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File: 1495803091395.jpg (197.21 KB, 800x1228, tifa_lockhart_colorised_by….jpg)

ID: 9b32f  No.1940

So let's recap.

>It's no longer turn-based but one of their beloved run-and-button-mash "action" games

>It's going to be "episodic" so they can stretch it across multiple releases, which means they're probably changing the story up too
>The whole look and style is being "reimagined"
>Oh and just for good measure they're making Tifa's chest smaller to appease whinerbaby feminists

And, in the latest development:

>They're recruiting brand new team members, apparently instead of using their veterans and despite the game supposedly being well into development

The phrase "trash fire" is not even going to do this shit show justice.

ID: 65508  No.1941

I knew it would be a shitshow from the start, but damn. This is just awful.

ID: 2764f  No.1942

>Oh and just for good measure they're making Tifa's chest smaller to appease whinerbaby feminists

Was that actually confirmed somewhere? I thought it was a rumor.

ID: 3885b  No.1943

>Oh and just for good measure they're making Tifa's chest smaller to appease whinerbaby feminists

Gonna second >>1942.

>It's going to be "episodic" so they can stretch it across multiple releases

And I'll be there waiting at the end for a GOTY edition. Fuck this piecemeal bullshit.

>which means they're probably changing the story up too

Yeah, there's already hints of this. The original reveal trailer soundtrack was from Advent Children or something and that "gameplay" reveal showed one of the Shinra soldiers seemingly hesitating to shoot Cloud, like they knew him or something.

ID: 816be  No.1944

Let's not forget how they've basically transplanted Advent Children Cloud into the original story, cause god forbid Cloud not be a skinny little whiner who never fucking smiles.

Betcha for good measure, only Cloud is actually playable too.

ID: 816be  No.1947

File: 1496284299427.png (3.11 MB, 1924x1080, FFVII_Remake_Key_Visual.png)

Case in point.

ID: 816be  No.1948

And now I also find out Nobuo Uematsu hasn't returned to do the music. And Nomura apparently doesn't believe the game had its own unique visual style to begin with–yes, the man who designed the fucking characters and defined the game's artstyle says FF7 has no particular style that should be adhered to.

ID: 10f56  No.1949

>And now I also find out Nobuo Uematsu hasn't returned to do the music.

What could Uematsu do with it? It's already "done" so it just needs to be remade.

ID: f225f  No.1950

wait…wasnt he like that in the second half of the game anyway?

I mean later on we found out cloud just imprinted Zack onto himself to escape mentally what happen to him

ID: 816be  No.1952

No, he wasn't. He lost his mind for all of one part of the game, and Tifa helped him recover and come out of it BETTER than he was before. For fuck's sake, this is the guy who said "Let's mosey" as they went off to their fight to the death with Sephiroth, does that sound like someone who'd be all "I'm so useless, I'm no good to anybody, I couldn't save her, wah wah wah" like AC's interpretation of Cloud?

ID: f225f  No.1953

no it sounds like a person who knows he still have to at least save the world from a meteor but not really get all his problem resolved

ID: 816be  No.1954

Except yes, his problems WERE resolved. And Advent Children sent him like 50 steps backwards AND exaggerated the hell out of his mopey, troubled side, turning him into a goddamn joke.

ID: 9b32f  No.1955


He basically had cancer in Advent Children, that would tend to make most people a little depressed.

ID: 816be  No.1958

Except they didn't make his moping about the Geostigma. Even if they did, that wouldn't excuse much–fucking Denzel and countless other kids were slowly dying of the same thing and weren't acting like Cloud. No, his infamous behaviour in that movie was all about how he couldn't save Aeris and he's no good to anyone and he just wants everyone to leave him alone and blah blah blah. And then they took that depiction and started trying to apply it to him everywhere else. I'm amazed and thankful it didn't make its way into Smash 4. See, this is why people seem to think he was some whiny emo in the original game, because SE has made that Advent Children image of Cloud the main one, to the point of actively trying to convince us he never so much as smiled once before the end of Advent Children. Which they contradict themselves on anyway, when they show him sharing a laugh with Zack in Crisis Core.

ID: 48de2  No.1969

ID: 0aa5b  No.1979

You know I just wonder why even call it a remake any more when it clearly looks as though its not the concept they cock teased us with at the start of this when they showed that at E3 umpteen years ago. >>1948
Wait what ? Uematsu's music is not going to be used and what's this about ff7 not having a set style ? In what way is that being directed, is it in regards to score or viusal style ? >>1958 I always thought after his confrontation with kadaj's gang when Vincent rescued him and marline (Barret's daughter incase I got the name wrong ) and what they told him he seemed to be more brighter than the melocoly fellow he was at the start of AC.

ID: 816be  No.1980

Visual. They're actually claiming FF7's art doesn't have a specific look to it, even though it blatantly does, in response to complaints about how bad they've made everything look by going for this dark, grim, real-is-brown, "avoid making anything look the least bit like it ISN'T a tryhard live-action production" approach.

ID: 99404  No.1999

The depressing part is this is still going to sell, for any number of stupid reasons.

>People want to 'have an open mind'

>People will buy it just so they can tear it apart (example, thespoonyone)
>New fans to the series that don't know any better.
>People that only like Kingdom Hearts and hate classic FF titles.
>Graphic whores that only care about the game's looks and nothing else.

And to me the worst of them all,

>Final Fantasy 7 Fan's that are so desperate for some form of FF nostalgia they will take anything Square Enix gives them, including a switch kick in the crotch from a Tifa cosplay's boot.

Seriously, people need to realize it's okay to boycott bad products. It's okay to know you deserve better than this and to tell the companies how you feel, namely with your wallet.

Maybe we'll get lucky and it'll die in development hell, but probably not. More than likely it'll be worked on for like 10 or so years, go through a few directors, release a few playable demo's, get complaints and revise gameplay two or three times, and finally have to rush to release the game, and royally fuck it up because of time constraints. ….Huh why does that sound familiar…

ID: 816be  No.2000

Isn't that basically what happened with Type-0?

ID: 99404  No.2002

I was more going for a FF15 joke, is that also what happened to Type-0? Never played it personally.

Hell I need to play the titles that bring back the classic turn based combat, I've heard great things about Bravely Default and World of Final Fantasy, just haven't had time for them.

ID: 816be  No.2003

I know Type-0 went through a number of release delays and changes to its director, title, even premise, setting and characters–it was even originally going to be another FF13 sequel.

ID: 32880  No.2007

I thought that advent children set a pretty good pace for it being gritty a gritty dirty world. and thats what i got from playing the first game (ff7) why divert now ?
what can you do you already said essentially was " vote with your wallet " which is logical right there

ID: 2764f  No.2008

The look of the world isn't really the issue (though the PS1 game certainly had a lot more color than AC's endless grey/brown). The issue is what AC did with the characters, specifically Cloud.

Also I swear to god if I see or hear "dilly-dally shilly-shally" in the remake I will personally pull my refund out of Nomura's ass.

ID: 816be  No.2009

And now this remake has made it even worse–Cloud's design makes me want AC Cloud back, Barret looks like a Wesley Snipes wannabe and is equipped with what looks like it should be a late-game weapon, and if the rumors are true and the SJWs got their way, we can look forward to a tiny-titted Tifa.

ID: bd7da  No.2015

So it's been like a year since any actual news about this game. Is it safe to assume it's back in Development Hell?

ID: 301e3  No.2017


I wouldn't be surprised if it took on the backburner slot so they could focus on KH3.

ID: 48de2  No.2018

File: 1532307010697.jpg (79.86 KB, 680x1020, ff4.jpg)

Never wear a bra, Tifa.

ID: bd7da  No.2027

Still not so much as a whisper about its progress.

Yeah, I'm starting to have my doubts about it being "well into development".

ID: 55db1  No.2043

So the game's been released and all it covers so far is Midgar.

A FRACTION of the original game's first disc is covered by this "game", padded out by tons of pointless new characters and sidequests.

And they still plan to release each arc of the game as its own full-price release.

This game's gonna end up taking like 15 years and costing upwards of $1,000 to play in its entirety, and somehow the same crowd who thinks it's wrong of Nintendo to add characters to Smash Ultimate post-release for practically pennies in DLC pricing sees nothing wrong with this.

ID: 6e911  No.2044


We were told that the plan was to cover only Midgar in this episode years ago. How did you not know this?

Oh wait, it's because you're a moron.

ID: 55db1  No.2047

Pretty sure the initial idea was that it'd still be three discs long, as opposed to like thirty fuckin' full-price releases, but okay, thanks for the unwarranted personal attack. Over something that was apparently said years ago, cause how dare I not remember every single little thing that's been said about this shit.

Changes literally nothing I said, btw. They're still scummy as fuck for doing this.

ID: f626e  No.2048

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