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File: 1427841900641.jpg (152.42 KB, 700x500, kojima-main.jpg)

ID: 1970a  No.794[Last 50 Posts]

Quick recap: shit is going down between Hideo Kojima and Konami that's causing the latter to remove any branding that mentions the former on anything related to Metal Gear Solid V, going so far as to suspend a weekly podcast produced by Kojima Productions.

Today, the same happened again, only this time with the Silent Hills/P.T. website: http://www.gamespot.com/articles/silent-hills-pt-website-removes-kojima-productions/1100-6426298/

ID: a6c67  No.795

What the everlasting fuckstopper? PT was his fucking idea, wasn't it? And he, y'know, kinda runs the whole show with MGS!

ID: 28a7a  No.796

File: 1427848502410.gif (647.7 KB, 500x275, giphy.gif)

Isn't Kojima sorta why Konami makes any money at all?

ID: ff7ba  No.797


Well, it still has Silent Hill and Castlevania…but yeah, Konami’s basically the Metal Gear Solid company at this point.

(Also: hnnnnngh, Jeannie. ❤)

ID: a6c67  No.799

But let's be honest, how well had Silent Hill actually been doing lately before the PT demo came out?

ID: 93205  No.800


And Castlevania hasn't had an especially good outing since Dawn of Sorrow a good ten years ago. Lords of Shadow 2 was complete drek.

ID: 1970a  No.801

Not to mention Koji Igarashi bailed out of Konami when he was being forced to do only mobile-related titles.

ID: 2561d  No.802


The horrors that may come if they attempted another Bloody Roar title… *shudder*

ID: a6c67  No.803

Order of Ecclesia says hello.

ID: 15c73  No.804

A large videogame company ran by arrogant businessmen, who start acting like spoiled brats when one of their "puppets" -who made them all the money to begin with- decides that he won't let them pull his strings anymore.

What else is new?

ID: 9246e  No.805


Agreed. Order of Ecclesia was pretty good.

ID: a6b51  No.806

Everyone's like "Yaaaay Kojima finally won't be restricted anymore!"

And it's like, am I the only one who remembers that this is the guy who once wished that he could make videogames that caused physical pain to the players?

Am I the only one who remembers that he's the one who wanted the sniper fight in Snake Eater to last -two weeks-?

Am I the only one who remembers that he invested god knows how many man-hours in one of the latest games making sure that the horses pooped on a "proper" cycle?

Am I the only one that remembers that there are long stretches of his games that are barely coherent as it is because he'll just go the fuck off on a PCP bender or whatever?

I mean, creative freedom is great and all, but some creators seriously need someone to rein them in and tell them "No" if they're going to produce consumable product.

And Kojima is insane. Let's not kid ourselves, he is actually crazy. We may think that's what makes him so amusing and lends his games a "Wow there's nothing else like this" zing now, but that's because he's actually had that Big Corporate Monster looking over his shoulder making sure he released something, y'know… playable.

Only time will tell, of course, but I am not as excited about an unrestrained Kojima as everyone else is. Maybe I'm also the only one that remembers what happened when George Lucas got too important and famous for anyone to tell him "no".

ID: cb683  No.807

Oh, I know he's crazy. But I'm interested to see what he would do without anyone holding him back in a morbid curiosity sort of way.

Probably end up with him getting sued for copywrite inringement, though.

ID: ad8df  No.808


>Only time will tell, of course, but I am not as excited about an unrestrained Kojima as everyone else is. Maybe I'm also the only one that remembers what happened when George Lucas got too important and famous for anyone to tell him "no".

Very good point, Sechs. Another great example in this type of situation is John Kricfalusi (John K.) of Ren & Stimpy. When R&S was on Nickelodeon it was decent. Even with that said, John K. constantly disputed with Nick and eventually got fired. Flash forward to 2003 where Spike tv gave John greater control of R&S's Adult Party Cartoon. The end result was a terrible cartoon which only aired half of it's episodes before getting cancelled. Not only that, Billy West didn't even return to voice Stimpy in the APC because he felt the show wasn't funny and it would hurt his career.

Some people honestly do better when there's some type of restriction or company reining them in, after all some great jokes in shows didn't happen because of no restrictions, it's due to them being clever to get it past the censors.

ID: a6b51  No.809

>after all some great jokes in shows didn't happen because of no restrictions, it's due to them being clever to get it past the censors.

See, Futurama.

Part of what killed it (again) was that they got super lazy with Comedy Central's near-nonexistent S&P department.

ID: a6c67  No.812

See also: Yoshio Sakamoto, who did a fine job as producer of every Metroid since Super and then made Other fucking M as soon as he was let off the leash and allowed to have free reign, even admitting that the way he portrayed Samus in the game is the way he always imagined her being.

ID: 8422f  No.813

Deep down I wondered…
"If they did that earlier would we flip our shit as we did now?"
Which I would probably go "I probably wouldnt play metroid after that"

ID: 28a7a  No.817

Same thing happened to Ren & Stimpy.

ID: 1970a  No.823

ID: 1970a  No.838

ID: 3d923  No.868


Silent Hills is almost certainly canceled.

The P.T. demo is also being taken off from PlayStation Network in a few days as well.

ID: 1970a  No.876

ID: 8422f  No.877

Some people notice some things Konami have been doing…like..
Taking itself off of the NYSE

ID: 35731  No.878

I guess Konami doesn't want money anymore…

ID: 2153b  No.911

Know what's amazing and sad to think about? Konami is possibly a worse career-suiciding, fan-insulting PR nightmare than Capcom now. And considering Capcom almost went bankrupt last year and only has like four series they don't neglect and three they can actually tell apart from their own asses anymore, that's saying a whole damn lot.

ID: 850fb  No.912

Something weird is going on at Konami.

Everyone is just saying "Hurr durr Konami must hate money!" but a lot of their decisions just don't make any sort of sense. I mean people say that about what entertainment companies do all the time, but what that really usually means is "They're doing things I don't approve of".

This is way more than that. Something is up.

ID: 3d923  No.913

There's a video on YouTube (I'm afraid I don't recall its title or by who it was done by) who theorizes Konami's hand in the pachinko business (which is illegal in Japan) is having an influence on the CEO of the company. It seems Konami is straying more and more away from video games in favor of gambling machines and whatever other businesses (such as health spas, which are also rumored to be brothels in disguise).

Anyway, Konami really wants to burn Silent Hills to the ground. The game is totally off PSN servers. Even if you previously claimed it, you cannot redownload it: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1041463

ID: 28d7b  No.914

So word from a few sources (including IGN, Polygon, and Kotaku) is that the P.T. download no longer works, even if you 'bought' it previously. You just get an error about an invalid download.

If it's not a temporary thing (and this is kind of a specific problem that no other title is having), then Konami is really hot to get Hills erased from the books.

ID: 2153b  No.915

Technically pachinko itself isn't illegal, gambling is and they found a legal loophole around that. This is the same loophole that inspired the Game Corner and its neighbouring prize building in the Pokemon games, so that should give you an idea of what that loophole is.

ID: 9c6d2  No.916

>Konami's hand in the pachinko business (which is illegal in Japan) is having an influence on the CEO of the company

Shit, their attempts to completely erase any existence of Silent Hills and allegations that they're trying to get into the pachinko business reminds me more and more of what IREM did when they buried their R-Type franchise, removed all official material and websites from the Internet and shifted completely into pachinko machines business.

Strange fucking case of deja vu.

ID: 1970a  No.917

It's not just the loophole, the Japanese government introduced a bill to legalize gambling and you damn well better believe anybody involved with pachinko is backing that bill.

ID: 2153b  No.920

Seriously, Kojima needs to join Platinum and bring Metal Gear with him.

ID: 7fb84  No.921

>Seriously, Kojima needs to join Platinum and bring Metal Gear with him.

I doubt it's that simple.

If the creator of a series could just take their ball with them when they left a company, we'd have had Xenogears 2-4 instead of Xenosaga 1-3.

ID: 35731  No.924

Just tried it and the demo still works, but the moment you open it there's a message that says "You can play P.T., but the moment you delete it it's gone forever."

ID: 28d7b  No.925

And there's an odd twist: eBay removing auctions of PS4s with the P.T. demo on them as a main point, claiming 'copyright issues'.


ID: 8b993  No.929


Konami's really dead-set on making sure Silent Hills is gone forever.

What the hell is going on??!

ID: 0cc8f  No.931


Spite. If what they say are true about japanese gaming companies being like families than they are just as serious about removing someone from the family tree as the proudest, most arrogant family out there.

ID: 9e941  No.932

This is a world I want to live in. :(

Also, holy shit, we're back!

ID: 0cc8f  No.933


I dunno…if Jason West and Vince Zampella brought Call of Duty with them to EA, it would of killed the FPS multiplayer genre faster and subsequently turn another genre to shit when the little 13 year olds find another place to yell at each other.

Welcome back btw.

ID: 28d7b  No.934


Probably the same thing that happened with Inafune: when he raised a stink about his superiors, they tossed him upstairs into a management position that had no subordinates, no power, no authority, and no projects, and when he did the undignified thing and quit (you're just expected to suck it up, like Gunpei Yokoi did until he died) they buried his legacy.

Kojima was probably well on his way to a 'promotion', smelled it, and quit before they could move on him.

ID: 045ff  No.935


>than they are just as serious about removing someone from the family tree as the proudest, most arrogant family out there.

I never fucking understood this thing about Japanese "pride" where you see yourself as always in the right and anyone questioning your decisions is "assaulting your honor". If you made a mistake, admit it and fucking owe up to it, people will respect you more when you do that instead of flailing like a child and going "nuh-uh, my decision was right! Me always right!! Yu piggu attacking my honor!! Onoreee!!!"

I noticed this kind of mentality is more present in older Japanese folk than the youth.

ID: e36ed  No.937

Japanese culture somewhat discourages thinking out of the box. I believe this culture is slowly changing thanks to its 80s-90s recession and the rise of the freeter (sp?)

ID: b8549  No.938


I believe this behavior persisted for as long as the Heian period.

As in, if anyone even stares at a noble, the noble is well within their right to have that person executed on the spot.

ID: 1970a  No.941

>There's a video on YouTube (I'm afraid I don't recall its title or by who it was done by) who theorizes Konami's hand in the pachinko business (which is illegal in Japan) is having an influence on the CEO of the company.

Just remembered what the video was. It was by Super Bunnyhop. I'd link it to you guys but Konami just took down the video with a copyright strike: https://twitter.com/JimSterling/status/597769975517081600


ID: b8549  No.942


I'd best hop to searching for a reupload of it somewhere…

ID: 0cc8f  No.943

ID: 36f51  No.944


That seems to be it, yes.

That part near the end where he says "It's hard to imagine that after he makes billions in revenues for them, the company would treat one man this poorly"… as Inafune incident has already shown, Japanese CEOs are not above pulling absolutely vile stunts to put their money-maker "in his place" when he questions them. And these comments >>931 >>934 >>935 >>937 about Japanese CEOs being incredibly prideful, stubborn oafs all just add up to it.

ID: 1970a  No.945

Yeah, that's the one.

ID: e4d49  No.952

File: 1431381639044.png (471.6 KB, 612x585, tumblr_nnzmgbzP6v1qesbyzo1….png)

ID: 1970a  No.956

Apparently Konami just removed Shareplay from P.T.

Just… just no words left at this point.

ID: c3c0e  No.961

Could there be a case here for some kind of abandonement of property, trademark or IP here ?

I know Kojima won't do anything (probably), but since some people here dabble in copyright legalese, just for argument's sake, could there some kind of case here for him to rip that IP from Konami's incinerator ?

ID: 9e941  No.962

Hironobu Sakaguchi resigned from Square when Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within flopped as hard as it did, so there are some folks in the industry who will own up to their mistakes. It's too bad, really, since it was right around that time that Final Fantasy started its downturn

ID: 2153b  No.963

Actually, he stayed a little while after that, he just didn't head any more FF projects after 10 and stepped down as CEO.

ID: 0cc8f  No.966


Oh hey the original one by super bunnyhop is back!

ID: 68bc5  No.971

File: 1431557829597.png (217 KB, 540x556, 99526.png)

ID: 73eb5  No.972


>This is likely one of the only times we'll ever see this happen.

When it comes to corporations, I say; "if they did something once, rest assured they'll do it again and again and again." Those fucks love to have it their way and if something they did worked once, they'll try it again sometime later.

ID: 2153b  No.979

>tfw even Capcom hasn't sunken this low yet

ID: 1970a  No.980

ID: 68bc5  No.982


>Following the pay-as-you-play model of games like Power pro and Winning Eleven with additional content, our games must move from selling things like "items" to selling things like "features."

Holy shit, Konami, how fucking dumb can you get.

ID: 73eb5  No.983


>they're pursuing mobile gaming market agressively

Welp, that explains their pants-on-head retarded behavior lately. Isn't mobile gaming a huge thing in Japan right now?

ID: 68bc5  No.984

File: 1431617846610.png (186.25 KB, 621x875, 38f4598faa59745aeae3a480c7….png)

Tangentially related to the mobile market discussion.

ID: 188fb  No.985


Yes. Square-Enix is focusing very heavily on the mobile market, and a lot of other big game developers are turning a lot of their focus there as well. Smartphones have finally made it big in the Japanese market and they're starting to dominate game developers' attention.

ID: 1970a  No.987

Super Bunnyhop posted up a follow-up video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nwPPYkd8gs

Some damning stuff in there.

ID: 68bc5  No.996

Konami tried to get another YouTube video taken down via the DMCA. This time, YouTube itself told Konami to fuck off.


ID: 1970a  No.998

That's the same video in >>987.

ID: 28a7a  No.999

I just call it all Freemium now. It covers everything.

ID: 850fb  No.1000


I don't know that I've given any of it a particular snappy name. Often I tend to think of them as stuff that charges you for a lack of patience.

Because in like 80% of cases that's what it is… "pay money to make it go faster".

ID: 28a7a  No.1006

True enough. haha

ID: 1970a  No.1016

I don't mean to be such a downer but having just watched Proton Jon's playthrough of Aria of Sorrow, we're probably never going to see how Dracula gets defeated by Julius Belmont.

ID: 28a7a  No.1019

Pretty much how I feel about Half-Life Episode 3.

ID: 1970a  No.1029

A Eulogy for P.T. by Super Bunnyhop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-85jO6nRNQ

ID: 1970a  No.1042

Konami has sent letters of apology to their fans through some outlets: http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2015/05/konami-pushes-back-on-reports-of-troubled-re-org-mobile-focus-embargoed-9am-eastern-529/

Let's mine for some of that comedy gold.

ID: 35731  No.1051


Apparently, Silent Hills isn't dead, and may become an Xbox exclusive.


As to whether Kojima will be apart of the project if this rumor is true is still up in the air.

ID: 1970a  No.1061

ID: 35731  No.1062

Oh well, guess this series revival was never meant to be.

ID: 1970a  No.1269

The bullshit continues: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=171827384&postcount=1

tl;dr New boxart no longer has "A Hideo Kojima Game" text.

ID: 2759c  No.1273


That seems pointless to do and equally pointless to get upset about.

Was anyone who was going to buy this game unaware of who made it?

ID: 43920  No.1301

ID: 28d7b  No.1306


Yeah, Kotaku ran over that. Things like Konami management monitoring social media and transferring anyone they didn't like, no matter their status, over to working the assembly line in their pachinko factory.

And this week they announced a new Silent Hill. …pachinko machine. Right after Castlevania: The Erotic Horror pachinko machine.

ID: ab6d8  No.1307

>And this week they announced a new Silent Hill. …pachinko machine. Right after Castlevania: The Erotic Horror pachinko machine.

I'm sorry but I can't help but laugh at that.

I mean it's such a dickish thing to do but it's so perfectly dickish that I can't help but be amused by it.

ID: 28d7b  No.1308


I know, right? It's like something Lex Luthor would come up with in his spare time.

ID: 0f99e  No.1310

>Cancels super hyped Silent Hill game
>Makes a pachinko machine instead
The fuck you on, Konami?

ID: 28d7b  No.1312


Simple answer: Tokyo (if not Japan at large) is on the verge of legalizing gambling pachinko machines. It's big, big money if it happens for anyone in that business.

Konami's been lobbying for the change and is planning to move right into that field the second it's legal at the expense of everything else. Cash grab, straight up, no chaser.

ID: 2c484  No.1328

ID: 8c289  No.1333

File: 1440137961855.jpg (33.27 KB, 450x300, NiceThings.jpg)

ID: 28d7b  No.1334

Well then. Reports are that the hyped Forward Operating Base multiplayer system in MGSV requires "MB Coins", which GameSpot says can only be purchased with real-world currency.

Konami fired back that GameSpot's lying and the coins drop in single-player, but we all know even if they do it'll be at a fucking trickle.

Solid Snake meets microtransactions. Talk about pissing on the corpse.

ID: 35731  No.1335

Funny thing is everyone is saying the single player portion of the game is amazing. So hearing that the multiplayer portion has this isn't surprising with the way Konami is going.

ID: 6a2d0  No.1336

This is funny because DDR is also pretty much dead outside of Japan.


ID: 1970a  No.1343


The radio transmission featured in P.T. is an Easter Egg in MGS5.

ID: 0f99e  No.1344

Oh, thanks, because it doesn't hurt enough that Silent Hills will never exist.

ID: 1970a  No.1373

ID: 28d7b  No.1399

File: 1442881161513.png (360.26 KB, 960x540, horseshit.png)

They announced horse armour DLC.

Armour for Snake's horse. Like not even a joke DLC, it's a for-realsies thing that will cost for-realsies money.

I haven't words.

ID: 0cc8f  No.1410


It's the oblivion horse armor DLC all over again. Except with more outrage and less cat people riding armored horses.

ID: 2c484  No.1423

But…luchador caballo…

ID: 28d7b  No.1428

Stacking on the pile:

Word is out that Junji Ito would have been on the writing team for Silent Hills. Y'know, "The Enimga Of Amigara Fault" crazy horror comic writer/artist Ito.

My -god- what could have been.

ID: 850fb  No.1429


"This Is My Hole" DLC?

ID: 9d68b  No.1430


Isn't that basically the entire premise of Silent Hill 4?

ID: 35731  No.1431

And the tail end of Silent Hill 2.

ID: 3d923  No.1440

ID: 94813  No.1441


… You don't know what a ROM is and didn't actually read the comments, did you?

ID: 9a739  No.1444

I've reread things since it was marked as somewhat misleading but is it not a ROM hack if The Phantom Pain developers modified the game?

ID: 28d7b  No.1465

ID: 388e3  No.1466


Doesn't surprise me but I am still gonna say this:

Fuck you, Konami.

ID: 28d7b  No.1467

And now they've announced MGSV FOB Insurance.

By paying just a few Real World Dollars, you ensure your base can't be destroyed or damaged! Even if another player in the FOB multiplayer mode attacks and leaves with lewts, it's just spawned out of the ether; you lose nothing. People killed? Get compensated! Essentially for cash, you get god mode for as long as you can keep payin' the premiums.

Even Kotaku balked at the very idea, calling it an extortion racket.

ID: 0cc8f  No.1468


I guess with no further plans with the gaming industry, they are just going balls out with the reputation loss just for a few more bucks before going into the Pachinko Dawn.

I wonder how the Japanese gamers (or the ones who reside in Japan anyways) are taking this sudden turn of business. I doubt they' turn their gaming hobby into a gambling hobby/addiction over it but I also wonder if their shit is getting as easily flipped over this as ours is.

ID: 94813  No.1470


It's interesting how everyone assumes this was 100% Capcom and 0% Kojima.

I mean I allow that may be true, but it's not like it'd be the first time Kojima's "sold out" if it wasn't.

I just wonder how much of this is the gamer community's trend of "The company I hate is responsible for all evils in this world, but the guy I like is innocent and flawless and loves me. Me, personally."

If I were all of you I'd give serious consideration to the idea that it was probably actually Kojima's initiative to release the glorified demo that was Ground Zeroes, and that he's thus not exactly immune from money-grubbing ideas.

ID: 0cc8f  No.1471


If he were the culprit for such a decision I wouldn't be surprised. But he's not calling the shots on the game at this point as far as I'm aware. He stayed around for the completion of the game didn't he? Pretty sure his contract will end soon, if it hasn't already.

ID: 850fb  No.1475


You don't think this was all planned during production, tho?

I mean I kinda doubt they went "I know! Insurance!" and then made it happen in a week.

Most stuff like this is slotted into a framework put in place during main programming, not kludged in after.

ID: 0cc8f  No.1484


It was probably put in after the falling out happened, when it became abundantly clear his role in this company was FUBAR. Before then, I doubt he would of made such a decision, even if it were his last part of the series. His reputation (and by proxy Konami's) would be in jeopardy in that scenario.

It's Konami who followed through with it, not him. It's all business in the company's future now. And as far as the masses are concerned, that's all that matters.

ID: 1970a  No.1539

ID: f7cf9  No.1558

The man will be able to go to sony or any other company and just get a blank check to make games

hell, a bidding war for him has probably already broken out - I'm sure EA would love to hire him on

ID: 0f99e  No.1636

In other news, fuck Konami. https://youtu.be/n4VAzkK_Wmc

tl;dw MGSV won awards at The Game Awards show, but Konami essentially told Kojima that he wouldn't be allowed to attend to accept the award.

ID: 83ab0  No.1637

Not only this, apparently they've been instructing interviewers to not mention Kojima by name.

At this point, he's like their personal boogieman or something to be ashamed of, and it seems like they're trying to take credit for all his work.

ID: 4008b  No.1638


Further proof of how passive-agressive Japanese corporate executives can be when one of their "slaves" bites their hand.

ID: 35731  No.1639

Seriously, Konami can fuck off.

But good on Geoff for calling out on their bullshit.

ID: e61d9  No.1643


Heard some stories that Konami's representative was pissed at him for spilling the beans.

I say; good. Let everyone know what bunch of scumbags runs that company.

ID: 1970a  No.1673


Kojima has reportedly left escaped Konami the bastion of hatred and is in talks with Sony.

ID: 1970a  No.1677

File: 1450276563902.jpeg (67.03 KB, 800x800, 1-VwYRFgdL7pH2Znmv2m9pdg.jpeg)

It's official: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=annuTcmB1rw

A kinda lengthy Q&A about the terms of the agreement between Sony and Kojima Productions (at least what they're willing to disclose publicly):


Their first game is a PS4 timed exclusive and is coming to PC later.

And from Kojima Productions' new site is this badass message:

>We are Homo Ludens(Those who play).

>From the moment we enter this world, we instinctively invent ways to have "fun", and share our inventions with those around us. We are not asked to do this, nor do we need reasons to create. It is simply who we are.
We find one another and compete with one another. We laugh together and cry together all while playing together. Our experiences bind us and liberate us. To share our most valuable experiences, we create stories, invent tools, and evolve the art of play. Play has been our ally since the dawn of civilization.
>"Playing" is not simply a pastime, it is the primordial basis of imagination and creation. Truth be told, Homo Ludens(Those who Play) are simultaneously Homo Faber(Those who Create).
>Even if the earth were stripped of life and reduced to a barren wasteland, our imagination and de to create would survive beyond survival, it would provide hope that flowers may one day bloom again. Through the invention of play, our new evolution awaits.
>KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS We are Homo Ludens. We are those who play.
>小島 秀夫
>Hideo Kojima

ID: 14aa0  No.1678

The logo looks badass.

ID: 35766  No.1701


That whole message comes across as really pretentious, imo. Good for him for leaving to do his own thing though.

ID: 35731  No.1703

File: 1452458893863.jpg (24.34 KB, 480x640, CYVKO5bWYAANa5i.jpg)


>Sippin' on Konami tears

Well played Kojima.

ID: 1970a  No.1704

That's a parody account. This is his twitter: https://twitter.com/HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN

ID: 5a7b3  No.1831

Those absolute fucking madmen did it.


Needless to say, this trailer has caused quite a lot of outrage from MGS fans.
Konami proceeded to laugh and fill their pockets with money from pachinkos.

ID: 5a7b3  No.1832

File: 1464952442685.jpg (51.02 KB, 750x695, 13325505_1011952775567250_….jpg)

ID: b3dbb  No.1833


Did they actually make that? It couldn't get any more blatant in trolling than that trailer.

I'm not sure if they are trying to take a stab at Kojima or the fans themselves. Probably both, but still.

ID: 3314d  No.1834

ID: 850fb  No.1835


Kojima trolls them, he gets internet acclaim.

They troll Kojima, they get money.

Now I'm not a scientist but someone came out on top there.

ID: 68099  No.1836


Their plan has backfired a little–the casino law Konami was hedging bets on (as it would have legalized pachinko gambling) looks like it hit the skids after some of the ministers involved got snagged bribing voters. Support's waned hard.

ID: 403cc  No.1837


So if the law that would legalize pachinko gambling fails to come to fruition, it would essentially mean that Konami shot themselves in the foot.

Wait, let me rephrase that. It would mean that Konami literally blew off both of their legs with a rocket launcher.

ID: 403cc  No.1838


Also, I'd like a source on that claim, it sounds too good to be true.

ID: 9c1c5  No.1873

And now, for some reason, Metal Gear Survive.


ID: 0a865  No.1874

Yep, looks like they're miraculously back to game development after Japan's gambling law tanked, trying to "win back consumers' trust."

ID: b3dbb  No.1876


I'm STILL trying to find articles that talk about the ongoing developments and failures of this law they are literally gambling on to legalize gambling. Most I got is superbunnyhop and that's it.

ID: 38840  No.1877

>"We gotta make this series SURVIVE without Kojima"


ID: bb6cd  No.1878

So fuck espionage, fuck real world problems, fuck even involving the characters the game is known for…

Let's just add zombies. Everyone likes zombies, right?

It's a washed-out, real-is-brown Left 4 Dead knockoff, and Konami (naturally, because Konami is Konami) didn't get the memo that not even Call Of Duty is trying to look like the second act of Black Hawk Down anymore.

So yeah, an obligatory #fuckonami here.

ID: 850fb  No.1879

In all fairness, while "[Series] with zombies" is a ridiculously overused premise, I'd say the series has long since deviated from anything that could be credibly called "real world problems" under Kojima already.

ID: 38840  No.1880

so anything coming after MGS4

ID: b7963  No.1882

MGS2 and 3 were only BARELY Grounded in reality

ID: 38840  No.1883

yes, but 2 and 3 was fine, it was MSG4 where the training wheels was kicked off

ID: 54fb0  No.1885

File: 1473574207096.jpg (49.42 KB, 600x338, 551.jpg)

And let's not forget the other important thing.

ID: f2cd1  No.1959


Anyone working for Konami needs to abandon the fucking ship if they haven't already.

ID: 660f5  No.1961

ID: d9405  No.1962

Burn Konami to the fucking ground.

ID: 0a865  No.1963

It gets better. A major health insurance group that offers plans to IT workers in Japan is continuously rejecting coverage for Kojima's new company. The group states that any new company has to be approved by the group's chairman. Said chairman is a director at Konami and many of Konami's gyms and health clubs are members of this health insurance group.

So feel free to never buy a single product from Konami again.

ID: d9405  No.1964

Holy fuck, that's twisted.

The fuck does Konami have against Kojima in particular? Christ, Capcom's treatment of Mega Man after Inafune's departure is nothing compared to this shit, at least they've never actively tried to ruin the careers and lives of Inafune and everyone who doesn't pretend he and his work never fucking existed!

ID: 660f5  No.1965

Badmouthing one's employer is atypical in Japan, where absolute loyalty to one's company is more or less expected. That alone makes the situation unusual, but it doesn't help that the Metal Gear series was almost certainly Konami's biggest moneymaker (their next-biggest property is what, Castlevania? Gradius?), and losing Kojima has probably done a lot of damage to their bottom line. There's also their aborted foray into the pachinko arena, which got sidelined by Japanese legislators having a sudden attack of conscience, so as a result of all these things, it looks like Konami just threw up their hands and said "fuck Kojima forever."

ID: d9405  No.1967

Weren't they the ones who stupidly decided they were letting him go as soon as MGS5 was complete?

And it makes me wonder, why haven't they also gone after Koji Igarashi and all the other big Castlevania players who left them?

ID: f2cd1  No.1968

Since Iga was working on mobile games before leaving, I'm guessing he was more subservient. He did try to create some solid content but he was rebuffed on everything he tried to make. This was also before all the fallout happened so whomever is raising a stink probably wasn't around then.

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