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File: 1495921758452.jpg (2.32 MB, 2199x2163, 1495917287661.jpg)

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File: 1495931467910.jpg (3.74 MB, 2054x2143, 1495912982174.jpg)

ID: f2fd5  No.672

Oh good people finally found something more arbitrary that makes less sense than alignment charts.

ID: 25817  No.673


Not to mention the large amounts of missed references if you aren't even half-way familiar with the material given. Go back to the 9 alignments, far less work and far more to the point (albeit still arbitrary).

ID: 7ae55  No.674

Yeah the middle is just totally arbitrary. The edges are just snark/woobie bullshit/fandom whining. Take a look at x95y0 on the first chart to see what I mean.

File: 1417363392838.jpg (66.31 KB, 600x800, Clipey__Otter-Hoodie.jpg)

ID: 467a6  No.17[Reply]

Because it ain’t always about the porn, y’know?
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File: 1453255484080.jpeg (192.12 KB, 750x750, ToriMidoriFinal.jpeg)

Another of my commissions from Dr. Javi, a j-pop star girl.

ID: b3a40  No.648

Also: cutest kittyface EVER.

ID: 36c09  No.649

File: 1453613242873.png (209.33 KB, 649x800, wild children donkey.png)

ID: 36c09  No.650

File: 1453613879204.png (278.58 KB, 800x997, yarkcutemonsterthing.png)

ID: 920ff  No.669

File: 1494199804101.jpg (171.82 KB, 1300x800, SierraFinished.jpg)

Adding another Dr. Javi commission. This is Sierra Winchester, who plays adventuress, explorer, socialite and pilot "Katie K" in old-style radio plays on station KTK. On the left, archaeologist Katie shows off an Inca artifact (actually a prop donated to the studio by a fan). On the right, Sierra at her normal broadcasting spot, at KTK's Barton pipe organ.

I had him trace the basics of the organ console from a photo, to get the proportions right. The rest was drawn using a photo reference and my corrections and notes. Both outfits come from photos.

File: 1480098970901.jpg (80.8 KB, 768x1024, hzR5P9lJlgA.jpg)

ID: 74dfb  No.667[Reply]

Hello, I'm beginner singer.
I recorded a couple of songs live, I would like to hear your opinion.
Thank you in advance.

ID: 70972  No.668

Some Russian guy whisper-singing along to a recorded track. LOL. Bet he spams his link everywhere. See a vocal coach, dude.

File: 1442765166935.jpg (168.35 KB, 640x640, tumblr_mu55tmUM3k1r2e88so1….jpg)

ID: 49906  No.578[Reply]

Okay so
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ID: 63f8e  No.615

Yup, that's a textbook sparkledog. I'd love to hear from an artist who's had a commission from someone who wasn't a close friend, whose reference description or image was this involved.

Back in the late 90s, I remember font colors mainly being used to differentiate characters in RPG rooms. Red Dragon Inn, FFGF, RhyDin and all that.

ID: 61077  No.616

>Red Dragon Inn

Damn that takes me back.

ID: 6057f  No.622

>iceunicorn colddagger
this name was made for me, there are many like it but this one is mine.

ID: f56ce  No.637

Sparkleshark Bravenose. Huh…

ID: a0d46  No.655

Another old AOL roleplayer, huh? So many memories, like the sudden and explosive influx of Animorphs players who temporarily made anthropomorphic characters pariahs (most of them acted like immature, hot-headed 13-year-olds).

File: 1458284400502.png (1.83 MB, 1260x841, FAFA.png)

ID: c9e38  No.654[Reply]

So i dont usually do this kind of stuff , but my friend is needing money, and i've noticed that chileans usually dont get a lot of attention, and is a real shame, plus she's really fast at her work and really good, so why not?

File: 1448260916580.gif (186.94 KB, 540x226, Look back.gif)

ID: 1cd85  No.620[Reply]

So what is the consensus on making and posting art of furry characters or fursonas of those who no longer inhabit the furry fandom? And whether it's pornographic makes any difference?

Like say StriderOrion for example?
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ID: bb89f  No.636

I'd preferrably avoid it. Even though some of them can disappear for years on end, they eventually come back. Also seconding this sentiment >>621

ID: 1cd85  No.639

So consensus says don't bother. I can see the sense in it, someone getting mad that their character has been used without their permission, despite being gone for what could be years. Or they could just be incognito because the fandom just wasn't for them, for whatever reason (self imposed exile, escaping from the sociopathic furries, etc).

Ah well, guess I should put it the urge to draw inactive characters into a box then. Or just not post it online, but where's the fun in that if enough effort was put into it?

Alternatively, posting it in a site that has a private feature could do the trick. But really that's just asking for disaster if you have friends who love to share.

ID: a5593  No.645

Well shit, you guys were right on the mark! The owner of the character in question DID return. Talk about dodging a potential bullet.

ID: b2e9f  No.652

Strider Orion left the fandom?

…hmm ok - apparently his account on FA has been "voluntarily disabled"

What a shame - I liked his art

ID: b2e9f  No.653


hell it seems that he's wiped all his galleries and just vanished without any explanation or trace around 2014


File: 1433964396493.jpg (146.64 KB, 640x464, 13683050961188.jpg)

ID: 97143  No.532[Reply]

So, I've been living pretty easy at my parents' house here in south Austin for the longest time. Earlier in the year, however, it was made apparent to me that this city is getting too expensive to live in for my folks. Now I'm having to figure out where in the fuck to live and/or find a roommate to even out monthly expenses. I just got a 30 hour a week job, and now I'm getting a whole new set of stress from this bullshit.

I have no idea how I'll deal with all this. Pic related in that this is how it feels for me to be in this situation.

So stressed, I posted this in the wrong goddamn forum first.
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ID: edcc2  No.631

Well it's now my turn for the 'all of my fucks' situation. Hope you don't mind a thread hijack Kento.

We finally sold the house, the family and I got to leave before christmas eve (ridiculous, but the house is pretty expensive and not many biters), but now we are frantically looking for a place to rent before we can get a new house to settle in.

Things might be tight for the next month or two, hope we don't end up sleeping in tents in freaking winter.

ID: cf939  No.632

>Things might be tight for the next month or two, hope we don't end up sleeping in tents in freaking winter.

Eesh, don't do that.

If it's looking that bad, I'd suggest putting your stuff into storage, and then checking into one of those long-stay hotels. Easier to do than finding a house to rent.

Just try to find a rental place with lots of good reviews, and even then, I'd suggest calling your insurance company and asking if they have coverage for putting stuff in storage or what they suggest. Wouldn't wanna get stuck with water damage or something and no way to pay for restoration/replacement.

ID: edcc2  No.633


That seems to be the plan. Never been in a long-stay hotel though, they allow desktop computers? I reckon the internet will be crappy if it has any at all, but still.

ID: 6585b  No.634


I think so? It's basically like an apartment you stay in for a few weeks. They'll probably have cable, but if not, well, it's wifi.

ID: edcc2  No.638

Huh, we managed to find a suitable house rather fast, well that and we lowered our standards a bit (we don't need a pool).

Only real downside is comcast.

File: 1443101706887.jpg (1.53 MB, 806x2520, 4ch0n.jpg)

ID: 30637  No.589[Reply]

First m00t resigns from 4chan after bringing in a bunch of SJWs as mods and admins, and now he sold the website to a guy who got kicked off his own imageboard for selling user data. Smooth fucking move, m00t.


I am pretty sure the following is going to happen to 4chan…
-Hiroyuki implements an ID system that banned users have to pay for in order to circumvent the ban, then sell their personal information to data mining/advertising companies
With one of these possible outcomes:
-people find out and lose their shit, chase Hiroyuki away
-people find out and lose their shit, migrate to 8chan

Either way, I am seriously reconsidering visiting that place ever again. Oh well, been fun while it lasted.
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ID: 97fb9  No.598

Slightly related to this thread since it's about 4chan…after opening a new board dedicated to western cartoon porn, /aco/, staff made a list of rules that forbids porn of cartoons with anthro animals/furry stuff. And then they allow zoophilia/beastiality to be posted.

Not sure whether someone's dead-set on rubbing in to furries the fact that they can't post their stuff on cartoon porn board, by allowing something even worse, or whether the staff is severely retarded.

ID: 1b85c  No.599


I think the "no furries" thing is part tradition, part the fact that if they allowed furries the entire site would have such an autastic explosion of tard rage that it would be visible from space.

ID: 95af4  No.600


Way I see it, there is always another place to satisfy your needs. No need to have a port in every city, even if your friends only frequent in one area.

If only the SJWs come to accept such advice instead of trying to make everywhere bend to them.

ID: de061  No.601

It's like when a teenager realizes as they become an adult their favorite "fight the man, hate the rich" music group is the man and the rich.

ID: d518e  No.602

they experienced Furries before, its now tradition to never have furries to be there cause "no…"

File: 1441126442210.jpg (30.66 KB, 550x550, CAUoiMOWMAARQ21.jpg large.jpg)

ID: 030bd  No.576[Reply]

So does anyone know any way to archive sofurry stories? My Bookmark list is packed to the brim with them and I believe it's the cause of my browser's instability after an extended period of time. 2 million memory used after said extended period of time added with the browser going black/white but still functioning, just need to mouse over stuff to see them but doesn't get rid of the rest of the blankness.

Oh and hardware acceleration is turned off. That did the trick for a while but it couldn't last. I'm currently saving the stories as .htm shortcuts into a folder but I'd much prefer a way to rip them from the site or put them into a proper text file without needing to go into a paragraphing frenzy fixing the mess it'll undoubtedly come in.

ID: 030bd  No.577

Nevermind, didn't do dick to resolve the matter.

File: 1440021131351.jpg (23.03 KB, 600x450, CMzPshkUsAATWQN.jpg)

ID: 9cf07  No.568[Reply]

Well I am set for the day. =D

ID: f6339  No.569

File: 1440032205624.jpg (555.01 KB, 786x995, 96c3b4e1abc3df1c95cd35ca77….jpg)


Alcohol, a balanced part of an adult's birthday breakfest. Could save it for dinner, but fuck that it's your birthday.

ID: f9874  No.570

Well I had enough for breakfast, lunch and dinner. One day of the year I like to enjoy myself. =)

ID: b7cde  No.571

A fine way to celebrate.

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