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File: 1426581719741.jpg (25.6 KB, 800x533, DSCF1415.0.jpg)

ID: da1ba  No.702


Nintendo and Japanese mobile games giant DeNA just announced a press conference right the fuck outta nowhere (seriously, on just a couple hours advance notice) to announce a business partnership that will see original mobile games created using Nintendo's IPs

The conference is still going on right now as I post this:


Also there was a brief mention of Nintendo's next console (codenamed NX) being in development, but they're not saying anything about it until next year, so whatever.

ID: b760c  No.703


As long as they don't just up and abandon their handheld market (which is still doing fucking great, if sales of 3DS/New 3DS and the games for them are any indicator), I don't seen an issue in market expansion. Sega for example, focused solely on mobile gaming worldwide while they'll still be making arcade and console games in Japan.

ID: 5a13a  No.704


I wouldn't bet on them abandoning the handheld market. The 3DS (and all of its associated ‘cousins’) still dominates that rather limited scene, and Nintendo has a license to print money as long as that system keeps getting games.

My guess? This new thing is both an attempt to spread its existing IP into the mobile gaming territory (FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, GIVE US NES/SNES/GBA GAMES YOU DICKFACES) and create new IP that wouldn’t fit on either the WiiU or the 3DS. Whatever Nintendo decides to do, it clearly has dolla dolla bills in mind, because it wouldn’t be venturing into the mobile gaming world if it didn’t plan on somehow making shitloads of money.

ID: 7b3a2  No.706

So they are actually branching out?!

One can hope they'll enter the PC world if consoles are going the way of the dodo. They'll no doubt fight tooth and nail to stay console relevant to the last breath, but at least there is an out for them now.

Oh don't give me that look, you'd be surprised how many people would pay not to ROM their games on a PC.

ID: b692e  No.707

I'd love to play Super Mario RPG on the phone.

ID: c94de  No.730

ID: c103a  No.731

nothing really stated such, they just probably far to quick on the draw.

ID: d5b42  No.1893

NX preview reveal trailer tomorrow morning, might be relevant to the topic as rumors of the console could be a hybrid home/handheld: https://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/788900063833493504

ID: d5b42  No.1894

ID: bae0e  No.1895

You already can. If you have a modern phone it should easily be able to run a SNES emulator.

ID: 7f283  No.1899

So what do we know about Switch so far:

>300$ pricetag

>battery life will depend on which game you play, ranging between 2.5 and 6.5 hours
>no games bundled with the hardware (not even 1 2 Switch, which costs 50$)
>paid online service.
>no built-in voicechat service. Looks like we'll have to use other means for that during online play.
>monthly NES/SNES game which can be only played during that month. Yeah, no thanks Nintendo, we'll just stick to emulators
>if you break or misplace your docking station? New one will cost you 90$, and it's a hollow piece of plastic with no functions other than to keep your Switch in place
>extra controller will cost you either 70$ (Pro controller) or 80$ (Joycon). That's right, an extra controller is still cheaper than a piece of hollow plastic that is a spare docking station
>no backwards compatibility, which, if rumors about Nintendo migrating Pokemon entirely to Switch with future titles are true, could bite them in the ass big time
>no Virtual Console announced

And they hyped the fuck out of the new Legend of Zelda game (and treated every other title announced as "oh yeah….and there's these games but whatever"), hoping it would brainwash entire masses of gamers into preordering this abysmal failure of a handheld.

Jesus Christ Nintendo, how could you fuck up this badly?

ID: 2b898  No.1900


Oh and the kicker? That LOZ launch title isn't even gonna be a Nintendo Switch exclusive, as it's getting a WiiU version as well.

Nintendo…when you want to goad people into buying your new console, the launch title is supposed to be an exclusive. What the fuck.

ID: 42705  No.1901

I'm really hoping the paid online service will
1. not be too much. Somewhere around the cost of PSN or Xbox live is fine.
2. Improve the quality of the online play. It's not exactly a secret that Nintendo's online stuff has been completely lacking.
2.5 Get more good MP games out there.

ID: 95619  No.1902

well…its sorta been well known that the new LoZ was gonna be WiiU and Switch, as folks went "huh…its twilight all over again" and just like last time "the better version gonna be on the switch"

I'm must wondering about my downloaded games may be stuck on my WiiU since they made it not backwards compatible but I'm expecting downloads should be or at least my account being able to keep em

ID: 42705  No.1903

So apparently the yearly fee for the online service will be 2-3,000 yen, about $17.50-$26.50, which is really not bad at all.

Also, they're apparently figuring out VR on the Switch. I'm guessing through some kind of google cardboard-esque add-on.

ID: 3685a  No.1904

There shouldn't be a fee at all.

ID: 95619  No.1905

its only 20 bucks A. YEAR.
compared to the others who is monthly…

my only fear was paying monthly cause even my own WiiU I play it like 5-6 times a month due to I work so much

ID: 4a74c  No.1906

I refuse to pay a toll for my own internet connection, especially in light of the fact PC users don't put up with that bullshit outside of MMOs.

ID: 42705  No.1907

20 dollars.
A year.
That's under 2 dollars a month.
Get over yourself.

ID: 4a74c  No.1908

I can find better uses for $20 than being charged to pay with others.

ID: 4a74c  No.1909

Furthermore, this is Nintendo we're talking about. The same Nintendo who believes offloading voice chat to a smartphone is the best idea ever and (in Reggie Fils Aime's own words) finds headsets "bulky". The same Nintendo who fucking brought back Friend Codes for Fire Emblem Fates for fuck's sake.

Their network doesn't even sound ready if they're letting people test it for free for a few months.

ID: 3685a  No.1910

PSN is free.

ID: 4a74c  No.1911

Not on PS4 it isn't, unless it's F2P.

ID: 3685a  No.1912

You're thinking of PlayStation Plus, the subscription service that gets you bonuses.

ID: 4a74c  No.1913

PlayStation Plus is REQUIRED on PS4 if you want to play online.

ID: 22991  No.1914

So, a lot of people seem to be experiencing various technical issues with their purchased Switch consoles. Ranging from crashes, freezing, screen errors to stuck joycons and loose cartridges.


ID: 8cc2a  No.1915

Saw an article this morning about dead pixels. Nintendo says it's normal, refuses to provide replacements.

ID: 3600b  No.1916


Yeah, that shit's baffling. Dead pixels *are* normal on an aged hardware, not a brand-new fucking product, Nintendo!

ID: 3685a  No.1917

What the everloving fuckstopper are you doing with this thing, Nintendo?!

ID: 86ec2  No.1918


Nintendrones suffer a massive case of butthurt and go apeshit after Jim Sterling gives Breath of the Wild 7/10 score on Metacritic, his complaint being game's difficulty and certain mechanics which makes the entire game a big, annoying chore (and I agree with him).

ID: 95619  No.1919

yea…the durability system could of been much better cause he literally showed a video where link broke either 3 or 4 weapons IN THAT ONE FIGHT. The only durabilty system I been accepting is that one where the weapon just gets weaker over time thus you still can use it

ID: 81987  No.1923

I think once all the hype around the switch and, "Oh my God an Open World Zelda this is so fresh!" dies down, BotW in retrospect is going to have a lot more of those 7 scores and whatnot. I think fans are going to realize this was too much of a departure from what a Zelda game should be. I certainly feel that way. If I had to sum up my issues with the game, it needs 'more'. Just more in general. More towns, more content, more to the story, etc.

ID: 811cf  No.1924

> I think fans are going to realize this was too much of a departure from what a Zelda game should be.

If this is your mindset from now on, you're SOL. Nintendo has said all future Zeldas will be open world.

> If I had to sum up my issues with the game, it needs 'more'. Just more in general. More towns, more content, more to the story, etc.

I think the devs deserve a little slack because this is the first open world Zelda.

ID: 81987  No.1925


>If this is your mindset from now on, you're SOL. Nintendo has said all future Zeldas will be open world.

I'm not saying open world for Zelda is bad. I'm saying removing so many iconic things that make it a Zelda game is.

>I think the devs deserve a little slack because this is the first open world Zelda.

They really don't. They've gotten so many 10/10s that their more likely to NOT be receptive to criticism and think they nailed it and are good to go and half ass the next Zelda title.

Now IS the time to try and make it clear that while they set good ground work for an open world Zelda. That's all they did. They need to improve upon it.

ID: 07b30  No.1926

File: 1492694065090.jpg (253.34 KB, 1566x2158, legendofzelda.jpg)

>I'm not saying open world for Zelda is bad. I'm saying removing so many iconic things that make it a Zelda game is.
>first open world Zelda.

You're both wrong.

ID: 81987  No.1927

I wasn't trying to imply the first Zelda wasn't open word in it's own 8bit way, sorry. But to take from that example, that was a Zelda that had a lot of exploring, and a lot of dungeons and dungeon solving and items, etc.

ID: 8da6d  No.1928

I'm with trunks2585 on this one. BOTW feels less like a Zelda game and more like the devs looked at Skyrim/Dark Souls/whatever and went all "hey, that's what players need! Hours of travelling from one location to another without knowing where the fuck they need to go! And enemies that can fuck them up in two hits!"

ID: 95619  No.1929

huh…sounds like early zelda games…you know before OoT where we have to be told what to do next…

ID: 4b4ca  No.1930

You just described zeldas 1 and 2

ID: 3685a  No.1931

Moreso the second one, I don't feel the first one was entirely a "Where the fuck do I go?" game.

ID: 07b30  No.1932

That's because it came with a map with the dungeon order and numbers on it. Imagine getting it at a thrift store with no manual.

ID: 95619  No.1970


So the next classic is of course the Snes…but this time its different…

They adding Starfox 2 (which you have to unlock by beating starfox)

ID: c438a  No.1971

File: 1498690412568.jpg (239.92 KB, 1199x657, DDSs6WDXcAACw2-.jpg)

ID: c438a  No.1972

File: 1498690672503.jpg (66.23 KB, 800x475, original.jpg)

ID: 3685a  No.1973

Now if only Miyu and Fay could become concretely canon by being in a new game.

Preferably one that isn't yet another 64 remake and finally continues the story onward from where Assault left off.

ID: c438a  No.1974

File: 1498702407861.png (702.4 KB, 1280x1037, ec49617a114376d0a6cba65e5a….png)

ID: 95619  No.1975

you know full well they are stuck making Starfox 64 cause folks bitch so much of that being what they want.

ID: f566f  No.1976


Oh lord, the thing that pissed me off about SF Zero the most was how it was incredibly obvious how it was just a SF64 remake with few changes and new levels, but Nintendo kept insisting how it's not a remake but an entirely new game (while refusing to specify where does it fit in the SF timeline).

That was some hardcore denial.

ID: bae0e  No.1977

They want SF64's gameplay. They don't want its story/levels/level progression/antagonists. SF Assault could have been this if not for the mediocre walking sections.

ID: 95619  No.1978

the walking sections wasnt bad, it was the fact they used "TANK CONTROLS" for it is what made them horrible

so no, what we gonna get forever is starfox 64 over and over cause fans was bitching about it since adventures

ID: 3685a  No.1981

Is that why people have bitched about the characters added since 64, and the stories done since 64, etc? Is that why we hear so many douchebags saying Krystal somehow singlehandedly destroyed the franchise and cheering every time another 64 remake comes out because they're convinced it's reset the series and erased Krystal?

ID: c438a  No.1982

File: 1500421014058.jpg (116.8 KB, 1086x1200, DE_Us2IXoAAxqKg.jpg)

ID: c438a  No.1983

File: 1500421026274.jpg (122.15 KB, 959x1200, DElq9NdXgAACKgV.jpg)

ID: 95619  No.1985

Its even funnier when one remembers that starfox 64 is just a reboot of the First Starfox

ID: 3685a  No.1987

And even funnier is how none of them have noticed that Krystal has been outright promised for the next actual new game.

ID: 95619  No.1989

as long they drop the whole romantic thing between her and Fox. I did like how in command she did either join corneria military or StarWolf base on situations

ID: 3685a  No.1991

Uh, no, they don't need to do that. In fact, the shit with Krystal joining Star Wolf just to spite Fox or because she suddenly fell in love with her stalker and all the other shoehorned bullshit trying to end their relationship was among the worst of Command's terrible writing, as was the entire reason given for her not being with Star Fox. There's literally no reason to break them up, unless you're one of the nostalgia-blinded idiots who thinks Fara was ever canon, or one of the insane yaoi addicts running rampant in the fandom who hate Krystal because her being Fox's girlfriend means he isn't fucking Wolf or Falco.

ID: 95619  No.1992

No I'm in the party of: "there was no fucking build up for their relationship other than "oh both are foxes"
They should drop it and rework it that there's an actual damn build up. it also really didnt make sense in Commands for Fox to dump her either (but by commands his team is gone off to their own things leaving him solo) so her joining the Cornerian Military or the other Mercenary group StarWolf or even creating her own group as choices for her.

ID: 9e9be  No.1993


>unless you're one of the nostalgia-blinded idiots who thinks Fara was ever canon

You see, the funny thing is, we were this close to Fara becoming canon, as she was one of the characters the player could choose in the multiplayer version of the unreleased Starfox 2 game on SNES. She was actually popular enough that the dev team considered giving her a place in the game, but then SF2 got axed in favor of SF64.

ID: 3685a  No.1997

Funny, I've never seen any evidence of this claim. Either way, fact remains that she's never been canon, especially since 64 rebooted the series, and being in a meaningless-in-the-long-run multiplayer mode wouldn't instantly make her canon anyway, so everyone pissed off that Krystal "took her place" needs to get the fuck over it, especially since it's been 15 years now since Krystal's introduction, and even that happened six years after 64 reset everything.

>No I'm in the party of: "there was no fucking build up for their relationship other than "oh both are foxes"

Uh… What fucking version of the games did you play? Also, something worth noting is that Adventures had a ton of content cut from it so they could get it released at all, including direct telepathic contact between Fox and Krystal and an entire final area where Krystal allies with Fox and even has a fight to the death General Scales. So no, they don't need to axe shit, Microsoft should've allowed Rare more damn time. Additionally, two years went by between Adventures and Assault. You DO realize that, right? That Assault doesn't take place like a few days after or something? That's two years of offscreen development Fox and Krystal's relationship went through. And finally, kinda hard to "drop and rework it" when they've already established it. Like, please tell me you're not one of those idiots who thinks every "new" 64 remake or rerelease of an old game is a fucking reboot of the entire franchise.

And no, no matter how you spin it, Krystal joining Star Wolf, a team of criminals, and suddenly loving Panther, her stalker who she only ever previously showed annoyance and bemusement towards, makes no fucking sense unless you write her as the spiteful, schizophrenic bitch Command portrayed her as.

ID: 81987  No.1998

Know what the real tragedy is? The whole damn change from Dinosaur Planet to Starfox Adventures.

Why couldn't we have another IP with anthromorphics? Hell this time it wouldn't have even been a cole….ok yeah it's Rare, there still would have been a ton of shit to collect. But still, it would have been a more Zelda style of doing it.

It could have been an example of taking a gameplay style and putting other characters into it, and not relying on already popular IP brand, but nope, they didn't want to let Rare take that chance and what was suppose to be a brother and sister adventure got changed into a spliced game with Fox and co. shoehorned in. This is probably another reason people wish Krystal would go away.

ID: 3685a  No.2001

The system the game was for was already on its way out by the time it was halfway finished.

And no, it's just "cool" to hate Krystal because of all the attention she's gotten from furries, and because it suddenly became en vogue in recent years to retroactively shit all over Adventures and pretend everyone always hated it, just like with Final Fantasy 10 and practically every Sonic game.

ID: c438a  No.2004

ID: 29d40  No.2005


>just like with Final Fantasy 10

Pretty sure its XII that everyone rags on, and not without reason. It was the starting point where SquEnix got lazy and greedy and as result the followup FF games suffer for it.

ID: 3685a  No.2006

Nah, people bash Vaan and the idiotic license board more than 12 as a whole. And yeah, 10 is an "acceptable target" now, has been for awhile. Because outdated first attempt at voice acting and laughing scene they missed the point of and failure to comprehend Tidus' character development and whatever other stupid-ass petty reason they can concoct.

ID: c438a  No.2012

File: 1505601460590.gif (1.3 MB, 500x405, tumblr_na4mue7KQ21r3gwo9o1….gif)

ID: 99697  No.2013


>Keith Kamikawa's comments where he desperately defends Nintendo's shitty practices

So that's how a delusional Nintendo fanboy looks like.

ID: c438a  No.2019

File: 1536001700606.jpg (21.33 KB, 522x360, geno.jpg)

As the release date for the latest Smash Bros. game grows closer, there's been an uptick in alleged "leaks" and rampant speculation as to which characters will round out the roster. Geno has been getting a lot of attention, as this image was part of the latest batch of "leaks," and it has yet to be debunked (i.e., identified as an asset ripped from another game).

ID: c438a  No.2020

File: 1536001738821.jpg (32.33 KB, 522x360, DmGHep5UwAEl7k-.jpg)

However, skepticism abounds.

ID: c438a  No.2021

File: 1536003392537.jpg (73.06 KB, 1024x768, 1535862248955.jpg)

ID: 518fa  No.2022

Fan 3d models exist elsewhere. I wouldn't trust anything about smash until an official announcement

ID: c438a  No.2023

File: 1536203370388.jpg (622.87 KB, 1280x1280, 1536177736123.jpg)

ID: c438a  No.2024

File: 1537730151916.jpg (187.44 KB, 659x1534, 1537728665513.jpg)

There's an item in the most recent version of New Super Mario Bros. called the Super Crown that turns Toadette into "Peachette," a character that is virtually identical to Peach.

Someone created the work of fan art to the left.

This has reportedly blown up huge in Japan, and now there's all kinds of fanart pouring in of "Koopa-Hime" ("Princess Bowser").

ID: c438a  No.2025

File: 1537730435259.jpg (269.49 KB, 1267x1505, 1537726191454.jpg)

Just one of a great many examples.

ID: c438a  No.2026

Ah, there's a booru now. Well good.


ID: c438a  No.2029

File: 1550014341254.gif (1.91 MB, 960x960, 9d5756e1c3b2d061c25274e2a0….gif)

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