even though I otherwise couldn't care less about her

More flawless logic. Truly spectacular.(WILL YOU FUCKING SHUT UP ABOUT KAYLA ALREADY)

ID: 9ce5b  No.1629

I would wonder why she specifically gets this hate when if someone DOES THE SAME EXACT THING its ok…

ID: 23822  No.1630


I think it has less to do with the fact that she actually does those things, and more with the fact that she keeps taking some moral high ground when it comes to infringing on others' work and then does the same goddamn thing herself, and starts pissing and moaning when she eventually gets slapped on the wrist.

Also, the fact that she promised to TobyFox that she will no longer accept new backers, and then proceeded to keep accepting new ones under the table via Tumblr PMs. It's slimy and two-faced.(WILL YOU FUCKING SHUT UP ABOUT KAYLA ALREADY)

ID: ed408  No.1631

We get it, you hate her, shut up and talk about undertale.

So anyway, shame about the Grillby secret boss being fake. Looked like an interesting fight.(WILL YOU FUCKING SHUT UP ABOUT KAYLA ALREADY)

ID: 301d0  No.1632

Did… Did you actually not get that I was mocking your logic?(WILL YOU FUCKING SHUT UP ABOUT KAYLA ALREADY)

ID: 43b1d  No.1633

File: 1449079498717.jpg (53.31 KB, 600x349, Asuka__Angry_It_Would_Seem….jpg)

Since subtlety apparently doesn't work regarding this subject, let me be blunt:

All of you shut the fuck up about Kayla-Na, you are annoying the fuck out of me.

ID: d4c83  No.1634

In other news, there IS a engine that suppose to work like undertale.

ID: 23822  No.1635


Wasn't Undertale built around an existing engine, actually? Or am I thinking of another indie game?

ID: 8c254  No.1650

If I recall correctly it was made in Game Maker Studio.

ID: 4b64f  No.1682

File: 1451154843661.jpg (150.03 KB, 1024x356, 1451150400967.jpg)

>nearly everyone in the pic is portrayed as non-white
>the only whites are a king who murdered children and a psychopathic kid who planned genocide

Reeeeaaaaaaally subtle there, Tumblr.

ID: e3f7f  No.1683

Holy fucking shit that is almost everything wrong with Tumblr distilled into image format.

ID: 4b64f  No.1684


Funny (or horrifying?) thing is, I first thought that text was added in as some kind of mockery. Turns out the shit is legit as the gender descriptions are taken from the actual page.


Check further down the archive, races and gender descriptions are there.

ID: 2aa0a  No.1686


ID: 20a4a  No.1687

>Asgore- gay
>all those tumblr terms

Literally the only things in this that have any basis on canon are Frisk (and maybe Chara, I haven't finished my genocide run yet) being nonbinary, and Alphys and Undyne's sexuality. Hell, I'd probably put Alphys as lesbian and Undyne as bi.

ID: 3b30b  No.1688

Other way around. Alphys has a crush on asgore as well as undyne.

ID: 6dd62  No.1689

Not to mention Frisk is still under ambiguous gender cause Toby did that on purpose. No real info pointing towards NB other than usual tumblr headcanon

ID: 127da  No.1690


There was an interview where Toby intentionally skipped questions regarding the characters' gender and sexuality. I say, more power to him because the last thing we need is giving Tumblrinas more fuel for the fire.

ID: daacb  No.1691

Frisk/Chara was left ambiguous because they represent the player. They are whatever you are.

ID: d2581  No.1692


You want to know the worst sin about this? Sans and Payprus don't look like Keenan & Kel. It would of made this whole fucking tire fire of a tale look like the cast of a Black All That.

ID: 85641  No.1693

I don't really get Tumblrinas' penchant for making every damn person they can get their hands on trans.

ID: 127da  No.1694


Desperate attempt to make their bullshit seem like it's the norm, while making what's currently norm "abnormal" or "undesirable".

Like above being pointed out, how the only characters in that pic who were made white are a genocidal kid and a king who murdered children to obtain their souls.

Another ridiculous thing about those gender/orientation titles slapped on is that some of them don't even make fucking sense ("lithoromantic", so does that mean they're in love with rocks???), others are existing sexual orientations given some fancy-schmancy/unique sounding names for special snowflake factor.

As Mobius pointed out; it's like that entire blog is basically everything that's wrong about Tumblr's "progressive, white-guilt" group compressed into one account.

ID: 20a4a  No.1695

My bad I guess, I just kinda went with nonbinary meaning no gender/ambiguous/whatever.

ID: 2c46f  No.1696

"Way to shit on and try to silence creators for not sharing your views and tastes."

ID: 2aa0a  No.1699

File: 1451452332062.jpg (30.58 KB, 442x364, theotherbkkidsclub.jpg)

Except what we're dealing with here is someone who refuses to accept the work of another for what it is. That's strike one.

Strike two is making everyone's sexuality as the focus here. Here is the centerpiece of this artist's work and it's stupid as hell because it's NOT WHAT MADE THESE CHARACTERS SO MEMORABLE. The artist believes putting the spotlight on what gives the males a raging boner is a good thing, but it's cliché and gives them the personality of dirt.

And for strike three: making (almost) everybody black. Aside from the not-so-subtle racism previously pointed out, one could argue making everybody the same race is the biggest slap in the face to Toby here because there are few identical groups of monsters in Undertale. There was a whole lot of species diversity and this artist just threw up on that aspect of the game. I'm not saying that all creative works should include their version of the Burger King Kids Club til the end of days but presenting a diverse cast can be done well and not just limited to race.

ID: 371e6  No.1700


SJWs never could cope with the fact that the rest of the world does not share their insane, narrow-minded beliefs when it comes to "identity politics" and "progresiveness". To them, it's almost like religion; if you do not identify as astrosexual demigender polyromantic transman and do not shout about progressiveness and tollerance-while treating white people with contempt and hatred just because they're not of the race you approve-which is pretty much the radical extremism of social justice; then you are not truly fighting for social justice.

It's the same when an author/creator of something they like does not share their ideals; they will attempt to coopt the creation from the creator and slap their own labels onto it out, while villifying the creator.

Remember the Zamii incident? Before it, SJWs hailed Rebecca Sugar and Ian J.Q. as champions of progressiveness on television. As soon as the two spoke out against SJWs bullying Zamii into suicide over fucking fanart, they began calling them pedophiles and rape enablers. All because Rebecca and Ian did not conform to their insane, fascist worldview.

Less extreme example is happening here with Humantale: the author clearly disliked the fact that TobyFox made a progressive game without pandering to SJWs, so they took what he made and started putting labels on it to conform to their own ideas.

ID: 85641  No.1705

ID: 22826  No.1706



This one's even better what with how they get super defensive.

I asked them just a moment ago about Asgore and Chara, only two characters who did vile shit in the game, being the only characters who represent white race. Let's see what happens.

ID: 22826  No.1707


Welp, this is the answer. Seems like a really sensitive little snowflake.

ID: a956c  No.1708


Y'know, part of me wants to say it's cool they're trying to create something that appeals to them, and personally I have absolutely no qualms with someone building a creative universe of trans, non-binary, whatever-the-hell-they-want types. That's fine, I do it too.

But why is it necessary to modify Undertale to do it? Why make great sweeping, seemingly arbitrary changes, many of which openly conflict with the established background instead of make your own setting or characters? It smacks of laziness or even worse baiting, like they knew full well people would take offense or challenge the idea and those people could be used an easy platform by simply saying 'if you don't like what I did, you're against the represented group at large and therefore a horrible person, fuck off'.

And to that very idea, I take offense. I'm not offended that this thing exists, I couldn't care less. I'm offended that it's another round of tumblr-bait.

So…in short, fuck 'em, I've got better things to do.

ID: 1cbcc  No.1709


I get the thing about Frisk/Chara being non-binary; that was Toby's intent since he wanted a character whose gender can be decided on by the player. But then she goes on and claims that all of the characters are non-binary/trans canonically just because she says so…this kid is really delusional.

ID: 2aa0a  No.1710

I think at this point we should just abandon this person and wait for the inevitable breakdown.

ID: 97b0f  No.1712

Frisk isn't even canon non-binary, Toby specifically said Frisk has absolutely NO canon sex or gender identity of any kind–nor race or specific age–because they're meant to be whatever the player is.

ID: 20a4a  No.1713

Things I'm okay with: headcanons

ID: 417dc  No.1714


That's the issue I have with this girl's bullshit; apparently just because it's not been outright mentioned in the game that the characters are cis, that somehow means they are canonically trans.

ID: 97b0f  No.1715

Funny how that works, isn't it? If a character doesn't go out of their way to say "By the way, did I mention how cis I am today?", they're not cis. But if a character never outright says they're trans, they're still trans. And even if a character DOES outright say they're cis, like Chihiro Fujisaki, they're STILL not cis. And when a character is stated in canon to be trans, they still somehow don't count as representation because reasons–in the special case of Grell Sutcliff, she can't possibly be anything but a flamboyant gay man because the other characters in the 1880s London setting of Black Butler don't understand her, think she's just crazy and address her with male pronouns.

Don't even get me started on how they think there are shitloads of transsexual children and BABIES roaming about, their go-to justification when someone points out "We've seen *insert cis character here* as a child and they were the same sex they are now."

ID: 952c5  No.1716


>And when a character is stated in canon to be trans, they still somehow don't count as representation because reasons

Exactly! It's absolutely impossible to please these types of people.

I remember when the whole drama around Gashi Gashi's pic of Crystal Gems blew up, some woman was complaining how superhero genre was "oversaturated by white characters" and that there's not a single black superhero to be seen. I immediately rebuked the claim and mentioned that there's a great number of black superheroes, some of which are quite popular and liked. She called bullshit and demanded that I give her examples, and when I did not only that, but gave her a huge list of black superheroes, she immediately pulled the "but it's nowhere near enough characters!" card, and ended her argument there. It's fucking bullshit.

ID: 2aa0a  No.1717

Undertale got updated today and there's apparently a bunch of stuff added to it. People are still looking through at the moment.

ID: 2aa0a  No.1718

ID: 97b0f  No.1720

So wait, if the piano puzzle now leads you to an entirely new thing, does this mean no more Annoying Dog absorbing the treasure gag?

ID: 97b0f  No.1723


>tfw you realize Flowey is posthumously played by Mel Blanc

ID: ee8dc  No.1725


So apparently after enough negative reactions, the girl behind that blog decided to quietly close it down. As in, she never made a peep about it on her main Tumblr blog.

I say, good fucking riddance to that garbage.

ID: 3b30b  No.1728

File: 1456076540947.jpg (88.66 KB, 1200x415, 1455494747.thewill_part2_0….jpg)

ID: bcec5  No.1729

>Alphys mentions there's no weather underground
>The wolf in Snowdin is throwing artificially made ice cubes
>It never really did snow


ID: 7b5c8  No.1731

No weather doesn't necessarily mean there can't be a climate or some constant environmental state that causes snow to form or some artificial way to convert water into snow. But really, there's a shitton on contradictions and inconsistencies throughout the game when you really stop and think about it, so what's one more?

ID: 3615b  No.1759

Nothing like actually playing the game after so long, and than re-reading this thread again to actually get the other half of the stuff I couldn't comprehend without a reference required.

ID: 3615b  No.1761

File: 1458233744621.png (1.76 MB, 675x900, 1451439986.tsaoshin_grumpy….png)

I have nary a clue how you guys missed this one.

ID: 85641  No.1762

File: 1458259950504.png (56.12 KB, 600x172, 2480.png)

ID: 1ddab  No.1829

File: 1464335826705.jpg (48.5 KB, 900x600, UT_figcombo_TORIEL_1024x10….jpg)

For anyone who hasn't checked in a while, Fangamer has quite a few new pieces of Undertale merch.


ID: 23da5  No.1842

Holy shit! The Toriel plush sold by Fangamer has a white SOUL heart inside of it.

The discovery is here: http://nochocolate.tumblr.com/post/146271627269/we-heard-a-rumor-that-there-might-be-more-to

ID: 3615b  No.1843


That is both endearing and disturbing. Just like the game, really.

ID: 1e88e  No.1886

Toby just posted unused songs: http://undertale.tumblr.com/

ID: 0f652  No.1887

Official "Ask Undertale Cast" questions tumblr: http://undertaleqa.tumblr.com/post/150442760868/questions-complete

ID: 36189  No.1896

File: 1478831351229.gif (1.42 MB, 284x153, tumblr_ofqdkiig2J1qetzngo1….gif)

ID: c8df7  No.1922

File: 1491075125239.png (3.55 MB, 1129x4494, c7c52ec3c1f8920161291c85f9….png)

This is set in "Endertale", a post-game continuity where humans and monsters are now living together on the surface. Frisk lives with Toriel, as does Asriel, who shares half of Frisk's soul. However, this makes Frisk vulnerable to possession by Chara, who is gaining an increasing amount of control over him.

This page may or may not be April Fool's.

ID: d25e0  No.1960

ID: 9aa0c  No.2010

List of trophies for the PlayStation version:


Contains… "spoilers".

ID: 9aa0c  No.2011

For your viewing pleasure, the lone exclusive addition to the PlayStation version.


Let's just say the annoying dog is involved for this one.

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