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ID: 427d2  No.842

ARE YOU ALL READY FOR FMV CROWDS (and new hardware that's almost certainly incompatible with Rock Band 4?)



ID: 815a5  No.843

>Rock Band 4 announced March 5
>New Guitar Hero out of nowhere just over a month later

Really, Activision?

ID: 815a5  No.844

And after watching the trailers… this looks bad. Even taking out the fretboard graphics (which could change between now and release), the REAL LIVE AUDIENCE(!!!) thing just looks stupid.

And is it really only going to be three buttons? What is this, a Guitar Hero for people who would only play on beginner?

ID: d308b  No.845

File: 1429032334269.png (144.8 KB, 510x800, World's most plastic violi….png)

…This franchise is still relevant?

ID: 427d2  No.846

>And is it really only going to be three buttons?

It's a 6-button fretboard arranged in a 2x3 grid. Not your fault you didn't know because Activision is doing a really shitty job of portraying that fact.

ID: 15525  No.847

What we have here is a tale of two companies.

Harmonix: "Hey, our games worked best as a party game. Let's go back to that!"

Activision: "Hey, what games are selling the best right now? FPS's? MAKE IT LIKE THAT. An' they want to fantasize about being in a real band right? GIVE EM' A REAL AUDIENCE TO PRETEND PLAY TO!"

While some people are thinking that it's smart for Activision to go in a different direction, however this is a direction to looks to really alienate audiences. FMV can be good for a nice chuckle in older point and click adventure games, but trying to have this be a selling point for a modern day game? Ouch.

Add in the new hardware that won't be compatable with Rock Band, you gotta' hope people really want to shell out a lot of money for your version alone. Though in honesty this isn't surprising from the company who thoroughly oversaturated the genre before.

ID: 1b219  No.849


The early demo that some of the press got said the FMV is really…clunky. Felt unnatural, like you were watching a music video while playing your game rather than being 'engaging' like Activision insists it is. Also samey, since most songs won't have more than one live video.

On top of all that, it won't have the pre-existing DLC base Rock Band 4 will–RB4 will have something like 1400 DLC songs and will import your purchases from 1/2/3 (if the licensing is still valid), while GH Live will apparently have…none.

The only thing so far negative I can find about Rock Band 4 is the Keyboard and Pro Guitar got dropped

ID: b5992  No.852

So Harmonix gets some points in my book.


>Our position is really all about respect for our consumers and for the money that they have spent to get into the game space in the first place. They spend a fortune on games: on consoles, on hardware, and we're sensitive to that. We play those games too. We buy all the same stuff. A world where you need to have three different guitars and two drum sets and all this stuff is…we don't want to support that world.

They also mention they're going to try to get the GH Live guitar to work with Rock Band 4, but won't know for sure till they get their hands on it.

Still, again, kudos to Harmonix for respecting people who invested their money into the games.

ID: 427d2  No.853

This counts as yet another knock against Activision: Harmonix had a plan. Activision continues to NOT have one. There is no Guitar Hero DLC to buy on PSN or XBL right now because Activision is run by cheapasses.

ID: 427d2  No.1030

Meanwhile, over in Rock Band 4:


>Rock Band 4’s campaign is all about touring the world, amassing fans, and selling out – if you’re into that sort of thing. This is the first time we’re seeing meaningful narrative choices in a Rock Band game, and the direction you take your band dictates the shows you’ll play, the places you’ll visit, the gear you unlock, and the money you earn.

>This means making tough choices about the kind of band you’re trying to build. “You can take corporate gigs and make a lot of money as a band, you can take a path to pursue your artistic integrity, and along the way, as you make these choices, the game kind of responds to you,” Thresher explained. “So, you might take a gig where you decide you are the spokesperson for off-brand salted meats and start your every gig by warming up the crowd telling them how much you like salted meats. And the crowd is not into it and booing and stuff, and you have to play really, really well to get them over it.”

This sounds way more fun (and silly) than staring at FMV crowds.

ID: 2fdd4  No.1031

huh, thats actually hella a nice idea as it feels much much more of being a band than…FMV audiences

ID: b5992  No.1035

You know the more I think about it, the more I'm happy RB4 isn't doing the FMV thing.

Mainly cause I think that those are going to cause a lot of motion sickness issues.

ID: 427d2  No.1350

ID: 8f1e2  No.2049

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